Stop Guessing: Here’s a Social Media Strategy That Works

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Everyone makes it sound so easy. Post a few times on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, and the traffic will pour in.

In reality, it’s not easy. And like with anything else, you need to spend some time learning how to do it properly.

I assure you it’s possible. My nutrition blog case study received over 9,000 visits from Facebook alone last month, despite being a new blog.

But as I noted in that second-month update, it could be doing even better. My friend Mike, who is running the site, is a really smart guy, but it’s still taking him some time to really understand how to use social media to its fullest potential. 

You should care about social media traffic because it is one of the biggest referrers of traffic at your disposal. In early 2015, social media traffic made up 31% of overall traffic.

Shareaholic collected data from over 200,000 websites over the course of four months and found that Facebook alone accounted for up to 17.41% of overall traffic. And that’s not even counting people who subscribed from Facebook and returned later:


While those other percentages might seem relatively small, remember that this study looked at a wide variety of sites.

Given that the rest of the networks are less popular and more niche-specific, the results aren’t very surprising. For certain sites in the network of sites analyzed, the other networks would have made up a larger proportion of overall visits.

Don’t forget that this is quality traffic. While some types of social traffic have a reputation for being hard to convert, overall, social media traffic is very engaged.


You can build a business with visitors like these.

And this is only the beginning. Social media traffic continues to grow over time, so it’s never too late to get started.


But you need a strategy that works, which is exactly what I’m going to give you in this article.

You’ll learn:

  • The one reason why most blogs fail to generate significant traffic from social media
  • The social media networks that are best for your business
  • How to understand and engage your audience on social media
  • How often you need to post and how to do it with minimal effort
  • How to drive more traffic than you’ve ever have before

Let’s dive in.

Consistency is key

A good social media strategy will benefit your business in many ways:

  • more traffic
  • relationship building
  • better customer satisfaction/retention
  • better customer service

In this article, I’m going to focus on the first benefit: getting you more traffic. We can go over the other benefits some other time.

Here’s the one key part of using social media effectively that often gets left out: consistency.

If you follow all the steps in this article, you will have a complete social media strategy.

If you execute it for one day, you’ll see no results.

If you execute it for a month, you’ll see some results.

If you execute it for a year, you will see significant traffic.

If you’re looking for some magic secret, you’re not going to find it. But if you’re serious about building long-term sustainable traffic for your business, read on.

Commit to the strategy we develop together today, and the results will come in the future without you having to worry about them.

Step 1: Dive inside your readers’ minds

Do you think the average grandparent is on Instagram?

Of course not.

So, if you had a blog targeted towards the elderly, you would be nuts to start building up a following there. You’ll never get any serious traffic even if you do everything right.

The foundation of your social media strategy is to understand who your target audience is and why they use social media. To do so, we need to utilize demographics and psychographics.

Demographics tell you the who: Demographics refer to statistics that describe a group of people. They include:

  • location
  • age
  • gender
  • income
  • education level
  • religion
  • ethnicity
  • marital status
  • number of children

Not all of these will be relevant to your business. For example, unless your business caters to a certain religion, any religious affiliation is irrelevant.

Determining your demographics will depend on whether or not you already have a site and traffic.

If you do not have a site or traffic yet, what you will need to do is find a similar site (as similar as possible) and use it for your analysis.

If you have a site that does have traffic, you have a few options.

First, you can use Alexa. Enter your site or a competitor’s into the search bar at the top. The more popular the site is, the more accurate the data will be.

Since Nutrition Secrets isn’t that popular yet, I could enter a competitor’s URL such as


Another option is to use the Google Adwords Display Planner.

Enter in a keyword that describes your niche. I entered “Healthy Eating.”


Once you click the blue button to submit, the next screen will show useful age and gender information at the top:


Try several keywords to get a concrete idea of your target market.

A final way to get demographic information is with Google Analytics (or your analytic tool of choice).

In Google Analytics, navigate to “Audience > Demographics > Overview” using the left side menu. If you haven’t enabled this before, you might have to do so and wait 24 hours to get data.

Once data is collected, you will see graphs for both age and gender.


The best part about this data is that it represents your actual audience. It’s the best source of information for you, if available. You can also find similar data about location and language under the “Geo” section in your “Audience” panel.

Record all this data in a text file or spreadsheet. So far, mine would look like this for the new nutrition site:

  • Gender: slightly more female than male
  • Education: relatively educated, but slightly less than Internet average.
  • Location: most likely readers are from US, UK, and India.
  • Age: average age is about 30. Very few elderly readers.
  • Income: likely low to medium due to relatively young age.

Notice that some of those parameters are more definite than others. The first time you do this, you will have to estimate some demographics. Over time, you should refine these as you learn more about your actual audience.

Psychographics tell you the why: To truly understand how to create content and products that your target audience actually wants, you’ll need to understand more about your audience’s outlook on life.

Questions that you should try to answer include:

  • Why do they want to learn about [your niche]?
  • How important is [your niche] to them? (i.e., is it a hobby or part of their job?)
  • How do they like to learn? (e.g., video, text, audio, etc., and on what type of device)
  • What common questions do they have about [your niche]?
  • How knowledgeable are they about [your niche]?

This is a part that most business owners skip or skim over, but it’s going to be crucial for later steps in this strategy.

The difficult part is that there’s no tool that you can plug a site URL or keyword into and get psychographic information back. The only way to answer these questions is to observe your target audience.

