How to Effectively Build an SEO Campaign From The Ground Up

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I was speaking at a conference the other day, and someone asked me an interesting question…

If you were to start optimizing a site for search engines from ground up, what would you do?

Answering that question would have been a bit easier years ago because to dominate the rankings all you had to do was to build rich anchor text links. Sadly, SEO isn’t that easy anymore… what used to work in the past doesn’t anymore.

Although SEO is still going to change drastically in the future, I think if you leverage the long term tactics, you’ll continue to dominate the search results in the future.

Here’s how I would optimize a brand new site for search engines:

Step #1: Start a pay-per-click campaign

Most SEOs start off with keyword research, and although you should as well, don’t do it the way most SEOs do. Sure, you can use tools like WordTracker to help you determine what keywords you ought to go after, but you’ll soon realize that their data isn’t 100% accurate.

What you need to do is to follow the keyword research steps outlined in this guide and then start a pay-per-click campaign using those keywords and phrases. This will show you the exact keywords that convert visitors into customers.

If you don’t know how to set up a pay-per-click campaign, just watch the YouTube video below:

This is important because it doesn’t matter how much traffic you’re generating. All that matters is how much money you are making. If you can’t convert your traffic into customers, you won’t be doing SEO for long as it will be too expensive of an endeavor.

When going through this process, you don’t have to spend much money to figure out what keywords can drive enough paying customers… $500 can take you a long way.

Step #2: Build links

Once you’ve figured out what keywords to go after, you need to start building links. You don’t need these links to be rich in anchor text, but you do need them to be highly relevant.

So how do you find highly relevant links? You search for them. If you are trying to rank for a keyword such as “dog food”, the most relevant link would be from a web page that already ranks in the top 100 search results for the term “dog food”. The second most relevant link would be from webpages that rank within the top 1,000 results for the term “dog food”.

Sure, many of those sites are going to be competitors, but a large portion won’t be. By leveraging these email templates, you’ll be ready to email manually the top 1,000 sites that rank for the term you are trying to rank for.

When building links, you should ideally point them to internal pages that are highly related to that keyword. So, for your dog food site, you would want those links to point to a web page on your site that only shows all of the different types of dog food versus your homepage with hundreds of random dog products.

By following this strategy for all of the terms you want to rank for, you’ll naturally boost your organic traffic over time.

Step #3: Build a Facebook fan page

Within my Google Analytics account, I have access to over 100 different websites. Can you guess what each of those sites have in common? Facebook is always one of the top ten most popular traffic sources.

If you aren’t on Facebook, you’re missing out…no matter what industry you are in. For a few thousand dollars, you can build a huge Facebook audience to drive traffic back to your website. Plus, page likes should help boost your rankings as social signals are used within search engine algorithms.

To build a popular Facebook fan page, you just have to follow the steps below. Once you do, you’ll notice that you can easily generate 15,000, if not 30,000, visitors a month from Facebook.

Step #4: Build up my Twitter profile

Just like Facebook, Twitter also happens to be one of the top ten most popular traffic sources for all of the sites to which I have Google Analytics access. Naturally, you should build up your Twitter profile to boost your social signals and drive traffic back to your website.

A simple way to get more Twitter followers is through Twitter’s ad network, which isn’t too expensive.

Once you are up and running, make sure you also follow these steps to get the highest possible number of retweets. And if you don’t have money to spend on Twitter advertising, you can also build a powerful account for free if you leverage these tactics.

Step #5: Hire a PR agency

Links from authority sites like TechCrunch or New York Times will always hold more weight than links from your mom’s blog. So, how do you get links from these authority sites?

You hire a PR agency. Don’t worry, if you don’t have much cash, you can always leverage a performance-based PR agency like PR Serve. You only pay them if they deliver results.

Here’s what I would have your PR agency focus on:

  1. Launches – anytime you launch a new feature or service, have your PR agency focus on getting you coverage. This is the easiest way to get press… assuming your features or services are awesome.
  2. News – if you have big news like a fundraising event, it’s easy to get coverage. It may not always be from TechCrunch, but there are enough authority sites that love covering news-worthy events.
  3. Guest posts – if you are a good writer, you can always have them pitch you for a guest post. Most blogs will turn you down, but it is worth a shot.
  4. Interviews – if you’re a rockstar, it will be easy to get you interviews. If you don’t have a stellar resume, then come up with some interesting data points that you want to share… a journalist will want to interview you on the data, assuming it’s interesting.

