The Beginner’s Guide to Online Marketing

online marketing guide

You’ve already read my guides to SEO, content marketing, link building, growth hacking and even copywritingso what could I possibly publish next, right? Well, today I want to introduce you to the Beginner’s Guide to Online Marketing.

It’s a 40,000-word guide that I wrote with the help of Ritika Puri. It breaks down all forms of online marketing, and it ties it all together in one guide. This way, you’ll have an actionable game plan of what you need to do next.

Here’s what you are going to learn in the Beginner’s Guide to Online Marketing:

Click here to read The Beginner’s Guide to Online Marketing.


My hope is that you like The Beginner’s Guide to Online Marketing. I know a lot of the information in the guide is basic, but there is also a ton of valuable nuggets.

As time goes on, I’ll try to keep the guide updated with the latest and greatest tactics. If you see anything that needs to be fixed, feel free to leave a comment below.

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  1. I wish I would have had something like this when I first started in IM. Luckily I landed on your blog after being in the industry for 18 months and have learned so much.

    I gladly share your content as I find tremendous value in your courses and the new University.

    Excited to give this a read. Thanks for the time spent!

    • Jason, it’s never too late as your experience has shown. Glad we could connect. Please let me know if you have any questions or need help 🙂

  2. Thomas Oppong :

    Neil has done it again. Another great resource guide for free. Every post by Neil is always worth my click either on Facebook or in my inbox. And I am never disappointed when I finally get to read it.

    Thanks Neil. Oh just so you know Quicksprout University has been a great resource for me too.

    • Thomas, thanks for the words of support. Glad you are finding everything helpful. I look forward to hearing your feedback once you get through the guide 🙂

  3. Joel Mwakasege :


    Honestly speaking, when I said let me start learning about Content Marketing and all about bloging. I stumbled upon your content marketing guide.

    I just said, It sure is real, when a student I ready teacher always appear. Had almost few months to implement some of the stuff I can. You made me have enough guts to host a blogging site of my own.

    Since then I have been on your shoulder never letting go. Reading all the guides that you have already published.

    I real liked Growth Hacking, it made me focused on some of the Important Issues.

    You such an amazing Human being.

    Now Coming to this other guide, I keep wondering, What will I do. If there were no world class people like you.

    Talking what you have practised and know, you have turned me into something else, I read almost 10 to 15 e-book guides every week.

    Starting on this now.

    Thanks again, Cheers.

    • Joel, glad you have found all the guides helpful. Your words humble me. Thanks so much for the support. If there is anything I can do to help please feel free to email me 🙂

  4. Chris Huntley :

    After reading the advanced guide to SEO front to back, and watching all your Brian’s videos on QS University, I’m super stoked to read this guide.

    Quick question: With there being a ton of material here, would you place a special emphasis on a few of these chapters (for someone with limited time and budget)?


    • My favorite chapter is on email marketing. A lot of people don’t do much stuff with emails… even if they are advanced marketers.

      So if I had to pick one section it would be that one as emails can provide marketers a lot of traffic. And I’ve found that email traffic converts betters than most.

  5. Looks like another masterpiece Neil. Will read it all for sure.

  6. Thanks for this informative guide. Great resources for beginners like us. Thanks Again

  7. This is amazing! Thanks for continuing to pump out valuable free content, I have learned so much from it!

  8. congratuatlion to your new guide : )

  9. Howard Davidson :

    Excellent post. I was looking for a newbie guide for online marketing. Thank you bro, I hope that i can learn some basic of Internet Marketing.
    Thanks a lot for this.

  10. Another winner by Neil!! I always rush to read EVERYTHING that Neil creates, because they are always filled to overflowing with valuable and actionable information.

    I am going to share it via Twitter, in lieu of buying the IPO!

  11. Can’t wait to reach my computer & start reading. Thanks Neil to share your knowledge & passion

  12. Amalik Amriou :

    Another great piece of content by Neil and Rikita. A must read for everyone wishing to work properly, as usual…
    Thanks !

  13. Thank you so much neil. I will read all this guide tonight. I really wanted to get into internet marketing and I expect your guide to give me all ground basis.

    Thanks to you and “Ritika Puri” for putting up the guide. I have learnt a lot from you 🙂


  14. Hello,
    Neil Hope you are doing fine, well thank you for sharing this piece of amazing information, its been such a great post. Hope lots of people get more benefit with this,and your The Advanced Guide to SEO is also fabulous post,

  15. kenneth chooks :

    Bookmarked. Will read when I am more settled. Anything from Mr Patel is always a great read.

