How Google Determines Where to Rank Your Website

Have you ever wondered why certain websites rank higher than others? Or why your website doesn’t rank as high as your competitor’s?

A lot of it has to do with Google’s algorithm. It looks at over 200 ranking factors when determining where to rank a site. As you already know, these ranking factors aren’t easy to understand, which makes it difficult for you to figure out how to adjust your site to maximize your rankings.

In order to help you solve this, I’ve created an infographic that visually breaks down many of the components of Google’s algorithm. I hope it will give you a better understanding of what Google looks at when ranking websites.

Click on the image below to see a larger view:

How Google Determines Where to Rank Your Website

Click here to view an enlarged version of this infographic.


The key to getting more search traffic isn’t just about building more links or adding more content. It is also about understanding Google’s algorithm. And if you want to take it a level deeper, it really comes down to understanding people since Google’s goal is always to do what’s best for its users.

So, if you want to maximize your search rankings, your best bet is to do what is best for your users. Sure, in the short run your rankings may not climb as fast as you would like them to, but in the long run you should do well.

What do you think about the infographic? Does it help you understand Google’s algorithm a bit better?

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  1. Neil – your posts are insanely awesome! Keep it up!

  2. Alex Ivanovs :

    Good stuff Neil, love the flat design of these ‘graphics. 🙂

  3. My first comment of disapproval on your blog Neil. Your post are becoming average. Why not publishing one good article weekly?

    • Parmveer Singh :

      I agree with Danny.

      • I would like to disagree with the view that these articles are average. If you look at the content that Neil has produced over the last 3-6 months, the content has been incredible in terms of detail, learning, value and depth. Perhaps one article hasn’t come up to his usual insanely high standards. Perhaps better feedback could include suggestion on what needs to be added.

      • Elbert Dugdale :

        Me too Niel, this content leaves a lot to be desired.

        IMHO, backlinks are, and always will be, KING!
        Write something about local SEO for local businesses, that’s were the money is anyway.

        • Michael Bely :

          Well, since there are some critical voices, it means that many more are thinking the same way, but keep silent.

          So I’d suggest that perhaps it could make sense to make a poll or an open-ended questions about what content QuickSprout’s audience wants to see.

        • Elbert, thanks for the suggestion 🙂

      • I disagree with you guys,the posts are always bettter than the crapy content we see online,and it will be good as long as we’re getting value from it and with respect i don’t compare anyone but this infographic is a lot better than tons of text posts that are out there..

        @ Neil Thanks again for an interactive post it is a lot better than text posts,I’m not comparing any post with this infographic but visual posts are more appealing than text posts..

        • That’s exactly what I thought. Neil always has a nice perspective on things: the things he writes about are a lot less obvious then they seem, though very simple.

          Thank you so much, Neil, for always writing the articles that reflect what I feel and think about at the moment.

  4. Now Google secret reveals. This is a best info graphic which tells all the factors google used in ranking website. Thank you for sharing this infographic with us Neil.

  5. Marvin with MySiteAuditor :

    I love the aged wine example.

    Can I steal that?

  6. manujeevanprakash :

    Hi Neil,
    The infography is good for beginners in seo . Please improve the quality of your posts Neil. We know you are busy with kissmetrics but the quality of your posts are going down

    Cheers !!

  7. Nice infographic – seems crucial to me that Neil is doing a verry good job, reminding us that paid backlinks are NOT the most important SEO action. GOOD CONTENT is king – and Google rules: I would add Google+ page though, next to the YouTube channel.

  8. Frank the Tank :

    You’re giving the wrong impression to newbies by putting a price tag similar to link prices on the wine. For clarity everyone, don’t buy $5 links from 2013 and $150 links for sites from 1989

    • Don’t buy $5 Wine either -unless it for your mother in law… Don’t want to waste the “good stuff”…

    • Yes, ideally you shouldn’t buy a link for any price point. Good links are worth their weight in gold. You should only focus on good links and never spend money on buying any.

