15 Types of Content That Will Drive You More Traffic

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Content marketing is more than writing blogs. Way more.

If you’re just getting involved in content marketing, the first thing you need to do is launch your blog and start writing.

Then, when your blog is established and purring along, try throwing in a new type of content. I predict that you’ll immediately see a difference — fresh traffic, targeted visitors, higher conversion rates, and better SEO.

Find your content in 3 clicks or less across all the document apps you use.

But before I share the 15 types of content that will drive you more traffic, there are a few things you need to know:

  • You don’t need to try all of these examples – different content types suit different brands in different ways. If you don’t think that a certain type of content will serve you, no problem. This list isn’t about must-haves. It’s about maybes.
  • Don’t be afraid to try new stuff – I’ve found that some people shy away from new types of content because they think it will take too long, be too hard, or fall flat. I understand your apprehension, but I encourage you to try it anyway. Want to get started with a video? You don’t need to buy a green screen, editing software, or a pro-grade camera. Use your iPhone and your YouTube account. Start small and work your way up.
  • Pick one and put it in your schedule – if you use a content marketing schedule, slot one or two of these into the editorial calendar for the next month. If you don’t plan it, you probably won’t do it. I challenge you to pick one and give it a try sometime in the next four weeks.
  • This list is not exhaustive – I encourage you to think of content not in terms of types but ideas. The form that the content takes is secondary. The idea is primary. First, develop your idea. Then, determine what it’s going to look like. The variety of content is endless. Heck, you may even want to invent your own type of content.

So, let’s get started…

Content type #1: Infographics

An infographic is the presentation of information or data in a visual way. Its name sums it up — info + graphic.

Infographics get shared more, viewed more, and loved more than most other content types. They are a powerful way to get your information out there in an explosively visual format. One study found that infographics were liked and shared on social media up to three times more often than other content. The viral potential is there.

How to do it

If you have a graphic designer in your professional network, tap him or her to make an infographic for you. Some graphic artists specialize in infographics. If you have it in your budget, you can use a service like Visual.ly. Infographics typically start at $1,000.

When to use it

Infographics are perfect for communicating almost any idea or concept. Data, research, statistics, and findings work especially well.

Things to keep in mind

  • Infographics can be expensive. The amount cited above — a thousand dollars — is pretty close to the standard price.
  • Infographics used to go viral just by virtue of being an infographic. That doesn’t work anymore. Everyone is making infographics. Today, you have to make it really good to make it shareable.
  • Make a gifographic. Gifographics use the infographic model but feature animated gifs instead of the static images of a conventional infographic. You can check out an example here.

Content type #2: Meme

You’ve seen memes. They’re easy to make. They’re viral. They’re hilarious.


That’s one of the great benefits of memes — their humor. People love something that they can laugh at, share, and get a kick out of.

How to do it

  • Memes don’t require graphic design skills. Meme Generator and Quick Meme are sites that allow you to add your own text to popular meme images.
  • Memes may not be the best type of content to share on your blog, but they’re primed for social media outlets. Twitter, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Reddit, and Tumblr (especially Tumblr) will help your meme to spread.
  • Memes are just-because content. When the mood hits or a funny idea strikes you, go ahead and meme it.

Things to keep in mind

  • They are adaptable. The great thing about memes is that they can be adapted for use in any niche. Your niche is neither too narrow nor abstruse to warrant its own meme.
  • Memes can be low value, so don’t overuse them. When misused, they can devalue the message or brand that you’re trying to promote.

Content type #3: Videos

There’s a world of variety within videos. I could write a whole separate post on different types of videos. No matter what type it is, however, a good video communicates a message in a succinct and memorable way. Done well, a video can be extraordinarily persuasive. This video on Crazy Egg helps to bring in $21k every month.

