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  1. Web Development India :

    A little age but achievement is like one can reach on top of Mt. Averest.

    • Nice analogy! Reaching the top of Mt. Everest is hard… probably much harder than what I did.

      • Web Development India :

        I wish you could do lot better than this with your 3 firms. Have a successful life buddy.

        • I hope I do so too in the future.

          Thank you, you too.

          • Hello Mr. Neil,
            It was very much inspirational reading about how you emerged a successful entrepreneur. I wish all the success in your life! I also learnt how hardwork & passion is essential to be successful.

          • Hats off to your flaming zeal. This is what makes all the difference………

          • Very nice my SEO God….
            your life story change my life.. now i am very happy

        • Hi Neil,

          Your story really inspires me. Although I startred my entrepreneural journey at the age of 21 unlike you. I am learning a lot from you. Some of the stategies that you share freely just helped my website to grow both in traffic and revenue.


          • Anthony, glad to help. I am sure with patience and time you’ll see the same level of success. Keep up the great work!

        • Hi Neil found your story inspiring, but think it was written in 2008, have you updated it since ?Would like to hear about the last 8 years.

          Sure you don’t need any advice but whatever you do “pass it on” whatever we learn good and bad it is incumbent on us to pass onto the young entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

      • You are a role model. At such a yound age you have achieved so much. Its really amazing. All the best to you . You will definately be much more successful than what you are now

        • Thanks! Sadly, I feel that I haven’t achieved enough.

          • Hi Neil, I am 34 years old and recently married. Until now I have worked for companies, but feel that the time is right to start a business venture. Do you have any further tips or advice??

            • Neil Patel :

              I do:






          • That’s what is keeping you moving! isnt’t it?

          • If an over achiever like yourself feels like he should achieve more then what hope is there for the rest of us who look to trade small change for store bought feelings. I really enjoyed reading your story but feel like I’m dancing in the shadows.

          • ‘Indians are cheap’?? You yourself are an Indian. And most of your talk about giving and charity sounds surreal enough to be fake.

          • Geoff Allibone :

            Dear Neil,
            Some of your strengths are you appear to believe in Karma and you show degrees of humility. It is every migrants dream to succeed in the USA.and you seem focused on that dream. I wouldn’t be too scathing of your Indian origins; you have perspective on the society of your birth and the one you are new too. Both these give you the ability to be objective about your reality which has given you the insight to how human behaviour works; this is one of your assets and will help you reach your goal.
            Good luck!
            Kind regards

        • wow. finally, I found something useful for my paper to write down about. that is attention-grabbing and helps me with more analysis in the future. Glad I discovered this blog.Thank you. And I do hope you will develop a few of your ideas about this subject and I’ll positive come again and browse it. Thanks for the trouble and time.

          • Definitely,
            I am glad you were able to get use out of what you read.
            The best type of writing and information will always grab your attention, even if it is subtly.
            I appreciate the suggestion and am happy to be able to help.

        • hi sir, i’m rajesh kumar is an seo executive . i have some doubts regarding face book likes for my page with in short period of time by manually and not by getting likes through money. i want to improve my online marketing strategy .

      • Brent Singh :

        Neil Thanks for sharing. I try to share my success up to this point with others. But never did in this way, good idea. I am 31years now and nowhere close to where I would like to be. But one thing for sure is that when you fail at somthing it’s just another chance to learn something new.

        • That is something you can mention in your about page.

          • Brent Singh :

            thanks, that’s exactly what I will be doing.

            • Worse case if you find out that your readers don’t like something, just modify the page. My about page has gone through 5 or so revisions.

              • Hey Neil was wondering what’s the best way to get hold of you I had some SEO questions I would like to ask if you have the time.

                Thanks in advance bud.

              • The best way is to write out your questions on one of my blog posts, and I’ll respond to them right away. That way, in case other people had the same questions, they will see the answer too 🙂

          • Balaji S Venkat :

            Neil – Your story is inspiring to everyone who dreams to make it big and happy in thier lives by just doing what they love to do so . Truly , you are Amazing ..I wish and pray you realise all your dreams …always remain in good books to inspire others to become successful …cheers

      • Mary Jane Gilson :

        Wow. congratualations on your intelligence, courage, curiosity, stamina and fortitude. I remember back when I was your age and had so many of the same qualities and dreams. Life is like a big circle. At this stage I am once again facing embracing the need for those qualities all over again to recreate my life as I choose it to be. May we all have a measure of good luck and enjoy the adventure which we call life.

        • Thank you,

          I hope you are able to make your life into what you want it to be now. Very nice words to follow, it is important not only to work hard but enjoy life as we go along. Thank you fro sharing.

      • What I appreciate the most at you is the fact that you look, act and ARE humble!


        • Thanks, I appreciate the kind words. I am great full for everything I have been able to accomplish and have yet so much more to do.

      • Hello Patel your an inspiration how can we make our non profit organisation web site more visible since you have said that you want to help our website is www.orphanjuctice.org

      • I am not happy staying home broke all my life what was i thinking dropping out of school getting married having six kids only to leave me divorced with six kids and no-education-stranded in this hot desert in so. california. im only 35 years old- im so frustrated that i did this to myself! im jelous niel but im also so happy for you! your truly amazing your parents should be beyond roud of you! love your story!

      • wow I was amazed by your story how such a great and gifted person you are. what do you advise me for a person age 44 like me have no enough knowledge who have no any future to make any changes in life ?

      • hi neil
        i have a lot of ideas that will make be live better but i cant do it because i dont have money and when i tell people about it they laugh but afterwards it is done by someone else and very succesful..ITS DONE AS EXACTLY AS I PLANED FOR IT

      • any work for me?

    • Hi Neil,
      I was rather inspired by your story. Derek Johnson of Disqus referred me to your page. I’ve been trying over 10 yrs. seeking startup seed for my business and for me, it’s been quite challenging. I’m a single parent of 4 with one remaining in the nest and I see myself running and operating my own business in the near future. I was fortunate to land a job in an educational institution and raise my children on a fairly decent salary. But there is so much more in life that I’d like to achieve as a testament to my children and my entire family. Thank you for sharing your story, I feel that I am taking steps in the right direction by networking with like-minded entreprenuers such as yourself.

      • Glad to hear it Tyshun. You have had a very interesting journey so far, so I commend you on your present success. Good luck to you in your future endeavors.

    • Inspiring read. And I thought I was motivated and a hustler, I feel shamed.

      • I am just highly motivated. When you come from very little you work hard to make sure you have more then enough. If you have something strongly motivating you, then you will be just as hard working.

    • I am really surprised to read the story. It is something like Bollywood film’s script. Second thing, I have never seen such ABOUT page till now. It inspired me a lot!

    • Inspiring Citizen Rafi :

      Yes, Neil is definitely a few steps away from reaching the Mt.Everest of World’s best businessmen.

      The few things that is unique in Neil is his ability to find problems that people face and then meet that need by starting a business.

      Only area which is a little concern for me is that he is not even taking a vacation to relax himself.

      With his experience he would have learned the art of relaxing himself..And it was my great honor to have interviewed him for my website.


    • Purbita Ditecha :

      He is the one and only Indian origin American who have got the achievement very early in his life and become the inspirational icon for Non Residential Indians.

    • Hey Patel

      Thank you for favoriting my tweet. I’m new to this social media blogging/Internet marketing and I enjoyed reading your site. Keep up the good work!

      Let me know what you think my about site, I would appreciate it.

      Thank you fit sharing your story!

      • Social Media News | Internet Tips | Blog Hours :

        Your story inspired me too Neil, why don’t you write more about your life so people just like me inspire from you and by the way you blog contains quality content and full of information.

    • Your story is inspiring and I am currently in the beginning stages of starting my company. I am a research scientist at a large pharmaceutical company and even though I love knowing that I could help find the next cure to a deadly disease I am looking for a life in which I can call something my own! Thank you again,

    • Goodday Neil

      I’ve heard great things about you. I’m currently 22 year old student. I want to get involved into building an online business but have no idea where to start. Got involved into a lot of scams and lost a lot of money. Any advice will be appreciated, I always help those who are willing to help me. Have a blessed and wonderful day!

    • Your story is truly inspiring for all and specially for the younger generations.I have just now started studying SEO and its very interesting .I wish you a great life ahead and keep up the good work.

    • hi my name is mark,im a tutor and i want to start my service business but i dont know where to start,any solutions from you?

  2. Manish Pandey :

    A profile that every teenager would dream about, but only a handful could achieve what you have achieved Neil. Congrats!

    Way to go… 🙂

    • Thanks! I think a lot of people can achieve what I did (if not more), they just have to be willing to put in the effort.

    • We have both crossed the same paths.I started in business at 10 that was 55 yrs.past and still have the fire to pursue the next 60 yrs. helping others. I have not been as blessed as you in the understanding of how the internet fully works. I feel I’m to build a world YOUTH LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT center to train a new generation of leaders to lead our world. With you being in business for yourself you have gotten a taste of our world views [ what’s in it for me ] enough said. The center will be a place where sports will play a part in the development along with caring for the elderly the needs of others as well as the earth. I could sure use your help with getting the world to know what we are doing. Y L D is in the process of saving a underground railroad and moving it 2 blocks and setting it next to the train depot in the town where the only impeached president lived. We have recently been given civil war grave site we will be reclaiming, that also has a revolutionary caption buried there.Enough about Y L D .We need your help if you have a % , enjoyed reading your story and the new path you have chosen will be more rewarding. Henry Ford said; A company that makes only money is a poor company.Thanks for your time CARL

    • Manish, thanks for all the support.

  3. hi,
    neil patel

    good work
    my name nitin and my age is 20 and just started my own business, of website . but due too my age not many guys taking me seriously.

    please give me some advise.

    • This is a tough one. The best ways to get people to take you seriously are:

      1. Talk professionally around others. In other words, don’t act like a kid.
      2. Give valuable advice to people. Even if they think you are a kid, they will listen if your advice is good.
      3. Dress grown up.

      • Web Development India :

        Great Tips, Neil.
        I would like to add few more here.
        1. Avoid communication gap for better mutual understand
        2. Marketing Management ability would help to grow business
        3. Be yourself, what you are, never hide any things and never shows expertise at which you are not.
        4. Age does not matter, one of the great example is Niel Patel itself, be confident and serve the best you can. Learn corporate etiquettes.
        5. And most Important thing, Don’t work for money in online business, create business relationships with highly qualified services which satisfy your clients.

      • I’ve been surfing on-line rather more than three hours as of late, nonetheless I don’t ever discovered any interesting posting like your site. It’s pretty value sufficient for me. In my view, if most of site house owners and folks produced nice content material as you do, the net might be much far more useful than ever before.

        • Thanks,
          Good content can be hard to find, but is the main tool in a successful blog.
          I appreciate the kind words and hope what you have read is helpful to you.

    • Ha, I’m 13.

  4. delete this comment neil but I really feel ashamed of you being the indian origin. You wrote “generally they are cheap” and that hurts me as an Indian. Perhaps, you could have looked at the other side..

    Apart from that, I admire how you became successful and especially, your never say die attitude. Congratulations and wish you best success ahead.

    • I don’t think being cheap is a bad thing. I think being cheap has helped a lot of Indians succeed.

      • Now, that’s a weak statement.

        You should acknowledge the fact that Indians are the “best” minds in the world, and in all honesty, many Indians have made other people succeed, not the other way round.

        The way you presented that particular statement was not at all understandable. Well, I think that we lead a much better lifestyle than any other country’s citizen could think of.

        We care for anyone and everyone, do not prioritize people based on countries or something. Sorry, but I think you should remove that particular statement.

        Best of luck ahead.

        • Donovan Roddy :

          @bhavesh I think you may have taken Neils statement out of context, if not, I think his response being cheap is not a bad thing it has helped a lot of Indians succeed probably through saving (not spending) and accumulating wealth cleared it up.

          @Swastik in response to your comment “many Indians have made other people succeed, not the other way around” My wife’s Indian, I just got back from Mumbai where I was living for the past 7 months and can tell you that some of the friends and family I employ there consider me helping them succeed because of the pay I give them compared to what they would receive from an Indian company so in their eyes “I, a US citizen am helping them succeed” so I think we need to understand that people’s ideas of success are different from person to person, and there’s people around the world from different cultures helping people from other cultures succeed and great minds come from all areas of the world.

          • Well, you employed them because you needed them. You would have to pay a LOT more price and get cheaper quality work if you gave that work to another person.

            I’m not being biased, neither I have any grunges but I want people to change their mentality of Indians being “cheap”.

            Indians certainly take much less pay for work, but they are not “cheap”. I know Neil might have meant in context of money, but the way that statement comes through is simply not something I would digest.

            Oh, and those Indians who work for a cheaper rate, they help people accumulate money.

            I’m sorry if you felt anything wrong, but I think that statement should not be there.

            • On the other hand he may not need them and could hire someone from China or Vietnam. The possibilities are endless… I think both sides benefit. It isn’t a one way street.

            • Donovan Roddy :

              Swastik, your right the some of the Indian workers I employ I hire for their technical skill, others for personal reasons but I think this has turned off topic as Neil was only sharing his life work experience which was one kind to do in the first place, I mean, you get so many people in the industry that talk about how their experts and how they’ve accomplished this and that… it’s a breath of fresh air when you get a person that’s willing to put it out on the line for open dialogue as Neil’s done here. My take on the whole thing is it was a piece to inspire which it’s done for for me and from the looks of it most people commenting. One more point Swastik, being out in India for that time was a culture shock, I really didn’t comprehend how much I took for granted, now I do. I have a bunch of Indian friends now all of which I admire for their differences, as with each relationship I’ve been able to develop across the world.

              • I think that is the case with many of us. We take many things for granted until we see them ourselves. For example I have never been to India and I have no idea how it is. Hopefully one day I will end up going.

          • Thanks for chiming in Donovan. As you stated, outsourcing to Indians helps both sides. I think we both equally benefit from it.

            • Donovan Roddy :

              Absolutely Neil, I could start another post on how much outsourcing parts of my business has helped me, it really is beneficial to everyone involved.

              • I also do the same. The funny thing is, although I am Indian I have never outsourced to India. Most of my outsourcing takes place in Europe.

              • Donovan Roddy :

                Neil what type of work do you outsource to Europe companies if you don’t mind me asking =o).

              • Just some programming stuff. I don’t outsource anything anymore, but I used to.

                • Hello Mr. Neil. I am Loretta from Africa,Ghana. Here not a lot of people believe in the “working on the Internet” kinda success.
                  I have a consulting firm business idea I am eager to start. But I don’t know how exactly to go about it. Do I just go around telling 10000 people about it and hope they would be interested in hiring me?
                  If I would get advice or help from you. I would highly appreciate it. I am really looking forward to hearing your advice. Because I really want to do this. Thank you

              • Donovan Roddy :

                LOL, ok thanks Neil!

              • Brent Singh :

                What about sales have you guys ever outsource sale? I tried once and just lost money to the firm. Was thinking of trying again localy. But on the other hand might just expand my sales department. anything you could add to this would be great.

              • I have, it didn’t go well for me.

              • Brent Singh :

                Well after the problems I had finding a good sale company to outsource to, I dicided to separate and expand my sales department in to it’s own company.

              • Don’t outsource sales, do them in house.

        • I am not trying to stereotype Indians. I do think they are some of the best minds in the world, but I think your thinking is a bit biased. For example, what one person thinks is a good lifestyle may not be “great” for another.

          As for removing the statement, I am not because I don’t mean anything bad from it. As I stated earlier, I think it is a REALLY good thing. There is nothing wrong with being frugal and I hope more people in this world learn to save their money.

          • i’m indian and i’m cheap, very proud of it too. perhaps even too proud, i’ll even brag about how cheap i am.

            but i do not wish cheapness for just my people, rather i wish men and women of all cultures will unite to create a global utopia of cheapness. it’d be heaven on earth!

            indian or not, i wish you all much cheapness in 2009 and beyond.

            • I am happy to see that people other than myself are proud to be cheap.

              • Hey guys hold on, Don’t take it to heart, Do not take it personal, This so called guru “Neil Patel” wrote that line just to make the post little controversial and encourage people to post more and more comments. It’s just one of the trick these all internet marketers do to seek your attention, just to make you take some action, just to make you think and reply. Anyways, if this guys is real, my comment will appear on his blog otherwise i would consider this guys the most cheapest Indain on this planet.

              • I didn’t write that one line to create controversy…

                • Marcus Walters :

                  Hey Neil, I’m a young 20 year old kid interested in working with you, and getting in your buisness. If you could please contact me on my email or at 302 943 8973

              • Rajtilak Bhattacharjee :

                Neil, I think the main problems with us Indians is that we cannot think professionally. We take thinks to heart just like Swastik and Bhavesh did and thus miss out on opportunities. I guess the Babu culture is still quite predominant here and that’s why, inspite of having some of the best minds we still cannot flourish.

              • We will adapt sooner or later. Everyone tends to take things to heart, we just have to learn not to.

              • Brent Singh :

                Most of the Indians I know are very successful and very cheap. I have not been to india so just talking about Trinidadians and the ones I meet here. .lol okay grouping the whole race is wrong. but I am Indian so I can lol. However it’s a normal thing for indians to say this about them self. So, No Neil did not say this to spark excitement. infact it’s wired that it sparked so much excitement with another indian person.

              • Thanks for backing me up.

              • Hi Neil,
                Have you seen the Guru movie (Indian)? It is the best example of being cheap.
                I think that being cheap is the first step to grow or succeed in life.

              • I have.

                I couldn’t agree with you more.

              • Only with Indian people will you find such a extended conversation about being cheap… haha just joking.

                Seriously though, there are many ways to get rich not just one. There are many ways to be successful, not just one. There might be trends or certain traits that are common between rich/successful people; but being cheap isn’t a common nor uncommon trait.

                Being cheap could be the first step to grow or succeed in life – for some people. It depends on how you view the world.

                The problem with being cheap is that you’re coming from a mindset of scarcity. Scarcity of money. You’re limiting yourself. Why? Because you’re being cheap because you’re scared of the use of money. If you had infinite money, would you care? Most likely not.

                I think frugal is a better way to attend cheap standards of living. Cheap in itself is not a positive way to live your life.

                I can go on forever, and I’m not trying to convince anyone that being cheap is bad.

                But if you do study the rich or study those who teach on moving towards that level, not just Indians, you will find that many are far form being cheap. I’m not talking about 6 digit (that’s not rich), I’m talking about people who bring in 1 million/year +.

                Neil will probably know what I’m talking about if you don’t believe me.

              • Yep, you are right. It is easier to save money than make money.

                • I agree, in regards to Indians, not being able to think professionally, I don’t think this would be a problem solely confined to Indians. Anyone, whose belief system is being challenged would feel obligated to defend it, and heated emotions usually prevail over placid thoughtfulness – a result that is often detrimental to any business transaction.

          • Neil, i guess you should have used the word ‘frugal’ instead of ‘cheap’ because that’s what you originally meant. Readers have simply misunderstood the word ‘cheap.’ You do not need to clarify your statement in long paragraphs just tell them that ‘cheap’ also means a person who is careful with spending money.

            P.S. You have a great story!

        • What makes you think Indians are the best minds? No doubt that some are intelligent people, but that you can say about most nationalities!

          • Exactly! Every nationality has great minds.

          • I can’t help but ask… best mind for what? I’d be surprised if there was a genetic predisposition for being the best at everything, sounds like a novel by Huxley. 🙂

            • Just smart people in general. 😉

              • Hey neil,
                reading your story I feel you are wildly successfull
                Modesty forbids:-)
                You are an inspiration as you have walked the path irrespective of the results.
                There is truth and integrity in what you are saying.
                Please keep sharing your learning experiences.
                Lesser mortals like us require your learnings.
                Keep walking

        • You know I think the difference between people like you and Neil is that, Neil is no hyprocat about life. He says things as they are and not be obsessed to be attached to a National Pride, which is nothing but a form of control. I am Indian and I laugh hard when a comedian like Russell Peters (also Indian) jokes about Indians being cheap. He also jokes about other cultures and backgrounds. It is also Russel’s open mind that make him also successful. National pride is a form of control, being aware of your roots is something you can really be proud about, that is if you are aware. And if you are really open minded, you start laughing about highly sensitive people that hold onto old forms hypocrasy. No Nation or culture is perfect. Indians being cheap means nothing more than they would go for the lowest bid, and as seen in the worst cases in India, regardless of how much the seller may undersell and suffer. The positive side is that it kept us grounded and safeguarded our values. On the other hand I understand you why you actually feel offended, it is because Neil made a prejudiced comment, which he probably didnt mean like this. So to conclude I am Indian and I am not offended but can laugh about myself…open mindedness leads to success. And general wealth depends on how open minded people can be and let go of false pride and and category thinking. Be free and focus on yourself.

        • I agree too, i am originally from India and i am living in Los Angeles for about 7 years now, in the beginning i had a hard time understanding my own people, but when i came here, i chose to be with Americans to learn more about this country and the life style. I was so right in that decision. I learned about a lot of good habits that indian doesn’t have, and the same time i also learned what indians are very good at. Every individual as a life being is no superior or interior…. Neil born in UK and grew up in USA, he doesn’t know anything about india or indians sadly…..somehow he got the wrong idea and not tried to look beyond. There is a tons of americans and other people that shopping, buying and returning like day to day activities..(haha India doesn’t even have a return policy.)

