Why Your Search Rankings Are Dropping (and 7 Ways to Fix It)

drop rankings

One of the most common questions I get on a daily basis is this:

My rankings are dropping, what should I do?

Now, I’m not a big believer in tracking rankings because search has moved towards a long tail game. And as long as your search traffic keeps going up quarter after quarter, you are fine.

But if you insist on tracking rankings, and you want to ensure that you maintain your positioning, there are 7 things you can do when you start noticing a drop for a specific keyword.

Solution #1: Internal linking

The biggest mistake I see sites making right now is that they tend to forget to use internal linking, in which you link one of your web pages to another. And if you happen to use internal linking, you are probably using rich anchor text, which isn’t a good thing.

In the introduction above, I linked the phrase “search has moved towards a long tail game” to a Quick Sprout blog on long tail SEO. This is an example of internal linking.

Doing this will help that article rank for long tail SEO-related keywords. The key to leveraging internal linking is to avoid using rich anchor text. For this reason, I wouldn’t link that long tail SEO article 10 times with the anchor text “long tail SEO”.

The tactic of using non-rich anchor text is so effective that Mashable ranks on the first page of Google for terms like “YouTube” because of internal linking efforts.

mashable youtube

Don’t expect immediate results when you start adding internal links. It typically takes 3 plus months for the links to start kicking in. And you can’t just go into your old web pages and posts and shove tons of internal links. You need to do this slowly, over time, and add internal links to new pages as well.

Solution #2: Speed up your site

In 2010, Google announced that it would take site speed into account when determining a site’s ranking. Do you know why Google cares how fast your site loads? They noticed that when they rank slow loading websites, users tend to have a bad experience, which causes them to use Google less…and that means less income for Google.

So, how do you improve your site speed? Don’t worry, I’m not going to give you a list of technical stuff to do. Instead, I am going to share with you a simple free solution.

pagespeed google

It’s called Google Page Speed. All you have to do is sign up and follow a few non-technical steps. You should see an increase in the loading speed of your website.

Solution #3: Build links, but not to the page that dropped in rankings

When your rankings drop, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? You need to build more links, right?

Most people make the mistake of building tons of links at a fast pace to the web page that dropped in rankings. Google is smart and can detect if a web page is gaining links at an unnatural pace. So, if you build too many links to the web page that dropped in rankings, you’ll notice that your rankings will drop even more.

But if you build links to other internal pages and avoid using rich anchor text, you’ll find that your rankings will not only stabilize, but they will increase. This tactic helps increase your overall site authority, which means all of your keywords will start ranking higher.

If you want to get ideas on how to build links, check out this guide on link building as it will teach you everything you need to know.

Solution #4: Update your web page

This tactic is probably the simplest out of them all, and it is usually the most effective one as well.

Google prefers ranking fresh pages to stale, old ones. So, by adding updated content and images to your web pages, you are going to create a better user experience.

This will cause people to stay on your site longer and increase the likelihood of them linking to your site and even sharing your content on the social web.

A good example of this tactic is my blog post that teaches you how to get more Instagram followers. During its peak, it received 121,550 visitors a month from Google.

instagram google rankings

But the advice within the post eventually became outdated; my rankings dropped; and the traffic dropped to 14,952 visitors.

Updating the content caused people to read it more and share it via Facebook again. Within 90 days, the traffic went up to 62,855 visitors a month. Sure, it hasn’t gotten back to where it was during its peak, but it is continually rising, and I think it will get back to where it was within 3 to 6 months.

Solution #5: Increase your click-through rate

If you log into your Google Webmaster Tools account, you’ll notice that Google tracks your click-through rates.

click through google rankings

One way to increase your search traffic is by increasing your rankings. Another way is by increasing your click-through rate. If a search engine detects that your click-through rate is extremely low for the position you are ranking, it can easily drop your position as this tells the search engine that your listing isn’t very relevant.

To combat this, optimize your title tag and meta description to increase your click-through rate. You can do this by using some of the following keywords within your meta tags as they tend to get clicked on a lot:

  1. How to
  2. [List-related numbers]
  3. Free
  4. You
  5. Tips
  6. Blog post
  7. Why
  8. Best
  9. Tricks
  10. Great

Another way you can increase your click-through rate is through Google Authorship.

google authorship

By adding your face next to your search listings, you’ll be able to stand out from the crowd and potentially increase your click-through rate by 150%. All you have to do is follow these 4 steps:

  1. Make sure you have a profile photo with a recognizable headshot.
  2. Make sure a byline containing your name appears on each page of your content (e.g., “By Steven Levy”).
  3. Make sure your byline name matches the name on your Google+ profile.
  4. Verify you have an email address on the same domain as your content (e.g., stevenlevy@wired.com).

Solution #6: Optimize your design

Mobile and tablet devices are growing at a much faster pace than laptops or desktops. By ensuring your website is compatible with all device types, you’ll increase the odds of keeping your rankings high.

Otherwise, it would be a poor choice by Google to continually rank mobile-unfriendly sites when a large portion of searchers use mobile phones.

Through Google Analytics, you can see the type of devices people are using to visit your website: everything from mobile phones to tablets to laptops and even desktop computers.

To find out what types of mobile devices they are using, all you have to do is log in to Google Analytics and then click on “audience”, then “mobile”, and then “devices”.

analytics devices

A simple way to ensure you are providing a good mobile experience is first to ensure your site loads fast because not everyone has a fast data plan. You can do this through Google Page Speed, which we talked about above.

Next, you can ensure you are providing a good mobile or tablet experience by making your website design responsive. This way, no matter what screen size someone is using, your design will adapt to it.

A good example of a responsive design is Quick Sprout. Load it from your iPhone or tablet, and you’ll notice a design that looks something like this:

responsive design

If you want to create a responsive design, these tutorials should teach you how.

Solution #7: Increase your social shares

There’s been a recent debate on whether social shares impact rankings or not. Whether they do or they don’t, more social shares means more traffic. And the more people visit your website, the higher the chance that someone will naturally link back to you. And more links mean higher rankings.

For this reason, you should try to get more social shares.

