Want to jump straight to the answer? The best online reputation management company for most people is WebiMax.

Online reputation management services can help you build a positive brand image or repair a damaged one. This isn’t something you want to try to accomplish on your own for the first time unless you really know what you are doing.

Booking a call with one of the best online reputation management companies will save you time and money, and set your business up for success.

The 13 Best Online Reputation Management Companies

Our top recommendation for most people is WebiMax because of its deep experience and affordable pricing. Reach out today for a free quote.

Our Favorite Online Reputation Management Companies:

  • WebiMax — Best overall
  • NetReputation – Best for ultra-responsive customer support
  • InternetReputation.com – Best for personal reputation management
  • Rhino Reviews – Best for fully managed support
  • Nextiva — Best for social media reputation management
  • Reputation Defense Network — Best for permanently removing false content
  • Birdeye — Best for getting Google and Facebook reviews
  • Podium — Best for getting reviews automatically
  • SEO Image — Best for legal and medical practices
  • Gadook — Best for rebranding after reputation attacks
  • Reputation.com — Best for knowing your competition’s reputation
  • Go Fish — Best for improving Yelp reviews
  • Netmark — Best for hands-off, fast responses to reputation hits

Not every business can justify having a full-time reputation manager. By using an online service, you’ll be able to get the specific assistance you need on demand.

Start a conversation with the company that can help today.

Best Online Reputation Management Company Reviews

Read on for our in-depth reviews of the best online reputation management companies. Each option works best for a particular use case or need, which we’ve highlighted in the review.

WebiMax – Best Overall

WebiMax company logo.

WebiMax is a longstanding digital marketing agency that specializes in online reputation management. Over the past two decades, they have helped a wide range of individuals and businesses maintain a positive public image.

They stand out from the crowd because of their great customized solutions. After you get in touch with WebiMax, the company will put together a plan that fits your goals and budget.

WebiMax creates a custom strategy for everyone. They prioritize cost-effective methods to bury negative remarks and promote a positive image.

WebiMax homepage image
WebiMax offers customized reputation management services for any business.

Their process is confidential and is covered under a non-disclosure agreement. So, nobody will know if you’re using a third-party service to build or repair your reputation online.

They also offer a free comprehensive reputation analysis to get a bead on where your brand needs help and identify how WebiMax can help improve it.

This initial reputation analysis includes:

  • Timeline to achieve your goals
  • Negative content report and deletion
  • Positive content report
  • Unclaimed profiles
  • Custom price quote

All their strategies are customized to a brand’s specific needs, and there is no contractual requirement to use their services. If you’re dissatisfied with the results, you can walk away anytime.

One great aspect of using WebiMax for reputation management is the fact that they can tackle your online reputation from multiple angles. They offer a range of services, from review acquisition to public relations, social media marketing, SEO, and beyond.

WebiMax's reputation management section of the website.

They can even help your brand appear more professional with a refreshed site design.

24/7 monitoring is another perk that shouldn’t be overlooked. This makes it easier to identify and control potentially damaging reviews and reputation attacks before things snowball out of control.

Overall, it is a very flexible and budget-friendly approach that’s going to work well for any business that needs help with reputation management.

WebiMax is our top recommendation. They have the resources, tools, and track record to deliver results. Visit WebiMax to learn more and get started.

NetReputation — Best for Ultra-Responsive Customer Support

NetReputation company logo.

NetReputation is considered one of the leading reputation management companies in the industry, even being recognized by Newsweek as the “World’s Leading Online Reputation Management Company” in both 2020 and 2021. 

If your business needs negative content removed, inaccurate business listings fixed, and visibility of your assets improved, start here.

NetReputation homepage.
Your business can use NetReputation to control and manage your brand’s digital reputation.

NetReputation offers a full range of services for online reputation management, including:

  • Reputation monitoring
  • Review management
  • Branding
  • Public relations
  • SEO
  • Social media management
  • Content removal
  • Wikipedia page solutions
  • Internet privacy solutions for individuals

Beyond its expertise, NetReputation is most known for its professionalism and responsiveness. Users love the compassion, understanding, and quick responses from the NetReputation team. 

