Double Your Traffic in 30 Days

double your traffic in 30 days

Have your ever felt overwhelmed with your traffic generation efforts? There’s just so much information out there to read and different strategies to choose from – without anyone clearly defining how to leverage each one – that you don’t know where to start.

So, what should you do?

In an effort to help you solve this problem, I’ve created a detailed guide that lays out how you can double your traffic in 30 days.

What will you learn in this free 20,000-word guide?

Laying the foundation

You don’t build a house without laying the foundation first because you don’t want the house to fall down. The same goes for your traffic building efforts: without the right ground work, you won’t see great results.

Building a good foundation when it comes to SEO means that you need to understand the behavior of your customers and the keywords they are using.

In this guide, you will learn the steps you need to take to find the right keywords.

30 homework assignments

The one thing I’ve learned by publishing advanced guides on things like SEO, or even general online marketing, is that if I don’t outline exactly what you need to do and how to do it, it’s very unlikely that you will see traffic increases.

To help you with your traffic growth, I’ve outlined 30 tactics that you can leverage over the next 30 days.

double your traffic in 30 days daily assignment

To make things even easier, I gave you a homework assignment to follow each day as well.

double your traffic in 30 days homework assignment

This way, you’ll know exactly what you need to accomplish over the next 30 days to double your traffic in 30 days.


What are you waiting for? Check out the Double Your Traffic in 30 Days course as it will place you on the right trajectory to increasing your overall traffic.

As long as you follow the strategies I’ve laid out in this guide and do your homework assignments, you should see good results. If you get lazy and don’t do the homework, you won’t see any results.

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  5. Neil you are awesome man. I was looking for this guide.
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  11. Perseverance and belief in oneself is the key to success. Have faith in the Guru which is Neil here and all the bloggers will be able to achieve success. The reason majority of the bloggers fail as they leave the thing half way through. Just “Lage Raho and Kaamyabi will be yours”. Regards

  12. Awesome work Neil, you rock.

  13. As always, it’s engaging, thorough and packed with actionable goals.

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    Great guide. Your the best, I mean it. Quick question, why didn’t you split the guide into chapters? Is it better for SEO?

  21. Wonderful guide. Will definitely follow your steps and will update you my results. Once again thanks Neil.

  22. Akshay Makadiya :

    I always fail to follow this steps. Created timetable remains on the page only. Please write something more on time management funda’s for bloggers.
    Thank you.

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    Thank you very much Niel. I will definitely try it and use it in the next 30 days. Will e-mail you the outcome of my efforts 🙂 good or bad…
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  25. Awesome. Is it Christmas already? Thank you for this free 20,000-word guide.

  26. Hey Neil,

    Thanks for another awesome and valuable guide. I always learn a lot from your articles.

    FYI – there is a small error on Day 8, Method 2 > Alltop. Robert Kiyosaki is the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” author, not Guy Kawasaki. See, I do read every word!!

    Keep up the fantastic work! We all appreciate it.

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    But what I am missing is an approach to us with “regular” websites and not blog owners. Should I perhaps create a blog section on my site like: yadaydayada/blog <– ?

    Thanks for your efforts!


  29. Magnus from Sweden :


  30. It would be great if there was a download PDF version.

    I would love to print this out and keep it on my desk to
    reference to.

    Same with the copywriting one as that is killer info.

    PDF version Please 🙂

  31. Great stuff Neil.

    I read all your emails.

  32. Neil, I hate these guides posts. Because, each time I come into my office and check my RSS, I end up spending 60-90 minutes implementing your stuff 🙂

    Today took 4 hours, but my site and brand are far better off because of this great guide. I’ve implemented WP Customer Reviews, test Outbrain campaign and added Zemanta to my blog.

    Thanks so much for such inspiring and actionable content man!

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    BRILLIANT! Keep it coming!

  34. David Prochaska :

    I like how you’re breaking it up between days and not giving it to us all at once. You must know that we would probably skim through it and not apply it because we would feel like it would be too much to do at once. Very clever, Neil. I will model this in my own business one day.

  35. Exactly what I needed Neil! Thanks…

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  37. This guide, like your previous guides, is providing really good value. I think people find it much easier to work through a daily plan. It keeps everyone on track.
    Thanks Neil. I’m looking forward to going through your traffic guide.

