5 Practical Steps To Improving Your Website’s Domain Authority

domain authority

Domain Authority (DA) is a website metric developed by Moz. It is one of the most important numbers known to SEOs. The greater your DA, the more likely you are to have strong traffic and high rank.

Is domain authority something that you can change, or is it unalterable and immoveable? I am convinced there are practical things you can do to improve this important number.

But before we go over how you can improve your DA, there are a few things you need to know:

Domain Authority

First off, let me share a few key facts about DA. This information will help you better understand exactly how you can move your DA upward:

  1. Domain authority is based on a lot of factors. Primarily, however, these are link profile factors such as how many backward links are pointing to your website and how authoritative those sites are.
  2. It is very difficult to gain a DA number of 100. Sites like Facebook and Google have it, so don’t be disappointed if you never hit 100.
  3. DA is difficult to influence directly. You can’t change your DA score like you can change your meta tags.

So, how do you improve your DA?

How to improve your Domain Authority

We’ve come to the very question this article attempts to answer: How do you improve your DA?

Improving your link profile is a crucial issue that I’ve addressed in detail before.

At the most basic level, to have a good link profile, you have to do two things:

  1. Get rid of bad links.
  2. Gain good links.

Let’s deal with the first one — getting rid of bad links. This is pretty straightforward. You request the removal of these links, and if that fails, you disavow them. Done.

Now, what about the second one — gaining good links? Realistically, you have two options. Option 1 is that you engage the services of an SEO agency that has relationships with websites and writers who can secure high-quality legitimate backlinks. This is a good option, but it is expensive and has risks.

Option 2 is to create a site with high value information that elicits links by virtue of its awesomeness. That, my friends, is content marketing.

What I’ve found is that content marketing is the solution to gaining DA. Although I’m still going to give you a list of things you can do to bump up your DA, I want to emphasize the most important factor: you improve your DA by doing content marketing well.

So, let’s take a closer look at the 5 things you can do to improve your DA:

Step #1: Ensure that your technical SEO is in place

Attending to all the technical aspects of SEO is absolutely important as a foundation. It may not be sexy to optimize your robots.txt or map out a URL structure, but without these important features, you won’t have effective SEO. First things first. Technical SEO comprises the core of a DA-improvement effort.

As Moz explains, to improve your DA, you need to improve your overall SEO, and that includes all the details that SEOs know and love — site structure, navigability, breadcrumbs, URL structure, meta tags, header tags, word count, keywords, alt tags, etc. SEO and content marketing require one another. They actually go together.

Make sure that your SEO is up to par before you go further in the pursuit of higher DA.

Step #2: Create lots of linkable content

Now, we get into something that has a more direct impact upon DA — your content.

In order to have content marketing, you have to have lots and lots of linkable content. What I do is create articles or infographics nearly every day. That’s a lot of output, considering my articles are over 1,000 words, my infographics are big, and my guides exceed 10,000 words.

This is a heck of a lot of content, but I’ve seen it pay off in big ways. Content drives my business. It forms the core of what I do. I would not have the level of success that I now enjoy were it not for the hard work of producing lots and lots of content.

It’s not mere content alone that drives links, of course. It’s top-notch content with power, authority and value. There is no industry so boring that it couldn’t produce engaging content. My resource on content marketing will explain how you can do this.

Step #3: Develop strong internal linking

Often overlooked in the craze over “high quality backlinks” is building of high quality internal backlinks. I can’t overemphasize the importance of internal linking. (See what I did there? That’s an internal link.)

Internal linking weaves a powerful network within your site that benefits both the user and the search engines that crawl and index your site. A site that lacks internal linking is like a collection of pebbles — disconnected and weak. But a site that has strong internal linking turns those pebbles into concrete — interconnected and unbreakable.

The great thing about having more content is that you’ll have more content to link to. And the more you link internally, the greater your ability to create a dense and powerful site network will be.

Step #4:  Regularly remove toxic backlinks

SEO isn’t all glory and grandeur. There’s the nitty gritty of wading through spreadsheets and performing mind-numbing repetitive work.

It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. You’ve got to remove your toxic backlinks. Every now and then, you should dig into your link profile, find the spammy links, and get rid of them.

You’ll gain a huge competitive advantage by regularly cleaning your link profile. In my experience, this isn’t something that most webmasters are doing with any regularity. Sure, I see webmasters engage in clean-up with a vengeance, but it’s only after they’ve experienced the slump of an algorithm penalty or the heart-stopping experience of a manual penalty.

Don’t wait till a penalty strikes you to clean up your link profile. Do it now and then continue to do it on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

Explaining how to remove toxic backlinks is outside the scope of this article, so let me point you to some resources. This Quick Sprout Traffic University video helps you understand whether you’re at risk for a penalty, and this article on penalty recovery will show you exactly what you need to do to clean up your link profile (even if you haven’t been penalized).

This is the only way you’re going to have a tidy link profile — cleaning it up regularly. You can build the most awesome link-backs the world has ever seen, but if your profile is full of spammy backlinks, you’re not going to experience the success you want from content marketing. Your DA will remain low.

Step #5: Be patient

If you are doing exactly what I’ve explained in the above steps, your DA will rise. One of the factors that doesn’t get a lot of notice in discussions of higher DA is the domain age factor.

Generally speaking, the older the domain, the higher its authority. I examined the link profile of a website and discovered some historic domains. These historic domains had high DA levels.

domain age

To find out the age of a domain, you can use the free Domain Age Tool provided by Webconfs.com.

Domain age doesn’t automatically translate into domain authority, however. If the domain falls into disrepair, maintains outdated SEO techniques, lacks fresh content, or builds up a cruddy link profile, it will lose its DA.

As you pursue content marketing, you will gradually see your DA rise. My point is that it takes time. Be patient. SEO wins don’t happen in a day. They happen over the long haul.


You’ll find plenty of content elsewhere on the web that explains how you should improve your DA. Some of it is pretty good.

But most of it misses the whole point. You can’t simply “improve your DA” by jiggering this and tweaking that. Instead, you must look at the bigger picture of today’s SEO — it’s content marketing. And you can only win in the other areas — domain authority, traffic, organic search results, and ranking — by focusing on your content.

Better content means better everything else. You can improve your domain authority. It’s all about your content.


  1. Kumar Gauraw :

    Hi Neil,

    Speaking of internal linking, I use “Smart Link SEO” plugin to interlink and currently I have limited to number of links to be 15 per page. Does it matter if I remove the limit?

    How much of internal linking (is there a percent) is good? The reason I ask this question is because the more linkable words, the more links can get generated sometimes automatically using a plugin like this.

    Now, when you stay internal linking, do you recommend using a plugin like this or do you only suggest manual linking?

    I look forward to your response to this.


    • Jonathan John :

      As a non-SEO focused content marketer, I would recommend that you stay clear away from automated solutions for internal linking.

      The result could be wacky links here and there and everywhere that distort a visitor’s flow of reading. Besides — it takes no longer than a couple minutes per post to do it manually.

      Furthermore, unless you have super-long content, 15 internal links per post is overkill.


      • Kumar Gauraw :

        Hi Jonathan,

        Appreciate your inputs but I think I know the basics and I am looking for a SEO focused answer.

        My blog posts are usually super lengthy and I don’t thin 15 or 20 links is an overkill unless there is a logical justification.


        • Pawas Gupta :

          Hi Kumar,

          Interlinking webpages is definitely good, but how much to do it? I am not really sure.

          I feel a good idea would be to make sure that we have substantial content on our webpages and interlink webpages for a better user experience and not worry so much about seo.

          Good question though, would like to see what other have to see on this.

          • Carmela Belgado :

            I’ve used Smart Link SEO in the past with a weight loss plr site back two years ago, and at that time the pages I created for that site were huge and contained lots of links per page (samples to view mostly). The homepage had the #1 spot on the serps for a full year, but then Google de-indexed it, and part of the assessment as to why it was spanked is that the site overused links.

            So when we created our new VideoPLR.org site and another one for ebooks, we decided not to use any kind of automated plugin like that. Not just because of the possible over-linking, but because of possible irrelevant linking or too much duplicate linking.

            I really feel that these automated tools of the past need to be discarded – if you care about traffic from Google, that is.

            • Leonardo "List Builder" LaVito :

              @Carmela – Thanks for sharing about your experience using Smart Links SEO. 🙂

              And I’m sorry to hear about your Google Slap. 🙁

              Sometimes automation, instead of making things easier, makes things more complex instead.


              Fortunately, it’s not too hard to do internal linking manually.

              And also, it allows on the space to be strategic.

              Leonardo LaVito

          • thanks for the great post. great .

            • Awesome post.
              Thank you.

              • tonygreene113 :

                Thanks for the easy to follow explanation of the over linking of internal content.
                I’ll definitely be working this over the upcoming weekend.

                • I’m glad I could help Tony. It’ll take some time before you can begin to see the results, but remember step #5 🙂

                  • Hi Neil, well done for answering these comments well after your original article!

                    I appreciate the thoughts around site age and DA. I experienced that a recent article (relevant to our readers called Quick Fix for when your Surface won’t turn on, for those interested, at https://www.thetechmentor.com/posts/quick-fix-surface-wont-turn-on/) rank on page 2 at position 20 with a few days of it being indexed by Google (I was happy with this!). I do hope it will rank higher in time :-).

                    I wonder is reasonably high ranking likely due to age of the site (around 5 or 6 years) or due to quality of the other content on the site given this particular article is new, do you think? Could it develop and improve further over time from here in terms of rankings (or just authority)?

                    Regards Jeff,

                    • That’s awesome news! Yes, site age can have a big impact on how quickly you move up the SERPs. A high-quality article also has a better chance of getting ranked quickly. Over time, your authority will improve, especially if you consistently release high-quality content. 🙂

        • Hi Kumar,

          I do agree with your point, Its not worthy to stuff links unnecessarily. If a content can provide good knowledge then no need to stuff it with so many links.

      • I do agree with you on automated solutions. I think they have less control over doing manual internal linking. At least that way you know for sure what’s going on. Time is key to success. I realize this post is a little old but wanted to put my thoughts on here. I believe I am doing correct white hat but I realize some of my links that are appearing in my webmaster tools for google are spammy. I had a huge blog spot link spam sent to one of my pages. I uploaded a file containing those links telling google to not count them. I hope that it works because contacting the spammer more than likely won’t. Unfortunately for me, my profile is still small so those links look bad right now. I’m hoping to gain authority eventually so that they won’t matter as much. Do you suggest a review from BOTW.org being a good directory to pursue for their forever backlink they provide to increase my trust due to me being under a year old? I do have somuch.com and on my way with eatonweb too

        • Hi Adam,

          Manual linking is very important factor and to be considered by every blogger who posts more often. He needs to spend sometime in each week to update interlinking of his website/Blog.

      • Abdul Raziq :

        Pretty Cool. doing manual SEO for my site and getting much better results than giving offers to SEO’s on fiverr and other freelancing sites.

        • Fiverr is a great way to hustle

          • Fiverr gigs only good for tier 2 onwards. From my personal point of view, seo, fiverr won’t help much but fiverr have many good designers. 2 vector logo, 3d, $10. If you need the link, please ping me.

            Nice to meet you all.

            Neil Patel, i read many of your articles here and this is my first reply. You share valuable content. Thank you so much

    • I would stay away from using the Smart links Plugin. Had some bad experiences with that one.

    • Hi All,
      It was some sort more interesting comments that i figured out and i guess instead of any plugin it would be a great practice to link manually and if it is really relevant 20 links won’t be any problem in my opinion.
      I just want to thanks Neil for figuring out this important topic wisely. I loved your all suggestions.