How to do it

  • Whether you create a video of an office tour, an explainer video, or a music video (it’s been done), you’ve got to get the script right. A video isn’t only about the moving picture; it’s about the words that you say or display. Check out a few more tips for making an explainer video.
  • Put the video on YouTube and Vimeo. Both of these video sharing sites are great ways to garner social signals for SEO and improved results for video search itself.

Things to keep in mind

  • Making a good video is not cheap. You can start small, of course, but contracting a video specialist or a camera crew can cost quite a bit.
  • Videos aren’t supposed to be long. Two to three minutes is a good length.

Content type #4: Guides

A guide is a detailed and fairly long piece of content. Think of it as an epic blog post. It goes beyond the length, style, and approach of an ordinary blog post. My Advanced Guide series are some of the most popular types of content I’ve ever created. When you check them out, you’ll discover that they have more visual flair and are much longer than my blog articles.

How to do it

Writing a guide requires a good writer, a good designer, and a good idea. The writer needs to produce top-tier content. The designer needs to know how to present that content in an attractive way. And the idea has to be something that your audience wants. You may wish to present the guide as a downloadable PDF.

Things to keep in mind

  • Guides can be a helpful bait for harvesting email addresses: “I’ll give you this awesome guide if you register your email address.”
  • A guide needs to look good. Make sure you recruit the services of a capable designer as well as a writer. Readability has as much to do with layout and presentation as it does with great writing style.

Content type #5: Book reviews

A book review is a simple discussion of a book plus your take on it. You recommend good ones, critique not-so-good ones, and share the value that you glean from them. Book reviews are great because they help to position you as a thought leader.

How to do it

A book review can be as complicated or as simple as you want. I suggest a short-and-simple 7-point format:

  1. Introduce the book: 1-5 sentences.
  2. Introduce the author: 1-5 sentences.
  3. Summarize the book’s major points: 1-3 sentences per point.
  4. Share what you liked in the book: 1-5 sentences.
  5. Share what you didn’t like about the book: 1-5 sentences.
  6. Recommend it (or not) to your readers: 1-3 sentences.
  7. Provide a call to action: Link to the book.

Things to keep in mind

  • Book review content works best if you have a readership that is inclined to read books.
  • Book reviews are especially helpful for thought leadership if you’re able to review new releases or pre-releases or interview the author.

Content type #6: Opinion post (a.k.a. “Rant”)

This style of post is substantially different from your typical blog post, mostly due to its tone. You may be used to publishing a careful and researched discussion of a topic. The rant or opinion, by contrast, may be stronger and more expressive. The more vociferous your position, the more it’s going to get read and shared.

How to do it

Occasionally, write a strong first-person take on a hot topic or big issue. It could be your opinion on a major industry change. I did this when Matt Cutts announced the demise of guest blogging. When you address popular topics, you’re able to get stronger search potential and shareability.

Things to keep in mind

  • This should not be a daily thing. Someone who is constantly sharing his or her opinions or ranting about a topic can become odious. Use with caution.
  • Be civil. Don’t let your opinions degenerate into people bashing. “Rant” does not equal “angry.”
  • Be clear about what you’re doing — that this is your opinion, your take, your position — and be humble about it.

Content type #7: Product reviews

Like the book review, a product review can help establish authority and leadership in your industry. Every industry has its unique array of products, software, and services. When you engage key developers, manufacturers, or service providers, you gain recognition and respect. All you need to do is share your experience with the product and provide your recommendation.

How to do it

Here’s a pattern for the product review:

  • Introduce the product
  • Introduce the producer
  • Describe the product
  • Share what you like
  • Share what you don’t like
  • Provide your recommendation
  • Provide a call to action

Things to keep in mind

If the product is a physical item, you may want to have a video component to the review. A video allows you to take a hands-on approach to the product as you review it.

Content type #8: How-to

The how-to is one of the most popular types of content, especially in my niche. On my blog, I write a lot of how-to guides. How-to articles have awesome long tail search potential due to these popular long tail query introductions: “How to…” and “How do I…?”