  9. the font is really difficult to read on this one. odd choice of font type

    • I totally agree with Florian. I had difficulties reading the infographic. The “t” resembles too much with a “G”

      • Sorina, thanks for the valuable feedback..

      • I think Neil is experinting with this font just to see his follower’s choice of fonts,whether they like it or not,accept it or not, so that he may completely avoid its usage in future or may be he wanted us to read his article for forcibly and get his attention.Whatever may be the reason,the article at last is a hit.

    • Florian, thanks for the feedback. I will put that into consideration.

  10. Enstine Muki :

    Hey Neil,
    Please tell me what if the paid links are no-follow? Is there any trouble with that?

    • LOL if you’re paying for links that are nofollow than you are wasting money..

    • Enstine, can you be more specific with the question :)?

      • Enstine Muki :

        I had one advertiser who offered to place a dofollow link on one of my popular post. I responded saying I could accept his offer if the link will be nofollow.

        Now this post is popular with good traffic from SEO. That means he will certainly be getting part of the traffic.

        So the question is to know if adding the nofollow tag to the paid link will still run my blog into some trouble with Google. The advertiser is quite ok with the nofollow tag. That means no PR transfer to his webpage.

  11. Harisankar P S :

    Facebook share is like a back-link to your domain. The only reason why i am thinking of adding fb share in my website.

    How about Google+ Share?

    • They are not counted as backlinks if you use seoquake to see you’ll notice that the links in FaceBook and Google+ are nofollow they can build traffic but not backlinks,Am i right Neil??

    • Google + shares definitely impact rankings and your content in a multitude of ways.

  12. Thanks for the infograph Neil, good stuff as usual!

    What I’m missing in this infograph is the following.

    I read on several other websites that the older your own domain name is, the better it is for your ranking. This is one of the reasons why people buy expired domains. This is also discussed on the page of to which you linked above.

    But also, if you register your domain name for years in advance Google will give give you bonus points for that as well.
    I can see the logic in that but what are your thoughs about it?

    • Pratik Unadkat :

      “But also, if you register your domain name for years in advance Google will give give you bonus points for that as well.
      I can see the logic in that but what are your thoughts about it?”

      This is the perfect video to debunk the myth –

      Little old but yes, its still valid. Don’t fall into over registering your domain name for next 5-10 years. Of course if you want to take your business serious or have extra cash to spend, its fine. But thinking it’d help for SEO – its not probably.


    • I still recommend that you only register a domain name for a few years max unless you know you are in that business for the long haul.

  13. christophe chaudey :

    This list looks pretty old to me… I mean Google Plus is now a big part of ranking it has been proved by some test made by the French SEO community. I also would like to add all the aspects of Search Plus Your World: the results are so personalised now: you can rank easily in a city and not be in the top 50 results in another city… This infographics was true 2 years ago, but today it is not sufficient. Backlinks are not working that well as before, I also don’t believe that twitter and Facebook are considered in the ranking, and aged domains stuff has become a myth now. This is no longer true.

    • Backlinks still have a huge impact on ranking. Especially if them come from authoritative places. The sites that still do the best in most industries have tons of natural backlinks.

    • Christophe, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Your opinion is valued, however, I would have to say the principles are stay very relevant.

  14. Parampreet Chanana :

    Nice and details information bro! Really Love you for these things, you don’t know this but you blog every two days and i wait for 2nd day, just after your one blog post. I always want to learn lots of things from you and check your blog on daily basis.

    Just added your Page in Reddit , How Google Determines Where to Rank Your Website

    Thank you and keep it up!

    • Parampreet, thanks for the share and for the kind words of support. Looking forward to hearing more from you 🙂

  15. You have told the same thing many times before Neil.

    And your much famous info graphics is not even close to expectation with a font that looks like something other than English !!!!

    Come on Neil, Bounce back with a bang !!!

  16. Thanks for sharing this Neil, this post actually shows that the basics of SEO are still what it used to be. Search engines wants to rank quality sites higher as that is what users will be looking for. There is so much talk about the change in the industry but people often forget that spam has always been spam. Couple of things that have actually changed is the amount of penalties imposed by Google and the social signals became a more important factor in rankings.