      Zakir Hosen

    • I have found the simplest way for me.. is to use the link button (for WordPress users) while writing the article. If click the link button just start to write in the page you want to link to and wallla!! That usually works. Or if the page is t created.. I do this a lot and I’m sure bedtime else does too. I simply make a draft of the page I want to link to.. and then start on the link page after the first article is done. That can get you writing all day!! Which could be good or bad however you look at it.

    • Thanks for this great article.

    • The Best practice is to have 100 Links within the page as per MOZ Pages. https://arkit.co.in

  2. Gynalissie Tigere :

    great article! very informative. Content is really King. thanks Neil 🙂

  3. Great post as always Neil! You are right about bloggers not regularly cleaning up link profiles. I am guilty of that too 🙂 When we get slapped link cleanup becomes a HUGE burden.

    Thanks for reminding us to do it regularly. Can you suggest any tool we can use to audit our link profile regularly so to clean up regularly as well?

    • Jane, glad I could help. If you look in the article there should be some resources. I would suggest checking out all options to see what works best for you.

  4. Thanks for another great post. I think that it is also important to reach out to other bloggers in your field and spread your content. Real guest blogging is also a good strategy, as you’ve explained in the past!


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    When it comes about Domain Authority or Page Authority either, it’s crucial to gain high no. of authority backlinks which can swiftly improve the authority and Page Rank too. Apart from it, I’m really glad to read such detailed article. Thanks a lot Neil Patel, for this awesome contribution.

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  7. TheBlogIsMine :

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    • Once you get the process down you’ll see it’s easier.

    • The Magic Fox :

      TheBlogIsMine, you should create a content marketing plan or strategy, give yourself an overall topic (the reason you have a blog), and create a few sub-topics off that, then write about those. Once you start making the plan (putting it on paper), you would be surprised at the ideas it can generate.

  8. Michael Bely :

    Neil, thanks for the article about DA.

    I’ve seen a lot of times that DA is gained by comment spamming to high- DA/PA/PR pages.

    I don’t think it is a good practice to put backlinks on spammed pages, but as a matter of experiments/education it may go.

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  11. Great points Neil, but I just wanted to point out that “disavowing links” with Google doesn’t affect Domain Authority with Moz, because Moz doesn’t have access to the disavow file with Google. Still a good thing to do though… 🙂

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  15. I’ve tried to use some of these things as guidelines when creating content – 1k+ words, internal links, on-page seo, but didn’t think about looking in to my backlink profile to see if there are any problems there. Sharing and promotion are a couple big things I’m focused on right now.

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  17. Hi Neil,

    Great article on DA and monitoring the toxic links is kind of hard if a person is totally newbie. What do you think of Negative SEO roles in the Domain authority? Will that be impacted after a massive links from harmful sites.


  18. Thanks again for an informative article. You and Moz are the only blogs that I read religiously.

    I have a relatively new site (less than 6 months) for the HVAC industry. Although I don’t write every day, I have written 43 posts since January which works out to about 2 – 3 posts per week.

    It is interesting to compare Moz’s “Open Site Explorer” and ahrefs.com

    Moz gives my site a domain authority of 18, page authority of 30 and counts 86 links

    Ahrefs gives my site an url rank of 31, domain rank of 44, and counts 580 links.

    Why such a difference?

    Thanks Neil

    • They have different code set and their own rules on how they rank sites and links.

  19. Sophia Harris :

    Yes right, I agree with these all points. In traditional language people call “customer is king” and in online world, we call “content is king”.

    Therefore we can say “content is the greatest asset for any website”.

  20. Thanks Neil for a very informative article, as usual.

    Just a quick question, not very relevant thought. You indicated before you disavow the bad links, we should try to get these links pruned. Of course, if we can prune them, it is good. But is it necessary that one needs to do this exercise to convince Google that enough effort has been put to remove the bad links, like the way it is expected in case of manual action revoking?


  21. Neil Thanks for great information.Recently I got recovered from Google penalty.I admire your advice to regularly clean you bad neighborhood.My site has a PR-2 and DA-32 what would be the link velocity for my site to increase its Domain Authority.Please guide me!

    • It would, but you would have to keep up the link velocity to keep growing your DA at a fast pace.

  22. Why is Moz considered such a great resource when it’s often inaccurate? I have normal do follow links from some top news websites that have cited to my blog for authority on their own for certain posts (no funny SEO stuff). But annoyingly, MOZ opensite explorer never shows these links! Instead it shows every random blog I’ve commented on and calculated my “authority” based on this. My google webmaster tools shows me the links are there, but opensite is clearly not crawling everything, so really, what value is it?

    • I agree completely. I’ve seen so many super spammy sites have great domain authority in Moz that don’t rank at all. As far as I’m concerned Moz has a horrible % of links crawled on the internet and there metrics are WHACK. I’m gonna stick with ahrefs and Page Rank (I know… I know)…

    • Also check out Ahrefs, as their link index seems to be much larger and more relevant.

  23. Hi Neil,
    is it possible that this tactic “removing toxic backlinks” is one reason why my backlink was removed from my guest article on a PR4 website?

  24. Prakash Yuvaraj :

    Thanks again for the informative article.Quicksprout is the only blog that i follow regularly

  25. High quality links is the keypoint. All other things can help, but links are the basis for improving DA and PA.

    Good article!

  26. Great post, I’ve been using Domain Authority as one of the main metrics to track progress of my blog. What’s the best way for bloggers to promote their content?

  27. I would like to know hbow much of internal linking (is there a percent) is good?

  28. Really???
    DA/PA results are metrics / theories of MOZ and are not referenced by Google search results. I believe Google do not give a dime about DA , Google have Alexa / PR to make things work .

    • Even though Google doesn’t reference it, typically sites with higher Domain Authority rank better than sites with lower authority.

    • I also still don’t believe about that theory. Lot’s of article from blogger or seo master I’ve read but still asking myself “is it true?”. I think so many theory about google algorithm that ‘maybe’ just a myth

  29. Mohammed Saimon :

    Just read your full article and found it very informative and interesting. BTW could you please tell me what is good link profile?
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  32. Monica Ruby :

    This is by far one of the best posts I’ve seen here. Good job.

  33. Really.. Super Informative Article :D.. Content Marketing is superb method to increase the domain authority ..

  34. same with me here, I bought aged domain 2 months ago and I just found out that in the past it was a pirate software and porn video website ..

    • It’s pretty common that aged domains with good surface metrics will have been used for shady activities at some point. Probably best to see what kind of anchor links have been used for those sites.

      I went through a phase of hunting down domains that had expired but still had a lot of valuable links pointing at them. I stumbled across a high DA/PA page that was linking to a bunch of expired domains.

      Good article as usual Neil. Pro-active link cleaning is certainly one I’m guilty of not doing enough of.

  35. Akshay Hallur :

    Neil, great post. I always like your simplicity and clearness in your posts.
    By the way I was using WordPress Insights for internal link building but in my blog now it’s not working is there any similar plug-in as that of WordPress insights?

    Coming to the topic, I think domain age is the greatest factor of all in getting high domain authority, as like that of Google Page Rank.

    AKshay Hallur.

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    I understand that everyone is talking about something but not giving away the big piece.

    Still I think that your blog is way better than the rest. You share more stuff then the rest of Online marketing websites.

    Thanks for that Neil

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    Now just read your full article and found it very interesting.i have many doubts but now its done after reading this post.
    thanks again this post.. but can u tell me how much %age of Internal linking we can use in 600 words post. ?

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    Great stuff as usual. The challenge though, really- is to come up with linkable content that gets a lot of love and a lot of back links. Also, this only works on blogs and not on every website- for example, e commerce websites or sales pages. You just can’t build DA and SEO and get a lot of love this way.

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    2. I normally write articles that are 1000+ words and limit linking to my site posts (interlinking) 3-5 per post. I do it to have 2 benefits: One , of course, is interlinking and, second, to have great user experience. You have any suggestions for me?

    3. How can you write such a great and useful content every time? Are there any checklists to write great content like yours?How to find topics which will wow my readers?

    Thank you so much.


    • 1. I do market research through surveying as that always provides good insights on what people want.

      2. Don’t limit linking. Do whatever feels right.

      3. I’ve been blogging for almost 10 years. 😉

  47. Hi Neil,

    Great article. You mention regularly remove toxic backlinks, how often do you recommend doing this?


  48. Great article Neil. On the topic of domain age. Are there any simple things that a webmaster can do to “age faster”? I’ve read that securing longer leases and might help. I’m wondering if there is anything else worth taking a look at. Or is it a case of simple being patient and “Waiting until you grow up” before you can play with the big (old) boys?

  49. Neil, love your site and content, but I have to disprove this article somewhat. I actually wrote an article about how easy I was to fake my DA and why I don’t really trust it that much anymore to determine the quality of a site.

    You can read the full article here: http://timhickman.com/why-i-dont-trust-da-pa-and-why-you-shouldnt-either

    Basically I got a domain, and “churn and burned” spammed it for 2-3 months. The result? 58 DA and 64 PA. That’s not bad for a complete garbage site, that I could turn around and sell (but won’t, it was a case study).

    I’d like to hear your thoughts!

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    Looking forward for your next post.

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    Thanks for great article bdw.

    • Google has their own algorithm and it doesn’t look at DA. But in general sites that rank higher tend to have a good DA Score.

  58. Anchit Shethia :

    How does internal link help in increasing DA Neil?

    • You are spreading the juice throughout your whole site. That helps your whole domain incase people just link to your homepage or internal pages.

  59. Siraj Wahid :

    Hey Neil,

    I have been working in the blogging and marketing field since 3 years, when i started blogging people were dependent on Pagerank but now as the pagerank isn’t updating any further with that enthusiasm it used to get updated people have started checking Domain Authority of blogs before getting involved in any deals with the blogs.

    As far as my blogging journey is concerned getting good pagerank is far more easy than getting a good domain authority as domain authority depends on a lot of factors.

    Thanks for the write-up, actually thanks for writing the 4th heading because i didn’t know that removing toxic backlinks is important

    -Siraj Wahid

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    I have a question if you may answer.

    If a website has very low DA (for example 10) and links to, let’s say, Quicksprout, but it is a legitimate site, just starting out, would you disavow this link, ask them to nofollow it or ask them to remove it altogether?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Btw the tips are written here are pretty clear and helpfull.

    Arun Mohaptra

    • Arun, glad I could help. Thanks for reading. Looking forward to hearing more from you 🙂

  63. Interesting points as always. The key to it all is time – you have to wait and see your efforts develop over six months, then a year. I think some people expect instantaneous results, and it’s counterproductive.

    I stopped doing “toxic” backlinks a while ago, and am considering taken up nofollow ones now. I think the content I put out stands a good chance on Google+ and StumbleUpon, as opposed to a keyword heavy Google placing.

    • Alex, glad you liked it. Thanks for reading. Looking forward to hearing much much more from you. Always a pleasure 🙂

  64. Hi Neil, great article as usual!

    I am trying to follow your advice but I’m hinestly a bit discouraged here. It’s clear i’m doing something wrong when it comes to link building on my website. Unfortunately I don’t know what exactly.

    My website is almost 2 year old, truth is, I didn’t post regularly every month, but when I do it (especially lately) the quality is pretty good. Long articles, good social shares, good SERP (after the Panda 4.0 even better actually).

