5 SEO Techniques You Should Stop Using Immediately

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When you’re doing your site’s SEO, you have to be careful. The techniques that used to work will now get you penalized. The techniques that used to be a waste of time are now indispensable.

Now and then, we need to be reminded what works and what doesn’t. As it stands today, there are five SEO techniques that I need to warn you about. These techniques could be hurting your site.

Technique #1:  Spammy Guest Blogging

Earlier this year, Matt Cutts came out with an announcement that sent tremors through the web community:

If you’re using guest blogging as a way to gain links in 2014, you should probably stop.

Here’s what happened after he published that blog post:  Mayhem. Unleashed.

Guest blogging has been a pillar of content strategists and SEOs for a long time. Was Cutts really pulling the plug on the practice?

Yes and no.

The fact is not a single line of algorithmic code was changed when Cutts clicked “publish” on his post. The panic was overrated. The people who should be scared are the people who are sending emails to me and Cutts asking for guest posts so they can pop in a backlink.

That’s why Cutts rattled his saber against guest blogging. The spammy SEOs had once again twisted a good thing — guest blogging — into a black hat technique.

There is legitimate guest blogging, and then there is spammy guest blogging. I’m a major fan of guest blogging, and I still recommend that you practice it, but with caution.

Since guest blogging got the hairy eyeball from Cutts, I think the algorithm will shift to start suppressing spammy guest blogging results. Here’s what the change might look like:

  • First, Google will crack down on guest post links that are irrelevant to the site’s theme. For example, you think an auto insurance sales links on forbes.com/technology is a good idea? Not going to happen.
  • Second, Google will tighten the penalties on optimized anchors in guest posts. Optimized anchors are always bad, but it’s likely that the penalties will be swifter and harsher on those that appear in guest blogs.
  • Third, Google will increase the algorithmic importance of Google authorship and authority. This is a critical determining factor already. It’s important to keep a pulse on it. In order to look at your own metrics, go to Google Webmaster Tools > Labs > Author Stats. Your personal authority as an author will have an increasing importance upon the validity of your guest blogging.

And if you’re doing any of the following with your guest blogging, I recommend that you stop.

  • Using optimized anchors (more on that below) in your guest posts
  • Attempting to rank for long tail keywords in your guest posts
  • Attempting to rank for head terms in your guest posts
  • Writing irrelevant content in your guest posts
  • Writing low-quality content in your guest posts

Right now, guest blogging is still a viable option for improving SEO, enhancing brand awareness, and even building your author rank. However, you need to be extremely careful how you execute your guest blogging plan.

Bottom line: Use guest blogging with caution.

Technique #2:  Optimized Anchors

For a long time, SEOs used anchor texts with keywords to improve their SEO. The great thing was it worked! But the days of optimized anchors are gone. Today, using optimized anchors is like asking for a penalty.

So what’s an optimized anchor? An optimized anchor is an anchor text that uses keywords for which you want to rank. For example, if a site wants to rank for the term “top mobile phone,” it would use the anchor “top mobile phone” to link to its mobile phone site.

It worked great until Google warned against this practice in its “Link Scheme” document.

link schemes

The text reads:

Here are a few common examples of unnatural links that may violate our guidelines…

Links with optimized anchor text in articles or press releases distributed on other sites. For example:

There are many wedding rings on the market. If you want to have a wedding, you will have to pick the best ring. You will also need to buy flowers and a wedding dress.

In other words, don’t optimize anchor texts. I’ve seen optimized anchor texts ruin a site’s SEO through gradual algorithmic penalization. The best I can say about it is that it’s extremely risky.

I know what you are thinking, “Well, what kind of anchors do I use?”

That’s a great question. There are several types of safe anchors that I recommend:

Links are still important, but their SEO value has more to do with their mere existence than it does with their anchor text.

Bottom line:  Use safe anchors, not optimized anchors.

Technique #3:  Quantity of links over quality

The more backlinks your site gets, the better, right?


Purchasing backlinks is quick, easy, and pretty cheap. You can find any number of SEO agencies who will build a bunch of links for you. In the course of a week or two, they can pile up a few dozen links pointing directly at the pages you specify.

But that could ruin your site, especially if the following is true:

  • The site that links is penalized.
  • The site that links has a low DA (e.g. below DA 20).
  • You receive a large number of such links in a short period of time.

Link building has been and still is the bread and butter of many SEO agencies. However, any SEO value from link building depends upon the authority and validity of the site that is sending the links.

Here’s a quick example. I watched this site languish under a shoddy SEO campaign for months. The SEOs employed by the company were drumming up quick and easy links like crazy. It hurt. Then, when they engaged in an aggressive content marketing campaign with an SEO upside, things changed:

link graph

The uptick coincided with a very small number of high-DA backlinks (2 DA 90+ links). The decline coincided with the deluge of low DA backlinks.

Bottom line:  Link building is still alive and well, but don’t try to do it with lots of low-DA backlinks. There is a better way.

Technique #4: Keyword Heavy Content

It’s old news that keyword stuffing is bad. This is one of the earliest tricks in the SEO playbook.

Here’s how Google defines keyword stuffing:

“Keyword stuffing” refers to the practice of loading a webpage with keywords or numbers in an attempt to manipulate a site’s ranking in Google search results. Often these keywords appear in a list or group, or out of context (not as natural prose). Filling pages with keywords or numbers results in a negative user experience, and can harm your site’s ranking. Focus on creating useful, information-rich content that uses keywords appropriately and in context.

In spite of the of warnings and consequences of keyword stuffing, I still see it happen.

Here is how Matt Cutts, in a 2011 video, illustrated the effect of adding more and more keywords. Up – plateau – down.

matt cutts

It’s like a bell curve. Add a keyword or two, and you’ll gain some rank. Keep adding keywords, and it doesn’t really add much rank benefit. Keep adding keywords, and you’ll start to lose rank.

In other words, keyword stuff and get penalized.

I want to add something new to this discussion rather than just give you the same worn out warnings. Here are four pieces of advice that will help you avoid keyword-heavy content and produce penalty-free content.

  • The kind of keyword stuffing that gets penalized is long tail keywords rather than head terms. For example, “San Francisco hotel vacation cheap” is a long tail keyword. Drop that in your content a few too many times, and a penalty isn’t far behind. However, if you have to use the term “San Francisco” quite a few times, that’s okay.
  • Add more content, not just more keywords. The most important thing about keywords is not how many times they occur. I recommend adding more content — both the number of posts and the length of that content. The more pages you have, the more pages on your site will be indexed. When you have lengthy and substantial content on those pages, you’ll have more reader-focused material and related terms.
  • Don’t worry about keyword density. Instead, worry about creating really good content for your readers. There was a time when “keyword density” was a big deal. In fact, many SEO writers actually had to run keyword density analyses on their content to make sure that they were in the correct density percentage range. Your goal instead is to shape content for your readers, not the search engines.
  • Use related keywords. There’s been some confusion (and change) over the use of latent semantic indexing (LSI) with Google. Whatever Google’s current use of LSI, keep in mind that related keywords are important for both avoiding keyword stuffing and improving your search results. For example, instead of using “San Francisco hotel vacation cheap” a dozen times, you would include natural phrases like “places to stay in the Bay Area” or “lodging near Union Square.”

Bottom line: Go easy on the long tail keywords. Instead, publish more articles with longer content.

Technique #5: Relying on link-backs instead of content

Link-backs, while important, are not the only component of SEO. There is a delusion that merely throwing a lot of links to a site will magically bring massive authority, high rankings, and tons of search traffic.

That’s simply not the case.

Truly effective SEO is about the sum of several parts — not one or two techniques pushed to the extreme.

Think about SEO as if it were a fork. A fork doesn’t work if it has just a single tine. A one-tine fork is a spear. A two-tine fork doesn’t work either. Effective forks have several tines — usually four.

SEO is the same way. In order to be effective, you have to use all four components of SEO:

fork seo

Links are just part of the solution, not the whole thing. You can rack up a huge link profile, but unless you’re advancing your efforts with content marketing, social signals, and solid onsite optimizing (site speed, UI, etc.), you’re wasting your time and money.

