11 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started My First Blog


I don’t like bragging, but I have to say I’m a pretty good blogger. It’s not because I am smart or anything like that, it’s actually because I screwed up one too many times. After starting four blogs and making hundreds of mistakes over seven years, eventually you are bound to figure out what to do and what not to do.

I just wish someone told me all of this before I started my first blog. Here are 11 things you should know before starting your first blog:

You need to be social

When I started blogging, I hoped that I would get a ton of traffic through search engines because all of the other popular blogs got a lot of Google love. The reality is you won’t get too much traffic from Google because your blog is new…it takes years before your search engine traffic kicks in.

So, how do you get traffic in the short run? You do it through social media. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and StumbleUpon are just a few examples of social sites that can drive you a ton of traffic.

If you are willing to spend money, you can buy traffic from StumbleUpon ads or Facebook ads, but if you aren’t, you’ll have to focus on building your social media profiles. This means you’ll have to spend time participating in the community, befriending other people, sharing stories and even messaging other users.

As you go through this process, don’t put all of your time and energy into one social media site because sometimes even the popular sites die down. I made my first blog, Pronet Advertising, popular by consistently getting on the front page of Digg. Today, however, Digg isn’t popular. You have to diversify your social media traffic.

Once you build up your social media profiles, you can make almost any blog popular. For example, my business partner and I were able to get the Crazy Egg blog to over 100,000 visitors a month in less than one year. We did this by promoting the blog content on our social profiles.

Consistency is the key to growth

I never realized consistency was important until it affected my traffic…in a negative way. Sometimes, I used to write a blog each week, while other times I would write five blog posts a week. It wasn’t until June 2009 that I realized that not being consistent can hurt your traffic.

Back in May 2009, I used to blog five times a month, and my traffic stats were 45,237 visitors a month.

may traffic

When I slowed down on my blogging, my traffic tanked to 35,786 visitors a month.

june traffic

I had to blog consistently for three months to get back to my May traffic numbers. This just goes to show that you need to blog on a consistent basis, or else your traffic won’t grow on a regular basis.

For that reason, you better love what you are blogging about, or you won’t have the will power to blog on a consistent basis.

What goes online, stays online

When I first started blogging, I used to create mediocre content. My content did all right from a traffic standpoint because I was good at leveraging social media.

Over time, I got lazy and the quality of my content continually decreased. This prompted a handful of people to email me and tell me how I sucked. To make matters worse, a few bloggers even blogged about how my content sucked.

Your brand is everything, and I hope you don’t have to go through what I went through. Treat it like gold and do whatever you can to protect it. Make sure every piece of content you put out on the web is a masterpiece because if you screw up once, it will be on the web forever.

I was able to recover my brand over time, but I did lose a few consulting clients during that time period, which hurt my income.

It’s all in the list

I’ve said it time and time again, the best traffic source for your blog is through emails. I used to be a big believer that RSS traffic was the best form of traffic, but over time people stopped using their feed readers, which is why Google shut theirs down.

So, why should you collect emails? Take Quick Sprout, for example. Emails make up 13.91% of my overall traffic; they drive 41% of my comments; and email subscribers are 3.9 times more likely to share the content via the social web.

And it’s not just with Quick Sprout…we see similar stats from our email list on our KISSmetrics blog.

If you want to start collecting emails from your blog, follow the steps in this blog post.

Blogging isn’t free

I started blogging years ago because I thought it was an affordable way to drive more business to my startup. And although it’s effective, it isn’t too affordable. Sure it’s cheaper than most marketing strategies, but it still costs a lot of money to do it right.

Let me explain…

If you just want to create a personal blog, you can do so for free through WordPress.com. And if you want to host a blog on your own server with your own domain name, you can do so for under $50 a year.

But if you are trying to make money from your blog, you will have to spend money to make it. Here are a few things that you will end up spending money on:

  • Unique design – you don’t want to use a generic theme if you plan on monetizing your blog.
  • Custom development – there aren’t plugins for everything you need. It costs money to have a developer create unique email collection modules or make an ad that scrolls with the user.
  • A/B testing – if you want to maximize your revenue, you will have to A/B test your call to actions and monetization methods. If you don’t have the skill set to do this, you’ll have to spend money hiring consultants.
  • Social media marketing – sometimes to get more social love, you have to spend money. Every once in a while, I spend money paying consultants to help me boost my StumbleUpon or even Facebook traffic.

The above bullet points are just some examples of expenses you will incur. You can spread out your expenses over time and figure out how to do things on a budget, but don’t expect to create a great blog for free. If you don’t invest in your blog, it won’t grow as fast.

It took me years before I spent money on blogging, and I wish I did it sooner as Quick Sprout would have been much larger. Here are my expenses for Quick Sprout last month:

  • Hosting – $750 (I use Akamai as my CDN, which adds up fast)
  • Design – $7,700 (I am releasing an Advanced Guide to Content Marketing at the end of this month, similar to the Advanced Guide to SEO)
  • Writers – $3,000 (I had a writer help me edit and correct the Advanced Guide to Content Marketing…it’s over 40,000 words)
  • Coding – $3,500 (I needed to hire someone to code the Advanced Guide to Content Marketing)
  • Time management – $4,000 (I have an assistant because it saves me 2 to 3 hours a day. I can then put those 2 to 3 hours towards blogging and responding to comments.)
  • Emails – $731 (my SendGrid and Aweber bills add up)
  • Plugin development – $4500 (I’m creating a WordPress plugin that will help me collect more emails on Quick Sprout and get more social media traffic.)

I have a ton of small expenses as well, but the ones above are the major ones. They add up to $24,181, which just covers one month worth of expenses. It may seem like a lot of my expenses are one-time, but it’s very rare that I spend less than $20,000 a month on Quick Sprout.

I don’t mind the expenses, but I just wanted to let you know that you have to spend money to do things right. Without spending money, it’s rare that you can create a blog with a big audience. You can’t make money blogging without that audience.

It’s easy to get new traffic, but hard to retain it

If you look at the image below, you’ll notice that Quick Sprout received 441,676 visits and 340,176 unique visitors over the last 30 days.

current traffic

Out of all of those visitors, can you guess how many are returning visitors? 31%.

In the past, I had only 18% of my visitors as repeat visitors, but over time I’ve been able to increase the number. I wish I had focused on that earlier because my traffic would have been much higher if I had focused on it years ago.

Here’s how you can retain your visitors:

  • Survey them – learn what they want and provide it to them. I use Qualaroo and Survey Monkey to figure out what you wanted to read, and then I write it.
  • Build a community – if you can make your readers feel part of something, they’ll be more likely to come back. This is the main reason I focus so hard on improving the number of comments on Quick Sprout and why I try to respond to every email I get from you.
  • Collect emails – as I mentioned above, you should collect emails. It’s one of the best ways to increase your repeat visitor count.

Strike while the iron is hot

There’s always going to be a new method of content marketing that is hot…you just have to leverage it before everyone else. It doesn’t matter what your blog is on; you can always make boring topics fun to read…you just have to get creative.

When you find one of these hot ideas, keep leveraging them until they die down.

With KISSmetrics, we realized that infographics were going to be hot, so we decided to create one every single week. We ended up cranking out 47 infographics, which generated 2,512,596 visits from 41,142 backlinks, 41,359 tweets and 20,859 likes.

I tried creating infographics on Quick Sprout, but I was too late. By the time I got into it, they were already played out, they didn’t get as many social shares, nor did they drive as much traffic as they did for KISSmetrics.

Another example is The Oatmeal. The founder of that site, Matt, realized that quizzes and comics where popular, so he created a site that only contained quizzes and comics. Again, that strategy is played out so if you want to boost your traffic you’ll have to come up with a different one.

If you find a hot content idea, keep milking it until it lasts…because sooner or later it will get played out just like everything else does.

Content length affects traffic

I didn’t realize content length affects traffic until I started to write really detailed posts. It wasn’t because I was trying to game Google or any social site, but it was because I wanted to write content that helps you. And I couldn’t figure out how to do that without writing really detailed content.

The beautiful part about writing detailed content is that it ranks higher on Google. If you look at the results page on page one of Google, each site on average will have at least 2000 words of content. That just shows that Google really sees content as king.

Just make sure you don’t fill your posts with fluff to reach the 2,000 word content. Always write for users and never for search engines. It just happens that people prefer detailed content with actionable steps, and it’s hard to do that in a few hundred words.

Write your posts in a conversational manner

People prefer conversations over lectures. That’s why you never fall asleep when you have a conversation with your friends, but you would fall asleep in your high school lecture.

I never used to write in a conversational manner, but when I did, my time on site increased by 22.7%. And when I ran a Crazy Egg heatmap, I noticed that people used to scroll more than before.

quicksprout heatmap

You can make your content more conversational by:

  • Using the words “you” and “I”- these are two words that are common in conversations. By using them, you will be talking to your readers instead of at them.
  • Use line breaks – don’t make your paragraphs go on forever. Not only will that make your blog harder to read, but it will make your content feel more like a lecture than a conversation.
  • Italicize words – have you noticed that I italicize words and phrases throughout each of my blog posts? I especially do it when I am asking you a question or answer one. It helps keep you engaged because it makes certain parts seem more like a conversation.
  • Don’t be too formal – conversations are friendly and not formal. Don’t write your posts as if you are writing an essay.

Design is marketing

I always felt that design was important, but I never nit-picked every little thing. Why? Because I felt that my design was better than the average blog’s out there. This, however, created frustration among my readers with certain things such as lack of ability to find the popular posts on Quick Sprout.

Eventually, I was able to please you once I fine-tuned my design.

As you already know, being average isn’t good enough. You need to be the best! And to be the best, you need an awesome design…not a mediocre one. You need one that drives traffic to your money pages, that boosts your conversion rate and, most importantly, that makes the content easy to read.

The size of your font, typography and even spacing are all little things that are part of your design. Those elements can have a big impact on whether your content is going to be read by someone.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have an attractive design because you can then submit it to the CSS galleries, which usually can drive 500 to 3,000 visitors to your website, assuming you submit your site to at least 10 galleries.

People matter

When I started my first blog, all I cared about is how many visitors I had and how I could convert those visitors into customers. I never really cared about my readers.

These days, I don’t focus on visitor count or even revenue; instead, I judge how well I am doing by the following parameters:

  1. The number of comments – usually when you leave a comment, you are asking a question. I then respond back as I love helping you and other people.
  2. The numbers of emails – just like comments, most of the emails I receive are from you asking for help. I enjoy responding to you and others as it brings a smile to my face.

