You Just Published a Blog Post. Here Are the 14 Things You Need to Do Next.

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You’ve just poured your heart and soul into creating an epic blog post your audience is sure to love.

You’ve clicked the “Publish” button…Now what?

It may be tempting to leave it at that and move on to the next project. You’ve got more blogs to write, more topics to cover, and more content to produce, right?

Hold on a minute.

Publishing a blog post and quickly moving on to the next one is a waste of your efforts. Doing so will minimize the impact of your content and its true potential.

If you want to increase the exposure and circulation of your blog content, implement the following 14 tactics I’ve found to be insanely effective.

1. Reread the final product

Should be an obvious one…but I need to mention it.


I like to think I’m pretty thorough with proofreading and diligent about catching spelling/grammar mistakes.

But no matter how meticulous I am, I occasionally find some errors after publishing.

Sometimes, it’s not even spelling/grammar but formatting or some other issue that slips past me.

You should be using spellcheck, obviously, or even a service such as Grammarly. However, nothing substitutes the proofreading services of a trained professional.

Most pros have a process they follow when proofreading a document.


If proofreading is not your strong suit, here’s what you can do:

  • Hire a proofreader from Upwork or Fiverr.
  • Ask someone on your team to proofread it for you.
  • Once you write an article, wait a day or two before you proofread it. You’re more likely to catch mistakes with fresh eyes.
  • Proofread it a second time.
  • And a third.
  • And maybe even a fourth.

You may wish to hire a copy editor instead of a proofreader.

What’s a copy editor? A copy editor pays more attention to the copy itself, not just grammatical details.

Wikipedia defines copy editor in this way:

Copy editing (also copy-editing or copyediting, sometimes abbreviated ce) is the process of taking raw material to improve the formatting, style, and accuracy of text.

A good copy editor can not only correct your typos and grammar but also improve the style, approach, tone, and accuracy of your content.

It doesn’t matter how much promotion you do (below). If your article is full of errors, you’ll lose credibility.

2. Insert a link to new content on old posts

Internal linking kills two birds with one stone.

First, it encourages readers to explore your site further. Second, it’s helpful for building site architecture and can give you some much needed SEO juice.

I always try to find previously published content that’s relevant to each new blog post and create a link that points to it.

Why does this even matter?

Internal linking helps you to:

  • improve your site’s structure
  • strengthen the overall authority of your site’s internal pages
  • increase the likelihood of inbound link potential to the new article
  • begin to build the link profile of the new article
  • establish the validity of the new article.

Adding a link to your new article from old posts is easy:

  1. Open an old article you’ve published.
  2. Find a relevant spot in the article to create a text link.
  3. Add the link to the new page.


It only makes sense to do this easy task. Why? Because links matter.

According to Moz, 99.2% of the top 50 results on Google have at least one link to the website from some external site.

But it’s not just sitewide links that make a difference. The page itself should have links too. Moz’s research shows a high degree of correlation between a top-ranked page and a page-specific link.


Interlinking pages within your website aren’t considered external links, but they do improve your site’s structure and optimization.

Besides, there’s the freshness factor to consider. When a page acquires new links, it instantly signals relevance to the algorithm, improving its potential in the SERPs.


Adding links should be a top priority shortly after publication.

3. Add a question to spark discussion

Many times, my audience just needs a little coaxing to chime in and get the conversation going.

That’s why I like to add an open-ended question at the end of each post.

This not only encourages my readers to think deeply about a topic but also increases their engagement significantly.

I don’t actually expect people to answer the questions I ask. I do it to spark thinking and conversation.

And thankfully, it works. You guys do share your thoughts with me and other readers!


4. Post on Facebook

Duh, right?

But there’s a deeper strategy involved.

When I post an article on Facebook, I like to add a quick sentence or two that captures the essence of a post and explains how others will benefit from reading it. Usually, it’s pulled directly from the article itself.


And the image? It’s a must-have.