  16. Is there a way to download it as PDF please? Makes for easier reading on kindle/ipad… Thanks

  17. Neil, thank you so much for putting out a definitive and yet concise guide. Again, thank you so much. I am glad to be a subscriber!

  18. Frances Leyland :

    This is the one I have been waiting for! Hope to start reading tonight.

  19. Hi Neil (and Ritika),

    Awesome guide. I quickly skimmed it and can’t wait to sit down and read the whole thing!

    I’m so honored to be included in your community notes 🙂


  20. Colin Fitz-Gerald :

    I have a prominent bookmarks folder labeled Neil Patel now, replacing my quite full online marketing folder.

  21. First of all let me say that your (free) advanced guides are the best you can get on the internet.

    There is however something I think that’s a bit strange in this beginners guide.

    You mention things like creating a weekly infographic for $1000,- per week and having 2 guest post per week for $300,-. That’s more money then a typical beginner just starting will spend in a year. Things don’t have to be that expensive.

    • That’s right, they can be done a lot cheaper. I am just trying to give a worse case scenario. You can get blog posts written for under $20 and infographics made for a few hundred dollars.

  22. Brodey Sheppard :

    Arr. Another beautiful Guide! Fantastic to see!

  23. Great Guide Neil,

    Though, haven’t took time to read it but I know it’s going to be great! I’m always happy to receive your mails. My heart always pop.

    You are a great iMer Neil and… I don’t know what to say. I think I should always remember you in my prayers. Always.

    Great and good job.

  24. Wow Neil sir, you have done great job. Will be reading for sure in full too. Thanks.

  25. OKay Marketing :

    You do it again Neil lol! I honestly don’t even have enough time to read your content. I keep ditching feeds in Feedly just so when you post something I can make sure and dedicate a good 40-50 minutes to read through it.

    Keep up the great content.

    Clients sometimes ask me where they can learn how to do marketing on their own and the response is always the same…

    “Start with QuickSprout, read everything, and you’ll know more than 95% of the rest of your competitors.”

    • Thanks for the kind words of support. I always feel like more information is better than less. Eventually you can get around to reading all of it 🙂

  26. Ujjwal Kumar Sen :

    Hi @Neil

    Great, All of them 18 chapters are useful for me, but I need time to read as well as implement all of them.


    Hopefully this is going to help me like your advanced SEO Guides.


  27. Leo @Newbiesup :

    Hi Neil,
    A great tutorial again. Amazing work!
    While I have an advice that could you put your guide series in the main navigation menu (header) so we can see them easily?
    I (any other readers?) find it’s a little harder to notice them on the right sidebar.


  28. Huh! you are the time saver for me. It’s good to follow one wonderful guide instead going through many articles from many authors. I always appreciate you are helping the online entrepreneurs a lot 🙂

  29. Neil – Thank you, this is very valuable.

    My honest feedback, I hope this is helpful…I understand you may have a bigger strategy at play, but I would prefer (and would gladly pay) to have this in plain text that I can read on my kindle or phone, without added graphics or colored backgrounds. Just my personal preference.

    Regardless, thank you for this.

    • Evan, thanks for your feedback. I have heard a lot that plain text is easier and have been putting it into consideration 🙂

  30. Hi Patel,

    You have done it again. Churning out turns and turns of comprehensive beginners guides for free for your readers. This is another powerful and valuable guide that is just awesome. Can’t say thank you enough, Neil.

    PS: Noticed that Chapter 9 on Affiliate Marketing & Chapter 12 on Mobile have the same Introduction.

    • Soji, thanks for the kind words. Glad you are finding it helpful. I will definitely look into your note on chapters 9 & 12.

  31. “Mediocre marketers think in terms of campaigns. Great marketers think in terms of growth frameworks.”

    This is one of those quotes that get spread around on Twitter all the time. When you then realise its just the first two sentences in a chapter breakdown your emotions can only go one way – EXCITED !

    Seriously Neil & Ritika – Thanks.
    Amazing, simply amazing.

    • SatMann, glad you found it helpful 🙂 . Please keep me posted on your feedback. I am always looking for ways to improve the posts!

  32. Neil,
    I already have your guide to Content Marketing, and have been putting it into action since September on my little Blog – already seeing results. Thank you so much!
    Now another fantastic free guide – I’m going to dive in immediately!!
    Having searched the internet for help, and being sent down a blind alley so many times, it’s so exciting to find these guides which really work!