After thoroughly interviewing business owners to understand their needs, NetReputation implements a five-step process to manage anyone’s online reputation. It starts with reputation analysis, which means extensive research and identifying potential threats. 

After research comes web property development, where NetReputation creates or adjusts assets your company owns, such as blogs, websites, social media profiles, business directory listings, and YouTube channels.

Then comes the content creation step. NetReputation conceptualizes, creates, and posts content on owned assets through their online platform and creates a publishing schedule.

The final step is content promotion through email lists and blogs, organic feedback, and paid ads. 

For responsive, professional, expert assistance, NetReputation is a great choice. Learn more to start with NetReputation.

InternetReputation.com — Best for Personal Reputation Management

InternetRepuation.com company logo.

InternetReputation.com takes a holistic approach to helping companies and individuals manage their online reputations. They craft personalized strategies for every client and specialize in overall reputation management, branding, and privacy monitoring.

What sets InternetReputation.com apart from competitors is its focus on individuals. InternetReputation.com is a women-owned boutique firm based in the US. They take a personal approach to every situation and create custom strategies for everyone they work with. Why? Because reputation management isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition.

InternetReputation.com homepage
The InternetReputation.com specialists can help build or repair your personal reputation online.

Besides customized solutions for every client, InternetReputation.com is also ideal for healthcare professionals looking to keep their sensitive information confidential while still garnering HIPAA-compliant feedback and reviews on industry-leading review sites like HealthGrades and Google.

The company has helped many small medical practices get more and better reviews faster with automated messages right after a visit.

Here’s a quick overview of the available services offered by InternetReputation.com:

  • Reputation Repair
  • Reputation Monitoring
  • Review Management
  • Review Removals
  • Content Removal
  • Mugshot Removal
  • Local SEO
  • Personal Branding
  • Google Ads Management
  • Public Relations

As you can see, the offerings are vast and cover a wide range of angles within the big picture of online reputation management. Aside from helping with reviews and ads, these are all services that individuals can benefit from.

They offer a free consultation with new clients to determine specific reputation management goals. Then, a personalized strategy is developed to help you manage your online reputation, suppress negative information, run autosuggest campaigns, or whatever else you need.

Every client has a dedicated account manager to help them throughout the process and provide weekly progress reports.

Get started now with InternetReputation.com.

Rhino Reviews – Best for Fully Managed Support

Rhino Reviews company logo.

Rhino Reviews stands out because it goes beyond offering software to manage your online reputation. It starts with software, then complements that offering with a team of reputation management experts available to help you achieve your reputation goals.

If you’re in a pinch and need help immediately, Rhino Reviews even offers emergency support.

Screenshot of Rhino Review's Online Reputation Management website page
Rhino Reviews provides software and a team of reputation experts to manage your online presence.

Rhino’s review generation software integrates with over 85 different business listings, and also offers:

  • Live dashboard analytics and monthly reporting
  • Unlimited email and SMS campaigns
  • Instant review notifications
  • Automated social postings
  • Widgets to stream reviews to your website

The tool makes it easy to automate and manage customer reviews in real time. This helps you quickly identify and resolve negative reviews before they become a problem.

But where Rhino Reviews really excels is in the personalized service they offer to complement their review generation software. They have a team of reputation experts certified in Google AdWords and Google My Business.

When you opt for Rhino’s fully managed online review service, this team works with you to create customized strategies and manage 100% of the execution. You can focus on doing what you do best: running your business.

Yes, the live support is an add-on service at additional cost, but we believe it is worth it since it basically adds a reputation manager to your team with no overhead responsibilities on your part.

Rhino Reviews reputation management page with a finger touching a check box
Schedule a free reputation analysis to see how Rhino Reviews can help your business.

When you sign up with Rhino Reviews, you’ll get a dedicated account manager to oversee everything. This person is an expert in all things Google My Business, too. You’ll stay on top of progress and activities with monthly performance and strategy calls. 

Your Rhino team will also provide personalized—not boilerplate—responses to all reviews within 24 hours, ensure your Google My Business presence is fully optimized at all times, create testimonial infographics for social sharing, monitor employee reviews, and more. 