  17. Neil, the infographics image is broken on iPad.

  18. Neil I can’t get over how you give so much away without charging but as Zig Ziglar used to say “You can have anything in life you want as long as you help other people get what they want”. That saying was made for you.

    Keep up the amazing wonderful content and yes you are a very big deal.


    • Rob, coincidentally that is one of my favorite quotes. Thanks for the feedback and kind words of support 🙂

  19. Elbert "SEO is King" Dugdale :

    Niel, sorry bud but this post is simplistic, I normally don’t guests post that often, though I know I should because I’ve seen good rankings come from my posts (I had front page ranking a while back) but I had to chime in here.

    Top priority in Googles eyes is to deliver the most trusted, authoritative, and most relevant information in the SERP’S.

    I’ve seen many many sites and videos without much content, without the keyword in the title, rank very well on page 1, many, especially video, on top spots. I’ve got a case study and seen actual proof that can back my words!

    I’ve even seen sites rank very well on page1 with extremely minimal on page seo (no kw in title, meta, h1-h2-alt tag-etc).

    So, to update you’all, it’s the backlinks from trusted, authoritative, aged domains that are KING. IMHO.

    • Elbert, thanks for the your feedback and valuable opinion. I think you bring up some great points and I look forward to hearing more from you 🙂

    • Jenny Stewart :

      Hi Elbert,
      I think your website get ranked top on Google because the keywords you select is no competitors, I always think that Google like valuable content,

  20. Michael O'Donnell :

    Neil I absolutely love your blog posts and you knock almost every one out of the park.

    I have to say though, this post looks like it was very rushed.

    And the Font…within a few weeks of posting an awesome infographic on the uses of different fonts. The Font you used was horrible and made this post very annoying on the eyes to read!

    That lower cased t should be banned from any font type for life!

    Still love you though


  21. I think this needs to include UX elements & technical elements such as site speed. I feel like the quality of the experience is severely under looked.

  22. Karthik Nataraaj :

    Good one Neil.

    But are you sure if “keyword on title” requires this much priority today? If yes, how many percentage of pages should have it on title.
    Please explain. Thanks.

    • It still helps. I notice with Quick Sprout that I rank really well when a keyword is in the title versus not being in there at all.

  23. Americo Belarmino :

    great post. for me google is using their own resources as part of their ranking system. all their acquired companies.

  24. Infographics font is not clear!!

  25. Joseph Randall :

    Hey Neil, that was an awesome infographic. It visually serves as a powerful reminder of how to go about positioning ones website.

    I’m ranked in google for “joseph randall” on the first page and I want to become the #1 result. So this infographic will definitely help me do so.

    Thank you for creating it.

  26. Congrats Neil! I found this infographic very clear and easy to understand. Nevertheless, I think you’d better select another font. This one is a little bit unreadable.


  27. What’s cloaking please?

    • It’s when you trick a search engine by indexing content that the users sees. It’s basically serving different versions of a website to a search engine and to users.

  28. Hey Neil I am regular reader of your posts.

    Thanks for sharing the infographic.

    But I have a question does exact match domain still give benefits ?

    What are your views on it as I have seen still there are lot more sites who are having exact match domains and are ranking well in SERPs.


    • Raviraj, check out this article it may help to answer all the questions you have:

  29. Thomas Ballantyne :

    Curious if you have more data on the social mentions being a ranking factor. Is that dependent upon industry?

    • I don’t think it is industry based… in general it just helps as more relevant traffic means more chances of someone linking to you.

  30. Matt Cutts says they do not even spider Twitter so how does Twitter improve rankings?

  31. Links, Links & Links from High PA and relevant page is the most valuable factor. Who Coca Cola ranks “Soft Drinks” even with normal Title & Mets Des and a long url because of back links…

  32. Antonio Mecca :

    I don’t know why Neil is not replying comments.