Before I go over a few places to do this, note that you must find your exact target audience. If you’re targeting those who are interested in eating healthy based on the latest science, that group of people is going to be different from the group interested in nutrition because of bodybuilding.

Source #1 – Subreddits: Start by searching your niche in the subreddit search. There’s a subreddit for almost every community imaginable, which is why this is a good place to start.

In my example, I searched for “nutrition”:


Based on these search results, I would stick with /r/nutrition. Try to find a relevant community with at least a few thousand subscribers.

Next, you simply have to read. If you’re not familiar with Reddit, read this guide to understand what you’re looking at first. Pretty quickly, you’ll start seeing the same questions and answers over and over again.

The questions and responses will tell you what people are interested in learning about, while the most upvoted answers will help you understand how they like learning about it.

In addition, you can click the “top” filter at the top to see the most popular posts of all time:


Some subreddits will be dominated by videos or images. In this case, most posts are text or links to articles (that are supported by images). That alone tells you how this community likes to consume information.

After looking at the first 100 links or so, I can already see that this community cares about:

  • busting myths (i.e., cholesterol in eggs is unhealthy)
  • the current nutritional guidelines (and why they are wrong)
  • learning about nutrition (good courses and tutorials)
  • creating practical, healthy, and enjoyable diets

Among other things, I can answer almost all of those basic psychographic questions now and have a decent picture of what my audience believes in.

This will also help us create content that resonates with our readers. Instead of citing the USDA (who they don’t think is credible), I (or Mike) would cite research studies instead.

Source #2: Forums. Another place where you can see your target readers interact is in a forum. Just search Google for “[your niche] forum,” and you’ll get a list of results.


Again, be careful that you pick forums that have the readers you are interested in attracting. Otherwise, your results will be inaccurate. There’s a big difference between someone learning about nutrition to just be healthier and someone looking to gain muscle.

Source #3: Comments. If you can find a popular blog that relates very closely to your niche, this may be an option.

Using Authority Nutrition as an example again, I would read through the comments of several articles and record my observations about the readers.

Step 2: Choose your most effective channels, and double down

Like I said earlier, this is a long-term strategy. You are investing time and resources into building a following on these social channels.

Most businesses can’t even do that on one social media site, let alone dozens at the same time. Pick one or two (maximum three) social media channels to focus all your efforts on.

Don’t worry about missing out on traffic—there’s more than enough traffic on any single major network to build a business. You will get better (and quicker) results by investing extra time and effort in a few networks than you would spreading resources thin across many. Choose quality over quantity.

So, which networks should you choose?

You need to find a network where your audience hangs out. For some niches, you might have several options. For other niches, there might be only a few to pick from.

Start by narrowing down networks based on their age:


Vine and Tumblr are usually better options for a young demographic, while Facebook and LinkedIn are better for an older demographic. Facebook is losing popularity with younger demographics, but 70 percent of adults use it actively.

In most cases, you want to match your audience demographics to the demographics of a social channel:


But age doesn’t paint a full picture. On a network such as LinkedIn, people are engaged in discussion about professional topics, but not hobbies.

How to spy on your competition: finding a close competitor is by far the easiest way to find the top social networks to focus on.

Say I wanted to attract Authority Nutrition’s readers. I would go to either BuzzSumo (free) or Ahref’s content explorer (paid) and enter in the URL.

On BuzzSumo:


On Ahrefs:


It’s clear from these results that Facebook is by far the most important channel to focus on, which is what we’re focusing on in the case study.

In addition, Twitter edges out Google Plus for second place. As we saw in the previous step, this niche doesn’t rely on images heavily, which is why it’s not that popular on Pinterest.

Step 3: Build a content bank of VALUE

Now that you understand your target reader a little better and have picked a channel or two to focus on, we can finally get to delivering value to them. The more value you can provide, the faster you will grow your presence.

The second part of this is consistency. If you share content for a few weeks, then drop off for a month, you won’t continue to grow. Unlike search engine traffic that can grow without you having to publish content, you must be continuously active on social media to grow.

In order to make it as easy as possible, you need to build up a content bank with tons of content that your target audience will love.

Content could be any of the following, depending on the network:

  • blog posts
  • infographics
  • pictures
  • videos
  • jokes
  • quotes
  • quick tips

The right kind of content depends on your network. In addition, you can’t just share your own content.

Michael Hyatt shares about 20 pieces of valuable content made by others for every piece of self-promotional content.

Buffer posts about 90 percent of non-promotional and 10 percent of promotional content.

There’s no golden rule of what the ratio should be, but always err on the side of being non-promotional, especially at first.

What content, other than yours, should you share? To find out, start by assembling a list of popular keywords in your niche. Use the Adwords Keyword Planner to find them. Start with a seed keyword such as “healthy eating” or “how to eat healthy”, and record the top 10-20 results. Record as many as you like:


While keywords might seem similar, they will produce different results in the next step.

Now, go back to BuzzSumo or Ahrefs, and enter in your first keyword. Then, sort by the network you are focusing on.


In this case, I found the most popular content on Facebook about healthy eating. Record all of these URLs in a spreadsheet (you can click export near the top).

If you’re using a free account, you’ll have a limited number of searches per day, so just do as many as you can.

At the end, you’ll have a giant list of proven content that you know your audience will love. This will take some work, but it is one of the most important steps.

Step 4: Get followers or get ignored

Sharing content without any followers is pretty useless.

Without people seeing, reading, and re-sharing the content you post, you’ll never build relationships, trust, or see significant traffic.