    My dilemma is my DA and PR. No matter what I do, no matter that sites like TripAdvisor and Cosmopolitan linked back to my website (with do follow backlinks), no matter if other important websites in my niche gave me backlinks too. My DA is stuck at 28 for months.

    There was a point where it was 32 then instead of going up, it started to go down. I’m not practical on SEO but I try to putinternal links on my articles, create good quality content, H1, H2 titles, alt tags on images etc. and it is working for SERP big time.

    But the backlink dilemma still remains. What can I do? It is really important for me to get a higher DA and PR as my blog is my main source of income and I can forget about advertisers contacting me with such low numbers.

    I see doamins younger than mine, raising quickly their DA, and i’m here stuck and frustrated at 28. Don’t know what to do anymore.

    Thanks for your reply!

    • Clelia, keep at it. I am sure with patience and your continued hard work you will get there. Do you have any specific questions I can help you with?

      • Thanks Neil…I’m trying to be patient but I’m getting discouraged.
        Do you know a good app where I can see who’s linking to my website? I tried and the ones for free are not very good, and if I have to pay I want to make sure I’m spending my money on the right tool…

        Thanks again for your invaluable help!

      • Hey Neil, just a quick (positive) update.
        Finally Im starting to see some results. My DA has improved from 28 to 31. It’s a start! I hope it continues growing.
        You were obviously right…patience and hard work are the key! I also managed to almost double my traffic(and income) in a month. Good achievement indeed.
        Thanks for your great articles!

  65. We’re working on external and internal links for all of our sites. It’s not a quick process but absolutely worthwhile.

  66. Hi Neil

    Thanks for this wonderful post. One of my friend Derek is following your tips . These are really helpful. Waiting for more tips.

  67. Prateek Bansal :

    is there any other way to check the high Pr pages of a website. We can use them to get High Quality Backlinks for a Website which will help in increasing the DA of the website.

    • Prateek, you should focus more on content. Those other metrics are just fluff.

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    – So the onsite content is equally important as the one you distribute.


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    Cheers for the helpful tips

  81. Thanks Neel.

    This is great piece of content and always good to refresh basic things time to time.


  82. What if we get backlinks from authority websites? Start interaction on social media sites and write quality content for the visitors, and share our website posts on social media sites and on social bookmarking sites?

    Does this also increase the DA?

    We have recently did some internal linking and the website started getting some decent rank and also the blog comments are also increased as well as the website ranking in the SEs.

    • Matt,
      The short answer to this is yes. If you are doing all the right things you’ll see that all key performance indicators will improve.

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    • I agree with you, the biggest problem, sometime we cannot consistent to do that. And it will be a big challenge for every one.

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  88. Hi neil,.. is it okay if I make more than 3 internal linking on my article? Coz usually I’m only make a post that contains 3 links max.

  89. Could a changeover from an HTTP to an HTTPS website have effect on Domain Authority? The domain is still the same, but the URL indexed in Google is now different and the links pointing to the website are now also different.

    Any thoughts on the effects of HTTPS and websites?

    • EyeconMedia SEO :

      I am interested in the same question: does HTTPS have an effect on a domain’s Domain Authority? I have not yet found the answer. If anybody here does know, I’d appreciate it if you post the answer.

      • Bryn van Nuissenburg :

        Hi Eyeconmedia, from what I’ve seen and heard, it won’t have a sizable impact on your DA / rankings.

    • Alice Davies :

      Moz have informed me that they cannot measure domain authority on HTTPS sites… So I am stuck for many of my clients now!

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    Since Google almost stopped updating the Page Rank,DA became the major factor to measure any site and their quality.Thanks for the tips,will try my best to follow them to increase my blog DA.


  93. Nick Bentley | Bentley Capital :

    100% true. Over time with content marketing we’ve gone from fresh startup site to over 5000 queries on google webmasters within one year.

    Using sem rush to see what you competition ranks for and wordtracker are good tools as well.

  94. Surya Narayana :

    I see many bloggers running mad for backlinks without knowing they are good or bad . Neil nailed the difference.

  95. Mind blowing article-as always-by Mr Patel. My site currently have DA 27 and wanted to improve that. Because if two sites that have everything same BUT DA, then the site with high DA will be much above the other in SERP’s. This may be the first motive but there are lots of great incentives of having higher DA sites 🙂

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    Great lecture, like we are already used to 🙂

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  102. Great article on DA Neil, I’m doing a few of these steps now but going to incorporate all 5 as I move forward. Cheers!

  103. The most difficult point is number 5 “being pacient” is not my natural way of being me

    I would like to take a short cut. Is there one?

  104. Sorry I mean “Patient”

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  107. This is great article. I agree with you that, the patience is the key. You can’t win SEO overnight. However, how long would it take to see some improvement in DA? is there any approximate timeline? I have domain called www.rangoutlet.com. It is showing 1 month old using domain age tool mentioned in the article. Please let me know.

    Thanks for sharing great post, Neil!!!
    Hemant Khatri.

  108. That might hit the spot! i guess..
    Very informative. Thanx 🙂

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    I agree with publishing rich content, it makes more sense, because the site will be focusing on what people like and it’s people who refer to our content.


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    Totally agree with the key rule of content marketing. As it started paying me off and one has to focus on content marketing first if he/she has to improve domain authority.

  121. Azhar Hamrat :

    Can you give me top solution to boost domain authority for new site ? Perhaps on practical ways.

    • Neil Patel :

      Azhar, you should focus more on context and on providing value and the rest will follow.

  122. Google has some limits to disavowing links, so how much is too much? And if you have a lot of links from lower DA websites, should all be removed, or is this going to hurt the overall DA for your website ?
    I mean, only having higher DA links sounds good in theory, but does the amount of links count, even of they are of a lower DA than yours ?

    • Zaone, you should do everything in moderation — to avoid red flags. I would inspect the links before doing a full overhaul. Let me know if you have any other questions.

      • Well, for example, I’ve found a scaper which I’ve disavoed, I’m guessing this won’t hurt my DA, as I have already reported it to Google for scraping my content.
        What i’d like to know is this : I have a lot of backlinks from websites that have a lower DA than mine(I have 38 atm), mainly under 30 and go all the way down to 15.
        Would my authority and link profile rise by asking people to remove those links, and keep only ones from higher, than mine, DA websites ?
        Thank you!

  123. Thanks Neil. I have followed Domain Authority stacking for quite sometime now and time and time again it proves that perceived authority by just aggregating links no longer works. Content is king and content marketing is the emperor. Its high time we concentrate on what the user needs rather than what search engines need. Search engines eventually will catch up and sites that put content at the heart of its users will triumph.

    • Lisa, great points. Content is always going to allow you to achieve results that other types of growth typically cannot.

  124. Andrew Bassett :

    This is a fantastic article an well it really proves a point that SEO isn’t overly complex, it’s rather simple providing you don’t try an exploit it by trying to deceive google or bing bots.

    • Andrew, glad you found it helpful. Please let me know if you need help with anything else.

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    Thanks Neil. I have followed Domain Authority stacking for quite sometime now and time and time again it proves that perceived authority by just aggregating links no longer works. Content is king and content marketing is the emperor. Its high time we concentrate on what the user needs rather than what search engines need. Search engines eventually will catch up and sites that put content at the heart of its users will triumph.

    • Eilene, I like how you laid it all out. Thanks for sharing — Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

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    seo + high quality backlinks will sure get an high rank and increase domain authority
    thanks for sharing this valuable content

    • Akshay, glad I could help. Please let me know if you need help with anything else.

  131. Kevin Heimlich :

    Thanks for the post, Neil. I have a question though. How important is the page authority of a webpage? Is it alright to have a high domain authority but low page authority? Thanks!

    • Kevin, the metrics you outlined don’t have as much weight as they once did. I’d focus on context and content.

  132. Hey,Neil great article i have a question what does google considers while ranking a niche website ?

    > i have a domain of PR-1,With PA 37 and DA 24 of Finance Niche

    > I Have EMD Domain of PR-0 PA – 6 DA – 1

    Which domain would rank faster ?

    • Shafiuddin, it’s more nuanced than that — look at the quality and context as well.

  133. akhil-medical :

    My website DA is 43, is it fine?

  134. Manpreet Kaur :

    Hey Neil,
    Thanks for sharing the points to improve the domain authority.
    Domain authority is important than never before. Brands, when looking for collaborations with bloggers, consider it a very important factor. The higher the authority of your domain, the more collaboration opportunities you get and more money you can make through your blog.
    This makes it extremely important to focus on domain authority. In fact, I think bloggers must first focus on having a good DA and then on traffic. Of course, if you work on one thing and put great efforts on it, the other things gets done automatically. For example, as a part of your efforts to improve domain authority, one would write quality content that would get linked to and this would cause what? “An increase in traffic”
    Nowadays, bloggers do work a lot but their efforts are segregated. They’re focusing on a number of things at one particular time which is a recipe for failure.
    They should focus on one thing and domain authority should be the first few things one must work on and I am sure your article would help a lot. 🙂

    • Manpreet, great points. While DA is important it’s also important to focus on your content within the context of your niche.

  135. I am following above Ideas to improve my Domain authority. Lets See Whats happen next. Its will also help to improve page authority ?

  136. I recently launched a new Indian based jobs and education site. I published many unique articles and build lots of backlinks. But the Domain authority is very low. How to increase?

    My site – http://www.admitcardnet.in

    • Victor — focus less on metrics like DA and more on providing quality content.

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    i read this article, Thanks for this post it is very useful to us, my website DA is 17. is their have any new ideas cloud you please update.

  138. Actually i had started blogging 4 months ago only and most SEO terms i know but only 1 week ago i knew about DA when i used MOZ open site explorer tool. Till now i don’t know the importance of DA in SEO but this article is quite helpful for me, so thanks Neil

    • Jay, glad you found it helpful. I look forward to hearing much more from you.

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    Seriously need your views on this!

    • Aditya, I remove dates sometimes and keep them other times. It’s all about what niche you are in. Test to see what works best.

  143. Great article. Just to add one technique that I used and which really worked for me is that whenever you upload a video to your YouTube channel or a Presentation to your SlideShare account, make sure to add relevant description with an appropriate link to one of your pages. This will generate social signals and traffic.

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    So glad to see your post on increase website domain authority. That’s an awesome secret tips to increase domain authority. Specially i would like to give thanks for the tips of internal linking which help to increase DA.

    Thank you for your valuable post. It will help me to increase DA.

    Kind Regards
    Yasin Rishad

    • Yasin, glad you found it helpful. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  145. Neil, as usual you have yet produced another meaty content. Thanks bro.

    I particularly liked the tip on “creating strong internal linking”; You know this can easily become a pain, having to interlink your site every time you wrote an article; it was really giving me concern on my blog but luckily I found a tool that helps automatically do my internal linking in a silo wise structure. Here’s the link, if you want to check it out http://goo.gl/ylaHth

    I also wrote a related post on my blog which I titled “How to get domain authority backlinks for free”; I believe it compliments this particular post and thought to share with the community; here’s the link http://danewah.com/how-to-get-domain-authority-backlinks-for-free/

  146. Internal links are problematic in that any change to a website throws all these links into disarray…, well, not any change, but some changes…

    For example, I use several platforms, on several servers, whose software is not static…

    When wordpress has updates or the plug ins get dropped… internal linking is one more area that creates a huge web of redos…

    It’s not enough just to build a great web site… and follow the latest rules.. the rules keep changing.. makes it hard for small local business to be found.

  147. Sachin G Kulkarni :

    Thanks for sharing the points to improve the domain authority.In fact I am a regular visitor of your blog. You really write a good tutorials.Thanks for taking time to share the knowledge.