There are 7 simple ways you can get more social shares of your web pages:

  1. Add social sharing buttons to your web pages. Similarly to plugins you maybe using on your blog like Sharebar, you also want to use social buttons on the web pages that contain valuable content.
  2. If you have a blog, you can always ask your readers to share a specific web page via Twitter or Facebook. Trust me, begging works. 😉
  3. If you have connections to any influential social media users, you can ask them to share your web page as well.
  4. If you haven’t used Triberr, you should check it out.
  5. You can always pay for a social share through Twitter ads.
  6. You can pay for Facebook shares and likes through Facebook ads.
  7. Bribe your visitors by letting them get a free ebook in exchange for a social share.


I’m still a big believer in the idea that tracking rankings isn’t useful as SEO has moved to a long tail strategy. But if you do want to track and continually improve your individual rankings, especially when they are starting to slip, you can leverage the tactics above.

You’re going to see the best results if you combine all of the tactics, but even then your rankings won’t bounce right back. It typically takes a few months after implementing the strategies above before you start seeing results.

So, what do you do when your rankings start dropping?


  1. I’m always trying to stay conscious of my rankings, and I do sometimes realize that some content is simply not worth investing time into, and rather should be recreated to deliver better value to my readers.

    The content that does work, I will usually go and apply the methods you’ve mentioned in this post. I’m always trying to improve my sites speed, but 85 out of 100 on Google PageSpeed is all I’ve been able to get, even when having 20ish WordPress plugins installed.

    Thank you, Neil.

    • Alex, follow the linking tips and I am sure your site score will increase.

      • Hello Neil, Great stuff here ! I made my first post on my new blog which landed on page seven of Google. Then it started to drop like a rock. The content was unique and the readability was OK. Is this normal for a first post ? Thanks!

        • Anything after page 2 page 3 can bounce around a lot, so it’s normal. You’ll want to build more links to your site, that article as well as linking internally from your other pages.

    • Hi Neil!

      I’ve been subscribing to your blog for a few months now. I’ve learnt so much from you as you consistently post brilliant content. This post in particular is one of my faves! Even though I’m just starting out, it’s all still relevant for a newbie. These are all things to keep in mind whilst building a new website. If you get it right straight of the bat you’ll save time later. Thanks for all that you do!


    • Great article…..www.onlysaba.com

  2. Thanks Neil, I needed this. I found my keywords were fluctuating in rank quite a bit and that some of the search queries on my niche sites were dropping.

  3. Hey Neil.

    Just to confirm that free ebook giveaway works. I released my first free ebook this year and in just five weeks I have recorded 300 subscribers.

    It’s amazing how relevant free eBook works.


    • Thomas, glad to hear you had a positive result. Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • Robin Vinz Salvador :

        Hi Neil,

        I am a newbie blogger and I really want to increase the traffic and ranking of my website. I want to try this “free ebook” as well. But I really don’t know how to start. 🙂 Please I need your help.


  4. Neil,
    Another widely known info said in a beautiful manner! It is surprising that people believe SEO is rocket science and spending a lot of money to do it but forgetting basic things you mentioned on this post

    Thanks for another beautiful article 🙂

  5. Doug Cunnington :

    Neil – Awesome tips! I am currently implementing the third strategy: linking to other pages. I hope I’ll be able to regain my rankings soon by improving the overall domain.

  6. Thanks neil, great tips tip#5 is just awsome,

    tip 1 , internal link building worked perfectly with one of my site. My mind says submitting the new sitemap may also help in above.

  7. Very nice read; Till now i’m building links for the posts that lost rankings, interlinking is the key it seems. Let me try

    Thanks for the share

  8. Hi Neil,

    Great post as always. How do you go about improving content for a specific page that is ranked on the lower end of the first page?

    Is a re-write a good idea or should you focus on just adding on initial content so that you don’t disrupt the content that helped you get ranked?

    Any insights are appreciated.

  9. Adithya Shetty :

    Hi Neil,
    Another Awesome post!
    After reading one of your previous post, i stopped using rich anchor text and started interlinking as you said; and the particular keyword jumped 4 page higher. . .

    Whenever a page was dropping ranks, I used to build links and increase social shares for that page. Never realized I was doing wrong!
    thanks for this tip!

  10. Awesome article Neil. That’s like the most relevant seo article I’ve read in 2 years.
    Every one of these 7 tips is worth gold IMO. This is simple, common sense and no risk seo… I’ve tried most of these tactics and they’ve all worked for me (especially if you do them in conjunction with one another).
    Thanks once again for producing the best IM content out there !

  11. Inter-linking is key, I believe… and we have to look no further than Wikipedia for the results. Sure, Wiki has a lot of variables working in their favor, but I believe there is a direct correlation between their rankings and inter-linking. I don’t believe any site does more inter-linking than Wikipedia.

    • Great point. Wiki does a great job of internal linking. They are a great example to follow.

      • Inter-linking isn’t helping me. I have tons of inter links, and yet my page ranking keeps decreasing. As I make my living through my graphics design business, this has been disconcerting. My income has dropped significantly the past six months as my reach has decreased. I’m not sure what to do.

  12. Hi Neil,

    This article was very insightful. I am trying to move my clients towards thinking about content creation as opposed to building a bunch of links. They seem to think that that is their only ticket to doing well in search…It is frustrating. I have started implementing FAQs pages and “glossaries” on some their websites to build out internal linking. I have also started to write longer more detailed blogs for their sites. Do think these are good ideas or am I wasting my time?

    • Carmen, I think it’s a great idea. You are on the right track. Keep it up and let me know if you need any help 🙂

      • This too hasn’t helped me. Of course you need content, but FAQs and glossaries aren’t going to bring you to the top of the search engines–probably won’t do much at all.

  13. Justin McGill @ Workado :

    Some of these certainly vary in difficulty, but all of them are certainly good fixes! Inner-linking being something you can immediately implement. While things like speeding up your website might be a pretty big undertaking.

  14. Vasile Mironeasa :

    Thanks Dear Neil !
    I am looking for your advices and I am keeping in touch , but I still have many more to learn until will be on the roof .

    My respect to you !

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  19. Neil brilliant simple advice once again. My internal linking will be done over the next couple of days. We just had a bit of a glitch with the website when I added new content couple of days back. Think we ‘re sorted now though. Our other new business and other stuff i have on the go will have everything iv learned implemented from the word GO 🙂 So nxt time it wont take me 3 years solid night time learning (which is probably equivalent of someone elses 6yrs normal working day ha) Cheers Neil as always 🙂

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    Hi Neil ,
    I have a doubt regarding page rank of a website . What are all the factors considered for a page rank by google ?? . I have seen pages with low engagement , less number of comments and less social shares having a high pr than quicksprout(pr -5) …Is there any reading material available on “pagerank” to dig deeper into it ??