Facebook posts with photos get more links, shares, and comments. It’s a fact.


You can combine different techniques to get even more social sizzle from your Facebook post—a photo with your article, plus a question and the link to the article.

If you promote your article with that kind of power, you’re bound to make an impact.


Notice how a successful page such as Business Insider promotes its articles with a variety of techniques: images, a brief comment, and the link to the article.


5. Post on Twitter

You’re obviously limited in terms of writing a description with 140 characters.

But I try to write a short, snazzy caption to pique the interest of my followers.

Chris Brogan does this too. The guy’s a Twitter master, and he knows how to get people to click on his articles when he promotes them.


Also be sure to include a hashtag or two, but don’t overdo it to the point of looking like a jabroni.

A couple of hashtags is all you need to double the amount of engagement on your promoted article!


6. Post on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is great for highly professional posts and those that are relevant to my industry.

If you’re posting on LinkedIn, you’ll improve your LinkedIn engagement.


LinkedIn users are among the most plugged in and tuned in to your message.

Use your best judgment in terms of the type of content you decide to post on LinkedIn, but by all means, use it!

7. Post on Reddit

You might regard Reddit as the Internet’s home for hipsters and geeks, and you might be right.

But it can also be a traffic gold mine.

Why? Reddit has millions of pageviews, and its active user base is committed to engagement.


With Facebook and Twitter, you might have casual users, but there’s something about Reddit’s audience that makes them absolutely addicted to the site!

Reddit users interact on the site using what’s called karma. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, think likes on Facebook, except not really.

Basically, the idea is this: if your post gets lots of karma, more people will see it.

Reddit users don’t hesitate to share their opinions—good or bad—on articles that get shared.

If your content is subpar, you’ll get scoffed at. If it’s good, you can be confident that your new post will get referenced, linked to, and viewed by a lot of people.

8. Share on news aggregators

Sites such as Alltop serve as resources where readers can find a vast amount of content on the topics that interest them.

Bloggers can often share their content on these types of sites, which can ultimately lead to an influx of quality traffic.

Check out this guide from Techlicious on the best news aggregator sites.

9. Tap into other relevant networks

Whether it’s Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat, or even Google+ and its uncoolness, share your content on whatever other site(s) you think might be beneficial to you.

The Internet is full of backwater forums, highly-engaged Facebook groups, and other pockets of interactive communities.

Seek out your tribe, build an audience, and provide this network with value through your content.

10. Send to email subscribers

If you’ve got a sizable list of loyal subscribers, you can circulate your content with relative ease.

Just make sure you’re not doing it to the point of being annoying.

I send out a daily email to my subscribers, and it’s the perfect frequency for my engagement, audience, and goals.

11. Ask a key contact to share it

I would never recommend being the irritating guy who’s always hitting someone up for a favor.

But I would recommend occasionally asking a key contact if they wouldn’t mind sharing a new post with their audience.

Just make sure that it’s relevant to their niche/industry and adds value to their audience.

In fact, that’s the most important thing—adding value.

Value works both ways. You should be trying to provide value to the influencer too. Before you hurry to email all the influencers in your address book, please read this post. It will give you some helpful tips on how to do it.

12. Respond to comments

Let’s be honest. Getting readers to comment on your content isn’t easy—especially at first, when you’re just getting the ball rolling.

Although I usually get quite a few comments on Quick Sprout and, it didn’t just happen overnight.

It took a lot of hard work, persistence, and, of course, responding to comments.

Back in the day, my blog posts were pretty lame. But even then, I tried to respond to comments.


Being engaged and responsive is essential for building relationships, creating social proof, and ensuring future engagement.

Even though it can get a little time-consuming if you receive dozens or hundreds of comments, it’s well worth it to respond to each one individually in a timely manner.

13. Comment on other blogs

If you’re relatively new to the game and are still trying to establish an audience, this is perfect for building rapport and trust.

Some may think of this tactic as old school, but it definitely gets results.