Another unique standout of Rhino Reviews is its agency support. If you’re currently running an agency and want to offer reputation management services to your clients, you can partner with Rhino Reviews to make that happen.

Get started with Rhino Reviews with a free reputation analysis. From there, Rhino will customize a plan for your business and provide a price quote based on your needs.

Nextiva – Best for Social Media Reputation Management

Nextiva logo

If the bulk of your online presence is tied to social media profiles, then Nextiva can help you elevate your brand’s reputation. 

From monitoring what’s being said about your business across all social channels to scheduling social posts and managing customer reviews, Nextiva is truly an all-in-one social media reputation management solution. 

It can even be used to turn social media messages into tickets for helpdesk support. 

Discover features of Nextiva with drop down questions and answers
Nextiva is a feature-packed solution for social media and reputation management.

Use Nextiva to respond to social media users’ messages and reply to posts and comments from a single inbox. You can even send messages to your followers in bulk, which can be useful for asking for public reviews to boost your overall reputation. 

In addition to the basic features you’d expect from a social listening tool, Nextiva takes things a step further and includes all the social media publishing tools you need for effective management of your profiles and pages. Other features available include:

  • Ticketing and help desk
  • Customer surveys
  • Review management
  • Performance dashboard
  • Tags and alerts
  • Private and bulk messaging

Higher-tier plans come with competitor analytics, historical data access, SLA management, and other advanced tools.

While the bulk of the solution is based on social media, Nextiva also includes an AI-powered reputation management platform. This tool makes it easy to see and manage reviews of your business anywhere on the web. 

The one downside of Nextiva compared to other options on our list is that it’s strictly a self-guided platform. You won’t have reputation management experts at your disposal working to craft a custom plan or actively remove negative information about your business from the web. 

But, this limitation results in a more affordable price tag. Nextiva starts at just $149 per month—plus $99 per additional user—as opposed to thousands of dollars that reputation management service providers tend to charge. 

Request a demo from Nextiva to get started.

Reputation Defense Network — Best for Permanently Removing False Content

Reputation Defense Network company logo.

Reputation Defense Network (RDN) sets itself apart from most other services by not receiving payment until after the work is done. There is no upfront cost and if the false content isn’t removed permanently, you don’t pay at all.

Focusing almost exclusively on content removal, RDN combines a technical and strategic approach with a legal one and has been successful for over 10 years. The company doesn’t only work in-house, they rely on industry experts and external attorneys to keep their strategies fresh and maintain access to even more knowledge.

Reputation Defense Network homepage
Reputation Defense will eliminate inaccurate content about you and your business from the web.

The pay-only-for-results guarantee is a strong pull for new clients, and RDN says its reps often turn down potential clients if they don’t feel they can get the results the prospect desires. 

This guarantee is fueled by the company’s value of transparency with its clients, which includes personalized strategies, measurable and guaranteed results, and innovative solutions. RDN says most negative, false, or defaming content can be removed in 2-14 days, some might take up to 90 days.

RDN does not offer a full suite of reputation management tools like SEO, marketing, gaining reviews, and more. Instead, it is laser-focused on tactical content removal and search control to let clients govern how they are perceived online. 

RDN removes false content like:

  • Articles
  • Photos and videos
  • Consumer complaints
  • Social media posts
  • Blog posts
  • Fake reviews
  • Legal information

If you need to have negative content deleted to protect your brand or even get defamers and cyberattackers identified, Reputation Defense Network is a great choice. 

Schedule a free consultation with an RDN expert today.

Birdeye – Best for Getting Google and Facebook Reviews

Birdeye company logo.

Birdeye offers a similar service to Podium—and they’re not exactly a typical ORM, either. Instead, Birdeye helps you generate reviews of all stripes through automated systems like customized pop-ups, messages, and emails.

But it stands apart from Podium with its Facebook and Google integrations.

Birdeye home page
Automate your review process on Facebook and Google With Birdeye.

This company allows you to automatically send messages to customers on Facebook Messenger to ask for reviews. It also has a great direct integration with Google’s private API. This encourages customers to review your business directly on Google.