    • Elle, glad we could connect and that the guide has been helpful. Please keep me posted of your progress. I look forward to hearing more from you 🙂

  33. First, let me thank you for all the great information you have been giving for free to us.

    Each time i see your mail , i rush quickly to open it as i know that gold has drop in my email box as i am going to learn something new.

    This one is pure gold!

    Thank you so much.

  34. Gabrics Andras :

    Look very promising. I like your guides, they all have great value.
    The description of chapter 13 is very similar to affiliate marketing chapter description. I think there is an editorial mistake.

    Thanks for the guide!

  35. Hi Neil

    Super post.

    Even I use to follow and cover most your write ups. This one is a special package. Special thanks for you and Ritika Puri.

    Till your Moz posts about becoming a blogging super star was my favorite. But this one, no words to say. Really a great attempt from your side. Thanks a lot


    • Brahmadas, thanks for all the support along the way. Glad we could connect. Please let me know if you need any help with anything 🙂

  36. Joseph de Souza @ Infosolutions Goa :

    Another very good resource!!! I wonder how you get the time to write such good stuff.
    In Chapter 10:
    It is mentioned “Create landing pages on your website that are focused around each of the long-tail keywords. If you don’t have the development resources to do this quickly, use Unbounce. You can also use WordPress.”
    The link to WordPress takes us to I think that it should be so that we can download wordpress and install it on our website

  37. I have no idea why I’m not ranking for one of my keywords yet….

    But anyways, I will start using story telling next week. My blog is new and have been sharing several insights but I’ve been waiting to start sharing personal stories to illustrate examples or give inspiration.

    By the way, is story telling that? Using your experiences?

  38. Antonis Adamakos :

    WOW Neil, another gem! Thank you!

    You should publish all these guides in printed box set kinda edition.. 🙂

  39. Exceptional resource, Neil! Very generous of you to give it all away. Sharing with my peeps! 🙂

  40. Bui Hong Diep :

    Dear Neil

    You work so hard on your, you give us many value contents about SEO & Online Marking knowledge.

    I really appreciate that it’s free…How ever I don’t have enough time to study all so I save them and continue to read and practice

    Thank you so much !

  41. True and even many marketers are just using Mail Chimp or Aweber when they should be using advance automation softwares like Hubspot, Infusionsoft, Ontraport, Pardot, Marketo etc

  42. Neil,

    Valuable guide.. Expecting advanced guide to online marketing… 🙂

  43. Oswaldo Zapata M. :

    Hi Neil,

    How are you?

    Three short comments:

    1. Many thanks for your new guide. As for the previous ones, I will wait until there is a pdf version before reading it. I like to underline and leave lots of comments!

    2. I see that, as I suggested you in another comment, you have added the button “University” in the top green bar 😉

    3. I was watching your videos and, though they are very informative, there is something that I don’t like. Don’t get me wrong, they are good, but there is something missing. Let me explain.

    When you enroll in any University, there is always a welcome event for new students. Maybe there is a speech by the Dean of the Faculty or the director of the Department. In any case, the idea is to introduce the students to a new life experience. It is not just about knowledge, it’s a lot about hopes and new challenges. This is what I think your University is missing.

    A simple video by you and/or Brian could do the job. Make it more personal! Show your faces! Talk to your new students and I think they will feel more engage.

    This is a simple tip that I hope will help you with this beautiful project.

    Have a great week-end,


    • Thanks for the feedback. I am going to try and first redesign the who University section to be module oriented, which should help.

      If that doesn’t work, I will then try to add a face to each video. This solution requires a lot of studio time and editing. 🙁

  44. Great guide! Just what I needed to begin with…

  45. Oswaldo Zapata M. :

    Thanks for replying Neil.

    Hope it helps.

    I am looking forward to see your updates.

    Thanks again and good luck,


  46. Jeff Shjarback :

    Great guide for digital marketers of all levels. I ended up reading the whole guide in one sitting because I was finding some good insights in every chapter as I kept reading. I tweeted it out and recommended it to someone on Clarity as well. Thanks for this information, keep up the good work.

  47. Barbara McKinney :

    Thanks for sharing this tips Neil. You put all of the information needed to make our SEO campaign become more effective. I’m looking forward to read more posts from you.

  48. Splendid, It taught me all the things that i learnt in 2 years from other websites but still 50% of knowledge those websites were missing which you gave.