Starting from scratch is hard but possible. What you absolutely do not want to do is buy a few thousand fake followers from Fiverr. Not only will it make it impossible to track your results accurately but it will also lead to fewer followers seeing your posts because of the lack of engagement from those fake followers.

For you, as for most networks, the most effective way to get followers at first is to simply follow as many of your target users as possible. A decent percentage of these will follow you back.

As your follower count grows, you can slow down on following other people as the exposure from the content you share will start to earn you significant follower growth and traffic.

I’ve assembled some of the best resources on getting followers on each major network so you can plan your strategy to get your first followers.

Get followers on Twitter:

Facebook is largely a pay-to-play site now. While it’s not extremely expensive, you need a few dollars a day to run Facebook ads.


Regardless, here are some great resources that will help you get more followers (page likes) on Facebook:

Get more followers on LinkedIn:

Get more followers on Pinterest:

Get more followers on Google+:

Get more followers on Instagram:

Step 5: Diminishing returns and the optimal frequency to post

Now you’re starting to accumulate some followers who are interacting with the content you’re posting—nice.

You’ll notice that you might get a few clicks every time you share something (depending on the network). Then a lightbulb goes off in your head: “If I shared twice as many posts, I would get twice as much traffic.”

To a certain point, you’re absolutely correct. But what if you shared so much content that you were taking up most of your followers’ feeds? They’ll think you’re a spammer and unfollow you, and you might even get reported.

Clearly, when you share too much, you hit a point of diminishing returns.

As with most things, you will have to test the frequency of posting to optimize it for your business. Depending on the audience, you might need to share more or less.

For now, I’ll walk you through best practices for each major network.


1. Facebook: The Facebook algorithm has gone through significant changes in the past few years. Now, readers have more and more content in their feeds that moves faster than ever, which means that you can typically get away with posting more often.

Hubspot analyzed the Facebook sharing data of their customers and found that the ideal frequency depends on the size of the Facebook page’s following.


It turns out that the smaller your page is, the faster you see diminishing returns. The ideal posting rate for a small page (1-200 followers) appears to be 16-30 posts per month, or about once every day or two.

Remember, the graph above shows click rate, so the overall number of clicks will likely be higher even though the click rate declines.

The data shows similar results for medium-sized pages, but for large pages with over 10,000 followers, you should post at least 31 times per month, which works out to once or twice per day.

2. Twitter: While feeds move fairly quickly on most social networks, Twitter is a different beast altogether. Within hours, your post will be buried beneath hundreds of others.

Peter Bray found that nearly all retweets occur within the first hour of a tweet being made.


It’s logical to deduce that most clicks and comments also occur within the same period. And because tweets have such a short lifespan, you need to post more often.

To start with, post between 5 and 20 times per day. I’d recommend sticking to the lower end for now as it is more sustainable.

To determine when you should post, use a tool like followerwonk.

Start by signing in with your Twitter account. Then go to the Analyze tab and enter your username:


After you submit the name, scroll down, and you’ll find a graph that shows you when your followers are mostly online:


Again, though, you want to test which times work best for you. It’s possible that the times when fewer people are online are best because fewer other tweets will be shared. Always test.

3. LinkedIn: LinkedIn’s own sophisticated guide for marketing revealed that the ideal frequency to post is about 20 times per month, or once per day. But again, test this as it will vary.

Step 6: How to automate for success

Let’s say you find out that the best time to post is at 3 a.m. Are you really going to stay up until then just to send out a tweet? That would be ridiculous.

Even if you were that committed, it won’t take long until you forget or just fall asleep early. Like I said at the beginning, the one key to success with social media is consistency.

The easiest way to be consistent is to use tools (many of which are free) to schedule your posts.

Before I tell you how to automate posts on each network, I want to make something clear: this is not a license to spam your followers.

Just because you can post 100 times a day, doesn’t mean you should. It also doesn’t mean you should share the same message over and over again.

Automate Twitter with Buffer: There are other alternatives such as Hootsuite, but Buffer seems to update its feature set on a more regular basis and has a few other important features we’ll go over soon.

With Buffer, you start by creating a sharing schedule. Click on “Schedule” once logged in.


You can click on the days to select or deselect them. You can also change the number of times per day you post as well as posting times.

Next, click on “Content” on the top menu. You can see all of your queued tweets that will be posted at the scheduled times.

In addition, if you click in the box “what do you want to share?”, it will expand and allow you to write a new tweet. Once you click “Add to Queue,” it will be added to the end.


Automate Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest with Buffer: You can automate these networks in exactly the same way as you did Twitter. You create a separate schedule for each network. When you create a status to share, you can add it to any combination of networks that you’d like all at once.

To switch between the profiles (to set the individual schedules), you’ll just have to select the page from the menu on the left after connecting your page to Buffer:


With Pinterest, however, you will need to switch to a paid account (pretty cheap). There is a 7-day free trial available.

There are other tools for automating Pinterest, but none of the free tools are worth your time. Additionally, Buffer is an official partner of Pinterest.

If you’re looking for a free option, I recommend Viralwoot, but it’s very limited in comparison.

Automate Google+: Unfortunately, on Google+, you can automate only pages with Buffer, not personal profiles. This is because no third-party tool can use the personal Google+ API—it’s a pain.