All four of the above tactics will not only help you build links, but they will also get your brand out there. People will read about your business, and it will help you make more sales.

Step #6: Write awesome content

Blogging is very powerful. For the last five years, it has been the number one revenue generating marketing channel for all of my businesses. It’s the main reason why I blog so often.

You should start a blog because it can do wonders for your business. Don’t expect miracles in a short period of time, but within a year, your blog should be kicking butt if you are writing great content.

If you aren’t sure on how to get your blog started, just replicate my process for writing blog posts and promoting them. It’s really important that you follow through on the promoting part because without it, your content won’t do much for you. With it, you’ll start noticing that your blog will get more search engine traffic than your main site.

If I were in your shoes and had to start a blog from scratch, I would only focus a portion of my time on writing blog posts because everyone can create great content these days. Where there is a huge gap in the market is in the lack of detailed guides. Spend the majority of your writing time creating content like The Advanced Guide to SEO. Once you have accomplished that, spend money on a professional design to make it look really good. You will stand out because most companies won’t go that far. That’s what’s going to separate you from the competition.

Step #7: Focus on conversion optimization

Conversion optimization only started to become popular in the last few years. No one used to care about it five years ago, but now everyone is doing it.

“Why?” you may ask. Traffic is becoming more expensive than ever before, and the price to get a visitor to your website will continue to rise in the future. By optimizing your site for conversions, you’ll be able to continually spend the money you need to in the future.

Before you start your conversion efforts, always start off by surveying your visitors. This will tell you why they aren’t buying or what parts of your website they find confusing. With the help of solutions like Qualaroo, you won’t have to worry about coming up with survey questions as they have a lot of templates tailored around conversion optimization.

You can then use that data to determine what changes need to be made to your website. When running A/B tests, make sure you run them till they are statistically significant.

If you find that you are running tests that are causing your conversions to move drastically up or down, it usually means that your visitors are sensitive to those specific web elements… which is a good thing.

For example, if you ran an A/B test on the text of your call-to-actions and the variations didn’t drastically go up or down, it means that people aren’t too sensitive to your call-to-action text. This means that you should consider moving on and testing other elements of your web page, e.g., your headline copy.

You should be focusing on getting big conversion wins, and the best way to do this is to make drastic changes to your web pages.

If you want a few A/B testing ideas, check out the following blog posts:


You will notice I left out things like Google Plus and on page optimization. I did it because those are the basics that you have to do, no matter what. Instead, I wanted to focus on tactics that will drastically help you achieve desired results compared to the techniques everyone else is using.

What other things would you do if you had to start your SEO campaign from scratch?


  1. Oh yes, it seems I always do things backwards 😀 LOL
    thanks for sharing Neil!

    • Make Money Online :

      Yes You Are Right@Siefried

      Thanks Neil Great Article Thanks

    • Siegfried, glad I could help 🙂

      • Innocent Sikhosana :

        Quick Question Neil. Do you Use any of the link building tools like Senuke? Because I here that most companies actually leverage the power of these tools to stay on top..

        • I haven’t used it in the past.

        • It’s tempting to use tools like this to try and get some instant results. But tools like this try to manipulate search engines in a spammy way and will never work in the long run and will always be (eventually) caught out by search engines like Google and Bing. Keep doing what adds value and try not to shortcut it.

          Doing what is suggest above by Neil will add so much more value to your SEO campaign than any of those tools you’ve suggested.

    • After all the basic or the mandatory stuff like great user friendly website, on-site optimization and setting up a good & maintaining a neat social media profile is taken care off, the next main thing would be to start niche blogging with highly informative posts in different content formats to draw the traffic and the traction. SEO is all about content. How informative, useful and shareable content a site can produce is what defines its authority in the niche.

  2. Awesome post, Neil. This is how SEO is done in 2013 (and beyond).

    The only thing I’d add to the list is building relationships with influencers in your niche. Even 2-3 relationships with top bloggers can get you some insane links (and referral traffic).

  3. Very informative post, Neil.

    I totally agree that conversion should be there before sending traffic to the site (either SEO or PPC) otherwise traffic can be wasted that way.

  4. Sofia - VeggieFocus :

    great tips once again Neil – we are starting a new site now as well, so will make sure to go through all of these steps!

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    Awesome post Neil. Super in depth.

