Business Lesson #1: Pigs Get Fat, Hogs Get Slaughtered!


You are thinking about starting your own business because you want to be rich, right? If that isn’t the case, I’ll be the first to call you on your BS. But if you want to become filthy rich, that’s good because there is nothing wrong with it.

But before you embark on your journey to the riches, think about this:

Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered.

It pays to be greedy, but not too greedy—or else you’ll get into trouble. If you get too greedy like a hog, you can end up losing it all.

For example, when my business partner and I started Crazy Egg, we could have sold it for around 6 million to one of the top Internet companies. We were a bit greedy at the time and wanted no less than 10 million dollars.

At this time, the company had been around for a year, and it wasn’t even bringing $20,000 a month. On top of that, we were losing money because our costs were higher than our revenue.

We should have been grateful someone wanted to give us that kind of money and accepted the offer. If you analyze the numbers, we weren’t even worth 6 million. If we took the 6 million at the time, we would have been happy pigs. But instead, both my business partner and I wanted to be hogs.

That 6-million-dollar blunder wasn’t even the worst mistake I made, but we won’t get into that right now.

To help you avoid making mistakes while building your business, here are some things you should know.

Don’t be afraid to give out equity

Whether it is a business partner or the right employee, you can’t be afraid to give away equity. Yes, you will own less of the company, but the potential upside is that person might make the company worth more.

You’ll make mistakes by hiring bad employees or by finding bad business partners, but this shouldn’t stop you from giving out equity. As long as you have a good lawyer to give you advice, you can give out equity so that it vests over a period of 3 or 4 years. This way, if you make a bad decision, you won’t lose all the equity you promised someone—just a fraction of that.

It’s better to own a small piece of a big pie

Using your own money to start your business is always a good thing, but there isn’t anything wrong with using someone else’s money. With my current company, KISSmetrics, my business partner and I raised a total of 4 million dollars.

We started the business with a few hundred thousand dollars of our own money, but if we wanted to create a 100-million-dollar company, there is no way we could have done it on our own. If we tried, we would have ended up with another small business like Crazy Egg.

If you don’t believe me, just take a look at the math. Isn’t it better to own 10% of a 100-million-dollar company than owning 50% of a 6-million-dollar company? Granted, there is no guarantee your company will be worth 100 million, but there also isn’t a guarantee it will be worth 6 million either.

What goes up must go down

Just because things are great now doesn’t mean they will be like that forever. Good things always come to an end, so don’t try to ride them till the end. Get out while things are positive, and move onto something else. This way, you will hopefully walk away with more money and less stress.

For example, when the economy was great, I could have cashed out of my consulting agency at a really good deal. We had big clients that were paying thousands a month and some even hundreds of thousands a month. Profit margins were really high, but when the economy hit, we lost clients like General Motors.

At first, I thought my business was recession-proof because clients were paying me $100,000 a month, and I was able to make them millions in profit. The problem with my thinking was that it was too logical. At the end of the day, when big companies make budget cuts, they look at a spreadsheet and analyze each line item. And when there are line items called “Search Engine Optimization,” CEOs and VPs usually have no idea what they mean, so they cut them.

When things are looking great with your business, don’t assume things are going to get even better. Remember, although it takes only a few months to land a multi-million dollar contract, it takes only a second to lose it.

Stop concentrating, and start diversifying

Concentrating on one business model will either make you filthy rich or get you slaughtered like a hog. I personally don’t need billions of dollars; I just need a few hundred million. 😉

Instead of me putting all my money into one dotcom company, I raised money from outside investors. I also take a lot of my personal money and invest it into other dotcom companies, real estate, the stock market, and whatever else I can get my hands on.

Diversifying is a good way to live like a plump pig. Focusing on one thing is smart if you want to be filthy rich, but the odds of that happening are slim to none. Instead, you will probably end up getting slaughtered like a hog.


Don’t get too greedy! There is nothing wrong with having a bit of greed, but too much can hurt you. If you ever have the opportunity to walk away from whatever you are doing and put a few million dollars into your pocket, do it. A few million dollars is life-changing!

After you have your first few million, you can be a bit greedier and go after a lot more, but until then, take whatever you can get.

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  1. Sound advice. Too bad many of us are still struggling at the 5 figure line. I guess these posts are the thing where people can draw their inspiration from.

    • Online College :

      I think a lot of people are struggling for the 5 figure salary and it is hard to attain. I think one thing people fail to realize it that it takes a lot of time and patience to even begin to make that amount of money.