How to do it

First, identify a common problem. Then, come up with a solution. The model is simple:

  • Introduce the problem
  • Introduce the solution
  • Discuss each step of the solution
  • Summarize the discussion
  • Provide a conclusion

Things to keep in mind

  • The options for how-tos are inexhaustible. Think of one topic that reflects something you do on a daily basis. Next, write a how-to article based on that one issue. It could be industry specific or more general: “How to reply to every email in one minute or less” or “How to optimize your robots.txt for search engines.”
  • The more thorough your explanation is, the better. Diagrams, videos, and pictures can all help enhance the how-to blog.

Content type #9: Lists

Lists have endless appeal. We’re wired to love them. Chance are you’re going to see or read an article today that involves some sort of a list — “5 Security Breaches You Need to Know about,” “17 Ways to Rank Higher in Google in One Month.” Hey, you’re already reading an article with the title “15 Types.”

From the ancient Ten Commandments to modern lists of everything, numbered ideas are as popular as ever. You can’t go wrong with this content type. Even popular magazines use list appeal to sell issues:


How to do it

Things to keep in mind

  • The more detailed your list is, the better.
  • Long lists are good too.
  • There’s no magic number for an awesome list. Odd numbers, round numbers, any types of numbers — they all work equally well.

Content type #10: Link pages

A link page is simply a post that provides links to great resources around the web. The great thing about link posts is that they spread link love to other sites, provide your own site with authoritative SEO signals, and assert your thought leadership within your field.

How to do it

A link page, often called a link roundup, is simply a list of links. Write down the title of the article, hyperlink it, and number it. Done.

Things to keep in mind

It’s helpful to add your own blurb or introduction for each link you provide. Although not necessary, it’s a good way to put your own spin on a topic or add a bit of value to the discussion. Besides, if a post is particularly good (or bad), you may want to point this out.

Content type #11: Ebook

An ebook is long content packaged in a different format, usually as a PDF. Ebooks are often a downloadable product, available for free in exchange for joining a mailing list. Producing an ebook helps to strengthen your authority within a field, and it makes for a powerful method of sharing your knowledge with others.

How to do it

  • If you choose to produce an ebook, you have to produce enough content to make it book-worthy. Ten thousand words is a good benchmark.
  • Books have chapters. Be sure to subdivide the book into manageable, topic-oriented chunks.

Things to keep in mind

  • A good ebook has a really good title. Spend time curating the best title in order to garner more readers.
  • Design is clutch. Ebooks without colors, graphics, and great formatting are considered not worth reading.
  • I suggest creating both a PDF version and an HTML version of the ebook. An HTML version allows you to embed video, audio, and other resources.

Content type #12: Case Study

A case study explains what your product or service is and how it helped a client. The case study basically says, “here’s what we do, how we do it, and the results we get.”

How to do it

To create a case study, follow this model:

  • Write a summary of the study and a preview of the outcome.
  • Explain the challenges that you had to overcome or the problem that the client was facing.
  • Write out the solution you provided. Make it clear and explain it in a step-by-step way.
  • Discuss the results of your solution and the ways in which it was successful.
  • Provide a conclusion and a call to action.

Things to keep in mind

  • Write your case study in such a way that it doesn’t come off as pure marketing.
  • Make it a story. “Case study” sounds pretty bland, but a good case study is really an inspiring “success story.”

Content type #13: Podcast

Podcasts had their phase of popularity, and they’re still a great form of content. Plus, they’re not hard to create. Many people listen to podcasts during their commute or exercise. You have a chance to spread your message farther and better using this format than a lot of other formats.

How to do it

Creating a podcast is simple, provided you have a decent microphone and some technical knowledge. You can check out Apple’s guide.

Things to keep in mind

As with any media publication, be sure to accompany the podcast with content. For example, announce it on your blog with a bit of a discussion. Share information about new podcast releases and provide an overview of the topic. You may even wish to publish the transcript of the podcast. This helps to add SEO value.