Bottom line:  Use a link-back strategy, but keep it balanced with the entire suite of SEO — content marketing, social media, and onsite optimization.


SEO isn’t about the latest tricks or techniques. It’s a long-term strategy that takes into account all relevant factors.

This article provides some much-needed warnings. It’s time to back off the gimmicks that you thought would work. SEO is not dead, but it has changed. You need to adapt your strategy accordingly.

What are some of the things you’ve done that have either hurt or helped your SEO?


  1. Great points Neil.

    Unfortunatelly I would say that at least 70% of low priced product about SEO (i.e. warrior forum) teachs exactly these “spammy methods” which works maybe few weeks and then google “destroy” your website…

    • Hello Jan,

      It’s true. A number of SEO companies are using wrong tricks to rank higher. But that are not permanent tools to get some permanent position. If you want some permanent position. You should use natural ways. Am I right?

      • Ronald Jakarta :

        Totally agree, even they used one anchor text from many of URLs. Once their client get penalty, they leave it. OMG

      • Natural linking is what Google are looking for, hence the “unnatural linking” patterns warnings they send out. Low cost, methods employ easily identifiable signatures that trigger their algorithm. So yes, this old way of link building is not in the permanent category indeed.

      • Webmasters Pride :

        I’ve been reading up on link-building and the information involved was a bit overwhelming.

    • I used to think that the Warrior Forum was a fantastic source of Internet marketing knowledge until … well, until I wised up!

      There are a few nuggets of gold here and there, but you have to sort through a whole lot of pig slop to uncover it.

      JR John

      • True, the Warrior Forum isn’t too great – some WSOs are. I’ve been thinking of trying CaesarSEO. Neil, do you know him? What is your recommendation about choosing SEO services?

        • Steve @ PTA Guide :

          Hi Nathan,

          Since Neil hasn’t replied, I thought I would offer an answer to your question as I recently had the same question myself.

          I am trying to launch a physical therapy website and before building it I wanted to secure a dedicated SEO team as I know how important organic traffic is for a website. I struggled for weeks to find an SEO company that seemed bother reputable and affordable.

          I landed on Volume SEO, they are based out of Austin Texas but serve anyone anywhere. I found them to be very professional when discussing ideas and planning our SEO campaign. They also worked with us on pricing to meet our budget.

          We are still launching the website so I cannot report much on the results that they have achieved. However, they have began working and I am already impressed with the content that they have provided and linkbuilding opportunities they have identified.

          After going through the SEO hiring process, I would recommend that you consider the following:

          Professionalism and transparency – does the firm communicate exactly what they will do to your site to optimize it? And exactly how do they go about linkbuilding? If they can’t provide detailed answers to these questions, steer clear.

          Portfolio – Do they have a portfolio of successful campaigns to prove that they have experience achieving good results for clients?

          Pricing – Do they fall within your budget? If not do they offer flexible packaging and pricing for your needs?

          I found that SEO service providers who couldn’t flex to our needs often times were offering what seemed like crappy onsite keyword stuffed content and spammy linkbuilding packages and no actual custom SEO work.

          I hope this helps you! I know there are probably quite a few great SEO providers out there but unfortunately the market is littered with a TON OF CRAPPY SEOs!

      • Couldn’t agree with you more JR John! It used to be the first site I went to for everything SEO and now I steer well clear of it. I’ve spent enough money and time on the Warrior Forum to know that 99.9% of posts on there are garbage.

      • I totally agree! The Warrior Forum isn’t great as I thought.
        Ironically, almost all SEO “experts” that I know had recommended it as a great Internet Marketing resource!

    • Jan, it’s a shame that they do that. Thanks for reading 🙂

      • Hi Neil,

        In “Technique #2: Optimized Anchors” you have mentioned – not to use optimized anchors. You have also suggested the way we can use anchor texts.

        But what in case of keywords ? Should we focus on the use of keywords in content more than in links ?
        How can we target keywords for our websites now?


        • Agreed Puneet well I have the same question from Neil. Although this post is quite old and chances to get answer here is quite low. But still I hope Neil will answer this question. Neil plz answer to this one.

          • You want to be careful with using exact match anchor text when you’re building links. As for keywords in your blog posts, write natural. Focus on creating high quality content around your topic.

  2. Chetan Bhatt :

    thanks Neil for sharing this article with Us 🙂 It’s a must must read article for every newbie like me .. 🙂

  3. Katherine James :

    Great article Neil.

    I’ve been reading up on link-building and the information involved was a bit overwhelming.

    This way, I can stream-line my SEO and Link-building efforts… 🙂

    • Katherine, glad I could help. Thanks for the feedback 🙂

      • This post must be spam it has the same text as the post above:

        Webmasters Pride
        July 9, 2014 at 8:01 AM

        I’ve been reading up on link-building and the information involved was a bit overwhelming.

  4. Mark @ Think Traffic :

    Great post Neil. I totally agree about all of it, especially the part about focussing too much on links. I think it is because links were SO important in the past, some SEOs seem to still be focussed too much on link building and not enough on on page stuff…

    Which I guess is what increases the pressure to find new links by resorting to spammy methods.

    I would also add that when building links people need to be ok (and actually aim to) having more than one link from the same domain.

    For instance, I post as often as I can on youmoz – because it’s worth the effort every time – even if I do already have a link from that domain!

    Anyway, sorry, rant over – this post feels pertinent.

    • Mark, thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts. I look forward to hearing more from you. Constructive feedback is always great 🙂

  5. Awesome post for newbies too look out for all of the above!

    Content and creativeness = King

  6. Hi Neil,

    Great write indeed and thanks for knocking it on my head. I got to repeat what you have said; moderation for the best results?

    Thanks for everything and appreciate it!

  7. Thanks for the Help.How about adding all content in an infographic is awesome with all the seo rules and tips

  8. Thank you for sharing Awesome post.!!

    Previously I did keyword stuffing, now on-wards have to taking care of this and mainly concentrate on Google authorship and authority.

  9. Kerry Butters :

    Great tips thanks. I think it’s necessary for these points to be really driven home across the web as many business owners still fall for the old ‘we can get you to the top of Google’ scams that use these techniches, not to mention other black hat methods. Personally, I’ve always been a great believer in content first, so it’s not affected my own or my client’s sites. Saying that, it’s often hard to convince business owners to invest in quality content too but I think this will become more apparent to them thanks to articles such as this!

    • Kerry, glad you found the article helpful. Thanks for the great insights. From all the feedback people are telling me this is a real eye opener 🙂

  10. Thanks for the great post Neil. You defiantly cleared up my keyword density question for me.

    Something that I’ve tried to focus on more is the awesome content and then outreach to other sites that are actually relevant. That’s all I really do at this point.

    Keep up the gold!

    • Ryan, glad I could help. Thanks for reading and please let me know if you need help with anything at all in the future 🙂

  11. I’m wondering about links created by companies like SkimWords and SkimLinks. They show up as optimized anchor text in your articles.

  12. Tim Felmingham :

    The section on guest blogging and how you can do it safely in the light of Matt Cutts’ warning is particularly useful. I know this is something a great many people are concerned about and you answer it very well – could have been a post on its own!

  13. Enstine Muki :

    That’s a perfect SEO content Neil. Reading this piece I can see a lot has moved from the usual position. SEO is no longer what it used to be.

  14. These are crucial pieces of advice for the current SEO environment.

    It is very refreshing to see that quality of links has and is becoming more important than quantity.

    Great post thanks for sharing!

  15. Hello Neil,

    It was a great article as usual. I have noticed that Google want people to work naturally.
    Neil, I have a question. I have a blog of games and softwares and bit more. I don’t provide softwares and games. So, I am confused. If I should use Nofollow tag with other sites that have the product or not?
    Where should I use Dofollow and Nofollow tags? Do you have time time to tell me?

    • Junaid, I definitely have time. Check this article out: http://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2013/07/24/follow-nofollow-links

    • Hi Junaid, just something to consider as well.

      Some practicing SEOs stopped paying that much attention to nofollow/dofollow as they used to.

      • Hello Michael,

        Do you know Google has penalized websites that are giving too much dofollow links. My friend lost his pagerank for this. Their is something else. I am going to study Neil’s link. Then I will decide either I should use dofollow or tag links in my this software’s blog.