    By the by, Do sites with .info rank will than .com ? My last website was in .info and it really ranked will with no efforts. However, with my new site being in .com it’s not.

    I am Freelance web developer and consultant from India. My website is http://sachingkulkarni.com/. Do you have any friendly advises for me ?

    Sachin G Kulkarni
    Freelance web developer and consultant

    • Sachin, I think at the end of the day what matters most is if you are providing valuable content and information to your readers — everything else is just secondary to that aim.

  148. Sojib Rahman :

    Thanks Neil for this kind of post.. It’s same as PageRank.. That’s true that authority backlinks are really important to increase PA/DA. For finding authority backilnks I used http://linksearching.com tools every time. 🙂

  149. Phillip Yiga :

    I have implemented Internal linking in all my posts and now I see some good results. My target is quite big but I will keep on doing the right thing. I like the fact that you put effort on great content. At the end of the day we’re writing for people not machines.

    • Phillip, sounds like you are on the right track — you have to definitely personalize the experience to get the best results.

    • Phillip, we are writing for humans, that’s right, but google is a machine 🙂
      I mean, is STILL a machine. Stuffs that Matt sold us these years that content is the king and buying links is nocive is just bla bla bla.

      Content is the king but the army of that king are the links no mater what.
      I see every day crap sites with good links ranking better than good content sites with less links. That’s the reality 🙂

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    And yes, Domain age factor is a factor one should not ignore. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful article.

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    Hello Neil,

    great article Indeed. All above mentioned tips are really awesome. And the Step 3: ‘Develop strong internal linking’ is the only way known by bloggers so is me. Rest, of the points are very new to me and very useful as well.

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  156. I am almost a below average SEO person. But I wonder why my blog DA is 97. I haven’t tried any of the tips mentioned here. What does that mean? Indirectly I want to know what my strength is and how I can utilize it better.

    Thanks Neil. Your tips were great though!

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    Great explanation!! I started blogging from last few months and i would like to know 2 things from you.

    1) Earlier my DA is 18 before 2 or 3 months but right now it is 13. What to do to maintain DA?
    2) Why PA is high then my DA?

    Please help me with above questions


    • Anant, can you provide some more details…

      • Hi Neil,

        I would like to know that why DA is frequently change?. What i have to do to maintain my DA? And Regarding PA. currently my blog PA is 24 and DA is 13. Why PA is more then DA? Do you know matrix behind it?

        Thanks for your quick response

        • Anant, have you run any tests to see why this may be happening? Have you run a backlink profile?

          • Anant Patel :

            Hello Neil,

            Yes i have generate backlink from 40 around unique domain and some backlinks are coming from another website such as a who.is, alexa and fews others.

            One more thing i would like to ask is I need to generate backlink for each of my post to get rank that post on 1st page

            Thanks for your help

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    Hi Neal. I didn’t really know what DA was, so I did a Google Search for it and this article came up in the #1 position. I’m glad I read it because it’s very comprehensive and answered most of my questions, while linking to additional resources that are sure to fill in the gaps. Thank you for such an excellent resource. I’ll be adding your blog to my reading list.

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  164. Hey Neil! Thanks for the DA refresher. Regarding regularly removing toxic backlinks – Do you think Google frowns on sites that remove links, but keeps the article live?

    Thanks again! 🙂

  165. Great advice but content marketing for a niche website is a tough thing.

  166. One thing that I am still trying to figure out is even if I was able to get to your level off crating content what can I do with it? How can I get other authoritative website to link back to my content. I am new to this and this is boggling my mind.

  167. Hai Sir,
    I am a newbie in this blogging world. I want to know whether social significance have any connection with Domain Authority. I mean the Google plus count, facebook like count etc? Didn’t seen any mentioning about that in this page..

    • Jinson, social significance can definitely help you out in the grand scheme of traffic generation. How it connects with DA is still a little murky.

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  172. Hello Neil, I had read this article a few months ago but i wanted to comment only after applying this step. Now I wish to share my report with you that after applying all the steps I am finally able to increase my domain authority.

    Thanks Dude


  173. Hey Neil, Really Nice Article, just wanna ask you one thing that if I have domain with 3 years of age and which is not currently active then does it impacts my domain authority? and if yes, how to get it back?

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    I don’t know anything about PA and DA, but I have tried to learn based on checking ranking my website. I found that my website’s score is only 1/100 for DA and 1/100 for PA. So I am curious about DA and PA. I just read 2-3 articles about DA and PA. I am looking to increase a score for my website as other people, but I don’t know what to do for that problem.

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  178. Though I heard a lot about DA, but I never give much attention to DA. It seems that it’s the time to take DA seriously as Google Pagerank is dead. I think higher DA might help us to get direct advertising and sponsored posts as webmasters are considering DA as the best way to measure a popularity of a blog.
    I am going to work on above tips to get higher DA. I really like the first one – extending the expiry of domain name. It does make sense.

  179. My Question is about thin content site. if we get rid of thin content then could we set up another domain and get change of address option from webmaster ? as I learned that if the site come back from thin content its still in the dark ages of seo !

  180. Valuable article for developing domain authority, thanks for sharing

  181. Sean Alden Fitzgerald :

    Neil: Thank you so much for this article. Honestly, it was of genuine, practical help to me!

    Sean Alden Fitzgerald
    Colorado Springs, CO

  182. Hello Neil,
    I’ve got a question about interlinks. Could you please help me?

    I’m administrating big website which has business catalogue. There are several different categories in this catalogue and some of them are related (let’s say categories A and B are related). So when you open category A, there is a link on the bottom of the page to category B.
    But sometimes it happens, that category B is empty – there is no business adverts in there, so this category becomes hidden in the catalogue, but when you open category A there is still a link to category B (when you follow that link, you see just an empty category – there is a photo, a description of category, but no adverts).
    I think it’s not very good for visitors to follow the link and just find out there are no adverts in there. On the other hand, our IT specialist says it’s not good for Google rankings to remove such interlinks, then put them back (when there are ads in category B), then remove them again, etc.

    Could you please give me your professional advice, what should we do – should we leave interlinks to empty categories, or should we remove them, when relates category becomes empty, and put them back after some new ads appear in that category so it’s not empty anymore?

    Thank you very much!

  183. Alexandre Souza :

    Hello Neil, I am doing a good job into my site using SEO best practices and I have being improved the page authority of it, but I am not having the same success with the domain authority. Today, when I discovered your site I spent many hours reading your articles, I think it will make the difference for me, it is very very very useful, especially the article about the importance of internal linking.
    Thank you very much!

    • Alexandre, glad I could provide help. Let me know if you have any questions.

    • Alexandre … Esse site é a chave para você melhorar bastante o seu marketing de conteúdo. Leia todos os posts se possível. Coloque seu email para receber os posts do Neil.

      Alexandre … This website is the key to you improve your Content Marketing. Read every post you can.. Subscribe to receive Neil’s posts every week…

  184. Learning SEO for my blog as a freelance graphic designer has been a huge learning curve, but your solid content and clear advise has made it a little easier. I appreciate the help! 🙂

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    Awesome post, thanks for posting!!

  186. Hello Neil..its good to stay in touch up with your Knowledge and Gains a Lot from It. I just want to know that in case my website is new and after creating all of the meta’s what shoul i go for First is it Directory submission or What ?? Plss suggest . Thanks

  187. Hi neil,

    Thanks for sharing this article on seo which is really helpful to get domain authority. May i know what is your point for e-commerce websites. there content is common for major of products. it’s been tough to focus on content.

  188. There is no doubt it’s one year old but still very informative article. Today, SEO is totally changed as it was 3 years ago, totally based on back links. Now content is more dominant on back links. Thanks for sharing such nice article Neil.

  189. Thanks neil for the sharing. Indeed pagerank is no longer important in seo. Domain authority is what we are striving for.

  190. Vishwajeet Kumar :

    Hi, Neil Thanks for this great insight about the domain authority and it is very helpful to me to increase my blog domain authority. I am start working on your tips and its working for me. Thanks for this great help.

  191. Nice guide, Neil. My website is related new (less than 6 months old), and doesn’t have too many backlinks. It has a DA=14.34, and PA=19.28. How bad is that?
    I’m thinking to actively do some SEO

  192. Hello
    i have made some links by my mistake i was new at seo and made backlinks like here in comment (some of them are dofollow some of them not as you know) and it gave me Bunch of nofollow bad links i cant delete my comment because like here as i said there is no registration needed to post it i have 3.6k BL and this 1 comment gave me more than 350 and is still rising. what can i do abou it?

  193. Awesome post, long time that i don’t do seo. Years ago only PR and backlinks matters, now i see that DA and PA can give some boost. just wanted to ask 2 things.

    i seen high DA domains and ways to get backlinks like discuss.apple.com profiles, apache.org forums, and stuff like that. do you have any list of where we can sign up for get some DA. since there isnt in moz any option for search domains by rank. already tried to build a private blog network in the fair way but all expired domains with quality are in auctions for 50+ bucks each. i want to start the cheap and safe way.

    also, do you think that nofollow links still pass some authority?

    keept the good work dude.

    • Eduardo, thanks for sharing.

      As for nofollow links they still provide value as they are visible and people will click on them.

  194. Hey,

    I am confuse. Anyone can tell me what is benefits of DA & PA in search engine visibility….!! If it has any role, than what is difference between regular SEO tools and MOZ tool.

  195. Thanks for the amazing post. You have almost completed everything regarding Domain Authority in a single post… Its not an easy task. Good job!

  196. Hi Neil. As an expert in this could you please tell me is it a hard work having DA of 60? Right now I got 38 but its DR is that the same as DA? Thanks.

    • Saitove, I would worry less about those metrics and more about creating great content.

      • thanks for the answer! The problem is that in my niche there is a lot of competitors and sharing info for things like logo design will be hard to reach to the audience since this is a new service for me (I don’t like facebook and here people don’t use twitter – Bulgaria). What you think if I write 10 to 20 quallity posts about logo design and brand building and link them to the main page will this make any kind of good to me even without many sharings 🙂

  197. Sir, which link building technique you will recommend to increase domain authority plus page authority
    Please must reply.

  198. Thank you for sharing your insights on this topic. It’s really helpful for newbies like me. I have been struggling for quite some time now to increase the domain authority and page rank. I’ll definitely follow the steps especially the internal linking part. Thanks a lot again

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    Steps you provided worked very well.. Thanks for this valuable data

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  204. Thanks for gave a good blog post regarding Domain Authority (DA). Previously I didn’t understand to get high DA. Whenever content marketing is the best factor to improve most kind of SEO’s

    • Mohamed, glad you found the post helpful. DA is one of the indicators of great content being produced contextually.

  205. Thank you for valuable post sharing ….. this post help me get more traffic on my site

  206. I really liked this post. I have just made a website and I am trying to increase the authority of the site. Thanks Neil. You do inspire me a lot.

    • Saurabh, thanks and glad to help. If you need help with anything specific please let me know.

  207. Thanks Neil! This post help me to do right tactic for improve DA.

  208. Neil, this was a great piece. It’s probably the most vital question in search today.

    But it sounds like you’re saying that a pre-requisite for domain authority is to have lots of content. And while I’m sure that works, let’s say you don’t have lots of content.

    Let’s say for example you’ve got an awesome online tool of some kind. Maybe you’ve got a web page that models complex molecules in 3D. Or maybe you’ve got a web page that let’s you combine colors and it suggests color palettes. Or you’ve got a page that renders astrological birth-charts …Or what have you. How do domains with a small handful of linkable pages establish domain authority?