          India and Indians saved many people lives incl a lot of big celebrities in the world. He should research a lit bit about it. Besides, i feel that he has a mind set of a normal entreprenuer of USA only…. Never enough…. but there is a different dimension even to achieve more with the understanding what is real achievement and what is real success means… Only India and the Indian tradition can give that dimension, perhaps Steve job got that only through indian… May be Neil’s father knows better than him….

          I really hope that Neil can really help sooner than later to the non profit organizations with a proper vision……..????? because we are also a struggling non profit organization as well. There is a lot more in USA and around the world… and no need to wait until he makes billions in regards of helping non profit organizations anyway…

          However the story is an inspiration for many more and i hope for indians as well. Thanks a lot to Neil for the Link as well.

      • Neil, I agree with both your first statement that ‘generally Indians are cheap’ and your second one, ‘being cheap has helped many Indians succeed’.

        I too have sold door-to-door for long enough to know that it is very unusual for Indians to want to purchase expensive items if a cheaper look-alike can be found. But this, coupled with saving is how you accumulate the capital to allow you to move on to bigger ventures. And that also is a distinct characteristic of Indians in the West.

        An Indian friend of mine from New Delhi told me that this year, there will be more billionaires in India than in the USA. And that is just the start.

    • Wow … we all really need to be a lot less sensitive. People will find any reason to be upset. I think the world would be a lot better place, and it would be much easier to get a long if we all chilled out a little, and sanity checked a statement to see if there was any malice. If there was ignorance, then we should strive to correct it.

      Indians are cheap. And by cheap, I don’t mean people pay them little. I mean they are frugal. I know because I am Indian. And no one in their right mind that makes an meager living should be thinking about buying a $1600 vacuum. But plenty of people do (hence the current economic crisis fueled by so many people living beyond their means). I applaud them for having the sensibility to not keep their $1600 vacuum purchase.

      I also really applaud you Neil for sharing your story with us with such candor. You are a great role model at such a young age.

      • Thanks!

        I probably should have used the word frugal instead of cheap.

        • yup.. frugal is the world.. “cheap” presents a very different picture.. sounds demeaning and disrespectful…

          Yup we Indians are frugal and we’re proud of it.. We’d rather not buy something we can do without than drown ourselves in credit card debt.. I think this was one of the reasons why we could make it through the recession with not much damage done…

          and yes we are sensitive too:P

          btw.. congratulations on your success! You are truly an inspiration..
          and you should come down to India sometime:)

          • Thanks Alshwarya. We may not all be that way, but a lot of us are 😉

          • True true and true….. and not just indians… what about Mexicans, what about other asians ahhh? Because of a lot people like us,today there are more things in the world that are affordable other the life definitely much more expensive for sure….

  5. Outdoors videos :

    Thanks for the inspiration! I needed to hear a story like that to keep me motivated online. I think that is the hardest part about creating anything online, …the waiting. Gotta let those SERPs catch up. 🙂

  6. this is wonderful overview of your life, As a Indian i can understand how you feel after achieving such a wonderful goal.
    still there is always chance of improvement in life and long way to go..
    i wish you a all the best for the future..



  7. Just bumped into this site through smashingmag .. and interestingly i got to see advocating the same point of view that i usually do… keep on trying no matter what happen.. and look for other ways around or change however if you find something working good for you do it ‘persistently’… eventually you would succeed, this reminds of I guess of bill gates saying that it’s not your failure to be born poor but if you die poor then it’s really your failure!!!

    Best of luck for future successes mate!

    • It is a numbers game. Something has to hit sooner or later. 🙂

      • Hi Neil,

        I’m a 43 year old man with a wife and five children and have been a serial entrepreneur for 20 years. I have over 2 dozen startups under my belt, all either failed or never gained enough steam to start. I have a day job that almost pays the bills, wife works at night to try to make up the rest. Two kids with autism, two more under the age of four, but my oldest boy, 12, shares my entrepreneurial dream (illness!). Spend most of my workday here at a dot com jotting down new ideas and I come home every night with a wad of them which I toss next to my pc in hopes of getting a chance to flesh some of them out before I crash from exhaustion. After all this time my dream of starting up a successful business feels like a drug addiction, and my wife wishes I would give it up because she’s tired of seeing me hurt. I tell her that I would be more hurt if I gave up. I keep telling her that anyone who tries is bound to win at some point, but even I’m beginning to wonder. I’m a marketing person with a strong interest in the brand design aspect of the businesses I work for, consult with or startup myself. At this stage, and after creating so many corporate identities, business plans and marketing strategies, I’d have to say that helping entrepreneurs make their startups look and feel viable to investors and future customers would be my strengths – bringing them to fruition by myself, or with half-interested partners, not so much. Do you think that I should keep trying? If so, might I be of any service to a startup of yours or someone you know? Thank you, Neil!

        • I think you should adjust your approach. Sooner or later something has to work for you, so you shouldn’t give up. But instead of creating more startups, you should look to join forces with someone who already has a startup and help them. This way you can get equity in their company and reduce your risk because with your current family situation you don’t want to lose more money. When you are young you can take more risks and as you get older you should take less risks.

          • Greg,

            I agree with Neil there that as you get older you have to reduce the amount of risk you would take and the reason is that others depend on you which is not the case when you are younger.

            That does not mean that one should stop taking risks completely and keeping that in mind I would say you should keep trying. However, as Neil said you ought to do some different things or have different approaches. The amount of experience you have would be handy for any business and you are bound to be successful or be part of a successful team.

            Best of Luck.

            • The difference is that you need to take more calculated risks. As you get older with more “experience”, you’ll get what I’m talking about.

        • Hi Greg,

          I am 41 and I know what you mean by being exhausted, but you still need to somehow push on an spend 2 hours a night working on your copany, or else nothing will get done.

          You might need a fear to push you to do things that you think you are too tired to do. For example, if you were dead tired, and went to sleep, but then awoke to find your house on fire and your family in danger, would you stay in bed because you were “tired”? So you need to find something that will scare you to death to motivate you to do it.

          Second, with over 24 start ups, I hope you’ve discovered what works and what doesn’t. You might consider starting up a blog site where you mentor new business people in exchange for some money. That might give you the inspiration and motivation to push on and get bigger and better. However people want to learn from someone who has succeeded, so you might have trouble selling yourself as someone who has failed a lot. But it is up to you, so do what your heart tells you.

        • Techie Sales Guy :

          Greg, I have great sympathy with your predicament – BTDT-and-got-the-teeshirt. Here’s a tiny idea which might help. Find an biz concept which is really simple where you absolutely know that you will succeed. (Easiest thing is not to be original, copy a successful biz idea. See also – Classic Inventor’s Mistake). Then do that until you are having reliable success. Later move towards what you’d prefer to be doing.

          The point of this approach is that how much effort you put into a project depends on how you feel about it. If you have a succession of ‘failures’ your motivation is bound to drop. And the reverse happens with successes – even if they are’t precisely on target for your long-term aims. Success breeds success and failure similarly. So aim low and build from there.

          • Thank you for your thoughts. You make a lot of good suggestions. I appreciate you giving your opinion and advice of the matter.

        • Being a 20 year old entrepreneur who is part pursuing a few ventures I have to say I feel saddened by your story. My biggest fear is that I’ll be homeless though so I’ll keep doing this forever. I read about your losses, but what have you gained? What have you learned? Who have you met? I think your doing some major things wrong (not saying I know it all) but I’d like to see your ventures that have lost money. Where they all unique ideas? Did your customers have a big NEED for your product? Do you have mentors and friends that are millionares? The answer to those questions for my life is yes…If they are you don’t have those things down then I suggest you try them, if the answer is yes for your questions than let me know.

          • It definitely is a roller coaster ride, Vlad. I agree, you have to keep on pushing hard.

            • What do you mean by roller coaster ride Neil? I mean I understand that everything is a bit of a gamble since we don’t know everything, but don’t you think there’s a certain formula for success? I mean do you think that if I 1) Build Skills in my field 2) network with the right people (those that are smarter and better than you) 3) microtest 5 new ideas a day that are have a huge NEED attached to them and 4) build a temporary cash flow that eventually I’ll be successful? I think I’m smart enough, definitely not a genius, but I’m getting my bachelors degree at 20 I’m not stupid. Tell me what you think…

              • I think you are on the right path. I like how you outlined those 4 points. If you keep evaluating yourself at every juncture, and improving, success is very likely.

                • Looking back at myself 3 years ago man time flew by, what happened Neil? Did you hit the fast forward button? 🙂 I figure I can use this place as a timelog for myself every 3 years, I recently turned 23. I am now making a few thousand a month with my current company and cousin who is a co-founder.

                  His name is Hayk, pretty hard name to forget 😉 The kid is a programmer who just turned 21 and attended Berkley so I’m trying to give him everything I never had including emailing people who might help him.

                  Looking back in 3 years I wish I would have learned programming, my main skill is in marketing and netowrking. I’m very close to working out a deal with the vp of franchising for a bunch of real estate brokerages in WA. For our current startup business. Hopefully things go well (knock on wood).

                  So anyways going back to your statement you said that success is likely if I evaluate myself at every juncture. How often do you evaluate yourself? What is Success?

                  I now feel like it’s doing what you love with awesome people and helping those around you get to the next level. That is my definition of success. You were right it is a roller coaster ride. I love business and providing others with value, it’s harder than I thought when I was 20.

                  Perhaps bigger and better things are just around the corner. I went from making 200 dollars a month at 20 to 2000 at 22, hopefully this year that number will be 20,000. Best tip I’d give myself would be to move faster because before we know it another 3 years will fly by.

  8. I was also born in 1985, but I’m elder than you. hehe

  9. Great story neil, very inspiring indeed. I am looking to make it big in the internet too but the problem is i have a lot of things to take care of which really slows me down. how do you find time to take care of everything?

    • You just have to plan out your days. You can be amazed at how much time you can save but cutting out the useless stuff like television.

  10. Astaqauliyah Dot Com :

    Your history is very inspiring me! Thank you Neil!

  11. omg this is an awesome and inspirational story, funny, with drama, and a neverending happy ending. I look forward to resprouting the seeds of some or all of your ideas. Wish me luck.

    best regards


  12. Hi Neil
    First of all congratulations on your success, feels great to see Indians reaching heights. I love the way you reply to each of your comments 🙂

    I work with a web design company in Dubai Internet City as an associate art dir, I do a lot of freelance too here in Dubai. I wanna start my own company soon, not for money but to do good work and control it fully.

    My website is: http://www.puneetsakhuja.com

    Advice me how to make base for that.

    Thanks much buddy, all the best!


    • I will be your first client. 🙂

      Hopefully that will get you started.

      • hi sir , first of all i want to say that I love to become as you , I am 19 year old and started SEO Services you can see my website http://seocompanyukk.com/ , can you tell me how can I get more clients of SEO

  13. So glad to have checked out your Webside Chats just now.


    And also to have found your blog. I’ll be hanging out here more often 🙂

    Another awesome peer to follow on my pursuit of happiness. I’m right behind you I’m 21 in college right now trying to break freeee. I’m not exactly a tech guy but an entrepreneur ready to roll! 🙂

  14. Hey Neil

    Awesome story! I can only hope to gain a fraction of your success.

    Keep up the quality content and thanks for sharing your experiences.

    One quick question: Do you have any suggestions on how to instill entrepreneurship to high school students bent.. brainwashed into only on studying?

    Warm regards,


    • The best way is to give them examples of how other people their age have made millions and that they can be rich and successful at their age.

      By doing this you will get them to start dreaming about being rich and hopefully that motivates them to learn more about entrepreneurship.

      I am not sure if you are a teacher, but if you are make sure you have someone else come to your class room and give the speech.

      • Yes, I am a teacher.

        Thanks for responding. You rock!

        I have brought in “successful” guest speakers before, but nobody in their age group.

        Would you be willing to shoot a short 5-10min video sharing your story and upload it to youtube or something?


  15. Seo los angeles :

    Do you need my services, I would love to work for a big shot like you are. I am moving around the world, working from different countries but still dont make the money I would like to make.

    I want to make at least 1 million USD.

  16. Everything was looking pretty sweet until i got to this comment: “Other than that I hope I have a big exit one day…” … is all this just a job to you or are you actually really passionate about it? If you’re passionate about it then how can you already be planning your “big exit”? Ronnie talks about this quite a lot…

    The theme on your companies website is incredibly easy on the eyes!! This sites theme is awesome too, but that other one is like caramel, but for eyes.

    • I think everyone should have goals. Why should someone be in business? In most cases it is because they want to work for themselves, do something they love, and make tons of money. I have been running my own company for years and if you never make tons of money doing so, then what is the point.

      • yes, your business is just a means to achieve what you really want in life. so everyone should have a big exit planned, but also enjoy the journey that gets you there!

        • It is all about making yourself happy. If you aren’t happy, then do something about it. This is why everyone should have a plan on how they can get to the end of their journey.

  17. hi neil,

    great story. neat site. i’ll bookmark it. just a quick question. i’m a web designer. i love all things web related. but my biggest passion isn’t designing. it’s helping other people achieve their entrepreneurial goals. i have a few ideas i’m working on and my to do list gets longer by the day.

    do you tend to work on multiple ideas at a time to keep from getting bored? or focus on one to get it just right?

  18. Kenney @ How To Make Money Blog :

    I just wanted to say that I love CrazyEgg. I got info on it a while ago on Pro Blogger, then I got a membership. It’s awesome. Knowing where you’re visitors are clicking is huge. This is the best program on the market for this in my humble opinion.

  19. Hi Neil,
    I admire your success.I have been able to start your own business because you got business background since your childhood.

    I didnt get such background .But I am working in India’s largest software company for 1 year and want to start business .How can I do that.

    • The first step is to figure out what you love and hopefully there is a potential to create a business around it. After you figure out what type of business you want to create, then you just have to DO IT.

      I wish I could tell you how you can do it, but in most cases it will be different for each person/business.

  20. Hi Neil ,
    If possible give me some businees tips.

  21. Great Think!! Great Idea!!

    Which qualification to start a Web business?


    • You don’t need any qualifications. You just have to be willing to take risks and work hard. 🙂

      • thanks!! your future plan?

        Are u start your company in india?
        when,which place?

        vazha valamudan

        • My future plans are to keep working on my software companies. I haven’t started a company from India yet… for now I am going to stick with starting companies in the United States.

  22. Jonathan DeMaille :

    Great Story…Mine is a lot alike right now but I keep on pushing forward. God Bless!

    • If you are wondering when you should keep on pushing forward or when to quit, consider reading “The Dip” by Seth Godin.

  23. I’ve known you casually for a few years Neil and yet I didn’t know all of this. Great story!

  24. Love the bio, its a shame you couldn’t get into more detail, cause you have some great stories, and many failures and laughs that have made you successful.

    I think your positive out look on life and your sense of humour is a big part of your success.

    I am proud of you little brother, hopefully one day you ll learn to park a car without damaging it..

  25. CCNA Training Videos :

    Great story.. it’s amazing you could turn a few months of unsuccessful sales experience into a $3,500 a month consulting gig. That rocks!

    Keep swinging the bat dude, looks like you’ve already had some hits, and the home run’s coming I’m sure.

    If you need more players on the team, I’m a free agent.. 🙂

    • All you have to do is put in the time and effort. That is the main reason people fail.

      I have had hits, but sadly they are only singles. I would love a home run, but at the moment I would even take a double or a triple. 🙂

      As for more players, I am always looking for more players. It is just trying to figure out where they can fit in the overall picture. 😉

  26. Fantastic efforts Neil. Reaching the top of Everest is not as tough as you think it is. Nothing is tough. Its us who make things tough for us. We need to work hard and then everything is possible. Your a good example of that.

    • Thanks! Hopefully one day I will also climb Everest. It’s probably too cold fore me and a very long journey, but it sounds fun.

  27. good job neil, we are the same age, and i can say i’m not quite successful as you yet, but thanks for showing that ideas can be easily executed into action!

  28. Great story Neil. I look forward to following your bright future. Keep up the good work and keep spreading your advice around.

  29. Donovan Roddy :

    WOW, very inspiring Neil. The best thing about the whole article is your humbleness of the success you’ve made; congratulations Neil!

  30. Thanks Neil for your Encouraging words….i will try to follow your paths…

  31. Niel, do you think you can help me succeed in my business.i am based in new york and have a trucking company.

  32. How do you define success Neil? Is it strictly how much money you have?

    • Success is more so how much money you have and what you do with it. Or what you do with your life. In my book you are successful if you do something notable, such as spending your whole life trying to find a cure for cancer even if you don’t make any money doing so.

      • Great answer. People have the mindset that if you are rich, you are successful. Now if the same person has a son or daughter that is addicted to drugs, how can that person be considered successful. He/she failed as a parent.

  33. Inspiring life story.

    Unless you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth, most of us come from simple families that work hard. Not everyone can go to college. The trick is to shed blood, sweat and tears and not to feel like a failure. Put one foot in front of the other and keep going. That’s what was always done.

    The difference is that today with the internet, we have great resources right at our fingertips. There is no reason not to be successful. Take advise from experts and make it work for you. Don’t reinvent the wheel.

    • Reinventing the wheel is one of the major reasons people fail. Even if you think the wheel could be better, it doesn’t matter. All the matters is what the customer wants.

  34. Hans Christian Dürr :

    Hi Neil,
    thanks for having such interesting website as yours on the net.

    Looking forward to more great articles.

    Best of luck for 2009!


  35. gotta love the pirated content hustle 😉

    • LOL. It seems like we both did well selling pirated stuff in high school. Gotta love Napster.

      • I want to thank you for the efforts you’ve got made in penning this article. I am hoping the same greatest work from you sooner or later as well. In fact your inventive writing skills has inspired me to start out my own BlogEngine weblog now. Actually the running a blog is spreading its wings rapidly. Your write up is a advantageous instance of it.

        • Thanks,
          I appreciate the kind words. Inspiration and dedication are two key factors to success and it seems like you are heading in the right direction. If you use what you have learned and never stop learning you will be more likely to succeed in your work.
          Good luck.

          • Use what you learn and never stop learning…you summed it up so beautifully. I found this site and I will keep coming back. So much stuff to read and learn.
            What theme you use for this and your personal blog. Looks clean and nice.
            I also see you try to collect email with Hello bar, optin in sidebar and another chance at the end of post.

            Learning new stuff!


  36. Good job Patel,

    Your story inspiring me 🙂

  37. Neil,

    You’re truly an inspiration with all your accomplishments and the fact that you still remain grounded and level-headed.

    I’ve been watching your rise to success for the last little while and have to say that you have helped motivate me to push harder and aim higher because I see the possibilities that are out there. And like you said, if you don’t like the hand you’re dealt, do something to change it!

    Thanks for sharing your story and being so candid. Like you, I love helping others, so don’t be shy to let me know if I can help you out with anything.

    To your continued success!

  38. Hi Neil,

    Thanks 🙂

    Anukul here from Delhi(INDIA). Right now I’m working as UI Expert. You know what after working almost 4years in companies now feeling Still I’m not in right place. think to quit soon & hopefully will start web/application development and affiliate marketing business.

    Looking forward for your valuable suggestions for the same.


    • You should start a company while you are still working at your current job. Once your company starts taking off, you can then quit your job.

      • Agreed with you.

        let me should acknowledge my situation to you. actually I have to finish MCA backlog papers as well, which I can’t due to job things so think to take break from job for 6-8 months. But at other side I think to make my folio and start my own business.

        Please suggest.


  39. Neil,

    Nice story which also motivates me to do something instead of doing just simple job and be happy.

    If you come to bayarea please let me know. We would like to motivate other kids in our temple(vaishnav temple).

    BTW:- My son name is also Neil Patel and I think we might have bidded in auction for neilpatel.com !! upto $500.

    KEtan patel

  40. Ari Lestariono :

    Hi Neil, I just got here and read your story very inspiring I am 41 years old guy, just lost my job, at the moment I am blogging and doing Internet marketing for the past 6 months, only small ncome I made from my blog, but I have this hunch feeling I’m on the right path, I need your opinion should I get a real job again or do pure Internet Marketing Entrepreneur although we all know it’s tough.Need your input

    • I would try to do both. Once your own business takes off then you can leave your new job. If you have a good amount of money in the bank and have no family, then you may not need a job, but being 41 years old, I would consider getting one.

  41. You don’t even sound remotely intelligent, let alone successful. If you are wasting a MILLION dollars in one investment (that you lost entirely) you sound like a fool.

    All of these pats on the back are ridiculous. And as for the Indians being cheap thing… jeez people, lighten up, there are far worse stereotypes than being considered cheap. Especially in the sense that was implied, which was being frugal.

    • The measure of success is going to be different for each person. You are probably right in that I am foolish and not successful. I am not saying that I am not well off, but compared to some of my friends, I haven’t accomplished what they have yet.

  42. Hey Neil,

    It was nice meeting you at the Mixergy 2.0 event at Earth Bound Media. Like you told me to I checked out your website 😉 Anyway, great story and very useful website. I actually used Crazy Egg for a past project. I thought it was a great tool. Anyway, I thought your idea of doing monthly drink-togethers in the OC wasn’t a bad idea…I’m bummed I’ll be missing you guys at Yardhouse tonight. Have a blast!

  43. Quite inspirational. Came across a similar story a couple of days ago on digg

    This guy also saw an opportunity in recession and is makin some quick bucks in there

    Truly motivating to see such stories. Wish I could come up with something innovative someday

  44. What an inspirational story…as a recent college grad I’m working a full time job, blogging, and helping form a few startups myself. Always good to see some other successes, especially at a young age like myself!

    • Keep up the work. That is the best time to start a company because there are a lot of people around you that can help.