These days, I do make money, and lot more than I used to when I first started blogging, but money is a side effect of solving problems and helping people. If I had to put a dollar value on my responses to comments and emails, I probably would be in red. But how could you put a price on helping people? 🙂

Sure, by helping people I’m gaining a ton of good karma points, which probably helps me, but I wouldn’t trade helping you for any sum of money.

With your blog, don’t just focus on traffic and revenue. Focus on helping people too as the rest will come once you help out enough people.


Hopefully, you can avoid the mistakes I made when I first started blogging. I would hate for you to repeat my mistakes as they hindered my growth.

If you want to make your blog popular, focus on solving one problem at a time. It’s going to be too hard to implement all of the tactics above…but if you focus on them individually, eventually you’ll conquer them all.

So, what other blogging mistakes should you avoid?


  1. Harisankar P S :

    I am a relatively new blogger, for a beginners such as myself you have shown me a lot of things that I should concentrate on.

    Thank you very much for writing such a detailed and wonderful post.

    Also what is your experience regarding getting traffic from reddit.com and google+?

    • Google Plus doesn’t drive much traffic, but Reddit on the other hand can take down your servers. 😉

      • Buntu Redempter :

        How do you get on Reddit?

        • Buntu, just sign up 🙂

          • What topics have you had success with on Reddit?

            • Hi Rachel, as far as my experience with reddit goes it a platform for intellectuals to discuss. They hate blogspam!.So as long as your topic contributes to the knowledge base of the forum members, it will be encouraged. I should never be the same info packaged by a different website.

              You need to be very cautious when submitting a link to a reddit forum. Always read the guidelines on the right side. The response in reddit is very quick and few irrelevant link posts will get your account banned.

              Never submit a link on existing hot topic on reddit. That will be viewed as a blogspam and again account banned!

              So go ahead and start reddit-ing. You will love it.

          • Hey Neil,

            I was also wondering how you can contribute to reddit and help people with your content. I know most of the groups really hate self-promo stuff.. correct?


            – Evan

            • Yeah, you don’t want to self promote. Check out this article https://www.quicksprout.com/2015/06/18/how-to-get-your-slice-of-reddits-150-million-pageviews/

          • Thank you for your detailed input. I enjoyed reading your comments..

      • I agree. I actually just linked one of my blog posts on Reddit simply because I wanted to see if it worked and wow… Insane traffic. Just be sure to post it in the correct category

    • laptopcoupons@Mike :

      I have good traffic from Pinterest, but not Google +.
      Neil is right.

    • Ashley Knight :

      These tips are great, although I am still a little unsure about how to write my very first blog post. It’s more of a hobby for me, so all in all I’m not TOO worried about traffic, I just want to teach people what I see through my eyes.

      What are ways to spark the flame in the very beginning?

    • Anurag Chatap :

      my site is getting 1.5K traffic daily ,but rejected by adsence and infolink , is their any other method to earn money froms ads?

      • A good way to get accepted to Google Adsense is to use websites like Hubpages. You can create an account on Hubpages and write an article and then submit your profile to Google. Websites like this are generally trusted by Google and you shouldn’t have a problem getting accepted into the Adsense program and then you can use Adsense anywhere else you would like.

        Hope this helps!

      • Infolink is 2nd best if its a technical blog

    • So, im also new and stopped bloging to rebrand my current blog thank you for these tips ill be implementing them during my revamp of my blog.

    • Hi! My first short story “Murder in Orange County” is now live on Amazon. Kindly read

  2. Consistency is really very important when it comes to blogging. I have also tested it personally and it seems I have to write article every 5 to 6 days or else I see sudden drop in my traffic.

    Other than that, I don’t think anybody would have thought that social media would play such an important role in 2013 SEO.

    Its really amazing post..thanks.

  3. This is a great blog post. I have molded my blog based on a lot of your tips and suggestions because you definitely know what you are doing.

    I like where the blogging world is heading and it seems like it is important to connect with visitors everywhere (social media, website comments, emails, etc.).

    Your traffic numbers are great btw!

  4. Thomas Oppong :

    Consistently has been key. Neil is consistent and that keeps me coming for more. And he delivers great and lengthy posts. And of course the list. I clicked on this post from my email immediately i saw the title. Ohh and I bookmark almost every new post now.

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  5. Chirag Dodiya :

    I would once again praise to god about this amazing post. As i am a really new blogger on the web. Learning from others mistakes is a really important factor for growth or else you would just end as everyone else did.

    Eventually i was lucky enough to be at QuickSprout and this amazing human being known as Mr. Neil Patel who showed me some of the most important ways to avoid mistakes that one can make.

    Thank you once again.

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    I know that in a previous post you said that 2 post / 1 week are just fine, but i think you should write at least 3.

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    About the Ad guide to seo: best bookmark!

    Wait for the next post 🙂

    • Bogdan, glad you enjoyed the post 🙂

      • Julien Brightside :

        Do you know if there’s a change in the web structure of blogspot?

        I used to have 3k hits a month last year, but now I get 500 a month.

        • Julien, there wasn’t a major change. However, there have been Google updates that have impacted some sites.

          • Julien Brightside :

            Ah, that makes sense.
            Do you know which updates that might be? I would like to know more about the details if I have the chance.

  7. Google Plus doesn’t drive much traffic. Why?

    • Sajitha, not yet. There are still some tweaks they need to work on to make content more viral.

  8. Great Neil, how long does it take you to write one of these? Do you have a blog post writing day?

    Your content is so good that it is very hard to unsubscribe from your list!

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    • Kumar, glad I could help. I like to have full disclosure so I can help others that are on the same path I was on..

  10. Meghan Mackintosh :

    Wow Neil! This post was awesome! Thank you so much for the detailed information. I started my blog only a few months ago, so these tips are really helpful. I’m one of your email subscribers, so it just proves your point of how key your list really is! Also, when I first started blogging I was writing long blog posts, but then I thought people preferred video and short posts. I’m going to go back to writing longer more valuable content. I read to the bottom of your post and loved every minute of it. Thank you again!

    • Meghan, glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for reading and let me know if you need any help with anything.

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    I keep seeing this kind of advice though: “we got tons of visitors by sharing our stuff on social media”. But there’s got to be more to it, no?

    Everyone shares their stuff on social media and even if that stuff is good, it won’t get you far. There has to be something more there. Engaging the right people? Something like that.

    To me, it seems that just sharing your stuff is clearly not enough.

    • Shane, there definitely is something more. Look out for some new content from me soon 🙂

    • To anyone who hasn’t read “The Advanced Guide to SEO”, stop scrolling through these comments and download it now. The level of detail and actionable insights Mr. Patel provides is amazing and a testament to how great a Marketer he truly is.

      I’m thanking the big man upstairs that he’s writing “The Advanced Guide to Content Marketing” as I’m currently defining/documenting our company’s content marketing strategy and could use his help.

      And not to continue blathering on about his amazingness, but if you haven’t checked out CrazyEgg and their heat map tracking abilities, I would do that as well.

      Thanks Neil,


  12. Theodore Nwangene :

    Hi Neil,
    I agree with you on this. This is the same mistake most people made and others are still making even up till this very moment. I also made some of them when i started.

    Having a good and unique design is really of utmost important because there is a saying that says that the eyes usually eats before the mouth, and that goes to say that your blog design is the first thing your visitors will see whenever they land on your homepage.

    Although it comes to some of the other tips you shared here pertaining to outsourcing some of those important tasks, the problem is that most new bloggers don’t actually have the money to pay for them and therefore, they have to be managing what they have first while rising from there.

    You always share interesting and informational articles Neil and that’s why i love visiting your blog over and over again.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    • Merrell, that figure is about right. It usually takes anywhere from 4-6 hrs to write and edit a great post.

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    • Arup, engagement is key. Just make sure you interact with your visitors as much as possible.

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    • Vladi, good point. You really want to keep it short and simple. Unless, of course, you have more to say 😉

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  24. Venchito Tampon :

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    2/3 of the traffic came from social networks. It’s really a must to be social nowadays!

    I love how you interact with your audience Neil.

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    • Venchito, definitely. It is very important to interact with your audience so you can get high quality engagement.

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    • Nizam, thanks for reading. Consistency is definitely key and will improve results over time..

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    • Eric, glad the content helps. Let me know when you start so I can read too 🙂

      • Hi, I blog for free because I have a gmail account which lets you make your own blog. You can pay to advertise but I dont. I advertise mine for free by commenting. However, I am blogging for fun and as a hobby which I want to keep. I’ve only started two days ago and I have already got over 200 page views. But, I’m not trying to make money; you don’t even have to spend a penny to create a blog, all templates are free.

  31. Ashley Logomasini :

    Awesome! I love that and especially the part about how money is a side effect of helping others. This really truly is a powerful concept once you understand it and BELIEVE it. 🙂

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    • Joseph, thanks for the kind words and great assessment of how hard it is to blog. Thanks for reading and let me know if there is anything I can help you with..

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    How has that cost suddenly bumped up to almost $13k per month?

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    • I don’t recall the 13k a year part… it has been costing me 6 figures for a while.

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    • Salmaan, it depends on the time of design you are using. My blog design is on the higher end because it is very customized.

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    As someone starting out, I take these nuggets of wisdom to heart.

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    • Brian, thanks. Glad you found it helpful. I look forward to getting that content guide out to everyone.

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    What is the value of certain keywords while blogging now? Though I am not a follower of keyword based content but I have heard people saying that it really helps.

  45. Great post yet again Neil. Love the content and I’ve really found some benefits in your quick sprout traffic system.

    I’d love to see you post about blogging and getting local traffic for a local audience (and I mean so someone in a city in Australia or the UK). I’d like to know if you would take a different approach and what you would do there.

    • Glad you enjoyed the post. I will look into creating a post along those lines. Thanks for the suggestions.

  46. Susan rutherford :

    Thanks Neil for yet another great info post. Your content certainly is top notch and I always read your emails. A great contribution to the online world

  47. Clearsix Chris :

    Great post Neil! Consistency really does seem to be one of the critical factors to success with blogging. Deciding on a schedule and sticking with it for the long-term. Examples:

    Seth Godin – One post per day
    Marie Forleo – One post/video per week
    Leo Babauta (Zen Habits) – Two to three posts per week
    Andrew Lock (Help My Business) – One podcast per week.