The best alternative is to use Friends+Me. Once you register and connect your account, you will have to install a Google Chrome plugin. When you click the icon, it will bring up a new tab that looks very similar to the Buffer UI:


Write your post as you would normally, and click “Add to Queue.” Once you’re done adding however many posts you’d like, go to the main dashboard (not the plugin), and click “Schedule” in the side menu:


The rest will look very similar to Buffer. Just add whichever times you’d like, and you are set.

Step 7: Drive more traffic for your posts on social media than ever before

Your strategy is almost complete.

You’re sharing tons of great content, building up followers, and maximizing your post exposure.

Now, it’s finally time to think about what you’re getting out of it.

You’ll typically share one of your own posts every 4-10 posts. Depending on the channel you focus on, this could be every day or even every 10 days.

If you’re focusing on creating truly great data-driven posts, there’s a good chance that you won’t have enough of your own content to share—that is if you share it only once when you first publish it.

To maximize your traffic, you should be sharing old posts as well as new posts while maintaining your ratio of promotional to non-promotional shares. This is the easiest way to double, or even triple, your traffic.


At the same time, don’t share the same post three times in a row; that’d be silly. Share it every once in a while. For example, here’s what posting across different networks could look like:


There’s one more key to maximizing your traffic: don’t duplicate descriptions. If you do, you’re far more likely to be marked as a spammer or ignored.

If I was sharing this post on Twitter, for example, I would write several different descriptions:

  • Want to create an effective social media strategy? Here’s how: [url]
  • I was able to drive over 8,000 visits in a month with this social media strategy: [url]
  • Learn step-by-step how to properly utilize social media – [url]
  • Find out if your social media traffic strategy needs an upgrade: [url]

Get the picture?

One tip to explode your traffic: so far we’ve focused on building an audience and getting it to visit your website. But there are two types of users on social media platforms: regular readers (your audience) and influencers.

Influencers may actively use a particular social network, but most do not. They use it as a way to support their businesses, just like you and I do. They also have the largest followings, which could mean more followers and traffic for you.

How do you get them to expose you to their audiences? After I publish every article, I reach out to anyone mentioned in my post to let them know about it as well as to encourage them to share the post with their audience (I’ve written about this before).

Here’s a basic template:

Subject: I mentioned [insert their site name] in my latest post

Hey [insert their name],

I just wanted to let you know I am a huge fan of your work. I like it so much that I actually linked to [insert their website] within my latest blog post.

[Insert your blog post URL]

I would be honored if you checked it out. And if you love it, feel free to share it on the social web.

Your fan,

[Insert your name]

Not everyone will share your post, but a decent number will. The best part is that since they are usually in the same niche, they typically focus on the same social channels.

Step 8: Track results or fail (don’t skip this!)

Your strategy is basically complete except for this last step.

It’s not that difficult, but it can make or break your success.

No one, other than by sheer luck, is able to get everything right on their first try.

If you don’t track results, you can’t see what is or isn’t working, and you can’t improve your strategy.

Step 1 – Record all your shares in a spreadsheet:

You need to see which posts are attracting the most clicks and engagement and which ones are not. Over time, you will learn how to write descriptions that get the most clicks for your posts.

To get stats such as clicks, impressions, and shares, head back to Buffer. Click on the “Analytics” tab at the top, and make sure you’re on whichever network you want to start with. You’ll get to see each post you made as well as its stats:


Record them in your spreadsheet, or click “export” on the analytics page if you have a paid account.

Every once in a while, look at these numbers (graph them). They should be going up slowly but steadily over time.

Step 2 – Analyze overall traffic in Google Analytics (GA):

Understanding which posts do well on your main social channels is a good start, but you need to make sure that you’re effectively pushing traffic to your website.

Sometimes, your followers (or friends of your followers) will come to a post on your site and share it. If you’re just looking at Buffer, you’ll miss this traffic.

Start by looking at overall traffic—this is most important. In GA, navigate to “Traffic Sources > Sources > Referrals.” This will show you how much traffic you’re getting from individual networks:


This alone will tell you if your traffic is increasing over time or if you need to figure out why it isn’t.

In addition, you can often find out where that traffic is coming from by adding a secondary dimension of “referral path.” The referral path refers to the text that comes after the main domain.


On some networks, you’ll be able to see what post sent the traffic easily. On some, notably Twitter, you just get a jumbled up referral that isn’t very useful. A plugin called Campalyst used to be able to convert this data into the actual tweet, but it is no longer available.

When you can, you want to look at the posts that sent the most traffic (that aren’t yours) and build relationships with whomever posted it. You have a good chance of getting significant recurring traffic.

Finally, if you have a business plan on Buffer, you can integrate Buffer statistics into GA.



After reading all of that, do you really think you could just play around with social media and generate as much traffic as a serious business can?

No way.

A solid social media strategy is not for the light of heart. It will take you several hours to build your first plan.

The next part is execution, which is even harder. You need to commit to following your strategy for months until you start seeing any real results, which still won’t be that impressive.

Trust me though, if you keep at it for a year or two, you will start seeing some great results. Right now, you are investing your time and resources so that you can get those results. Keep that in mind in the months ahead.

Before you do that, tell me how getting traffic from social media is working for you right now. Leave me a comment below, and let me know how you’ll be revising or creating your social strategy.


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        • I am more clear now , you paraphrase the data and for quotes i love to put useful quotes.

          Can 20% of my content be quotes with out any penalties?

          I know you are a very busy man won’t want to waste your time, just give a yes/no answer for the question and if it’s no then add what percentage you think would be acceptable.

          • Aly, are you running a quote site? If not, you should try to stay away from too many quotes.