  45. addison dacosta :

    Please I would like you to help me to start a business of my own. I am a youth in Ghana in the West Africa

  46. Hey Neil,

    We have communicated in the past in reference to the “the black card”- I work with Amex.

    Anyways..Great story and an inspiration to all. My parents came here with nothing and worked in a factory 12 hours shifts and when my mom was 3 months pregnant with my sister…she was eating Cheeseburgers..b/c thats all they could afford (and she doesn’t eat meat) and I look at what they have built today on their hardwork and dedication….

    Keep up the good work..

  47. I think I’ve heard of this black card guy…

  48. Inspiring story. You have done well.

  49. Akhil Sasidharan :

    I’m so much inspired from reading about you, and you tell it …very interestingly.

    I’ve used Crazyegg long back, when it had sort of like a “free” version.

    Nice to meet the guy who helped start it.

    Again, a truly inspiring story! 🙂

  50. Neil,

    It is humbling to learn of your life’s path. Looking back, I’m certain every experience added up to be the perfect recipe for your current success. Although we are different in age, I feel you on the losses, mistakes, and people ripping you off… I too have been ripped off. You are so right, the people you care for and eat with are the ones that rip you off the most. Lost millions and couldn’t have been at a worse time. Well we all live and learn.

    I’m starting a internet marketing service company as well, keep us posted on (at least some) of trade secrets and know-how.

    Happy 2009!

  51. Wow!

    Amazing story Neil and quite inspiring. I found your site from Smashing Magazine and am glad I did. Great job.

    Thanks for sharing.


  52. Hey Neil,

    This was indeed an amazing story. We have an aweful lot in common. Next time you’re in seattle we should do breakfast again.

  53. You have a great story i have been following you for awhile now. You said dont be afraid to ask so i will ask several question.

    1. How did you manage to get a million bucks to investing in hosting company that failed?

    2. Crazy egg did you program it yourself if not where did you find the programmers and what programming language did they used?

  54. Articles Spinning :

    Wow, very inspiring story, Neil. I know there were lots of failures along the way, but they seem to be what has brought made you to eventually succeed. Didn’t the experts say “success is failure turned upside down”? Thanks for sharing your story. Like I said, it will surely inspire lots of people, especially those who want to give up after one or more failures. Like you said – “life isn’t fair” but we can’t stand at the sidelines and complain about this fact. Instead, let’s keep keeping on until life at least becomes “fair” for us.

  55. Muhammad Furqan Khan :

    Dear Patel:

    I am Student of Entrepreneurship. I am looking for an entrepreneur for my life case study assignment. Would you plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz give an interview. I am really very surprised by your creative ideas and thinking that how could u do that.

    Your greatest, biggest fan is waiting for your positive reply



  56. Fascinating and all done at a very young age. Truly inspiring. My blog is a directory of stuff like this I find on the internet. Am definitely going to put a link to this blog.

  57. I heard lot about yours but first time i read and get a chance to know about yours, your story very inspiring specially for Youth who want to make money with hard work. Our best wishes always with yours.

  58. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for your story, it was very inspiring. I find it interesting that you said as a child you were able to live a middle class lifestyle, but you still desired to live a “rich” lifestyle. In many biographies I’ve read, the person started off dirt poor and because of their dis-satisfaction with their situation, it drove them to do whatever it took to build a better life for themselves. This concept is repeated by many immigrants, who realize that America has many oppportunities if you work hard and work smart.

    But I sometimes think that I lack that needed motivation because I was rasied in a middle classs lifestyle and I am basically surviving now, but it is far from my dreams.

    Can you maybe write a new story to share tips on how you used your dreams to create motivation to work hard even though you were comfortable to live a middle class lifestyle? And how you were able to keep going when nothing seemed to be working? Perhaps it would give me and others an extra insight or motivation to wake up early, work hard at the right things (working smart), work late, and do it consistently each day as steps to get to our goals. Often as we get excited and start working, the results are not as we have dreamed them, so we get discouraged and slack off or stop working toward our goals. What is the magic of persistance to make you keep going?

  59. Well maybe start with what pushed you to want to have a lot of money? Was it watching your uncles who had good businesses? Was it watching lifestyles of the rich and famous on TV and wanting to have lots of money to buy things? And then once you had that dream what kept you going toward it even though you were not selling any vacuums?

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    • I am sorry. I just unsubscribed you from getting notifications.

      With every email there is a link to unsubscribe. All you have to do is click the link and you won’t get anymore email notifications.

      Also when posting a comment, you don’t have to click the “subscribe to comments” check box.

      Once again, I do apologize for all of the emails.

    • SEOANDWEBDESIGN.COM, you just embarrassed yourself with your rude comments and now your comment will be online for all to see whenever they search for your domain name.
      Besides, this blog is built by wordpress, and Neil doesn’t have anything control over how it sends email notifications. It is so simple to unsubscribe, just click the link in the email. If you can’t figure that out, then I’m scared to think about what kind of quality of web and seo stuff you do. And if these comments are trashing your inbox, then you don’t have a very busy inbox, so you better get to work improving yourself.

    • Uhh, using words like that and making racist comments like that doesn’t make you or your company look very professional. Just saying.

  61. WOW, you have given me great inspiration. Thank you for sharing and good luck with all life endeavor. I can only dream of having one successful like yours!

  62. Congratulations,

    What a sum of lessons… Your tale gives me some confidence again at a time of doubts.

    Would you agree to see your text translated for my french news journal ? It will reach soon the 500,000 visits (total…) and your example should please all readers. For another english edition (mostly read throughout Thailand), I could just direct-link it as is…

    Thanks and all the best !

  63. Hi Neil

    I just came across this page. Before this I was doing some research and looking to get latest information and industry trends for Internet, so I can make a good online marketing strategy for my new startup thats almost 9 months old and we are raising finances for it.

    I really enjoyed reading your biography and after reading it I am more inspired now. It happened many time in life with me when I am about to give up and a book, article, biography or a person help me to gain confidence again and push me forward. So did you.

    Thanks Neil.
    Thanks for that.

    • Anyone can do what I did, if not a lot more. You just have to be willing to put in the time and effort. Best of luck!

  64. Hi Neil,

    I like you. You have a very inspiring story that would benefit most young entrepreneurs. And dude, you are funny and to the point kinda person. All the best! Cheers! 🙂

  65. Hi Neil,

    I’m done with the 2 reports intended to relay your talk amongst the french-speaking community & others. Please send me in private some address, in order to post you the hidden links to the articles (so that you can check before I publish).


  66. OK thanks, there you can see the referral of this blog (nothing changed) :
    and translated into french language:



    • I don’t have any job openings right now, but send over your resume. If I have something that may fit you, we can go from there.

  67. Hi Neil
    Hates of you buddy….i will follow your foot step.
    can you please give me some idea regarding how to become a king of big deal like you.
    or can you share some knowledge with me, if possible.
    Thanks & Regards
    Kamal Patel

    • There are 2 things you can do.

      1. Go back through my old posts on Quick Sprout and read them. They will teach you a lot about being “a big deal”.

      2. Help out as many people as you can. Don’t ask for anything, just help people out. It will help with your branding.

  68. Wordpress Template :

    Hi Neil,

    Its very nice to here about you.I got some idea how to improve…..it was very inspiring. I find it interesting that you said as a child you were able to live a middle class lifestyle.

    • Yea, my parents tried to provide a decent lifestyle. I was lucky enough to not have to worry about the basic things such as food and shelter.

      • Wordpress Template :

        Hi Neil,

        I have to know lot of things from you.If you are ready to teach me please let me know.I will explain to you all the questions?


        • Email me when you are ready. I don’t know what I can teach you… but if you ask me questions I will try my best to answer them.

  69. Great story…
    I think you should write your story in more detail.
    I think you can even write your autobiography :).
    This page is also bookmarked for future reading.

  70. Money Academy :

    i don’t read ABOUT page much but i read yours , it was hard work from you , so you reach a good stage . but you should thank your sister because she was supporting you and she have a big role in your life ” sure beside your parents “

  71. Ari Lestariono :

    To know the truth one must accept anything happens in their live, without resistence

    • Nice quote. I think everyone should accept everything that happens to them. Your past is what makes you who you are.

  72. Calling Indians cheap is insulting. I understand what you meant; that some Indian are cost conscious and save a lot of money by living frugal, but putting it that way is not a good way of describing a community.

    Have a good day!

  73. Danelle Ice (Homemaker Barbi) :

    I love how in depth your About page is- it’s very interesting to learn so much about the person behind a site right away. Today is my first time to your site and I am intrigued by your experiences! I’ll be reading more of the site, definitely. Thanks!

    Danelle Ice (Homemaker Barbi)

  74. Blake Southwood :

    I agree that a beta is more important than a business plan.

  75. Blake Southwood :

    Yeah, I’ve been getting feedback everyone I know on earth
    on how to compete with eBay and it’s very enlightening.

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    I enjoyed reading your business history. It could be made into a movie. I have a website called www.gasstations.com. Me, my father in-law and brother in-law came up with the idea. We are trying to sell advertising to support it. Would you take a look at it and let me know what you think of it. My father in-law and I also have a business brokerage company where we sell c-stores, hotels and other retail businesses. It is www.gasstationsforsale.com. My question is this, how do we get more companies to advertise with our www.gasstations.com website? Thank you for your time. I really enjoyed your website.

    • The best way for you to get advertisers is create a list of all the potential companies that could advertise. Once you do that call each of them up and see if they would be interested in advertising.

      I know this solution sucks, but it works. 😉

  77. Pankaj Sharma :

    Inspiring life story. All the best dear.

    • Thanks! By the way, you should consider picking a simpler design for your blog.

      • Pankaj Sharma :

        Thanks for your suggestions Neil. Its nice to know you have visited my blog. I will definitely work on this suggestion.

        • As a blogger you are already on the right path by listening to others. A lot of bloggers have egos… it is good to see that you don’t have one.

  78. Pankaj Sharma :

    I m novice in this field.So learning is the only thing i can afford. Your story was inspirational.Its nice to see that a Indian has done this.I changed my blog design. Plz have a look at it.
    I am a PHP developer and worked on WordPress. You can have a look on this website http://theviewpaper.net. I developed this.I am thinking developing my own Theme for my blog and my own webhosting. So till then i have to suffice with these themes.

    • The design isn’t too bad, but it isn’t a standard layout. I would consider using a standard 2 column layout.

      The link to theviewpaper.net doesn’t work.

  79. Really inspiring story. I look forward to reading more from you as I just started blogging last month. I got linked from shoemoney

  80. Neil,

    Nice story and can truly appreciate what you have done for yourself.

    I would love a chance to speak with you and get some advice, etc….


  81. Weird story. I came across your site because my friend put a warren buffet quote on his facebook status. I googled it and then i found this: https://www.quicksprout.com/2008/12/19/be-fearful-when-others-are-greedy-and-greedy-when-others-are-fearful/
    I would imagine that other people would find your site from your other web sites or maybe if they’re searching for SEO-related articles.
    Anyways, nice accomplishments for your age. I’m 3 years older than you but nowhere near anything you have done. I hope I can learn more from you.

    Hertanto Lie

  82. That is a great story. It is funny how life can run you around and around in circles while you are searching for a better thing. I believe that I have a similar personality. My folks were high school teachers, but I have an entrepreneur from day one. In fact, I was just talking with some friends the other day that I have never had a job, were I received vacation time or any benefits other than a discounted seasons pass to Mt Baker.

    I look forward to keeping up with your future adventures via quick sprout.

  83. what an amazing story neil! truly, hard work will get you anywhere. the best of luck to you & your future endeavors! =)

  84. Its great advice for me.It will encourage me always.Thanks Neil for this post.Keep it up.

  85. Ari Lestariono :

    Yes , hard work always pays off, it’s the inside feeling of succeed and not to give up midway .

    • It is hard not to give up when you aren’t seeing success for a very long time. The key is to setup small milestones that you can reach every so often.

  86. You inspire us………………

    Nice to read your story.

  87. This gives me a lot of inspiration
    I am from India, Always thinking of which career to choose :). I love things on internet, but have many worries abt future

    Thank you boss!

  88. Great blog…wonderful story (on you!). It’s funny – my blog isn’t “selling” anything. I write about what moves me…it was designed to be a prose version of my radio talk program. And it’s working…but, no dollars are flowing in. And yet, the blog is getting more readers every day.

    I’m not giving advice; I’m not a consultant; I’m not a strategist. But I believe when one writes the truth (read: something he/she is passionate about), people become absorbed. Whether talking about a major sporting event, a news headline or something crazy that happened with my daughters, there are touchstones for people to grab onto…

    …Much like what you’ve written. I’ll be back often! Good writing – honest writing, no matter the topic, is something I enjoy.

    • Thanks! Once you build up a big readership you will figure out how to make money. You first want a really solid reader base.

  89. Got into this site through smashingmag, got to tell you that I am impressed at your portfolio of achievements at such a young age. Man, at 21 I was a rockstar of a different kind.

    I do have my own sites too which gives me an extra income.

  90. Interesting story, but have you actually made any money overall? Sounds like a lot of fail, mixed with hype.

  91. Heya. Thanks for all of these tips–it’s really helpful. Within the next few months, I’d like to start my first blog. So this kind of advice is really needed for me.

    I hope you don’t mind me going into this and asking for some further advice. I have some issues with my mental health that make it difficult for me to have a typical day job, so I thought that my interest in art, writing and the internet would make it a good idea for me to try to provide me with some income.

    Do you know of any other ways, sites or tips regarding trying to make it in the “blogging business” successfully?

    Thank you!

  92. Neil I love stories like yours. They are inspiring and show what can happen with we venture out of our “comfort zone”, believe in ourselves, and take risks.

    I’m preparing for a launch in March of a robust but easy to use web platform to manage email, email marketing, autoresponders, video, calendar, contacts, documents,etc all from one interface. I’m preparing to hit the ground running, to get the information “out there” as quickly and effectively as I can as I see this to be an essential tool for businesses.

    I’ve just begun blogging and your website has great advice!


    • Best of luck with your venture. You will probably get tons of positive feedback and negative feedback when you launch. Just make sure you learn from the negative feedback and don’t let it slow you down.

  93. Thank you so much for sharing that. That’s great. I will totally have to write an about me page that is detailed as that. Congrats on not giving up.

    Internet marketing is hard and knocks you down a lot, but it’s important to get back up.

    Good job!

  94. The idea behind all great idea is always keep motivated at all stages, and that is not easy, especially when you are not making or making small money in this business, one side of our mind says we want to quit and other side says we have to continue, it’s like talking to yourself, if we understand Zen teaching, every time we wake up from bed, sometimes we speak to ourselves, has our master really we wake up, becoming one and focus requires abundance of mind power to do it and by practicing it through Internet Marketing is a good way to know your determination to keep persistence on this path or not.Before I make comment to this great community I astonished reading one of comments from Alvin Phang blog, gathersuccess.com, a woman can cure herself from stage 4 cancer using her mind power to do it, take that as a motivation.Good luck to you all.

  95. Neil you are amazing. Your achievements pale only to your courage to succeed. You will do well in life. Stay as focused as you are now.

    Be well

    • I hope so. I haven’t made it big yet…

      • Neil,

        I think that no one should allow him/herself to become complacent. As God’s creatures, we should all strive to do more, be more, etc. Reward doesn’t always always some in the form of money, however.

        • I agree. It is my greed getting to me. 🙁

          • Dennis Gravitt :


            When you have a talent, it should be exploited. If it makes tons of money for you, all the better. One consequence of creating wealth, is that it enables others too to make money. They receive employment, either directly or indirectly, as a result of your efforts.

  96. Hi Neil,
    just was going through tweets and got on to your website., it was inspiring for me to read your story …i am just 21 and want to live the same life you live today. will try my best…

  97. Where can I get creative cards made like the ones in your article “51 creative cards” I am trying to find them for a gift!

  98. Hey did you go to CSUF? I have a feeling I’ve seen you on campus.

  99. Nicholas | Pixobyte.com :

    Thanks, your story is really motivating me, Its nice to see an Indian Origin to do such great things in life, proud to be an Indian 🙂 all the best for your Future

  100. Your story is really inspiring neil. i have no words……

  101. An Actionscript Developer :

    A really encouraging story for young developers like me.
    Even I left my job with IBM to start my own company.
    I am into Adobe Flex & Actionscript Development, and specialise in Flex widgets & AIR desktop applications.
    I know I have a long way to go. If you have time, please do visit my website.
    ActionScript Developer

  102. Lijo Samuel :

    Your’s is a truly inspiring story, and hats off to you buddy for trying. You’ve just taught me something: Never give up…cuz i already have given up (i’m 26, only have my associates degree, jobless and the only thing i’m good at is putting up main frames together). Wish i could do change that

    • Incase you haven’t yet, I would read this post: https://www.quicksprout.com/2009/03/02/don’t-give-up

  103. Your post are amazing i love to read it

  104. Thanks for sharing your story and congratulations on all your success! You have really accomplished a lot at such a young age. I had never heard of you before and kind of stumbled across your blog by accident. I am familiar with Crazy Egg, though. We use it at work all the time and love it.

  105. Hi Neil, glad I found your blog! I am starting up my first business right now! Seriously like right now I am filling out the FBN paperwork. I just wanted to say hi and thanks for the resources and inspiration!

  106. Hi Neil,
    I just look to your website. Great and inspiring.

    Thank you for all your sharing. Wish you all the best…

  107. Meghna Gosalia :

    Hey Neil,
    I am really impressed by your achievement. I believe, if there is a ‘will’ there is a ‘way’ but you changed this by making a WAY for yourself and creating a WILL for all of us to think SMART 🙂
    I too am a young entrepreneur trying my ways to succeed in my business and your blog has just inspired me to Think Big, Work Hard, and Believe that, the Best is yet to come!!
    Best Regards,

  108. Well it’s great to see a fellow indian working hard and
    Getting what he deserves.

    Have to appreciate your will.

    Keep doing the good work!!!!


  109. It is great to see someone younger doing so well. I am finding it difficult to find affiliates/ partners for web projects. I have been webhosting for 2 years, but have been web designing for more than 5 and last year finally got done with one of my degrees despite having a 6 year old son. I have a network of sites, and most are interactive on some level.

    However, I have not become, as they say “financially free”… it seems a lonely journey, but I am optimistic that eventually I will make the right connections as I have been striving to do.

    Anyway, your story is encouraging. 🙂

  110. I always want to change my lifestyle and i constantly think of ways to do so. Your life has inspired me in a true sense to start something really substantial and make a difference to my life as well as others.

    Thanks and all the best

    • No problem! Best of luck!

      • Clorinda Shed :

        After reading this posting, I contemplated the very same level that I invariably wonder about when scanning new blogs and forums. Simply what do I take into consideration this? Exactly how should it impact me? This and extra posts in your weblog proper right here actually give some stuff to look at. I basically ended up here by way of Yahoo once I was very first doing some internet study for some course carry out that I have. At all times very good instances searching by way of and I’m hopeful that you’ll carry on writing new posts. Cheers!

      • Good day, my group is just establishing our first website, looking out and figuring out what’s needed. This weblog caught out proper away. I’m fired up about this, and adore the design of your site. Are you able to let me know what “theme” it’s?

        • Hello,
          Sounds like you have a lot going on. I’m glad you enjoy my site.
          However It’s still in the works. So far there is no theme set to it yet.
          I’ll be sure to let you know differently when it is up and finalized.

  111. I don’t usually sit and read someone’s blog, but yours seems interesting and when I read about all of your ups and downs leading up to your success it really makes me think. I for one have never been rich, in fact I live on the line of poverty. I work p/t and trying to put myself through college for web design (my ultimate goal is to be a photographer/web & graphic designer all while trying to enjoy life with my son 5 year old son. I’ve always wondered what i could do to help myself and then I realize that it takes patience, virtue and the will to understand what you are good at and how you need to make it happen. Maybe one day I’ll be able to live boss free-And put my son through college as well.

  112. Great achievement by you. Your story is highly motivating. I hope I follow your path to gain success like you.

  113. Neil how do you find the time to do everything that you do? Just found your blog through Jack Humphrey interview with you. Think it’s the first time that I have sat down and read all these comments at once. Really like your blog and will enjoy reading going forward.


  114. Redjeki Dot Net :

    I must learn from you Neil.. I want to become a “rock star” Neil.. I will be your loyal readers..

  115. Hey Neil, I just read your story and saw your picture and realized that your friends with Warren…We used to hang out back in high school…Can’t really ask him for any advice because he never takes me seriously..well anyways, hopefully you can help me out….Im trying to start a internet biz of my own, and I don’t know how to create a buzz for it and get people talking about it. Do you have any tips prior to the launch of a website to build a buzz and get traffic flowing right away?

  116. Hi Neil. Really good way of writing about your life. In my point of view you, its hard to express and tell everything about own life to other person. Or may be I am less expressive. But one need courage to share everything as you have did.

    In this internet era every one wants to earn online. I still remember days when I am in school in 10th I got land line bsnl phone. So India was not that much technology friendly. But now I have seen younger Indian entrepreneur.

    Any ways, Keep it up with success.

  117. Ari Lestariono :

    Tell me something Neil, how do you motivate and spark yourselves, when your down?

  118. Hi Neil,

    Greetings from Morocco. I got led to your blog through the Thesis theme’s promotional website. I’m an intercultural learning consultant in the late 30’s. Your practical internet marketing tips are greatly appreciated, but your life story is really inspirational. Thanks for your willingness to share your knowledge and to wish others to do better than yourself.