    It seems like such sites would also suffer from the requirement to have a large amount of text on each page. And needless to say, internal linking would be anemic.

    Must all sites become blogs?

    • Even if you don’t have a lot of pages, you can generate tons of links to your main page… just look at Dropbox.

      In addition to that user experience is a huge metric. If you can make sure your bounce rate is low and your click through rate from the serps are high, it should help with domain authority.

      • Neil, when I see my bounce rate, it has jumped significantly since I have been rebuilding the motor/site the past month. With me clicking back and forth to real page looking, does this count to bounce rate?

  209. Thanks Neil. I got the answer What I want? Can you clear one more thing that can I have to get the link from same niche site or any site is ok.

  210. Devidasan S D :

    Hello Neil,

    One of my blogs got more than 800 spammy backlinks. It got a penalty hit from Google and my ranking dropped significantly (80-120 daily visits to 4- 20 daily visits). Ultimately I had to change my domain name and start it again.

    But I still wonder, how I got that many spammy links 🙁 I didn’t build them then who did :/

  211. Thanks Neil This post help me take right step to improve website page DA

    • Robert, glad to help. Let me know if you need help with anything else at all. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  212. You mention toxic link building however I cant seem to identify toxic links.

    Should I get rid of links having a higher spam score on Open Site Explorer or links that dont have DA/PA from the very outset?

    I once disavowed a link with higher DA and Spamscore and I lost ranking by 20% which was a major hit. Could you help me out here?

    • Look for spammy links manually. Look at the links, if they look really bad, irrelevant and not natural… then usually they aren’t great links. Those are the ones I would disavow.

      If there are just a few don’t worry about it, you don’t need to do anything. You only need to worry when their is quantity.

  213. Great writeup again Neil, just wondering does Google consider the Domain Authority or do they still have their private PageRank formula. Is it just a ranking number used by Moz.

  214. Fantastic article, I have my own blog and my domain authority is 8 at the moment I will use your advice and hope for the best.

    Kind Regards

    Gareth Mear

  215. Carlos Aguilar :

    Yes it’s Sunday night, yes I’m reading about domain authority, but heck, what else can I do.

    We recently change domain name for branding purpose, got a great 14 yr old premium domain name for our small firm, still we were checking ranks and still are no where near where we used to be SERP wise. Was looking into SEO factors and realized our domain auth used to be 40ish now, with the new domain, we are at 5 (low blow).

    Have been reading on how to gain ranks and until now I realized we might have BAD LINKS we need to get rid of on the new domain we acquired, in order to get our positions back.

    Thanks again for this simple but awesome suggestion (out with the bad, in with the good).

    • Carlos, I tend to get a lot of reading done on Sundays and the weekend too — it’s a great time to catch up on stuff.

      I think you are on the right track and the article will provide some pointers on how to get your position back. If you have any specific questions you need help with let me know.

  216. Thanks for the amazing tips. I have been looking all over the place for a good explanation. Thanks again. I will read other posts as well and see if I can find some more exciting information.

    • Manu, glad to help. If you need help with anything else please let me know. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

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  220. I have just stated blogging few months before, and didn’t knew the importance of DA. Thanks for the helpful article. 🙂 Keep it up.

  221. DA improves with age, is that true for PA as well? The older the post, higher the PA? Secondly, websites that have good DA, above 20, but PA is 1, should we write a guest post on those websites to gain a backlink? Thanking you in advance.
    P.S I love your posts!

    • You shouldn’t write guest posts purely for links or based on DA. You should write guest posts based on how popular the blog is from a traffic perspective. In addition to that the blogs need to be relevant.

      If you do this your sales/leads/subscribers will go up.

  222. Neil! Great post.

    But you know what – content marketing is great. But link-building has become a little difficult. With bloggers getting to know the intricacies of ranks and authorities, they have started tagging outgoing links as no-follow.

    • Dhakkanz, great point. That’s why it’s ever more imperative to focus on long tail keywords and unique content that is shared socially.

  223. thanx to all for ths informatin about steps

  224. Hey neil a real good one.I am like a toddler in this field & I took all the time to read most of the comments as well.Can some one please suggest me how to find local domain with high authority ? I mean I want to find Bangladeshi websites with High domain authority.After getting your suggestion I have a plan to find blog site,directorirs/yellow pages,newspapers from that list who allows visitors to take backlinks from.So that I can gain some good backlinks without contacting directly.We run a Online Store For IT Products & Gadgets in Dhaka,Bangladesh .Can you guys suggest some international blogs /sites which will help me to get some more relavent high quality backlinks? Please extend your co-operation and will also request some suggestion for Batch Domain Authority Checker, Domain Age Checkers,Full Backlink list generator type website.Please help!

    • Omer, I can’t help in that regard as I am not involved in your niche. I would suggest doing manual outreach and writing contextual content that provides value to your readers — that’s the surest way to getting relevant links. If you need any help with that let me know 🙂

  225. Marketing Sweet :

    Thank you Neil for taking the time to write this informative article. Cheers for sharing.

  226. Kalyan Anupindi :

    Hey Neil, Good To see the article which is well written and excellent internal linking. I love it. We see, majority of Micro, small & medium businesses across the globe still not using Blogging for their business. This is a major challenge for agencies like us to convenience the importance of Blogging. Writing content and stay updated is like a mammoth task for them. At time, we keep getting queries about language barrier as google Local is not ranking their content. Hope you understood my question well… Wondering if you can share few tips in your next article about the importance of Local Language to improve DA.

  227. Hey Neil, very valuable information. Thanks for sharing.

  228. What if anything do you think post length and comment sections might have to do with domain authority? I don’t write that often because something has to seriously fire me to negative or positive to do it, and then the post is usually very long. At first I was so bad at it I could barely stand to read through them myself to edit that 10th time, but now they are getting easier to read, but still very long.

    I also tread my comment sections pretty openly. If they are not spam or troll and the piece got read I just approve.

    What I seem to be finding is that allot of bloggers are going to very short pieces, eliminating comment sections altogether, going to Disqus, or so afraid the comment will negatively effect their ability to search engine rank, they barely approve any.

    And I am finding myself rather easily catching these people that have been around longer on DA, even though our back link and domain referrals seem relatively equal.

    And I am wondering if my post length, even though it is not nearly as often, and being more liberal about my comment section where it is somehow coming across as popularity is effecting that. Because a like button or even a follow is easy, but reading and commenting actually takes real time.

    • I think I answer your question and more with this blog post… https://www.quicksprout.com/2014/11/10/how-i-generated-25000-by-leaving-249-comments/



  229. I also tread my comment sections pretty openly. If they are not spam or troll and the piece got read I just approve.

  230. Hi Neil,

    I write to maintain at least 3 blogs/month and usually don’t interlink themselves with other blogs but after reading this article, I will definitely do that keeping in mind the DA of my website…

    Thanks a lot!!

  231. After such a long time i found some phenomenal Tips about DA, love to know more about DA & PA hope you will update asap.

  232. Thanks Neil, quick question: how much does DA contribute to website traffic?

  233. Great article my domain authority score on Moz has stayed the same for a few months now I’m starting to get concerned. Just curious will improving your domain authority also automatically improve your page authority as well or not necessarily? Any advice you could give there would be great thanks….

    • Jeff, I would focus less on those metrics and more on overall traffic and your conversion data — those are the best indicators of success.

  234. Neil thank you very much this is very useful. Great content and great links and DA will skyrocket 😀

  235. I do agree with that suggestion. You should limit links per post because it will pass link juice to other url. Always point to the site with high pr and domain authority.

  236. Thanks for the information, Neil. We’re currently taking this on board since launching our new domain name. Keep up the posts!

  237. Well i just take too much time to read your article about domain authority before that i don,t much focus on domain authority just thinking of back link either they are usefull for me or not but now i have came to know that better content links mean great domain authority.thanks

  238. Hi Neil sir,

    Firstly thanks for sharing such a useful information. It really works. Please tell me in DA, PA and PR what is the most important and why?

    • Anuj, they are all just metrics and indicators of success. I would focus most on DA though.

      • Hello Neil sir,

        Thanks for your reply, but if a website having DA is 50 and PA are 1 and they are providing no follow links than it should be beneficial for me that getting backlinks from that website.

  239. Jhanzaib Ali Ali :

    I like this http://www.apkmovies.com/

  240. Nitendra Shukla :


    I am trying hard to improve my PA and DA of my site. I will surely look forward to the guide that you have provided us in the form of post. I usually write good quality content but i lack in link building.



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  247. Hi Neil, thank tou for sharing. I relay don’t know DA before and how to build it, but thanks to you, i’ll learn to improve it on my blog.
    Nice info…

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    I want to know how frequent is the update of domain authority by Google? Is it happens once in a year?

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  252. When all is said and done, nothing beats great content. Great content must also be marketed.

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    Does increasing this increase rank ?

  255. Valentine Day 2016 :

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    Thank’s for share with us.

  256. Neal, Great article! there are some amazing tips that I am going to implement in our website.

  257. Improving Domain Authority is proving very difficult task for me, I was wondering how, Domain authority 40 can be achieved.

    But recently getting help from many experts, so now I am focusing on tips which can increase DA,

    Although, I have a question here, Will High DA means my ranking will be good? or it’s just a waste?


    • High DA will help your rankings improve. Try out different strategies in link building

  258. Hey Neil, it’s very great article, but I think the content is not king in some cases, the content is very necessary reason for SEO (because the natural links that a good content can bring them with) but if this good content doesn’t seen, do you think it can do sth special for SEO? No, absolutely not. Content and backlinks can be very powerful with each other; the backlinks help the content go upper in google results and a good content help itself to share in social networks or another website. They are both necessary I think.
    and Thank for your post 🙂

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  260. I ma reading your blog Quicksprout first time and i want to thank you for this main useful information.

    Thank you Neil Patel

  261. Hi,
    After doing some blog commenting, I used Open Site Explorer to check my backlinks. OSE labeled a lot of those blogs as spammy, even though they were perfectly legitimate, some were things like academic (not .edu, but .org) periodicals and stores. I did “disavow” to all those links. Now I’m wondering if I did the right thing. Would Google be better at recognizing a “spammy” blog than OSE? Or was the “spam” label because it was a comment rather than a link in an article on the blog?

    I have also noticed linked images (badge type of thing) being labeled as spam on OSE.

    Thanks for any insight and thanks so much for your blog.

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    nice article searching for domain authority.
    i have also posted an article like this, if you have time also check and comment to improve it more.
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  265. Thank you very much for this article. I applied your advice and after only three months, my new site www.entfire.com moved from DA of 1 to DA of 10. I hope another 3 months will be enough to hit the 20 mark. Thanks Neil

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    • That’s great Joy! Make sure you keep posting new blogs consistently and internal linking them to your old posts.

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    I have a question and I have researched about that a lot but still could not find the best solution.

    My website got so many spam links and I tried to block them by means of Google Analytic but it hardly worked. I would really appreciate if you can please provide me the solution about it that I can implement practically as theoretically I have read a lot and practically that did not work.

    Looking forward to hear from you.


    • You will need to use the disvow tool Jose


      • Jose Barreiro :

        Hi Neil,

        Thank you so much for the solution.

        I have another question too.

        My website also getting spam referral visits in Google Analytic.

        So how to block those website from coming to my website. I have tried creating filters in Google Analytic but still it is not working. Could you please tell me how I can block spam traffic in Analytic.

        • Moz wrote a good article on this last year https://moz.com/blog/how-to-stop-spam-bots-from-ruining-your-analytics-referral-data

  275. Dharmendra Kumhar :

    Great article! there are amazing tips. Thank you so much Neil.