  33. Awesome as usual!

  34. Nice infographics. How do you animate those elements ? They not only make it look cool, also provide meaning.

  35. Niel,
    You have presented a nice looking infographic. I think you have dismystified Google SEO factors to some level. Thanks.

  36. And yeah, i forgot to say this time the fonts you have choosen are not very legible. Except that all other things beautifully presented.

  37. I can totally agree with all the points mentioned here Neil. I have a makeup blog too and I have been following these steps for past one month. And I have seen tremendous results.
    The factor which has played the biggest role is links from relevant & high PR sites. They worked like magic and I started seeing improvement in the rankings in as soon as 10 days.

    Thanks Neil for posting amazing content 🙂

    • There is one small thing I would like to add is internal links. I have seen posts which has internal links tend to rank better than those which dont.
      My 2 cents!

  38. Timo Hofstee :

    I got, by accident, the secret Google Algorithm. Which gives you ALL the details about how Google rates your site.

    Don’t know if I’m allowed to post a link here. Anyway, it’s on my blog.

    Besides that, great and very in-depth article about Google. Really appreciate it like most of your other info-graphics. The’re just awesome. But, when do you sleep??? 🙂

    • Timo, sounds like you landed on great treasure 🙂
      I have a great passion for writing and sharing my ideas so sleep isn’t a problem…

  39. Cool stuff, but it’s stuff for somebody who doesn’t know a bit about it. Also infographic’s font is not readable.

  40. neil you are usually spot on but part of this charming infographic is 100% WRONG 🙁 Tweets and Facebook shares are NOT a part of the Google rank algorithm and as SEO’s we need to stop spreading this rumor!!

    From the words of Matt Cutts himself – “… as far as doing special specific work to sort of say “you have this many followers on Twitter or this many likes on Facebook”, to the best of my knowledge we don’t currently have any signals like that in our web search ranking algorithms.”

    • I know what he said, but I still believe it helps. They once said it does and the more social traffic you get, the more likely someone is to link to you, which means more search traffic.

  41. Hello Neil,

    You are right. Google’s aim is to satisfy users. If users are satisfied. It means we have great SEO. We don’t need anything else, but to understand, how we can satisfy our users. Hmm?

  42. Richard Benson :

    Not bad content but to be honest that font is not easy to read.

  43. Awesome infographic! I think I’ll have to direct my own readers here since this makes it so simple to understand, although I wish you would have explained “cloaking” more.

    • Alicia, I will definitely expand on cloaking in the posts to come. If you have any specific questions let me know 🙂

  44. Thanks for the infographic Neil, I liked your article. I found the typeface used in the graphic a bit difficult to read though the mixture of lowercase and uppercase characters in the same word is disconcerting. I would definitely consider Google+ as an influencing factor at the site level. If you look at a page of search results preference is definitely given to content that is linked to Google+ and YouTube.

  45. Hey Neil, nice job.

    Would you expand on the point that domains with shifting ownership, several drops, may have the value of older links negated?

    Has anyone at Google officially said this, or has anyone noticed this in their work and written about it?


    – Greg

    • I’ve noticed that when a domain of my kept switching ownership that we saw a slight drop in rankings for a short period of time… but then we got it back.

  46. Posts like these push me closer to signing up for the course, thanks Neil!

  47. Font is hard to read.

  48. Hi Neil, excellent job done. This is nice, informative & useful. I liked the idea of infographics. Fonts could have been much easier to read. Still ok. I must thank you for publishing the article.

  49. That font is horrendous.

    As a naif, what is a Keyword in Title Tag. I think it means put the keyword in the title of the blog. But that doesn’t explain the “Tag” word.

  50. Great information but fonts on the infographic make it very hard on the eyes.

  51. Usually love your infographics, but the font in this is really hard to read~

  52. Barbara McKinney :

    Thanks for sharing this information Neil! I agree, if you want to be on top of search results, you have to provide relevant information to your audience. This is the most important part that sometimes we take for granted.