        • Michael Bely :

          Hi Junaid,

          Yes, I agree.

          I meant that in opinion of many SEOs using nofollow links is almost as useful as using dofollow links.

          I believe that a good (kind of natural) mixture of them does the work best of all.

  16. I am now focusing more on LSI. Thanks neil for clearing some of my confusions regarding the LSI.

  17. OMG, the fork illustration is brilliant! I’m going to be using that one in meetings for a very long time 🙂

  18. Hey Neil,
    Great Info, but can you tell me how we can differentiate between a spammy guest post and quality one. Hoe thy get define if they drive the same quality. I really want to here this answer from you Neil.. 🙂

  19. Michelle Havist :

    Very helpful post – really puts link building into perspective with the other important SEO elements. I like the fork analogy – it is a good reminder to focus on the big picture.

    Thanks for sharing.

  20. Great post, thanks Neil!

    Quick question on guest blogging. We’ve had a few posts on Huffington. What we like to do is then post that article on our own blog the next day. Is this something that would be penalized?

    Thanks for the help!

  21. Andrew Richard :

    Neil I agree with all techniques,but I want to know can I add long tail keywords as tags to the blog post,without stuffing inside the blog post content.

    • Andrew, do it with moderation and like with any other linking strategy make sure you are doing it with caution.

  22. Technique number 5 really make sense!

    I think I must put more effort on “On-Page SEO” first before focus on getting external backlink.

  23. Bhargav Bavarva :

    Hi Neil,

    Really nice in-depth article…

    I have seen that most of site is penalized because of anchor text and that is really important now a days to take care.

    Even we don’t have to rush for too much links in a sort period of time rather just few links on regular way make the difference.. with keep in mind the velocity of links that also play a good role.


  24. Liana tanzil :

    Very good indeed,, thanks neil

  25. Huge thanks for this. 🙂

  26. Alex Chaidaroglou :

    Thanks for the heads up Neil, great post as always.

    To be honest, thankfully I haven’t done anything spammy yet. However, I saw a tremendous boost on one of my sites, after a link/mention from a high-quality site and when a business with an authoritative social profile on Google+ shared one of my articles.

    Also, being in the Guest posting services for quite some time now, I totally agree regarding the rise of importance of google authorship and the other factors that you mention.

    What most people outside of the guest posting industry don’t realize is that there were companies in insurance, finance and other industries that were spamming all the web. I believe that’s the main target of Google. Some of them were doing like 100-300 guest posts PER MONTH! Think about that for a moment…

    That’s why one of the things I tell businesses regarding quantity, is that they shouldn’t do more than 1-2 guest posts per month and that they should always provide value and be on high authority sites with strict editorial review.

    Thanks for the awesome post Neil, keep it up!

    • Alex, wow that’s a huge number. You are definitely going to be monitored and potentially flagged if you are producing that many guest blog posts per month and they aren’t high quality. Thanks for sharing your insights. Looking forward to hearing more from you 🙂

  27. What if i have a membership site and i just want to show a particular portion of my page to Google? How to do SEO for this type of site?

    Any suggestions Neil?

  28. David Smethie :

    Awesome content as always Neil. It is amazing how many SEO’s are offering exactly what you warn against as their monthly packages (ex: 1,000 directory links a month with exact match anchors, 10 squidoo lenses, 20 pieces of spun content submitted to article directories, etc). BTW, just installed Hellobar on my new website-love it!

  29. Learnt great stuff today too.Thank you Neil 🙂

  30. Great article Neil. You have issued a timely reminder to us to play it straight with the Big G.

    What are your thoughts on Google penalizing sites with lots of pop ups (like yours) that spoil the user experience?

    • Trishan, glad you liked the article. I think if things are done purposefully without a spammy intent there is no problem.

  31. Nice points Neil,
    That’s an updated post about SEO. Glad to see regular posts on your blog. You are more active nowadays.
    Thanks for sharing.

  32. Great advice as always coming from you Neil! I struggle with content writing (product descriptions) constantly to the point of taking up to two weeks to prepare a new product’s descriptive content in a way that is informative and contains quality content while describing to the shopper exactly what it is. I’m in a niche market and sort of akin to how many ways can you describe aspirin!

    I’d love to be able to get a SEO expert on board that is up on ALL the latest and newest Google trends, but I digress, it’s a cost I can’t really outlay at the current time.

    For a site owner doing their own product description writing, what is the BEST advice you can give for this?

    I have a blog also, but spend so much time writing for product descriptions that I have not enough hours in the day to write blog articles too. How does one go about finding someone educated about the niche products I offer that can write blog articles ‘for me’ that I publish?

    Thanks Neil, my shopping cart company SEO department recommended you HIGHLY and advised me to receive all your newsletters (they know I do my own SEO)…and I am so incredibly happy they did because I learn more from you than anywhere else and always look forward to opening my email box and finding another great article from you!

    • Best advice is to just write really good descriptions that are unique. Why not post a listing on Craigslist, I bet you can find someone really easy and affordably. They can do the necessary research too so that the descriptions will be good.

  33. Vijay Pashte :

    Hi Neil,

    Really nice article! I like that highlighted bottom line in yellow color. 🙂
    Must read!


  34. Hey Neil,

    Thanks for this awesome post!

  35. Great tips….read from top to the bottom + linked pages too….But what I believe personally is that it doesn’t matter very much having optimized anchor texts as long as the links are natural, and the content is really useful and awesome…I personally know two websites owned by the same person, and having optimized links from the Footer of other websites to the both sites. One site got penalized badly…but the other one is still ruling the serps. The reason is nothing, but the content and that well performing one is linked by real people than the other one.

  36. hi,

    Actually keyword stuffing is very bad for blog authority.
    Visitors need quality content not some cheap keyword stuffed article.

  37. Excellent tips. Now I got some extra tips in good seo strategies.

    Thanks for the article.

  38. Great post Neil! I like the fork example 🙂

  39. Hey guys,
    I’m surprised that somebody would still advise technique such a uncontrolable linkbuilding lots of low DA stuff and than has a balls to tell me (or my client) that this is how you get better ranking….

    And it’s still happening – target -> dummy internet users


    • Sometimes you can’t control the links going to you, but natural links tend to do well in the long run.

  40. Really nice tips. Keep sharing such tips more in upcoming days too, dear Neil bro.

  41. Online character assassinators

    After reading this article and many others that are similar regarding “what NOT to do” in terms of seo/sem. I have come to the conclusion that these are like blueprints to take down a competing online presence or encourage a spammer or black hater to just bring the first 4 or 5 above them down in the search results and off the first page. instead of working hard and ethically to get the same results.

    Why doesn’t this happen more often?

    • Mark, some people like taking the easy way out. If you are going for a long term strategy that gives you sustained traffic it’s all about doing things right throughout the process.

  42. Hi Neil,

    Section 2 on Optimized Articles was most helpful. I read (probably on this blog) to optimize long tail phrases that are based on the informal way potential visitors would be searching for our info. Based on the example in Section 2, it doesn’t appear to necessarily be long tail keywords that we might be using. That part is still confusing.


    • Cheryl, glad I could help. Please let me know if you have any specific questions and I can surely help 🙂

  43. Neil,

    Thanks for clearing up the guest post issue. There’s so many conflicting information going around. Some people advise against doing any guest posting or accepting any on your blog.

  44. A really great post again Neil, what i can conclude from the article is that CONTENT still is the king, you just need to focus on content for readers and improve the readability to keep the reader engaged. Google will take care of your site with a combination of other SEO techniques even if the SEO campaign is not very aggressive.

    • Aanioz, bingo! You are right on the spot. It’s all about content and doing the right things from the get go.

  45. Mihai Herman :

    Hey Neil,

    Thank you for clarifying these important points.

    But my question is: is it wrong if i link to articles and categories within my blog but i use anchor text?

    I mean i have Justin Timberlake article an i use “Justin Timberlake” to link to the article.

    Or i write about: X defines fashion and style in the British community. Here, i use “fashion and style” to link to my “Men’s Style” category. Is it acceptable?

    Hope i made myself clear, because i am having a hard time explaining this 🙂

    Waiting for your answer!