Why? Because you’re providing value to other people. It’s not just about scammy link building.

It’s about engaging with real people.


Just be sure you’re leaving valuable comments on relevant blogs.

14. Comment on a commenter’s blog

One strategy I would highly recommend to fairly new bloggers is to take a bit of extra time to reach out to the people who are commenting on your blog.

For example, I suggest identifying a few consistent commenters contributing to the conversation and stopping by their blogs.

From there, I like to find a relevant post that ties into my content and leave a thoughtful comment.

I know this can be a bit time-consuming, but it can really boost your reputation and likability—both of which are integral to your content marketing longevity.


According to Hubspot, “B2B marketers that use blogs receive 67 percent more leads than those that do not.”

You already know that blogging is a best practice. You do it. But then what?

Then you share it.

A blog that simply churns out content is not going to get the kind of traffic, interaction, and action that it needs to. It’s essentially worthless unless you actually do the work of sharing it.

When you go the extra mile and follow these strategies, you can cast a wider net and circulate your content to the deepest recesses of the Internet.

These methods are the secret sauce you need to gain more leads and a loyal following of people who’ll stay hungry for future content. The great thing about intensive sharing is that doing so often attracts prospects who are most likely to convert on your content.

If you’re in the “publish and leave it” habit, it’s time to change. Use these simple, straightforward, and easy methods, and your content will begin to take off.

Do you have any specific steps you take after publishing a blog post to ensure maximum visibility?


  1. Lewis - Twoostly :

    I’ve literally just put our blog live for our up-and-coming Twitter growth hacking tool. I went to check Twitter and came across this post. Great timing!

    Will be bookmarking this to make some notes in Evernote to create my perfect blueprint when publish blog posts.

    Nice work, as always!

  2. Hey Neil,

    Okay, this is a great post because it’s a great idea for a post. You set out sound universal tips for pretty much every website publisher … not just publishers of entrepreneur-themed websites.

    I do most of what you suggest except for Reddit. Is it okay to self-promote regularly on Reddit without participating beyond self-promotion?

    • I would stay away from any kind of self promotion on reddit. Focus on providing value to the group

      • Neil is right. Reddit has a very sensitive b.s. meter, so stay away unless your post really adds value.

      • Anil Agarwal :

        Hi Neil,

        Great stuff. I almost do everything from the post after posting something on my blog. The most effective strategies among them are commenting on other blogs with similar audience, social media posting and linking out to others.

        If you are a beginner and want to get traction with your posts, make sure to generously linking out to other bloggers. Once you do that, let them know by email.

        Sooner or later they will also start doing the same. That’s a great thing for both SEO and building relationships.

        • Best to create a check list so you can follow it every time. Then you’ll have a system in place you can repeat over and over again

  3. This is one of the best content I have ever seen. Thanks For creating it neil. Good going.

  4. Great post as always.. Thanks for sharing such useful tips there’s much more things to do than just sharing on social media. Proof reading I never did that will surely do that next time i publish any post.


  5. Hey Neil,

    I noticed you use post date within your URL, do you do this for any SEO reason?

    Also, do you give any thought to KW’s in your page title/url?



    • No, it’s just for organizational purposes. You don’t have to have it.

      yes, as I craft the title, I think about the best keywords to use

      • I always create my KW from the content of my post, but someone said I need to know what people are searching for to guide my choice of keywords..

  6. Great post Neil. I was just finishing up a blog post and I will definitely utilize some of these tips once I post it. My favorite was the internal linking strategy!

  7. Dawn Wilson :

    As always, Neil, totally awesome.


  8. Chris Labbate :

    I am always returning to your Blog, I get the Email… I get intrigued and click the Link! Always blown away at the level of depth in your strategy. Just like you say in the article, “Share on Facebook, Duh, Right?!!” But it is all the subtle nuances that make all the difference in the World!