      Inspiration is always a good thing and welcomed!

    • It doesn’t matter if you’re at 4 figures, the concepts still apply. You work hard and don’t get greedy. When things are going well, don’t wait till the end, move on to bigger and better 🙂

      • Online College :

        Wow I never thought of it that way. Once you have made “fill-in-the-blank” successful, move on to bigger and better. Maybe not dump the company but refocus yourself to move to the next level. 😛

    • Naser @ Best Tips For Blogging :

      We must appreciate what god gave us, you know there are many who don’t have money for their daily needs too.

  2. Well that is how I did invested 4 years and all my heart and ideas and energy in one company from pre-investing time till it grow to hundreds of millions business gradually realizing that my vesting is not percents of company but very small fraction of it and after 4 years I have nothing but experience and maybe hope that stock will worth something…

    Now I am doing one business and focused on it very much but your post definitely hit me in the head like a hummer.

  3. Software Testing :

    Thats a great advice… I also believe with the saying “Dont put all the eggs in once basket”. Also we should be contented with what we have..
    Sorry, forgot to add great post! Can’t wait to see your next post!

  4. CanadaImmigration :

    The reason that business model is very much more likely to result in smaller profits is that your time and effort will be weakened. By not concentrating on one business model at the time, you will not be able to build a downline anywhere near as quickly, and it is your downline which offers you the potential of great profits in network marketing. By concentrating on building your downline in one network marketing business, you have the potential to duplicate business models, which is the key to a high degree of success.

  5. I like the idea of diversifying… but you have to do it after you get your business processes down pat. If you think about your business like a potential franchise – make everything work with extremely limited input from yourself – then you have created a passive income generator. Then you can start looking @ diversifying and doing what you would really want to do if you didn’t have to work.

    Set Goals: Income, Lifestyle, Family.

    Turn your greed into compassion and share everything beyond the goals you set for yourself.


    • Use it as motivation to get yourself going each and every morning. That means the days you feel like it, and the days you don’t.

  6. New Jersey Injury Lawyers :

    Neil, you mentioned that companies are willing to axe SEO (or other Internet Marketing campaigns) when the going gets tough. Considering all organic and search traffic can be analyzed to granular ROI figures, wouldn’t it make sense for them to look at the numbers instead? I work in the search marketing industry and the scenario you pointed out ($100,000 in expenses -> $1,000,000 in sales) really isn’t far from the truth.

    • Some due analyze the numbers like that, but a lot don’t. Most companies see SEO as a “what the fuck” line item. They don’t know what it is and they think it is so expensive that it has to go. They also feel they can hire anyone and get the same results, while paying less.

  7. marcus@how to make money online :

    Great post. Too many people get drunk with their success and try to overdue it. It’s okay to be ambitious until your ambition clouds your judgment.

    • Well put Marcus. It’s important to not let your ego get in your way.

      • CanadaImmigration :

        Most of us have let our ego control our lives at one time or other. The idea as I slowly learned, is to have the presence of mind in which to examine our intentions before actually committing ourselves to one road or another. A good method of achieving a greater sense of clarity is to sleep on your decisions.

  8. My dad and I have been good at building businesses but I struggle to get them past the .25M revenue mark. I think we are both cursed with the disease of small revenues. Although .25M isn’t that bad I suppose. I have heard it said that those who are raising puppies aren’t the same people as those who are good at taking care of full grown dogs (puppies = small new businesses, dogs = grown up businsses). I am good at nurturing a 2 week old puppy to 6 months, but then I don’t know what to do with it.

  9. Very well said Neil. Greed as you said is good because that is one of the biggest motivators. But it can bring you down also.
    The collapse at wall street is an example of that.
    But this is a lesson we learn mostly by own mistakes.
    Another point “Don’t be afraid to give out equity”.
    I agree with that but at early stages when you are trying new ideas, you are also trying new people. So you do not know who could be good or bad.
    Moreover when people are working towards one common goal in their extra time because they are doing regular jobs to support families, it is a challenge to keep them motivated.
    First thing the founder should explain that “Do not expect million dollar buyout within couple of months or year”

    • CanadaImmigration :

      Right man i wana add some thing about equity ,If you are careful, you can use this equity to your advantage.

    • Most people shouldn’t expect that kind of buy out, unless they do have something that spectacular.