  49. Great Post Neil. You are always coming through for newbies.

  50. Those are some awesome guides, Neil! I heard about you on Pat Flynn’s podcast about having an ultimate guide to promote a launch of a website and figured I would check out. You were not joking about going above and beyond with these guides! They are very thorough and I will have quite a bit of printing to do when I get to my college campus today. One question, I haven’t started my blog/business yet, but I’m researching and getting a guide together. But which guide should I start reading first? Thanks, Neil!

    • David, I think the beginners guide would be a great place to start. I think this content can really help push the needle. If you need help with anything at all please let me know 🙂

  51. Hey Neil, once again an awesome resource and tons of good content. Your blog has helped me so much on my website, and I appreciate the work you do…


  52. Hey Neil, I tip my (imaginary) hat off to you. I’ve been reading through all the guides you mentioned at the start and they’re all tremendously educating. I seriously can not thank you enough – they’ve made my journey as a startup freelance digital marketer infinitely easier. Keep up the great work!

    • Alex, glad we could connect. Also, glad the content helps you out. Please let me know if you need help with anything at all 🙂

  53. Hey Neil,
    Thanks for sharing all the article about online marketing at on place. I haven’t read all of them and never knew you had written something on it already.
    Thanks again for sharing them.
    Will read them as soon as I get some time off 🙂

  54. Teofilo Mangione :

    My hat is off to you Neil. Valuable information and excellent clarity you got here! I find your information very helpful. Thanks for sharing. Great job, indeed.

  55. Great guide. I have found many interesting tips for online marketing from this 40,000-word guide. I will follow it step by step to advertise my products to customers.

  56. Thank you for this useful guidelines! There are tips that I find very helpful for me, as I am a beginner in this field. There are things that one can search for years, but you brought everything in a single guide.

  57. I like the way you have broken this out, it seems that every year the process expands into different tasks especially now with social media.

  58. Hi Neil !
    This is really comprehensive online marketing guide and helpful for beginners who are searching marketing ideas. Thank you for your creative supports to the world.

  59. As usual, another awesome post from Neil. Thank you. Looking forward to reading more insightful posts from you. 🙂

  60. Interneta m?rketings :

    Well again, I just bookmarked all of these posts, because they all teach me something new. Very good.

    Just keep sending me these helpful newsletters, I’m happy to receive them. 🙂

  61. Hi Niel, This article should work for the one’s who makes small feet towards marketing. Actually these are awesome thoughts that you had been sharing for us. Thank you .

  62. Hi Niel, This article should work for the one’s who makes small feet towards marketing. Actually these are awesome thoughts that you had been sharing for us. Thank you .

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    A Handful Of Approaches To Utilize seo Plus Earn Money As A Result!

  64. Peter Carter :

    Great post Neil, thanks for sharing these points – as comprehensive as ever! Interested to get into Chapter 13 after some things I heard this week.


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    Has been following Neil for quite some times and taken some of the course, Neil’s content are just awesome! Great learning time i have here, keep up the good job!

    to your success,

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  68. Mattijs Wijnmalen :

    Hi Neil.

    I came across Quicksprout by accident and started reading ‘The Beginner’s Guide to Online Marketing. Thank you for putting this comprehensive guide on Internet. Looking forward to put your points into practice.



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  76. You always have informative and updated post whenever I visit your site and I must thank you for that! I’ll be building up a team ow newbies next month, it will be time consuming for me if I will discuss everything from top to bottom. So, thanks for the guide – that will be very helpful to them but I think it is more helpful if you have a free download PDF file that further discuss online marketing. Just a thought though. Thanks again!

  77. Internet Marketing Mozie :

    Wow Neil, this is one amazing resource, this type of info could easily be documented and sold on forums. Thanks for the info, will definitely be sharing your link as a resource to my readers. Cheers mate!

  78. I’ve just discovered your site and just wanted to say thank you for this great guide. It’s a long read but it’s worth it, even if it’s more than 2 years old, all aspects are still valid and it’s a great starting point for anyone interested in online marketing.

    • Thank you Victor. It is a bit long, but I prefer to be as detailed as possible. I found that it helps the readers, as well as best for the search engines 😉

  79. Hi, I really want to PDF book on your “The Beginner’s Guide to Online Marketing”. Would you please help me to give it. It’s very helpful for me.

  80. Hi Niel, This article should work for the one’s who makes small feet towards marketing.Thnax for your help now i can gain more result in my business cloud hrm softwares in UAE, thank you sir

  81. Thank you for this useful guidelines! There are tips that I find very helpful for me, as I am a beginner in this field, thanx for your guide i can gain some good lead in my website sales software for small business in UAE

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