  119. Hi! i just read your journal, i wish i can have a view like you. I am 27 years old, and also doing internet marketing now. however,sadly, i have nothing in my hand. my income is not stable also. thanks for the post, it let my know that i have a chance to improve all things from now on.

    • Keep on cranking away. It gets better as long as you keep on pushing hard. A lot of the good Internet marketers are also struggling right now.

  120. Padameshwar :

    Hi Neil

    How can I,at 25 years of age,become a Neil Patel ? I ruminate 16/24 hours online in a hope to make money ?Please guide me.

    • Do what you love and keep on learning more. As long as you keep on trying something good will happen.

  121. Neil,

    Did you ever finish college?

    • I did. It took my 5 and a half years, but I finished it.

      • Where did you finish it at? Did you find it distracting that you were doing your thing and going to school at the same time?

        And why did you finish it doing what you were doing?

        • California State University of Fullerton.

          It was very distracting, but my parents wanted me to finish it.

  122. So you were making 6+ digits while going to school?

    • Yep, but 6 figures isn’t that much money these days.

      I think I was doing a good 6 figures a year in high school and a good 6 figures a month in college.

      • That’s great man, it’s good hearing things like that.

        Did it ever kill your credibility that you were a student? People not taking you as seriously being a student, people wondering why you were in school, hating on you at school, etc?

        Oh, and what kind GPA did you grade with?

        • I was in school because my parents forced me to finish.

          As for my GPA I think I had a bit under a 3.0 in college.

  123. Very compeling bio Neil 😉
    Your early entrepreneurs attitude made you what you are today…which is tottaly amazing 😉
    Can you tell me what personal qualities you are most proud of and which helped you the most in your journey?

    • My favorite is being aggressive. I may be too aggressive at some points, but I love it. If I see something I want, I go after it.

      • Techie Sales Guy :

        Neil, call me pedantic, but do you appreciate that in the UK the word ‘aggressive’ would describe someone who likes to attack you physically, violently maybe. In the US, the word has taken a different meaning, ie using energetic action to pursue a goal.

        Note also that there is an important difference between being aggressive and being assertive. There is nothing wrong with assertiveness, it means not being afraid to state your views on an issue; aggressiveness (here) implies threatening others.


  124. William J Weekes Jr :

    Wow! It’s funny how God allows you to stumble on certain things, to realize that you are either on the right path or wrong path. I literally stumbled onto your blog and I needed to hear [read is more like it] what you had to say. Wasn’t sure what I was doing here in the blog-o-shere world. After reading your about page and your things you would change post changed my thinking about what it is I’m gonna do in the online world.

    Thank you. Please know you are now official bookmark! And you have a new subscriber. Looking forward to learning more about you and your lessons.

  125. Wow, that was absolutely inspiring. So many things stuck out and surprisingly strike similarities to what I’ve experienced.

    I’m 22 today and not quite sure of where to land in the corporate vs. entrepreneurial world. Don’t want to make the wrong career move, but at this age, is there even a such thing as a wrong move? What to do, what to do.

  126. Hi Neil,

    I read your quality posts from few months. You have a good skill to maintain quality as per search engine and visitors’ requirement.
    Good job.
    Best luck for bright future.

  127. congratulations man..

    you’ve been persistent and have succeeded. sounds a bit like my story as i have tried so many different biz but none have led me to make any real money. though i keep positive and know that 2009 will be the turning point.

    once again congrats and btw i love crazyegg.. really great product you’ve come up with.

  128. Techie Sales Guy :


    How do you work that out Neil?

    We live in a hyper competitive world, everybody would like the big income, few have it; ergo, they are or do something which the masses don’t.

    Don’t kid yourself about untalented people making it big. Most likely you haven’t yet realised exactly where their talent lies.


  129. Unreal Neil. Congrats on your hard work and achievements!

  130. Nice way of recovery, like your Story. If I knew 10 years ago what I know now, I might be rich by now. you about story remind me off all the thing I done to get to where I am now.
    but by the meanwhile who know, right now my Internet business is on hold, because I landed a job at a hospital near at home, as an consultant that pay approximated 2500 month.

  131. Manish Bodani :


    Great story and even better the way you elaborated it. The most remarkable part is that you started again after having lost..quite a bit.

    Pls keep us posted on your latest happenings!


  132. Very inspiring story of your way to the top Neil! What would you say was your one key to success?

  133. Hemanth Kumar :

    Your story is Interesting N Inspiring Neil, I like your point ‘ If one way is not good go to another way if you can, but never stop going towards success….!’

  134. Ari Lestariono :

    All start with good intention and good Karma will be on your path.

  135. The eBusiness Experiment :

    Wow, incredible story! I wish you well in your new lifestyle. It is an inspiring story…I will work hard aswell and see where I end up!!

  136. Great story Neil. Young entrepreneurs like yourself always impress and intimidate me. I think your story is inspirational for many, especially when I find myself right in the depths of learning web analytics. Since I am just completing my education at the University of Washington I am in search of a company where I can “relaunch” my career in web marketing and analytics. I say “relaunch” because I left my employer after 7 years consulting with local SMBs in print and online advertising. Thanks again for sharing your story.

    • Never be intimidated by us. Remember we are still young and can learn a lot from people like you.

  137. Ravi Moosad :

    Really inspiring story. I couldn’t do even close to what you did at this age. BTW, I am an Oracle Consultant.

  138. desigrl2885 :

    I found your profile on twitter and found your story to be very inspiring. It is amazing how much one person can do by the age of 23.

    Thank you for making a positive contribution and for being an inspiration.

  139. Tim Akinduro :

    wow!!! All I have to say is wow!! You truly are an inspiration. Your biography was beautiful to read. I myself am in that mode right now (started a little late..lol) But I am trying to create new business ideas that I beleive the world needs. Thanks for the inspiration. I won’t give up on them.

    • Keep in mind that ideas are a dime a dozen. It is all about execution.

      Best of luck!

      • Tim Akinduro :

        Thanks a lot. I will definitely need it. And I do agree with you. It’s all about execution and marketing at the right time.

        • And don’t spread yourself too thin. Stick with 1 idea and not 10.

          • Tim Akinduro :

            Very True. Now that I need a lot of help on.

            • Just pick the idea that you like the most and feel that has the most potential.

              Also pick the one that is doable and in your means. For example, don’t pick an idea that takes 100 million dollars.

  140. Marko Nikolic :

    Hey Neil,

    Your story is truly amazing and very inspiring! Congratulations on your success.

    I got into web design about 4 years ago and moved to front end development and finally to SEO/Online Marketing. About 2 years ago I started a supplement review site but haven’t touched it until recently. About a month after I started working on it, it really started making some decent money ($1,000/month). I think my biggest challenge is that I often feel like I can and should be doing bigger and better things, but I’m not. I get discouraged with working on the same site because I feel like there are more efficient ways to do things, but I dont know what they are. I often have ideas for tools that can speed up the process, but I dont know how to make them. I often have ideas for new sites but either dont start them or start them and dont finish them. Execution is everything, this I know, but how do I get better at executing things if I’m doing the same thing over and over?

    Thank you,

    • Marko I here you on that. I design and feel the need to enhance my web development skills. When your learning new things your progress can be daunting. Congratulation on making money. Trust when I say not always easy to do.


      • You and Marko should contact each other. You can both probably learn a decent amount from each other. 😉

    • Figure out where you are inefficient and try to improve upon it. Because if you are inefficient you won’t be able to execute as much due to lack of time. You can do this through software like http://www.rescuetime.com or you can start talking to other designers and ask them how they are improving on their efficiency.

      Also look back at your past and see were you messed up when it came to execution. Learn from your past mistakes.

  141. Robert Seviour :

    Neil is right in saying that “lack of time” really means failing to understand the relative importance of the items that make up your day. According to the Pareto Principle, only a small part of what you do is responsible for moving you towards what you aim to achieve. The rest of your day is consumed by things that hardly contribute. The trick is recognizing which is which and then cutting down on the weakly-leveraged ones. If you do that, you will have the time you need for the essential actions.

    • It is all about being efficient. Sometimes you can get a lot more done working 4 hours a day than 8 hours.

  142. Delhi Beats :

    Very inspirational story.. thanks for sharing your experiences

  143. Matt Ackerson :

    Hey Neil,

    I’ve read about 4 or 5 posts on your blog thus far. It’s all very high quality stuff, no filler. Thank you for taking the time to write them.

    I’m doing my best to follow your advice and the advice of others that I deem to be valuable to more effectively market my start-up company’s services. So far its slow going, by now that my business partner and I have graduated from Cornell and completed our degrees we will have much more time to invest into growing the business. We are hopeful that our persistence and willingness to learn from individuals such as yourself will pay off in the end.

    Thanks again,


  144. Gene Carbonell :

    Neil, what a great story! I don’t read many blogs since they don’t relate to what I do but your blog I always read. Why? It most always has a helpful tidbit (sometimes blockbuster) of information that I can use to improve my site, my outlook or strategy and in general gives me a lift.


  145. Love this. Inspiring. I’m in the process of starting a business myself. I’ll writng about my experience soon.

  146. justone4all :


    I have some website ideas but its hard for me to decide how much money i can spend on designing of the site?

    For example, for a site like this (quick sprout), how much we can spend for logo design & complete website design?

    • Not much. I use services like logoworks.com and 99designs.com to reduce my costs.

      • brutaltshirt review :

        Hey there! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be okay. I’m undoubtedly enjoying your blog and look forward to new updates.

      • Thanks for one’s marvelous posting! I definitely enjoyed reading it, you will be a great author.I will ensure that I bookmark your blog and will eventually come back from now on. I want to encourage continue your great work, have a nice day!

  147. Mitko Yanakiev :

    Every designer or developer takes different per hour or per project.SO somebody can want for the logo $500 and another $300.

    • justone4all :

      I know.
      But that’s the whole problem, its difficult to choose in that case.
      If we simply think that, higher cost people will give better results, then we have to choose costly guy
      but we can’t simply believe in that statement.

    • If you use crowd sourcing you can get things done cheaper. The quality may not be there, but you will save money.

  148. charubhashini :


    Thats really great that you have worked hard to achieve and become an entrepreneur in such a small age.. me too decided to do small business in the internet.. but only thing I blog a lot like anything…

    Hope to hearing from you soon.


  149. Hey Neil,

    How did you learn about Internet marketing? Through courses, classes, books or a internet marketing teaching company?

    • Just by doing it on my own site. I also read a lot of Internet marketing related sites like www.searchenginewatch.com.

  150. Kirk Bachelder :

    Reminds me of my young clients/retailers who are just out of school/college and sell through innovation. I’ll make a case study and post it on my blog

  151. Jean Philippe :

    Very inspiring story. Thank you very much for sharing it, especially the part about the ‘fairness’ of life. A lot of people are stopped by that. This idea should be taught in every single primary school!
    I read on a blog (Zoe Westhof’s Essential prose) this quote: “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” You showed us how to do exactly that 🙂

    Thank you!

    • Thanks Jean! In order to be successful in anything, you absolutely need to be a hard worker and someone who doesn’t take no for an answer.

  152. Wow, Great story!

    It’s nice to read refreshing content… Haven’t seen too much youthful avant garde material that is as sharp as your story & activities.

    Your story’s a lot like mine on my way to Wall st a few years ago.

    I’m ~2 months older than you & have gone through a lot of similar trials, the current econ situation not being the least of them ;-).

    Even though I’m kind of a techie & a pretty fast learner, I’ve just recently begun to exploit the potential of the web. I’ve been thinking about starting a Blog & you have a great model to serve as an example.

    If you’re ever in NYC, shoot me an email. I’ll be following your blog.


    • That sounds great Mike, shoot me an email with your contact info and I’ll let yo know if I’m ever out there. Glad you enjoy my blog.

  153. Anthony Proulx :

    Inspiring to say the least. Thanks for telling me your stories I am on my path, and there’s nothing that will make me give up.

  154. Ricky Peterson :

    Truly inspiring Story Neil. I am very much glad to say that you are the only Indian who has made name on Internet. I am looking forward to do something like you in coming days if i can get your support would be awesome. I earn TON of money online but i don’t know how to present things online. Just a request if you can do something in order to support me.

    • Thanks, but there are plenty of Indians who are successful on the internet. All it takes is hard work and persistence.

  155. Anshul Agrawal :

    Very interesting and inspiring story.. its hard to believe that you have gone through so much at such an early stage in life… very impressive! wish you good luck for life ahead

  156. Business Related :

    Good thing that business spirit person, that’s a plus to you. Your life story can encourage more people and can lead them to a bright way.

    Good Luck…

  157. Great story that give hope and inspiration. You’re right about life. Keep moving forward and don’t quit. I’ll be following your blog. Thanks!

  158. go gujju bhai!

    so now u gujratis are sexy too??
    (since ya’l were millionaires and single already)


  159. Neal, I am so happy that you are one of the few transparent people who still exist. My experience is similar to yours. Alot of ideas, hard work but little to show for it. I have spent alot of money chasing after my great ideas with little return. When you said marketers stole your money and not deliver, in my case programmers stole my software and locked it. I kept retolling and pushing forward. Teaching myself and learning to get help.

    I enjoyed your inspiration.

    • Thanks so much. I think being able to empathize with someone else is the most rewarding thing you can get out of a blog. If I can share my stories, and someone can relate to them then I feel I have done my job.

  160. Hi Neil – Excellent story of success and determination. You have quite a following.

    Like you, I am young, driven by a fierce fire but a little short on resources for marketing our new bike company online (metabike.com)

    With your specialty knowledge, do you have any advice on where to tap into to increase sales / interest?

    Stay healthy Neil!

    • Sorry for the late reply. Hopefully you are still keeping up with the blog. You might want to create your own blog, and definitely look into an advertising platform to incorporate onto your blog. Thanks!

  161. Hey neil, your sucess story is really amazing, and its quiet encouraging to get it from you and your blog really rocks, keep it going!

  162. the thing you had said about indians is too bad.. Being an indian u shouldn’t say like that.. Indians aren’t cheap they look for there future.. They save money for there children’s..

    • kmadhav@datarecovery :

      yes, Dear Indians are not cheap you should not write these words. Indians left their country to earn money. Otherwise you are insipiration for us . I bookmarked this page…

    • Sonia,
      I don’t think Neil meant it a a rude way..it was a funny touch to an inspiring story..I’m Guju, Indian, Patel,Desi..whatever You want to call it…and Its true we are cheap..but thats not a negative thing..and when someone says we are cheap we shouldn’t become defensive either..I take it has a compliement..maybe if they rest of the country was Cheap like most of us Indians..their homes wouldn’t be in foreclosure or having financial diffculties (not all but most people) ..etc..we have our lifestyle, where we consider the future for ourselves and our loved one…My non-indian friends..think I’m the cheapest of all..and I tell them its in my blood…It’s compliment not a insult..because of people admire how successful Indian are, we should embrace our ways with a smile and laughter..because I do…
      Great Story Neil..

      • ha ! Ha! neil…..I see people are laying into you abt the cheap comment……I could add one other stereo type…what about the “tight” gujju…..I am marrying a patel. I am a punjabi who are notorious for being more reckless with their money. My fiance is definitely more cautious with parting with his money, “tight” as my punjabi mom says…

    • I meant Indians are cheap in a great way. When I say cheap I mean smart with our money. We are some of the kindest people on earth 🙂

  163. Hi Neil,

    You are an inspiration to every Indian wanna be online businessman Keep up the good work mate.



  164. George Samuels :

    Truly inspirational! Good on you for making it at such a young age – I’d really like to be as successful as you (as I am currently 22), but in different areas. I recently setup a “proper” blog at http://blog.siosism.com but am still learning a lot about what it takes to make one successful. For now, I’m using it as a PERSONAL blog to cover my favorite topics such as web design, animation, blogging, games, personal development, and productivity. Although I know this is quite wide in range, I’m using the blog to capture all my findings and, hopefully, help others learn from my discoveries and failures.

    If you have any tips on how to curtail my wide range of topics, or maybe even successfully market them all as one, that would be greatly appreciated. If not, I understand since you must be a very busy man – I am just so thrilled to have come across a young, successful entrepreneur such as yourself!

    Good luck in the future and may your spirit prosper!

    PS. Do you have a Facebook account?

    • Yeah, search “neil patel” on facebook and go ahead and add me, I’ll accept your request.

      • George Samuels :

        Hey Neil! Thanks for the reply. I looked you up previously but, unfortunately (or fortunately?), there’s more than one Neil Patel! I think I’d need the email address you use on Facebook to properly find you. If not, you could just add me: “George Siosi Samuels.” Or just join my fan page (yay) @ http://facebook.dj/siosism, and I’ll be able to find you a lot easier. Thanks again Neil. I continue to boast many good things about you, and look forward to communicating with you more!

        • LoL, yep there seems to be a lot of us. My email is neil@neilpatel.com. Let me know if you have trouble finding me still.

  165. Dear Neil,
    Your story is inspiring and what you write about indians are not totally true,we can puchase the things which are most essentials.
    Beacause of this tendency we are not too much hurt by global meltdown.

    • Global meltdown, or globalmelt-up, just focus on what you’re passionate about and stick to it. Persistence is what will allow you to move forward.

  166. How. Such an amazing story, Neil. I feel bad that I wasn’t able to do so much when I was young. Heck, I didn’t even know what the internet was until I was 17, I’m 29 now. I was dirt poor as a kid. I’m talking NO electricity, NO running water, and NO food at times. Yes, in America. I was also homeless in my last year of high school. I used to want to be an animator or movie director, but I graduated with a degree in Graphic Design. Now I’m interested in web development (and hopefully iPhone app development). I’m still a novice, but reading stuff like your story is really helpful. I just feel like I’m starting “late”. Thanks for all the info, Neil!

  167. StocksonWallStreet :

    Great story glad to see that other people to go through the same struggles however you persevered and proved that hard works pays off long-term.

  168. Hi Niel, I love how you refer to successful carriers as rock stars, its kinda motivating. Reminds me of that Intel commercial where the programmer walks in and they all treat him like a rock star for a change.

    • Yeah, that was funny. The guy in the commercial wasn’t the real guy, he was an actor. They used an actor who was a really big “Fob”

  169. Hi Neil
    Great spirit and every one of us in this world go through some of the experiences similar to yours at some time of life. Life is always forward journey and such a journey against strong winds is always challenging.
    I have been traveling my journey against many strong winds falling, rising and moving forward always.I have started a social networking website and i need all the smart minds and creative minds to give comments and feedback of how i can make it more interesting and creative in terms of colors, theme, UI and most importantly the content.
    I have already received your feedback and i wonder how i can start seeding my own content interestingly.
    Once again good luck Neil and wish you achieve your $100 Mil soon.

    • Use other social networking sites to get your word out. And most importantly, network like crazy! If your not making solid and powerful connections, don’t expect to get anywhere.

  170. What a great story (so far)! You had me smiling while reading the whole thing. You are inspirational. I appreciate your candor. Just hearing you casually mention you lost a million dollars in an investment and lived to succeed makes me feel better about my investments over the past year(s). I’m putting all my crazy eggs in my own ventures now, so maybe I’ll end up following your path (one can hope)! Keep up the good work, and thanks again for an excellent post.

    • Certainly Rich! Losing money is part of the process and nothing one should take so seriously they prevent themselves from growing even bigger. Just remember to focus on what’s important and think big.

  171. You’re an inspiration! I look forward to reading many more of your blogs. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences.

    • I’m glad you like it Liz. Make sure you subscribe via email and get the posts sent directly to your inbox. 🙂

      • Hi Neil!

        Oh yes I just signed up for your posts to be emailed to my inbox. I had created one over a month ago but after reading your blog about Twitter, I’ve decided to “revamp” all my online profiles and split out my personal and professional usage. Thanks to your post on the Twitter topic, I’ve deleted my personal Twitter (which was getting really annoying and I’m glad it’s cancelled) and created a formal one. I’ve also closed out my personal daily blogger and replaced it with a more formal blog to post about my experiences and exposures to the web/graphic design and small business world, etc. (I hope that you don’t mind but I posted your website link to my blog!)

        Reading your thoughts and experiences is already helping me gain knowledge on what it’s like to be an entrepreneur and I greatly respect all that you’ve accomplished! Good luck with many more successes to come to you =)

        I look forward to speaking to you more and reading all of your thoughts to come.

        Happy blogging!

  172. Oh how embarrassing! Need to correct something.

    “I had created one over a month ago but after reading your blog about Twitter, I’ve decided to “revamp” all my online profiles and split out my personal and professional usage.”

    I was referring to creating a blog in the beginning of my sentence. =)

  173. Neil, I am very impressed with your posts. It is funny, you think of your life growing up in the OC and the challeneges and experiences that brings. I was very impressed with your story. If you are still in the area I think you would be great person to network with. I have some similar stories, successes and struggles. Both of my brothers were sprots stars and attended Los Al HS. I attended Mayfair HS in Lakewood. My brother was a football star running back. My dad wanted him to attended Kennedy HS. The football coach said, “I do not need a running back…” and told my dad “I think Los Al was a better situation for your son.” So he attended Los Al and was the county leader in rushing and td’s. He had 5 td’s against Servite HS in game two at Los Al. The Kennedy Football coach was featured in the OC Register the day after the Servite game as the worst blunder in HS Football in a decade. ” I did not know who the kid was or I would have definitely kept him at Kennedy” Once my brother signed to play at Colorado with Kordell Stewart, He did thank Kennedy HS for making it all happen! I think my brother sent the Kennedy football coach him a gold watch after he got back from the National Championship game in Miami.(lol) He was bashed constantly in the OC Register over the years.(lol) Anyway I recently did the marketing campaign and worked with SEO for OC Smile/ OC Dental Centers. I am a former AF Military Officer in Spcl Ops. and Space Systems Mgmt. I am a corp executive with a major fortune 500 company. I also worked as an IB at Merill Lynch worked with guy founded of blue tooth. One of the original investors. Krispy Kereme (IPO)and Wozniack and the guys at Mobius Venture Capital in Colorado during the dot com era. I am just making six figs and living comfortable. I am always looking for humanitarian efforts or charitable causes for the sick, or those in poverty looking for just a helping hand or advice.