  276. thanks for the idea. i will be thankful to you 🙂

  277. Thank’s a lot. I am going to improve DA of www.viralandroid.com

    • That’s great to hear. Let me know how things work out for you or if there’s something specific you need help with.

  278. Thanks Neil, very good article.
    I am sure it will help me improve my website ranking.

    • I think it definitely can. Let me know how things work out and if there’s anything else I could help you with

  279. Hi ! i Loved your blog and your saying in it. the most i appreciate is your domain age focus … as high the domain age will be the more domain authority stands for … great fact… so by finding old domains we can achieve high domain authority links…u rocks… keep going.. Thankyou ..TC

    • It’s a great strategy, especially when you can lock down a domain that has a lot of existing backliks

  280. Francis Van de Beuken :

    Great article, super helpful and still relevant in 2016. We regularly have to remove bad backlinks and look for opportunities to collect high domain authority backlinks.

  281. In regards to internal linking, what’s your thoughts on internal link positioning within a page area of a website? Is there more value as to where they are placed?

    For example I have a (potentially bad) habit of ensuring my key content is linked to somewhere that may be used in numerous places, such as a sidebar, but then that doesn’t place it within the body of the article.

    Especially with HTML5 would I be correct in saying Google would place more emphasis on links within the area as opposed to a menu for example?

    • Anywhere is fine. Google places more emphasis of in text links versus sidebar and footer, but the key is to just link where it makes sense and not worry about Google.

  282. Very useful article. Thanks for sharing.

    Is it going to harm if I have multiple links pointing to same url on a page?

    Also, I have several hyperlinks with text ‘View details’ on a page that point to different internal pages. Having relevant keywords in link text will help but not suitable for site design. Will it help if I have alt text for hyperlinks with ‘View details’ text in this case?

    Thank you.

    • It wont harm you unless they are spammy links. You’ll want to keep a diverse link portfolio and have links pointing to various pages of the site, depending on your strategy.

      View details is fine when your on the blog feed, but when you’re contextually linking from one article to another, I suggest using the appropriate keywords

  283. I just know some of those tips but to be consistent is very challenging 😀

    • It’s the name of the game Sadina! If you can break through the challenging times, you’ll reach a moment in your career where your crawling becomes walking, then running, and eventually, you’ll fly.

  284. The biggest problem for me is domain age. How much years is required to gain some good credentials?

    • Domains that are over a decade old with existing backlinks will be your best bet, but something like 5 years is not bad.

  285. i have Domain Authority score 9 is that good or not ?

  286. Neal sir, Great post I find some amazing tips that I am going to implement in my blog
    my blog


    it will improve DOMAIN AUTHORITY and PAGE AUTHORITY ?

  287. Awesome, Thank you for sharing this helpful stuff. Love to read it.

  288. Well, recently I started a Blog but as I am new, looking to improve my Domain Authority, so that I can get some advertisers attracted as I read it on articles online.

    But in last update got nothing, Where I am making mistake? and When is the Next Domain Authority Update?

  289. I have one query. When i checked some top blogs for backlinks statistics. I have found 1000+ backlinks on there website. So do we have to submit our blog on any directories apart from social website.

    Also some directories ask for money for website submission. So do we need to pay to get quality backlinks to increase our domain authority.

    Waiting for your reply sir.

    • Depending on what keywords you’re targeting, you are competing against established sites that have a ton of backlinks. Thats why I would suggest targeting long tail keywords. https://www.quicksprout.com/university/how-to-find-long-tail-keyword-ideas/

  290. Hey Neil, it’s really an awesome post about Domain Authority. All the important information are here.
    I need to know something. If I create pages on some social media sharing sites like reddit, linked in, vimeo etc. and put my sites Url on those pages, will those links help my site’s DA to increase?
    Or that particular method is listed as black hat?
    Thanks again for such informative post.

    • No it’s not black hat, but the profiles links won’t do much, if anything at all. Create really good content on your blog, share it on your social media channels and get links from other high quality sites.

  291. Hi Neil – this post is very helpful!! One question – I’m the author of a new site (about 4 months) and have written two guest posts so far. However, I don’t see any links from those sites to mine. Can you think of a good reason for this? It’s been 2 months since I wrote one and about 1 1/2 months since I wrote the other. Thanks!

    • You would need to speak with the person who owns those sites about that. Usually site owners let you put a link in your author bio.

  292. Hi neil, thanks for article.. But i have a question; is it posible to reach DA 50++ at domain age just 3 month only?

  293. Domain Authority is one of most famous metric tool for checking a rating and backlinks to your website and thanks a lot of sharing really helpful and trustful knowledge about DA. Dear can you please tell me that what the importance of update blog regularly, is that an essential part to improve DA scores

    • Having fresh content will improve you DA over time. The DA improve from consistency of quality links, social signals, and other factors. Posting consistently is also a way for your readers use to expecting content from you on a specific day.

  294. Awesome article about domain authority, in thank you so much. I was struggling to improve the domain authority of my blog. It gave very useful insights thanks a ton.

    • I’m glad I could help Prafull. If you have any questions, please be sure to ask!

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    First, your post on “Domain Authority” is great!
    Second, I am surprised that you write short posts too!! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.

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    I was unaware of the domain authority and how to increase it too. But after reading your article i came to know, what it is and it’s importance. I will try to follow the footprints in order to increase my domain authority. Few quality links are better that 100 of poor link, this is what i am going to follow.

    • It’s not something that will radically change over night, but rather something to focus on as a long term, day to day goal.

  297. I thank you, this article adding my insights about IM, and me as a newbie be helped,

    • I’m glad Dilan! If you have any questions or find yourself stuck, please don’t hesitate to ask.

  298. Hi Mr.Neil,
    I truly cherish this post, Domain Authority (DA) metric Information very useful to me.

    Currently my domain authority score 12.20 its a good score ?

  299. Percetakan MITRA CETAK :

    Does the age of a website underestimated by moz .. ? because when I made the previous web and PR is still popular , easy to get PR , but now to gain popularity website becomes a little bit difficult .. But your article makes me get out of bed …

    • It’s more challenging than it use to be. Glad I could inspire you to wake up 🙂

  300. Sahadath Hossain :

    Domain authority is really an important part of a website owner. `You must follow some tricks to improve your domain authority. This article must have impressive information which help me to improve my domain authority.,

    • If you’re serious about SEO, it’s important to know this and understand what actions you need to take.

  301. M. G. Rabbi :

    I have a question for you. Does the social site help to increase domain authority?

    • Yes, your social signals will contribute to your domains authority. There isn’t a direct measurement of this as it depends on a multitude of factors, but it is part of the equation.

  302. David Nashton :

    Great information about domain authority, thanks for sharing it with us. Today I have read that Google has decided to remove toolbar PageRank from its browser. Now it will play important roll to get better Google SERPs results and strong traffic.

    I have one confusion about directory links. Can you let me know that, website directory submissions still worth for getting high domain authority.

  303. Sanket Kalambe :

    The current DA for my website www.sukeindia.com is 14! I’m gonna follow the above steps to improve it.
    Thank you Neil!

  304. Cavakia Therlonge :

    Glad I read your post today because my DA was up 26 now at 16 with a TF of 10 and CT of 27 according to Moz and Majestic. The TF actually went up from zero to ten after performing some quality back-linking . Should I continue to do that or removal of bad links or both?

  305. Great article! very informative. Thanks Neil.

  306. Hello,

    I have been trying hard to increase domain authority of my blog, but even after working for few months, I haven’t seen any improvements.

    So, where I am going wrong? Does I need to create links in bulk to get high Domain Authority?

    If yes, then How many links to need to get?

    I am not sure what to do.

    looking for quick response.

    • Focus on creating high quality content and then promote that content around the web. You need to start getting the momentum going.

  307. Conclusion: Blackhat is Strictly prohibited for Gaining Good DA

  308. Thanks for the information Neil. I am excited to put these 5 steps to work to improve my DA for several of my existing sites. Following these steps I believe can gain some DA increase, which is greatly needed. I really appreciate all of the information you provide. You are definitely one of the best in the business!

  309. The TF actually went up from zero to ten after performing some quality back-linking.

  310. Hi

    I am reading a lot of posts regarding domain authority, because i want to improve my domain authority quickly in order to attract advertisers.

    Buy I am not finding ti easy as I am not able to know, why I am not improving.

    Anyways, I have one question, Whether the links from bookmarking sites help in improving domain authority or not?

    I have build many links from Bookmarking and Profile sites, whether it helps?

    • Links from bookmarking sites won’t make much of a difference.

      You need to create quality content and then links from other, similar sites to link to that content.

  311. Increasing domain authority is not easy at all , i believe it`s the most mysterious factor that Google created ever , domain age is the only factor i`m sure of other mentioned factors i believe they affect page authority more than domain authority

    • It’s not easy, but rather something you work on daily and incorporate as a dynamic into your own strategy.

  312. Thanks for this great post.

    Neil, can you please tell me more about Technical SEO.

    • yes, take a look at this https://www.quicksprout.com/2015/07/31/the-beginners-guide-to-technical-seo/

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    Don know if it right to ask this but, I just wanted to know how long it might take to increase DA say from DA10 to DA30+

    • It can take months to over a year, it depends. I wouldn’t spent much time worrying about though, it will happen naturally with quality content and links.

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    I have been trying to increase my website’s DA but it did not increase yet. Can you let us know how much time it will take to get good DA or how much time Moz take to update DA, PA.

    • It’s hard to say. It can takes months to years for that to happen. As long as you’re consistently posting quality content, you’ll see it naturally increase over time.

  319. eaadhar uidai :

    As Always Awesome Post Neil…Thanks For Sharing Informative, I focused to improve DA or PA of my website

    • Great! However put an emphasis on writing and promoting quality content and this will grow naturally and effortlessly.

  320. Thanks for the insights I will put these into practice but now my main focus will be on creating and promoting quality content.

    • Excellent! Keep me posted on how everything works out or if you have any questions I can help you with Dan.

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    I am becoming your great follower. I have started following you (blog) recently. Your tips are amazing and very helpful. Thanks for sharing…. 🙂


    • I’m so happy this was helpful for you Leo, let me know if you get stuck or have any questions.

  322. Well Is Very Nice to Highlight The Different Angle Like Domain Authority.I need to know That What Would Be the Domain Authority Of a Normal Site Which is Well ranked In google, As u mentiond The Strategy That good back links are the Bone of Domain authority. I have 20 domain authority and Have good back links but My Site have still less traffic and Not well ranked in google

  323. Thanks for great post Neil! I’m curious now -:)

    My question is about internal links. EpicBuzz is social entertainment site and well we are showing list of movies/games on index pages. Now there could be lot of movies on one page, then we’ve links for genres of each movie. Lets say there are 30 movies and each movie has three genres.

    That’s 90 links on page. Maybe more. Is that’s overkill ?

  324. Hello,

    Great Post Indeed!

    But recently I have heard that, the algorithm used by Moz to calculate Domain Authority is dying and giving many false results. Many bloggers are saying that, blogs Penalized by Google has High Domain Authority.

    So, My question is, Is it correct that, DA is dying? or it is just a to keep spammers away from Domain Authority?

    • It’s not a metric by Google so it isn’t 100% accurate, but it is better than nothing. I still use it.

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    Great Post and I read your blog regularly basis. Can You suggest me how to increase my website page authority? Many Thanks.

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  328. nice Article , can domain age matter in case of DA?