  22. Charles Waltner :


    Wondering about aspect of outbound link strategy…

    This discussion brings up a point I’ve been meaning to ask you:

    It seems that your hyperlinks to content (both within and outside your site) don’t open in a new tab. This is a usability/user experience issue, I feel, because I don’t necessarily want to leave your site. It’s a hassle to go back and forth, and/or I might not return if the new link draws in my attention.

    I assume you are doing this deliberately for important tactical reasons?

    Your insights and guidance has been incredibly valuable to me. You are a true guru. Thank you for sharing!


    • Charles, you are on to something. I think it’s important to try to keep people on your site as long as possible. I feel my content does a good job of that 🙂

  23. Decent post Neil. I really like #5 and #6. A lot of people miss out on CTR because they think it’s not important. Big Mistake. Thanks for sharing.

  24. London Event Photographer :

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    I have two questions that I wanted to ask for sometime now, thanks in advance for answering them.

    1. I have see many blogs (even the big ones) that link keywords to a category or tag. For e.g., linking Ubuntu to mysite.com/tag/ubuntu.
    Does it improve search ranking?

    2. I have noticed that articles on my blog take around 1-2 days to appear in Google, even if I search with exact title. Interestingly, older articles that got pingback from the latest article appear in the search engine for the same search.
    How to get instant appearance in Google? Do I need to submit the sitemap as soon as I post an article?

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  31. hello neil! thank you for the great article. so you say that non rich anchor within internal links are far better than rich anchor links? Could you please explain that to me? thank you!

    • Nena, internally linking within your site is a better strategy because you are promoting your content and creating more authority for your content.

      • Yes I completely understand that… my question was rather , is it important to have rich or NON rich keyword anchortext within this practice of internal linking?? I am asking this because I have done lots of internal linking myself, but all with a very rich anchor text… and I got the impression of your post that this is very wrong to do…

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  33. Hey Neil,
    Great post and just what i need. two of my sites were ranking first place for many gta 5 related keywords for a time period of around one year, but after the release and the rising competition it dropped extremely. I’m shocked. i could have earned a fortune now if i just could hold some of the keywords in that position like gta 5 cheats etc. now i still earn most of my money from those sites but i had could earn 15-20 times more.


  34. Barbara McKinney :

    Thanks for sharing this info Neil. After reading your article I realized that I missed some important things to do to maintain the visibility of my site in Google search. Thanks for sharing this Google Page Speed, it’s so useful.

  35. This is a completely bogus guide in my opinion. I no longer have reason to believe that Neil Patel legitimately knows SEO…

    • Grant, sorry to hear that you didn’t like the article. Would you like to discuss what points you didn’t agree with? Thanks for the feedback.

  36. Excellent post Neil. I totally agree with you. Long tail keyword is the new game.Point #5 & #6 plays a major role. It helped me a lot in driving good traffic and increasing CTR.Thanks for coming up with this excellent post.

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  38. Hi Neil,

    Again a great article.

    1. I would like to know if I go to my old posts and start linking to the new post that I have recently created and the difference of the time is say 5 or more years. Will it impact my rankings?

    2. Should I delete the posts that have never ranked in the site?


    • Dilip, to answer both questions in one answer: focus on great content and revise your old posts to make them more in depth.

  39. Hi Neil,

    Its really great Blog about how to improve our website ranking into search engine.

  40. Hi Neil,

    Thank you for the link to Google Page Speed Service.

    I’d like just to add that free WordPress plugin W3TotalCache helped me to improve the speed of my website dramatically (they say it gives about 80% increase of speed and it seems it is not far from truth).

  41. Most of these methods are known to us and we have addressed almost all of them except for the internal linking one.

    There are wordpress plugins like the smart links plugin by vladmir prevoc. Do you think such automated interlinking still gives a positive result in seo? I guess we can program it to cover a phrase instead of a keyword to reduce anchor density.

    Secondly I wanted to know if you have some articles on increasing domain authority ? We are hiring freshers and it’s very difficult to train them for the kind of things listed here. Do you have any out of the box simple processes that we can train freshers to do for our benefit?

    • Arkay, I would never advise using any automated software. It’s all about doing the work on your own and that in a unique way. If you check out my guides you’ll find a lot of resources on Domain Authority.
      Here is one article:

  42. Panagiotis Kontogiannis :

    I think we need to focus a more on onpage seo when build a site, thus building a solid foundation on which to build upon and next.

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  45. Krish Murali Eswar :

    Neil, you may not be interested in ranking keyword performance because search moved to long tail. I personally believe that it pays to keep track of this ‘lead metric’. Search traffic is a lag metric. HitTail is a very nice tool that integrates nicely to give me insights into what long tail / blog / site I could go after. Don’t you think it makes sense to still invest in a rank watch tool?

    • Krish, I still think there is an importance in long tail keywords. You just need to incorporate them into your content to get the rankings you desire.

  46. Our website blasts along at a fair old rate. I often put search ranking drops on some of the changes Google implement from time to time. Well, constantly more like.

    Great points, though. The only way to keep traffic booming, and your search ranking up, is to be efficient in every area. From a marketing point of view, this may mean adapting your social media/content antics to fit in with Google’s expectations. I.e. Don’t spam anyone.

  47. Isn’t twitter ads a very expensive option?

  48. thanks for the great post, does the internal links also apply for press release?

  49. Nitin Srivastava :

    Hey Neil,

    We have used some server side queries with responsive design to further improve the user experience & reduce page load time.

    For instance, some content like featured images aren’t shown on handheld devices, navigation menus are made unobtrusive & present themselves totally different; some scripts do not load for mobile devices.

    But, the design changes could be significant considering drastic front end changes when the URL remains the same.

    How will Google treat this?

  50. Really nice Neil. It will really work on many dropped website because I am following above and got good result for my in-house business. Thank you and keep posting such a nice informative blogs.