    I don’t think it’s so much to do with sheer volume but rather the style and frequency that you produce content.

    Tim Ferriss’ 4-Hour Work Week is about the only blog with a random posting schedule that I return to often.

    • Chris, definitely. Great points. All of these guys have a solid strategy and they provide awesome content..

  48. Neil,

    Submitting a blog to CSS galleries is a great idea. Who SHOULDN’T use this approach to get additional traffic. Looking at some galleries, there is lots of great imagery. If a site is more product-focused but still designed well for the product, can this backfire?

  49. Awesome Neil you are an inspiration. I can’t wait for the advanced guide to content marketing and curious about your subscriber plugin too, looking forward to it.

  50. Thanks a lot for your great tips Neil. I don’t know how you do it though. Every time you land in my inbox with a ridiculously large number of gems of wisdom. You seem to know so much about everything. I’m really looking forward to your upcoming content on how to use social media to drive traffic.

  51. I spent a lot of time on design work, should not it wrong again …

  52. This is really helpful. I’m now convinced that I need to work on the consistency of my blog posts.

    Thank you!

  53. Hi Neil, thanks so much for sharing this with us. Not many get into the amount of work and effort that goes in behind-the-scenes, especially the expenditure bit. Thanks for being so open and generous and pointing us in the right direction!

  54. You know what I wish I knew before I started my blog… what blog script you use! I really like your blog setup. Is it a script created just for this site or is an openly available one?

    • I have a custom made one. Let me know if you want a referral to the company..

      • That would be really helpful. I’ve searched for a couple of hours for blog scripts and they all look so plain. Thanks Neil

  55. Hi Neil, great post; definetely a lot to keep in mind. My main challenge is to keep motivitated while I’m starting out. As you said it can take a few hours to research, write and edit posts (especially while also working full time). However I keep persisting, knowing that the quality content I am producing is building the foundation for generating traffic in the future.

    • Kristopher, I think that if you continue with these activities you’ll definitely see great results. Thanks for reading.

  56. Sam Patwegar :

    Thanks for such valuable tips.

    Please do write a post about SEO plugins, I see that you are not using any SEO plugin and the same appears to be true about other popular sites.

  57. Hi Neil,
    Great Post.

    We had signed up for Google PSS after reading one of your earlier post.
    Great Results, thanks for sharing.

    You use Akamai , any reason you do this over Google PSS ??

  58. Thanks, Neil, for the pointers.

  59. Hi Neil, amazing post and this came in just exactly the time I’m looking for in revamping my website/blog. I especially like how you gave a breakdown of the all the costs involved and I’m looking at a balance between getting a professionally done website/blog and not paying too much that it breaks my kitty at my point of business.

    Do you have any resources as to what are the considerations for a small business owner should take note of in engaging a web designer and developer to work on the site? What are the must-haves like say customized web design, lead generation process etc?



    • I don’t, as it is going to very per blog. You’ll have to A/B test a lot.

      You should check out these 2 posts…



  60. Hello Neil. Thank you so much for all the heart and wisdom that you always put into your posts. You really do have allot to offer the blogging community, and I always look forward to reading your new posts.

    Additionally, I know from personal experience that what you have said here about consistency affecting your traffic IS very true!

    Here recently, I skipped my regular, once-weekly post over the Easter holiday, and man! My traffic dropped by nearly 40% according to GA. What I lost out on were my returning visitor counts. My new visitors continued to grow, but I lost out on the returning ones.

    True statement: “Consistency, with your content – is king!”

    Keep up the great work man, and again, thanks for always being so helpful. You are indeed a Jedi master, my friend! 🙂

    Matt Vaden

    • Matt, personal case studies are always the most relevant. I had a similar situation years back, content is always going to produce results..

  61. Hi Neil,
    you spend around $20,000 per month on your blog. Whats your success rate in seo projects you take from your clients? Do you commit to provide ranking for a particular keyword or just increase the overall traffic from google organic of client’s websites? And how many dollars can you make per month from your clients? I want to know whats the return on investment? If you can let me know this it would be great. But I suppose you won’t because no one would like to disclose their income.

  62. Asokan Nirmalarajah :

    Thanks for the effort, Neil. In my experience working on various blogs, the most difficult challenge has always been getting people to comment on the stuff one writes. Apparently, readers need some sort of incentive to respond, some sort of provocation or controversial notion that spikes their interest. Most visitors to the site just scroll up and down, scanning the content for any pertinent information and then leave. So the importance of attention-grabbing images and insightful charts seem to be a must. Starting out, it seems and as your example shows, is never easy. So all respect to you for having become an authority based on your splendid content. I’ll keep in touch. 🙂

    • Asokan, grabbing another person’s attention is definitely vital. You are spot on with your points.

  63. Hey Neil,

    Sometimes I can hate you so much for producing plenty of helpful detailed content that I can’t catch up reading all of them. ha!
    Nevertheless, each of your posts adds a lot to my learning about website traffic and I couldn’t thank you more. Keep ’em coming Neil!


  64. wow, really this is this best post i have read all week. really transparent and great advice for anyone starting out with their own blog.

    You think by using WordPress everything is going to be free but you have shown here that it not the case and I agree.

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    Thanks neil for providing these useful information but these are forgettable at that time and realize the people when they did the same mistakes.

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    Even i will follow your’s instruction in my Blog page.

    I also started doing Blog, After your impressed blogs.

  67. I think your conversational point really hits the nail square on the head.

    For most of us, the only “writing” we have ever done was either in school or for work – which is highly “academic,” “corporate,” and frankly, BORING!

    Most of my posts were very “academic” – but after reading (many of) your posts, I’m really trying to be more casual and informal – In fact, I just hit enter every 2-3 sentences for a new paragraph.

    It usually works! 😉

    One way I’ve found to be helpful is to imagine I am talking to someone, and just write as I think. I may have read this tip on your blog, or one of the copywriting blogs(copyblogger etc), but I’m not sure.

    Keep ’em coming!


    • Shabbir, you bring up some great points. THanks for reading and I’ll def keep blogging 🙂

  68. Man, this is some very useful information. By reading and learning from sites like these you’re going to help, inspire a lot of (new) bloggers 🙂

  69. Caleb Mellas :

    Neil, thanks for the tips on starting a blog. After starting my blog last summer, I’ve had to learn a lot of these things by trial-and-error – being consistent, sharing socially, providing huge value to readers etc.

    Yes, and good blog costs money to run, but it can have a huge return on your investment when done right.

    Thanks again!

  70. Very good lesson there Neil, its true one needs to be reader centric. I learned it from you and try to reply to each and every comment.

    Quick question – how do you keep track of comments and responding to each? Through the comments tab on the backend?

  71. Darnell Jackson :

    This is outstanding Neil thanks for clearing up a few big questions that I had.

    Just shows there is no shortcut there are no free lunches either.

    If you want a tester for your plugin count me in.

    • Darnell, thanks again for reading. I will definitely keep you in mind if something comes up 🙂

  72. Thank you as always for god tips and advises

  73. Hi Neil,

    This was an amazing post. I have just recently had some exposure to the online business sector, and let me tell you I’m a total noob. Wherever I look, I see established people. This post has really given me some insight atleast where to begin from. Hopefully, I can build up on it.

    Thanks again!

  74. Hi Neil,
    I used to treat you as other entrepreneurs out there, but since I joined your newsletter I read everything very carefully – you share some powerful stuff.
    thank you!

  75. This post made me consider blogging in a new light as a business and advertising. I had previously started a blog for personal use, and as a place to comment on products. The potential of blogs to drive traffic to different sites is really impressive. While I may not try to monetize it like you have, I believe I will begin putting more effort in my future blogging. Do you believe that niche blogs focused on more limited communities like hobby gaming or certain music genres, could ever develop into monetarily successful blog? Thanks again for your insightful and well written posts.


    • Yes definitely. I believe with the right content you can achieve great things with your blog. You just need great content and community engagement.

  76. Thanks for never holding anything back! Always great content!

  77. When I made new blog is it bether way to do nothing with social bookmarking and web 2.0 backlink and to concetrate to make good content or parallel make a both? I never know when is the right timing to show the world through social and other ways your blog because you’re starting with one text and another, etc. Because every blog start is still poor with the contents.

    • John, I think it is best to do both. Your content has to be strong for you to get some attention though.

  78. Great tips Neil as always from u. I read almost every blog on quicksprout. Since the Ads cost on social networks are too high its not currently affordable for me. Can you plz suggest some other tactics to grow social media presence.

    I m ready to spend amount I m currently received from my blog, but it is too low to cover these ads. Plz suggest wht to do in this situation. Thanks.

  79. Seriously, when I get your email about a new blogpost I ALWAYS OPEN IT. Because I know that your blogs are awesome. SO tnx for sharing!

    Could you pls explain a bit more about your ” ….unique email collection modules, or make an ad that scrolls with the user.”


    • CK, if you check out my blog posts there are links to help you get these strategies up and running up on your site as well. Let me know if you need help navigating to those posts.

  80. Shalu Sharma :

    Great stuff on what you did and what you are doing now. Makes a lot of sense. Are infographics still hot?

  81. Googma Sansar :

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    Thank you for exploring your pragmatic ideas to successful blogging. You always focus on long and descriptive post. We know if thee is no investment, no gain. However, we have to invest money on blog or site at the right ways. Therefore, your post will be more helpful to improve the blogging.

  82. Hi Neil.. I feel very glad to read this post and I would like to learn more things from you so keep on posting cheers!!!

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    Consistency is the key point which a new blogger always misses. It has happened with me before, but now I’m very much consistent. I follow a strict schedule for my day. I really loved all these points. Thanks for this vital information!

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    There is little info out there in this regard, it will be great to know which service is better for what purpose & when should both be used together.

    • BR, thanks for the suggestion. I will definitely look into doing a post on that.

  85. Julie Dawn Harris :

    Concentrating more on what you blog and engaging with other people creates a win-win environment. You get to help them and yourself as well by sharing your thoughts in ideas with regards to marketing strategies. I really like your articles Neil. Indeed, you are a good blogger. 🙂

  86. Most of the people starting with blogs don’t have much capital with them and thus the mistakes. I have a blog too and I am going through similar things but I have plans to take it to the next level, once money starts coming in.

  87. Ariel Geifman :

    Do you find that longer content actually gets more engagement. It seems that many readers actually prefer shorter content which is very visual?

    • Ariel, it depends on the content. Sometimes short is good, but if the content is very informative and compelling more is best.