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  7. Hi Neil,

    Awesome post, Year 2013 and this is the way SEO has to be, you nailed it.

    Thanks for this great share.

  8. Inspiring Citizen Rafi :


    I guess, SEO will not survive too long because Google may start introducing payments for everything and their first page should be covered with ppc’s in the future..!

  9. Neil,

    Two things:

    1. I agree PPC is a great way to start a SEO campaign. Testing which key phrases convert the best before spending a year optimizing your site for them will save you time and money.

    2. What are your thoughts on saying “Earning Links” instead of “Building Links”. I think it drives a message home to people in the industry and our clients.



    • I agree, earning links is a much better term as that is the real way to “build” links.

    • laptopcoupons@Mike :

      PPC is a great start, but you have to be careful with a Google Adwords, specially if your website is very new. Try not to violate their policies. Sometimes, you done’ do it on purpose, but they will suspend a campaign and it’s hard, but possible to restore it. They suspended my campaign because “I didn’t have a search box” on my website, but I always did! I had to appeal with screen pictures 3 times. Lately, I am trying not to deal with Google at all.

  10. Some good tips Neil. Those clever email request emails are pretty funny but if they work, they work.

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  12. Great tips. I’m fond of adding FB in, but drag my heels with Twitter – just can’t seem to integrate with it.

  13. Great post. Just starting to get my head around SEO – always a bit of a gray area with me.
    Not PR ready yet, but good to know.
    Thanks for sharing.

  14. Neil,

    Thank you for the informative post. I agree that most of SEO tips online are either redundant or black-hat (mostly both). I have to say that your Advanced SEO guide is the most comprehensive, detailed and visually appealing guide I have ever come across.

    I have a couple of questions for you:

    1. Is it worth acquiring fans by running a contest / promotion / Twitter Ad asking users to Like / Follow your brand? Since such users aren’t really “fans” of your brand, but are tricked (for the lack of a better word) into liking/following your page to get something in return, they have a short-term interest in your brand. They’re probably less like to interact, if at all.

    Also, I am not sure, but I heard recently that Facebook and Twitter customize your news feed based on people/pages you interact with most. Wouldn’t this mean that even if I am a fan of a brand, but don’t really interact with with their page, over time anything that the brand posts will stop showing up in my news feed?

    2. I read about Chris Barrett & PR Serve a couple of months back and love how he conducts business. It seems he prefers to do business only with folks who come with a referral. What would you recommend for someone who doesn’t have the contacts/referrals?

    • 1. If you can get people to follow your brand without being tricked (no contests) it may cost more per fan, but they will be much more engaged. This is what you ideally want to do.

      2. You are correct on the changes on Facebook and Twitter, which is why it is important to acquire highly relevant fans.

      3. If you just email him, he usually responds. Even without a referral.

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    Great post as always. Would you not consider LinkedIn though?

  16. Good info on SEO. I agree, it’s all about how much money you’re making – all about conversions.
    I don’t care how much traffic I get if the conversions are high enough.

  17. Daniel Monterrosa :

    Neil has helped me start my own marketing efforts from ground zero for my website. It definitely takes time, effort, and consistency but with the right mindset you’ll start to see your work pay off.

    Follow Neil’s guidelines and you’ll save yourself a lot of the guesswork.

    Thanks Neil!

  18. Thanks Neil for all the help through the years. Always spot on information my friend….Brent

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    Great advice Neil! How do you feel about directories that have a category for your specific niche? Is it worth submitting?

    • There are a number of factors to consider. You should always try to submit to only worthwhile and high authority directories.

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  28. Thanks for sharing your great tips.

  29. Hey – what do you think about sending out a press release for each new post. I had heard that was another good SEO tactic?

  30. Thanks for the info Neil. I’m trying to email other webmasters but manually doing it is time consuming and unorganized. Do you know of any tools to help with this area?

  31. The Facebook Fan Page bit was interesting. Are you saying a fan page is more important than a company page or other kind of FB page or do you need both?

  32. I like the idea of using AdWords to test keyword conversions though 500 is a lot of money to blow if it doesn’t pan out. I see some gurus recommending software that builds buffer sites to their money sites then building links to those buffer sites to attain top rankings..what are your thoughts on this method?

    • Seems like a lot of work. I rather spend all of that time and energy focusing on my main site versus vuilding buffer sites.

  33. Darnell Jackson :

    This is excellent Neil

    One think I would add is Google+ and Youtube.