    • Glenys, thanks for the positive feedback. I really take time to create the guides and having them validated means a lot.

  38. Keller Tiemann :

    We are getting close to launching our new Drupal website. I have been so busy keeping this project moving that I haven’t been promoting our current site much, and traffic has dropped. I will definitely be using this guide as a jump-start to get traffic back up when we launch our new website soon.

    Thanks for putting this together for us, Neil!

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    Epic content! You truly continue to stay leaps ahead of other experts in the industry, Bravo!

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    One of another awesome posts. It is one of the great post I like to read again and again. Also would like to share with you that your all posts motivate us and whenever I read your posts, I feel that someone is saying me hey man let stand up and go ahead, it is not time to do rest, it time to do experiment and play with challenges… Thank you so much Neil.

    • Amit, that’s the spirit I like. It’s all about working hard until the job is done. Testing is very important and will yield great results if done right 🙂

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    Thanks Niel,

    once again given us an awesome post

  42. Neil, what a great resource! Thanks so much!

    This is definitely one of your best. The thing I liked the most about it is that it’s like a checklist – divided into days – but with detailed descriptions. And it really seems to include everything a successful marketer should do!

  43. Leo @Newbiesup :

    I am so glad that I am finally one of your students now 😉
    I mean the homework can make me feel like still in school.

    Thank you so much

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    This guide sure help me to increase my site traffic.
    Thanks for this awesome guide.

  45. manujeevanprakash :

    Hi Neil ,
    I have read the entire “double your traffic guide” and “Quick sprout traffic system “.

    Firstly,I would like to appreciate your efforts for creating such an invaluable content . I got your quick sprout traffic system before a month and i am finding it useful .But you should have given this ” double your traffic guide ” before giving me “quick sprout traffic system ” , as ” double your traffic guide ” acts as a base for building traffic to your website .

    Secondly,During the time of consultation you were advising me to do guest posting for increasing our traffic quickly ,but we haven’t started blogging till now, how to start guest posting as a new blogger who don’t have a good track record . how to convince the influential bloggers in our niche for guest posting ?? it would be helpful if you could quote an example for a ” responsive web design company ” targeting travel and tourism industry in Europe ??

    Thirdly , In one of your mails you have advised me to follow hundreds of influencers in my industry on twitter ( our industry is web designing) and re-tweeting constantly to their posts and engaging with them . Practically it is not possible to reply all those influencers in my twitter following list ??? so what would you advice me to do ??

    This article on “how to find first 500 twitter followers” was really useful and i would like to share this over here :-

    • Here are the answers to your questions 🙂

      1. Glad I could help in that regard!
      2. You really have to reach out and do some active networking. It’s all about making people buy into your product or service so they would be willing to share it on their site.
      3. You should just reach out to as many Twitter users as possible. It’s all about quality > quantity.

  46. Hi there,

    anyway of being able t download a pdf of your training manuals? prefer to read long docs off paper than a screen.


  47. Neil, as always, awesome content. Thank you very much!

  48. Nikolas Nikolaou :

    Lets say we have done all that is mentioned in the guide month after month and have doubled, trippled and quadrupled our traffic. Is it just rinse repeat and scaling up from there on ?

    As I have seen most things at the 200K-500K pageviews a month point kind of spread alot faster than what at the beginning . Subscribers, likes , return visitors , followers etc just keep on coming in. I cannot pump out content at the rhythms of The Huffington Post (1000 posts day) nor the New york times (400 posts a day) and we are content based (mostly).

    We have differentiated content (post daily 2-6 pieces), added forum and a few new things down the road are nearly ready.

    I think you can get burned at one point and get stuck. I am kind of lost as I had this all worked out, but now have no clue what to do.

    To big to fast I guess.

    • Nikolas, you have a good problem 🙂

      I really think it does involve a lot of rinse and repeat, however, there are many other ways you can grow and monetize. Have you considered affiliate channels and adsense? Those avenues can really help you get to the next level.

  49. Hi Neil,

    This Is Really Wonderful Resource for bloggers like me.
    I bookmarked this page to follow. Will update you.

    Thanks and regards,
    V Srinivasan

  50. Joe from UHOLD Tablet Stand :

    Love your ready-to-use guides.

    I have already been applying many of your ideas in many ways- I’d like to come up with my own but it’s really hard to keep pace 😉

    Keep it coming Neil!