  9. Great content Neil.
    Usually I will just make sure the linking, both internal and external, the spelling and grammar are all correct before I hit the publish button.

    I would like to add #15 – give a buzz to those who you have linked externally. Tell them and ask them to check out the article. This is what I learned from you. 🙂

  10. Blogging is like excercising. You don’t see results at first, but that’s when you keep reaching out and keep producing amazing content. You must know you’re the best even before you see the results. Keep working at it, ask yourself why you’re doing this, and remind yourself as you go along. Businesses fail, books fail, bands fail all because of poor outreach. Great content helps, but without outreach, it’s pointless. Back at my site, I focus on the subject and get it in your spirit. To outreach like a pro and to keep that fire lit inside. Neil succeeded because he knew what he wanted and he’s focused.

  11. Hey Neil,
    This is perfect. I just finished writing up a post this morning.
    How do you go about posting on Reddit. I feel like it’s easier said then done. People on Reddit are smart and do not like people link dropping to their blog. What’s your process?

    • Check out this post

  12. Luke Glowacki :

    I share it on social media several times during the week, sometimes even a few weeks later.
    I send it to my list of subscribers.
    I create a YouTube video.
    Sometimes I also reach out to influencers that I mention in my blog posts, but that depends on how good my blog post is. If I’m not totally satisfied with my blog post, then I don’t write to them, because I’m quite sure that they wouldn’t share it.

    That’s pretty much it

    • That’s a good start Luke. I would start to think about how you can go 1 step further…

  13. Jacob Maslow :

    Suggestion #8 incorrectly links to a guide to share your content on aggregators.

    That guide is actually meant for personal use to aggregate your favorite sites. In other words, it is a RSS news reader.

    The guide does not show how to submit your site to any aggregators.

  14. Richard Tipsword :

    Another great post as usual. I am already posting to several social networks including several FB groups. I will be adding some of the other techniques you mention in this article…..great stuff!

    • That’s great Richard! Let me know if you have any questions or get stuck with anything

    • Richard,

      Are you posting to Pinterest and StumbleUpon? If not, those 2 social networks have positive advantages for leveraging long term reciprocal traffic. How often are you posting content to your site?

  15. Chris Giles :

    Far too much common-sense advice in one post once again Neil. Great tips in there and very valid to both beginners and experienced bloggers alike.

    • Glad it was helpful Chris!

    • Subra Sivananthan :

      Agreed Chris.

      I do not think I am ready for (6) Post on LinkedIn , (7) Post on Reddit & (8) ..Aggregators..

      but this post is 90% “common sense”. I practice some of Neil’s suggestions but still have a problem with effective “proof reading”.

      Thanks Neil for the great ‘read’ / outstanding writing and communication.

    • Subra Sivananthan :

      Agreed Chris.

      I do not think I am ready for (6) …. LinkedIn , (7) …… Reddit, & (8) ..Aggregators..

      but this post is 90% “common sense”. I practice some of Neil’s suggestions but still have a problem with effective “proof reading”.

      Thanks Neil for the great ‘read’ / outstanding writing and communication.

      • LinkedIn is good, very easy to use – sort of a professional’s Facebook. By joining various groups you can even laser-target the audience for each post. LinkedIn provides me with probably fewer leads than other platforms, but better quality and higher-value ones.

        As for Reddit, I will admit I have never used it but may now take a peek.

        • Try it out, it’s not gonna work for everyone, but if you can come up with the right style and wit, you can expect some pretty good results

      • Thanks for chiming in with that

  16. Hi Neil, you’re just doing a good job. Keep it up.

  17. Neil,

    Great post, I have built a schedule around some of these ideas to utilize for my website/blog posts (coincidentally this is my first comment on another blog).

    My question specifically looks at Reddit, what subs should I be considering when linking to my blog? In your experience, does the link work more effectively as the Subject line or in the text of the Reddit Post.


    • Whatever fits your audience is the sub reddit you should target. Focus on the title.