    • Yes, it’s one of the factors, assuming your domain is growing and aging well with some content

  329. Hello sir,
    I want to ask is there any free tool through which we can find which links are bad and their spam level???
    I have huge amount of backlinks like 10k for my site. i can’t check each like on moz separately.

  330. I got horrible DA dip 3 days back from 12 to 1. Why? I didn’t understand. However, the traffic is increasing as usual. Will it also go down.
    Please tell!

    • I’m not 100% sure Himanushu, what have you done differently recently? Do you monitor your backlinks? Has anything changed?

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    Getting back links is the most challenging thing though.

    • It is, but when you have great content that people genuinely enjoy, then it’ll become easier and easier.

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    My DA is currently on 39, hoping some of these tips will help me increase that in time.

    Thanks again

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    Thanks for writing such Ultimate Post about increasing Domain Authority. Your post is just Amazing! I will truly follow all the steps. Thanks for sharing such useful info. Looking forward for such lovely posts.

    • You’re welcome Mounish, glad this was helpful. If you have any further questions or need help, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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    Hey Neil,
    Thanks for sharing such an useful article about DA. From now I will focus more on building quality backlinks and disavow bad links. And I believe that interlinked content helps the users for migrations to the related contents. According to the Google panda algorithm change, Google is now focusing on the quality content results. Does it has decreased the value of backlinks?

    • No backlinks are still very important. Links come down to the number of links pointed to your site, the other authority of those sites, and the anchor text.

  338. Neil, i was looking to improve a clients Domain Rating (DR) as I noticed in Ahrefs a pattern that the higher the DR the better Alexa rating they have, can you explain difference between DR and DA, and if anyone was to follow steps you explained in article, would both DR an DA go up. thanks

    • They each have their own algorithm or way of calculating DR, DA or even Alexa rating. Look at each one independently…

  339. If i buy backlinks for my website using fiverr, will that work for long term. Also some website offers backlinks and they also comment on the blog which actually paid service. Will that work?

    Or we should not follow such techniques.

  340. Linda Schrier :


    I am Linda, I own number of websites and I have hired people for SEO of all those sites, but Lately I myself learning something about technical stuff, which can help me handle my site son my own and latest i learned about Domain Authority and I have been working on it in past few months.

    But despite having good internal Linking and god content, Most of my sites Domain Authority is around 15-20 which I think is not good, as I love to attract more advertisers and without having Good Domain Authority, it is tough to attract high paying advertisers.

    So, what basically, I want to ask here, is there any way to increase Domain Authority quickly, I mean in 2-3 Months?

    ~ Linda

    • Get links from other high authority sites and you’re sits authority will increase too. I’m not sure if it will happen “quickly”, but it also depends on what kind of links your getting and how many

  341. Neil,

    How much you think a new site should get links in number and how much in a month?

    A lot of links in small period of time might create any spam results?

    • If you are manually creating links, it could be 5-7 to start and grow from there, but if you’re content is really good, could be a lot more

  342. uthman saheed :

    Thanks for the post. My question is, can blog commenting on a blog with a different niche help in building quality links?

    If yes! What are the top popular sites someone can drop valuable comment to get links?

    • You want get SEO value, but you’re providing valuable comments, it can help you create additional steams of traffic.

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    Thanks for such an Awesome post.I started my blog with a subdomain.After 2 years,I changed my subdomain to a new domain but suddenly the traffic decreased and DA and PA value reset to 1.The old URL is successfully redirecting to the new domain URL.

    Can I recover my old Domain Authority value ?

    I will follow your post for increasing my DA quickly.


    • As long as it’s being properly redirected, the value should pass. How long has it been?

      • Jitendra Gochhayat :

        I am using weebly tool and I purchased a domain (suggested by Weebly) last month.
        If you enter my old subdomain on browser,it’s redirecting to newly purchased domain successfully.

        I submitted a sitemap to webmasters with new domain.The problem is,the stats of my site went to 2 years back.It’s strange 🙂

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    How do I check whether the writers I hire are providing me quality content ?

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    • It’s definitely not “easy” like many people make it out to be. But the payoffs can be great overtime with persistence

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    • When you produce quality content, it makes the other jobs you need to perform much easier

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  351. What exactly does the Senuke TNG programme do? I am thinking of buying it but not really sure what it does? Does it actually build the links for me and will i see a difference in my ranking?
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    I was really worried and confused as to WTH is SEO and how do I make my site work. Well , I’ll follow these tips like bible and hope to see a better report on my site. Thanks! Neil 🙂

    • Awesome! Great to hear it Jitendra

      If you get stuck or have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask

  357. Nice Info for SEO Beginers. I’ll follow these tips like bible and hope to see a better report on my site. Thanks! Neil .

    • You’re welcome Shreya, these may not be the bible, but it’s pretty darn close 😉

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    I would like to suggest you one more thing is that promote your website in social media platforms just like.. Facebook promotion, Twitter promotion, Google+ promotion, linkedin and pinterest promotion because of there are high traffic websites to getting valuable traffic on our website also..

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    Great post to know about Domain Authority. If I am buying a domain (by auction), then does it matters?

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    Thanks for your information. I was looking “How to improve website Domain Authority” Your article help me a lot.

    I want to ask you that sharing articles on social network or emailing to friends and families will improve the domain authority?

    • Neil Patel :

      If you write good quality content that other people are linking to, then you will increase your domain authority

  362. Thank you so much, Neil.
    After Article read, I have Re-Planned my SEO strategy

  363. Little Blogger :

    I am really very sad my DA & PA Are still 1 and i made my website 2 months ago , i understand all the tips but not the tip of removing toxic backlinks well .

    • What are you blogging about? How are you promoting your post little blogger?

  364. I build up a new website. Now I want to improve my page rank. Every one told that backlinks is the key to increase your google page rank. Its true? I don’t know about this tropic. Please tell what can I do?

    • It’s part of the equation yes. It’s easier to get backlinks when you have some stellar content 😉

  365. Hi Neil
    Good post. Agree content in king.

    Q. I’m undertaking competitive research, looking at first page SERPs on a few keywords. My goal is to try to secure a top 10 position via better content, infographics, etc.

    In determining the strength of these competitors, I have found more than a few first page SERPs with PA 1 (or very low) but high DA 80-90. Low PA, High DA, are these ripe for picking off? (assuming I produce better content, have on-page seo, a few links, etc.)

    How about PA 33 or DA 35? Is this better than low PA and high DA?

    Appreciate any thoughts.

    • Any answer from “Neil”? Deleting posts is not good practice.

      • Neil Patel :

        Don’t really delete comments, but a ton get caught in the spam filter so they take a while to come back (I moderate once a day or once every other day).

    • Neil Patel :

      Look at DA over PA. The higher the DA the harder it is to compete.

      • Thanks.

        That I agree (on higher DA), but was curious if there is any threshold on the PA. For example, DA 80 and PA 5, means higher competition, would not do.

        What about, say, PA 30 and DA 55 – that middle ground. If you have any thoughts from your experience, thanks.

        • Neil Patel :

          No real thoughts on that… I don’t look at PA much. I just try to outrank sites with DA of 60 or lower… much easier.

  366. wow, amazing we can focus to create good quality of content, and this have effect to increase da.

    thanks for your article bro


  367. Hi, im sorry i comment again,
    i have ask about your video “How to Analyze Your Link Profile to See if You’re at Risk of a Google Penalty”

    i found some bad backlink.
    what should i do to fix this issue?


    • Use the google disavow tool to have those links removed https://www.quicksprout.com/2014/05/28/when-and-how-to-use-the-google-disavow-tool/

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    I really agree with Neil that DA should be gained time by time. But it really time consuming. I want a fast methode. Is there any?

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    After Article read, I have Re-Planned my SEO strategy
    I have difficulty in keywood analysis ,as i have doubt about how to put different keywoods in post ,any advice ?

  370. Hi Neil,

    Just wondering, increasing the links to different pages on the blog can increase the domain authority of the website?

    If I have a great content on a page, and if I get good number of backlinks to that individual page, (not the home page of the domain), will it increase the DA of the total website or it just increases the PA of that particular page?


    • Yes it will increase both your PA authority (for that page) and your overall DA.

  371. i just need cool geeks like you to tutor me well in terms of seo cos am so frustrated

  372. Leonardo LaVito @ LargerList.com :

    Awesome write-up, Neil. 🙂

    “What factors have you seen that affect your domain authority?”

    As you said, it’s all about content.

    So the factors that I have seen most affecting my domain authority are those that tie into my content creation and marketing.

    Such as:

    – Intuneness: with your market and target audience

    – Creativity: keep the mind and thoughts sharp

    – Personal Development: the better I am, the better I create

    – Knowledge Acquisition: the more I know, the more I can create

    – Communication Skill: the ability to express

    It’s strange but when one of these factors goes down, domain authority is on the fall.

    Alas, It seems like Google has implanted sensors it our brains. George Orwell was right.

    Leonardo LaVito

    • Lol, I like the way you think Leonardo. I also feel a direct correlation between how we thing and our performance online

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    Thank you for a very informative article. As a new blogger, I wonder if I do all the steps, how long should I expect some results?

    • Depends on how well you can promote and market your content, but you can start seeing results within 3-6 months

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  377. Indeed a great post about domain authority.

    Domain authority is the most popular website metric developed by Moz. It is said that If the Domain authority of any site is high then that site will perform better in search engines and will gain more traffic.

    Domain authority help us to determine to quality of a site.

    To improve domain authority, We must have to gain quality backlinks and should must have to maintain the content quality on our website.

    Having high DA helps a lot while ranking any content in SERPs.

    I am glad that you have covered detailed article on it. Thanks for sharing it with us. 😀

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  379. Hi Neil.

    If using an expired domain to build out a new site, should one work to remove old, non-relevant backlinks, or leave them in place? Is the non-relevance doing more harm than the positive provided by the link juice?

  380. I got lots of valuable info from this article. Thanks for sharing Neil.

  381. What about redirect authority domain? Do you think any value for redirected old authority domain to new domain? Will google consider same value for new domain as old.

    • If the old domain has value, you can redirect it to your new one and it should pass that value

  382. You’ve obviously nailed the content piece with 8 million comments on this post haha. I have a question about the disavow tool. How long does it take to work? I looked at my “trust flow” in majestic and it went from 20 to 0 with the spammy links I was hit with and has stayed there for 1 month after I used the disavow tool.

    • Depends on when Google does their updates… sometimes it can take months or even a year.

  383. awesome post carry on..

  384. Ariana Smith :


    Thank you for this helpful article. Can you please tell me whether no follow links can increase Domain Authority?

    • Yes, the links that are pointed at you need to be no follow in order to give you DA

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    I found your article interesting.
    but Wanted to ask, what is the recommended internal linking and which is the best site for info graphic submission?


  388. Thanks for sharing this awesome content. Domain authority is one of the crucial factor these days to know how good a website is and one have to follow these tips to increase DA gradually.

  389. Film Streaming :

    I have found the simplest way for me.. is to use the link button (for WordPress users) while writing the article. If click the link button just start to write in the page you want to link to and wallla!! That usually works. Or if the page is t created.. I do this a lot and I’m sure bedtime else does too. I simply make a draft of the page I want to link to.. and then start on the link page after the first article is done. That can get you writing all day!! Which could be good or bad however you look at it.

    • Yeah, that would work too. There are lots of ways to do it, as long as you’re getting it done right?

  390. Washim Raja :

    Hi all,

    First of all, thanks for this auspicious article to explain Domain Authority. I shall keep in mind all the great view on how to develop Domain authority? I have one question regarding making permalink for an article, can you tell me in short what are the best practices for making an SEO friendly URL?