    If you search for valuable keyword you will notice YouTube videos and Google+ content in the results.

    Plus author rank is becoming more important as bloggers want to stand out in search results.

  34. One more thing ecommerce websites can do is to encourage/incentivize user generated content through reviews , Q &A etc .

  35. Guest Blogging still effective Neil?
    I heard Google don’t like guest blogging activities these days, sorry if I’m wrong 😀


  37. Great post Neil – and I’m especially enjoying the comments 🙂
    I’ve been into SEO since I was an egg, or so it seems (mid ’90’s) – and The One Truth has to be this:

    (Drum-roll, please – and why don’t I market this as an Ebook?)

    Forget Google!
    Seriously people, fuggedaboutit!

    (and while you’re at it, forget bing, yahoo and all the others – even forget about the dmoz. Here’s why:)

    Just drop the “E” for Engine in “SEO”.
    Focus on the SEARCH – and, wait for it, the SEARCHERS!

    (I know, it’s almost rocket-science here, but hang in there…)

    PEOPLE are the ones doing the searching. Always have been. Always will be. There still is no Human 2.0 (that I’m aware of).

    If you now re-read Neil’s article above (and some of the resources he links to) you’ll see that *actually* we’re all talking about the same thing in the end.

    Make your content relevant to your market, and they WILL find it, consume it, recommend it, and be back for more!

    Sure, be sure your code is clean (nice site that’s not working against you) – and that your content is appealing (let’s just get that dirty word “LinkBait” out there in the open for a minute…)

    And whammmo! you have a runner.

    All of this *assumes* (yeah, I know the one about the ass – do you?) that you REALLY DO know your intended audience – and you cater to their collective (and individual) Hot-Spots. This is where I spend my money on outside help 🙂

    It’s good to have a plan, and even better when the plan can be independantly verified as “workable” 🙂

    My message, as it has always been – and will probably always be: focus on and create for The Humans, and let The Machines (spiders, engines and algos) look after themselves!

    The Machines will always be improving how they seek out and PROMOTE that human-searchable (and relevant) content.

    So how’s about focussing on creating that?

    SEO is dead! Long live S(E)O!
    (see my presentation, in German)

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    After reading this informative article I hope that now I can run an SEO campaign easily. In this article the writer guide us to good SEO campaign. For better results we should upto date with social media.

  39. Thanks Neil the above tactics are really good. I do have applied mostly all but I am stuck and it seems my site is not getting traffic and the PR is also very low. Have to really pull up my socks and need to really work hard. Your posts always add a motivation and inspire me to push myself a little more forward.

  40. Its great to hear you talk about the PPC campaigns first. How many SEO companies do this/ very few. It is such a great way to Gage the relevancy of the keyphrases.

    It can also give you a good case for conversion optimisation.

  41. Hi Neil,
    Thanks for a great blog post.
    Your tios are great ,but since i am a new blogger i must ask you about how to start a pay per click programme.

  42. Hey Neil, really great content here! A Facebook Page and a Twitter profile can have a big impact on the amount of traffic we are getting, but I really believe that creating great content is the major factor to get tons of traffic to a website.
    I will try to implement some of these tips here.
    Thanks for sharing.

  43. Thanks for the information, Neil. I’ve clicked off to several of the links you listed, and while I’ve read most of them they’re always good as a refresher!

  44. Pritesh Desai :

    Hey Neil,
    Great article, but I have another tip you can include in your blog.

    “Do remarkable things!”

    Whatever your business may be you can always do something remarkable.

    Case Study: My business is of web designing. I can build amazing things with HTML5, jQuery etc.

    Now, most web design firms do SEO use other hacks to stay on top of search results. It would be pointless for me to try and compete with them using their techniques.

    So what I always focus on, is to create some really amazing showpieces. For example on Steve Jobs’s first death anniversary I had created a fully working original iPod, using HTML5.

    It went viral! Everyone from Gizmodo, Engadget, Mashable etc wrote about it.
    It got shared on Facebook over 3000 times.

    My PageRank shot up to 5, without me having to spend time in link building.

    So the point I’m trying to make is to make something remarkable. Something which makes people stop and take notice.

    • Pritesh, exactly! Doing things that are remarkable can really go a long towards getting you that quality content and high traffic.