    • Come on buddy internal linking helps your visitors and crawlers,so i don’t think it effects in SEO in anyway, am i right Neil?

    • Mihai, I am pretty sure I understand what you are saying. I would always go for a long tail approach. However, you can definitely use that approach sometimes. Let me know if I answered your question correctly.

  46. Hi,
    Thanks Neil for awesome info reading all points carefully.

  47. I’ve had too many(not anymore cause i have quicksprout now) black hat softwares and products that promises a lot but gives nothing, seriously i’ve learned more from you compared to those good for nothing products that cost a lot of money and the most precious “time” and in return only failure from those scam WSOs..
    Thanks again a lot.

    • Dushyant, thanks for the feedback. It’s definitely best to avoid all those approaches. Glad you found the article helpful 🙂

  48. Hi Neil,
    You have again contributed common SEO mistakes in a clear sense. Thanks a lot. I hope more exciting topics from you.

  49. This article was Great, I’m a little nervous because I’m practically new to Content marketing
    And I am looking to build good links to my site through a high DA backlink company.

    Now through your advice i have a lot of work to do but should i reconsider getting service from them?
    & Im New to the internet marketing industry. idk what type of content I can offer visitors if I’m not an expert.

    My niche: those new to internet marketing will come to my site as the bridge between finding direction to get help as a fellow newbie to internet marketing places for whatever they want. SEO, PPC etc.
    Of course kissmetric, quick sprout and a lot more sites i have subscribed to and learn from i will be broadcasting on my site

  50. Vaibhav Singh :

    Hi Neil,

    I hope you are doing good and thank you so much for taking time to write this.

    As i am new here, it might be chance that i am asking something which you have already explained. if so, please provide me the link so that i can read that article.
    My question is “How many keywords i should use for my blog post to rank it without getting any penalty” and also any free keyword research tool like google planner.

    Any help would be great

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  52. Sawaram Suthar :

    Hi Neil,

    Great stuff written. How about manipulating fake press release?

  53. Neil,
    If you’ve used optimized anchors in the past, do you recommend going back to past articles and fixing them?

  54. Thanks on your useful post. I have never bought any link, nor used any deliberate method to cheat on CEO, not to mention Google…but I got down-ranked. What I can do is try to follow your valuable advices, even though as far as I can see not much for me to change.Best regards.

  55. Carol Cassara :

    I know we all wish our readers read long(er) content but I just don’t think they do. I know when I get long content on blogs I subscribe to, even if broken up by subheads I just don’t want to read it all. Also, a lot of the long copy is simply over-written to make it long. Suppose I’ll just sacrifice SEO so my readers actually want to read my posts.

  56. Paul Schlegel :

    Hadn’t thought about keyword frequency of head terms vs long tail terms, but it makes complete sense intuitively.

    Also, many publishers of guest posts have been penalized. The good news is, penalties seem to be getting lifted quickly after nofollowing the guest post links.

  57. Niel has done it again i cant wait to share to my Facebook group. One thing i see with SEO is that you be a little different from the crowd

  58. David Gillaspie :

    Hi Neil,

    Thanks for being a vanguard blogger on the cutting edge of SEO.

    Speaking of Cutts, why does Matt seem so down on things we like? Being a Google guy gives him the platform to warn us, but doing the hands on like you gives us a better picture.

    Coming in loud and clear, Neil. So glad I subscribe to Quicksprout. I thought google might have it in for me and my blog, but it turns out I just need to do a little trimming on posts.


  59. Its a paradigm shift not just for SEO companies but also for clients I still know client who expect x amounts of links a month never mind the quality of them…

  60. Mainak Halder :

    Hey Neil, I was aware of most of the things mentioned here but thanks for the reminder once again, because we always tend to neglect these things. But I have noticed that most of the times, I tend to neglect the keyword stuffing and sometimes end up an article that is nice but with no keyword at all.

  61. Thanks Neil for sharing such amazing info. After a lot of popular sites got hit, everyone was talking about what you shouldn’t do but no one told what you should do instead. Great piece!

  62. Adrian Castro :

    Hi Neil, thank you for clearly explaining what works now in SEO!

    I have always advised my SEO clients to do the “natural” SEO way – with real people doing content creation and backlinking.

    When a real person does backlinks, one does not and cannot literally put out 1,000 backlinks in a day!

    A real person would also have real profiles and hang out in real social media or Web 2.0 properties and authority sites and occasionally throw in anchor text that are naked links or natural anchor texts which are either misspelled or non-keywords.

    In the end if clients want to play the SEO game, they should expect “natural” SEO with real people doing real work!

  63. William Satorre :

    Hello Neil, I noticed that you didn’t mention article directories. Up to this point, are they still any good for link building? In this video:


    the questions was:

    Links from relevant content in article directories — Seen as good or bad? eg. I link my beauty website from a cosmetic surgery article on say, Ezine? Would you do that?”

    Matt Cutts’s didn’t really answer the question directly (which he usually does), his only concern was the content submitted gets downloaded and syndicated all over the web. I would like to hear your thoughts about this topic.

    • William, I would rely less on them as there is a lot of spam you can find on directories.
      It’s important to focus on content and having a great internal linking strategy 🙂

  64. Great article, Neil. Thank you. My question has to do with optimized anchor text on your own site. For example, I manage my wife’s site, who is a therapist. She recently wrote a post that talked about Internal Family Systems and it’s founder, Richard Schwartz. She has a section on her site that describes IFS in detail so my inclination would be to link the term to that page and, since readers might be interested in Dr. Schwartz’s work, I would link his name to his site for further reference. Would these link constructions now be considered to be bad practice? .

    • Adrian Castro :

      Hi Tom, I would doubt seriously if using a person’s name as an anchor text would ever become a problematic link construction.

      The simple reason is that every blog comment has a name associated that links back to your site. For example, your comment above has your name Tom Gray going to your site http://findmelocally.

      Just my 2 cents here.

    • Tom, you are right on point.
      I would also try to find some links to authoritative content on the subject. See if there are any wiki articles as well as they are peer reviewed online.

  65. Neil, thanks, great post as always (how do you find time to write so many..?!)

    Do you think it be worth revisiting old guest posts and taking some anchor rich keywords -out- of past articles to improve ranking? …Or concentrate on adding additional branded / plain links in new guest articles to get a good balance?

    As a hobby website (about keeping chickens) I’m doing the bulk of the SEO myself and have concentrated on writing high quality guest posts now and again but with 2 or 3 anchor rich links within the posts and have been nervous about continuing with my current strategy.

    I appreciate your time in answering this 😉

    • Tim, I think it’s best to always create new content that can go viral and really is sticky.
      It’s important to focus on what works best for you.
      Please let me know if you need help with anything else.

  66. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for the good article.

    As regards fork analogy, I would label fork’s hand as ‘content’ and would make one teeth the biggest and label it ‘links’ 🙂

  67. Vasile Mironeasa :

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    Congratulations for getting the best for your write ! You do all the time
    that is the best for us and for you . I appreciate your the whole effort to comunicate with us . I think you are a wise man and I am very sure for this ! My respect to you Neil !

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    An article of great help for the scenario SEO these days, we are in the period where the penalty is always lurking, thanks Neil for your important and fast help. Fausta

  69. Nice article Neil ,
    I have a question to you , What can one do if he/she can’t decide on a website brand name ?
    kindly help….How to choose?…

  70. I can see why Cutts would be anti Optimized Anchors. They add little value to the reader experience.

  71. Toby Balsiger :

    Thanks for sharing Neil…

    There is no way you write all these articles yourself! How much do you pay your ghost writer??

  72. Neil, what’s your take on internal linking? Do you think optimizing internal links can trigger penalty too?

  73. Hi Neil, great post once again!

    One thing I’m not clear on is – Are you recommending not to even make keyword anchor links to other pages within your website, ie. internal linking using keywords.

    That technique is what Wikipedia uses and we’ve been doing it on our portal sites for years. So for example if on one post we mention “best weight lifting tips” we’ll link to a page in our site that talks about the best weight lifting tips.

    What is your take on this? Thanks Neil!

    • Sam, I think that’s a great approach. Also, consider linking to wiki pages as they are great resources for link building via content.