Content type #14: Interview

Every field has its leaders. When you’re able to interview a leader, you can garner a lot of respect from others in the field, not to mention huge amounts of traffic. Interviews are unique. No one else has this information — only you.

How to do it

First, you’ve got to invite the interviewee and set up a time to talk. Once you’ve done that, here’s a good format for conducting the interview:

  • Introduce the interviewee. Generate excitement and anticipation.
  • Ask a question. Let the interviewee answer.
  • Continue with the question and answer format until conclusion. If intriguing points come up during the discussion (and you’re adept at thinking on your feet), you may wish to chase down the point with further questions.
  • Conclusion. Be sure to thank the interviewee and provide a call to action for your audience.

Things to keep in mind

If your interview is audio or video, be sure to provide a written summary or an overview of the interview.

Content type #15: Research and original data

Most of us work in data-intensive fields, where numbers and metrics hold a lot of value. Sharing your findings with others is a powerful way to drive traffic, build trust, and establish your authority. When you do the research, which is hard work, people respect that. What’s more, people share it.

How to do it

  • Obviously, you’ve got to do the research. This takes finding a good topic and investing time and quite a bit of effort into researching it.
  • Present your data in an engaging way. Share concrete numbers, percentages, and other details that engage a user’s interest.

Things to keep in mind

  • Professional research studies can be expensive.
  • Take the customary reporting that you do on a regular basis and convert it into content. For example, if you’re compiling information on your most shared content, the most clicked titles, or the longest view-times of pages, turn this data into a “study” on your blog.
  • Package your research as an infographic. You can get double the mileage from research by writing about it and posting an infographic about it.


As you’ve seen from this list, there are plenty of content options. The more types of content you use, the more powerful your content marketing efforts become. Content, regardless of its form, speaks to an audience. That audience, in turn, listens, shares, learns, and converts.

There’s a wealth of potential here — the kind of potential that your brand needs in order to advance to the next level. Now, you have a plan to get there.

What type of content do you prefer and why?


  1. Scott @ Kawntent :

    Yes – this is a great list.

    I was a bit surprised that Podcasts came in at the end of this list. We’ve found that it is a great avenue to promote content.

    It is a very attentive audience!!

    • Agreed, podcasts have worked really well for me in some past projects.

    • Scott, it’s not that they are any less important they just are part of a grand strategy.

      • I’d love to hear about some results from podcasting. I’ve been hearing this for a while, but as someone who doesn’t listen to podcasts myself, I find it hard to see the value in creating them if you only have 10 people that may end up finding them as opposed to video content on youtube for example.

      • Hey Neil,
        Thanks for all the valuable content. I’d love to read an article that focuses on podcasting if that’s part of your plans! 🙂

        • I haven’t done enough podcasting to write a complete post about it yet, but as I get more involved I definitely will 🙂

    • Hi 🙂
      Thank you for the article. Neil, what software do you use for placing a podcast on your blog? what software would you recommend?

      i also have a question about the infographics. Do you use some kind of a software to make them look really great?

      Thanks, Martyna

  2. What about webinars Neil?

  3. Mainak Halder :

    These is a wonderful list of content types we can build content around Neil. If we create a content strategy around these types for a month and post them throughout the month, definitely most of the posts will go viral, of course with the promising content.

    However, I would like to add one more to the list – that’s Expert Round Up. I have seen Expert Round Ups also work well and can get a lot of backlinks and shares.

    I generally prefer the List Type, Infographics, Interview and Case Study type of content. The interviews take a while to publish but the others are quite easy to create.


  4. Love this list. I’ve used video and how-to the most for my business. Both have worked extremely well.

    Thanks for putting this together.

  5. Ujjwal Kumar Sen :

    Hi, Neil

    I must say about your patience, well you explained here almost all tips and tricks to drive more traffic, I think capturing e-mail addresses is also good way to drive traffic to blog.