  10. Portland window cleaning :

    Sad but true.

    So many people go out all ambitious and trip over their own feet because they are just too greedy and don’t make smart business decisions because of it.

    • CanadaImmigration :

      Greed is part of the human condition. By being greedy and selfish, we can ultimately destroy the planet that we live in.

      • Yeah, it takes us to levels unimaginable, but then if you go to far, you’ll loose it all. Kind of like gambling 😉

    • Exactly, and it ends up hurting them in the long run. Many times, people become regretful and it messes up their mindset. Mindset truly plays an amazing role with success and failure.

  11. I can’t agree with this article, if this has been written by Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page or Sergey Brin, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen or Jawed Karim, even Bill Gates or Steve Jobs they’ll tell a completely different story.

    Business Lesson #2: Forget about Business Lesson #1!!!

    It’s not about greediness, it’s about knowing what your business is worth and accept the right price, I have to said that this time Neil has not nailed it.

    Take a look at this guys, I believe that they are not greedy people, they are just smart ones:

    • I respect the fact that it didn’t hit home with you, but I can’t seem to understand what exactly you don’t agree with. I never said it’s all about greediness, I said it pays to be greedy, but not too greedy. Hence the term pigs and hogs.

      • While I certainly respect your opinion here andrescor22, I have to disagree.

        “I can’t agree with this article, if this has been written by Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page or Sergey Brin, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen or Jawed Karim, even Bill Gates or Steve Jobs they’ll tell a completely different story.”

        While they may tell a different story, they won’t tell you a different lesson. If you look long and hard into each of their successes, I almost guarantee that they have either failed at some level or made a poor decision based on some level of greed. The lesson (at least my take) is making decisions based on greed or the desire for wealth but not going overboard.

    • I tend to go with MIT’s Bill Aulet on this. At the end of the day, we are in business to make money and as much of it as we can. To the degree that a business owner cannot justify top dollar for his/her business, they have to settle for commodity pricing. I submit that it is the differentiation that made Neil’s company worth that much more and that he most certainly should have taken it. All things being equal, a shave of $4 M from his goal is not much compared to the time lost in not being able to move on to other projects.

      • Right, even though it originally didn’t happen, it led to other things which resulted into something bigger and better.

  12. How to make quick money :

    Hey Neil

    For a vegetarian that image on the post is yucky 🙂

    But a great post. Isnt it true that we are all hogs to start and as we learn we have the opportunity to become pigs?

    I can totally relate with the your post where you talk about hiring bad employees. I have been there few times. But I never discriminated. They all got their share with rest of the employees which is very important.

    • Yeah, that picture sure isn’t pretty. Bad employees are all part of what happens. Learn from it and be able to tell the good from the bad before they screw up. Anticipate your next moves.

      • Up until last year, there was a butcher in my town who had a display window on the main street that looked pretty much like that picture. The stench was unbearable.

        • lol, oh you’re referring to real slaughtered pigs. Yeah, that’s not a good sight to see ….or smell.

  13. Our family used to run a successful trading company for used medical equipment in my native country. It was so good but we did not get out of it quickly due to greed. In the end were drowned in debts to the suppliers and banks when the clients began defaulting and not paying. We lost everything, including the money invested by my relatives and friends.

    It’s a classic example of being greedy when we clearly knew that everything that goes up, comes down. And the higher we fly, the harder we hit the ground if we get into trouble. But the smell of money is just too irresistible that it seems like any other business that we planned to divest into a waste of time and effort because we were making a lot of money from that one business.

    But as you have always said, these mistakes teaches us valuable lessons that would help us do better the next time. And thank you for sharing your thoughts on these issues that will help other people avoid these kind of pitfalls.

    • Mistakes we made in the past only help us grow and become stronger. Your journey was interesting, but surely it’ll be what catapults you to future success.

  14. Six million! And you declined??? It will probably take many years to know if it was the right decission or not.

  15. Being greedy is one thing and being confident another.
    Twitter walked away from $500 million deal. I would say they are greedy as they do not have any established revenue stream. It could be a possibility that facebook did not offered them correct valuation.
    Infosys technologies, a service company in India had a chance to sell for $1mn in in early 90’s.
    But he declined as he was sure that he could build a better company.
    Today it is has become a billion dollar enterprise.
    So I would say a person should look at his company , its worth minus the hype and consult someone he can trust as to what could be the best decision.
    But remember,there is very thin line between confidence and over confidence.