  88. rakesh kumar :

    And till this article, i was under this impression that you do all this research yourself and do publish. Now i can understand how much money blogging have. if any one want to bring his/her blog into next level he/she will have to invest some money in his/her blog.

    • It was mainly from the bottom up. Blogging does require a lot time of your own. Money does help down the line when you really want to scale though..

  89. I never knew what blogging was all about. To be hones, I use to find blogs very boring. Let me be more honest than than. I’m to lazy to read. I am more of a writer than a read, but then again, how can you write, if you don’t read.

    I like what you say about helping people. I realize that the main focus should not be to make money, of course the idea of blogging is to attract visitors with the intention for them to become customers.

    There’s more value to helping someone else than all the money in the world, and that is what I’m all about, and that is why I’m glad that I came across this blog. I think reading will start to become a habit to me now.

    Thank you Neil. Your help is highly appreciated.

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    Important! answering comments make people feel “special” so im waiting for you to say something 🙂 . Im glad i find this webpage, this is my first time reading some of your ‘stuff’ and i just feel i speak to you personally. Thank you, really thank you.

    • Fernando, yes I think having great conversations with your readers is important. Let me know if you’d like help with anything. Cheers, Neil

  92. Thanx Neil
    Your posts are always helpful. i want google adsense approval for my site. I am trying for 2 years but still on the way.


  93. Its unbelievable to see that you are spending around $20k per month for blogs when plenty of free wordpress themes and plugins available.I know plenty of Indian bloggers running awesome blogs for less than $100 per month

    • Khaleel, definitely. I feel it is very important to do it your own way within your own means.

  94. Chris@Safeunlockcode :

    Hi Neil,

    As usually a great post an really helpful! Thank you for sharing!
    I agree with you and I am sure that is cheaper to keep a client than to gain a new one. So we all should focus on quality!


  95. Hi Neil,

    wow, never thought your monthly investment would be that huge. hmm, i wonder about the ROI 😀

  96. Great tips, as always. Thank you, Neil.

    I have also found design and hosting to be super important.

    I recently moved to a Genesis theme on a Synthesis host… same setup the Copyblogger guys use and have been very surprised.

    Now, I am not sure how much weight Google places on clean design and speed… but, for the average person who can’t afford a dedicated box I highly recommend a Genesis theme and the basic Synthesis hosting… sorry if this came off as a commercial for them but it really has helped my blog.

  97. This technology rocks my bloggin’ world! Thanks for pointing it out to me…will be subscribing!

  98. Me three! This is going to be clutch for my site, didn’t even know it existed.

    A wordpress plugin like redirection can offer you some insight as to what folks are clicking or not (along with GA), but this is so much richer and offers tons more data.

    Thanks for introducing me to this great service!


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  100. Your posts are priceless. I am really glad to be a follower of your blog. I feel Blessed. 🙂

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    HI Neil ,
    Really learning post.I have learnt lot of from this post.I think posting blog on regular basis is really important and if some one posts after every one day then its best.
    Secondly replying comments are good to make your post natural.Its extra beneficial to share your posts on social sites.

    I really enjoyed your post. Thanks for great post.

  102. Hello Neil,

    great post!

    Consistency, Quality & Social Media and you can do anything online!

  103. The Nerdy Nurse :

    Good God Almighty. $20k in a month in expenses?!?! I think you nearly gave me a heart attack. If those are your expenses, what you actually make might give ma stroke. 🙂

  104. Jessica @ All She Cooks :

    Neil, these are all great points. I agree wholeheartedly that you have to spend money to make money… even when your business is blogging. While those of us with smaller blogs certainly have less overhead than you do, we still need to be putting a lot back into it.

    Love reading your blog!

  105. Mahesh @Minterest :

    Easily one of your best article on blogging as I can’t remember the last time I read a lengthy post word-by-word.

  106. nice post,, really like it,

  107. Good Blog Neil, Great tips. In your opinion do you think infographics are still hot?? or are they losing their value since almost everybody is trying to do it now?

    • Boney, if anything they are much more important now. You have to distinguish yourself though.

  108. Jim Schubert :


    Great post! There are so many comments, I didn’t have time to read them all, so I apologize in advance if someone already asked this…

    Where do you survey your readers? Through email? On your blog? Etc?

  109. How long did it take for you to get these Google Analytic results you have in this post? We’ve been up for about 3 months now, could you please check out our website and give us some feedback we’d really appreciate it. Thanks

    • Darcy, sure. If you could email your URL and your needs I can see how I can potentially help you out with your project.

  110. Great post. It was interesting to see your take on post length when it seems everyone is advising 300-500 words.

  111. Dear Neil Patel!
    Frankly Speaking i found your blog and blog posts very much helpful. I also like your writing style as well. I am quite sure that these tricks will help me a lot to maintain my newly build blog.

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    Yes Neil ! Blogging is not free and we have to invest some money to be a professional like as you and drive more traffic from various sources. We can earn more return by investing some money at the right place for right purpose.
    In this competitive internet marketing its hard to visible on online and increase your online presense.

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    Keep up the great work!

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    Hey Neil,

    Tell me about heat map, how can I look my blog heat map? because as you mentioned in their heat map is essential so I also want to check my heat map. Can you guide me?

    Rameez Ramazan

    • Rameez, you can either look at it through google analytics or check out www.crazyegg.com .

  120. I am a new blogger/internet marketer/whatchawanttocallit…I really appreciated this post. Very helpful for someone like me who is struggling to get it all together and have it make sense!

  121. Digital Deepak :

    Sharing content on social media is like pushing the snow ball down the hill. If the content is good it can bring new members to our tribe, increase our email list size and also help in SEO.

    I have published a blog post called: Content Marketing 2.0 – How to Plan and Execute an Integrated Digital Marketing Campaign. Please read it when you have time and let me know if you agree to my concept.

    • Deepak, great assessment. I will definitely have to check out your blog. Thanks for reading 🙂

  122. This is a great post Neil! I think making mistakes is part of the process though just like anything new one undertakes. Experience is what molds behavior.

    • Definitely, experience is the great teacher!

      • Wow, nice article Neil!! It was very helpful. But come to look at a new blogger like myself wit all those plugins and aids to purchase its just look difficult. Am optimistic dough

  123. Hi Neil,
    Thanks for such a great article! You’ve touched on many things I was having doubt on. As a new blogger, I really need to learn from your mistakes.

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    Thank you for the generous way in which you have shared information here. Just reading this post and studying how it is constructed is a lesson in itself.

    I particularly like the fact that you have shared information on traffic and on your expenditure.

    You deserve success.

    Kind Regards,


  125. Do you think owning a website drives more traffic through search engines, than having it for free in wordpress or bloodspot?

    • Antonio, it really depends. WordPress is more of CMS for a website one owns.

  126. Hi Niel,

    Your post indeed was a great help. 😉 I just started a little blog for myself and bumped into your pave while looking for Ideas what to write on my very first blog post.

  127. Hi Neil,
    This is a great article you have written here. I too wished I had known most of these tips when I started out blogging about 4 years ago. Anyway, all these years where used to learn, i’m glad at least I know the secrets now.
    Cool article anyway. thumbs up.

  128. Hi Neil,
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge! I wish I had found your article before I started blogging. I began my first blog 10 months ago, and at one point had it up to 200-300 visitors a day. I didn’t blog for 2 weeks and am still clawing my way back up, so I can attest to that. I definitely focused too much on Google keywords and wasted time that I could’ve spent writing a new blog post. I learned from posting on Hubpages that articles over 750-2000 words absolutely do see more traffic. I am on a lot of social media networks and post to them all, and most of my traffic comes from Twitter, Facebook and StumbleUpon. I think the first thing I will do is focus more on community building by commenting on blogs as you noted. It’s the best way to let people know you’re there!

    • Laura, spot on! Community building and engagement are the most important elements to any successful campaign. Keep up the great work 🙂

  129. excellent post, very good content.

  130. Anton Volney :

    I came here on Laura Reoder’s recommendation. You didn’t disappoint. Cheers.

  131. Great advice! I wish I knew these things when I started my first blog too. But research and trial and error are great tools for learning. So now I know and can make my strategy better 🙂 thanks!

  132. Hey Neil !
    I am very grateful to you that you have shared your experience with us. This is a nice list. Not only you, in fact mostly newbies use to follow these mistakes. So, every newbie should read this post and should take this post as a guideline.

    • Dion, great! Please let me know if you have any questions along your journey 🙂

  133. Hi Neil,
    These are the mistakes that I am facing even today.
    I liked the way you have shared your experience and helping new bloggers including me… thnx

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    yes me too agree the way you wrote and shared with us. It is really very helpful or all the bloggers. Now i m confident that i will be able to work well on my blogs and can improve the performance of my blogs.

  135. Neil is the guy! Whatever he writes is solid gold. I always find something useful, something extra from each of his posts.

  136. Good, informative post. The section about making posts conversational really hits home. Readers can get bored easily and would rather be engaged than talked at.

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    In the last few days I have been observing some niche website bloggers/experts discussing their ranking performance. Specifically, one guy has seen his site get outranked by another site of lesser quality and it seems to primarily be due to the competitor being signed up with Google Plus.

    Others have chimed in that Google Plus is a mandatory requirement nowadays and that SEO rankings are seriously impacted by whether or not we have Google Plus.

    Do you have any thoughts on this?

    • I feel it is. Not sure where it will go, but because Google owns it and it can affect rankings, you have no choice but to use it.

  140. Very Useful tips. But nobody seems to be talking about youtube. You can promote your blog by opening a youtube channel about your blog

  141. Hey Neil !
    This is your valuable experience. It would be a guideline for all of us. I am happy that you care for your readers. Consistency is key to growth, I totally agree with you. Consistency and interaction with your visitors is very much important.

    • Dalton, great point. It’s all about offering a great product and being consistent with the messaging.

  142. Ayesha Sajid :

    Thank you for sharing that insight. A comprehensive guide for those who are starting out. I think you nailed it with consistency and patience – two virtues we really need to have to be successful in the world of blogging.

  143. Man…. you’re just right on the Money. I appreciate your hard work.

  144. Avinash Kabra :

    I think the best and most effective way to drive traffic to website are unique content writing and high PR backlink building.

  145. Ananthakrishnan :

    Great post Neil.But I just can’t figure out how to drive traffic from facebook or twitter to my blog .I just started it and found google+ communities to be the only relevent traffic maker.What would be your advice to improve them?