You’ll also be notified each time you get a new review. This helps you to swiftly follow up with customers during a time when their engagement is at its highest.

On top of this, Birdeye offers a great personalized workflow that gives you a very solid way of visualizing and making changes to how a review is generated too.

Like Podium, they also have a survey tool that allows you to gather customer insights and feedback to improve your business.

Screenshot of Birdeye's customer insights features, including a competitive ranking and performance by city report
Use Birdeye’s software to uncover actionable insights about your business, reviews, and online reputation.

Birdeye also offers a deep well of review management solutions such as:

  • Review monitoring
  • Review generation
  • Review management
  • Review marketing
  • Listings management
  • Messenger and webchat
  • Surveys
  • Benchmarking
  • Insights
  • Ticketing

Beyond the ability to simply monitor your reviews online, Birdeye leverages artificial intelligence to help businesses understand the reasoning behind specific customer feedback.

You can keep tabs on trends, track performance across multiple locations, and use benchmarking tools to see how your brand stacks up against the competition.

If your small business doesn’t have enough online reviews or needs to get more reviews on various platforms, Birdeye should be a top choice for you.

Podium – Best for Getting Reviews Automatically

Podium company logo.

Podium isn’t your typical reputation management company.

Instead of offering “typical” ORM offerings (e.g. trying to bury negative reviews or improving your rankings on search engines), they take a more proactive approach and use automated messaging to generate reviews for you.

For example, if a customer just purchased an item or service from you, Podium will send them a text message asking for a review. Your customer can click on a link in the text that sends them to Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, or whatever site your industry relies on. Once there, they can leave a glowing review for you.

It’s an automated way to garner reviews—and one that is actually incredibly effective. There are case studies and testimonials from Podium explaining how businesses went from 3,000 reviews to over 50,000 online reviews after using automated messaging.

Podium Reviews landing page
Podium’s software makes it easy to get more reviews and highlight positive reviews.

With Podium, you’ll also get reviews and customer recommendations across all platforms. Whether it’s Google, Facebook, or third-party niche platforms, your businesses will be highly visible and will attract more reviews.

Podium recently integrated AI into its software, making the platform more powerful than ever before. Now you can benefit from faster review invitations and AI-generated responses. Podium’s AI features even help you generate text-based marketing campaigns that go beyond review generation.

You can also use Podium to gather feedback from your customers. Gain insight into what your customers like and what could use improvement.

As a software product instead of a service, Podium’s pricing is a bit more transparent than other online reputation management companies that require a consultation for a quote. There are three straightforward plans to choose from:

  • Essentials – Starts at $249 per month
  • Standard – Starts at $409 per month
  • Professional – Starts at $599 per month

The Essentials plan comes with basic text marketing and the ability to capture online reviews. It also includes Podium’s web chat feature, but it’s limited to just 1,000 contacts.

You’ll unlock Podium’s AI features, automated review invitations, and unlimited contacts at the Standard tier. This also comes with personalized onboarding and setup, which is a nice touch.

Of course, this is a pretty specific service. If you need more comprehensive rebranding or brand-building measures—or if you just want a more typical kind of reputation management— we recommend choosing a different platform.

But if you want to gain as many reviews as you can across the platforms that mean the most to your business, we would definitely recommend adding Podium as part of your overall strategy.

Click here to get started with a free 14-day trial of Podium today.

SEO Image – Best for Legal and Medical Practices

SEO Image company logo.

SEO Image offers—you guessed it—SEO marketing and reputation services. If you want to proactively improve your standing in the eyes of Google, they can help you out.

The firm prides itself on using ethical strategies to boost your standing on social media, search, and review sites.

SEO Image has the know-how to help your company and its needs, whether the most pressing issue is promoting positive news, rebranding your business, quelling negative connotations with your brand, gaining useful insights from reviews that are currently out there, or anything else involving your reputation.

SEO Image reputation management service landing page
For niche-specific professional services, SEO Image shines above the crowd.