    • Check out this blog post https://www.quicksprout.com/2015/04/06/does-url-structure-even-matter-a-data-driven-answer/

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    Well, I think DA & PA increase with time, New domain can’t increase DA & PA instantly.

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    • one word. Hustle.

      You will become more effective as you become better. You can only become better by practicing the right things everyday

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    Improving domain authority is really necessary to show how trustable a website or blog is. It is also important to tell the readers how good and useful your blog or website is.

    Your tips to improve domain authority are really great.

    • Yes, it’s something you’ll want to base you’re strategy around and also something that naturally occurs as a result of good content

  407. I found you Neil! Glad i did. Of course, your marketing with Melissa Riso helped. But your advise has really been helping me. I’m a public figure in a city of 100k and have been working hard to take control of my online identity. My site at http://www.artleal.com has low domain authority. I just want you to know I appreciate your articles.

    • I’m happy to hear you’re finding value! How are things working for you with your online presence?

      If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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    Hey, Neil

    You said that we should “Get rid of bad links”, but how can i know that one link is not good?
    From 0 to 100, the DA of those links is under 20?

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    • You can always have it repaired. Check this out https://www.quicksprout.com/2015/09/02/the-complete-guide-to-google-penalties-both-manual-and-algorithmic/

  412. Naman Dwivedi :

    hi neil, i want to ask one question as i am confused. does Directory and Local Listing sites harm our sites?? if i am making backlink on them. or if they points to my site.? please reply as i am facing some issues.

    Naman Dwivedi

    • No, assuming they are clean. They also won’t help you that much either, not anymore

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    Warm regards,

  415. this is nice article. but i want to know that web 2.0 will help in getting high DA, PA??

    • Indirectly Sajawal. I would focus your efforts on just writing really good content and sharing that

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    As I am new in blogging and just started with some micro niche blogs and i have also been reading many articles about various topics, including domain authority.

    So, I have confusion in mind, I want to ask that, whether domain authority directly effects search ranking or not?

    If yes, then how can increase DA quickly and how much it will effect my rankings?

    Looking for quick Response.

    Shanaya Aggarwal

    • Build links that come from other high authority sites that point to your site. Best way to do that is to create compelling content that gets the attention of authority bloggers in your niche

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    Best is to get high PR backlinks, so register new domains, create new blogs, write good stuff and make backlinks from it. Also it is important for those domains to get a lot of “social likes”.
    This worked or it is still working for our webshop.

    • If you can create wicked, relevant content, you can move a lot faster than anyone else

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    • Read this Rahil https://www.quicksprout.com/2014/05/28/when-and-how-to-use-the-google-disavow-tool/

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    • Look at DA, but I wouldn’t obsess over it. Focus on creating quality content and everything else will be easy

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    Sure, domain authority is important – but let’s not forget that raising page authority for the actual page we want to rank is equally important.

    • Thanks for that Matt. You definitely want to give attention to the pages you’re looking to rank

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    • Patience is key. We’re just so used to having things right now, that we forget that sometimes we need to allow for nurturing

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    Great tips to improve authority. Can you help me out with something? I wanna know if Off-page work like guest posting, article submissions are still worth writing to increase the rank? Or cross-linking enough?

    • Absolutely Sid, those are great strateigies to follow. Implementing a good blend of these is an ideal strategy to follow and will give the most natural looking link profile

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  467. I agree about content quality. I think it’s more important than other factors.

  468. Hello Neil,
    I found some sites with one year having DA 40+ and some websites with 4-5 years but still DA under 20. If Age is a very big factor then why I have found this difference?

    But a very important thing you told that internal linking, but I need a suggestion here, if I link 2-3 internal backlinks related to per page will that be a good idea?
    Or I have to build only one link from a page?

    And for backlinks, do the business listing sites help to improve the DA of the website?


    • Yes age does make a big difference, but really only if there was an existing site in its place, rather than just a temp page.

      Do 1-2 internal links per page

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  472. My pleasure Katie!

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    • I would focus on guest posting and building local citations. But also create long relevant content on a specific subject.

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    It is an year now i have shifted from blogspot to self hosted domain. Though I have articles over 1400, I realize that that they are not well structured. I am at a stagnant 29 for several months now inspite of all my efforts at content marketing my blog.
    Could the old unstrucred post be reason to hold the DA at constant figure.
    My newer posts approx 100 are more SEO friendly. Won’t they help?

    Secondly is is really possible for a blog with approx 100 posts increase the DA from 29 to 35 in 3 months by these above mentioned methods alone?

    • Hi Neil looking forward to a reply 🙂

      • It really comes down to what you have done in those 3 months, and has your site been crawled by Google.

        If you have quality backlinks then it is possible. But I would focus on the end result more than simply improving the authority figure.

    • DA is more related to backlinks, not internal structure. You can grow your DA by boosting how many sites link to you, no matter how many posts you have.

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    • It depends on how new you are saying, but if the site is younger than 6 months, Google does hold it back unless you’re a trailblazer.

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    • It is right to do things that last. Shortcuts can be worth it sometimes but then you risk undoing all the hard work.

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    Another is what is good from SEO perspective having a subdomain or subdirectory.

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  487. Neil

    My site is about 45 days old and it has certain back links from good site. But Moz PA/DA stays at 1. How do I verify if I had developed/registered my site properly?


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    I think the best tip for me at the moment is to “be patient”, I believe that due to the time we live, we’re always looking for faster results, but we forget that every solid business needs some time to develop

  489. Build links that come from other high authority sites that point to your site. Best way to do that is to create compelling content that gets the attention of authority bloggers in your niche.
    check this blog http://boxofcd.com how Get it Domain Athority

  490. You forgot to mention about the importance of the content , the more unique and shareable content you publish on your site , the more faster your DA go high . Built many links for our site but did not see any increase until we launch our blog http://aplusdigitalmarketing.com/blog/

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    Also, since there are so many internal links on eCommerce sites, isn’t that sort of like manually interlinking? Why does that not affect DA?

    I’m a bit confused, so any thoughts would be appreciated!

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    • The main thing Mark is keeping the content on topic plus useful to the users. Domain authority is built by getting good links from other sites and also making sure you link internally between pages well.

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    My website is 3 months old, and in this 3 months i have worked a lot and i have succed to gain 85 backlinks (Facebook, twitter, pintertest, imgur etc) and my ranking today is 138.671, my question is how much i have to wait to see my DA score, because until now it’s 0.
    Thank you

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    Even though I have been into the initial years of blogging after reading this article, I did a live practical implementation on my blog articles;

    1. Build backlinks with DA of anything 25 or more for good or decent traffic.

    2. Identify bad backlinks and then disavow them along with low DA links as well..

    I observed that the traffic initially reduced due to removal of backlinks of DA low or bad backlinks but later on increased.

    Great Learnings, Thanks for you support !

    Based on the trust factor i develop
    Thanks a lot !

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    How better do internal linking?

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    So Please reply me too
    My Website (http://recentgovjobs.com/) DA is 11 and My PA is 20 but now i check on Moz link checker and it decreases from 20 to 19 how ?

    I am properly working on my website so how can be PA decrease ?

    Yogesh Kr

    • It could well be in comparison to other sites you are not seen as well now. Plus Moz may well of adapted there tool.

  540. Thank you for the really helpful article.

    I have noticed that my DA and PA goes down from 9 and 22 to 7 and 1..i don’t know what happened to it.Help me out Please.

    • It may well of been updated recently so would change. You need to make sure you have quality backlinks to your site.

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    THIS IS MY HEALTH WEBSITE LINK – https://goo.gl/4wC62C.

  545. Hello Neil, Recently my DA dropped from 14 to 12. Although I am ranking still on the same spots but now I am seeing a little traffic decrease. I have just now disavowed the low profile links in webmaster tools. But I don’t know after 2 years of blogging and continuous backlinking, my DA is so low. I am not able to reach to big bloggers to get a backlink and they aren’t providing me even with the money. My website has all unique and good content. Ranks for almost all the keywords on the first page. But why this is happening to me?

    • I would need to see the site a little to determine a better answer but I would say the authority of backlinks is low or the on-site experience needs a little more work.

  546. Hii Neil

    If I comment any blog with fill my site URL then can I get backlinks??

    Moxin ali

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    Very useful post. Try to do internal linking manually and create some quality backlinks.

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    I am trying to follow your advices 🙂 I hope I can see improvements soon!
    I got one question, is this guide still relevant in 2017?


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    Many people get the impression that when they get 5 links with high authority the job is done, but this is just a good start and nthing more.By being cosistent in making thorough research about the interesting and trending topics and creating helpful and insightful content you get authority and your sites too.Thank again for one of the many articles I bookmarked as a guidline for success.

    Martin Bell


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    You said that we should remove the bad links or spammy links. I’ve a website and I have done its SEO (back linking) about 4 years ago when it was easy to get high rankings with normal link building. But then I stop working on that because of my other interests. No I see that my website is no where in Google searches.

    I want to ask how can I find the bad links because I don’t have my work reports with me now as those were done a long time ago. To remove bad links, obviously I have to find them first, and then how can I remove them if I don’t have login access or if I don’t have access to remove my link? Like from directory submissions.

    Waiting for your response.


    Faran Akhtar

    • I would sign up for semrush trial and audit the links and get rid of the bad links 🙂

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    Maximum times I’m spending more time on content marketing – I believe content marketing plays vital role to improve DA, that’s the reason I do guest blogging. More relevant content gives more relevant visitors.

    Thanks Again
    Jesicca Smith
    Guest Post Writer

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  561. The Best practice is to have 100 Links within the page as per MOZ Pages.

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    Does Domain Age Matters?

    My Site http://www.trickxpert.com/ is only about 8-10 months old.

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    Is confusing..

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  566. John Divramis :

    Hello Neil, l have a question for you: How it comes the high domain authority sites such as Youtube to have thousands of toxic links and have domain authority 100?

    • It depends on what is deemed toxic and what outweighs the other.

      Sometimes Google can override the affects based on the domain.

  567. Hi Neil,
    I am a new blogger. I am finding way to improve my website DA: https://reviewmoon.com/
    But look like it not change anything. I need to wait Moz update or how? Please help

  568. My Current DA is 11/100

    How good is this? Should i still improve on seo?

    • It’s pretty low you need to work on quality backlinks and content on the site.

      • Hi Neil,

        One of my sites is https://www.usetraveltips.com and the DA is 27.

        I’m writing about different places but not sure how to link these internally. Any thoughts on this?

        Also, if I add content articles on daily basis without creating any backlink, how much traffic can I expect with a perfect on page seo strategy?

        • You need to consider content that supports the content the user is reading and then to cross-link that on your site.

          Without backlinks, you need to have a good traffic source from existing email lists or paid traffic.

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    Nice post , its very interesting and informative blog, thank you for sharing the blog.

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  571. I prefer manual interlinking any day, rather than using plugins.but is there a limit to the no of links one should have on a page?

    I am fairly new to blogging so I believe the Authority domain takes time just like SEO

    • It can be too much sometimes but it’s really what your users think so monitor the performance.

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    I have noticed something really important. Moz isn’t actually updating the domain authority for .xyz domains. I have checked a number of .xyz domains which tend to rank quite well, but their domain authority is just 1 according to Moz.

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    • On-page SEO helps Google figure out what your website is about and sends signals about its relevance to people who conduct searches. Improving your on-page SEO will attract more traffic from search, which means that your DA will improve.

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