    • Once you build up your following all you have to do is do a wall post about a blog post or tweet about your website. It is simple as that. 🙂

  146. Neil. I appreciate for your hard work. And yours posts are really helful for newbies. As a newbie, i am lost on my way! Please help me

  147. Hey Neil,
    I am just starting out on a new blog and hopefully the content of this post has been inspiring. Its really great to look and stand at the shoulders of those who has gone before us to learn.

    I cannot reinvent the wheel but I can keep learning from people like you. Thanks for your insights and mostly on the take that “people matter” in blogging!

    • William, sounds like you are on the right track. People really do matter and I think once you understand that you can relate to them better 🙂

  148. Haseeb Elahi :

    Hey Neil!! I’ve signed up on all the major social networking sites but have got no friends there because all of my friends use only one social networking site. Can you help me??

  149. Great tips. I didn’t even think about making posts conversational. I will definitely be working on that.


  150. Quick question! If someone leaves a comment on my blog that counts as one. If I reply…does that increase my count to (2) two?? In other words..if I have 25 comments on my blog with no replies and then I comment on each one. Will it show 50 as total??? Loved the article…great material. Thanks…Alan

    • Alan, great question. You are correct, the comment count will be 50. Your comments always count towards the overall total (at least in WordPress). Glad you liked the article.

  151. Great tips! I have found that blogging just for the love of blogging brings just as much happiness to me as making income as a result of blogging…but that’s just me!

    • Dave, I agree. If you really love blogging it doesn’t matter whether you back a buck or nothing. It’s all about sharing your experiences with people who care to hear about them. Great point!

  152. Ekaterina Ramirez :

    This is insanely useful, Neil! Thank you so so much for all the work you put into this site.

  153. I would say that I don’t think anything is wrong with creating fresh content regularly, but I would think your email list would grow faster if you spent time promoting the content that you already have vs adding new content. If 1000 people find your blog post to be helpful, then there should be another million or so who would like to see that content too 😉 What do you guys all think?

    • Yes you are correct. Both strategies can work well, you just have to figure out which one is best for you. For some people they are better at the marketing… for others they are better at the content creation.

      Do what is easiest for you or a bit or both.

  154. Hi Neil
    I want to Know which social sites are best to promote content except Facebook and twitter

  155. thanks for that, i do not write that often, now will try to do that once a week.

  156. Srinija Chakraborty :

    Awesome article. Enlightened about many things priorly having negligible knowledge of.

    • Srinija, Glad I could shed some light on the world of digital marketing. Let me know if you have any questions or feedback 🙂

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    • Shreyas, I am sure it will. Just keep at it. Please let me know if you have any questions along the way 🙂

  159. Prasad Kopanati :

    Thanks for a wonderful post, Neil. I knew about your blog from your great talk at Hacker Dojo in the silicon valley a few days ago.

    So, I am wondering how you go about writing a blog post where in you need to borrow content – I mean when you have to get some (or all) of the knowledge from somewhere else. Thanks for your insights.

    • Prasad, glad we could connect. To answer your question: I read a lot of blogs. I am inspired by all of the great ideas out there and I use them to formulate my own ideas and blog posts. Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing more from you 🙂

  160. really great post Neil. btw my blog is 2 months older and written 50+ useful articles still i dont see any traffic. The only one who visiting my site is me. Its frustrating me a lot.

    • Sureyea, feel free to email me and share your website URL. Maybe we can trouble shoot what needs to be done 🙂

  161. Garren Martirossian :

    Excellent inclusion of tips and ideas that convert very well. These are all wonderful ways to drive the traffic and create attractive content to all visitors. I try to stick to a simplistic, but fun writing blog to visit. The trick is to keep up with content and keep on posting!

    • Garren, glad you found the post helpful. Keeping it simple will always convert best. It’s all about making your end user have a clear path to purchasing or signing up for services. Thanks for reading!

  162. Great suggestions! Collecting email addresses is a great way to reach out to your readers especially when you have a great opportunity you would like to share with them.

    • James, email has always been and will always be a very effective way to reach your target audience. People will always check their email first, then other channels later.

  163. Thank you so much, Neil. That’s all I can say as a receipt for the inspiration I and my blog have got from you and your blog, respectively! 🙂

    • Raheel, glad you found the information helpful. Please let me know if you have any additional questions or feedback!

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  165. Hi Neil, i thoroughly enjoyed your article..
    I am 3-4 days old blogger, I am little confused regarding the facebook ‘Promote page’ concept.. as it claims to give some traffic at a cost. is that possible even if I am not having that many friends in my facebook page.
    one more question is how to stop my own page view from tracking.
    thanks in advance

    • Sangeeta, you definitely should considering growing your facebook fans. The more fans you have the more inclined they will be to vouch for you and hear about your products. In regards to the page tracking: I am not quite sure. Why do you want to stop tracking page views?

  166. HI NEIL,
    Is it possible that u can help me with my job based blog or can u suggest someone how can evalaute my blog before i apply for adsense? my blog i around 1 month old

    • Renju, I would suggest reaching out to some local SEO firms to see what they suggest. If you have specific questions visit my forum: https://www.quicksprout.com/forum/

  167. my biggest mistake after more than 1 year getting into blogging world is I have no patient for writing great content, easily influenced by the “black hat” technique in order to get fast income ( i only care about how many visitor and how much money i make).but, I see myself has no progress on what I am doing.now, I am trying to be more patient, try write better content ( or pay somebody to write me good content). thanks god now at least I got stable visitor with average income $800-1200/month. however, I need to kick my ass harder to learn and improve my skill.

    Neil, thank you for great article and I definitely learned something from your blog.

    • Samir, you definitely have to get away from the black hat tactics. They don’t provide the same ROI anymore and they are frowned upon. Spending a little time and having a little patience will surely create a passion for blogging and creating quality content. Once you start getting traffic to your content you’ll feel motivated to keep churning stuff out.

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    • Sharabela, glad you found the post helpful. Please let me know if you need any additional help or have some feedback. I look forward to hearing from you!

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    Looking forward to reading up on your future posts! Thanks for all that you do

    • Mario, if you check out some of my more recent posts you’ll see that I suggest a great content marketing strategy. Back linking, as it used to be employed, is getting harder and harder to do. Unless you already have a solid network it will definitely be tough to get into a community. I would suggest focusing on blog posting and the creation of great media like: infographics, videos & other visual content.

  170. Vidya @ Whats Ur Home Story :

    Hi Neil,

    Found your post through Google. Thanks for sharing for these tips.
    I’ve been blogging for 19 months now, 5 days a week with what I think is fairly good content. I get around 30k views monthly with about 13k unique visitors. The repeat visitors are around 28%. My problem seems to be to get folks to comment. I did a survey on the blog and a majority of them felt like they didn’t feel the need to comment, which was a huge bummer. Also the readership has been growing steadily since day 1 but since last March (7 months ago) it has been hovering around the 30k mark. I somehow can’t seem to get to break that stagnant line. Any advice? I should note that other than promoting my posts on Facebook I haven’t done much marketing during this time. My traffic mainly comes from FB, Pinterest, Google, & Craftgawker. I know I need to up the design quotient. Recently bought a Genenis+ child theme frame work, which I can hopefully push out in 2 weeks.Hoping to hear back form you. Thanks again.

    • Vidya, I think this is a question that relates to the content you are distributing. In my opinion I think you should start changing the tone and content of your blog posts. I have also found that posing questions to your audience can do wonders. Let me know if you have any other questions or need help with anything!

  171. Hey I’ve started a new blog (I’m 15), and I’m still not sure of what topics to base my blog around :/ animals? funny stories? food? serious issues, like an agony aunt?

    I’m also hoping to get some more traffic, my friend did the issue of bullying and over 100 people visited his site!

    Thanks 🙂

    • Meg, It is awesome that you are getting started at such a young age. I think you should find a topic you are passionate about. Ultimately, you must make this choice. Please let me know what you pick 🙂

  172. Movie Reviews :

    I have only been writing for a short while but you are definitely correct that you have to love what you are writing about. My blog is on movies and that is a tough blog because there are so many movie sites. But I love the movies I write about and a lot of people email me and tell me that is what they like about my site. I only have a few articles up and I only write about those movies that interest me the most. This article inspired me to get busy and write a lot more. Thanks!
    William hudson –

    • William, glad I could shed some light on things. I think you should broaden your scope to what people are watching. You’ll find that you’ll learn a lot about your reading base and their interests. You will also get a lot more engagement to your blog.

  173. Neil,

    What a great article. Surprised I’m only finding it now. Oh well, great things were pointed out here, especially the cost involved.


    • Stef, glad I could help. Please let me know if you need with anything moving forward 🙂

  174. Thanks so much for sharing this, Neil. I appreciate the points, and have learned something new here. Launching a blog has become clearer now to me. I’ve been thinking about these things too.

    About answering comments, definitely true. As a blog reader, I really don’t go back to sites that don’t make you feel welcome to say something and hear something back. Of course, I’d follow your kind example in case I finally launch my own. 🙂

    As for the social media, what can you suggest to those people who want to launch a blog but are introverts?

    I really have a problem with communicating with others, most usually because I want my personal life separate from business. But in my experience, many people want to be friends with me too. I don’t entertain intentional “befriending” and at the same time I don’t wish to lose them as contacts.

    • Melisa, sounds like you are on the right track in regards to blogging and creating a great website. I definitely think you should reconsider sharing through social media. People tend to buy from sites that have a personal story that resonates with them. I would suggest having someone help you share your experiences. Perhaps outsourcing your social media is an option so you can learn how to engage better. My best suggestion, however, would be for you to jump right into it and overcome your fears 🙂

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    • Sharon, shoot me an email so we can set up a time to talk. That would be the easiest way to get a hold of me 🙂

  176. Thanks so much, that was a great help, Neil. I will keep that in mind. And I will keep this page especially bookmarked too. 🙂

  177. Hey Neil,
    This is Ankita from IIT Gandhinagar, I am a PhD Student here, looked your website for the very first time, fascinating and really helpful. As I am really new to blogs so curious to know whats the basic difference between hosting a blog with ones own server with self domain name as compared to wordpress. I mean why wordpress is not preferable?

    • Ankita, I personally prefer WordPress because the UI is easy and there is customer support. Often times when you host on your own domain there is no one to help you or back files up if things go wrong.