Where they really shine is in their specific solutions for legal and medical practices. These are two industries where SEO Image’s employees are very experienced at creating content and improving images.

They offer doctors and lawyers customized solutions for improving their online reputation. After all, no one wants to go to a lawyer with a ton of one-star reviews on Google for legal help. And no one, especially, wants to go to a doctor with a bunch of bad reviews for their medical care.

Outside of reputation management, they also offer a suite of digital marketing solutions such as social media management and content marketing.

So, if you’d like to combine your digital marketing strategy with your brand-building strategy (and you should, because they’re pretty much one and the same), you can do so with SEO Image.

Overall, there’s a lot that SEO Image can offer you. They’ll apply their vast search engine knowledge to create a targeted, customized, and effective reputation management strategy for you. And you’ll know that you have their complete attention and effort every step of the way.

Get in touch with SEO Image today to start the conversation about your custom solution for online reputation management.

Gadook – Best for Rebranding After Reputation Attacks

Gadook company logo.

Gadook stands out for its excellent brand-building and rebranding solutions. This is ideal for businesses that have experienced some type of brand attack or negative publicity.

Whether you made a mistake or something happened at no fault of your own, your reputation could be damaged beyond repair. Gadook knows that and will work with you to build your reputation back up.

Gadook homepage.
Gadook can help rebrand your business while transforming your reputation.

From a website redesign to new domain names and re-branded customer service, the company will handle everything you need to give your business the shot in the arm it needs to bounce back after controversy.

Here’s a quick overview of what Gadook offers:

  • Brand Building
  • Re-branding
  • Brand Protection
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Reputation Management

The brand protection service is another top consideration. Even if your company has a well-established reputation online, you want to make sure that it stays that way.

Gadook can respond to negative posts online and help enhance the density of positive content related to your website. This will ultimately marginalize any negative reviews.

Reach out to Gadook for your reputation repair needs.

Reputation.com – Best for Knowing Your Competition’s Reputation

Reputation.com company logo.

Reputation.com handles all aspects of online reputation management. It does this with powerful software that monitors thousands of different websites where your brand is mentioned.

It also leverages a unique algorithm for calculating your company’s reputation and giving you a score. The index is measured on a scale from 100-1,000, calculated using nine unique factors.

Your score will also show benchmarks relative to your industry and competitors. This will help you know exactly where you are in relation to your competition, and can better inform your marketing strategy and how to position your brand.

Reputation.com home page
Use Reputation.com to keep an eye on your competition and monitor their online reputations.

Reputation.com works with businesses across 77 different industries. Some of its most popular industry solutions include online reputation management for automotive, healthcare, retail, property management, hospitality, financial services, and senior living.

Some of its top online reputation services include:

  • Online reviews
  • Business listings
  • Directory management
  • Surveys
  • Social suite
  • Search accelerator
  • Managed services for Google

It also has a great mobile app that allows you to manage your reputation on the go. That’s not really something that we see a lot with ORMs.

If you’re more of a hands-on business user and don’t mind playing around with DIY tools, then you’ll really enjoy Reputation.com’s social suite. This is a simple yet powerful way to monitor brand-related keywords at scale across all social channels. You can also use it to analyze industry trends and monitor your competitors.

It also hits the mark for its convenient way of monitoring social engagement and overseeing multi-channel campaigns from a single source of truth. You can try the social suite for free for 30 days by signing up for a free trial.

Bottom line: Using Reputation.com is a good way to know how your business and brand are performing in relation to your industry and competitors.

Catch up with your competition by reaching out to Reputation.com today.

Go Fish – Best for Improving Yelp Reviews

Go Fish company logo.

Go Fish is another full-service digital marketing company that offers a reputation management solution.

Go Fish’s brand reputation management solutions are divided into three main categories:

  • Brand building
  • Brand repair
  • Brand protection

But where the company truly stands out is its Yelp review services. Go Fish can help remove any negative reviews on Yelp. To start, it examines the possibilities for poor reviews that violate Yelp’s guidelines. Then the company submits your case to Yelp on your behalf for removal.

Since Yelp only gives brands one chance to make an argument against negative reviews, you’ll definitely want the experts to handle this for you.