  51. Great post, specifically internal linking advise and Link building should be focused on internal pages leaving the pages which are showing the drop, “Have you tested this?”
    Anyways I was just wondering if your website has solution to open graph image for FB, I shared your post on my FB page but og image was automatically picked (images used in the post) and it never gave the option on featured image, this happens to my blog also I have tried many plugins but in vain

    • Gaurav, it may be an issue with how you are uploading images onto your CMS. If you are using WP sometimes it can be a little tricky with certain CSS elements. Check it out.

  52. Another great post Neil. Thanks a lot.

    Regarding – Solution #4: Update your web page

    I hope you are asking to post articles etc in blog – because we can’t change the content regularly in a service page.

    Also – we can exchange likes/tweet with other webmasters so we can get likes/tweets from another ip and get ranking as well as.


    • Deb, yes I am talking about the blog. I understand it’s hard to change the actual copy of the services pages. It’s good to a/b test every so often though!

  53. You can get too caught up over it though – if rankings change I usually leave it for a few days to make sure it isn’t just a Google dance.

    Good idea on building links to other pages on the site – are you saying specifically don’t build links to the one that’s dropped, or include it in the campaign but make it natural (anchors etc).

    Definately think social links help out a huge amount if you’re finding a page lagging in the serps though.

  54. Hey Neil,

    How do you handle your internal linking for stuff like the navigation? In number 1 you talk about the blog article, but what do you do for the rest of the site and pages?


  55. Hey Neil,
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  60. Harleena Singh :

    Neil, I didn’t know that using rich anchor text was not good even for internal linking, and I think my blog is full of them! Updating content of old posts is a great idea, and that will also give me the opportunity to change the internal links there.

    I’ve observed that my blog’s Alexa rank correlates with my social media engagement. Triberr is great because it bring me traffic. I don’t do anything when my search engine rankings drop as I don’t get to know if that happens because I don’t track them at all! 🙂

    Thanks for these great and very useful tips.

    ~ Harleena Singh

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    Thanks for sharing these extremely useful points to increase ranking, specially the solutions # 3 is surprising for me, i will definitely try these tips.

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    Niraj Nagar

    • You can check speeds through Pingdom tools. But the way to solve this is by using a CDN so that way you site is hosted all around the world.

  63. Hi Neil
    Can you define ‘rich anchor text’ please? Your example, “search has moved towards a long tail game,” seems like it has keywords — search and long tail.

    Do you mean simply to not unnaturally stuff the text with keywords?


  64. Hi Neil,

    just to further clarify that.

    So when you said “update” you meant modifying an existing (old) page? or did you mean posting an entirely new page (an updated version of a old page)?

  65. Another GREAT post, Neil.

    Question for you: Will adding a byline with my name make my picture appear again in SERP? I have had my picture in SERP on one of my sites for a long time. But after the Google update on December 19th, where they wanted to “remove” the bottom 15% trusted/active authors’ pictures, mine has been gone on that site.


    • I don’t think it will make it appear again. You should test it out though and if it does, stick with that tactic.

  66. Adesanmi Adedotun :

    Hi Neil, Drop in search engine ranking is often a general problem both bloggers and internet marketers face in the internal world, speeding up webpages and quality linking to the pages that drop in ranking is very essential

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    • Swetank, definitely. Check out the guides on my blog:


      These say advanced guides but they are pretty easy to digest.

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  71. Fahad Patel :

    I have a title which i need to change every month like May to June then July & so on. Only one word changes from the complete title. But whenever i change it the rankings drops.! What should i do.?

    • Neil Patel :

      Fahad, why are you changing it so often?

      • Fahad Patel :

        Because its a coupon site & i need to change the month for users. Over 900 pages title changes for just one month its like ABC Coupons: May 2014 Discount Coupons. The May part changes.

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  73. Hi Neil,

    Your tips are awesome. We’ll surely have them in our strategy plans moving forward.

    One question about internal linking.
    Do I link to pages on the same domain only? Or can link to my other sites as well? will that be considered as internal linking (am sure, technically that is not internal … but will Google relate that in some way?)

    Thanks and Regards

    • It’s only internal when you link within the same domain name. Linking from your other domains is considered external links.

  74. Shabnam Kwofie :

    Thanks for this article Neil. My problem is that while the desktop layout for my website is fab, the responsive layout is just lousy. I have decided to take off the responsive option altogether and am now worried that it will affect my rankings. So my question is, is it the case that Google will specifically look at the fact that my site is not responsive and not push my site up, or is it that users historically find non responsive sites more difficult to use and therefore will not stay on a page / site for as long, which in turn affect rankings?

    • Shabnam, I think you should be fine. Just make sure that your design is simple and that you make it more responsive. Also, focusing on quality content makes a HUGE difference. Let me know if you need any help along the way 🙂

  75. dr erwin lo :

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    I think I made the mistake of over – linking, posts that had dropped off in the rankings(I added both internal and external links)

    Though, not sure if it just the linking structure…..

    Social is often my Achilles heel” as I had already setup a number of accounts, though, I let that side of things slip(and closed accounts) ….due to the amount of time it seems to take to keep up…

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    Thanks 🙂

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    Come the 21st of April, many businesses are going to be paying more attention to #6 on our list: making sure your site design is optimized for all devices.

    The signs have been there for a while, but when rankings drop is when businesses take action on advice, like the kind found in your article.


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  109. Hi there!
    Brilliant article, thank you.
    My facebook page has dropped to 0 rank when it was at number 12.
    Why would this happen?
    Thanks in advance.

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    what a nice article, thank you for sharing. I have a lot of work you will find a lovely support.This post is very inspiring me. I always take your advices very seriously, keep posted.

  111. Neil,
    When you say update old posts do you leave the original post date or do you update it to the current (new) date?

  112. Hi Neil
    I am new one in SEO.
    I got headache, when my site’s keyword is getting down.
    Your article is good, and very helpful in finding reasons behind this.

  113. Greetings Neil Patel

    First of all I would like to thank you for the wonderful and informative article, and all the effort putforth. Basically I was having all wrong assumption about the backlinks which was just resolved by reading this article. Basically I was having a assumptions that backlinks increases the keyword ranking in Google, so was after building lots of backlings yet noticed that it did not change.

    Some say directory submission work, yet tried and failed to increase. Well now I got a steady approach of building content for my website, which is showing some result.

    Thank you anyways

    • Sachin, glad I could help. Looking forward to hearing much more from you. Keep me updated on progress.