  74. Great article! I agree on nearly every aspect of this Article you have written on seo techniques to avoid in 2014 and onwards. You have great insight on this topic. Thank you for making this so clear and understandable.

  75. Neil,
    I have become a very fast and stout fan of yours over the last few months and just wanted to say, “thank you!!!!”. Reading your articles has been the best thing I could have done for our day spa’s website! I learn something new and relevant every time I click on your email. I wish that I would have known about you from the start (April of 2013), it would have saved me a lot of misdirection from a lot of other sources. YOU ROCK! 🙂

  76. Taiber Roger :

    Very nice to see 5 Techniques which I should stop. Normaly I see only the different. Like this blog very much. Thank you for sharing. Greetings from Germany. Roger

    • Taiber, glad I could help. Thanks for reading and please let me know if you need help with anything else 🙂

  77. Alicia Rades :

    “Google Webmaster Tools > Labs > Author Stats” This is really helpful, but what are considered good stats? Thanks!

  78. Donny Gamble :

    Question for Neil or any other SEO expert. What if you happened to run a popular blog that a lot of other websites link to your articles from and they use “keyword or optimized” anchor texts to link back to your website, what do you do in a situation like this, especially if it is natural? This is an issue that I see occurring often with large brands or popular blogs, will they get penalized because of these links?

    • If it is natural, don’t worry about it. Keep doing what you are doing in this case and you should be fine.

  79. Hi Neil,

    Thats a great post to read so that we can implement these strategies in our seo campaigns. And still I see many sites having keyword stuff in their title and description but ranking well on Google mostly in local search keywords. Why Google is not penalizing these sites?

    • Because if Google were to penalize every site that breaks its almighty guidelines it would have to penalize half the web. So Google penalizes a FEW of the worst offenders and tries to scare people into not engaging in tactics that it knows affect rankings. It’s kind of like traffic cops, they come out every once in a while and bust one out of the many that are speeding to put a little fear in people that the same can happen to them.

      Nobody said life was fair.

    • Ahmed, it’s only a matter of time until they notice these schemes. The algorithm keeps getting better.

  80. Great article again neil. My question is about keyword rich Anchor Text for internal pages. ie wikipedia

    Is that frowned upon today?
    Offsite back links pointing back i understand.. but Using non-relevant anchor text to point to internal pages seems like a silly thing to do and very counter intuitive.

    Using keyword rich links to internal site pages seems like the smart/relevant thing to do and would make a user experience much better imho..
    But what do i know =)

    What is your take?

    • Keyword rich anchor text for internal links is fine if you don’t abuse it and make all of the links rich in anchor text. Just do what is best for your readers.

  81. Nikhil Ganotra :

    Hello Neil,
    Very ultimate guide. I read the whole article on mattcutts.com and he clearly told that if you are doing a lot of guest blogging then you are hanging with a bad company. But do you think that google will penalize the sites who totally survive on guest blogging like Huffington Post and comluv.com.

    Thanks for sharing. I would be more careful next time while accepting guest posts.

  82. Ankit Pandya :

    Dear Neil, You mentioned the exact points. Thank you for removing the misconceptions of Online marketers. I like your post very much like always. I just want to add some points for my Dear Online marketers. Hope all like these.

    Point No.1: There are too much misconception Regarding Guest Blogging. But it is not bad at all. What you will have to cautious about is Relevancy. For an example I have a Online marketing blog and I submitted Guest post in Quicksprout, than it is not a black hat, it is a totally white hat because my guest post and link is totally relevant to Quicksprout.If you are targeting your brand in a link than it is not bad at all. Your Guest blogging should not look artificial. It looks natural.

    Point No.2: Instead of using Anchor text use long tail keyword. For an Example instead of using “Restaurant in Seattle” use “Best restaurant in Seattle at Airport Terminal c”

    Point No.3: Always Earn the Links instead of build the links. There is too much difference between both of them. If you Build Your Brand, Links will be automatically Build.

    Point No.4: Always Create Eye catchy Content for your Readers.

    Point No.5: Online marketing is a Long tern Activity so Don’t Expect any magic. You need to Have patience and Do Constant Efforts.

    Once Again Neil, Your Efforts Are so helpful to Online marketers (including me too). Thank you so much. You Rock on 🙂

    • Ankit, love how you outlined these points. Thanks for reading and please let me know if you have anymore gems.
      Looking forward to hearing more from you. Also, if you need any help with anything please let me know 🙂

  83. Great post. Lately your SEO posts have been slipping but this one was on point. The only statement I take issue with is you mentioning that links from a site with a DA of less than 20 will ruin your rankings. First of all your cut off point of 20 is pretty arbitrary. Second, DA, is a good metric to consider AMONG others, but is hardly an end-all-be-all. Moz doesn’t crawl the web very deeply so their link graph is pretty shallow which means their DA/PA scores are pretty rough estimates of search equity, especially at the lower ranges. But the overall point is good, i.e. don’t focus on getting a bunch of crap links.

  84. Ritul Gangwar :

    Hey Neil,
    First of all thank you so much for such a nice advice . Every blogger should know these guidelines . Some time wrong SEO tips may affects the reputation as well as interest of visitors.

    Ritul Gangwar

  85. Hi Neil, thanks for that great article. Good to know that I do nothing of those bad things and now i surely will not do so in the future.

    Cheers Michael

  86. Violeta Wright :

    Very educational post Neil, thanks for sharing. I need to implement your tips on my marketing strategies. Two thumbs up.

    • Violeta, glad you found it helpful. Thanks for reading and please let me know if you need help with anything at all 🙂

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    I name your post as ” Post of the Year”

    As these 4 things really have bad impact on Site.

  88. This time I find it very useful. It also helps me to write good content with least of the keywords.

  89. Sayyed Parvez :

    Hi Neil,
    Interesting to read the SEO techniques which should be stopped to avoid being penalized. Information provided has been quiet helpful. Thanks for the great article.

  90. Gaurav Khurana :

    thanks for Giving the right pointer… These policies make sense too… Its good that #Google implemented this so good content gets good traffic


    Udzial Means Share

  91. Joseph de Souza @ Infosolutions Goa :

    Very informative article. I would like to add Regarding point 4: Technique #4: Keyword Heavy Content
    From my personal experience I have seen that a keyword density of 2-3% is good enough even for the head terms. However in some sectors specially the travel sector if the KW density of a term like “San Francisco” occurs even to the extent of 20% it may be OK.
    It is enough that a particular long tail term appears 1-3 times only. You can add similar terms instead.

    • Joseph, thanks for the additional tips… much appreciated.
      Please let me know if you need any help with anything at all 🙂

  92. Dragutin Movrin :

    Awesome advice like always. Thanks, Neil!

  93. Hi Neil

    Thanks for the article to understand what we should not do, i was doing some of the mistake and will stop that, but could you please explain what should we do to create backlinks and how to create backlinks in details which provides better results.

    Thanks sir i am new in Internet Marketing.

    • Karan, focus on a content strategy that incorporates internal linking. Content is important above all else.

  94. Another great post. I think variety and moderation are very important. If all your links are traffic are coming from one source, it can look suspicious. However, if you produce quality content and use a few different, legitimate, methods for your SEO, then you will reap the rewards.

  95. Hi Neil, thanks a lot! great article!
    I always think about “anchor texts and links”, “25% of keyword density”, bla bla bla when I write article. I was wrong!

    Thank you so much!


  96. Great article Neil. Although spammy practices can sometimes still be rewarded these days, Google does an increasingly good job of cracking down on methods trying to manipulate the search engines and rewarding people who play by the rules. Healthy longterm SEO these days is all about providing value and high quality content.

    • Michiel, you are spot on. Thanks for reading and please let me know if you need help with anything else 🙂

  97. Thanks for the great post!
    I wonder if #2 says, that you have to avoid tag-clouds?
    These Links have all a keyword in it.
    Do I have to stay away from it?

    Even the “last post links” in the sidebar of wordpress-sites have the keywords in it.

    Thanks for help and opinions 🙂


    • It doesn’t mean tag clouds, but I would stay away from them. Tag clouds don’t help too much and the tag pages tend to create a ton of duplicate content.

