Guest posting can be a fantastic strategy to grow your audience and establish authority in your industry. However, the results of this strategy depend on choosing the right sites to guest post on.

A website with low-quality content and few visitors isn’t going to provide any benefits for your company, and being associated with that type of site may even hurt your brand’s reputation. Guest posting requires time and effort, and you don’t want to waste it on a low-performing site.

To find the best guest posting options, check the site’s domain authority (DA). Choose sites with a domain rating of at least 50, which indicates that they have credibility in the online landscape. This increases the chances that your guest post will reach a wide, engaged audience while providing a valuable backlink for SEO

Guest Post in the Right Niche

Guest posting allows you to tap into another site’s audience to grow your reach and generate brand awareness. However, this tactic only works if you’re guest posting in the right niche. You want to make sure that the audience you’re reaching is actually interested in what you have to say.

Let’s say your company sells premium sunscreen with a great scent and all the latest buzzy beauty ingredients. You could technically write a guest post about sun protection for a site focused on outdoor adventures, but that audience isn’t likely to be interested in your product, so your efforts would be wasted.

By targeting the right niche, your guest posts won’t just be random articles on someone else’s site. They’ll become valuable tools for connecting with an audience that is genuinely interested in your products or services, thereby maximizing the ROI on your guest posting efforts.

To help you find the most effective guest posting opportunities, we’ve organized them by niche:

Guest Post Sites for Marketing

Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing Institute homepage.

Content Marketing Institute is the premier publication for content marketers looking to improve their craft and stay on the cutting edge of trends. CMI has an extremely high domain authority (89 according to Ahrefs) and over 100,000 organic visitors each month, not to mention nearly 500,000 social media followers

Their blog focuses on all things content marketing, including content planning, strategy, creation, distribution, and analytics.

There are a few unique aspects to keep in mind if you want to guest post for CMI:

  • You’ll receive free admission to one of their premium events or free access to their online CMI University if you have two posts published in the year.
  • The review process can take up to three weeks, but you’ll receive a response either way.
  • The blog has seemingly covered every topic related to content marketing, so it can be challenging to come up with an original angle they haven’t already discussed.

To submit a guest post, fill out the form—you must provide a completed draft in Word or Google Docs format. CMI does not consider abstract ideas or pitches alone.


HubSpot blog homepage.

HubSpot is one of the top digital marketing blogs, receiving over 10 million visitors each month with a domain rating of 93—their traffic in the last few months has also increased, so they likely have an even bigger audience than that. They prioritize high-quality, original content on marketing, sales, customer service, and website topics.

Before applying to become a HubSpot guest blogger, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • They require you to link to three to five relevant HubSpot posts in your article and allow you to include one link to your company website.
  • You can also submit articles to the HubSpot User Blog which focuses on an audience already using HubSpot software—it’s ideal for in-depth tutorials, case studies, tips, and inspiration. To publish on the User Blog, you have to complete a 25-minute writing course, first. The User Blog is only open to current customers, app partners, and solutions partners. Learn more about it here.
  • HubSpot doesn’t provide a timeframe for approval or rejection of your submission.

To submit an idea, check out their guest posting guidelines and fill out their proposal form on Asana.

G2 Learning Hub

G2 Learning Hub is a premier resource for software reviews, comparisons, and educational content with over a million monthly viewers. Their learning hub focuses on topics related to various software types like marketing, sales, HR, IT, and more.

If you want to contribute as a guest author, keep in mind:

  • They only accept pitches for posts centered around one main keyword and require completed posts to be at least 2,500 words.
  • The review process can take 6-12 weeks (or longer) depending on their current workflow and when you submit your pitch. They review pitches in large batches, so if you submit when they’re not actively reviewing, it may take extra time.
  • Contributors are allowed up to four posts per year, or one post per quarter.

To submit a pitch (no full pieces allowed), you’ll need to provide the main keyword(s) you want to target, a short bio, links to your LinkedIn and Twitter profiles, and your pitch explaining the topic and angle. Pitches should be submitted via email.


Wordstream blog homepage.

WordStream is one of the leading online publications for digital marketers, covering everything from content marketing, ecommerce, and copywriting to PPC and SEO. With over 3 million visitors each month and a domain rating of 90, being featured as a guest contributor for WordStream is an excellent opportunity. However, given that they’ve been publishing for over ten years, coming up with a unique angle or approach is a lot harder than it sounds.

Before pitching WordStream, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Introductions must be concise and around 150 words.
  • While you can use relevant graphics and images from reputable sources as long as you cite them, you can’t use stock images.
  • The article can include up to three links to your own website.
  • You will need to provide an outline for approval before writing the full draft.

To apply, you will need to send an email pitch including your ideas (keywords or titles), background on your experiences, and at least one writing sample. It can take up to two weeks to get a response—but they ask that you follow up if you haven’t heard back within three weeks.