  15. Pradeep Singh :

    Fantastic Post Neil!
    I have been doing most of the things for my new blog (following the steps of your nutrition blog). Thank you for suggesting a Social Media strategy. Like you say in the post above, execution is going to be the tough one.

    • Pradeep, glad you found it helpful. Let me know if you come up with any other tips — would love to hear them.

  16. Again Sir.. You share Awesome Post.. 🙂 Sir. Please share How to Get Traffic from Images and How to Rank Images on Google..

    • Priya, you have to use the same strategy as you would for optimizing a blog post. Make sure that the keywords are in line and that the content is original.

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    We observed that every weekday at 8:45 pm IST = 8:15 AM PT we receive your Quicksprout’s email. Whereas your buffer schedule is different, around 6:15 pm PT. Is this scheduling varies per target market, business vertical? What is the logic behind this?

    Thank you in advance.

    • Sounav — it’s different across different niches. I can get more specific if you have a particular question…

      • Hello Neil,

        Thank you for your kind reply. Here are my questions:

        a. We are into web design development and our target market is English speaking countries (UK, USA, NZ and Australia). What is the best time to schedule our social media campaign? How can we reach the maximum audience across these countries?

        b. For our blog (related to web development, digital marketing), when users subscribe our blog feed. What should be the timing to share our post. Is it around 8:30 am PT?

        Once again, thank you so much for your kind reply. I am a great fan of yours Neil.

        Wish you all the best.

        • Sounav:

          1. I would do some testing but you should ideally schedule posts in the afternoon your time.

          2. That is a time that works for me but I would test it out.

  19. Hi Neil,

    I run a fitness boot camp, and tend to focus on a 10 mile radius. If you were me, would you tweak the above strategy to make it more local? If so, do you have a couple of suggestions?


    • Coop, depends on where you live. If you are in a city then it would be wise to stick with your radius. If you live in the suburbs then it would probably be helpful to extend that. Basically do people drive or walk to your boot camp?

      • 100 percent drive (I’m in L.A.). Most spend 10-20 min to drive, one drives 50 minutes one way to train with us.

        Thanks for your time.

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    Thanks for another awesome post! You pointed out a lot of things that I really need to focus on like those having to do with consistency which has been an issue for me. For one, I’d like to try do updates by automation and see if/how they’ll make the difference.

    I’ll be looking forward to your next post!


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      Glad you liked the post — looking forward to hearing much more from you.

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    Thanks for educating NEIL !

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    Not only Facebook , Twitter , and last but not least G+ Plays an Indirect role in Rankings

    Thanking you.

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    • Judy, I would just scour the internet for good blogs in that sub-segment. Glad I could help.

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    Another timely post, thanks. I definitely need to implement the “I Mentioned You Letter” in my plan.

    I think that is a great way to not only reach influencers to gain additional shares, but also start building a relationship with them and to become an influencer in your niche by association to that influencer.

    Thanks again.

    • Dade — glad you found the post helpful. I look forward to hearing much more from you.

  39. Hey Neil,

    Thanks for providing an extremely useful piece of content!

    I just had once question, in Step 4 you said “What you absolutely do not want to do is buy a few thousand fake followers…”, in the past though you said that you did this and then traded shout outs to quickly grow your Facebook page.

    My question is, how did you buy followers and still manage to ensure that you got post engagement?

    Thanks for the help,


    • Zach, I used ads to grow the base — to grow the engagement and look more legitimate it’s vital to keep creating great content.

  40. This is a great plan, thank you.

    In a recent post you suggested promoting your facebook page in English speaking countries in Asia, so you could get followers/”likers” for your business page without spending much money.

    On this post you warn about the dangers of followers who don’t engage much. Do you find that followers in English speaking countries in Asia engage enough to keep from harming the stats of a business facebook page?

    Thanks for all your help.

    • DB, the geographic region provides a cheaper CPL — however engagement just depends on the individual and quality of your ad. So it’s smart to focus on the right copy to attract the right visitors. You’re always going to get junk likes no matter what so don’t worry too much about that.

  41. Trudy Beerman :

    This was freaking comprehensive! I read it through but I know I need to go back through much slower and implement as I go. I have shared this with some bloggers who take their blogging seriously.

    I would love for you to be a guest on my show, Debt-Free Wealth Radio My regular spot is Friday, 10AM EST however, if you are open to being a guest and that spot is not a fit, I would be happy to record at another time. My humble, once per week show has had 80K+ tracked listeners since 2011. The platform’s follow system sucks so I do not have any CTA’s for people to follow me there.

    I look forward to hearing back from you on my offer.


    Trudy Beerman

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    I am keenly following the $1,000,000 a year journey. I also started a site and have actually spent zero in development as I pretty much do everything myself. Last month you showed us how to get 100K Facebook likes. I guess I will spend here; its worth.
    Regarding this article, do you thing it would be wise for me to boost Facebook posts too?

    • Steve, I think you should definitely experiment to see if it’s a viable solution.

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    This tells me that social media is not for the lazy, feint-hearted or weak.

    Just like being a good piano player, or a lawyer, or an exceptional orchid grower, it all comes down to consistent investment.

    That commitment is made so much easier with your walk-through guides.

    Thanks so much!

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    • Nazim, thanks for all the support.

      Creating great content is the best way to engage the new likes and followers.

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    • Aswhin, glad I could help. Please let me know if you need any specific help with anything.