  98. Jason @ Authority Links :

    Awesome Post Niel! hopefully this will wake up many of the small businesses that are trying to execute quick and dirty seo. I’ll definitely use this material as a supporting reference when in prospect discussions 🙂

  99. To talk about shoddy SEO advice, its everywhere especially in my industry (Adult) every forum and traffic resource is all about link farms, keyword stuffing, blog commenting and spamming with Scrapebox, It has been a nice surprise to see my site jump up from very low PR to page 4 without doing anything… guess its the other sites getting penalised, now I just need to implement a more aggressive safe strategy and I should be rockin. Plus figure out why Google only, doesn`t display my snippet properly like the other engines. Thanks Neil all walks of the internet can learn valuable info from you.

  100. I think my site has been penalized already because from PR4 it goes back to PR1. I want to share that I really experience the effect of techniques above. Improving the rank of my new website is easier than the site that had been penalized.

  101. I think my brain just spilled out on the floor after reading that google article on anchor text links. I’m more confused than before I read it.

    So for a long time now I’ve been under the assumption that using the title of the article was a pretty safe approach to anchor text. Is that still true?

    And the part of me that cooks is looking at the fork analogy strangely. A 2-tine fork is for carving, 3-tine for barbecuing, appetizers, serving, and a few other uses.

    • Using the title of the page as the anchor text in most cases is fine, as long as the title isn’t just keyword rich. You ideally should always have a nice rotated anchor text percentage.

  102. Hi Patel,

    Yes, some of these SEO tricks are pathetic especially keyword stuffing and getting so many links for the sake of getting them. I believe delivering meaningful content is the way to go and using the right anchor texts on your posts – for instance, I have done minimal linking for my new site and am liking the rankings am getting so far

  103. thanks Neil for sharing this article with Us 🙂 it’s really nice and step by step explained every things to understand clearly. It’s a must must read article for every newbie like me .. 🙂 We should definitely try not do this things in future.

  104. Sylvester Clarke :

    You know it’s some people worth listening to. And you my friend are one of those people Neil. I haven’t been online for long, but I’m humbled to have found your site. As I grow in time and master content marketing, SEO traffic generation etc… I will definitely have a lot to attribute to you my friend. Honestly, before I started I dreaded the fact of starting a blog. But as I learn and take instant action I’m starting to love it and get better in the process.

    I wish much continued success to you. And I will see you at the top!

    Sylvester Clarke

  105. Alex Mitchell :

    For a long time, I’ve known not to include keywords in anchor text at more than about 10%-15%. The rest should be domains, company names, peoples’ names, and phrases that may contain some keywords. What I don’t fully understand is how Google knows what to rank a domain for. They used to know what to rank a domain for based on anchor text. Since they don’t do that anymore, how does Google know what phrases to rank a domain for?

    • They look at the text on your page and the type of sites that link to you and the text on those web pages. Between both of those they can figure out what to rank you for.

  106. Ark | AdBiz Video :

    Thanks Neil,

    Your articles always offer valuable insight and this one is no different. The anchor text info alone is huge because it’s so important but not what we’re generally told. While the rest of the world zigs you zag and let us in on it. Kudos!

  107. Good stuff, thanks for sharing! 🙂

  108. Hello Neil Sir

    Yesterday I was reading a post on the blog which is about the same Guest blogging and link building. That post was pretty confusing. Well you have illustrated things in cool way and now it is clear. As long as you have quality in your guest post. You have nothing to afraid of.

    Peace 🙂

  109. Great post, Neil. To my understanding, SEO has changed but it still has the potential if spammy tricks and shortcuts are avoided. You mentioned that don’t use ‘long-tail keywords’ much. I believe long-tail keywords are good instead of using exact keywords in your content and link building strategy. A marketer should keep this in mind that they need to maintain keyword density (to some extent) and mix the content with exact, long-tail and similar phrases to make the content engaging and signal search engines too. A mix is required. Right?

    • Sabih, with all things a good mix and moderation is key. Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing more from you 🙂

  110. Bashar @DroolingDeals :

    Hi Neil! thanks for this valuable info.
    In technique #4 you talked about keyword density. I wanted to know is there any tool or software by which we can do this analysis.
    Thanks in advance.

  111. I read this post part by part since i was on a short vacation. It’s now i completed this.
    I do blamed you for your last post being repeating content. But you really bounced back with this post and thanks Neil.

    You were discussing highly confusing things and that bottom line tip so will be much useful for many to make a conclusion.

    So said about optimized anchor texts and it’s bit a useful information. What you say about usage of alt tags ?

    I recently added keywords as alt text to all of those images in my site. I also added keyword as alt text to all of those anchor text internal links inside my site.

    I did gave better results in couple of days. Does it really worked? How is it going to affect me in long term?

    Can you write a detailed post about usage of alt text for images and links?

    • Jithin, I will try to incorporate this topic into a blog post in the near future 🙂 You can always ask questions on the forum as well!

  112. Hello Neil Sir,
    Your article is really helpful for me. Now i am very clear about link building.

  113. Naomi@business start ups :

    Hi Neil,

    Thanks for the great advice. Thankful majority of the techniques I’m NOT using.


    But hey, there’s always room for improvement.

    Thanks Naomi

  114. Regarding “Technique #3: Quantity of links over quality”, what are your thoughts with low (15-25) DA links on niche related websites?

    • If they are niche sites that are highly relevant, then go for them. If they aren’t super relevant, I would focus on higher quality sites then.

  115. Mohammed ALAMI :

    Indeed the title is appealing but SEO isn’t dead, at the opposite iT becomes more SMEs matter than newbies and I love that. Thanks for warning SEO community needs education and why not a certification as the one suggested by SEOcamp: CESEO

  116. Barbara McKinney :

    There’s one thing we always need to keep in mind. The goal of Google is to deliver the most relevant search results possible. Whenever someone enters any query into the search engine, Google’s top objective is to deliver the results that person is looking for. We should provide our audience with relevant information.

  117. Hi Neil,

    Thanks a lot fro these tips.

    I am happy that Google gives me nice results after applying these techniques. Thanks for it again.

    Warm Regards,
    John Matt.

  118. Prasadaddnectar :

    Hi Neil,
    Very useful Blog For any blog Writer.

    Thanks.Keep it up!!!

  119. thank you for the basic yet very important tips

  120. Hi Neil.

    What do you think about tier 1 backlink and tier 2 backlink? There are some techniques use this method and they claimed it worked


    • Michael the industry is changing very rapidly. While those things still matter it’s more important to focus on quality content that converts.

  121. Very Nice Neil.
    I find it a lie and waste of time and energy when people apply all of the highlighted SEO techniques. I think they used to work some years back but not in the our blogging days. Unless Google thinks otherwise we should embrace other SEO techniques and apply them rightly.

    • Fredy, you bring up some great points. Content is very important now and that is a primary focus for many website owners.

  122. Lucky for me, a newbie to SEO and all that, I haven’t used any of the tactics that are being penalised. But it’s great that I know about them now, so I know what to watch out for as I work to improve my site’s traffic.

    I’ve only guest posted on two sites, one post each so far, one site has DA of 40, the other 54. Both relevant websites to my niche (art). And I plan to do more of these going forward, writing quality guest posts on relevant sites.

    I’ve just been invited to write for two local blogs. They both have local readers, mainly moms. They’re relevant to me because I want to promote my children’s portrait commission service to my local community. However their DA are both less than 20. Do you think I’d be penalised by Google? Although even if the answer is yes, I’d still do it because it could bring me real business. But it’s good to know the full picture. Thanks.

  123. Nice Content Neil sir, really helpful for me. I am not following any such practices. Hoping to deliver good content to drive much traffic.

  124. Well I must say many seo companies follow these methods and as a result they just destroy your blog.So you must yourself have to learn all these things first so that you can watch over their activities.I myself lost millions because of their such spammy activities and some of blogs too.This is such a big help from you Neil.

    • Michelle, glad I could help. Thanks for the feedback and I look forward to hearing more from you 🙂

  125. nice article, thanks for sharing..

  126. Farcas Gelu Danut :

    Sorry for offtopic: Wich is better, faster: W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache or Falcon Engine included in Wordfence Security Plugin?