  16. The Key to any market is diversification this should be taught to kids at school

    • You know Darren, a lot of this stuff should actually be taught to kids in school. Our education system needs a lot of tweaking 😉

  17. Totally agree.. more so to the diversifying part. If your business is online you never know when and what will may happen every new day. Nothing can be relied upon.

  18. Simple Nature :


    I want to say that there ARE some people out there who do not want to start a business just to become rich. You may call my B.S., but you would end up with the pile. This exact ideal, (greed, selfishness, pursuit of wealth and/or power) is exactly what is driving humanity to its grave.

    So, let us continue complaining about “struggling at the 5-figure line,” while forgetting that 3/4s of the worlds population (“the poorest 75%”) continues to live on but dollars a day.

    @ CanadaImmigration (and anyone who is interested): Greed is not a human condition by default. It has been streamlined into our modern world for each individual to look out for themselves. Hence, we are taught no differently.

    If those who read this comment scroll away without the littlest pang of guilt, then they are lost in selfishness. I hope to at least inspire some gratitude within you for what you all have.


    • I won’t say that there aren’t, simply because there are exceptions to every rule, but almost everyone who starts a business wants to do it so they can make money. Regardless of what you say, money makes the world go round.

    • Will,
      Unless one runs a charity, the enterprise simply must pull a profit. One must watch the bottom-line of the ledger. Anyone who doesn’t will either not be in business long or will suffer from super-technician’s syndrome (viz. E-Myth Revisited). I suppose we could say that some people want to amass more wealth than others, but I fail to see how anyone cannot go into a business with anything but making money as their top priority. Without it, loftier goals such as serving a given niche of the market cannot be realised.

      Al L.

      • That makes sense to me Al… if you’re getting into this harsh cut-throat world of business, you must be getting involved to make a lot of money, that’s just the bottom line.

    • Digital Marketing Degree Programs :


      I agree that you make some good points, but consider this. One entrepreneur’s greed can lead to the growth of a successful business. This business will of course have to employ people. That business (which came from one person’s greed) resulted in jobs that provide for many families. It’s like Neil said, you need a good balance of greed. Too much greed will hurt everyone involved, but a little bit of greed can benefit everyone. In some ways, the greedy entrepreneur is better than a charity because the entrepreneur will provide a living for his/her employees.

  19. New Jersey Injury Lawyer :

    Simple Nature: I understand where you’re coming from, but don’t forget that the world’s generous philanthropists have amassed the largest fortunes in the world as well.

    • Simple Nature :

      Good observation =).

      I do not forget about the philanthropists. In fact, I despise the ideal of a wealthy “philanthropist”. Only a fraction of the world’s wealthy are doing anything more than donating to a charity. (Don’t get me started on charities…)
      Most wealthy “philanthropists” are in it for personal gain, operating behind the facade of virtue. Example: In 2007 the “compensation” for American Red Cross’s CEO was $565,000. So a good chunk of the donations from the general public go to paying this man’s pay check. What kind of humanitarianism is that? Generous? I think not…

      • Most philanthropists are in it for personal gain, its unfortunate…really. Thanks for showing us those stats.

      • @Simply Nature
        Thanks. Your post reminded me of the stat in “The Millionaire Next Door” that, for most millionaires in the US, they are their favourite charity.

        The Red Cross and United Way are well-known for this sort of self-serving charitability. As for humanitarianism, I tend to take my bearings from the likes of the Salvation Army, where the de facto CEO makes around $64k pa – roughly 1/7 that of the United Way’s CEO.

        • There are a lot of weird conspiracy of what’s going on with those organizations, but in the end if you really want to do something, give your time.

    • They do have that ability

  20. pays to live green :

    I agree completely with your statement that’s it better to get a small piece of the pie and diversify instead of investing too much into one thing and getting burned. It’s always good to be on your toes as you suggest as well. Not only will it make you work harder, but it will make you ready to go onto the next business venture.

  21. Manish Pandey :

    This is one of the best posts, or I guess the best post on motivation. Greed factor is bound to come, a person who is capable of keeping it away will surely be a genius. 😀

    I guess a factor called the luck factor also gets added. If you’re lucky you can over price anything you want, but if you’re not then face the problems.

  22. I think one of the hardest concepts for people to understand it giving company equity to valued business partners. Its crucial for the company’s growth to have the right people on board, whether it be employees or advisors. Giving away equity is a great way to bring on top talent without hurting your cash flow.