    • Wow Vin, that was quite an impressive story, especially since you mentioned my school several times. Congratulations on your success so far. We should definitely meet up some time, but I’m currently in Seattle. Just shoot me in email in the near future and I’ll keep you posted.

  174. I hate you! 😛 just kidding!! I mean dude how can you think about life and future at such a young age :(.. seriously!!! I wish i started thinkin early on!! uff for enjoyin childhood 😛 anyway just came across your name few days back.. will def. start readin your blogs… cuz i wanna be filthy rich.. actually no just rich.. actually u know, for now, i just wanna be able to pay my bills :'(…


    • lol. It was just one of those things I’ve always had an interest in. I was passionate, and then I transformed my passion into profits.

  175. Maulesh Patel :

    Neil , as every one in cloud i am greatly impresseed . It was kind of late that i came to know about you but i am glad i did. Your postings are awesome. Whats unique about your posts is they combined both technology and business wisdom and are very potent mixures. I love your 53 advises and worth every bit following. Your posts are helping me a tons in designing my web start up from ground up. Keep it up. Wish you the best.


    • Thank you! I make sure that everything I write can easily relate to my audience. Make sure you subscribe for future updates.

      • Debi Degtiareff :

        Hi, Neil Patel, I’ve been reading your blogs?… I am completely new to blogs “stuff”, I call computers= “confusers!” Very incredible biography, life, success and failures accepted and moving right along. I’m a retired Registered Nurse, and have been thinking about developing my business first, Dove’s Delights, I’ll be looking into it in the city/county that I live in.. I’m planning on starting my business for Feb 23rd, 2010, an easy date to remember!! So, I’ve got a few months to get it done in time!!! Surprise! I’m 52 years young! Garden thousands of Spring Bulbs here in Colorado, just am finishing up planting about 700-800 flowers, Spring Bulbs, Tulips, Daffodils, Alliums, and Hyacinths. Still got 80 Crocus to go and Siberian Irises to plant.. then water lots! Getting ready for a Great Photo Oportunitie next Spring!! I also take Photos of plants and flowers in the yard!! One of my business Ideas for Dove’s Delights! You are a terrific inspiration to me! Look forward to comments via email, I don’t yet have a website that I know of, am on Facebook as Dove Degtiareff.. Hope to hear from you soon, Sincerely, Debi Degtiareff

        • That’s fantastic Debi! Make sure you connect with me on twitter and facebook. If you ever need any advice, go ahead and post your questions on the comments… I always reply.

  176. I loved this post. Reading it helped me to focus on my venture even more. What I took from your story was that no matter what the challenge was, You approached it without fear. And by giving 100% to the task at hand win or lose it prepared you for the future. I have a cartoon series that i have been developing for the past 2 years. I funded the entire project and now that I’m ready to look for distribution, I’m getting cold feet. What advice would you give to someone that is “scared to pull the trigger”. How do you prepare yourself mentally to succeed?

    • Getting cold feet is normal, in fact most people get that feeling before they take action. Have the mindset of “failure is not an option”. Your journey has just begun, so be prepared for ups and downs, but most importantly, be prepared. By that I mean, calculate what can happen regardless of it’s possibilities.

      • Thanks! The funny thing is that while developing the series that was my mindset (“failure is not an option”) and it pulled me through some tough times. Honestly my problem is the pitch. It’s not my strong point. I’m one of those “the project speaks for itself” kind of guys, but I realize that I have to work at pitching my project and ideas. I know that practice makes perfect so I have to practice. I really stumbled upon your site. I honestly have never heard of you before and I read alot of business articles and research constantly. I’ve told many of my friends about your blog already. Keep up the good work and keep inspiring peeps like me.

        • Well I’m glad you were able to find it. Pitching your product requires persuasive communication, take a look into that.

  177. Hi,

    I’ve an internet business idea that I want to implement. But as just a business consultant straight out of college, I don’t know where to begin as far as finding resources, people to collaborate with, and approaches to brining supply and demand for my idea. Do you have any resources that can help me think through the process of making an idea into reality online?


    Ed Lee

  178. You inspired me with your quote about Life is Unfair! I could say, I’m in the wrong path studying the field of Electronics, but when this job that I’m taking now as SEO Specialist, it opens door to a new direction.

    Life isn’t really unfair.

    Cheers! More success to you!

  179. Hi Neil, great story. You truly embody what the entrepreneurial spirit is all about. I really like that you are using your experience to help others. Your story needs to told to a wider audience(When is the book comming out?). Continued success.

  180. Neil,
    How much of your success would you attribute to your speech at Cypress? Would you say that was your eye opener?

    If you had not landed that gig, where do you think you would be today?

    Congrats again on your continued success…

    • That was one of my starting points which changes my perception on everything. I do believe that if I didn’t start there, I probably would have been inspired elsewhere though.

  181. hi friend,

    iam very much impressed by reading your path to success. great neil, here iam working for the company but iam really not interested. i dont want to be kite but i want to be a bird. your path gives me hope in me. still iam exploring hard to start a new venture…
    great wishes for ur success.


    • I like that analogy, don’t want to be a kite, want to be bird. Well, it’s okay to be a kite for the time being. After work, thats when you can focus on being that bird of yours.

  182. Neil,

    Very Inspiring indeed. I am about to get started on developing my software product and looks like your blog will help me a lot in learning about new and related things.

    Keep the good work going.

  183. Zoltán Cserei :

    Hi Neil,

    Your story impressed me a lot, because I feel like we have some of that entrepreneurship in common. I also have several failed and some successful attempts at making money as a youngster so far, and now I’m running my new site with the certain hope that I’m finally gonna make it.
    You are a role model for me.

    Keep it up man, your story was awesome, it has to continue that way!

    Thumbs up and respect,

  184. Danail Donchev :

    Unbelievable I just realized how old you are!This fact is truly inspiring for me.

    • Great that you find it inspiring. Remember, age has nothing to do with your success. Anyone can do it.

      • Yes if one possess strong determination!I failed with four .com businesses by now but I am still 27 so I hope to achieve your success.

        • Age is nothing but a number. It doesn’t matter how old you are, success can happen whenever. Some of the richest people in the world don’t reach their success till their late 50’s or 60’s.

  185. Your story impressed me too Congratulations on your success ! I guess you are Indian origin by your surname Patel, but I really feel bad as you mentioned “Indians are cheap” These lines will heart every Indian like me, can you please remove those lines, I can understand you may got some experience about Indian but for that you cant blame all Indian

  186. Himanshu Patel :

    Hi Neil,

    Your childhood was full of struggle. What a coincident, my childhood is little like yours. Now, you’re successful, but I am still struggling.

    –Himanshu PATEL

    • It’s not that my life is full of struggle right now, it still is. I’m following a new venture, http://kissmetrics.com, and it’s not easy. Everyone struggles here and there, just push through it and focus on your goals.

  187. I failed several times too, but its not the number of times you failed that’s important, it’s the number of times you keep moving forward. Edison failed 9,999 times.

  188. Very inspiring story. One interesting point is if you are always being frugal on every little aspect of your life like buying the cheaper ketchup or finding the 5 dollar cheaper graphics card from another company, one day when you lose 1 million dollar from an unsuccessful investment, none of those tiny bits of money that you saved would not matter at all:) That was just a little thought from me. By the way in this part of the text “A New Life
    My sister was still working for the Oracle consultant and she kept telling me how he was making a lot of money.”, “he” should be “she” I guess:)

    • Good for her! Oracle is a fantastic place. Being froogle is important because too many rich people end up going broke because of too many small or big expenses.

  189. Hi Neil. Very inspiring story. I am glad I came across this blog and your profile. I had just one small question for you. I can understand that how business is in your blood!! ( 🙂 ) but I just want to know who are those people who inspired you the most to get really succeed in to the life? You had very bad time in the business at some point of your life when you failed, So who were all those people who still made you going by deeply inspiring you?
    I dont mean the people who gave you support during those times (like your sister or parents, because they always do inspire us, thats pretty obvious), I mean the real successful people, just like Edison ( whose example you gave you before). If you can name such other few people ( who are not so well known like Edison) then we can also get inspired by them.
    If there is no any exact answer of this question with you then thats ok. But if you have got some interesting answer then I will be ( and I am sure all will be ) glad to hear it.
    Best of Luck for all your future ventures…

    • The people who inspired me? Warren Buffet was an icon of mine? I love reading about people who become something from nothing.

  190. Hello Neil, I also grew up with struggle, I recently turned 21 and I am an aspiring entrepreneur. It’s really important to have a mentor, did you have a mentor while developing and launching all or most of your businesses?

    I am looking to also try and market my own websites, are there any top books you’d recommend on internet marketing?

    p.s There’s nothing wrong with being frugal, I have saved LOTS of money from it!

    • Being frugal is great! People who spend their money too lavishly will have it affect them later on in life. BUILD WEALTH.

  191. Very inspiring story. Congratulations and wish you best success ahead.

  192. Hi Neil,

    Just curious to take your opinion!

    I have been following your blog for some time and am an aspiring entrepreneur as well!

    I recently co-founded a first co-working community in the MENA region, Elegua (eleguasurf.com). Noone ever heard of such a thing in this region thus the infamiliarity created difficulties of gaining clients.. Learning curve for this society is steep and we are slow to get traction..

    What would you do if you were in my place to somehow get to the tipping point?

    • The tipping point requires persistence. You are on the right track, but you must remember that during the good times and the bad, you need to push forward.

  193. I want to start my website . Is it still free on google i don’t know. I want my independent website as i have lot to say .I like to write.I want to make people aware on lots of topics.I do want to communicate and get response from people around the world.
    You are expert in this matter, would you be kind enough to write me an email to sufggest how to do this . Thanking you in anticipation.

    • Go to hostgator.com or a hosting company of your choice and sign up for their service. They’ll be able to guide through the steps to start something up right away.

  194. i want to earn money on internet can please guide me

    • Create a blog and provide information from your personal perspective. Give to the world something you think others can’t offer…. start with that.

  195. Neil,

    I am setting up a new blog using the Thesis Theme and saw your site. Then when I started reading it I was pretty amazed. I am a member of StomperNet and David Bullock who is on the faculty there really promotes Crazy Egg. So I signed up to track metrics on my Uncommon Games site. Crazy Egg rocks.

    Looks like things are working out pretty well for you now. Congratulations.

    BTW, if you haven’t read Malcom Gladwell’s books, you really should. Very insightful! Changed the way I think on a lot of stuff.

  196. Hello Neil,

    This year I started a study abroad immersion company in China for students, executives and anyone who wants to come here for a relaxing time. My google adwords campaign has been a failure and i am in the process of giving my campaign to someone who would like to adopt a pay per form type model. I sent the person a chart showing what stuff on the form was what i would pay for the most and then i would pay per form that was filled out, is this the best way to do this type of marketing instead of giving someone a cut of your google adwords budget to run the campaign? My fears are of course if the forms are fradulent but the person gets paid the most if they provide a valid phone number and a high quality form (long types message). I am iffy about it because I have never done this and don’t want to get my money taken away after google took it from me in the first place.

    please send me an e-mail, don’t prefer to have this replied on the board (if you don’t mind)


  197. Ryan Joseph I. Dean :

    hi Neil, Im Ryan 37 y/o from the Philippines, with 2 kids, and married to a wonderful wife, Just like you I ventured to different businesses, unfortunately none of them succeeded, probably I am short of financial resources, but in terms of network I have a very wide network from top influential people in my country, both government and private sector, up to grassroot level, in terms of education I have 2 master’s degree. i have helped a lot of people in my country,I’ve helped them in terms of their business concerns, employment, personal, etc. I am a strategist, and my forte is damage control ,managing people and image engineering of people and products. , I know very well that I am a congenital bussinesman it so happen, that break doesnt come my way in the field of business easily, as of now Im working as Consultant And Training Director in a Government Agency. You’re story Neil inspired me a lot, Im very optimistic that one day my break comes my way also in business, Coz “I believe that I am always Divinely guided,, I believe that I am always taking the right path of the road, And I believe that God will always makes a way where there is no way”.. Neil its an Honor and privilege for me if you will include me as one of your friend,, Thank You and may GOD BLESS you More…Ryan Joseph Dean….

    • That’s fantastic! Just remember to keep on pushing and always move forward. There is no point in you taking a look at what was or what could have been.

  198. Hi Neil,

    I’m Aravind and im 17 now, im very determined to make it big in ma life, but i hav no idea how to start.I’ve got a sound knowledge on computers(not to boast!) and i’m really eager to work on somethin’ and reading ur story has jus encouraged me….I would like some advices from u on how to go about..

    • Unfortunately, you have the talent that millions of other people in this world have. But the good news is, everyone has the same exact challenge. There will always be people better, but you persistence and ability grow and develop is what will set you apart. Focus on strengthening the skills you think you’re weak in.

  199. Hey Neil, I’m 14 yrs old, and I’ve been good with electronics, computer, etc since I was 10 yrs old. My dad went to a computer school, and so I would watch what he would do, then I started to get the hang of it. I made a ebay and paypal account when I was 10 or 11, then at 11 or 12, I would buy electronics(laptops, videogame consoles, and more) from eBay or Craigslist, fix them(or get some help) then sell them back on ebay or craigslist. Anyways my blog is www.dPalz.com and I also live in Washington. I wanted to get some more advice for what I should do with my blog and more. Thanks.

  200. Navdeep Singh :

    Hey wassup man!
    Nice life story. I really like it. I’m seeking a bit help from you.
    I’m 15 and lookinf forward for my career. I’m a tech geek and have been planning to build my own blog. I am also planning to earn a degree in web designing and graphic designing.
    I have been buying electronics for really cheap and think that I might also introduce a webstore at my blog and sell stuff at a bit higher price.
    I just want to know that should I go for this investment or not. And also I want to know what is more safer and profitable way oy trading: stock market or forex trading?

    Waiting for your reply…..

    • Just make sure you have a plan on how you plan to make money. Don’t jump into it without reviewing first.

      • Check out your market size first. Market size is most important. How much money is spent annually on the product / market that you plan to operate in. If it’s more than $5 billion, continue your research. If it’s less than $5 billion, you may want to choose another product or market, unless you are fine with staying small time, and that’s certainly ok.

  201. Manoj Gopalen :


    I liked your journey in the internet marketing.I am a toddler in this business.

    You have proved one thing by your example that ‘mere academic knowledge will not fetch you fortune’.
    Its the zill to continue with one’s attempt towards the goal (money is also included in it) does matter.you are epitome of this achievement.

    • Most people are toddlers Manoj, but you intentions have to be involved in the long haul. Doing so will help you achieve success.

  202. Hi Neil,

    A very interesting read and a very inspiring post, thanks for sharing it.
    To me, this particular sentence stands out: “[…] and I have been able to leverage that money into investments like […] and best of all my parents.”.
    This (and the fact that you reply to all the comments) speaks for your respectful personality and I’m wishing you the best of luck and success always.

    Kind Regards

    • Thanks Rias, I respond to every comments simply because I want people who read my blog to know that if they take the time to interact with me, I must do the same for them.

  203. Hi Neil,

    Every little word moved me.. I have a full time job in Bangalore now which pays me around 20 grant every month which is more than sufficient for a *normal* life, I have this feeling deep down inside which never gets me contempt and I keep worrying about every other minute that passes by wherein I don’t do anything.
    I have a lot of Ideas and no money for investing. When I think of quitting the job and jump start something of my own, I have a family fully dependent on me. Daily life has become an acrobatic play on ropes.

    Could you guide me whenever you have spare time? cos its good to teach fishing to the poor than give a fish everyday 🙂

    • That’s fantastic. Send me an email neil @ neilpatel.com with what ever question you have. Although you’re better off asking me on the commenting forum.

      • Hey Neil,

        I wonder why comments from this thread are ending up in the spam folder!

        Anyways; I’m really glad that I found this thread while I was surfing thru the junk.

        An year ago I took up an Internet marketing course, and worked hell lot after office hours during my free time. December 17th 2010 I quit being a software engineer, and have been doing well till now; and as of now my earnings happen to be 3 times more than my salary; plus 6 times more free time :D. I’m glad that I had butterfly in my stomach all the time; I’m glad I still have.

        • I didn’t see any in the spam folder so I’m not sure what happened to them. It’s aways exciting to hear stories like that :). Make more and do it in less time… a goal that very few people achieve.

  204. hi neil nice story it motivated me to do something new in life, i am amazed you are about 3-4 years older than me but u have achived tremendous achievements in so little age, better luck in ur future life.

    • Age really has nothing to do with it Fahad. You or anyone else can achieve success, it all depends on your determination or lack there of.

  205. Great story…very motivating. Love hearing about stories like this. Looking forward to your next ventures.

  206. Fatemeh Jalilvand :

    Dear Neil:

    About the Indian are Cheap, I Think this is not the right word.
    Since they work so hard to make money, They think twice before they spend it and always thinking to save up for the future. I am not an Indian but, my culture is so close to your culture and I think I could understand them. so proud of you. Lucky your parents that they have you.
    Best regards

    • Well, nothings wrong with Indians being cheap, most of us have just been raised to be that way. It goes back to how our parents were raised etc.

  207. Great Story of yours. Came across your blog via some thing I don’t remember but now I will be subscribing to this blog.
    By The way Happy Diwali ! 🙂

  208. Great story mate. Your story has inspired me a lot. Thanks for sharing it with us and Happy Diwali.

  209. My name is Khielan and i am just as curious as u are when you were much younger.I hope you don’t mind but i have this crazy idea of starting of my own company(a social network company basically enriched in entertainment).What do you think i should do and do you have any ideas to help me get started?Thanks and God bless!

    • Talk to other people that are doing the same thing or similar. Network with them, bounce some ideas off and then take it from there.

  210. Dushyant Patel :

    Hey Neil,

    At little age you learned so many things. That is what you earned so far, I think that will make you successful in future. Congratulations and wish you best success ahead.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    • Thanks Dushyant. It just comes to show you that age has nothing to do with success. You can 15 or you can 75 and still make it big time.

  211. Hi,

    I agree with a lot of stuff you write .. And disagree too with some stuff :)… However blog is quite an inspiration to all readers… but an enterpreneur must be able to get inspiration from inside himself/herself.


    • Hey it’s okay to disagree with me, I’d rather have it that way anyway. It only helps me grow in search for getting bigger and better.

  212. Tell me, when you started your business with hosting company you was invested million dollars. That mean you already had a supporter for investing a money into business. This is the good side you had to dreaming something. I want a cracking guideline how to start a business when we have a $zero to invest. Such situation arises basically when we are in the college and our pocket money is not enough to buy a branded jeans or tees, but having a dream to become a businessmen and parents are just planning about pushing their son to get the job. what to keep?our dream or we have to start thinking that we are just made for job.

    • Well you need to build the right networking connections. You need to sell your idea and concept to the people who can help you make it happen.

  213. Hi Neil,
    Great stories. I have read a few that you have posted on this website. Today I was really bored at work and and punched in ‘how to become rich’. Then I read all your posts. Very interesting life you have. I dream of becoming rich. Although I never tried anything as brave as you did. I work very hard, usually 11-12 hours a day, 5 days a week. I believe I will become rich one day and all will be worth it. Just have to stay positive.
    Good on you!

    • Cool, I am glad you enjoyed them. Sometime you have to take big risks in order to gain success. I hope you will accomplish your goals. Keep up the hard work and don’t be afraid to get creative and take some risks!

  214. Hi Neil

    Your story is very much inspiring. Your have made lot of money at this very young age. Evey new beginner should learn from you. Even me like you have started many business and all have failed. Hope I and many more people get inspired from you and learn.



    • Well, there are plenty of people out there that have done well from doing what you’re supposed to do. Work hard by doing what you love. Simple concept, just go do it.

      • well Neil the biggest problem I have is to get that head start with minimal capital (available capital). I am an Indian from Jamaica. I’d like your response

        • You know what Oniel, that’s actually the same problem that almost every entrepreneur has. Learn sales and sell your idea to the right people.

          • RobertSeviour@sales training, sales training for engineers :


            Right on Neil! Understanding the importance of sales, developing some skill and then doing it is critical to your chances of success as an entrepreneur. Great ideas wither without competent selling.

            • Glad you understanding what I’m talking about Robert. Sales is essential in growing any type of business you want to excel.

              • Malcolm Heidkamp :

                Please let me know if you’re looking for a author for your blog. You have some really great posts and I believe I would be a good asset. If you ever want to take some of the load off, I’d love to write some content for your blog in exchange for a link back to mine. Please send me an e-mail if interested. Thanks!

                • Thank you for the offer, I usually write my own content. However, If you shoot me an email then we can see from there. My email is neil@neilpatel.com

              • designer dress shoes :

                I have learned result-oriented things from a blog post. Also a thing to I have noticed is that in most cases, FSBO sellers will certainly reject an individual. Remember, they will prefer to not use your expert services. But if anyone maintain a gentle, professional relationship, offering assistance and keeping contact for four to five weeks, you will usually manage to win a business interview. From there, a listing follows. Thanks a lot

  215. I am have a website that has not turned a profit yet (2years) and I really want to take it to the next level. Any general advice or ideas you have will be greatly appreciated. thanks.