  127. Hi Neil
    Great post and thanks for sharing.
    As a newbie to SEO after some bad experiences with “SEO Companies” it worries me that I could do more harm than good with the ever changing Google algorithm, so I read your blog with great interest. Do you have any beginner guides?

    • Gordon, check out this guide as I am sure it will help you out:

  128. Great post Neil! Genuinely didn’t know that anchor text was now a no go area so that is a huge help!

  129. Rupal Sathavara :

    Good post Neil, Here i found great tips for SEO and also now i improve also in my SEO technique. Its good to find this tips in this one post. Thanks for posting.

  130. Hello Neil,
    First of all thank you for a Great article, and trust me i have learned a lot from the above post.

    Now my question is, what are the seo techniques you recommend me to work on at present.

    As my site is totally based on Picture based so what exactly do you recommend me to work..

    Reply from your end would be a Great helpful to me..

    Thanking you in Advance

    • Raju, first and foremost optimize your photos. If you have any specific questions I can definitely help 🙂

  131. Thanks Neil,
    for share this post
    I work on a site, and the company is a web development and designing company,
    can u suggest me the seo techniques to work on at present.

  132. I’m sorry but this sentence is to simple in my opinion:

    There is a delusion that merely throwing a lot of links to a site will magically bring massive authority, high rankings, and tons of search traffic

    I think the delusional thinking is that continue using link building techniques that you can scale either manually or programmatically is worthless in the long run.

    Throwing a lot of links at a site either naturally or by hook or crook still works brilliantly – you just have to know what your doing – even Matt Cutts said they had tried a web without links and the SERPs were terrible

    • Links do work, but getting them organically is typically the best bet. Manually is fine, programmatically means an algorithm can usually combat it int he long run.

  133. Hi Neil,

    Thank you for this very straightforward and clearly explained techniques. You have prevented me from still doing the optimized anchor text. Thanks 🙂

  134. Majeed Faisal :

    I have around 1000 pages on my website. And the first 2 lines having 12 words are same on all those pages except one word. Like Apple mobile deals, coupons, offers can be found here… Then on other page Samsung mobile deals, coupons, offers can be found here… Followed by 2-3 lines of unique content after that… Should I remove that common statement from all pages will be help me rank better…

  135. Joshua Immordino :

    Awesome techniques and tactics! cant wait to see how theyll effect my site

  136. great, great article. straight to the point, and honest. looks like i’ve been dong the wrong seo for a while now. time to change strategy. thanks for the enlightenment!

  137. Romi Miller :

    Wow, really awesome article Neil sir. Thanks for the tips.

  138. Thanks neil for a great resource ,one thing which i want to know is whats the exact ratio of Brand anchors/Company Name is to be in Link Building.. Please elaborate

    • Neil Patel :

      I don’t know the exact percentage, but rich anchor text shouldn’t make up more than 5 or 10% on the high end.

  139. Great points as always, Neil. However, I do wonder about one thing. My brand name is “Webdesign Dana” and I usually put this as anchor text in my client’s footer. Do you think that is alright or will it have me penalized?

  140. David Thomas :

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  144. Thanks Neil for this amazing techniques of seo. Although it’s really hard to get into deep of SEO. But this article is somehow useful.

  145. Rahul, glad I could help 🙂

  146. What link building methods are safe currently after all that dust is settled? Reading through all of these news shows that there are no good method left.

  147. I really like the way everything is explained . you are working hard to guide us through difficulties we face.
    Thanx a lot.

  148. Shrey Patel :

    Many of the companies using Black Hat SEO Techniques. I think people should stop Guest Blogging and other startegies which is not considered by Google.

  149. Hi Neil,

    I keep hearing that keyword stuffing is a bad practice, but I just wanted to share a personal experience that proves that may not always be the case.

    Check out this Youtube result:


    The top rankings are dominated by videos with tons of keyword stuffing. It seems that Google don’t seem to penalize over optimized videos just yet.

    I advised my client (A Whistleblower Lawyer) to focus on FAQ videos optimized for long tail keyword questions such as How, What, When…etc, we ended up getting no visibility at all on Youtube or Google. It was a little disappointing to realize that Google still rewards over optimized videos videos over quality content.

    • Fernando, thanks for providing these insightful points. Looking forward to hearing more from you 🙂

    • Keyword stuffing is an old strategy that is not effective today. It is a proven fact that Google updates its algorithm from time to time. They find this practice (Stuffing) unacceptable.

  150. Partha Giri :

    Excellent! Thank you for the great tips. 🙂

  151. Hi Neil Patel,
    Firstly i would like to say to you a wonderful thanks regarding this unique and knowledgeable article. Frankly speaking all points are very important for beginners. But dear i am in a little doubt. May you solve it? Is it possible that a beginner can do guest posting after publishing 2-3 posts of our blog????

  152. John Lincoln :

    This is a great post. I am writing on on a similar topic now. Lots of things you need to watch out for in SEO… 🙂

  153. Audric's Mom :

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    In this article i would like to ask one thing that 500-700 words article is best for a blog. And keyword density is important or not?
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    You describe well in the above discussion. My question is that can we say these techniques as black hat seo ??? will they (Spammy Guest Blogging, optimized anchor etc ) comes under black hat ?

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  177. Always great to hear the lasts do’s and dont’s.

    Regarding Technique #2

    Does that only affect external linking? I’m wondering if adding keyword anchors in a list or paragraph of text in your site’s footer, that all link to internal pages on your site, is still ok. I know a lot of sites do this and are told it’s effective. I’m only talking about internally linking to other pages on your site through keyword links in your footer. Not linking to external sites.


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    Thanks for posting these tips; really helpful

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    I have one question regarding anchor text, what if i use two separate yet relevant anchor texts with the same link in same post/comment, would that work as anchor diversification?

  206. Sunil K Chaira :

    I am totally agree with the post. Quality of the back links more important than quantity. There are lots of black hat SEO techniques we can adopt for easily earn the tons of backlinks for our website but, nothing can beat the quality of your own website. Concentrate more on providing the quality content to end users because this is what search engine also expect for the webmasters.

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  208. Hi Neil, I posted a couple of articles in my blog last year doing the bad SEO you explained in this post. What do you think should I do? Forget about it and do the right SEO from now (like I’ve been doing the past 2 months) or should I edit the older posts and fix that situation?


  209. Martyna Bizdra :

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    A quick question:

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    Great read, particularly the analogy with the fork, I will try to maintain an equilibrium of SEO components in my ‘cooking pot’.

  215. Thanks Neil for the help… I find it usefully. I’m newbie for this, i often and a lot use an optimized backlink. By example, i often use rel=dofollow to a href. Is it okay if i use it in long phrase or using link for google shortener? Sorry for asking something in a post that over a years old

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    Is it okay if we comments to the others site that not related with our site?

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    • Purva, glad you found them helpful.

      If you have any specific questions I can help with I’d be glad to help. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  223. Owhkhay! So that’s what I need to stop now (to be honest). I never thought if this tradition is ever going to end. Time to learn new strategies, not tricks. It’s going to be a hard nut to crack, but I know I can do it too. Although quite difficult, but will learn it in no time. Hopefully!

    • Jay, I have no doubt that if you follow the guides I provide and optimize correctly you will see results. Keep me posted on your progress and let me know if you need any help.

  224. Oh my Goodness! You have just opened my eyes like never before. Someone once told me that SEO is not an easy thing especially if you want to take shortcuts. Many people are conned daily in the name of link building of which only last less and is not solid. One thing I would commend you on is the use of that Folk illustration; I can say it drove the SEO point at home. Thank you for this detailed article Neil Patel.

    • Glad to help.

      Next time as a suggestion use your name so you don’t get put into the spam bucket 🙂

      Let me know if you need any other help along the way!

  225. Thanks NEIL very helpful post!! I totally agree with you. I run my blog dvdrecorderswithtuner.com which is ranking on 3 position in Google . What I followed was simple SEO strategies like the very high quality content that is updated every week, valuable keywords , proper site structure, clean theme, worked on proper meta tags and many more. And you can see yourself it worked for me. What you shared is absolutely correct and I think people should follow it to get good results.