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    Your well structured article will give me the chance to pick some of your key findings and concentrate on them.

    Thanks for sharing this!

    • Stef, glad I could help. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and providing insights.

  54. Excellent, and very in-depth, article! I know it’s mostly targeted at people who use social media in their marketing strategy, but I think their clients should read this too! A lot of people I’ve worked with expect to get thousands of organic clicks to their website (without investing in paid ads) after only one month. It’s so hard to explain that social media isn’t magic, it requires hard work and strategy just like anything else.

    • Karen, great point. Social media is evolving into a channel that is just as complex as traditional channels — which is good for market differentiation.

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    Thank you for another brilliant and incredibly useful article. The timing couldn’t be better, as I’m really struggling with getting to grips with a social media strategy, so I intend to follow your advice to the letter this week 🙂

    I do have a query (I know it’s very specific but I’m other types of businesses may also have this query) that I’ve not been able to find an example of or answer to. All the advice I’ve read assumes that online marketing content is to be directly related to the business product or service (which makes sense in many cases).
    I design and handmake jewellery, inspired by modern architecture through to astrophysics through to innovative technology.
    So, at first glance, it seems as though I should be writing about jewellery processes, techniques, materials, etc.

    As a new business I don’t yet have any customers and my designs very much come from who I am so until I get real customers, my target customer is very similar to me.
    Other jewellery designers either don’t have blogs, or where they do they do talk about techniques, processes, etc. or are just 100% promotional, but as a jewellery buying customer I don’t want to read about those things and they’re not going to draw me to their websites.

    My gut feeling is that my target customers would be much more interested in reading about the subjects that inspire my designs, i.e. architecture, astrophysics, innovative technology, etc.
    But does this make business sense?


    • Shirsendu Das :

      Hi Heidi,

      I would say you go with your gut feeling. After all you will be great while you are writing what you want.


    • Heidi, great question and my short answer is yes.

      You should find out what your niche audience is interested in and then go from there. I would say that your strategy is spot on — focus on the design meanings and processes that inspire you and write about them. More often that not, as you mentioned, people could care less about the processes and manufacturing of it all.

  57. Shirsendu Das :

    Hi Neil,

    Can you share your thoughts how to write engaging posts for social media? May be with examples?


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    • Swapnil, glad you find everything helpful. I look forward to hearing much more from you.

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    I love leaving direct comments here but there is so much content here I don’t know where to start! I already do a lot of what you spoke about but currently I’m skimming the surface and not using the methods you suggested to maximum capacity. Which is good because I already know how to use it all but now I can use the information even more to my benefit.

    Thanks for mentioning new tools that I haven’t heard of like BuzzSomo and Subreddits Search plus all the links to the additional content to.

    Another method I use to check out what social networks my audience prefers is to check out authority blogs and look at their social media shares and see which ones are the highest just to get a better idea.



    • Naomi, sounds like a solid strategy. Looking forward to hearing much more from you including additional insights and tips. Thanks for the share.

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    • Kimb, glad you found it helpful. That tool looks helpful — thanks for sharing.

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    • Raju, sounds like you just need to focus on creating stickier and better content. Also, try to optimize your site’s design for better results.

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    Another great social media post from the expert. There are lot of social media platforms and tools that can be helpful if we really want to push our social media campaign and it surely benefits us if we go in the right way. Now a days social media plays the biggest role than any other online activity. Again thanks for this useful post.

    Keep sharing and we love to hear more from you.


    • Robert, having the right strategy can make or break any campaign. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

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    We have just implemented you technique and used the same quote from a picture we loaded using Canva. Optimized the audience. Went one step further and chose specific countries where the cost per click is lower. Drilled down to age, education, specific health and fitness groups.

    The result is simply astounding! Click through rate (CTR) has gone from 4% for our first campaign to 12% which if I am tracking correctly is also above the 7% CTR you managed with the same post.

    I wanted to also mention sending a customized thank you follow message when someone adds you on Twitter using twitterdmer asking followers to check out your website and add you on facebook also works well. Not sure how or if this can be done on FB though if anyone knows.

    Looking forward to your next post as always you are a fantastic resource for those just getting started.

    Natural Exclusive

    • That’s great to hear — glad I could help. I look forward to hearing much more from you. Let me know if there is anything else specific I can help you with. Keep up the great work!

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    So much to do,I guess it would be nice to have an
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    Some things do get left out,have to get a facebook page up.

    A very helpful and interesting article.



    • Ajay, glad you found it helpful. Please let me know if you need help with anything else. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

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    It’s interesting that part of sharing article on twitter.
    You share more times ,with different important parts of what you wrote. Is that also advice to all of us, so we can present it/us better?

    And how do you see the introductions on all social medias? Is there a different presentation and do you have some advice for it ?

    I can’t wait your next article, imho, one of most important :
    relationship building !

    Thank you

    • Jelena, you should ideally make your introductions and pitches catered to each specific client and then go from there. Let me know if you need any specific help with anything and I’ll be glad to help.

      • Jelena Milosevic :

        So, I need to do my homework and find out where is my target group and how I can atract them to my product /idea.
        Thank you Neil 🙂

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    Thanks Neil for sharing! Have a great rest of the week!