  178. Hannah Martin :

    Wow, what an amazing blog/site! I launched a magazine-style website for working/freelance/business mums six months ago and am learning how to drive traffic and build engagement. There’s so much brilliant, practical advice here, and it’s so generous of you to share it. I’m now going to spend the weekend digesting as much as I can to create a plan of action for the next few months.

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom 🙂

    • Hannah, glad I can help. Thanks for providing such great feedback. I would love to see what you have going on with your website. Let me know how it all works out and keep me posted 🙂

  179. This happens with everyone in fact. We make mistakes and then hope it was overt to us before.

    Any way at least new people like me will learn 11 lessons for their new blog 🙂

    • Naeem, mistakes are natural. What is important is that we learn from our mistakes. Thanks for your feedback 🙂

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    Thank u for this Article so much useful content 🙂

  182. You are not doing bad even without knowing these 11 things before you started your first blog. But many people and small time bloggers like me will benefit by this article. thanks.

  183. I usually implement one sentence paragraphs for my blog posts because it tends to be easier to read. However, others think this is too short, and would rather see longer paragraphs. What do you think is best?

    Great article! I learned a lot!

    • Veronica, I would suggest making the paragraphs a bit lengthier. I try not to make them more than 2-3 sentences though…

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    Great Tips I got from this blog post.

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  187. These is a great article. I have been blogging about five months now. The tips you shared are great reminders. I am hoping to get better and better as I go. Great content is key. Do you have a article on your process of putting great content together?

    • Brandon, If you check out my content marketing guide you’ll see the process outlined. https://www.quicksprout.com/the-advanced-guide-to-content-marketing/

  188. Thanks for the great post… Very helpful!

  189. I to am new to the blogging world. You posted this article on April 4. and you are still getting comments today. WOW! What does this mean to you? Is there a metric or parameter that gauges the effectiveness of content by the duration of an articles staying power?…or is it just a by-product of the particular data within the blog?

    • Chris, I would like to think and have a good hunch that it is the former. It’s all about the content that is provided, I think it really resonates within the community and provides some free helpful tips 🙂

  190. @Neil: It’s quite opposite in my case…. I usually get traffic from G+ but hardly get any visitors from Reddit.

  191. mick bebbinton :

    I have found using social signals is the way to go, especially video, by interlinking my videos to my social media accounts like g+ twiiter and FB has been working great do this in the about service and also use video to link to inner pages of your blog, really powerful stuff right there.

  192. Great read! I’m launching my new blog/magazine this week so wish me luck! 🙂

  193. Hi,

    Reddit is good but I think Stumble Upon is the best, because I used both Reddit as we as Stumble Upon.

    I helps me to drive more and more traffic to my blog, more important it’s free.

    • Ujjwal, a lot of people have mentioned that. It’s all about using a service you are most comfortable with 🙂

  194. Hey Niel,

    I must say I have been on this website quite religiously for the past couple of weeks. I’ve got a design business that I am doing on the side and it has a blog. I was looking around for digital marketing tips since I am not seeing any gains on traffic after about 3 months.

    After coming across your website, I have found renewed hope that I can increase my traffic and therefore my reach :). Perseverance is king!

    Thank you very much!

    • Fayeez, I usually faze my articles in so that people can see that there is a blueprint for 1 month, 2 month, and so on engagement 🙂

  195. I like that you said that replacing your friends doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with them, but that it just means they don’t want to go where you’re going. (And I suppose that if they all did want to come along with you, that’d just be weird.) I’ve really wondered how this works because I feel like I have an obligation to my friends. Whenever I think about moving on, I hear that nagging question: “Who does she think she is?” But now I realize that that question is pretty much the ace up the devil’s sleeve, designed to keep us all mediocre. http://indresult.com

    • Saniya, sometimes it is all about growing up and moving on. It’s not as if you are abandoning them all together, it’s just a process of maturation.

  196. Junior Casanova :

    I’m currently struggling to improve my blog’s popularity but without success. I’ll try to apply some of your ideas on my blog. Thank you so much Neil!

  197. Julien Brightside :

    It is quite easy to lose your viewcount if you run into a creative block and don’t post for a while. That’s surely what happened to me.

    I came here to see if there were any tips that were good, and well, I think it was a good post.

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    Thanks for your great tips. I start building my new blog. Fortunately, I find your post which helps me a lots. I agree consistency is the key to growth and I will work hard on building my new blog.

  199. good post bro,but how much should i pay for a good blog to a developer,i am very confused,some are ready to make in 100 dollars,some asking for 500-1000 dollars :/

    • Rajesh, you should hire according to your means and make sure you find a qualified developer.

  200. Anchit Shethia :

    Aren’t controversies bad for a blog?

  201. You just followed every single one of those things you mentioned just by writing a single post! That was clever.

    That was a good read. I hope I can do the same for my website.

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  205. Hi Neil,
    I think not knowing all you have listed in this article before you started blogging really helped you a lot.

    No man is a stream of knowledge, we learn everyday.

  206. Great stuff, Neil. I definitely agree with content length – at the beginning of the year I was mostly writing 2k-3k word posts, but i’ve now escalated to spending 1-2 weeks on a 5k post, which is proving to get great results.

    Interesting to see the stats on consistency. I guess there’s a trade-off between evergreen content that will compound your traffic vs. ‘hot’ relevant / recent blogging, which will generate lots of short term spikes in traffic, but create a ‘treading water’ effect on your traffic.

    • Marcus, glad to hear you are getting such great results.

      Consistency is definitely key. It’s all about keeping the momentum going 🙂

  207. Vaibhav Sisinty :

    well, one hell of a article this is, and very much bookmark friendly and thanks for such amazing explanations about each and every point.

    I have a doubt Neil, should we start placing ads in early days, or we should wait for the traffic to come?

  208. I will return and review your article later on to explore the perfect landscapes you have mentioned. It is an informative article that I could really sink my teeth into.

  209. Niel, you’re scaring me! 24 grand a month is exhausting enough to think of and I think that’s going to discourage people to start and blog. 🙂

    But I must agree, blogging is business and to make money you have to throw in some. But it actually depend on your niche and the circumstances you are in at the moment.

    In my case, money is an asset I don’t have right now, and yes I intend to take the longer path.

    But I think it’s cool coz I intend to broadcast the idea of nothingness to richness in my blog. I’m cooking some ideas right now and I hope it materializes before it’s too late.

    Kudos in sharing your thoughts!

    • Rienzi, sounds like you are on the right track. Please let me know if you need any help 🙂

  210. I really enjoyed reading your article. It is different from many. For example: a lot of people recommend using a lot of key words in your content but you explain how important it is to write for your readers and not primarily for SEO.

    I was assured that my writing style is okay as I was afraid it might be not “formal enough”… I use a lot of sarcasm. 🙂

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    I appreciate a post like this, as I have just recently started a blog and am currently working on increasing my traffic. I also found that being consistent and updating regularly is essential.

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    Thanks for your post here, I found it very informative as a newbie.

    Would you be able to tell me if you had any recommendations of external sources that could help with setting up a site on WordPress?

    It sounds like it is easy enough to manage but what we are looking for is an out of box deal (so to speak), and then to maintain it ourselves. We are pretty new to this and looking to get it up under a week (reasonable for a first timer?).

    For some context, this is a blog that is being used to attract some traffic for a person who may have a potential book deal with a publishing company.

    Any info you can help provide would be great- thanks!


  219. This is a great post. I have spent very little, however, blogging and have found some success with it. Probably not as much as you have, but I do make enough to live on. Then again, my blogs mostly cover a niche area that does not require me to use social networking, which I tend to hate.

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    Made me wonder: if I’d decide to start professional blogging how soon would I end up spending that cash you are currently spending, and more to that, how many users/visits/[relevant metrics] does that amount correspond to?

    You notice I don’t quite know the relevant metrics that determine a blog’s size, however, at this point I’m trying to roughly figure out costs to blog size relationship.

    • Don’t worry about spending money. You can do a lot for free… blogging just takes your time and a few bucks to pay for a domain name and hosting.

  224. Wow, I am new to this whole blogging thing and I am just trying to learn one thing at a time at the moment.

    I had been digging up a lot about blogging, this is by far the most informative one out there. No smoke and mirrors hiding any secret tactics that only the pros know.

    I started my blog last month, would you recommend me blogging more to have sizable content for readers to browse, or should I go about refining my social profile?

    I had been recording my findings and review them regularly, but even with all my neat notes, there is a lot of moving parts to blogging and my mind always jump from one thing to another.

    I will go back and do more work now. Thanks for the tips! I will look forward to your answer. 😀

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    Oh thank you so much for the post Neil ! It lifted off the fear I was having (and still have) as I set to start up my very first blog.

  230. Karan Bhagat :

    Finally found something that could teach me and boost up my confidence. Thanks a lot for this wonderful write up.
    “After starting four blogs and making hundreds of mistakes over seven years, eventually you are bound to figure out what to do and what not to do.” this statement of yours is a very big motivation in itself. 🙂

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    • Betty, thanks for the feedback. Looking forward to hearing more from you 🙂

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  245. Interesting read, especially the consistency part. Blogging 5 times a month for a year will make it 60 posts. Kinda tough if the topic isn’t a passion conversation chemistry book

  246. Neil, appreciated this post partly because it explained something that perplexed me. You have grown over time, but of course, but it was a thought that did not come to me automatically.

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    But again, I am using your articles far too often to be able to think of you as anything but a leading, sharing, engaged and informed practitioner. So it’s useful to hear you share what a burden past mistakes can be – and useful to see how you have converted me, a professional skeptic regarding all things popular – to be a big fan.

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    You are indeed making up your karma points, ultimately that is what counts in life. Wish you all success in your initiatives. I may ask for your help in future 🙂

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  262. Great article. I just got introduced to the blogging world and realized that blogging was serious business. Still trying to learn the basics though.
    There are certain questions that crossed my mind as a beginner. How many blogs should you own at one time. Should you rather focus on one or write a couple and try to find your niche.

    • Ash, I would just start with one and have a narrow focus on providing results through it. Then as you scale and have more opportunities you can focus on having more than one.

  263. Thank you for your honest assessment of what new bloggers need to do. It seems a bit overwhelming, but is nice to know that if one does it right, there is a chance of success!

  264. Sarah Kozak :

    HI Neil,
    Thanks for the informative post, but what do you do if you want to blog and you dont know what you want to blog about. I have a variety of interests, but can’t commit to one. How did you start and how did it develop into the blog thats successful for you today?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Sarah, create a number of blogs and see which one sticks. Or update them all accordingly. I would narrow it down to three topics that pique your interest.