  114. Your blog is awesome to deliver the information about real SEO.

  115. Now while i dont focus on ranking.. Niyi recently My search appearances on particular RECENT articles i created have really gone down…i thought it was caused by insufficient back links… So i built more links… stil no result even going further down.. i am thinking of moving to a new domain and redirecting.. any help?

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    I was doing some research on the question of …
    “If you add to or change a blog post content slightly will it decrease rankings..?”

    which is how i found this post, and i got a bit of that question answered.. You also mentioned the “Bounce/Retention Rate” i had a blog i started that to my surprise with about 50-100 visitors a day had a bounce rate of 2-5% overall.. Which means people really navigated and stayed on the site which was awesome… Th problem i have now is that immediately as i focus on this new blog i see “Referer Sp@+M ” that causes the bounce rate to be 70-80% ruining my stats.. : /

    Ive tried filtering them in google analytics, ive tried a plugin designed to stop it and ive also used the wordfence settings for url/blocking and it still gets through.. How do you combat it or what should someone do to stop it …??

    You or ANYONES feedback is greatly appreciated


  120. Please tell me why my searches have become less.

  121. Very nice article.
    Helpful for getting ranking back.

  122. Dino Olivieri :

    Hi Neil, first of all my compliments for this useful article, i will try to optimizemy two blog following your suggestions about linking.
    Anyway i have a doubt. Recently i’ve updated my wordpress from 3.x to 4.x adding also improvements in responsive, speed, seo features, internal linking etc.. But the entire month of august i have recorded a decrease of the italian visits (my blogs are mainly in italian and rhen in english), while from other countries is costant.
    Do you think that the language and the country dest in google tools can affect searching positions?
    Thank you in advance and bye!

    • Dino, glad you found it helpful.

      Geographic location and specific keywords definitely do make a difference — you have to be mindful of those factors.

  123. Your post is really inspire me. doing a good job sir please keep posted a great post.

  124. Helloo plz help me….im gett daily 10000 to 20000 blog views daily but in 4 dayn im just get only 4000 to 5000 blog views why……

  125. if your ranking falls or is wiped out completely for a certain group of keywords then my advice is ram that keyword down googles throat.

    If its not due to any security or performance or penalty issues then google has decided its not want searchers want, this may be low ctr or a large pogo effect.

    Its an aggressive technique but rewrite your main pages for that keyword, and make it longer if possible and above all make it better, in fact see what ranks top of google for that keyword and see what google considers to be most relavant, and copy where your allowed too.

    then add more pages with similar keywords and phrases in the title tags, and then if google isnt about to crawl your site then index it through webmaster tools, and you can then even create a new sitemap pointing to all those new pages specifically.

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    Fantastic post and I’m probably paying a little to much attention to my seo, but I feel this will get me on track because I was making some costly mistakes.

    • James, you can never pay too much attention 😉

      However, you’re right taking a step back often allows us to take a step forward.

  128. Really amazing post. it really help me to understand what i was missing. A lot more than thanks for sharing.

  129. Hey Neil, Thanks for the great post. Just stumbled upon it and it was very helpful. I will be reading more on the SEO thanks.

  130. Just when I need the solution for rank decline i search online for “why is my rank dropping” and poof yours came out as first.

    I notice My website WT Hose and Coupling doesnt get much shares on social media… barely any but somehow im ranking for keywords in my industry that people would search for… However very rarely i rank for long tails tho. seems like i did one thing correctly was that i was doing heavy internal linking. Since my page speed is all handle by Wix.com. I hope the other 5 tactics will boost my overall rankings.

    Thanks for this article again Neil. I’ve been following your blog since the first day of your $100k challenge… and the information has always been very very informative.

    May i ask. Whether you do your own research or do you outsource it out to someone to do the research on certain topics?

    And thanks again for this insightful article.

    • Robert, glad to help and tackle a subject that you are were curious about.

      I do my own research but sometimes others help me out. Thanks for the feedback and support.

  131. I appreciate everything you have added to my knowledge base.Admiring the time and effort you put into your blog and detailed information you offer.

  132. Hi neil,
    2 hours ago my keywords rank 6th page on Google but now my keywords are not in rank on Google..what’s the reason

    My website is : http://www.archetronweb.com/
    my Keywords : “website designing company in delhi”, “website designing company in india”

    • Anuj, there could be a number of reasons — I would continue monitoring it to see what’s going on. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

    • I think there was a bit of Google Algorithm update on 17th October according to Mozcast and the ranking drop of my websites.

  133. Hi Neil,

    I have used all the above mention technique for my website before reading this blog. I just finish to complete the tast but this week my all keywords dropped down and they are continuously going down.

    Do you have any other special technique to stay or improve my ranking?



    • Abhi — nothing special. Just keep writing valuable content and stay consistent with quality. When you inform an educate the results will show. Keep me posted on progress!

  134. hey neil, I would like to share here a problem which I am facing since 2 months and still can’t get over it..

    I have laptop phone and tablet buying guides and tips website
    I was ranking earlier for series of keywords but since last 2 months, my website is not ranking even at 20th page of google for which it use to rank earlier.
    Ex: when I search for – “best laptops under 300 dollars” my website is no where in google serps. when I search for “best laptops under $300” it ranks on 1st page…

    I don’t know what is causing this problem, same thing is also happening for keyword – “best laptops under 400 dollars” my website is nowhere in serps for it… and for “best laptops under $400” it is ranking on first page…

    can you give me some idea what could be the problem behind this…

    • Their algorithm changes a lot. This happens with all sites including mine. Just make sure you aren’t penalized (check Search Console by Google).

      Focus on continually creating high quality content and backlinks.

  135. I really need help with this website www.completefashion.org kindly check the Alexa rank and can you by any chance figure out what the problem might be?

    • Yinka, are you having an issue with conversions, traffic or what? We can troubleshoot if you give me some issues.

  136. Hello Neil,

    No matter how old this is article is, we can always refer to when we have this issue. In fact, recently my clients had the same and all were in a big panic. Later we understood that it was just the google dance and in a day all were back to normal.

    You can also refer to the Rank Drop Quadrant (http://bit.ly/1lBjI44) to understand which zone you are in Google search rank drop and react accordingly.


    • Bala, glad to help. If you need help with anything else please let me know. I look forward to hearing much more from you.

      p.s. Thanks for sharing that tool as well 😉

  137. Jessica Austin :

    Thanks for sharing it’s really helpful for me.