    • Sherman, glad I could help. Please let me know if you need help with anything else. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

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    Great article! It really was helpful.
    However, I have a problem. My niche is not really something you’d call a niche with the ‘business potential’ and stuff, but it is what I love to do.
    On my blog, I, well, write. Stories and stuff. Fiction, moral based anecdotes, essays and stuff. I really want to grow my audience and have a large amount of readers so that I can share my stories with the world. How should I go about identifying the people who would be interested and start?
    Any help would really matter, and I would be really grateful if you could give some advice on this issue. I think this is an unusual question for you too btw. 🙂

    • Abhishek, have you looked to see who the key influencers are in your niche. I think that would be a vital first step.

      • Abhishek Singh :

        Yeah I have.
        I just need to know how to go about increasing my audience and working my way up to more loyal readers.

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    • M Azad, thanks for all the support. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

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    Thanks again, Neil.

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    Very unique and informative article. I am completely agree with “Step 3: Build a content bank of VALUE”, of course we can keep user engaged by sharing valuable content, infographics, media, running polls, survey, events, etc..

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    Very extensive and useful write up. I am always awestruck by the way you pour in information in a such interesting manner. Recently, I was doing facebook marketing for an app. There is a curated content, scheduled posts according to a planned calender, engagement with the audience. But still not able to drive the audience into downloading the app. It would be very helpful if you can guide me to diagnose the problem here.

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    Thankyou! Neil
    This is a wonderful post to boost the traffic through social media. Yea it is hard to build up the starting plan. I have a blog related to Indian city? How can we make it simple? As in India a very few people use pinterest and Google plus?

    • Abhishek, share it on other social platforms and go from there. Just make sure your images are stunning.

  85. Daniel "Insanely Diligent" Dou :

    Hi Neil,

    Awesome post! But I’m sure you already knew that. 🙂


    Normally when I read your posts, I just go through everything. And keep it in the back of my mind for later. When I can use it.

    I decided to start implementing everything I read, as and when I read it.

    I’m currently implementing Step 3.

    So, you mentioned:

    “The right kind of content depends on your network. In addition, you can’t just share your own content.

    Michael Hyatt shares about 20 pieces of valuable content made by others for every piece of self-promotional content.

    Buffer posts about 90 percent of non-promotional and 10 percent of promotional content.”

    In the case of a personal site, I guess that’s true. But what if you have a curation-type site, where you curate others content?

    Like for Huffington Post. Or Gawker Media.

    Also, I tried checking out your Facebook page to see how you do it.

    And I noticed that almost all your posts are self-promotion. :O

    But I did see that you alternate between self-promotion, motivational quote, self-promotion, motivational quote, etc.

    Is that a good way to do it?

    • Daniel, that’s definitely a good way to do it for me. I have tweaked the formula a lot of the years and have found that the strategy I use now is the best one. See what works best for you and go from there.

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    Hi Neil, great post as usual! Just a quick question: you have the Social Sharing Schedule graphic: is there a way to automate this reposting of content at set intervals or is it something that you manage manually? Thanks!

  92. Love this blog. Wow, it’s the most dense collection of blog/social media knowledge I’ve seen.

    Please clarify when sharing other people’s content on social media channels – do you recommend posting a link directly to the original source? Or do you recommend directing traffic to your own blog where you’ve copied the material and gave full credit?

    Right now my nascent blog is mostly original content. The few times I share others’ content I put it first into my own blog, but that’s mostly because I want to add my own comments.


    • Mick, whichever strategy yields the best results is what you should go with. I have seen success both ways.

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    • Piccoli, glad you found the post helpful. Let me know if you need anything else.

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    Thank you as well for the mention of my Pinterest Guide. What a thrill to see that here. 🙂

    • Erika, I really wanted to share some Pinterest insights and it was a great place to do so. Glad you found it helpful.

  97. Thanks a lot Neil for yet another great post.

    I am facing a bit of a challenge following your recommendations due to the business area I am in: Insurance.
    Most of your strategies build on the fact that people like to read, learn and share about the topic. In insurance however, people mostly like to avoid the topic. Throught the industry (at least here in Germany), share rates and engagement are really low.

    Any recommendations how to approach this?


    • Georg, I am not an expert in insurance but the same principles should apply. Just find the right audience and become an educational resource for them.

  98. Quite Insightful !!!!

    Sharing post on social media generates immediate traffic but what i do not know is how to keep the pace on single topic which is related to my product.

    In search engine, I keep it on the first page and keep getting consistent traffic however in Social media, the result starts diminishing from second day itself.

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    Concerning posting TOO frequently on Facebook. Does the decline in engagement come from the fans or from Facebook’s algorithm? I’m trying to find out whether if I offer my fans more good content Facebook will throttle me for it.

    Hope to hear from you.

    • Schalk, it’s a mixture of both. You’ll need the fans and killer content to excel.

      • So if I understand you correctly, if I’ve got great content for my Facebook channel I should go for it? Facebook won’t hassle me for posting much. I should then just nurture engagement with my fans.

        Thanks Neil – sorry for bugging you again. 🙂

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    I will definitely follow your footsteps and will seek your help if I get stuck anywhere.
    Thanks a ton 🙂

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    thank you very much for your guide. Really comprehensive.

    Anyway even if Facebook remains the best social that really works to build a huge Facebook fun base it’s not easy 🙁


    • Roxblog, it’s very important to make sure you provide valuable content – that’s how to make sure people visit your site.

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    Thanks so much–your articles are always informative, easy to understand and fun!
    I’ve had a website for my psychotherapy practice since October and I often feel I need to translate some of the stuff I read on the web to accommodate this. People aren’t always wanting to “like” my stuff or follow me because of stigma attached (following and sharing posts on how they deal with depression, explosive anger, etc) Do you have any thoughts for people building sites with that audience in mind?
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    • Justin, glad you found the post helpful. Try to make it more relatable and less associated with the stigma. there are always ways to create more buzz without the fear.