  265. Hi Neil, I can see how you’ve hundreds of comments and how you’ve replied to each one of them. Thanks for the useful inputs through this post. Though after reading it, I feel more scared than relaxed. It seems in this free web world, you need to spend a lot of money and devote a lot of your time to get ‘there’. For starters like me, ‘money’ part is not an easy one. Congratulations to you for being so good at what you do 🙂

    • Nin, I started off with very little money. I want to show that going from rags to riches is very possible. Let me know if you need help with anything.

      • Thanks for the reply. Since we are talking about starters here, shedding out large sum on the word go might not be possible. I mean only if i sell my fruits will i be able to buy a fruit cart. So, may be a post with simple doable things for beginners that they should take care of.
        Also my other website medesignwe.com is going to be two years old, only traffic it gets is people who i know and they say they quite like it and they return too whenever a post is uploaded via FB, pinterest, twitter But that’s it. I agree there could be mistakes that I’ve been doing(or that my content is not good at all), but i can’t hire a professional at this point of time to take care of that part. I need a simple actionable guide to set me through and off course once at it, one would take help.
        Another thing you write about is long posts- my posts aren’t any longer than 400 words, and if i stretch them any longer, i’d either be writing a boo boo or i’d deviating to another topic. I mean i can’t unnecessarily go on n on, on a topic which says it all in 400 words. Thanks for your time. 🙂

  266. Hi Neil, Thank you so much for posting this! I thought it was great that you used specific statistics; it made you sound a lot more credible. It was very helpful because I am still deciding whether or not I would like to start a blog. May I ask how old you are? And how long it took you to start one blog? I am 17, currently graduating from high school and heading to college in the fall. I’m worried that starting a blog is going to take up too much of my time and distract me from my studies if it takes a lot of effort, but at the same time, I think starting one is going to help me improve my communication and writing skills. Honest opinions are appreciated. Thanks again!

    • Sydney, glad you found it helpful. My intent is to help others out. I am 30 years old and have been working since I was about 18 years old. You are at a great age to learn and achieve a lot. Keep it up!

  267. Ben Franklin :

    Hi Neil. Thanks so much for the great article. I’m writing blogs about music to attract music fans for a new indie musician.

    As I’m pretty new to IM, blogs seem to be effective for driving traffic when it’s about solving problems, and profitable when offering products that people actually wanna buy.

    Do you think blogs about music – entertainment can make conversions and sizable income like problem solving products?
    or it’s not much of a good business model?..
    how can I apply your ‘problem solving’ tips to music blogs?..

    thanks so much!

    • Ben, I actually think it’s a great business model. People consume music just as much as they consume any other product — if you position it right and market it correctly the sky is the limit.

  268. Great article! This helps alot as I just started out on word press. Even though its a personal blog where I’m really just hearing myself through written words, I would, however, at some point, like others to read what I share also!

    Thanks for the insight!!!

  269. Hi Neil,

    Thank you for this blogging success catalyst.

    I’ve just started out and am having a little
    internal battle regarding my blog’s niche/audience.

    I want to make it a mindset/personal development
    blog for entrepreneurs. Should I go deeper and
    tailor it for a subset of entrepreneurs such as
    “Internet Marketers?” The big nag as well is
    whether I could talk about more than the mindset.
    I originally wanted to do mindset/marketing however
    was put off by people saying to stick to one..

    What are you thoughts on this?

    • Daniel, I say do what you are best at and then focus all your efforts on perfecting that craft.

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  272. Hi Neil,

    Thank you for writing this post. It’s staggering how much you have to spend each month on this blog but it’s well worth it. Your posts are oozing in quality and helpful tips! I’ll definitely try implementing some of them on my own blog!

    If you find a spare moment, would you be able to take a quick look at my blog? It would great to hear what you think about its design and the content I produce. If you can’t though, don’t worry!

    I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future!

    • Scott, sure — can you please provide a link so I can check it out. Thanks for all the support!

  273. I found this post amazing as everyone said. It is very helpful for such a new blogger like me. As i have to face many obstacles yet even then i will be consistent in my respected area.

    Thank you very much , Neil.

  274. I used to blog consistently, but fell off track when I got a new job that seems to take up most ALL of my free time (not to mention my puppy and getting engaged). I came across this post when I was looking for creative ways to get my site going again. I have had some subscribers asking me why I haven’t blogged and instead of writing a new blog post about not having time to blog… I wanted to get back into it in a more creative way… any ideas?

    Thanks Neil.

    • Karina, what specifically do you write about? That way I can come up with some ideas…

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  276. Laurie Stone :

    Great ideas. I’m struggling with getting email subscribers to my blog. I’m using Google Blog Spot which I’m not sure is the best server. I hear Word Press is better. People tell me they have trouble subscribing or commenting because the system is overly complicated. The idea of changing servers is intimidating but I’ll do it one of these days. I feel I have no choice. Any thoughts? Thank you, Neil.

    • Laurie, if you really feel you aren’t getting value then I would make the switch. Before you do anything dramatic though — check all variables.

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    Great work & great articles!

  281. Thanks for this article. Right now I’m struggling with what to write! I think the main point is to just keep updating your blog, keep writing, and eventually it will all fall into place.

  282. Hey Neil, Thanks for writing this post!!!

    I want to ask you something
    When I written the post “What is Robots.txt file? How to Create it?” on my blog

    Google takes almost 15 days for indexed.

    According to you how much days takes the new page to be indexed on Google?

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    • Thomas, your written content looks great. I would advise you take some time to work on the visual elements like design and photos.

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    I can say that I can build my own blog but my problem is I don’t have any knowledge about what to write, what to post..and so on..

    Can you recommend suggest anything for me to study Content Marketing Sir Neil?

    Thank You.

    • Marvin, my honest suggestion is for you to find a topic that you are passionate about and then just start writing.

      Once you figure out what you really enjoy writing about you can provide more value to your readers. I love digital marketing and it shows in my writing.

  287. Hi Neil,

    These are excellent tips! Completely agree with consistency. Right now I am able to write one blog post every other week, although I think one every week would be better.

    Your posts are always, always so helpful and jam packed with useful info!

    Cheers ~ Priyanka

    • Priyanka, glad to help.

      I think you have a pretty good schedule — the key is consistency. Keep it up 🙂

  288. I have bookmarked this post and plan on coming back to it. I am a blog newbie and still writing content and researching before I launch anything. I am still learning all of the basics but I have come across different opinions on how many posts I should put up when I first launch. What would be your recommendation?

    • Mary, I would start off with 1-2 a week. You want to make sure the quality is high, then focus on quantity.

  289. Helpful article for newbies. I think people prefer more about infographics nowadays. Moreover, Consistency of the blog post is a key term for success.

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    Thank you for your blogging advice! I recently launched my site on running/marathon training/travel (www.janerunswild.com), and am learning every day. I would like to make my blog unique, but this is a passionate topic of mine that is shared by many others. Thank you again for your insight into the blogging world!

    • Jane, glad to help. If you need any additional guidance along the way I am always here to help. Best of luck!

      • Jane @janerunswild :

        Thank you so much Neil! What would you say is the single most important thing a new blogger can do to get their blog noticed?

  291. Great article for every blogger! Consistency and high quality of content worth a lot.

  292. Thank you so much Neil for reaching out and helping with your tips they are very goodl. I’m a new blogger, and will certainly keep in mind your advice at every level.

  293. Thank you so much Neil for reaching out and helping with your tips they are very good. I’m a new blogger, and will certainly keep in mind your advice at every level.

  294. Hi Neil, best blog to learn how to make a blog, its really hard to find, but when you do, Its gravy.

    • Dean, new things are always challenging at first, but as you practice, you’ll get better and find it easier.

  295. Thank for this info. I am right at the beginning and just trying to work out the best way to go and all the to do’s and not to do’s. Thank very much!!

  296. Great information, Im still trying to get my content up to about 2000 words, but Im sure it gets easier. Thanks

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  299. I just read your post and now feel discouraged. I haven’t started a blog yet but am writing everyday in hopes that it will appear before the public. I came here because I have no idea what I am doing. I didn’t know that you couldn’t just have a blog, that you have to work for your audience. How much time would I spend a day doing all these tricks of the trade?

  300. I recently just started my own blog Neil. Its much more difficult than I originally had thought. The most hardest part for me is creating the content. I have considered blogging daily at the same time its not really necessary when getting started. Liked the last comment and its true no point in creating great content if noone sees it.

    • It’s tough Sam, but you’d be surprised to know that consistency is most important quality and the reason why most people quit.

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    Keep writing and sharing!

    – Rohit

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    • Owais, it sounds to me like you have a new website that doesn’t have enough content. Have you started blogging? Usually Adsense approval takes a couple days, shouldn’t take much longer than that.

      Results take time, especially if you just started. Remember that it is a game of consistency, something you’ll need to keep up for the long run.

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    • Start by promoting on social read this https://www.quicksprout.com/the-advanced-guide-to-content-marketing-chapter-9/

  310. Thanks for such a great article.

    I have been blogging for years but only to attract some extra traffic to help compensate for paid traffic. Taught me a few things!


  311. Sanket Sawant :

    Nice post,

    This is my first visit on your blog and found this article pretty helpful. I started my blog career with blogger platform but immediately shifted to WordPress .I am pretty happy now on this platform and the points you have discussed on ho to start a blog is pretty helpful for newbies for sure.

    • Word press makes things so much easier because of all the customization you can do. You probably don’t need any bells and whistles at first, but great to know you can scale into it.

  312. gift charles :

    This post is just amazing, Im gonna implement these from now on, BTW it is amazing how you are able to reply to so many of the comments.

  313. Hi Neil!! .. An awesome blog post and very educational I must say. One thing I have learnt from my past experiences is, one can’t actually learn anything until one tries it.

    I had come down with the “blogging fever” once before in my life in 2008. Read a lot of articles, watched a lot of videos only, to not do anything about it. Well, I am having the itch again, but I am as confused a boy, now as I was then, except I am not a boy anymore.

    I want to start a blog but can’t seem to find a topic. There are topics that I would like to research and write about but then people are already doing it. Do you suggest I still go on with it or is there any other way (may be a blog post) to decide a topic?

    Also, you said in the post that somethings are always in and we must milk them until the are not .. How to know whats in?

    Language too poetic?? 🙂 ..

    • Real experience can only occur with action.