  53. Marc Sorongon :

    Neil, as usual thanks for this simple and very easy to understand post! I like the animated graphics. 🙂

  54. I believe there are site that banned from adsense income using auto blogging. But besides #SEO, you can still generate traffic from other sources like media buy, social media ads, social media organic traffic. I earn money from using auto blogging, drive traffic not using SEO method. Cheers!

  55. Navneet Singh :

    Neil, fonts used in this infographic are difficult to read. Otherwise the information is very useful. Thanks! for sharing

  56. Miller Finch :

    Great info, but I agree with many others here that the typeface/font is terrible! Makes the infographics very difficult to read. Function over form please. 🙂

  57. Hi Neil,

    The information presented in this infograph is helpful to understand what google is actually looks while ranking a website. But, somewhere I feelt that its not enough information. It covers the same factors that we have heard from long time like keywords, content, backlinks etc. This infograph would have been more helpful if it covers other hidden factors out of those 200 factors.

    Thanks & Regards,

    • Vijay, thanks for the honest feedback. I will definitely try to elaborate on these points in a future post.

      • Vijay Pashte :

        Yes Neil! I believe that your next infograph or a post will be great (as usual). I always learn something new from your posts here.

  58. I have to agree with them the graphics was insane, I have no problem with the fonts at all, and again it was very informative and lots of stuff to learn.

  59. Ankit Pandya :

    Fabulous Topic Neil. Very unique way to Represent your Thoughts. I think this topic will helpful very much to all the Online Marketers including me too.

    I have a two queries After Reading this Infographics:

    (1) Does Stop Words still Affect on Search Ranking in modern Scenario?

    (2) Is Keyword Density still be helpful?

  60. Interesting and highly useful. But that weird fonts made it difficult to read.

  61. Jordan J. Caron :

    Great infographic Neil. Lots of key stuff in a visually appealing design.

    But didn’t Matt Cutts recently say Social Signals doesn’t affect SEO?

    • He did, but before they said it does. Plus the more social traffic you get, the more chances someone will link to you, which means you will have higher rankings.

  62. Thanks for the informative posts time and again Neil. But yeah the icons were a bit problematic this time. Waiting for the next post.

    If you could please help me with the perfect link to “how to improve rank of a particular keyword” ? and when I back link my website does it improve ranking of a particular keyword or all the keywords focused on that page ?

  63. Farcas Gelu Danut :

    A highly useful infographic, will help me a lot, even if the font choice makes it difficult to read (especially for people with eye trouble as I am).
    You wrote that web domain names is advisable to start or have the component’s key word is most important. From what I read, I knew that Google starts to prefer brands instead of web domains that contain keywords.
    I think the translation using Google translate is decent, huh? 😉

  64. Beatrix Willius :

    The infographic is good. But the font and yellow on white? Abominations… 🙂

  65. Welp, another infograph that helps nobody. You content has lost a lot of the “meat” that it used to have and its truly a bummer. Fingers crossed it improves!

  66. What’s wrong with the Fonts? Poor choice. It’s an informative infographic however, it’s not easy to read.

  67. Great Job with the Infographic Neil. What other parameters do you think Google gives importance to. I have read that Google ranks a site based on 200 parameters.

  68. Good Infographic Neil, It is easy to understand and helpful for the keyword ranking.

  69. Another Awesome piece of work by QuickSprout. Loved the presentation. It was crystal clear. Thank you!

  70. Neil,
    great article. I have shared your image using your code and also provided acknowledgement & link back to your site. If this is a problem, plslet me know.
    Steve Baker

  71. You always have the new thinks to show. This is very simple, creative and cool.

  72. Please bro I need an urgent help,
    I want to ask you that if i make a site like an innovative idea like a restaurant finder then how can i generate huge traffic by any means and how can it generate traffic from Search Engines as i will not publish any articles on it.

    Please help me bro,A lot of my money will be on Risk.

    • Mrinal, what specific questions can I help you with?