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    • I think you should continue promoting great content. Have you tried leveraging social media a bit more?

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    You have given good tips on best Social Media options – but now Facebook has become too commercial and would promote content only on paid basis…does it make sense to spend 50% on FB and balance 50% on Google adwords?

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    • Shreyas, if you have the resources then jump in and promote multiple channels — if you are a one man team I’d say concentrate on one and grow it then move on to the next.

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    • Johan, glad you find it helpful. I look forward to hearing much more from you.

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    What a FANTASTIC post! Thank you so much for the amount of details and practical to implement. This post goes to my wall as a weekly reference guide. I have a quick question? Which program did you use to create the Facebook ad, “If it came from a plant, eat it…”? Did you see an increase in your subscriber base from that ad? Just curious. Thank you.

    • Daniella, that’s how I usually go about things. I always test to find the best ads that provide the most value.

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    I post 5 times per day on Facebook and have a page of 1400 fans, my audience is a very specific community area.

    Is this too many times?
    I have definately noticed a drop off in likes and shares since posting this many times, so your mention of that in the article makes a lot of sense to me. But now what am I to do?

    My audience are mainly using facebook, and dont bother with the others too much…
    I have quite a bit of content to get out, including beautiful photos of the area, inspirational quotes, blog articles, current news about the area, then my business promotion and client promotion..

    I cant find the best times to post at! Having lots of trouble with that and figuring out what to cut out and what to keep.

    Could you maybe give me some pointers?? I’m desperate

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    • Prem, Totally get it — How Can I ehlp?

      Have you done any geo-targeting and have you leveraged others sites that do the same?

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    • Mir, welcome — it’s never too late!

      I am not sure you can go into flickr and get that granular — I may be wrong.

      I think flickr uses a different formulaic to track followers and other metrics.

      • Hi Neil. I am trying to understand how I can use the data to analyse the users activities on Flickr, so I would like to find some tools can help me to find out the valuable information. Thank you anyway for the response.

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    • Luis, what specifically help you with? It’s a simple concept but it can get complex when applied. If you guide me with how it applies to you I can help better..

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    • Peterson, You can do that. I think at the end of the day it’s all about getting as many eyes on your content as possible. People have so much going on in on their feed that you have to hit them at the right time with valuable content — social proof doesn’t matter as much for Twitter.

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    As you already said that it’s better to focus on only a few social media channels and put all the effort, is focusing on just one platform (where I can see my audience) a good idea?

    I appreciate what you do!

    • Mukesh, Something I always do is focus on one or two core tasks and get someone else to do the social media & other activities that drive traffic. Have you considered hiring a VA or an intern to help do all the tasks you don’t have time for?

      • I thought of hiring someone but couldn’t consider it due to budget constraint. Thanks for pointing this out. It gave me another reason to see my project as a business. I think I’ll have to give it a rethink.

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    – how many subreddits would you focus on, if you would be alone, hence you have more responsibilities in your business, than managing subreddits 😉 I have a list of 12-20 subreddits, which seem to be a bit too much in my opinion, I’d rather chose less and dig deeper. What are your thoughts?


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    • That’s sweet of you to say Sarah. It’s my pleasure putting this together for you, and I’m happy this is helping you grow.

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    I have not been getting any results for the past 6 months and now I know why. I will now have to start from the scratch – constructing my customer avatar, which in itself will take me hours!

    God bless you for giving insanely valuable amount of information and that too without asking for anything in return!

    Thanks a tonne! Bless you.


    • Once you understand it, then you can change it.

      I’m so happy this has helped! If you have any questions or get stuck please don’t hesitate to ask

      • Bless You! Yes Neil I have a problem. You’ve mentioned that we can know about the demographics through Google Adwords display banner and you have attached that screenshot. When I clicked on the link that you’ve inserted , this window that you have captured in the screenshot did not show up. In fact they are asking me to create a campaign and set a budget for marketing. May I know in which step can I get to see this feature that you have put up in the screen shot?

        Warm Regards,


        • Thanks for the heads up, let me look into this

          • Daniel da Rocha :

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            Do you know of a good alternative?

            Great article btw!
            Greetings from Beijing,


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    • Not that I’m aware of, nor do I think that is of importance. Now, if you’re talking about emails, most Email service providers have a feature that lets you do that

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    I always test things and regarding Facebook I realized that posting only my own content gave me much more leverage and better results.

    Since when I like a FB page myself I have the desire to see content of THAT BRAND, I changed tactics to 100% self-promotional. It worked. And I do not keep selling though, but I do keep posting my own stuff over and over.

    Big brands do it so why shouldn’t I?
    Anyway, very nice article man.

    PS: I recommend to those who want to grow their own Instagram accounts a software named “Gramblr”. Great for scheduling Instagram pics. Better than Hootsuite in my opinion.

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    • Glad that tactic worked for you. And thanks for the input, Peterson! I’ll have to check out Gramblr.

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    I think this is why a lot of people start looking for help with their social media profiles and go about hiring a social media marketing consultant. What they don’t realize, however, is that even this isn’t easy. In this article we talk about the process of hiring a consultant, what they need to be like, which skills they need to possess, etc. Should be helpful for anyone who is in a bit of a jam in this area—so to speak.

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