    Okay. all these things are good.

    But right now, I have one Damn Big question is going on?

    i.e. How would you get this much inspiration to write this much lengthy content not even one time its almost twice in a week, I have been reading your blog from last few years, its been impressive your content, your way of behaving, just amazing.

    Thanks for all these things.

    If possible tell me about your motivation power and how any one can have it.

    • Ujjwal, it’s my passion to write so that’s the main factor. You just have to want to write 🙂

      • I really envy that passion of yours Neil. Wish i had that too. Though, am still working out my skill on that field, wish I had ideas like yours flowing out of your mind and translates into writing. They say a passionate write is a perpetual learner, in which I totally agree. Well, anyway, so much for that. Thanks for posting this wonderful, very informative lists. I know there’s a lot MORE really good articles to come from you and will be looking forward to read those. Cheers! 🙂

        • Thanks for all the support – typically write on a wide range of topics that all have the goal of traffic generation. If you have any specific questions along the way please let me know.

  6. Yasir Salman :

    Well really awesome post.Thanks for nice post great work 🙂

  7. Thanks for useful ideas, definitely come back when i will modify my content marketing strategy.

  8. Superb sort out of content. These all content are great to drive more traffic specially Infographics, videos, memos, reviews, how-to and list post. These post performs great to drive traffic to website.

  9. Wow, Neil, I just finished reading your last article and here is another one? Awesome;)

    From my experience lists and case studies are most interesting for readers, also a short review of most interesting articles each month drives a lot of traffic.

    Memes are fun and they do get shared a lot, but I’m not sure about their value. I like them when I go to 9gag to laugh but usually when I see marketers using them, I feel embarrassed -either they’re using memes wrong or it’s just too obvious they only used it to get shared.

    Anyway, great tips and I’m sure I will use some of them.

  10. Kumar Gauraw :

    Hi Neil,

    What an excellent post and yes, your guides are awesome. I just shared about your guides in my today’s blog post when I recommended your blog as one of the best SEO blogs to follow.

    If you remember, I asked you last week about the value linking out adds to our own blogs and your today’s post clarifies that question even more precisely. Thank you for explaining Link Posts.


  11. Alexis Rodrigo :

    Missing my favorite – webinars! I love them, because they appeal to all types of learners and can be re-imagined into different formats: text, audio, analog, etc. You get so much content for the same effort.

  12. Harleena Singh :

    Neil, I do a lot of opinion posts, a.k.a, rants and the latest is on blog commenting. It’s highly opinionated and all other bloggers are just loving it – I’d also like to have your opinion on it.

    One of the best interviews on my blog is yours, and I’m surprised that it has found its way to Wikipedia as a resource!

    My latest post is a researched post on how to increase your website speed and lower the site load times. It’s suggestions are really working even for myself as I experienced a sudden boost in my site ranking with the increase in site speed.

    Out of your list, I plan to write ebooks, do product reviews, and write guides.

    So that’s pretty much half of your list of types of content and I’ll be very happy if I’m able to put them up on my blog, which will for sure drive me more traffic and create more engagement.

    I’d add that you can also have a opinion poll post, with a follow up post with a detailed analysis of the feedback survey or poll results.

    I’m going to bookmark this post as its going to help me very much as a creative and progressive blogger to try new things, keep my blog fresh and captivate my blog readers. 🙂

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    ~ Harleena

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    I must admit that your detailed tutorial has really been my fortress and strategic insight knowhow with my 6 month old blog.

    Aside the use of infographics, I have personally discovered that the use of quality pictures has been helping my blog grow in traffic and more shares on social media platforms.

    Thank you Mr Patel for being an inspiration and a mentor.


  14. Hi Neil

    Easy to say..difficult to follow.. you need experts for each of them…what about small business which can not spend money on all these things


    • Joel Mwakasege :

      Start somewhere,
      You see, “when why is Big enough the how doesn’t count.”