  138. Hey Neil,

    I was just wondering that what happens when you mess up all the technical stuff and almost ruin your site by constantly messing with something you don’t know much about.

    To be clear, can Google rankings be achieved again after they’re lost? How soon?

  139. Carey Frankel :


    I have breadcrumbs on my site that are keyword rich internal links. Are you saying it hurt my rankings even though it makes my site more user friendly?

  140. Sir..You Helped Me alot..But Please Let Me know my Website Ranking Goes Down in a day….

  141. Hi Neil.

    Thanks for sharing those awesome tips.
    I have one question about changing title of post. I have to use long tail keyward for some post because i have used head keywords.

    1. Can we change keyword and title of particular post?
    2. Does google penalize for changing title or keyword?
    3. For how many post, we can change keyword?

    Please help me.

    Thanks in advance

  142. Hi Neil,

    I have a question about long tail keyword search volume. What should be the minimum and maximum monthly search volume for long tail keyword when we select long tail keyword?

    Most of the time long tail keyword has low monthly search volume like 50-120-200-300. So those low search volume long tail keywords helps to improve organic traffic? Please help me.


  143. Hello Neil,

    My website ranking is going down and up every day.

    If I’m ranking on 1st page in the morning and then I will check same in the evening then I got I’m on the 2nd page. And again next day my ranking back…. can you please suggest something….? Please help.


    • The listing positions fluctuate especially as you go from page 1 and page 2. There are a lot of people trying to make it past that page, so you’ll need a strategy that keeps you going. It’s a never ending game…

  144. George Pilarinos :

    Hi Neil,

    I have a question. In August 2015 my site got hacked. I removed and deleted my whole website purchased a new template
    And started from scratch. I copied all the same seo details from the hacked site, seo terms, page headings and meta tags and meta description.

    All same as the old site.

    Now that Google has reindexed my site I am on the 15 or 20 page but previously I use to be on the 1 or 2 page of the keyword terms that I was pushing.

    Please help me as I want to update another site I have to be mobile friendly but I’m worried my site will move from page one.

    • Go into Google Search Console and see if there are any issues. If there aren’t you will have to build the rankings back… links, more content, etc.

  145. Hi Neil,
    In most of the article i have read that do not take that keyword which has more monthly search volume means above 5000 – 50000 visitors monthly. It is better to take that keyword which are below 5000. Because more search volume means there will be tough competition.
    Is it right ?
    Please help me. If i want to start new website, what type of keyword i should select for good traffic?

  146. Hi Neil,

    For how many times we should repeat “keyword” in article if our article is around 500 – 1000 words?


  147. Indu Jayakumar :

    Question for you. If one ‘checks in’ on location on a smart phone and posts using relevant hashtags – does this help in local searches? I have not really seen any articles on this – but when tested randomly – it seems to help in local searches. Your thoughts?

  148. hai Neil,
    i am one Of regular reader i have one question
    how many backlinks submit my site domain authority 60 submiting link domain authority 28 its correct or affect the serp ranking

    • I’m not 100% sure, I wouldn’t get too obsessed with those numbers. Keep your focus on creating high quality content.

  149. Enrrico Torres :

    Neal, Thanks for sharing this awesome tips it will definitely help me out to improve my website for sure. we have just launched a social networking website.so i am searching for the awesome blog post.

  150. I am also tired to my drop site traffic. Thanks for help

  151. Your blog help me a lot. I have used all of your techniques.

  152. Jayford Sereno :

    I’m still having a problem with my seo, I’m just a newbie and I’m having a hard time to generate back links for my website. I’m not using any tools for my keyword it’s just I put my self as a user also and think what are the keywords as a user will type. It’s very hard when you are insufficient with the resources that you need to make a good PR for your website since the company is not supporting for this. I wonder if you could help me or suggest what should I do to help my website get good PR.

    • How are you promoting your blog? How often do you blog?

      • Jayford Sereno :

        Thanks for your reply Patel. What I’m doing everyday is that, I have a list of keywords (95 keywords) and everyday I’m searching my keyword in google to check it’s rank. Most of the keywords rank are drooping down, I observe this after the google do it’s update. Here is my website assureitservices.com, I wonder if you could check for me what are your thoughts or ideas that I’m lacking of it base on your expertise.

        Really appreciated Patel, thank you

  153. uthman saheed :

    Thanks…Am facing some problem relating to rank dropping presently. I hope this will help me.

    • Well let me know what happens, don’t hesitate to ask me any questions.

      • uthman saheed :

        I can’t really tell what went wrong, bu am just diagonising the blog and have removed all the broken links…Let me observe what will happen next. Thanks for always been there with your wonderful posts and responds to comments.

  154. Hey Neil,
    Whats up Gentle Man, Thanks for sharing this.Will you please explain some new techniques for creating quality backlinks and for traffic like software development and any else,And the links should not penalizes by google.

    • The best technique is really to create high quality content Mark 🙂

      It makes link building so much easier!

  155. onlinetechsecret :

    Hello Niel,

    Can you please help me to find out the proper reason of decreasing alexa rank of my blog http://www.onlinetechsecret.com


  156. I read the whole article and I love the way you have described all this. I will apply these technique to my old site which has dropped in ranking. I hope it will help.

  157. hOW adding outbound links to authority sites boost the page’s rank in Google?

  158. Arbaz Shaikh :

    How can we increase our DA & PA?

  159. Tarwinder Pal SIngh :

    Hi Neil, I have made a website on celebrities and its not gaining traffic. the posts of the websites are remaining at 2nd or 3rd page of the google and are not improving. Please help me out of this.

  160. hi neil thanks for valuable i am going to change more things in my website such help full information.

    but i want to know one thing my alexa ranking is going good but not keywords are ranking?

    • I wouldn’t worry about alexa, focus on creating high quality content and building links to help your SERPs

  161. Hari S Nair :

    Hi Neil,

    My question relates to the point 1 in this post. You mentioned that using rich anchor text is not a good thing.

    I have been directing people to different posts on my site by providing links to various posts by putting up a section “You may also like to read” at the bottom. (which of course a lot of people do) And obviously it is internal linking using rich anchor text.

    My question is, could this hurt the rankings? Should I stop doing it or go back and tweak some posts. Was not aware of this, so I have been doing it from beginning.