  216. Which blog monetization strategy do you think pays more?
    a. consultative marketing for affiliate products
    b. paid consultancy
    c. advertisement
    d. selling hidden text links 🙂

    • You know, the truth is that anyone of them can work… it all just depends on how you market yourself and your ideas.

  217. Brilliant…

    “But after 23 years of living I have learned one really important thing: life isn’t fair! If you don’t like the cards you are dealt with, do something to change them. And for some ungodly reason, if you are unable to change them, keep moving forward and don’t look back. All you can do is try.”

    More American’s should read this and take it to heart especially in these hard times. Instead of waiting for the government to deliver you to your goal, you should go out and make it happen. Thanks for todays inspiration.


    • You gotta work with the cards your dealt… you always have the option to fold like the mass majority do or you can suck it up and work hard.

  218. I am also into the field of Internet business and hope to learn a thing or two from you and if interested we can be partners as we are top class in provision of stock market tips in India. Well I did not like your comment that Indians are cheap as they believe in value for money and that is the only reason that India is not in a recession unlike America where they live from card to card.
    Your story reminds me of my visit to London, nonetheless we are friends. Look for your visit to site at Indian-Share-Tips.Com

    • Well, not all Indians are cheap, but many of them generally are. It’s not a bad thing to be cheap, it’s actually a compliment. Valuing you’re money is actually a skill that many Indians have.

  219. Awesome bio man. Def. kudos to you for all your accomplishments. Im sure there is more you can do. I wish i had the entrepreneu blood in me. Im just a 20 year old Med Student At John Hopkins. Hopefully that will work out but its hard work. I much rather spend my time on a website and manage that and make money.

    • 20 years old, you’re at the age where almost anything is possible. You have the ability to work hard and make a killing by the time you turn 30.

  220. Hi Neil,
    First of all I am happy to see you successful. Also I am of an opinion that you can write whatever you want and feel. But I think you being never to India, you might not know whats mentality of Indians is these days. Things have changed a lot. When first generations of Indians came to U.S , U.K there were not any Bank ATM machines anywhere. Now even my small village has one 🙂
    Also you go to cities like Delhi/Chandigarh/Bangalore and any other big city or even small towns these days, you will find more Merc and BMWs than any town in U.S ad U.K. Today’s generation in India don’t always think every time about CHEAP. But yes Indians do understand value of money better than most of people in U.S and other developed countries, because in India we are not supported by Govt. We have to earn only then we can eat and live under a roof.

    Now to those guys who took Neil’s comments very emotionally-just take it lightly guys. Neil is talking previous generations of Indians 🙂

    Take it easy. Enjoy your time everyone and cheer up. Reading Neil’s story should have encouraged to to some extent. Atleast I am happy I stumbled across it today.

    Congrats once again Neil. I might one day contact you with Internet consulting work….yesssss no worries will pay you much more than $3500 per month. I am not CHEAP 🙂

    • lol, well thats good to know. Not all Indians or all of India is cheap, but there is a good chunk of people, who are.

  221. Neil,

    I am finding out the hard way that you have to market an internet business for it to succeed as well. Do you have any advice on how to gain the knowledge that you have gained? Was it just through trial and error, or did you find certain articles/books incredibly valuable? It can be frustrating getting it started, but I will not rest until I get this thing going. Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated.


    • You need to hustle… real success isn’t just done online, it’s mostly done offline. Networking events, speaking, etc.

  222. Good introduction of your about pages. Talking about the past, current, future. it is insipring to express what lifestyle do you expericed before.

    • It’s inspirational for people looking to follow the same or similar path. I loved hearing it from others, which is why I’m sharing it myself.

  223. Neil, what are you doing in Seattle now? Moving the company up there to merge with Microsoft 🙂 Have fun and become a billionaire

  224. very inspiring life story neil ! I’ve one questions for you:
    If we don’t have enough money to hire some professional people to handle business law/contracting or internet marketing, what should we do ?


  225. Thomas Breeuwsma :

    Hello Neil,
    I think your articles are very interesting. Very nice that you share all the knowledge you have. I know you will be ‘payed’ back in tenfold. For example by people responding happily to you (like myself). Every time i red an article of yours i developed. Thank you.

    • Thanks Thomas, I appreciate it. I share with you what works and what doesn’t so that maybe you won’t make the same mistakes as I did.

  226. Neil,

    It is amazing seeing your success, particularly considering your age. I am 24 years old as well, and I am in a crossroad. My job right now gives me around 150-180K, 50 hour work week, but I am an employee, not an employer.
    I have ambitions to go to law school, in hopes of broadening my horizons, and thus broadening my income.
    However, I can’t help but think about the wisdom from the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” which the highly educated father was the poor one.
    My question to you is: Would you continue a job that pays what I get, and use that money for investments? Or would you invest in more schooling which could land a higher paying career?

    Thanks. Your blog is truly insightful.

    • I would do what you are really passionate about. If you love law, then consider being a lawyer. But I don’t know if it would be wise to be a lawyer just to make more money.

      I haven’t looked up the stats, but I don’t think most lawyers make that much money.

      In addition to that if you went to law school for three years you would lose at least $450k in income. Plus you would have to pay for school.

      If it were me I would keep on moving forward and use the money I made from my job and invest it in things like real estate. All of the filthy rich people I know didn’t get rich by going to school, they got it through business or investing.

      Just my 2 cents though. At the end of the day you should follow your heart.

  227. Hi,

    It’s nice of you to have such mature thinking at such a young age. The desire you have for success is invaluable. Perhaps it was your positive influences; perhaps it was the harsh living. While most of us fell for stupid teenage-wasting things, you saw the direction right from the start. That’s why you’re light years ahead of me. I’m only a few days older than you, yet you make me feel so ashamed not for being unsuccessful but for not even trying.

    A couple in love shine glamour on their face, which makes the loveless ones envy. To me, their glamour is no way as attractive as an entrepreneur like you, determined with big ideas and the unachievable. (You look great by the way!)

    Thanks so much for the inspiration.

    • Don’t be ashamed of anything… whether your older than me or younger than me… it has nothing to do with it. What it has to do with is hard work and passion. If you’re not willing to go the extra mile, well than you’ll won’t be able to achieve the results you’re looking for.

  228. Chris Peterson :

    You are so great! You have achieved so many things within short time that others can’t do. I think I will follow your step. I look ahead to reading many more of your quality blogs.

    • Sounds great Chris! I wish you all the success and hopefully Quicksprout has been a great resource for your venture.

  229. The big difference between me and you is that you take big risks like 5k for a young guy that does not have that much money to his name.

    5k goes a long way when you are just working a 9-5 job. Well I invested about 2k in my current project so I am taking a risk.

    It is already lucrative but I think with this advancement I will make a killing.

    Brian P

    • What did you invest the 2k in? As long as you stick to it and give it your all, you’ll have a chance. Remember that offline work is much more import than just the online work.

  230. wow, your life story is just inspiring and I believe you will rock soon. I am also working in Internet Marketing field from last 3 year, earlier in my college life I was working as a web designer and from then only I got inspired to try luck on Internet Marketing. Thanks for sharing your inspiring story.

  231. It’s quite amazing, to see your replying to all the comments being a busy man yourself.

    I found your story very inspirational, and i think that was enough to motivate me.

    I am currently 14 years, and i have been blogging since quite a few years. I have also done some Online Marketing for companies. But that’s not even 1% equal to what you do.

    If i were to ask one question to you is that how did you manage your time to do all this stuff? I mean currently i am in my ninth grade and i find the activities i carry out online are difficult to manage!

    • Well Monik, since you took the time to write a comment, I think it deserves for me to take the time to respond.

  232. Jay Jalodomisa :

    Hey Neil,

    I’ve been a long time reader but started reading even more today and started commenting.

    Your story is so inspiring, can’t wait to one day meet you and talk about internet marketing space.

    Thanks for posting so much awesome content 🙂

    Jay Jalodomisa

    • Glad you’re enjoying the content Jay. I hope to have you as a reader for many more years to come. Hopefully you’ll grow as Quicksprout does.

  233. vacuum equipment :

    Hi Neil
    Hates of you buddy….i will follow your foot step.
    can you please give me some idea regarding how to become a king of big deal like you.
    or can you share some knowledge with me, if possible.

    • Since you’re in the vacuum industry, I suggest you follow, blog, comment on other blogs in the same industry. Do that for a few years while meeting with people and you’ll be a big deal in no time.

  234. Hii there..Your life story so far seems good enough a inspiring movie-like for me.But at the same time is of a “real” Niel Patel..Very delighted to read this piece 🙂

  235. Jason Richwagen :

    I think I need Mr. Patel to show me the way.

  236. hey Mr. Patel. i have read your story and i must say it touched me. i am a 22 year old girl living in Jamaica and my family is very poor. i just finished college and am now seeking out a way in which i can make money to sustain them during this recession period. unlike you, i have no one to turn to for advise or footsteps to follow in where my family is concerned. can you please tell me the first step that i need to take in order to become successful at starting a business even though i am not well-off financially?

    • Start by deciding what it is you are passionate about and what you can do well. Once you have an idea of the business you want to be in look into others in the same business and learn from there successes and failures. Read and study as much as you can on it. Then look into either applying for a job or an internship. If you don’t have anyone to guide you, go out and look for someone to mentor you. If you are hardworking and quick learning I am sure you will be able to find someone to help and learn from. Most importantly put yourself out there. Even if you get turned down, keep going until you get what you want.

  237. Dear Neil:
    Consider this my NOT very shy request. I was moved by your story and early successes and failures… and most particularly your offer to help others. So here it is. I work for a small but worthy nonprofit on Long Island, NY that teaches child safety and youth violence prevention. Our volunteers go into schools and teach kids how to prevent and deal with bullying and cyberbullying, child abuse and neglect, sexual harassment, and date rape. We’ve been around for over 27 years, have only 7 staff members and operate on a close to non-existent budget. We would like to do so much more but need the exposure and funding. I discovered you through my research on how to properly set up and optimize a blog… I think blogging may be just the ticket for us to reach a wider audience locally, and perhaps bigger and better things. We are limited to using the free blogging websites, so before I start, I would really appreciate getting some expert direction from you to do it right the first time… and maybe as cleverly as you did for Pronet Advertising. Thanks so much and happy holidays.

    • Try to promote your cause and blog through social media sites. If you are active and put yourself out there, people will respond. Use the sites to draw attention and show that you provide useful information and a positive message.

      Best of luck!

  238. I just stumbled upon this website, and I’m extremely glad I did! Your posts have been helpful and inspirational, especially to a young guy like me just starting out. Thank you!

    • I’m glad to hear it Amith, the main thing you must do is implement everything you learn… feel free to ask me questions anytime you want.

  239. Justin R French :

    Hello Neil,
    I wanted to say I really enjoy your story and cane see some similarities with my current situation. After running an IT consulting firm for 8 years, I found a renewed passion for social media, started a new company, and now am helping companies in this area. I could really use some direction/ guidance if you are at all willing. It would be much appreciated. Your insightful posts are always inspiring. Keep up the great work you do for the community- Justin

  240. Francesco Giartosio :

    Hi Neil,

    I was going to post a message exactly like this one of Justin, so you have already answered. I’ll email you right away. And congrats for the good work, young man!

    Cheers, Francesco.

  241. Caninde Silva(Mr. Sun rent a car) :

    Hi Friend!

    Is with great pleasure that I leave my comment, you were born to be an entrepreneur, because as a child already brought the blood will grow. If all of us so we thought everything would be different. I applaud you standing. Hugs

    • Thanks Caninde… I hope you find Quicksprout very useful and something that helps you excel in what you do.

  242. Great site. I wish all entrepreneurs (including myself) were as good at self-assessment – and as wise about the benefits of knowing one’s limits.

    Maybe wisdom really does come from experience.

  243. Good to read more about you Neil. Where your journey begins, it is the typical story of first generation immigrants. I say this with utmost admiration; the way you leverage your connections and the ability to create multiple successful ventures, you inherit the quintessential ‘Patel’ characteristic. They are born with a natural flair for creating successful businessess further accentuated with networking 🙂

    I am learning from scratch and I would give an arm and a leg to have that. Keep up the good work. Like I said in my linkedin mail before, I am up for an arm-wrestle anytime. Cheers.

  244. Hello!!
    I am a legal staff with united Nations planning to get out and start some ventures.
    I need help in raising teh capital.
    Can you tell me how to go about it?

  245. Sorry Neil but there is difference between cheap and cost effective. Indians are cost effective not cheap.

    By the way, it looks many are putting comments here to get back links.

    • lol… however you want to word it is fine with me ;). Yes a lot of people are doing that…. for the backlinks. Sometimes it helps bring some traffic to their site.

  246. Dear sir
    am a tanzania boy of 24 year old, i need to make money and live in a good life so which way is good to make mone,and what type of business is good and how much capital is needed.
    sor sir i need your advice to me i like to be a good person in business and to get a respect in society
    have a nice day

  247. I wan also shocked to read Indians as Cheap, but I am sure that Neil must be trying to describe Indians as cost effective!

  248. Neil,

    Thank you for sharing your story. Great inspiration for lots of people I hope (including me).

    I wanted to ask that when you were starting out and trying to be an entrepreneur when did you realize that Internet Marketing is something that is exciting for you? Or did you go into Internet Marketing because you thought you could make good money?

    I think you would have been passionate about Internet Marketing because I strongly believe that to be successful in a particular field one has to be passionate about that product or service otherwise you would start loosing interest. Do you agree with that?

    Best of luck for the future.

    • It was something that I was always passionate about…. ever since I was young. It’s not that it isn’t about the money, of course it is… but it was the whole concept of this industry.

  249. Hi Neil,

    Good to hear you have done so well as one London boy to another. Do you know where in London you were born?

    Do you think there is a still a living to be made from the internet that can be started relatively quickly, requiring a moderate amount of technical ability and a reasonable amount of time investement?

    Totally agree with you that if you live around people who make money it rubs off on you…..my father worked for the Government…aaaahhhh!

    Take care,


    • I don’t know where in London I was born. 🙁

      I don’t think there is easy money to be made on the Internet. You don’t have to be technical, but you have to put in the time.

  250. Hey Neil,

    I am planning to start a job board, what are the most important things that i should be aware of? And how should i approach employers for the listings.

    Take Care,


    • You need to do something different than most job boards. You can’t create another me-too type of site. Figure out what the problem people face when using job sites and try to solve it.

      As for approaching employers, maybe give a handful of them free access for the first 60 days?

  251. Julius Orias-Make Money Online With GDI :

    Thanks for sharing your success stories Neil. You are one of a kind young man that taking seriously about being an entrepreneur and be your own boss.

    Neil, since I was a kid they called me a young entrepreneur already but it goes away when I started working 8 hours a day and making some $$$ a few per month. Now, that I have my own family and my son was just born two weeks ago and right now I really needed help to support my family. Then, now I am being tired of working pay check to pay check and starting out looking for a business online. Luckily I found an honest profitable affiliate business online selling domain names and this is now I am making extra income. But, to make it grow I have lost a lot from google for advertising. My question is can you help me regarding this business make it profitable? or maybe if I ask you to be partnered with me but I don’t you will gonna do that to an old loser like me now 🙁

    Again thanks for sharing story and listening my life too.

    • Congrats on the kid Julius…. tell me specifically, what kind of advice or help are you looking for?

      • Julius Orias-Make Money Online With GDI :

        Hi Neil, thanks for your care and reply here. I was on a venture regarding affiliate business program and I would appreciated if you can help me getting more traffic to my site. If this business will prosper many will be bless too, not only my family but also others who will be partnered with me on this business.

        • Start by reading this:

          https://www.quicksprout.com/2009/10/30/how-to-compel-your-visitors-into-subscribing-to-your-blog/ and then read this:


  252. Neil, what a coincidence to chance upon this site. Just back from an entrepreneur presentation, you know the kind where the successful entrepreneurs share their tips on how their multi-million dollar businesses become successful. Wow, and I was blown away when most admit they haven’t got a clue how they got there, it has been like random events leading to another random event leading to another and before you know it, their businesses have arrived! And to think that I have been trying to model after successful biz practices, and what they did to become successful. Well, I guess its best to keep the academics aside and just let things unfold! 🙂

    • It’s interesting how that’s almost always the case. Most people start in one direction and wind up somewhere completely different.

      • Nicolas Franz :

        Neil, Traveller, I agree with you. I have lost and won a lot but never imagine making a radical and totally change my perspective to find better opportunities. And now… well, many doors have opened! I believe that these doors can still lead us to the doors before we could not.

        • Nicolas Franz :

          Correcting myself: “I never thought before making the the radical and total change of perspective that I have given.”

        • Opportunities will definitely come and go, just make sure you don’t beat yourself up if you decide not to go after one.

  253. vinny desai (vijay patel) :

    hi neil,
    how are you……..by reading your life journey….it reminds me my family history….close match up…..india-uk and then usa…same thing on myside-africa-london-india and usa..
    you are 24 year young &telented boy…i am not young but if you leave behind age factor i am educated-talented-hard worker but very smart-quick learner-always willing to take a risk…never afraid or never give up…i am now 50 year old and i work for us postal service since 1989.i came usa in 1987.
    now we go to basic,
    if i don’t know somthing,i do not feel shame to ask my good boy,
    what can i do now ?
    my knee injury and wife’s polio gait disability hit’s my head again and again, daddy now you have to wake up..do something…
    look in your education(master in marketing&accounting),
    so now i am asking your help, how this good boy take me somewhere ,me & my family feel secure…
    dear neil,
    i read everything on your site….even i am taking proud like my boy did it.i finished your reading last night at 2.50 pm.
    realy awesome…..
    now i am ready to spread my wings with you.i now perfactly motivated by you.now i know i am at right door to enter.
    i am ready any time to roll with you.
    here is my full contact.
    vinny desai
    106-hoskins circle
    store#336-854-4412—under maintanance..
    wife:336-382-1967-daksha desai
    as i talk to you on phone i have one son-21 year old-he is in boston-he want’s to be doctor-last semister in pre.medical.and one 11 year old dauther, name mahima.wife name is daksha.
    beside this i am very much interested to meet & talk to your
    other family members specially mom& dad.
    please feel free to contact me anytime,i am looking forward to hear from you soon.
    i am proud of you.just tell me uncle ,i feel honoured.
    vinny desai.

    • Thanks for sharing your story Vinny, I’m glad you like Quicksprout and what it has to offer. Feel free to ask my any questions you may have about your business or whatever you’re trying to do.

  254. Magdaline Makris :

    Hello Neil,

    I found your blog through the women expat page. You made success really early , congratulations. I’m an American living in Greece. I just started my own company , right now I’m trying to build my business in Greece but I don’t think they’re ready for online retail. I wouldn’t mind expanding beyond the borders of Greece. The product I sell is very particular. I’ve joined forums and I also have started a blog ( in Greek).
    Any help with expanding online would be much appreciated.

    • Good for you Magdaline… it’s amazing to hear that your in an area where something you’re doing is sort of new and different. Even though it hasn’t take off for you yet, be prepared for it soon.

  255. David Alexander :

    Big Up Neil. Keep up the good work, great story you are surely an inspiration to many. 🙂


  256. I have just started my learning about internet marketing and your story really inspires me…keep up the good work neil…!!!
    Your endeavors did pay off good….!!! Hope one day i will also share the a success story like this…!!!
    wish you all the best for your future…!!!!

  257. Andrew Sansone :

    Hey, Neil.

    Great story about your life and career. I get the sense you’re a really nice guy who wants to help people reach their goals. I often volunteer for different charities in my community and when completed — always walk away feeling great, like I’ve made a difference. I’m a big believer in … “Make things happen for others and things will happen for you.”

    I’d love to have an opportunity to chat with you sometime if that would be possible. I feel as though I could learn from you to help with my online business. Specifically, I’d like to get your feedback on my business model, which is ad supported. And other site related questions regarding site structure and functionality.

    All the best.

  258. Raghuram Reddy :

    Hi Neil Patel!
    I am Raghuram coldfusion blogger for the last 2 years.
    I am very much interested in SEO. please guide me to learn the techniques and suggest me the better ways to get into SEO business.

    Thank you,
    Raghuram Reddy Gottimukkula
    Adobe Certified Coldfusion Developer

  259. Happy Kid (not really a kid) :

    Hey Neil,
    Love your blog, actually heard you once at smx social and loved it.
    i wish i could do the same but as for now, working in a corp. (but loving it) and only during weekends i can do some really stupid stuff on the internet – which is the nest 🙂

    keep up the good work

  260. What a great story.

    I myself am a psychology student and researched lots of info on the matrix reality of the 3d dimension, and have a lot of theories and ideas coming through my chakra’s from other telepathic network sources from the universe.(some esoteric knowledge).

    Have a lot of hobbies.

    I myself have been researching internetmarketing, gadgets, tools, api, applications, internetmodels, opportunities to efficiëntly sell products/services on the internet.

    Interested in making hypes, trends, optimized internetplatforms.

    Love doing research and being updated on trends.

    I am a beginner who is searching for internet opportunities, also my family has a lot of succesful entrepreneurs.

    Would like to learn from your experiences.
    I could give you some great advice on psychology: how to deal with emotions, people, ego, the human mindset and so on.