    • Joe, I know it’s a lot of stuff but try to get through it all and take your time. It will really provide some benefit 🙂

  51. This is exactly what I am looking for. Bammm i can’t wait to see the results, thank you and I tweeted this 🙂

  52. Wow-mazing. This is such a great way to present a series in addition to an email course. Thank you.
    Just quickly browsed it but will share.

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    WOW… I love this post. Love the way you write your posts. The information in this article is really unique and useful for me. After reading this article, I think I have some ideas for myself. I do follow your articles recently. Thanks for sharing this post. Hope to read more interesting information from you. Great job!

    • Tony, glad I could help. Please let me know if you have any specific questions about the post and I’d be glad to discuss 🙂

  54. Hey Neil, great 30 day guide. I will definitely “curate” this per day 24 🙂 and provide a link back. People in most cases just need a game plan and I think you made it easy for everyone. Just an idea, maybe you can add a calendar for them to check each day off.


  55. Neil,

    I keep reading through each of your guides and telling myself that there is no way you can top it – and yet you prove me wrong every single time.

    The best part about each of your guides (and posts) is that I can see your advice being implemented by you on your own site. It’s not only comforting – it adds even more credibility to your words.

    I get tired of reading stuff by people that are actually giving us good “sounding” stuff, but stuff they stopped applying last year because it no longer works.

    Thank you for “keeping it real by teaching it real” – Neil!

    • Philip, thanks for the kind words of support.

      I really appreciate this feedback because it validates that what I am doing is making a difference. Thanks for reading!

  56. Nikolas Nikolaou :

    Well I have been a Amazon affiliate for over 2 years and have sold close to $700K of Amazon goods in that time period , commision is less ofcourse 4-10% depending on the products.

    I have moved to an ads only business model now with connecting Adsense+Custom Channels+BSA through DFP. You cater for one user demographic only with US Amazon for example leaving money on the table, unless you use an affiliate system thats checks the users IP and redirects accordingly (wordpress has something for this as a plugin) . Affiliate links have a direct correlation on how you rank in google and linking every post (highest ctr and conversion rate to sell) to Amazon is “shady” in the eyes of Big G.

    We have also shifted our content to be a more news based model so Amazon isn’t the best for conversions.

    For Adsense or any other CPC model to work out you need heap loads of traffic in my niche – gaming, computer and tech. I have started implementing higher paying keywords like Bitcoin articles to the mix of content as its related and higher paying in ads.

    I guess I need to either pump out content more or look into some sponsorships.

  57. Wow! another great post from Neil.. I’m so thankful that I found your blog, You make my work much easier. Thanks..

  58. Barbara McKinney :

    Thanks for sharing this article Neil! I promise to do my homework:) I’m excited to see the outcome of this strategy.

  59. Great work, very practical, but How about an option to download the guide?

  60. A handy batch of ideas, I’ll give some of them a whirl. The competitions always work very well, although blog posting largely goes ignored. I’d recommend the competitions any day – so long as the prizes are good. Chocolate usually does the trick.

    Thanks, and Merry Christmas everyone!

  61. Neil, I love all your step-by-step guides so I cannot wait to dig into this one. Thanks for putting out so much great information!

  62. No problem man, I’m glad you wrote this little article there. “little” 😀

  63. I will give this a shot! 🙂

  64. Jessica Raymond :

    Thanks a million Neil! This came at a perfect time. I realized that I have been slacking hard on SEO and was overwhelmed by the prospects of getting started. Thanks for giving bite sized assignments. I will check in with my progress, barring a 2 week vacation I hope to have everything implemented by the end of January. Thank you for your generosity!

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    You are really great, you can do anything. This post is really very helpful to increase traffic, excellent tips.

    Keep it up!!

  66. Hi Neil

    You cease to amaze me. Its been awhile since I last wrote a comment on your blog. Im definately going to put as much action in the Homework ‘Double your traffic in 30 days’.

    The only thing I do each day when I make the time is write articles one after the after and post on my blog. If the traffic comes even if its one, will thats a bonus that my blog exist.

    I dont know where you get all this knowledge from. Tried & tested I suppose.

    Great information Neil. I better get into this homework.

    Thanks a million

  67. Hello Neil, you are rocking dude……… love your guide “double your traffic in 30 days” hope my efforts will come out with good results. 🙂

  68. Your writings always inspires me. Now I thinks its time to take action. Yes, Should do some homework before getting into any task. Please do write one art piece related to time management.
    Thanks in Advance!