      What do you enjoy doing or learning about that makes you happy?

  314. Hi there Neil,

    In all Honesty, that is so so True!

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    • Looks good Errol, however I don’t think you will attract a professional audience about for having your shirt off in the video

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    As a novice blogger we shouldn’t forget the importance of traffic. Create quality in depth article but you should also focus on promoting the content smartly.

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    • Neil Patel :

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    • It’s great that you’re so interested in learning. Remember to apply what you learn in your work so you can quickly move forward and improving

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    • It can take you a couple days, months, or even years, it really depends on what kind of work you put into your post.

      I think most important advice I can give you is to just get started. Write amazing content and everything will be much easier

  320. Sonal Sahrawat :

    Hello Neil !
    Thanks for sharing your information. Now, I may improve my blog writing.

    • Practice getting just a little bit better everyday. Sooner or letter, you’ll begin to notice vast improvements

  321. Amazing article!! It solved all my worries and questions. I am a new blogger (1 month and a half) and even if I tried TOO MUCH for a great design layout, bought a new camera for more Pro photographs, invested time and some money, it seems I can’t get much traffic. I have few posts yet, and even if I am consistent, I am not able to post every day since I have a day job to maintain.
    Blogging is much easier for people who stay at home or quit their jobs for some reasons than someone who works full time…

    Although I like it, it is my new hobby , I feel I give and take something so I won’t quit.
    Your article gave me hopes that eventually one day I will get where I want. It just takes time…

    Nefeli | http://lovebeinginspired.net

    • It just takes time Nefeli, you will realize over time. Focus on writing valuable content and then figure out how to market and share that content with other influencers in your industry

  322. supriya jayasimha :

    hey neil! i just started blogging this month. i’ve just written one blog and i was wondering if i should tell my friends about it. on facebook and instagram. i mean, it’s just been one blog.

    • Why not? Get some feedback from people you already know so you can keep fine tuning everything

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    Hey! I’m enjoying your site…learning all kinds of things! I haven’t actually started yet, but…for a name, would you suggest using something with my name or a generic title?

    • I would play around with the idea and just see what happens. You’re learn from it

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  328. Great posts, just started my blog on blogger, and even though I have been providing details contents of about 1000 words on an average I get like 100 visits per day of which 50 visits are mine. I think I will be putting this into action and take a dive to ask my facebook fans what they will like to read

    • That’s still 50 people who are coming to your site.. it’s a great start, 99% people have zero

  329. Even though you had bad traffic and emails about your stuff sucking, at least they read your stuff. I just started my blog for fun (and also to maybe find some career) and I think like five people saw my first post and then no one read my other two posts. I’m afraid I’m going to have the same problem I did with YouTube where barely anyone watched (ive even experimented with different things to upload) and the only comment I got was one or two from a friend or family member. (92 subs with only like a max of 20 views not from subs. Maybe like 2 from subs). I’m probably just expecting too much too soon. Thats a problem I had with YouTube after seeing someone new on youtube get further than I did in the 2 years Ive been uploading (like shes at 1000 in less than a year and im at 92…still). How do you still enjoy doing something literally just for fun and not worry about the amount of people watching/reading or not?

    • It’s not easy… you need to really love what you’re talking about or you’ll get tired of it real fast

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  337. Hi Neil,

    I know I am a day late and a dollar short on this post.. I want to first say (as many have said before me) that this post is wonderful! As the first blog post I have read of yours, I can guarantee you that I am going to be a frequent reader from here on out.

    I have been researching starting my own blog for some time now and am ready to take the plunge! My fiance keeps telling me that I am going to regret not starting it sooner– and after reading your post I feel informed and ready to start it like yesterday!!

    Just two questions..

    Given the time that has lapsed since you wrote this post, has any of the information changed or any additional recommendations you have? (Sorry, that may be a loaded question!)

    Also, do you have any advice as far as a bloggers first blog post and what type of content should be included to engage an audience that is–obviously–unfamiliar with you?

    Thanks so much 🙂

    • Hi Tiffany info is always changing, but this is pretty much all still relevant.

      My advice to you would be to find something you can write about and have an audience in mind. Check out other blogs in the niche you’re interested in and get some inspiration from them.

      Let me know if you need any help 🙂

  338. Thanks so much for the tips but I have no idea what to write about. I want to have a personal blog but I also want to keep it interesting and diverse. My life isn’t interesting enough to write pages about

  339. Your tips ring so true!! I realize that my blog really suffers. Not so much because of my creative content, but because I haven’t been real consistent in sharing all I could share. Reading this post has helped me to recognize a few things I have been doing wrong all these years. I struggle with being overwhelmed by needing content and excellent photos. I don’t do any posts without including photos. One of the things I would avoid in blogging, is going ahead and using blurry photos when in a hurry. It is better to wait and get good shots than to post what you have and make do. I think that falls in the design marketing category. Who wants to see a terrible photo? Those kinds of blogs are ones I don’t come back to unless it is a rare exception to the rule.
    Sorry, too many thoughts and not enough ability to express them.
    Thank you for this wonderful post! I’m going to put these tips to action. 😉

    • Yes I agree that you should be using high quality photos if possible. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Michele 🙂

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  342. I really wish I knew these points when I started my blog. Better late than never. I have good content in my blog but always wondered why my visitors count is increasing only 20% every month.

  343. I have to agree with you and also put some emphasis on uniqueness. The most successful blogs today are definitely those that have an individual personal twist. People love new content and the more unique the likelihood that it will be shared more and draw in more people.

    Thanks for sharing

    • Uniqueness is the way to go. Add personality but also keep digging deeper into your main subject.

  344. Neil You’ve inspired me. This is the first blog post I stumbled upon here on your blog in 2014. I was so inspired that I created my first blog with your tutorials and stories here. My first blog, Seospruce, is 2 years now and it ranks well, though I’ve abandoned it since 2014 (plan on going back to it soon). I’m on my 7th blog now @ http://www.moss9ja.com and it’s just 3 months old. I read Quicksprout everyday. You’re super great and my role model. Wanna be an entrepreneur and blogger like you. It’s amazing how you grew Neilpatel.com and Kissmetrics.com to receive more traffic than Quicksprout in a shorter time frame. I’m Awed. And about spending on Social sites to get traffic.. I’m on that. I noticed my blog gets more traffic from social sites than directly from Google and this blog post is my guide again after 3 years.

    • Thanks, Moses. I’m glad you followed along with the sites and it is working out for you.

      I really appreciate the comment and thank you for providing a little of your story 🙂

  345. Yeah, I have been doing lots of mistakes, and I am learning from these errors. To get successful, you have to do it, when you do it you face problems, and then you get to know ways to conquer these problems, and you learn and win.

    I think we should never fail to try because if we don’t try it, then we are 100% failure but if we try it, we have 1% chance of success.

  346. If we place a blog as a subfolder (eg: www.abc.com/blog )with a site and posting approximately 16 post in a month and each post having an customized image and 1000 words, wont it be burden on site in terms of site speed ? please clear this confusion

  347. Well the scientists might say humans have shorter attention spans than a goldfish, but when I read one of your epic posts I’m captivated down to the last word. Some of this I knew, but there was plenty I didn’t

    I was wondering why you advise contacting websites about broken links as a third party? I’m slightly uncomfortable about doing this. Is there such a big difference in conversion compared to contacting them with your real identity?

    Thank you for the great work.

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    Thank you, Courtney

  351. Hi Neil,

    Many thanks for all the useful posts! I was hoping you might help with my dilemma, I am planning out a content strategy/site restructure for 2017 and am not sure whether to utilise the ‘news’ section of our site as a blog or if it would be more effective to build an information section of my site? It’s quite a large site with thousands of products so I was planning to setup the content pages within their own top tier category e.g. ‘Product Guides’

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    Thank you for this information. I know it was posted a while ago. With that said, I was feeling really great about getting my new blog up and running until I read your monthly costs, which to be honest, kind of dashed my dreams. Who has that kind of money but the very wealthy? How in the world is a new blogger supposed to come up with that kind of money. I don’t even come close to that kind of money in my current occupation. So how is someone like me (without those means) supposed to get up and running? My guess is that the majority of us don’t have those resources. So again, how does someone like me get started and start becoming successful without those unrealistic resources??

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  356. Neil, is 2017 and this post is still better than everything I´ve read so far. Thanks for being a human being first and a blog master second.
    How do you think I should approach starting a blog in my native language and country giving the fact I don´t live there anymore?

    • It all comes down to the audience and the people. They will lead you in the direction you need to go.

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  360. great tips! I am still deciding if i should blog but i have fears holding me back as well. I am in my 20s and would like to make an inspirational blog combined with travel for teens and females in their early twenties to discuss about stuff I’m passionate about such as beauty, kindness, adversity and empower people through my positivity. However i am afraid that it may be a dumb idea and that no one will care. What do you think should i still go for it or not? thank you 🙂

    • Just make sure you start as waiting for the perfect moment is not going to happen. You only learn by doing and embrace the dumb and mistakes 🙂

  361. Anindo Chatterjee :

    Hey Neil, I don’t know how you do it but whenever I hunt, I find the prey sitting in your blog. You are a Rockstar man.

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  365. The two biggest blogging mistakes I have made are choosing the wrong platform and using writer services on Fiverr to help create my content.


    So far I have used Webs and Weebly I can’t even tell you how horrible Webs.com is. Using there services is the worth possible decision you could make for your brand or blog etc.

    Weebly.com isn’t nearly as bad but still there blogging platform is almost primal. Basic features that you would expect to be present with any starter blog were non existent. They are mainly focusing on eCommerce as that is what makes them more money. They aren’t focusing on the user experience at all. Such a shame.

    I should have used WordPress from the start and hired a coder to help me set it up. A little investment at the beginning but less costly mistake in the long run.


    Second biggest mistake was spending hundreds of pounds (GBP – I’m british) on fiver writers. Even the most recommended writers on that site are terrible. I did a much better job writing the content myself.

    I think that’s just it. The only person who is going to write the best content for you, I you. Because you are the one with the idea, the motivation and the full understanding of where you want your blog to be.

    • Bad auto-correct in my comment.

      – Using there services is the ‘worst’ possible decision you could make for your brand or blog etc.

      – I think that’s just it. The only person who is going to write the best content for you, ‘is’ you.

    • Very good points. I’m glad you’ve figured out what works (and more importantly, what doesn’t work) for your blog. Thanks for contributing to the conversation!

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