      • I just want to ask you that will i be able to drive huge traffic starting with 6-7 months of my start if i for example open up a Food Restaurant site then how can i drive traffic as we will not publish articles like a blog so i just want to ask you that how can I generate huge traffic to my innovative blog.

  73. Hello Neil,

    Good infograph, easy to understand for everyone.

    Just one thing, i’m not sure that keywords in the domain is a very strong signal…

    See this tweet 2 years ago from Matt Cutts :

    Ok it is for EMD but…what do you think?

  74. Wow…its amazingly a pathetic and out dated techniques article….i think you need more study to write a next article on this topic….
    Good Luck!

  75. Tsvetan Vuchkov :

    I’m not particularly impressed by this infographic. I have great respect for your work and ability but some of the latest posts in this blog are looking like “fillers” – content for the sake of content and this infographic is an example of that. The quality is not coherent with content you provided in the past and I hope this is just a fluke and not a tendency.

    And it feels like my mail is getting way too much attention from this website and I’m considering unsubscribing if this continues.

  76. Stuart Walker :

    Hey Neil,

    You know I’m a huge fan of what you do but like some other have said this post didn’t quite hit the mark like they usually do.

    Too simplistic, not enough detail, seems like it was aimed at total newbies who don’t know what SEO was and the font is hard to read.

    Would have liked to have seen the whole 200 ranking factors included but maybe it would be much for 1 infographic.

    Your content is usually more advanced than this and that’s why I like it, I can always learn something new.

    As a fellow blogger I know we can’t always hit the mark.

    We all have posts that just don’t work out like we thought they would and it’s fine because it makes us take stock and look at where we’re going wrong and make sure we improve next time.

    I have faith that you’re next post will be a killer and I’m still a huge fan.

    • Stuart, I am sorry you felt that way. Rest assured all the feedback was great and I will make sure the next infographic is just as good as the others. Thanks 🙂

  77. Hello Antonis,

    I,m really amazed to know that it really matters. You can notice that QuickSprout and Moz don’t have keyword in their domain name. So why these are ranking high? I really want to understand keywords pattern. Is there anybody to help?

  78. Svetlana Koslov :

    As always you never seize to amaze me with this very informative and detail infographic. Thanks to you now I know what changes I need to make to improve our site ranking

  79. Neil, I usually love infographics, but I had trouble with this one. The colors hurt my eyes and made it hard to read. I also got dizzy by the blinking and moving things. You might try slowing them down.

    Your good ideas got lost in the glitz. For example, I didn’t realize the impact Facebook and Twitter had on Google.

    Thanks for the info and the permission to state my opinion.


    • Ann, all feedback is much appreciated. I love your honesty and I look forward to hearing more from you 🙂

  80. Great infographic, it’s one of the few I’ve seen which actually clearly explains what’s going on. The rest all descend into prolixity and pointless business spiel.

    We’ve seen this week Matt Cutts isn’t happy with sites like MyBlogGuest, who got slammed for their approach to guest blogging. If you’re going to write content and make a name for yourself, it really is down to you these days. Hard work and imagination pays off.

  81. As usual a very informative article, many thanks for sharing Neil. However on this one occasion, the font in the infographic was annoying to read… conversion tip!! make fonts easy to read…….

  82. Thank you very much for this article Neil. I for one have been asking myself this question as I recently checked my Google rank. My blog is only a few months old so this information is priceless. I’ve learned through your blog today that backlinks from older domains are more valuable than newer ones. I was also quite excited about the point that Facebook shares impact ranking though some of the comments seem to deny this. What is the actual position, Neil?

    • I believe it does as more social traffic means higher chance that someone links to you, which impacts rankings.

  83. Detlev Artelt :

    Great stuff here!!

    I like to know why cloaking is sooo bad or a no no.

    I plan to use a tool to send links from ebooks (only from ePub file on ebook reader and not form another website) to a cloaked link on my page and count it before sending it to the target.

    We like to use a wordpress tool called PrettyLinkPro.

    Love to read your answer…..