      Neil said t the very beginning of the post, have a blog and start writing then you will improve with time and also he said you can opt to choose what to focus on on among those strategies.

    • Ritz, these strategies are built to scale so you can work your way up to bigger budgets.

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  17. manujeevanprakash :

    Hi Neil ,
    I prefer research and original data . I did a small survey on “Perception of web design companies ” in my local town and published it in local newspaper . I was able to get more customers through this . Apart from this , I prefer to use interviews .


  18. Daway Inglés - Curso inglés online :

    Hi Neil!

    David Palencia from Spain. I just wanted to thank you for this awesome list. I was so happy to see I’ve already done most of them, and I can confirm what you just said about a few:

    – The ebook: I gather emails with my ebook, which I give away for free. People are loving it and it is beautiful to see their feedback. I absolutely recommend writing one.

    – Podcasts: they’re working quite well, I love talking instead of just writing, which you can find in any blog. Also, they give you more freedom and you have fun while doing it, it’s a win/win.

    Now I have to try the rest. Thanks again 🙂

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  26. Neil,

    Good list of types and forms of content.

    By the way, I can think of that in addition to classic types of content there will be more interactive types appearing in the future.

    Statistically people spend too little time even on valuable pages with lots of useful content. Probably, they subconsciously want more engaging (and kind of “live”) content.

    Maybe that’s why webinars can be so successful (people feel interaction).

  27. Lists… mmm…

    I’m about to conduct some SEO for a client of mine: we will be launching a list (sort of) on their site.

    I will explain: working in a heavily, heavily regulated, deadly serious arena, certain types of content aren’t really appropriate. I love Memes but these guys deal with “life and death” stuff and big, big companies. Not sure lolcats or a meme would cut it… (although the right one could go seriously viral – people in the industry do have a sense of humour – but maybe on a supporting site…)

    Likewise many of the suggestions here woudn’t really be appropriate. One thing that I implemented as an afterthought on a former client’s site (basically they asked me to do it and it wasn’t for SEO) was a list of industry resources. It was a list that didn’t exist elsewhere on the net and, apart from their short and incomplete list, it still doesn’t). What I will be deploying isn’t just a list, it’s a full industry directory. The idea is to make their site an indispensible resource for their industry – which should force Google to rank it highly (whatever) and drive in more visitors (in fact this is more important – unless SERP is a vanity there has to be an end result – usually more traffic).

    So – we will see how this does. Right now the site isn’t doing well, perhaps this will be the shot-in-the-arm that they need…


    • Simon, it’s not a one size fits all approach but it really provides food for thought for innovating strategies. Let me know if you need any help along the way 🙂

  28. Thank you for this Neil. You have inspired me to do a monthly case study now on brands. (Maybe I’ll do one on “Quick Sprout” and /or KissMetrics!? ;0) I am a trademark attorney and I also teach entrepreneurial, business and leadership skills to teen girls, with a heavy focus in branding…so hence, the monthly case study on brands! I love it. Thank you again!!!!!

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    Do you have any articles showing the average cost per acquisition or cost per conversion for all these separate content marketing strategies from your own stats or others?

    I’ve found targeted paid traffic to a squeeze page has worked great for me, but I’m still working on seeing a huge influx of traffic from our content marketing methods and since there’s so many ways, we’ve decided to stick with Facebook, Youtube, and blog content creation mainly.

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  56. Anything with numbers in it always works well. Now the “Top 10” craze has died off a tiny smidgen, you can make “Top 40” etc. lists for a bigger result.

    I have to say, using infographics isn’t a good idea. They’ve had their run – it was a fad, and now it would just be a waste of money. Far better to stick with striking images and a video. Perhaps, at a push, a GIF, considering you’ve including a meme here. A moving image catches a reader’s attention. However, great content is always key to get more traffic. It has to be well written.

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    I can vouch that link round ups and list posts are VERY popular.

    The most popular post on my blog is the following…


    550 social shares, 77 comments, 26 links.