  69. Neil I am new at the online marketing i have been doing this for 5 yrs and do not have a following nor have i ever made any money doing online marketing, yet i spend all my money on others products but to no avail. I like your material you seem like a real person who could help me. I am going to the traffic summit in san diego only because you were on the list as a speaker. Is it possible to meet at that event and maybe you could help me get going in the right direction, thank you jeff.

  70. This may be for the first time that I’ve come to know about you Neil, but to be true, I am very much impressed with the way you’ve shared all your guide to teach us about how we can double our traffic in just 30 days. Thanks for this great share buddy.

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  72. Hi Neil,
    I am observing in your last 2-3 articles that in whole article body you are linking to a specific page only. As in this post out of 10 links you have specified 7 links to a specific page with different long tail keywords.

    Is there any benefit with it as some how it may irritate your readers.

    Plz share. Thanks

    • It just helps ensure that people read the guide. That is the only reason I do it.

      It doesn’t irritate readers as long as the content is good.

  73. Neil.. One Word ” Awesome”.. Keep rocking.. Sky is the limit!!!!

  74. Gold information! Loving every bit of it!

  75. This is exciting. I think this is perfect because people actually learn more from simple steps than from a full blown course taught in one sitting. This will help you succeed in baby steps.

  76. Hi Neil, been following your work for quite sometime and it’s been very helpful. No bullshit and pragmatic advices is what a beginner like me needs. Keep ’em coming!

  77. Neil, you are #1 inbound marketing thought leader, really i can imagine this field without you,

    but actually I have a critical question: after releasing you incredible 7 guides (till now) did you prepare to improve your pro course, I think the pro course now is less valuable then your great advanced guides, what do you think

  78. Awesome resource Neil. Wow. Very impressed.

  79. Hi Neil,

    Too many pages on a website can lead to a bad SEO experience.

    What do you recommend in this case.?



  80. Shubham Tiwari :

    Awesome work Neil sir,

    I will definitely follow your suggestions and hope it would be double.

  81. Thank you for this guide, I am relatively new to online marketing, this is gold. I am used to follow PDCA cycles, plan do check and adjust, to measure the progress towards my objectives. I think 30 tasks in 30 days are not realistic for us. We could do all of this but it doesn’t make sense to jump from a task to the next without a long term objective for each single one. We are a skinny team, but even if we were bigger, we couldn’t measure results and focus on improvement with all those drivers. If you had to cherry pick the top ten in order of importance for a longer term commitment, say 6 months, which ones would you choose? Thank you.

    • Dante,
      Glad you found the guide helpful. Prioritizing would be hard without me knowing a little more about what you are trying to achieve. If you could share some insights that would be helpful.

      • Thanks for your reply Neil. I discovered quicksprout a couple of days ago and I’m very happy, I found a gold mine! Like said I found your guide extremely helpful and I’m trying to understand what we really need. I am having a second read now. I have a couple of sites servicing small companies, less than 6 months old. Driving traffic in a smart way is our priority. We don’t need just numbers but conversions (sales) so doubling their traffic in a short time may be beneficial, but not an objective if we can’t sustain the growth after 30 days. Start selling is the real priority, with a steady growth of visitors. I would love to use some of your advices (maybe 5 to 10) and measure results over a longer time frame, half a year, and decide to discontinue non profitable tasks for new ones and start over again. Social networking, blogging and approaching niche influencers is already in the to-do list. I already have 10 points highlighted in your list, I would like to know your opinion on the top ones you think may drive long term results. Thanks again for your time, brilliant work.

        • Dante, shoot me an email at so we can discuss. If you could also be more specific with your needs I can definitely help out 🙂

  82. @ Neil Patel – You’re the best online marketer in the world!

  83. Thanks again for the lovely tips on seo …but from few days i noticed i one thing SEO effort is taking long time to show the results is it so please guide…..

  84. I have to say accurate keywords and regular post are so important for generate traffic to your website. One online marketer should have a clear understanding of what kind of keyword can help people find your link, and what is the best timing for you to post, so that you can easily get a higher exposure rate to your customers.

  85. hello sir, that’s really a awesome tip. thanks for sharing with us.

  86. Will try this today! Thank you Neil.

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