    Obviously, you’ve got to have a good idea to begin with to attract talent, but if you’ve got a great idea bring the right people on board to execute faster.

    • It’s the way you grow something to become a lot bigger than you expect it to be. Ultimately, that is exactly what you want in a business.

  23. Manish Pandey :

    Yes Ash. This is the same reason small companies in India find it hard to grow and become a huge success. They all want to keep it for themselves.

  24. This is a great post as it directly applies to mindset and perceptions. I also was once a “hog” and passed on a great opportunity to sell a business for far more than it was truly worth. Greed got the best of me and I tried to push for more. Cost me in the long run. I also believed that business to be somewhat recession proof and learned that it really wasn’t. I still kick myself for that mistake.

    • Instead of kicking yourself for that mistake, learn from it and continue moving forward. Whether you come back and say you have or not, just remember the decision you made and use it as leverage for some of the decisions you’ll make in the future.

  25. How to make $100 a day :

    I can’t believe you were offered so much money for Crazy Egg! That’s way cool.

    It’s such a great service. It’s helped me to really optimize my sites to better cater to my visitors.

  26. The problem with a part from the new generation is that they want it all in the same time. Because of that they are in a proportion against what you said in your post. Fortunate many of them realise with time they can not become from Cinderella to the beautiful princes or from the ugly frog to the shiny prince.

  27. Public Sector Contracts :

    Unless you are used to tendering it is very difficult to articulate the strengths of your business in with clarity. “We really care about our customers” may be true but won’t make a good answer to any question. “In June this year 92% of our customers rated our service as ‘Excellent or outstanding’ provides evidence that can be credited.

  28. It’s all about strategically planning.If you dont you cannot win.

  29. lung cancer stages :

    Need to make sure you are in niche market in order for you to survive. you don’t want to be in business that everyone is trying to fight for a small pie…

    • Exactly, very similar to the “how to make money online” market. Choose something creative because I can bet that almost every person in the how to make money online have yet to make money online.

  30. It pays to be greedy, but not too greedy or else you’ll get in trouble. i disagree strongly. i know when you start a business the main focus is on money, of course you want to make more money, but i think being greedy no matter how much is bad. what happens to honesty and being true to your self. greed always brings dishonesty. sadly our society is getting bombarded by media content with reach people telling you how to get reach off of making someone else’s life miserable. i don’t mean you are saying that, i am talking in general. if we could all just work with honesty and integrity, i think we all can leave a better life. just my personal opinion.

    • You need some sense of greed because if you didn’t have it, you would never take the types of risks that would require you to go to the next level.

  31. Italian Leather Jackets :

    “Stop concentrating and start diversifying”

    Interesting. I just finished a couple of courses that preached this, as well. Find a formula that works and replicate it in other domains.

  32. Almost agree to the greedy part.. unless you are greedy you do not have the drive of doing better..

    • Being a little greedy helps you take yourself to the next level. Being too greedy well prevent you from paying attention to things you need to check out.

  33. Sad but true.

    So many people go out all ambitious and trip over their own feet because they are just too greedy and don’t make smart business decisions because of it.

    • People get carried away because their emotions get too involved in the situations. That’s a skill that you’ll have to learn to make it in the business.

  34. Jay Jalodomisa :

    Hey Neil,

    I’ve always agreed with doing the OPPOSITE of what everyone else does.

    i.e. not being a sheep

    We are social animals and follow and copy each other but this is the way to lose. That’s why 1% of the people control 99% of the wealth!

    Jay Jalodomisa

    • You got it! You should copy and mimic the activities of people who are doing what you want to do are doing. There’s nothing wrong with that and it’ll give you a path to follow.

  35. I would definitely sell my company as long as I get some share of the company because I would still want to be a part of it. Give me a lump some and some dividends and I am off to start a new one!

  36. I find it so easy to get caught up in the mindset of ‘what can I get from my customers’ and I’m constantly needing to remind myself to ‘give, give, give…’

    I think Eban Pagan said it best. He mentioned that when he first got into business, he was tryign to find $1mil people who would each give him a dollar and it wasn’t till he changed his mindset around to ‘how can I give 1mil people $100 worth of value for free?’ that his business’s really started to take off. Thanks reminder.

  37. I think one thing people fail to realize it that it takes a lot of time and patience to even begin to make that amount of money.

  38. Maurelle Mejos :

    Wow! are you really earning that much in the past years?