  18. Your blog has been really helpful.

    I started blogging 6 months ago and following through with your daily blog posts has helped my engagement grow. On some posts, I get as high as 30 comments now and some, none. But it’s being a great experience.

    And yes, I implement most of the items on this checklist with success so far.

    Keep up the great work Neil.

    • That’s awesome Stan, I love to hear stories like that 🙂

      If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask

  19. Jeremy Campbell :

    Love that tweet from Brogan, he is great at creating intrigue, and I’m sure his CTR is quite high compared to someone who just tweets a title and link. Great info Neil, thanks for putting this article together.

  20. Shelley Grieshop :

    I’ve only been blogging for a few months. I plan on using the tip about linking to older blogs. You are right about using images; it seems to attract people much quicker! Do you use photos you take or free stuff from the Web?

  21. I’ve been consciously trying to learn the art of promotion lately. This is a really great list.

    Do you recommend making a quick YouTube video of each piece of content? Maybe a few minute screen recording of a PowerPoint?

    • You can try, it depends on who you’re audience is. I think if you can be fun and entertaining on camera, you’ll go a long way

  22. I will definitely be applying #2. Link building is my weak spot. Thanks for the lessons.

  23. Great post Neil, lots of people just write content and never do anything with it. Links don’t build themselves! 😉

  24. Hey Neil, I caught a really glaring grammar error in the first sentence of an article recently (it was either or I alerted the author and he was cool about it. Said he had it professionally reviewed and that he uses Grammarly. It was something like “my chiropractor came to talk to my co-workers and I about content marketing . . .” which is never correct. You wouldn’t say “my chiropractor came to talk to I.” But people get stiff when they write and they think they might be saying “me and my co-workers.” Which is also incorrect. This is like 5th grade grammar stuff and people get it wrong all the time. Anyone can publish. And even the major sites are clearly skipping the expense of proofing and copy editing. I get it. They have to churn mass quantities of content daily. But you can’t be a ‘thought leader’ if you can’t write on a professional level. You can be a news reader. But not a leader. Everyone can’t be a leader. Leaders are the few. It’s better to be a good follower than a weak leader. I don’t post a lot. I need to post more. When I do, I reread the published piece several times and always, always find a few errors. When you’re typing fast you will make mistakes like ‘your’ for ‘you’re,’ etc. When you write like you speak, strange spellings happen. (Final thought — spell check killed the proofreading business but there is no substitute (yet) for a human grammatical expert who knows the Chicago Manual of Style.) Thanks, Neil. I am devoted to your blog and it helps me build out my business. I can’t afford to hire you, but I will proof and copy edit one article a week for you, for free, as a very small value exchange. Book it.

    • Thanks for the heads up Erik, I appreciate you looking into the detail. If you have any questions I can help with, please don’t hesitate to ask

  25. jamila filani :

    deep insight post. i believe all what is listed here holds more to it. Blog commenting is not dead either but the question i get faced with every time is whether SEO works on Tech trending blogs?

  26. Another great and super helpful post that I will bookmark. I was doing most of these but I’ll get back on Reddit (good call!)


  27. Grayson Ervin :

    Hey Neil,

    I just wanted to congratulate you on your perfect use of the word “jabroni”.

    It certainly put a smile on my face lol.

  28. Shubham Kumar :

    Hi Neil,

    As always, it’s a great post.

    I know about the above 10,11th and 13th. But I learn something new today, that I should comment on commentators blog. It’s an awesome advice.

    By the way, I have never got any comment by you on my Blog (even after posting some posts related to SEO) 😉 .


    • Well I guess this will be the first one then 🙂

      Glad you’re learning new things, try to do that everyday!

  29. Jill Berroth :

    Great post Neil!

    I will be going back to add links to old posts for clients! I always learn something new, usually multiple items from your posts!!

    Thanks so much!


    • Glad this was helpful Jill, let me know me know if you have any other questions

  30. Farcas Gelu Danut :

    Good post, Neil!