More Guest Post Sites for Marketing

  • EZ Rankings is a digital marketing service provider that accepts guest posts on topics such as SEO trends and guidelines, PPC ads, entrepreneurship, email marketing, and more.
  • MarketingProfs provides training and educational resources for enterprise and B2B marketers. The site accepts guest posts on various topics, including generative AI, lead generation, buyer personas, and content marketing.
  • GoDaddy is a domain registrar with a blog that offers educational content for a large community of marketers and entrepreneurs. It accepts guest submissions on topics relating to starting, marketing, and managing a small business.
  • CoSchedule is a marketing platform that accepts guest posts on AI, social media, and content marketing.
  • Buffer is a social media management tool for scheduling, planning, and publishing content across multiple social platforms. It accepts submissions on social media strategies, small business operations, and content creator stories.
  • GetResponse is an email marketing software company that accepts posts on social media, content marketing, email marketing, SEO, and omnichannel marketing.
  • MediaPost is a publishing company that runs multiple marketing news sites, all of which accept op-ed submissions related to marketing. 
  • ChatterBuzz is a digital marketing agency that accepts guest content on advanced link-building tactics, lead generation, paid search, marketing automation, and more related to ecommerce, real estate, retail, and B2B businesses.

Guest Post Sites for Technology

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes provides WordPress themes and plugins to help bloggers and business owners build high-quality websites. The site reaches 2 million monthly visitors and has nearly a quarter of a million email subscribers, so its reach is substantial.

In addition to reaching such a wide audience, Elegant Themes offers guest contributors $250 for a published article. This is an impressive perk, considering that most guest post opportunities are unpaid.

Keep these things in mind when pitching Elegant Themes:

  • Topics should focus on WordPress, web design and development, or Divi
  • Prefers content to be 1,000 to 1,500 words
  • Only pitch topics that haven’t been covered yet or that offer updated information for old topics
  • Does not allow promotional content or affiliate links
  • Accepts tutorials, case studies, in-depth guides, and evidence-based opinion pieces

After reading the site’s submission guidelines, pitch your idea using the Community Blog Post Submission Form.


Cloudways homepage.

Cloudways is a cloud-based web host provider with a substantial online presence and an impressive domain rating of 90. This makes it an ideal guest posting site for brands in the SaaS, hosting, cloud technology, and marketing niches.

Here is a summary of Cloudways’ submission requirements:

  • 1,500 word minimum
  • Up to two no-follow links
  • 12 point Arial font
  • Well-structured, engaging content

The site accepts posts on these topics:

  • WordPress speed and performance
  • WordPress tutorials
  • WooCommerce guides
  • WordPress errors
  • Core web vitals
  • Magento tutorials
  • PHP guides
  • Startup marketing

Review Cloudways’ detailed submission guidelines and use the contact form at the bottom of the page to reach out.

Analytics Insight

Analytics Insight is a print and digital publication focused on artificial intelligence, Big Data, and analytics. It showcases opinions and experiences from top industry leaders and executives, making it a reputable site for guest posting to reach a technically knowledgeable and influential audience.

The site accepts guest posts on these topics:

  • Big Data and business analytics
  • Machine learning, statistics, cloud computing, IoT, and blockchain market trends
  • How-tos, challenges, and best practices
  • Visualization techniques and ideas
  • Defining and understanding business metrics

Analytics Insight allows contributors to include an About the Author section, where you can include your professional background and links to your website and social media. To improve your chances of being accepted as a guest poster, be sure that your article has more than 500 words, has not been published elsewhere, and provides proper sources for claims and statistics.

You can use the Write for Us page to submit your article idea.

More Guest Post Sites for Technology

  • TheNextTech is a technology news site that accepts pitches on technology trends, new gadgets, digital security, and more.
  • Technology Networks provides scientific content covering a range of research areas. It accepts articles about advances in a scientific field, opinion pieces, industry insights, and scientific videos.
  • is an A/B testing platform that accepts guest posts on ecommerce, advanced customer research, A/B testing, and being a conscious business. It prefers thought leadership content or step-by-step guides.
  • Read Write exclusively covers the Internet of Things (IoT) and features success stories and advice from industry leaders on topics like transport, smart cities, fintech, and connected devices.
  • Webflow provides codeless web development software. It accepts submissions on the impact of no-code, “How I built X in Webflow,” and visual web development best practices.
  • SoftwareSuggest helps businesses find the best software options. It accepts content focused on different aspects of the software industry.

Guest Post Sites for Business

Business Insider

Business Insider homepage.

Business Insider is the crème de la crème of business-related guest posting sites. It has more than 114 million site visits per month and a domain rating of 94, signifying its broad readership and influence.