    • Carolyn, thanks for sharing! I love hearing success stories. Keep me updated on progress and feel free to share specifics — I love seeing data!

  226. Hi

    Thanks for the useful post…

    I have a question …. Most people are talking about long tails here … Suppose my competitor an I have backlinks from similar sites .. His backlinks include anchors and my backlinks arr simple URL or domain .. Who will rank ..
    Any idea ???

    • Shekhar, there are so many variables that go into ranking considerations.

      Domain age, quality of content, where you are a linking to.. all of these things matter.

  227. Umer Iftikhar :

    This is actually wonderful and completely right discussion you have done Neil Bro. It’s an awesome things that actually were taken into peak and destroyed so many smalls and yet old blogs and business.

    I have got a little question. What do you suggest for specially new blogs. What actually my strategy is to just create quality content with those keywords which are actually not competitive and gets usually around 1,000 traffic a month. But if we really go into deep, even these are competitive keywords since many other bloggers are already working and even ranking with useless posts just because of their strong backlinks.

    What would you say?

    Umer Iftikhar

    • Umer, great question — my advice is just the same: Make sure you are providing value to your readers and that your links are contextual. That’s the surest way to compensate for all the things that aren’t working on your site.

      You should also consider a social strategy that provides value — if you do that the sky is the limit.

  228. Plamen Ivanov :

    These are some really good points about SEO techniques here. I really do agree that the content is the king. Over optimiising has never been a good idea, yup! 🙂

    • Plamen, it always has been king 😉

      One should optimize just as much as they need to rank and have a good architectural framework on their site.

  229. Sandeep Kumar :

    straight to the point, and legit. it would appear that i’ve been dong the wrong seo for some time now. time to change system. a debt of gratitude is in order for the edification!

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  236. A read-more-link that brings visitors to the bottom of the page to read more… is that hurting in SEO?
    Explanation: Our website needs to work with a idx-real estate plugin. We write a few lines about the community. Than the plugin-short-code shows 10-20 homes listings. Under this frame we tell more about the community.
    Reason: showing actual homes-listings is more important then telling about the community. Yet, google wants wording on every page, so we tell about the community. To have home-listings show up visibly, the text above the home listings is only 3 lines. Down the page we write another 25 lines.

    We were told this practice hurts our website. Every community has its own page, so many read-more-anchors that direct people to read more under the listings.

    I cannot find anything about that on the internet. Any ideas?

    • It can hurt SEO potentially, assuming Google can read the code thoroughly. But if the user experience is better you way, then leave it your way and put Google second.

      It’s ok as Google wants you to do what’s best for the user, not what is best for SEO.

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    • You want to use variations with your bank links and focus on getting them from quality sites vs trying to go for numbers.

  240. Ok So I am going to reading that entire great article how you can not do this and can not do that, and now I am thinking what can I do? And you say Great quality content, long anchor text, but the question that begs is where should I use those if guest posting is a no, linking from a website new is a no. How I am supposed to be accepted by a big website if i am a new website. By the way my website is not new but I have few new. Why no one tells you how can I post in high authority website other as a guest? How can I get discovered by Google if no one wants to link with me? How my content gets distributed if Google considers duplicate content- (someone takes an excerpt from my good article and post in their blog ). I really don’t know how all those things work now. Directories are No, No- which is wrong because they act like a telephone book, only things that are Ok are advertising – I have no money to spend on clicks and get thieves clicking through my advertising in order to get their 1 cent affiliate.
    Anyhow- I read so much about how follow links are not used anymore- and no follow links will bring you traffic but nothing more. I know that I am ranting for nothing- all I have to do is read more and learn more

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    So, I still read in so many blogs that, repeat your keywords as much as possible. But, you are Neil The Guru. So, I am going to take your advice.

    • I’m just an average guy Seborrheic, but I appreciate your compliment. Let me know how things work out for you

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    • Glad I could help. Having the right knowledge base and the right tools will get you very far. Thanks for sharing!

  245. Hi Neil,
    As I am your big fan of digital marketing techniques, but now I need to ask one thing. My client said to me that I want to do purple hat seo!!! But I am confused what is it for? please guide me as my true mentor. Thanks

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  249. Neil, Great post….Can you please tell me is guest blogging still works? I read somewhere as guest blogging can affect your website ranking

    Once again thanks for the post

    • Yes, it works extremely well for both generating traffic and getting quality backlinks. Take a look at this https://www.quicksprout.com/the-advanced-guide-to-link-building-chapter-10/

  250. Thanks. Neil You are really rock. I am often get confuse when use anchor text bu tnow after rading your this article I am sure I can do perfectly.

  251. Thanks Neil for the guidance. These are some of the things that mostly people follow and afterwards realize why they are not able to rank high on search engines.

    • It’s common for most marketers to fall into this trap. I hope this helps you make better decisions throughout your journey.

  252. Hi Neil,
    i am always following you in all my SEO strategies, that helps me a lot to get successful results.

    Keep it up,

    Baran Saltik

  253. is bookmarking is useful today’s SEO?

  254. Very good article, and straight to the point.

    I do agree that a good quality content is a method numero uno, however writing longer and quality articles, and many of them too, may be a tedious and not as-easy-as-it-seems task.
    And also a person may frequently encounter material (and design) that does not appear to be so great, yet somehow reaching high positions in Google.

    • At the end of the day, content is what it all comes down to. Even links become a lot easier when there’s better quality content to promote.

  255. Hi Neil,

    I really enjoy high quality, long-form content.

    My site links out to 100’s of other high quality sites but I had chosen to use no-follow vs do-follow links to be safe (as its hard to always audit 100’s of links).

    Do you think that changing all the no-follow links to do-follow will provide the site with seo benefit and/or raise a negative flag with Google somehow? Is it worth doing it?

    Thanks a lot!

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  263. Hi Neil, Thanks the post and comments above. I think search engine algorithms moving in the direction to improve quality of content on the web. It makes sense to penalize spammers and give less importance to low quality content. In the end, if one is not creating any value by providing content, what is the use of crating back links.

    • Yep, you got it. Ultimately the goals of the search engine is to provide you with the best, most relevant information you’re looking for in as quickly as possible

  264. Hi Neil

    Thanks for the article, i am only focusing on the quality over quantity on my blogs and site and getting some good results.

  265. Great tips Niel! I will follow these closely.

  266. Ed Brancheau :

    Hi Neil, I definitely agree with you! We should always consider all important aspects of SEO. Thank you for this article.

  267. Hi! I have a Programming Niche blog www.codingalpha.com! I am writing guest posts on Tech Niches giving me 1 Dofollow Link with every article! Will it hamper my SEO in the long term? I understand that both the niches are not completely related but to some extent! Looking forward to your reply!

  268. Great post Neil. I agree with you about all of it, especially the part about long tail keyword stuffing has been an eye opener.

  269. Hi Neil I am little confused about the 2nd point Optimized Anchors.
    I have keywords like Lab Grown Diamonds,Lab Created Diamonds which i am using in articles with anchor text.Is that allowed?
    I have seen some of your articles where you have used your keywords with anchor text

  270. I cannot thank you enough for the blog . Really thank you! Really Cool.

  271. So you mean we should work on quality instead of quantity.?
    If I create backlinks using optmised anchor text then it can be reason for getting panelty.?
    Moreover if I have 5 backlinks with already optimised anchor text then any problems as it’s in very less quality.

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  275. Is there anyone can make it clear what the best way to rank up since pengiun 4.0 came out this month?

  276. Good explanation.

    Are you sure nofollow will stop indexing also or just only passing link juice?

    Thanks in advance

    • No follow’s will stop the listing showing in Google on crawls, while also not passing link juice over.

      That doesn’t mean it’s not looked at, though as it can be linked to from other sites as well.

  277. No follow sucks. http://bedrijvenslinks.frisbegin.nl

    • I feel no follow links have their place but appreciate sometimes it can suck. But just because Google doesn’t follow the links doesn’t mean users won’t.

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  285. Hi Neil, Great post!

    I would like to ask if using a “free content” from websites that offer content in exchange for a link (like ArticleBiz dot com) still helpful or it will be considered a duplicate content and/or violation?


  286. Hi, I want to is it okay to have two anchor text (both different) in same line of paragraph.

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