  31. Such a great article you have written here Neil, I just to start applying some of these advice that I have ignore for sometimes now, to that I can get my traffic back.

    You’re awesome indeed.

  32. JO Haselhoef :

    Well done. I’m doing 7 out of 14, which isn’t bad for baseball, but not great for blogging. Thanks for the extra inning to pitch this one to a win.

  33. Francis Quarshie :

    Hi Neil,

    That’s awesome. I appreciate this post. But I must say that blogging is not an easy job.

    Your points in here are actionable ones I need to try now.



    • You’re absolutely right, it’s not that easy, but it can be incredibly rewarding

  34. Than you for one more great post MASTER NEIL 🙂

  35. Himmat Chahal :

    “Also be sure to include a hashtag or two, but don’t overdo it to the point of looking like a jabroni.”


    Also wow, Quicksprout has been around since 2007 (or earlier)!? Great job.

  36. Sonia Chopra Gregory :

    I’ve been waiting to see the word “jabroni” used in a blog post, and you’ve done it, Neil. I seriously laughed out loud when I read that sentence. Thank you for being entertaining and informative at the same time. 🙂

  37. Great article, Neil. Your suggestion to post the new article on Reddit and Alltops; these websites contains mostly English articles. Is it meaningfull to place also articles in other languages on these platforms. I have the feeling that articles in for instance Dutch not so effective will be. Or is this not true?

    • it won’t work as well. You are correct, they are mainly English focused. You would have to find sites that focus on your region.

  38. Abhishek Jain :

    Hey Neil

    This is awesome post. I love your idea of asking questions in your post. This tickles readers mind and encourage them to take action in form of replying to that question,

    Thanks again for sharing!


    • Glad this was helpful Abhishek, let me know if you have any further questions

  39. These actionable posts are the best.

    In regards to #2, it also increases the chance that somebody will link to the previous posts as well!

  40. Nice tips!
    I will learn more about news aggregators! Thanx!

  41. You have some seriously fresh and powerful content in this post. I can’t believe I just started reading your blog in the past couple weeks. Thank goodness to Facebook so I could find you! Thanks again and I’ll be back for more.

  42. Bruce Frazer :

    It is always the little things that should be obvious ( like internal Linking), that we seem to always forget about…
    One question, with regards to Internal Linking, How do you keep track of which older articles would be good to place a link to the new article in? Do you search your existing articles by “Tags” ? or is there some other ingenious method you are using…
    Thanks for the post Neil.

  43. This is very informative post again for generating a leads and improving the content also.


  44. Hey Neil,

    Thanks for the great tips!

    I need to start doing #2 internal linking.

    And I’ve never even touched Reddit. I’ll have to check it out.

  45. Asim Khattak :

    Hi neil ! I read the article and I want to ask that are the shares still giving good response to rank the keywords because I feel that the shares are decreasing post position instead of improvising in my experience, but I want to ask this question to tell me clearly about this ? ?

  46. Majid Bukhari :

    I liked the strategy to link new blog post from relevant old blog post to pass authority to the new one – that what i understand from it.

  47. Hey Neil,
    I do almost all the things you mentioned about publishing a new blog post, except sharing it on Reddit and LinkedIn. Maybe I should start doing that too!

  48. Awesome post Neil – Its like you read my mind I was thinking about what activities I should be doing. If posting on a FB page does paying to boost work? (I guess it depends if you actually know what you are doing on FB ads.)

    • Christopher Hinds :

      Does boosting on FB work?

      I hate saying “it depends” because that’s really a non-answer, but… It depends!

      If you’re trying to create general awareness, it can be very effective. Generally, I’d recommend doing a paid sidebar ad if you’re looking for conversions on an outside website.

      Neil may have something different to say, but that’s been our experience.

    • Glad this was helpful Luke, let me know how this works out for you

  49. Femi Louis Ogumah :

    Hi Neil,

    Great tips again. I want you to please give an advise regarding comment on site.