    • It depends on much you’ve done it, but I would vary up the anchor text a lot. Too many just give off the signal that you’re trying to manipulate the rankings

  162. Tushar Hossain :

    Recently I bought some cheap backlinks from fiverr and my all ranks dropped huge 🙁 One of the backlinks provider said Rank drops before jumping higher.. is it true??

  163. Is this still applicable in year 2016?

  164. Sorry for the spam, does failing to resubmit sitemaps affects website ranking after making some changes on the site?

  165. I would get that taken care of asap Rochelle .This Is still applicable in year 2016 ?

  166. Ranking of my topmost keyword suddenly drop. It was on the first page. What should I do? I have no Idea.

  167. I do not understand solution No.3…”Dropped page” means My website’s dropped page or the website from which I am going to get backlink ?

    • your site. check out this post and let me know if it helps https://www.quicksprout.com/the-advanced-guide-to-link-building/

  168. Julianne Martin :

    Hey Neil,
    I am very glad to connect with you. By the way this post is very informative. you are a great adviser to me.
    And I have a doubt please can you clarify that Neil??

    My question is : Will the DA of the site get reduced if the link is deleted from other site??

    I’m very curious to know that and I hope you will clarify my doubt!!

    • It depends what kind of value that link is bringing to the site. If it has high authority then it can. However, if it’s a toxic link, it can help in the long run.

  169. Neil

    This is awesome post as usual. But the point 3 is amazing, this is first time i’m hearing something like this. I know that interlinking is good for user navigation and passing link juice from one page but this is absolutely amazing. I tried couple of my clients and it’s working.

    Thanks for this amazing posts Neil. Expect more.


  170. nice article sir
    i am from smartcarestud.blogspot.com

  171. johnson joseph :

    Seriousely alexa rank is something else. Am so annoyed, the traffic for my science and tech blog did increased from 400 daily pageviews to 800-1000 daily pageviews but my alexa rank increased from 450,000 globally to now 1M. I cant really understand this nonsense from alexa. I even had to publish quality post on How To Massively Improve Your Alexa Ranking in 7 Simple Steps after which my rank decreased to 400,000. But currently it has droped drastically to 1M. Someone should please help me here. What should i do because in my country (NiGERIA) So much attention is focused on this Alexa rank in order to attract Advertisers?

  172. Hey Neil,

    Thanks for sharing this awesome article. I dropped ranking of one of my article and because of this article I got the great guidance and my site is back with it’s ranking. Thanks again for sharing this awesome and lovely guide.

    Thanks –
    Akshit Wadhwa

  173. 90% of my post were showing on the first page, but suddenly disappear. I have tried all possibilities. Should I deindex and reindex all pages?

  174. Hi Neil,

    What i need to do for alexa rank back under 10k?

  175. This is the first article that i readed through. Thanks neil for the great for such a great blog.

  176. my name is ashray……….Neil Patel Hats off to you….when ever we have doubt or did mistakes in SEO we first prefer to visit your BLOG…..must say its like SEO ATM 😉 keep posting these kind of gud work dear 🙂 LUV U 🙂

  177. Thanks for this. I think the internal linking using long tail terms is a good suggestion. I will give it a go.

  178. Hi sir
    thanks for give a very useful post i really needed this post thanks a lot ones again.

  179. Hi Neil,
    Thanks for the informative article. I heave a website where you can find all the health related article, I have noticed for some of my pages my CTR is decreasing and for some pages, it fluctuates. I have changed the meta for no result. how much fluctuation is normal and what should I do to improve CTR

  180. heavy duty wifi router :

    Its a wonderful read Neil. I am now working on these tips you shared. Hope I will get the desired results

  181. Hi Neil,

    I am blogging at bloggingtipsandtricks.com earlier my blog post used to rank very high also the indexing speed was very fast but since 1 month Google is not ranking my post well as it used to be before and sometimes even not ranking it after being indexed.
    I don’t know really what is the problem there are no manual actions taken on my blog. Could you please take a look and predict what might be causing this problem and how can I solve this.

    Thanks in advance

  182. ohh good job man.
    thank you boss

  183. Great Post,these tips helps to get improves in Ranking.

  184. Sir you said, Build links, but not to the page that dropped in rankings,

    but the problem is I want to increase ranking for the page that dropped in rankings.

    how can I increase the ranking,


  185. Good post indeed SEO and keeping your website on track is a constant ongoing task for anyone serious to keep your website at the top of it’s gain.

    After using some of these great tips i understand more about what to look for, and how better to deal with it.


  186. Neil Patel, thanks for help its really Help Full, reply me , i wanna tell my friends that i have talk with Neil Patel
    <3 😉 🙂 u r cool

  187. Hello Neil,

    We have recently redirected our website from http to https: Since then our Alexa ranks drop continuously, but Google analytics traffics is as usual. It is normal, but I can see a huge rank drop in Alexa toolbar.

    May I know what should I do to fix this?

  188. Hey sir !!

    plz approved my comment ! i’m in so problem my posts being index but not showing in search engines from some days plz suggest me how to get my rank back. plz dont ignore i have really problem

  189. Hi Neil,

    I am Mike. I have a Birthday Greetings blog named http://1birthdaygreetings.com/ . Please check. After few days ago I get daily 2K+ traffic but in this i get only 200 traffic per day. I don’t know what’s the reason. Last month I buy a fiverr gig for social book marketing. All of book marketing are show removed data on ahrefs. How can I recover this rank drop?


  190. Nice tips. This is well article with possible reasons or sources os deacreasing a site ranking or SERP. If you launch a new design for an existing website you can expect your rankings to drop, regardless of what you do to prepare for that launch, and regardless of how much better the new website is, in terms of SEO, than the old one.

  191. Great Post, These Tips really helps to gaining the Ranking. Thanks Neil

  192. Sandeep Goswami :

    Hi Neil,

    In early March 2017, one of my recent youtube videos which was in first page rank 6 in youtube lost its rankings completely. What do you suggest as I feel it might have happened as a result of Google Fred update.
    Or will it be a good idea to forget about the video and create a new one? Or is there any other way to regain the rankings. Please advise.

    • Difficult to pinpoint without knowing more information but if did well and you can update then worth a go.