Go Fish home page
Go Fish is perfect for businesses with a heavy Yelp presence.

It also offers a very interesting Google and Bing auto-complete clean-up solution. This can be great if your business’s name is typically associated with some embarrassing keywords in search engines’ autocomplete features. This feature will help get rid of those using a three-factor targeted solution.

The team over at Go Fish will come up with a custom plan and solution based on the needs of your organization. They’ll handle things like search engine improvement, Yelp and online review management, and public affairs.

Go Fish allows you to track search results on a daily basis. You’ll also be able to see reviews in real time and view all of your data on an intuitive dashboard.

Overall, Go Fish is a solid choice for any business that relies primarily on Yelp for business and would like help getting rid of bad reviews.

Netmark – Best for Hands-Off, Fast Responses to Reputation Hits

Netmark company logo.

Netmark focuses on reviews for building, managing, and repairing your reputation online.

The company will help you take a proactive approach to negative reviews by doing the following:

  • Set up alerts to see what people are saying about your brand online
  • Quickly respond to reviews (positive and negative)
  • Encourage customers to write reviews
  • Promote positive reviews
  • Bury negative reviews
Netmark reputation management landing page
Use Netmark to set up reputation alerts about your business.

Netmark works fast too, with speedy responses to any reputation hits and negative reviews.

This feature will also make it easier and more appealing for your customers to file complaints in private–much better than bashing your brand on a public forum.

In addition to Netmark reputation management services, it has tons of free resources, best practices, and tips for tactics you can apply today.

They have tons of information that can help any business clearly set its reputation expectations. You can also use these resources to encourage positive reviews and take more control over your feedback channels.

Bottom line: This brand is great if you want a speedy response to reputation hits. This is the best way to stay proactive and ensure you’re staying ahead of any potentially damaging remarks about your business on the web.

If you need a swift counterattack to slights on your company’s reputation, head over to Netmark today.

How to Find the Best Online Reputation Management Company For Your Business

Not every online reputation management company will be ideal for your business. The following methodology will help you narrow your focus your search to just one or two top options—based on your specific needs.

Ethical Practices and Methods

When it comes to increasing your brand’s reputation and presence online, there are two ways to do it—the ethical way and…the less ethical way.

Ethical methods are techniques to increase a brand’s reputation through actions like social media monitoring, positive review management, and SEO content creation. These are proactive ways of responding to customers directly and putting more information out there which accentuates your company’s positive attributes.

Of course, we’ve only selected online reputation management services which follow these ethical methods.

But you need to know how to recognize the bad apples out there. These are the companies that ultimately do more harm than good by being too aggressive and shady when describing how they’ll improve your reputation.

Unethical techniques include things like trying to “trick” search engine results with keyword stuffing and link farming. They might even say they’ll threaten or coerce negative reviewers to take down their reviews.

It’s a weird twist, but the online reputation management company’s reputation matters a lot, too. You don’t want to go with one that resorts to sleazy methods to “improve” your reputation.

Maximum Transparency

Make sure you know exactly what you’re getting with your ORM company.

Are the methods and techniques clear and obvious? Or do they leave you with more questions than answers after your consultation?

It’s a red flag if a service is unclear about exactly how it’ll work to improve your online reputation.

Improving a company’s online reputation shouldn’t be mysterious. It takes real work on measurable actions. Any reputable ORM should be able to explain these things clearly and concisely.

Additionally, your online reputation management company should have a strong online reputation. After all, if the company cannot keep its own reputation in a positive light, it’s fair to wonder if the company can do better for you.

A good ORM company should be able to give you real-world examples of how it handles its own online reputation. 

Not every business partner you deal with is going to be fully transparent with you. But in the case of ORM companies, transparency is a must.

All of the services we’ve chosen in this list offer clear information on how they’ll work with you to attain your reputation goals. WebiMax and SEO Image, in particular, will go the extra mile to show just how much they can do for you.

Channel-Specific Solutions

Every company has its own unique strategy to improve your company’s online reputation. The type of business you have and your current reputation will dictate the best option for you.