  84. Neil,

    Informative article and infographic but the artsy typeface used in the infographic is more of a deterrent than an attractant. Not only is the font difficult to read but the use of all caps compounds the problem.

  85. Thanks for putting this info in an infographic Neil! SEO is notoriously tough to stay on top of and decipher outright.

    – Ryan,

  86. Hey Neil, how do I make the info-graphic not over sized on my website?

  87. Hi Junaid,you asked a question and i think i can answer that.the sites that you mentioned that are ranking high in the SERPs but they don’t have keywords in their url.first you should understand that these are not just urls but these are brands.both quicksprout and Moz.
    Besides there is one more thing that you should pay attention to and that is the authority.if a site is authoritative than most of the times even ON PAGE SEO doesn’t matter all because of the authority of the site in Google’s eyes.i hope it helps

    One question for you Neil,
    you mentioned in the infographic that cloaking should be avoided.i didn’t quite understood it.what do you mean by cloaking because we all cloak our affiliate links including all big what’s the point?

  88. Hi neil,

    Please don’t use these type of font in your infographic. Its hard to nderstand and slow down reading speed of mine.


  89. i’m having hard time reading your infographics because of the font you have Neil.

    There’s no distinguishing mark between caps and small.

  90. Thank you Neil For Sharing a great infographic.I really understood how twitter and facebook are influencing in google ranking:)

  91. Google Plus. It helps. Works well for me. +1’s, frequency of posting, your circles, people having you in circles must have some effect on rankings.

  92. As usual, I found the info in your infographic to be both informative and valuable. But the font you used is difficult to read. I think it’s a case of “cute” overcoming “usable”.

  93. Fabio Piccigallo :

    Neil, where’s the infographic gone? I can’t see it anymore!! I have a “?” instead…
    Ps I agree with some of the other comments: content is good and you told me something I didn’t know, but font and colors are really disturbing…

  94. Good post Niel. All along I was thinking that FB Likes are greater way of link building process and not concentrating on FB shares. I realised now. Thanks for the wonderful tips.

  95. Timo Hofstee :

    Hello Neil, why do you say “cloaked links are a no, no”?
    I mean, mos (if not all) of the folks that are doing affiliate marketing are using some king of cloaking like pretty link. I also use PL because I want to show a “pretty” link when users hoover over the link . Not to hide something, becaus when they click on it, they will see the real URL anyway. So what’s wrong with a “pretty link” and if not this is a no, no , what do you suggest? Just showing the “naked” link?


    • That’s fine, but some people are abusing it. Overall you should be fine if you are using it for affiliate purposes.

  96. I keep seeing different takes on “Paid Links”. Why is that? Are there some paid links better than others?

    P.S. The sites that do suggest paid links aren’t always link builders.

    – Cheers

    • Bryan, I would avoid paid linking all together. It’s important to create content and have a strategy that is organic.

  97. very useful information..!!!

  98. David Bannister :

    I just had to comment, what a terrible font! …Just kidding, it didn’t bother me very much 🙂 I admire your patience, and the infinite number of ”

    It was interesting to see the graphic slotted into a very vertical space. I wonder if you could add some more structure and communicate more clearly without the shape constraints of your blog? 🙂

    Thanks for the infographic,

  99. Ivan Widjaya :

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    Do you think editing a post again and again after publishing is a good idea?

    • Sajid, as long as you are improving or adding to the content. If you are just switching things up for the sake of it or for rankings I would advise against it.

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    • I’m not 100% sure to be honest. Sometimes similar names… as “Neil Patel” is all over my site and Twitter/Facebook.

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    • Goran, what types of links are you attempting to build? You should really focus on content first 🙂

      • Content is not a problem at all 🙂 My website is currently #18 an #19 for two keywords on Google, and I know I must boost position with some link building, but how?

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    • Abhi, it’s a must — Context and value is what makes a difference at the end of the day. Without those things you are just treading water.

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    • If your site’s a bit thin on the content side, then generally no, especially when you’re targeting high trafficked keywords

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