  45. Writing awesome content is something which needs to be done all throughout.

  46. I feel like you just let the cat out of the bag 🙂

    I have been using adwords to find out high converting keywords for a very long time and it works like a charm everytime. What you cannot track in organic Traffic, you can do it in PPC.

    I have taken keywords with very low search volume and built SEO around that which most people didn’t because they don’t know that though those keywords have low search volume they convert like crazy!

  47. Great post man, You are doing very well. Keep it up.


  48. andrew broadbent :

    Hi Neil great post one question why don’t respond back to your posts on social networks that much? And why do you think you don’t have that much engagement on Google+?

    • I feel engagement on social posts sometimes creates too much of a conversation. Sometimes people just want some helpful tips without having to read through all the comments. Google plus is still a new frontier.

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  50. Raheel Mushtaq :

    Great ideas but not everyone starts with PPC Campaigns many companies just wants their SEOs to head start and work to build the traffic..!

  51. Fantastic post, particularly using PPC to determine the quality keywords. If a PR Agency is out of the question completly; would you suggest conducting your own PR with the help of the free press release sites available? I have been doing this for a while but would love an opinion on whether it is a worthy task

    • Maria, I think that is a pretty solid strategy. You can always supplement and use PR to achieve your aims.

  52. OOPS! These are the things I know, but only the case was that I didn’t do it in the order. Thanks for this guide! 🙂

  53. Hey Neil, its great to know about you…..i was just searching for some good ideas about seo and its strategies and came along your blog…you have explained so many things very easily and in nice way. I like the way you answer each and everyone in posts..great work dude…hope to get some more ideas in future also…thanks
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    Thank you for exploring right information SEO strategy. Its hard to get ranking on search engine wihtout optimize the webpage at the right ways. There is a high competition over all short-tail keywords. Link building is also becoming spamming task but it also good, if it is naturally. I agree with your all points.

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  59. The complexity of an SEO campaign correlates with the complexity of a website. Obviously a campaign for a 10 page site will be much different than one for a 100 page site and competition is a factor too!!

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  74. Andrew Percey :

    Hi Neil,

    Step #1 can be a chicken-and-egg problem. I have a client who wants me to research and determine a new keyword strategy prior to completely revamping his very poor website. This is very sensible. But without good website landing pages, running an Adwords test to bring traffic to them won’t yield helpful conversion results (I doubt there will be any conversions at all).

    I could create a quality landing page on a 3rd party site to use just for the Adwords test, but that would be time consuming in this case and the client doesn’t want any design work at this time.

    In a scenario like this, is there still a way to get useful info from Adwords?

    Many thanks,


    • Andrew, there always a ton of insights from Adwords regardless of your budget our success. It will really help you figure out the right product market fit in regards to keywords.

  75. Richard Migambi :

    You are right in many ways but my first impression is this approach is only geared towards big budget SEO campaigns, how about the small businesses trading online and want customers but cannot afford Pay Per Click or to Hire a PR agency? Should’t they may be start by keyword research and some quality content instead?

    • Neil Patel :

      I think quality content would be a good start. Getting content to go viral is the key to driving loads of traffic.

  76. Sherry Bonelli :

    One of the first things I do when starting an SEO campaign (in addition to extensive keyword research) is to get my client listed on 40+ local directories, Google Places for Business (their new name for Google+ Local), Bing for Businesses and Yahoo! Local. I’ve found that by optimizing these listings it significantly jump starts my SEO campaigns.


    • Sherry, that is a terrific strategy. It is important to start off small then move to the advanced link building techniques.

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    SEO is really tough and exhausting and at times I have really just wanted to give up, but then I see some movement on new tactics I have put into action and I feel revived again. It is much like the sport of golf, it’s frustrating but I hit that one great shot that keeps bringing me back. Your posts keep bringing me back so thank you Neil!

  85. Neil, thanks for this simple guide. One of our clients is a restaurant, and I’m not sure if it is worth trying to start a blog (they’ve got a custom platform, so no easy cms like WordPress that allows us to pop in and tweak/post). I hate for them to have to incur charges from the webmaster every time we would post a blog article. So, what would you do in this situation? Should I just build and post to some 2.0 sites?

    I’m really baffled about how to create content in this situation, because all these charges would decrease their roi, and make our service too expensive. Thanks, in advance.
    (Oh, and there is a typo under Step #2–>Once you’ve *figured*)

    • You should have them switch as it will be cheaper in the longrun. Plus that is where they will get an ROI in the longrun.

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