  39. “Don’t get too greedy” are sage words indeed….that one is a trap very few individuals can avoid!

    • It’s way too easy to fall into that trap, so focus on being consciously aware of what’s going on with your success and failures.

  40. MBA Interview :

    I can’t agree that “greed is good.” Certainly it is a possible motivator, but so is the desire to help others.

    When we raise children, we can motivate them with fear and anger or with love and encouragement. Which produces a healthier, happier person?

    • Yes that is true, but in life if you want to get ahead or live a “lifestyle” of your choosing, you need to make money.

    • Tender Consultancy :

      Good points. Diversity is so important – especially in times of change (like now).

  41. kyra@forex cfd :

    I kind of like this post. Whatever it will be I become for in the near future really depends on the things I did in the past. I’ve got lesson from your post, this is such great for me and for others as well.

    • Learn from you past and then focus on what your doing in the present to help you get what you want in the future.

  42. sell textbooks :

    I think it is a very tough thing to achieve a 5 figure salary. People fail to realize it that it takes a lot of time and patience to start to make that amount of money.

    “all we need is patience, yea yea, just a little patience”
    Guns and Roses I think?

    • “Patience is a virtue” Remember, success doesn’t come overnight, it takes time… weeks, months, even years!

  43. great advice, one should start with what life gives you and from there grow, but if you obsess with growing too quikly you may fall very very hard

  44. SEO Results :

    I can see why this post is listed under your favourites, Neil. You have a remarkable grasp and understanding of the inherent nature of things, wisdom from beyond your years perhaps? I am really enjoying all the lessons shared and wisdom dispensed on your blog, while the design also appeals to me. There are far too many overdressed billboards posing as blogs out there.

    • I agree, it can easily get annoying when there are just too many ads running on the site. However, it does work and people are still compelled to go to those sites.

  45. Lovely article Neil. You summarize the whole importance in a great way… We all make mistakes by getting too greedy unfortunately 🙁

  46. Robb Bailey :

    I’m six months in and already had to adjust my position within the company to focus on my strengths and ask for help. I’d rather give away 50% of a much bigger pie than retain 100% of a small to non-existent one!

  47. Orfebre Martin :

    6 months in and already had to adjust my position within the company to focus on my strengths and ask for help

  48. Fantastic article Neil. You summed up the whole whole thing nicely. We will continue to make mistakes, and we will continue to face problems, and if we learn from our mistakes those problems are going to be bigger and better problems as we grow.

    i.e. a Billionaire is solving different problems than a graduate looking for his/her first job.

  49. How to Increase Sales :

    I like the comment by Perth Sheds…

    I could imagine Donald trump solving different Real Estate problems than a 1st home owner.

  50. Nick Rodriquez :

    Neil, I could not have agreed more.

    People should sell off their business if the price is right. Mark Zuckerberg may be riding high right now, since Facebook, his billion dollar asset, keeps on increasing in value. But a time will come when people get bored of social networking in its current form and demand something new, something innovative. What if Facebook cannot deliver this new want? Sites such as Hi5, Tagged, etc did peak out and then became less popular. Facebook can also undergo this transition, the only question is when!

  51. Vivek Krishnan :

    Very funny and insightful title at the same time. I think what really amazes me is the truth that emerges from the entire article. Greed should be to an acceptable level.

  52. Cloud Blogging Reviews :

    I love the idea of diversifying. It reduces the risk. And I too don’t want a billion dollars, only need a hundred million 🙂

  53. Interesting story. I agree that by being too greedy won’t bring us anywhere. Anyway, great post!

  54. A very good friend of mine (relation actually) needs to read this. Right now he is earning more than a million a year, but has to pay a high price by leaving his young family in a different country for 4 weeks out of 5.

    Personally I would rather forgo the yearly mil and settle for the very high 6 figures to be with my family…but I guess he is one of the hogs…and I am just the happy little pig in **** 🙂

    Oh…he has many millions…and definitely greedy.

    • One day you will appreciate all the hard work he is putting in, right now it may seem like greed but I am sure he wants everyone in your family to be comfortable.

  55. Don @ Social Profit Formula :

    There is one good old saying: “Don’t put all eggs in one basket”, it is 100% true – diversifying your revenue streams is so important for long-time business growth, if you rely only on one source of traffic/sales/leads and it is gone what you do, your business is done! Unfortunately I have learned this the hard-way 🙁

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