    A list of 31 Ways to Promote Your Blog.

    A simple list post. OK so I put a lot of effort into it but it didn’t take too long to do.

    The second most popular post is…


    250+ social shares, 77 comments (including many from well known bloggers) and 26 links.

    It’s a collection of links – how hard is it to gather articles on a specific topic from around the web?

    Not too difficult really but your audience and fellow bloggers (who will share and link to you) love them.

    Which reminds me I REALLY need to do more of these sort of posts soon.

    I put a LOT more work into creating my Ultimate Guide To Finding A Niche Market and in comparison that has less than 100 social shares and fewer than 10 comments and 10 links – pales in comparison.

    So I’m all for links and lists! Going to be adding infographics, interviews, videos etc soon. Already got one case study up.

    • Stuart, thanks for sharing these great resources. I look forward to hearing more from you. Thanks for the feedback 🙂

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    *Btw which one of your pieces would you recommend to read up on, when you are starting out on content marketing.



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    But the idea about the short video definitely does sound interesting.

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    Is there any research trying to quantify the uplift from these ideas?

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  92. Hey Neil, great blog. Just wondering, for a client with 6 websites that fall under the same brand umbrella/industry & working with a limited marketing budget, what kind of content strategy would you suggests if they want to rank all 6 sites for a specific set of keywords thus blocking out other companies from the Top 6 positions.

    • That’s tough and is very rare. They should focus all efforts on just 1 site as they will see a compounding effect and get more overall traffic.

  93. Neil you are right. I have done an experiment with 2 types of content on Facebook.

    1.First i have made an simple article with informations and shared on Facebook, few shared, few liked.
    2.Then i made an article that included an infografic. 300 % more people shared and 500 % more people liked the post.

    Your list is great and if people know how to juggle with the content type they will have succes.

    More than this, the order of the list type content doesn’t matter ? I mean it isn’t more important the type of content from first place from the type of content from the last place.

    • Andrei, I am so glad you saw positive results. It’s also great that you’ve been testing your results.

      Lists posts an infographics have done extremely well for me in the past — I’ll continue to utilize them 😉

      • I am glad that you can share with us all these great articles. I will continue to experiment and share the results with my few readers.

  94. This is why anyone would spend something around 20 minutes reading your articles. The post was about 15 types of content that can drive more traffic and if it had listed all the content types with little bit of how and why’s, it would have been a great post.

    But you went on to include tips on how to create a how-to post, how to write a product review, how to write a book review, how to do interviews and so on. That added so much to the value of this article.

    Thanks for sharing this. Highly appreciate the time you spend in explaining everything in so much of depth. 🙂

    • Manpreet, I know people will have questions on other topics so I try to anticipate where people will go with their questions – then write.

      I think it’s a strategy that provides value and that’s important 🙂

  95. Hi Neil!
    Great article. Im just starting out in the online entrepreneurship arena, and i want your opinion. Im planning to start an ecommerce site, what products should i focus on? which do u think would do well in todays online economy?

    • I think you should start by thinking about the problem you want to solve for people. Once you can figure that out, you narrow down your focus

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    • You’re welcome Jessi. Now you’ll be able to diversify your post and give your audience a variety. This will also help you better understand what your audience enjoys most

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    • That’s great! Also try to play around with the headlines to see if you can improve upon what you’re doing already.

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    But I do have one question: Could you tell me just a little bit about the difference between the list article and the how to-article, I keep mixing them up. Like now I´m working on this article with tips for beginning sadomasochists, and I have great steps to action from 3 sources. I guess it´s like a guide then, but focused on the tips. But list or how to, or could it be both? What would be the difference? :-/

    PS, my mother tongue is not English, therefore long, clumsy sentences. 😉

    • A list article, or listicle, will simply be a list such as “5 things you need to know about…”
      A how-to is more of a guide such as “How to tie your shoes with one hand”
      Make sense?

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