    I am very excited,

    Much love and succes,


  261. Great story mate, I aspire to be someone like you 🙂

  262. I love your frankness! It was really nice reading your story. I’m two years younger than you, not as successful but quite determined too. Back to work!

  263. Hi Neil, very inspiring stories! We do use crazyeggs at fitnessanywhere.com which is where I work full time. Would love to learn the details in your early success (internet marketing company). I am starting my own very exciting social computing (what is not?) projects through hiring contractor. But it can be challenging to find a top notch hacker like programmer. What is your experience with that?

    • It is really tough to find a good programmer. It took me years to find one and once I did everything worked out well.

      The best place for you to look for talented programmers is at colleges and other competing companies.

  264. U know what Neil, I heard a lot about you and at times read some posts on your site, for some reason I categorized you as “some geek Indian who coded and made big” (sorry to be honest here but we humans subconsciously stereotype people).

    The first post I read was about the post of “business plans”. I didn’t agree to some points you mentioned and just left without any feed back. I never once clicked “read more” in your bio assuming it will be “how you got lucky knowing micheal and making it big and “pretending” to be humble” but today after reading “y you dont want to live in rich neighbourhood” I was curious about you can clicked read more

    After reading I was filled with both guilt and admiration for the things you went through to get to where you are now.

    What’s difference between Donald Trump and Neil Patel?
    Donald will sweep his mistakes under the carpet and present cherry figure of his while you had the courage to show what mistakes you have done.

    “Over the next few years my number 1 goal is to share what I have learned with you so that you can have a better life than me. If you have any questions or need any help with anything, please don’t be shy to ask.”

    This paragraph just won my heart and I put you on the aspirations list to meet you someday in someway. Peace.

    • Well thanks Shanz, I appreciate the decision you made to view me differently than you originally did. Also, I thank for you for the comparison with Donald, but he’s in a completely different league 😉

  265. avanee mistry :

    You were not born a winner, and you were not born a loser. You are what you make yourself be.

  266. Jason D'Mello :

    I think I met you at a docstoc event a year ago, and my new business partner just sent me one of your articles…..you are spot on and as an entrepreneur I can relate to some of the failures you have listed, but think that in most cases the amount we learn from them makes them almost more valuable in the long run as a mediocre success.

    • Cool, glad you had similar experiences. I agree, it is definitely beneficial to learn from your mistakes. At least then you know what to do differently for the future and have a even better chance to succeed.

  267. Hi Neil,

    It so wonderful n inspirational to read your story. I am going to complete my MBA in 10 days, and i wish to start a Placement Consultancy in Ahmedabad by this July. I have no prior experience in this field. But i was a part of placement team of my college and placed almost 25/90 students alone.
    I really need your advice on how to go about it and will clients/market accept a complete fresher and give business to me?
    I also have 8 months on-the-job training in corporate cmmunications and also worked for a job site for 2 months. But somehow i wish to be an employer rather than a employee… Pls guide me…

    Thanks in advance,

    • If you provide to be valuable and give useful information then I am sure you will just fine. Especially with the experience you have, even if it’s not much and your eduction background. Give it time and I am sure eventually you will be. Take risks and be creative, eventually you will get what you want if you work hard enough for it.

  268. Neil you may give a opinion “indians are frugal”, but using the word “Cheap” leads to misinterpretations as many people use the word “Cheap” negatively. I hope you don’t mean it, so I strongly suggest you to correct this as these are hot spots and sounds racial. But overall good writing.

    • My usage of the word cheap isn’t negative. It’s not racist and nor should it offend anyone. Being cheap or being frugal, either way the point is made. Sorry if it offended you.. just know that it wasn’t my intention to do so.

  269. Mauro Mazzocchini :

    Hey Neil, what can I say…you have continuously looked for the right way and have found it, with great results!
    Your story is really stimulating and pushes me to try even harder to accomplish what I want.
    I’ll definitely follow you through your website & twitter!

    Thanks for sharing,

    • Thanks Mauro, always a pleasure to have a reader like yourself. Just be sure to take action with what you read 🙂

  270. You’re such a cool dude 🙂 Thanks for sharing everything but I’m too lazy to read all of them at the moment…hehe…

    Ps: I like your black Amex 😀 haha

  271. Neil, You are a real role model for youngsters like us…Ur story is really pushing me up to try even harder…m also in internet marketing…working as fresher..I would be gr8fl to u if u will guide me or give me some tips to know more about Internet MArketing….Thanks..All da best:)

    • Hi Shipra… the truth is… if you just read the posts I’ve written religiously, you’ll know everything I do 😉 Feel free to ask me any questions you have.

  272. Hey Neil,
    You are truly a role model for people like us. Just curious on how did you set up crazy egg. Venture capital, Share Holders, Infrastructure, How did you have this software developed? Do you host yourself or you host the service at a third party ISP

    • There was no venture capital raised. It was just my business partner and I and a CTO. The CTO did the development and we hosted the software on Amazon.

  273. You are a real inspiration Neil ! Very interesting ideas for your businesses. Lately, I realized that I should also share my lessons learnt the hard way and started a blog. So far users are very happy and I am slowly building a good community.
    I am looking forward to see your great successes and learn from your experiences. Good Luck in all your endeavors !

  274. Brian Sweeney :

    Hey Neil! I have to what I believe a revolutionary APP idea for cell phones. I’m trying to keep my focus through development and finding the right people to bring this too and I see your willing to give advice. Any chance we could talk? you should have my email. Thanks

    • Sure, if you have some specific questions you would like to ask me, shoot me an email to neil@neilpatel.com. I will do my best to help answer them.

  275. Great going Neil..One thing I have noticed is that you post a reply for everyone who comments on your blog. No doubt your blogs are long, but informative. I am looking forward to get some really good Internet Marketing tips on this platform..

    • Yes, I believe that if you take the time to comment on my blog, I need to take the time to comment back. I’m happy to hear you finding some useful tips.

  276. Thank You Neil for the reply, . I remember reading some time ago”leadership is more than success. Leadership is also sharing knowledge” You are a real inspiration

  277. hey Neil patel
    u have opened my eyes so i will not do the same mistake what u did i will not look at back i will look at front so tnx for the advice

    your advice will help me lot tnx

  278. Hey Neil,
    I really felt your real store as a moral store, thanks for shearing your thoughts.
    I learn lot from your store that ideas not only by education, it may be by experience…you again proved it…..

  279. Free Laptop :

    I think Neil Its the same story what I am facing right now and am pretty sure that I would be the next Neil Patel.

  280. Eric Atallah :


    I admire your success. I have recently decided that I want to make a website that will attract a lot of traffic. I am not going to sell any products, it will be purely informational. I am currently doing very simple web design tutorials.

    The only thing… I am not very good at web design myself.

    Did you hire somebody to design your websites? Like when you started “Advice Monkey”, did you hire a web designer to make it look professional and setup all the programming?

    Did you teach yourself how to do all the programming?

    This is my current problem, I want to learn how to do all that myself, but it will take me a few years at least to get to an expert level.

    Any advice on how to get my website going? How much it may cost?

    Thanks in advance!


    • Well Yes I would learn about it as much as I can then I would just hire someone cheap to set me up with something practical to get started. Use something like odesk.com

  281. QuasiPreneur :

    On my site: http://QuasiPreneur.com I put out in public what I’ve been accumulating privately for years. All related to starting a business, being an Entrepreneur. Timeless articles for inspiration such as you.

    Great case studies of dot coms that said they could and would but couldn’t and didn’t and some that actually did…unintentionally. All captured for one to read and learn from.

  282. J Vanderford :


    Its great to read your story. I couldn’t stop reading. I too led a similar life of various ups and downs. Although I am not as successful as you right now, I smiled and laughed and agreed with most of your life experiences. Great to see one of us finally made it.

    J Vanderford

    • Thanks Vanderford,

      Many people have difficulties not only while growing up but throughout their entire life. I am glad you were able to relate to my situation.

  283. Hey, Neil I like the title ” Quick Sprout” innovative what’s the idea behind it” have you written about it anywhere?

  284. Hi Neil,
    I recently started following your site, just registered for KISSInsights beta, (liking it). I have been blogging from past few years with not gr8 success, and still trying hard on improving. Would you mind doing a quick review of my blog? I am sure there must be many obvious flaws which I can’t see in my own work. I will be grateful to you.

    Thanks for all great info you keep sharing.

    • Neil Patel :

      1. Add a picture and bio of yourself in your side bar.
      2. Craft more attractive headlines. Read the copyblogger.com headline formula guide.
      3. Create an about page and make it very detailed.
      4. Use threaded comments so that you can create more of a conversation.
      5. End your blog posts with a question.

      • Neil,
        Thanks a lot for the feedback. I am seriously going to work on all of it. I appreciate you spending time to help me.

        about the threaded comment: I was thinking about incorporating Disquss comments, but have heard few drawbacks in terms of SEO. What is your opinion? I am using blogger.com.

        Thanks again, I will be soon doing all your suggested improvements.

  285. Nirav Patel Ahmedabad :

    Hello Neil,

    You have really achived many big things in small age. I appreciate your effort.

    I am SEO professional and want to touch with you…

    My skype ID: niravpatel.seo – plz add me dear.

    We can also share knowledge with each other.

    Bye for now.. Keep me in touch…

    Nirav Patel

  286. relationshipsellingbuffs :

    Love your honesty and love your blog. So refreshing. Not as successful as you but working towards it!

    • Neil Patel :

      That’s all that counts! Keep pushing through the breakdowns and you’ll have more break through.

  287. Very interesting life! Love to talk to you if you have a few mins.

  288. David Menard :

    After reading your blog post on your past and how it has shaped you to become the successful young entrepreneur , it has really inspired me. I attended the Web 2.0 conference this morning in SF and I really enjoyed your presentation on Tracking People not Visits. I too am 25-years-old and at a young age felt a deep passion for the internet and the innovations it brings to everyday life. I started working as a house painter and recently 4 months ago co-formed Involve Media – web development and social media consulting. We are doing this to raise funding for a music based crowdsourcing application. Constantly I question myself if I am even headed in the right direction but after witnessing your presentation and reading your blog I am confident about my future.

    • Neil Patel :

      Wow, it definitely sounds like you’re on the right track… keep pushing and fighting the good fight. You’re on your way!

  289. Dear Neil
    first of all i am proud of you you did it you have lot a head of you . i am planning to do some kind of online busnce can you help me giveing me idea pelase you can email me

  290. Hi Neil, I must say your site and the way the info is written appeals to me. I’ve read lot of seo/info sites for this niche and not one has been as appealing to me as to push me to leave a comment on their site (lazy i guess). But you’re the first I’ve done so. Right this moment I have 30 firefox tabs opened to article/posts from your site – will be reading them all to hopefully be able to take away and learn more to help my web sites and ideas I have planned become a reality (yeah lots of ideas just no know how to get to that destination). Been online for years but just been satisfied with what I have – it’s time I put in more effort and your about page and stories of your experiences have some what inspired me to try harder.

    I guess I identify with you as I’m also a fellow London born folk who moved over to a foreign country – Australia.

    Will definitely be bookmarking quicksprout.com 🙂

    • Wow, good for you! That’s a lot of reading! Let me know what you learn and how you’ll apply it.

  291. dats simply gr8 to read abt u man…u really become my role model from now…

  292. Hey Neil, your story is very inspiring and I’d loved reading every bit of it. I wish you great success in life 🙂 I didn’t knew that you are such a humble and hardworking person.

  293. I sold a vacuum to an Indian couple (I was surprised because generally Indians are cheap- What do you mean when you made this statement??????

  294. Shiv Agarwal :

    Interesting life but like most Indians whose family was in business their son and daughters also do crazy things like sell pirated CD’s to their friends. All in all, you have accomplished lot but looks like all that did not teach you one important thing in life – YOU CANNOT GENERALIZE PEOPLE

    how can you call Indians cheap? You may be cheap and I can understand that because of your background and to really generalize like you – your last name – Gujrati’s are synonym for cheapness in India. FYI if you lost on learning about the Indian culture.

    So, much that I liked your profile your comment has stooped you too low. I would never ever take any advice from a person like you who has not even able to to understand such basic things in life.

    As a whole, I pity that you are such a loser. Money does not coun’t anything Mr. Patel.

    Shiv Agarwal,
    Proud Indian

    • Hi Shiv,

      After I saw Neil’s reply on my comment I said to myself just leave it here and let him do what he does best. But after reading your comments I feel that there are many Indians out there who might be offended by “that” statement.

      I suggest/ request (the way you like it) just modify that portion and the bitter experience ends. I think it’s not difficult.

      • Saurabh, let’s be honest here, it’s not a big deal. Not ALL Indians are cheap but they are generalized that way because many-most are. I can bet that you’ve generalized many times in your life, it’s Normal. Again, you got to let little stuff like this go. It’s not intentional said to offend you, so again I apologize if it has.

    • In your message to me you just said this:

      “You may be cheap and I can understand that because of your background and to really generalize like you – your last name – Gujrati’s are synonym for cheapness in India. ” So it sounds like to me that you think Gujrati’s are synonyms for cheap? Either way, I apologize if you were offended… don’t be. Life’s too short to be offended by something like that. 😉

  295. Neil,

    I see what you are seeing. Yes, I have generalized…so this is over…lets leave it here…cheers!!!

  296. Hello Neil:
    I am new to your blog…just stumbled upon it.
    I am in Miami, Fl. and have been in the real estate, land development and entitlement business for most of my career.
    With my industry literally disentegrating from beneath me; I have looked to e-commerce as a method to launch a new products export company. In pursuing my new business I have been screwed, glued and tattooed by these “Design Companies” claiming to know SEO and have become ULTRA frustrated. I would like to know if you have any advice for me?

    I now have two websites (both of which are not optimized) because this most recent clown (operating in Miami under “NetroStar, Inc.) claimed my site was impossible to organically optimize so he needed to build me a new one ( a bunch of nonsense -I now know. Actually, he just didn’t know the platform my site was built upon and doesnt know SEO, so he made up this lie in order to get me to give him several thousands of dollars. He then built a new site – which ALSO is not optimized…Aye!! FRUSTRATING!).

    I have grown increasingly distgusted with the dishonesty in this industry. Particularily when those of a different business-era (pre-computers), such as myself; who do not know anything of html or php code, organic, white hat or other seo, etc… are getting taken advantage by these dishonest people who use their simple knowledge as a way to pull the wool over our eyes”..

    Thanks Neil!


    • If you want to hire a firm, email me and I can recommend some good ones depending on your budget and things of that nature.

      If you want to optimize your own site consider reading SEO Book as they can teach you most of the things you need to know.

      I hope that helps.

  297. Hello Neil, I just read your story and it definitely shed light on a lot of things for me. I recently launched my company 3 months ago and although the response from the public has been great, I still have yet to find someone for SEO.
    I have also been attending Pitching events to educate myself so I dont do or say the wrong thing. I am currently seeking an angel investor to open up to a few more cities.
    I live in San Diego so if youre ever in town, let me know and I will buy you lunch at my restaurant. I would love to hear more about your experiences and what you found most effective when pitching. I sure could use your help, hopefully more than just a blog back. So let me give you a little more inspiration to email me so we can possibly talk on the phone, and who knows maybe meet or become partners one day!
    My online program does focus on helping schools by putting money back in the schools where it belongs. We are currently working with several school districts which allows us to market and promote our program within the schools, reaching the parents and teachers. The feedback has been incredible, so I know I have the product, I just need to focus on getting traffic to the site. So if you would consider being my mentor for a bit, I could sure use your help. I truly feel that our program can make a big difference in our schools throughout the nation. If you take a look at the site and see, I think you might agree. The business model is very original and although we are a new company, it has great potential to be successful. But I need the right guidance to get there. So your expertise could benefit schools every where. Are you sold yet??
    LOL, anyway, seriously if you would be open to chatting more about this, please let me know. Im trying to learn everything I need right now.
    Thank Neil

    • I am definitely up for chatting some more. Email me with some times that you are free and we can chat on the phone.

  298. Hey Neil,

    i truly liked your about post you have mentioned above, its like absolute absolutely practical, and one thing i liked about you after reading the post above, i had read in robin sharma’s “monk who sold his ferrari”, to achieve complete peace and happiness you one needs to know himself and understand his own self. and i felt like you are truly practical and truly know yourself and very practical. i follow many blogs and sites and found them too be some times too theoritical or philosiphical, they are not bad, but still, yours was something truly practical, liked it, keep up the spirit, and Keep rocking buddy.

    • I think the monk who sold his Ferrari is a great book. I think that you should be authentic and practical when dealing with success.

  299. any idea how i can become rich, i, m realestate agent.

    • Invest in commercial real estate. Of course research is key. I primarily invest in apartments and multifamily real estate. With a few hotels and shopping centers. Single family homes don’t reap much profit unless you’re selling mansions or huge amounts of single family homes. From the real estate investors I deal with they usually have a combination of residential and commercial real estate.

  300. Interesting story.I also started out in my teens selling pirate CD’s. But then I started my first company based on advice from a friend about offering computer training to people. I started a computer consulting company that would later be sold to the company that would become geeksquad.Then I got into mergers and acquisitions consulting.And thats how I learned how to fund various acquisitions and consolidate companies.I was never good at inventing. So I instead acquire real estate,companies,etc and hire growth experts to run them.All my investments make me a nice low tax profit.

    If your goal is to be rich then I would suggest becoming a business intermediary.Acquire assets with positive cash flow and increase their value. Then sale or acquire more down the road.

    Also on the note about seeking venture capital. You should have sought out angel investors for your company.

  301. Very inspiring story. Looking back @ my life, I was an entrepreneur of sorts as well. I hope to become as successful as you by the time I reach the age of 25 or earlier! I’m 20 now, I suppose I have more than enough time.

    • You have a good 5 years to make it happen, stay focused and you’ll easily be able to make that happen!

  302. Saurav Thakur :

    Your story is inspiring, or you can say, raw inspiring, don’t misinterpret me, this is in a good note.I like action movies, which are raw, so do your story, its like a real life not reel life.Because i know success comes only after umpteen no of hurdles.Hope you find yours, while i find mine.:)

  303. Sejal Patel :

    Hi Neil,

    I need some advice… I am venturing on starting my own company…. it’s taken me years to find an idea that I’m really passionate about and have enough years of experience to do it well. I’m an attorney and I want to create an online community — like a Legal Yelp — to assist attorneys to find their support resources that they need for their cases.

    I’ve vetted the idea with all sorts of industry leaders (i’ve been in the legal world of NYC for 14 years) and I keep getting told build it and we will use it.

    Now the question… my challenge is partnering up with a CTO to create this company. I’ve tried hiring development companies in india — utter failure. I’ve tried hiring interns and kids outta school (MS programs) they are unreliable. What I need is a true CTO? How do I find him/her? I want them as a co-founder.

    The sad part is that I’ve talk to investors and whole nine yards in NYC and everyone is ready to give us money as soon as the model is proven. It just has to get built.


    HELP please!

    • Have you tried founder dating? http://founderdating.com/

      There isn’t one in NY, but you could try making a trip to SF. Or you can consider going to Internet events such as the web 2.0 expo and start looking for a technical founder.

      It’s a tough process… just make sure you don’t rush into it.

    • Varun - IT Consultant/SEO Specialist :

      The best part of the story that I liked was –
      “If you don’t like the cards you are dealt with, do something to change them. And for some ungodly reason, if you are unable to change them, keep moving forward and don’t look back. All you can do is try.”

      Good stuff, Neil.

      I have been an entrepreneur myself or trying to become one. Was thinking of doing MBA with focus on entrepreneurship.. Do you think that is worth it?

      • If you are getting an MBA to become an entrepreneur, then no. If you are getting an MBA to further your education and gain connections, then yes.

  304. Hi Neil. Looks like a lot of indians here who are clueless about starting up. Any ways it would be really helpful if you could write an article on the topic of Email etiquette and the do’s and donts of a mail to an venture capitalist. Also try to add how much of the idea do we need to mention in the introductory letter, .since giving even a little bit of the idea will lead to the risk of someone else stealing it. Also mention what it takes to write a perfectly agreeable and greed inducing proposal.

    I am sure lots of people will find it helpful.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hey Marzooq, I have a few different articles in the cue, but I’ll definitely look into it. Thanks!

  305. love your blog, i feel like i can relate to a lot of your experiences.

  306. Rockstar Sid :

    I am amazed to see such kindness in your comments here. More than that, I really appreciate you are replying to the comments.

    Being a frugal certainly adds up as an advantage, whatever maybe your nationality. We were, as you, from a middle class family but things are going smooth now, because we saved and kept saving to get to this day.

  307. Hello Neil Patel!
    I’m Vietnamese
    I have read some articles of yours. I’m very interested in them.
    You are really a good writer.
    I don’t read your article because of rich desire. The reason is I am a teacher of Banking and Finance. So I would like to read something to enlarge my knowledge. And now I send you this comment to say thank you. Thank you for your opinion share!
    I learn much from you.

  308. Hey Neil, your story is really inspiring and something very similar. I’ve been following your articles for some time now, i’ve put some of your thoughts into practice, I am starting a social network. Thanks man.

  309. Hi friend very neat description about your life..It gives more energy n motivation to me to do something better than now…Thanks for share 🙂

  310. hey Neil,
    i’m sameer, it was great reading about you and i’m also willing to do something great and good but don’t know where to start from…….
    could you please guide me?

    i hope we could be good friends………sameerdhawan007@gmail.com
    (not because i seek any profit from you, but i know i can learn a lot from you)

    hoping to get a reply from u soon….