A startup company with no online presence will not need the same online reputation management strategy as a well-established brand that just received some negative publicity.

For example, Go Fish Digital is great for Yelp reviews. This is perfect for businesses like restaurants and auto services that rely on Yelp as their primary reputation driver.

Podium leverages omnichannel customer messaging on social channels like Facebook to help create positive reviews. That’s great for service-based industries and others that have existing and potential customers contact them on a wide array of platforms.

SEO Image focuses on—you guessed it—search engine optimization and ranking well on Google. If that’s your primary means of customer acquisition, you’ll probably love working with them.

Industry-Specific Expertise

One option for narrowing down your list of online reputation management contenders is to focus on those that work regularly with brands similar to yours.

If you can’t find similar brands, consider a reputation management company that focuses on industries similar to where you are working. Even if the company doesn’t specifically represent brands similar to yours, as long as it offers features that fit nicely with your industry needs, you should consider it.

For example, many online reputation services know that customer reviews are vital. Consequently, they offer features aimed at improving your results there. Most software packages that we considered will monitor your online reviews regularly.

However, there are certain industries, such as retail, healthcare, hospitality, and automotive brands, where online reviews can make or break you. If you operate in this type of industry, focus on a reputation service that excels in monitoring customer reviews, rather than just offering the basic features.

SubmitEdgeSEO is great great example of an online reputation management company that offers industry-specific expertise. If you’re a small business seeking local SEO services, they’ll help your rank well for searches within your area.

Business vs. Individual Reputation Management

As another consideration, we also must mention that some online reputation management services focus on helping business users, while others focus on helping individual people.

This represents a significant difference, as the tactics and strategies for improving the online rep for a business typically will not work for an individual.

We would recommend a company like InternetReputation.com if you are looking for help with an online reputation problem for an individual rather than for a business. InternetReputation.com also works for businesses, but it has the ability to create custom strategies for individuals when needed.

Even if you’re evaluating a company that works with businesses, it’s important to understand that some reputation management companies use features that primarily work for larger companies. Others may deliver features that are better for small businesses or non-profits.

Proactive Approach to Reputation

You may want an online reputation management service that helps you take a proactive approach to fixing and improving your online reputation. Rather than reacting only when something negative happens, these software packages could help you with proactive ideas like:

  • Monitoring your online reviews constantly
  • Developing campaigns focused on boosting your reputation
  • Working with partners to improve your reputation
  • Helping you quickly find customer questions left on social media, so you can respond
  • Making suggestions to optimize your content for SEO purposes, so you can control which content sits at the top of search results

InternetReputation.com is one of our favorite tools for suggesting campaigns that you can run to match your goals for your online management reputation. With a dedicated account manager on your side, you can work together to dial in on the best possible strategy.

Podium is another service that we like when your company wants to be proactive about its online reputation. Podium automates the process of seeking reviews from customers, which hopefully will improve the ratio of your positive reviews versus negative ones.

Customers who are happy with your service may not have the same level of motivation to leave reviews like an unhappy customer has. By having Podium seek reviews proactively, you hopefully can nudge some of those happy customers to show what they like about your business.

Reputation Attacks

If your business or personal reputation is currently under attack, then choosing the right reputation management company is crucial. Not every provider acts quickly in these emergency-type scenarios.

Waiting a week to schedule a call and another week for a timeline and quote probably won’t cut it. You need to find a service that can work with you to immediately stop the attack before remediation begins.

Gadook is a top choice to consider here. Netmark is also a great option if you’re looking for a speedy response.

Alternatively, you can also look for online reputation management companies that have PR services. Depending on the type of attack you’re hit with, a good PR specialist can help you control the narrative of the incident. In this case, NetReputation.com is another quality option.

Best Online Reputation Management: Your Top Questions Answered

The Top Online Reputation Management Services in Summary

Whether you’re a startup building a reputation from scratch or an existing company repairing a damaged brand image, online reputation management services have you covered.

We highly recommend WebiMax, especially if you have never purchased any sort of reputation management service before. There are no surprises. After your free reputation analysis, the company will walk you through a timeline of what to expect based on your goals and budget.