    I do have lots of comments on my site but at a point I began to see some comment I feel as been sent by bots.

    After installing Akismet some of those comment were blocked and move to spam folder.

    My question is this:

    1. Won’t Akismet move valuable or real people comment along with other comment to spam folder? Do I have to sieve the spam folder before I empty it.

    What advise will you give so as not loose real comment and not be responsive.

    2. As you rightly said regarding sharing content on Facebook group, which effective method will you advise us to use , mostly people that belong to a lot of group on Facebook and want their content to be shared on all the groups.

    As you already know Facebook will see it as Spam and block your account if they see you sending to multi group.

    I await your candid advise and thank you for sharing.


    Femi Louis Ogumah

    • 1. No they have really good systems in place
      2. provide value in this groups and people will naturally be attracted to you

  50. uthman saheed :

    According to this post, there are whole lots of things to do after making a blog post. Proofreading is a must…so also sharing of contents on social media and any other platform. That’s why building a team becomes very important. One can’t just do all these alone and be efficient.

    • Christopher Hinds :

      So true!

      In our business, three different people are handling a new blog post before it goes live: A copywriter, a graphic designer, and an SEO expert.

    • Yep, having the right team in place will help you steer your ship

  51. So what you’re saying is adding more relevant links to external sources in a blog post or webpage can boost SEO and Google Pagerank?

    • yep and the good new is, when you write high quality content, that happens a lot easier 🙂

  52. Christopher Hinds :

    Hey Neil,

    This is a great list.

    In our own business, we’ve been so focused on digital marketing for clients that we’ve done very little for ourselves. One of our big initiatives for 2016 has been to develop an execute an internal content marketing strategy.

    I’m happy to say that we’ve grown traffic by 300% in the last 6 months, so it’s going even better than expected. We do most of the things that are on your list, but we haven’t tried posting to Reddit — Which is funny, because I spend way too much time on that website.

    Thank you for another great post!

    • wow, congrats Christopher, that’s great to hear!

      lol, I hear you on that, but you should leverage that with your work. Create fun stuff you can share on there too

  53. Romario Villanueva :

    Fantastic helpful information. I recently been commenting more on relevant blogs and I’ve seen a more traffic.

    The problem is I have to make sure viewers keep coming back. I’m guessing creating an email list so they can sign up.

    Thanks Neil

  54. Geez Neil do this do that. I hear you. I do most of what you recommend and it helps.

    I am getting tired of the search engines, especially Google. I read and read all that Google says I should do to get a desired result. To no avail. Not good enough.

    I have learned that Google is going to do whatever Google wants to do. If I do the exact same thing on different post I get a different result in SERP.

    Do they use my meta description when I do what they say so that they will use my meta d, sometimes. I am tired of search engines.

    So Google I quit. I will get my traffic elsewhere and at the times you kick in at your whim I thank you. But know I do not work for you any more.

    Thanks for listening to my rant.


    • Sorry to hear things are working out for you Barry. I know how it feels, most of the things I’ve didn’t work out. However a few things did, and that’s what allows me to keep swinging

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    • The best tip I can give you on reddit is to be witty. Provide the wittiest answer to an upcoming post and get seen. You must engage in the community

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    • I do normal updates, but I haven’t messed around with Pulse too much. I will now though. 🙂

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    I would like to add one more tactics to this list i.e. converting the content into audiovisuals. Visual content is increasingly gaining popularity, and podcasts and videos can help in reaching out to more audience.

    • That old school stuff is the fundamentals, it’s only when you master that you will be able to endure the ups and downs of the game

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    • Google wants the best, most relevant content for their user

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    I’ve found it easier than just trying to rack my brains of where I could slip in my new content. Hope that helps someone!

    • Promotion is just as if not the most important part. Art and commerce… your post is what you create, promoting it is the commerce, getting it out to the masses

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