There are several standout features of contributing to Business Insider:

  • It covers an enormous range of topics, so no matter what industry you’re in, there’s likely a way to pitch a relevant article.
  • Articles published on Business Insider have the potential to be syndicated to several other outlets, which could significantly increase a writer’s visibility and credibility.
  • You can contribute for free as a guest poster or get paid as a freelance writer, depending on how you approach the pitching process.

To be a contributor, contact Debbie Strong at To write paid content such as personal essays, analysis, trend stories, and explainers, contact Lauryn Haas (careers, small business, entrepreneurship, real estate) at or Manseen Logan (retail, economy, healthcare, careers) at

You can increase your chances of success by reviewing Business Insider’s submission guidelines and familiarizing yourself with the type of content it publishes.

More Guest Post Sites for Business

  • VentureBeat is a technology news site that accepts submissions on AI and machine learning through its guest content channel DataDecisionMakers.
  • AllBusiness provides business insights on operations, finance, and marketing to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. It accepts guest contributions on topics like how to start and grow a business and career advice.
  • ProProfs is an educational software provider that accepts guest posts about elearning, education, online training, and much more.
  • Harvard Business Review is a prestigious digital and print magazine that covers all aspects of business. It accepts submissions on a wide range of topics, including diversity and inclusion, innovation, career transitions, and managing teams.
  • Women On Business showcases the perspectives and insights of women in the business community, featuring a variety of topics and how they impact women in business. It’s looking for ongoing contributors.

Guest Post Sites for SEO


SiteProNews homepage.

SiteProNews is one of the web’s oldest and most respected webmaster news and resource sites. It caters to both novice and professional webmasters by offering a variety of software tools, resources, and expert articles.

The site has a substantial online business audience, reaching more than 250,000 individuals through its weekly newsletter. This extensive reach allows guest writers to have their work viewed by a large and engaged audience.

SiteProNews has two types of content it publishes: promotional and non-promotional.

Promotional content:

  • $125 fee to publish
  • Will be published within two days of receipt
  • Stays on the homepage for several days before being moved to an appropriate category
  • Email

Non-promotional content:

  • Free to publish
  • There’s no guaranteed timeline for review or publication, and the current turnaround time is between three and four weeks
  • Allows up to four do-follow links in the article
  • Email

Before reaching out to SiteProNews, review the submission guidelines detailed on the Call For Writers page.

More Guest Post Sites for SEO

  • Search Engine Watch is a platform that covers the latest in SEO and search engine marketing (SEM). It accepts submissions on topics such as SEO, PPC, SEM, and analytics.
  • RankWatch is a cloud-based marketing platform that accepts guest posts on topics related to digital marketing.

Guest Post Sites for Health


mindbodygreen homepage.

With a focus on wellness and greater meaning in life, mindbodygreen has cultivated an engaged audience and an impressive domain rating of 86. This makes it an exceptional site to guest post for if this audience aligns with your business.

The site accepts guest posts on wellness, personal growth, and lifestyle topics. It has rigorous standards for accuracy and dedicated experts to review content before publishing. Contributed content should be concise, easy to read, and not self-promotional.

To submit a guest post, review the editorial process and send your pitch to The team checks this inbox once a week. Given that and the extensive content review process, you can expect the entire publication process to be slow. However, your patience will pay off if your content is published, as the site has a huge reach in the health and wellness industry.

More Guest Post Sites for Health

  • Idea Fit is a fitness platform that caters to fitness and wellness professionals. It accepts guest contributors for health, wellness, and professional development topics.
  • KevinMD is a medical health platform with 3 million monthly views. It accepts opinion pieces on healthcare topics and often features contributors on its podcast.
  • Science Based Medicine evaluates medical treatments and products through a scientific approach. The editors accept guest posts that align with this specific angle and discourage “general medical” topics.
  • Yoga Basics is an online resource for yoga and pays guest contributors $30 for accepted articles about yoga philosophy, meditation, the history of yoga, and more.
  • The Daily Meditation is an online meditation resource that accepts guest blogs on mindfulness, yoga, spirituality, and natural health.

Guest Post Sites for Finance


FinancesOnline homepage.

With a domain rating of 89, FinancesOnline is an excellent choice for guest posts in the financial niche. The company provides a free platform that helps B2B companies find the best software options. This means that its readers are primarily in the B2B market, so be sure to tailor your content to this audience.

The site accepts guest blogs in the form of guides, news articles, reviews of B2B products, and more. Your topic should focus on specific types of SaaS solutions, such as help desk software, hosting services, or CRM software.

Review the Write For Us page in detail to see the complete list of acceptable topics and additional submission guidelines.