  193. Priya Sharma :

    Hi Neil,

    Great article. Your all the 7 tips are helpful for me to increase website ranking and to stable page rank of my website. http://www.signifyinfotech.com/

    Thanks for sharing

  194. Hello Neil,

    I am working fro my web page https://www.bogglingshop.com/anarkali-suits but in google search rank, there is another web page. i dont want to remove that too, what i need to do now?

  195. Hi Neil,

    In current month google may be rolled out a new Algo “Fred”. Actually, after 10th of march most of the websites ranking suddenly down.

    But, Google not declare officially. http://www.techmagnate.com/blog/how-to-identify-and-recover-from-googles-fred-ranking-update/

    • Hi Neil love your work.

      Our site has been dropping rankings for 2 keywords and we not sure why.

      Could we get some insight we know your busy but would be great?

      • Tough for me to check all the sites. I would go back to those pages and focus on improving the experience and content and see how that helps.

    • Have you checked against mozcast?

  196. A few of my primary keywords have dropped dramatically in their Google rankings

    Since Saturday (1 of April) my site (i-camz.net) primary keywords suddenly dropped of the first page while the longtail keyword phrases were not affected at all. I must say though that just some primary keywords weren’t affected. But the fact is I use to consistently rank on page 1 for the keywords below and all of a sudden they went down on page 3 or worst some on page 4 & 5! I’ve checked all our crawl reports and webmaster tools and nothing has been flagged up. Has there been a Google update on the 1st of april? Anyway, a few days latter (on the 5th of April) my most important keywords were back to page 1! Then again on the 8th of April the same important keywords dropped again so dramatically (some not so dramatically like cam model and cam models that only slipped to page 2 & 3) for no apparent reason. I have checked out Mozcast but nothing that shows any high SERP movement and no official algorithm change has taken place. By the way I published a new article after the drop and added keyword-rich (not keyword stuffing) and relevant content. Could my dropped rankings be related to a Google Flux that might have been interpreted incorrectly as a negative seo attack? Well this is what I believed it was because my rankings were back up in a few days (4 days). But could the last drop be interpretated as another Flux? I know that a Flux could trigger either a slight or big drop and that is normal for any site. Please advise what I need to do or is there any rule of thumb on how to handle these kind of situations or if it is indeed a Flux do I just have to hold tight? Or has my keywords experienced a drop in rankings due to reasons other than those listed above?

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    5 webcam models
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    8 webcam model

    • Rankings will always move so you just have to keep your eye on things as best you can and see if related as you had with Mozcast.

  197. Hi Neil,

    I woke up early on Easter morning, looked at my ranking report and, after a week, all my primary keywords were once again back on the first page of Google and this time I really hope they stay there! What a beautiful Easter morning 😉

  198. Thank you sir. You are amazing. Our website globalchemicalsltd.com is facing lots of problems. I think I can start fixing it.

  199. Packing Supply :

    Great post indeed. Thanks for sharing great tips.

  200. Is Alexa rank is important?

    My keyword ranking dropping day by day, what can I do?

  201. Google giving up down to my site for example today i have done a post google will rank it on 1st page but after 2 days it will drop my ranking to 3rd page and after 1 more day it will rank it on 1st page

    I have 250 articles but i am getting visitors from only 50 posts and 200 posts are at 3rd or 4th page of google

    Few of the 200 posts comes on 1st page of google for few mins

    Plz help me neil

    • Just keep cranking out useful, engaging content. You’ll get there. Make sure you’re conducting regular keyword research and varying your keywords to attract different prospects.

  202. my blog, http://www.techvillz.com is really not performing well in SEO anymore. I have no clue what went wrong.. but everyweek my Alexa ranks keep increasing. from 400k to almost 1 million now in 3 months.

    The total number of clicks on my blog from google search has been also decreasing too..

    This is so so depressing and not encouraging

  203. I couldn’t understand my website rank drops. My organic traffic also dropped to zero. I did everything, keep on updating.. but no use. Any suggestions please. my site it https://www.about90.com

    • You might consider updating your design and your content. Instead of lots of links on the homepage, let people know what your site is about.

  204. HI Neil,

    I had just started my career in Digital Marketing as an SEO. My site has facing a major issue that it doesn’t appear in google with main keyword

    Google suggests “Search instead for” .
    I am little bit confused that what should i do.

    My keyword is olready
    Plz help me to fix it.


  205. Hi Neil,

    How can we restrict competitor domain name variation to rank higher or on first page.

    A case for understanding:

    We may have “example.com” and other country level tlds as well which were bought but not hosted while competitors are using variations like “ex-ample.com, exa-mple.com, examplesports.com, examplepage.com, etc…” and being ranked above our own domain which in this case was “example.com”


    • There’s no way to control whether other people purchase similar domains. You just have to outrank them with higher quality content.

  206. Just to add.. is it advisable to host all tlds that we own like “example.net, example.org, example.us, example.ca, example.in etc…” to restrain competitor ranking by using variation of our primary domain:

    1. Host small site with 5-6 pages and indeed unique content, then..
    2. Give some kind of button or link to visit primary site for more details

  207. I couldn’t understand my website rank drops. My organic traffic also dropped to zero. I did everything, keep on updating.. but no use. Any suggestions please. my site it.

  208. I find myself in the same situation as chirag.
    Although my website is very new, it ranked for some certain keywords but not anywore. I have redesigned the website today though and hopefully things will change.
    I am not too worried because my website is new. What do you think?
    http://www.futurebrains.com.ng .

    • The fact that your website is new likely explains the change in your rankings. Domain age is one of the ranking factors that Google uses.

  209. Few keywords of my website ranked on the 1st page but suddenly I can’t even see them in the SERP now.
    I checked my GCS but there are no issues or errors.
    I am still confused since those keywords were ranking on 1st page since 3 months and more.
    Can you take a guess as to what could have gone wrong?

  210. Carlos Lorenzo :

    Hello Neil. This article in particular I find inspiring. It helps organizing my ideas. I run a blog www.barcelonaphotoblog.com since 2006 that was affected by Google major updates. I am with you in that internal linking is key. I will implement your approach to it and see what happens. Thanks!

  211. Thanks Neil! I do follow you on facebook and regularly read your article. Google rank of my website www.FunWithPuzzles.com has not improved even though from last year I have posted lots of new and fresh content. I will try these method and hopefully these will show results soon.

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