  311. I have a dream.. a dream that I can build up a small company. not big like skype or paypal. all people has the right to have a dream; and i’m waiting for my dream come true.
    thanks for your share! it makes sense to me a lot!

  312. Kiem Dinh Xay Dung :

    Hi Neil,
    Nice to see you here! I’m kenny, i going to 30 in the end of this year. however, up to now, it seems that i have nothing in my hand. actually skype or paypal is too big thing. i just think about some real thing like how to earn enough money to take care my family. I think you have give me some ideas.
    thanks !

    • Well that’s okay and perfectly fine. It just comes down to doing what you think is best for you and how hard you work at it.

  313. Chetan Patel :

    i’m interesting to use your services but there is no option for Paypal payment, you should put this way to get paid.


  314. Hi,

    I really admire your success story. All the best

    This is Murali, from EVHUB.IN portal which is basically for educating people related electric vehicles and renewable energy sources which started off as a hobby. But recently it has bagged Media partner opportunity for some famous events and hence invested in its redesign. Still I am unable to get the required registrations in my portal. I don’t understand why!

    With best regards

    • Have you optimized your site for registrations? Use Google Website Optimizer to maximize your design so people sign up.

  315. I am BE computer and want grow as you are so can you help me out want to start own software company
    please help me

    • Start up a blog and write about what you’re looking to do. Start reading some of my blog posts and see if anything sparks any ideas.

  316. Manvesh Sathe :

    Hi Neil !!!
    I got inspiration after reading your post. I’m a new bee for Internet marketing. I need your suggestions to become successful Internet Marketer. As Internet marketing is passion for me I’m always hungry for getting new things. I hope you will help me in this.

    Thanks for this inspirational post.

  317. Cuerpo y mente :

    Hi Neil, I’m looking forward to learn from your mistake (I also made a few myself). Congrats for not giving up.

  318. Hi Neil!

    I have a BURNING question that I simply must have answered: How can I get my site from a PR3 on Google to a PR4 or PR5? I love your blog and SEO tips and I’ve tried to implement your tips (thank you)! However, I done a lot of research online and no one seems to have a firm idea of what it takes to move your sites Google PR ranking.

    Thanks for your help, and keep up the good work!



  319. Sean Holtshousen :

    Hi Neil

    Seems like I am in the same position as most. I have been working for companies up till now (Im 28yrs old).

    I would like to start up a company (Im a developer / data architect) so would liek some tips to set up a web presence and to learn how to find out market gaps. Do you have any information?

    Also I would like to startup blogging. Please could you send through some tips to generating actual income from blogging?
    Also which blog companies would be best to use to setup a blog? (eg Blogetery)


    PS: You are an inspiration 🙂

    • Sign up for a hosting company like hostgator.com or mediatemple.net and have them guide you through the process of installing a blog. (wordpress is what I use)

  320. Samuel Darwin :


    It was wonderful reading about you. What inspires me is your ability to stand test of time, which most of us don’t do. And the way you share stuffs in your blog is really appreciable. ‘Learn from my mistakes’ – Not everyone in the industry does this. Thanks a ton for this.

    Well, I am keenly looking forward to be around Quick Sprout and participate in the community by throwing my thoughts where ever relevant.

    Samuel Darwin

  321. mystic_sage_1791 :

    Hi Neil! I’m impressed by the way you reply back to comments. 🙂

    I’m a college student doing engineering in an excellent engineering college in India. But I have absolutely NO background in all of this. I come from an environment that’s very different from this. I don’t know about investments, soft skills, gov’t polices…all sorts of things needed to be an entrepreneur. I have ideas, but I have no clue how to go about them.

    After 4 years of engineering, I don’t want to let it go to waste by doing something else. Won’t it be a massive waste of knowledge and hard work? But I do wanna work on my own…

    I’m confused what I should do. I fear that if I do an MBA, (which I feel is req’d if I need to start something of my own, cuz I dont know anything) I’ll end up working in an MNC for a high paying secure job, rather than struggling for years hoping for a break. Or should I leave all these dreams, cuz I never had the right environment?

    • It isn’t always a waste. You can take the principles you learned through engineering and apply it to your entrepreneurial career. Such as how engineers have processes to make them more efficient.

      Sadly, I can’t tell you what to do. That is something you have to figure out on your own. I recommend going with whatever your heart tells you. 😉

  322. sell textbooks :

    It is amazing that I have been following this blog as long as I have and I have never read this page. You have stayed true to what you wrote so long ago. it is refreshing to see such honesty and that is one of the reasons I follow your blog.

  323. Reno Web Design :

    There are so many great things on the web… I just found your site today, and have spent too much time on it already! Thanks.

  324. Hi,

    Very interesting reading, and quite inspiring for us newbies. I have recently launched a site, and thought it would automatically attract visitors! So that was my first mistake. Having now started to delve into the world of SEO, and internet marketing i am seeing some improvements in the number of hits, but nowhere near what i want it to be.

    Can you provide some pointers / guidance that would help my site attract further visitors?

    Many Thanks, and All the Best.

    • I recommend that you read http://bit.ly/c3SZJ6 and http://bit.ly/1Oi03o

      Both of those guides should help increase your traffic.

  325. Hay Neil,

    What a great rollercoaster, inspirational and motivational story.

    Congratulations on your successes, commitment and dedication to your goals. I loved reading each and every turn of your story, it’s really a learning lesson for lot of folks (struggling entrepreneurs) who is trying to hit the target or who wants (starters) to hit the target but things are not moving in right direction.
    Here following are key points from this story and from my own experiences…
    • Never give up, keep trying, you never know when you will click and once you click make sure you are helping others in clicking. Sharing right things on right time to right folks is really a real caring.
    • Try different things with good planning, strategy and passion, but here is the catch, don’t be fully victimized of being a jack of all trade and master of none. People love working with specialists.
    • Do what you love to do, and make sure you are solving problems of people who are around you, people love and pay attention to problem solvers, and don’t forget to have a fun whatever you are doing.
    • Take calculated and intelligent risks.
    • Do personal, professional, financial and emotional emulation of your personality before starting anything in your life more specifically starting any business venture.
    • Make sure you know, that either you are business minded or not, if not don’t be fooled and deceived by your wrong or misled gut feelings. It’s always good to go through a learning curve to become someone rather pretending of being someone which you are not. Finding a short cut or easy money could be expensive on the long run.
    • In this capital society you need to be open, flexible and always will to learn new things, being old school, lazy and slacker not going to take you anywhere.
    • Innovation is the key of success in this fast passed society. Copy caters can make fortune to some extent until they hit the blind valley.
    • Get to know your blind spots in your personality, business strategies, approaches toward customer s and future goals.
    • Live your own life, don’t live people’s life just because of pushing factor, blind following or peer pressure
    • Follow your instinct, gut feelings, passion and dreams by being realistic and rational animal.
    • Connect, convince and then convey to your customers/audience.
    • It was so funny and interesting when Neil mentioned that “Indians are cheap”, funny, because no of folks are still in denial in cranky and stubborn way ,actually most of folks misunderstood the whole context and objective, rather thinking through rational, they took it more personal and emotional. It’s not like Indian being cheap ,frugal or stingy, it’s a matter of understating, both end were right in their own way , people who are saying , “we are not cheap” means they are saving for themselves and future generation, they are sacrificing lot of things ,working hard, and struggling just to give good lives to their children. On the other side, being cheap or frugal it’s a good thing. Look at the balance sheets of each individual in this worst economy , they have completely busted, just because of their foolish spending behavior , but only one group of people are still recession free and not completely affected by financial meltdown who have actually saved for their rainy days.
    I believe having a balanced and blended life without compromising on the identity and values is the right way to go.

    Good luck!

    • Wow, you definitely did read that post thoroughly! 🙂 Now it’s time for you to take what you learned and put it into action.

  326. Hi Neil,

    Great bio dude! Really found it very informational, I just recently have gone into a online business venture with a friend of mine and we could do with some help from someone that has the experience.

    I am still fairly young and i have that same motivation that I DONT WANT TO WORK FOR SOMEONE ELSE! Im glad that there are people out there who I can relate to such as yourself! Appreciate it!

    Thanks a mill!

    • There are a lot of people who don’t want to “work for someone”, but just remember, you need to still figure out a way to hold yourself accountable.

  327. Praasan Baraily :

    There were many things going on top of comment list, Neil..well the story of yours really encourage me to push even farther for better life.hats off to you for your examplary struggle and progress.
    You are an icon!!

  328. Hi i’m 18 years old i live in Romania i tried a lot of things on the internet but didnt had any success do you think i could find a mentor ?

    • I suggest looking for some events that happen around your area and look for people there as that usually works for a lot of people.

  329. A mentor like you. I’m really at the point in my life where i see no future and i look for a mentor to teach me.

  330. hye there,
    great bio you have and i really encourage me to get going, i am from malaysia and already 4 years in internet marketing, i just 19 years old and based on the comment above i see you are very friendly to anyone who leave comment. That make return visitor to your blog.

  331. I found your website looking for entrepreneurial type blogs – and I’ve just spend the last 3 hours reading your entries! It’s great content/advice you’re putting out here. At 25, ‘time is not on my side’ as you say in one of your articles – it’s time for me to get started indeed! 🙂

  332. Purushottam Kushwaha :

    last night i just downloaded and install wordpress to start my first blog. I found a primary link ‘About’ , just flashed your blog. I have been reading your blogs since 2 months but never clicked ‘About’ link. Never thought of your life so inspirational. By daily visiting this site, I got a clear view of blogging now. I learned allot from your bio, just wanna to say Thanks.

  333. Kavita Kampani :

    Hi Neil,

    Inspirational, motivational and fascinating story. Many Congrats on your successes. I loved reading your story and read it out aloud to both my teenage daughters.

    Wish I could have a bit of entrepreneurial mindset like yours as I am very fond of doing something of my own.

    To get the inspiration, I would be reading your blog regularly.

    Warm regards,

  334. aprender a meditar :

    Outsourcing a bussiness is one of the most dificult tasks I’ve ever faced

    • Yeah, outsourcing is a bit tricky, you’ll go through a lot of failures before you find the right one. You get what you pay for you know.

  335. Hi Neil,
    Your life story is inspirational. After my past business venture failures, I needed that motivational spark to remain focused on this new lighting niche I’ve so diligently tried to establish. Thank you.

  336. Great Story. I did my first deal at age 21…built a hotel at an airport 1 month before 9/11…UGH! Learned the hard way. good days/ bad days as an entreprenuer, but you keep trying and you never know what roads you come to. Good luck.

  337. Dear Mr. Patel,

    This is my second time of reading this article, I can see your sincerety and I found the information it contains is very helpful, especially for starters like me whole might invest loads of time and money down the wrong track. Thank you very much, please feel free to let me know where I can found more of your article.


    Harry from China.

  338. Jeffrey Romano :

    Thanks very much for sharing your story. It’s inspiring to learn about such entrepreneurial people as yourself. Much appreciated.

  339. Richard Ortega :


    Reading your story reminds me of my past. I did almost everything you did in high school to make it including selling Lucas, CDs, raver beads, website design company, etc – all except a successful company. I even remember sneaking into networking mixers saying I’m a partner of X company so I looked bigger so medium sized businesses would buy from me.

    My mother and father both tried their best to give me middle class and my father dropped a higher paying job to work for $12 at a university so I could get a college degree.

    For some reason I have a entrepreneurial spirit, or at least that’s what I’ve been told. I’ve had so many ideas for internet start-ups that I didn’t follow through on because of lack of expertise (I was a proficient coder but there are plenty of database-driven programming I was never too fond of) and capital.

    I got a degree so my mom would be happy, but I know that all I want to do was build internet companies. People in college or who work for big companies don’t see the big picture.

    I work as a Marketing Manager and make a decent salary for a 25 year old in San Antonio, TX. All my money goes to pay developers, all of which would at any time would work for sweat equity – I still pay them because I know when I was in their position I would liked to be paid too.

    I compared myself so much to similar aged people like Mark Zuckerberg and the like, but realized they came from a different background and had more connections to contacts and capital. I’ve failed at nearly 8 business in my short life, and every time I learn more and crave more. After reading your story, it soothes the heart to hear other people who started from nothing and made it out. The first thing I will do with my first successful company is buy a house for my parents to get out of their bad neighborhood.

    I’m currently working on two internet startups – one is a Groupon-like concept with modified marketing and distribution, and the other is a industry-specific review aggregator site. I learned that not one of my companies can be based on eyeballs, it has to be revenue generating.

    This comment wasn’t meant to turn into a lengthy post, or boast myself in anyway. I also didn’t want to use this avenue as a pitching soapbox. It’s just good to know there’s others like me. If you have a free moment, please contact me I’d appreciate if you could meet.

    • Wow Richard, I resonate a lot with what you said and done. At 21, I can say I seem to be walking the same path as you did when you were 21.

      My dream is to also create Internet Companies, or rather techno-businesses. I’m luckier though, as I managed to get a scholarship to a good local college for a decent degree. I keep thinking studying is a waste of time (and yeah, most people around don’t understand why I think that way. Everyone just wants to become a robot for society).

      I personally would love to have a chance to perhaps talk and maybe just share experiences and stories.


  340. Hey Neil,

    I’m so glad I listened to Aaron Darko’s interview with you. You cam off as an awesome-incredibly-together-man with the way you articulated your responses. Pure awesomeness to hear so much about you so seriously, thank you for doing the interview.

    I even took a page out of your book and wrote on a piece of paper, the words ‘HAVE LASER SHARP FOCUS’, right next to a couple other checks-and-measures messages I felt motivated to pin up.

    In the last two days, I’ve noticed a change from my decision to emulate your example. I’m looking forward to the journey so thanks a lot dude.

  341. Neil, Keep growing..
    You are really a asuccessful entrepreneur. But the great thing is that you’ve got a great heart to share the whole thing to the world. It will relly help others.

  342. What do you mean by Indians are cheap. You yourself having indian roots shouldnt be saying derogatory things about indians.

    Indians are cheap because they just dont splurge money on anything and they have a “saving” word in their dictionary rather than spending all their income and going broke like …….

    I sold a vacuum to an Indian couple (I was surprised because generally Indians are cheap).

    • Don’t be offended by it… Indians just happen to be stingy with their money. If I wasn’t Indian, then it might come across as derogatory.

  343. hey neil,

    very inspiring story. i came across this blog from a friend of mine, and basically dived right into the content. I’m a tech entrepreneur as well, with over 7 startups. Lost a ton of money on some of them too. I resonated with so much you were sharing in your story. Thank you for posting, look forward to reading more from now on.

    Also would love to connect further, what channels are best to communicate? i’m on facebook and twitter and most social platforms. I think as like minds it would be great to bounce ideas, get advice, and basically share information and experiences.

    Com Mirza

  344. I have been greatly inspired by your story and am building my company n l no l will succeed

  345. Starcraft 2 Strategy :

    Great blog about the ups and downs of starting a business. When I was in high school, I sold rubber doctor gloves to the girls in biology right before we were going to dissect something. I’d buy a box of 100 gloves for around $2, and sell each pair for $2!

  346. ganeshmuthiah :

    Hi Neil,

    Looks like no one have started online business with instant success. I regretted spending my hard earned money on some kind of SEO software whihc did not help at all.

    With no limited funds, i just started to blog and hope me too can get a small piece of pie in future.

  347. Hello Neil Patel,
    Something,what ever it may be,made me read your article.
    I was pleased & touched by your life experience !
    You Are A True Patel . Your heart & soul are intact.
    Keep it up, There is an answer to every question, as you know !

    Kind regards:
    Janak Patel

  348. Hey Neil
    i love u man……
    U r just a case-study for me…
    all crazyegg, kissmetrics, kissinsights.com r grate..
    I don’t know if retargeter.com is yours or not…
    but i love u man

  349. Hey Neil,

    I feel truly inspired to have read your bio.

    At the age of 21 myself, a lot of things you went through seems to be what I’m going through now (well, before the “Good Life” part which I’m working hard at).

    I’ve struggled, and been struggling. Sometimes I compare my ‘entrepreneurship or startup ventures’ as gambling as I seem to throw money at it but with little to no returns. Sometimes I put in crazy amount of effort and nothing changes. It’s not only frustrating, it’s downright demoralizing.

    I got into this whole entrepreneurship thing to of course, escape the 9-5 job life and to hopefully have a shot at being rich. A lot like you, I’m in a middle income family and ‘living the rich life’ is the goal I’m hoping I would one day achieve.

    There’s many more I can share but this is definitely not the place of course. All I can say right now is I’m rather happy that I found your blog. 🙂 You’ve got yourself another avid reader!

    To being successful!
    Jeff Lam

    PS: Your last line attracted me…you have a gift for attracting traffic to websites? Please tell me if there is any way I can request your services for getting traffic!

    • What type of services are you looking for exactly?

      • I’ve actually emailed you and you mention your background is mostly SEO..

        Well, I was hoping for some advice on driving traffic and sales..but since your business is in SEO I highly doubt I can afford your SEO services! :p

        I guess I’ll go check out your free advice on SEO and see what I can do about it 🙂


  350. Dear Neil,
    Read your struggle story from start to end of the post realized that there is no substitute to hard work.

  351. Rustom Hakimiyan :


    I would love your opinion on this.

    It seems like most of the startups these days are scalable and dont necessarily involve a physical prototype. My back ground is mechanical engineering and im a cofounder in a startup that is going through the prototype phase. From my limited experience, it seems like when it comes to physical prototypes, it not only takes time(like everything else), but it also takes a lot of upfront capital. Is it better at some point that I invest my time into learning design/coding etc that will reduce the overhead costs involved with creating a physical prototype or do what I know how?

    P.S: I did read “Focus on what you’re good at, and nothing else! by Neil Patel on December 9, 2010″…so I might have just answered my own question.


    • You did. 😉

      Focus on what you know. Don’t try to learn things that you don’t know just to save costs. Instead try and find a designer and developer and get them to help you out for shares in your company.

      • Rustom Hakimiyan :

        Thanks for the response. Point taken.

        Engineer by background, I know about modeling products/physical prototypes. That is exactly what I am working currently but I feel like creating physical prototypes as opposed to something scale-able is becoming outdated so to speak, and definitely requires more upfront capital, hence looking to switch my “skillset” into something more frequently required.


        • It doesn’t necessarily have to be about just that or in that industry… you can probably go from there into a direction that makes more sense.

  352. I feel luck also matters with hard work …Many people work hard . As you become big you get polished and firm and your confidence grows . So stop asking others how to get big in life and go to office and work as if you have to save your life drowning in a sea . You will definitely hit somewhere in life . Also it is not necessary you make money in what you love . If a person loves sweeping he is not going to make million dollars in it . Earning depends on what you do , where when how and with what . There are people who are a million times more educated and qualified then you Neil but they do not have a single penny to even dare to think of their ideas . No offense wish you great success . But every persons track is different . Also no one helps no one . You have to do everything in life by your own unless someone’s motive is attached no one will really help you . the J factor will jump in the pool

  353. Hi Neil

    Really surprising that an Indian has risen after a struggle

    For me i just really dont give up easily and am into IM/AM for almost more than 2 years and not yet successful but yes trickle has started flowing and want to scale it up

  354. Hi Neal! I remember writing to you apx. 4 years ago or so regarding a specific financial venture and being pleasantly surprised to find that you were kind enough to reply to a nobody. Just checked back in with Quicksprout and am thrilled to see how well you’ve done. You’ll likely not remember me, but if you’ve a moment do drop me an email. I’m not going to leave any teasers like “you’ll be glad you did” but I just had a strong feeling about writing to you again. At very least, thanks for reading my comment, my respect to your parents and may you continue to be blessed.

  355. Hi Neil,

    First, I am impressed.
    Second, I am inspired.
    Third, Wish You all the Success, All the way from Indonesia.
    Last but not least, I think Indians are not cheap it is the sindhi’s that are mostly cheap 🙂 whats your take on that ?


  356. The thing which I loved the most is reading beautifully written articles I’ve not in my life read the full about page of any website or web log the about page seems to short it needs to be never ending because I loved to read about pages like these. Sun of inspirations.

    Thing are hard to get in life and people are so desperate about money I don’t know why but when ever I ask a question to some one how much money you need in your life ? The answer always is Mmmm…………..!! I think the answer is Toooo muchhhh.

  357. Neil, First of all congrats for your success and the best thing i like is i hve read all 890 comments and you have replied or had commented on them. Its hard to find i would say impossible.

    I work as an online marketing manager and want to start my own company I am in my mid 20’s I have been working for the past 2 years but always want to start my own business. That said the problem with me is I will think about something, I will read like how successful you are and go crazy over the entrepreneur feeling. I will think a lot (day n night) and I would be ok I wanna start the company which does online marketing. I will be enthu for a week or so and then everything goes down.

    Problem: “I am like a water who boils for a minute but when the power is switched off” I am flat.

    I have not figured out myself should I apply for new job or start my own firm. When I read something like this I wanna start my own company. Dont know how to solve this problem

    Thanks for replying

    • You have to find something you are passionate about. If you do that and you truly are passionate (not just temporary passion), the water will keep on boiling. 😉

      Take a weekend, sit back, relax, and think about what you want to do in the long run. After you do that, then figure out if what you want to do is actually realistic.

  358. Hi Neil Patel,

    Good. Your intelligence, courage, perseverance and patience curiosity congratulations. I remember when I was your age, but it is so many dreams and the same properties. Life is like a big circle.I regret spending money some serious SEO software that does not help at all earned.