More Guest Post Sites for Finance

  • Beating Broke accepts guest posts from members of the Yakezie Group or contributors who own or write for a personal finance blog.
  • Money Saving Mom is a site devoted to providing financial advice and tips on how to save money through deals, coupons, and budgeting. It accepts guest blogs that feature practical, money-saving tips and advice.
  • The Financial Diet is a finance blog that accepts guest posts about personal finance, especially those that feature your own story, such as how you learned to budget or eliminate your debt.
  • The CPA Journal is an online publication for financial professionals. It accepts perspective pieces, reviews of finance technology, and news briefs.

Guest Post Sites for Entertainment

Cultured Vultures

Cultured Ventures homepage.

Cultured Vultures is an entertainment website that is very welcoming of inexperienced writers. It’s open to a variety of content, including non-fiction, journalism, humor, and poetry, making it a diverse platform for the entertainment domain.

Notable aspects of Cultured Vultures:

  • Pays £5 for every article published, plus a £2 bonus for every 200 views
  • Provides feedback and advice to writers, potentially helping them gain access to conventions and gigs, and working with them on video content
  • Has possibly the best logo we’ve ever seen

Find out more about the submission process on Cultured Vulture’s guidelines page.

More Guest Post Sites for Entertainment

  • The Inquirer accepts op-eds and commentary pieces (approximately 650 words) on news events, cultural trends, and personal essays.
  • World Star Hip Hop is a platform for hip hop music and urban culture, and it accepts video submissions related to music, promotional content, and humor.
  • Hollywood Insider is an entertainment-focused site that accepts guest blogs related to the entertainment industry that are inspiring and empowering.
  • High on Films professes to be “a shrine where we worship cinema.” It accepts movie reviews, film analogies, essays, and other forms of cinema-related content.
  • Guitar Chalk provides content and tools for music education professionals. It accepts submissions that offer new insights and personal stories, such as mistakes you’ve made in the industry.

Guest Post Sites for Ecommerce


Omniconvert homepage.

Omniconvert holds a reputable position as a guest posting platform, especially in the ecommerce sector. The key topics of interest revolve around ecommerce growth strategies, which include customer value optimization, retention rate optimization, A/B testing, landing page optimization, web personalization, and customer experience.

To contribute to Omniconvert’s blog, you must first become a partner. Before writing the article, you must submit an outline that includes the proposed title, headings, and links you plan to include. It provides a blog post template, which makes it easy to submit high-quality content that’s formatted correctly.

More Guest Post Sites for Ecommerce

  • Taggbox is a user-generated content (UGC) platform that helps brands curate and display UGC. It accepts guest blogs about UGC, ecommerce, and digital marketing.
  • Kudobuzz is a review and SEO platform that accepts guest posts on ecommerce, digital marketing, and customer reviews.
  • E-Commerce Nation is dedicated to “uniting the European digital community” through ecommerce resources. It accepts contributions on any aspect of ecommerce.
  • CED Commerce is an ecommerce platform that welcomes guest posts on ecommerce trends, SaaS platforms, and online marketplaces.

Guest Post Sites for Startups


Chanty homepage.

Chanty is an AI-powered chat software that positions itself as an alternative to Slack. It accepts guest posts on topics related to communication, collaboration, productivity, marketing, education, and more.

Standout aspects of contributing to Chanty:

  • Stresses the importance of in-depth research and has high standards for submissions??
  • Expedited publishing for premium Chanty customers
  • Can submit a completed draft or pitch an idea

Fill out the contributor form to kickstart the guest posting process with Chanty.

More Guest Post Sites for Startups

  • Patriot is a payroll software company that accepts submissions about accounting, payroll, and other financial topics.
  • BPlans is dedicated to helping people grow their businesses. It accepts guest submissions featuring topics related to starting a business, marketing, and more.
  • Startup Grind is a blog that provides stories and tips for its global startup community. It welcomes submissions on startup education, tech trends, product development, and more.
  • StartupBros focuses on media-rich “how to” content on topics like PPC ads, ranking hacks, Amazon reviews, and more.

Guest Posting Takes Time

Guest posting isn’t a quick-fix marketing solution. It takes time and effort, but this investment can bring impressive results in the form of brand exposure, website traffic, and authority in your niche. To ensure you get the most rewards from your guest posting strategy, follow these tips:

  • Read the guest post submission guidelines carefully and follow them to the letter.
  • Create high-quality blog posts that provide value to the site’s audience. Be sure to follow best practices when formatting your blog posts.
  • Spend time reading through the site’s existing content to get a feel for the type of content the editors are looking for.
  • Don’t give up if your submission is rejected. Brainstorm a new topic or angle, double check that you’re following all the submission guidelines, and try again.

The process might seem tedious, but with each guest post, you’re honing your writing skills, building relationships within your niche, and expanding your audience reach. So stick with it, and over time, you’ll see the fruits of your labor.