11 Creative Ways to Build Links

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Are you tired of building links the old school way? You know, the methods that require you to send out emails to thousands of webmasters begging for links? Don’t get me wrong: they still work well, but they get boring after a while.

So, in what other ways can you build links?

Well, there are a handful of creative strategies out there. Here are eleven fun ways you can build links without burning yourself out:

Strategy #1: April Fools’ Day


April Fools’ Day is coming up soon, so why don’t you leverage it to build links? You shouldn’t do an April Fools’ joke that’s obvious; instead, you should take a page out of TechCrunch’s book and follow their strategy.

They wrote a blog post on March 31st a few years ago on Richard Rosenblatt’s yacht, which was called “The AdSense”. A lot of people believed the post was real. Over 600 people tweeted about it, and some even linked to it.

The key to creating a good April Fools’ joke is to make it believable. Do something the day before April 1st, and go above and beyond to make it seem realstic. TechCrunch got Rosenblatt to record his voice talking about the post, which gave it credibility.

If you want your April Fools’ Day idea to build links, it has to be good. You can’t do something mediocre.

Strategy #2: Interview experts


One of the easiest ways to build links is to interview experts. If you email your prospects telling them how great they are and how much you want to interview them, chances are they won’t say no.

I myself get asked to do around four interviews each week, and I never say no. I’ve also emailed dozens of other people with requests for interviews, and it’s also been rare that they said no… this even worked when my blog wasn’t popular.

So, how do you build links when you interview an expert? Well, most experts have a website. So, once you interview them, you can ask them to share the interview with their readers or even tweet and post it on Facebook.

I’ve found that over 90% of the time, people will at least share the interview on Twitter and Facebook, and over 40% of the time, people will link to it from their website. One trick to boosting your link percentage chance is to find out if people have a press page before you ask them for an interview. If they have one, the chance of them linking to your interview is over 95%.

Strategy #3: Infographics


This is my favorite method of building links as I love making complex data easy to understand. Mint used this strategy heavily in their early days. They made complex financial data easy to understand through beautiful graphics.

We also do this at KISSmetrics, and our infographics have received over 3,741 links.

So, what’s the key to generating links from your infographics? Well, you first need to have an embed code at the bottom of each infographic so people can link back. Secondly, you should follow the promotion strategies in this blog post.

Strategy #4: Quizzes


You may know Matt Inman as the guy behind the Oatmeal, but most of us SEOs know him as the master of quizzes. He got his start at SEOmoz and then moved into link creation through linkbait.

He ranked Mingle2 for all of the online dating terms by creating viral quizzes such as: how many 5 year olds can you take in a fight. He then took that same strategy and got a payday loan site ranked for all of the payday loan related keywords.

Matt currently has quizzes on The Oatmeal, and you should consider replicating the strategy if you want to build thousands of links. Just be careful as both his dating site and payday loan site got dinged by Google, but you shouldn’t have that problem if you follow these rules:

  1. The quiz needs to be related to your website – don’t try to create a quiz about fighting 5-year-olds if you run a dating website.
  2. Don’t use rich anchor text – at the end of each quiz is an embeddable badge that shows off your score. That badge shouldn’t contain rich anchor text. The anchor text should be the name of the quiz.
  3. Link to your quiz page – don’t have the badges link to your homepage; they should link back to the quiz.

Strategy #5: Personalized videos

elf yourself

Do you remember Elf Yourself? JibJab created that campaign for OfficeMax, and hundreds of thousands of people Elf’d themselves. They uploaded a picture of their faces, and JibJab created Elf videos for them.

At the end of the video, you were given a link that you could share with others, whether through email or blog post.

According to Open Site Explorer, Elf Yourself has over 10,000 links…Not too shabby for a Christmas promotional video.

If you can come up with a creative video concept that allows people to personalize the video, you can leverage it to build links. People love sharing funny personalized videos.

Strategy #6: Sponsor an event


One of the simplest ways to build links is to sponsor an event. Conference sites list each and every sponsor. In addition, in most cases, they link back to their sponsors.

This may not seem like a fun idea or creative link building strategy, but just think about this… you’ll be able to go to the conference. 😉

If you work in the corporate world, you may get a bit tired of working in the office, so it will be nice for you to get a break by attending a conference. Plus, you’ll get a link out of it.

When getting links from conference sites, keep in mind that they may be taken down in the future, which means you will have to continue to sponsor the event each year. The cost can quickly add up if you are a small company, but it’s fun to go to conferences.

Strategy #7: Sponsor a non-profit


I love the non-profit world because it’s a great way for me to give back to the rest of the world. If you sponsor a non-profit, in many cases, you can get a link back.

When I used to own KISSinsights, we used to give away our product for free to non-profits, and they would link back to us. We came up with this concept when a non-profit asked us for a free account in exchange for press on their blog.

The beautiful part about this strategy is that it doesn’t require an exchange of cash. You can volunteer your time, your products or even services for a link. Whatever it may be, I’ve found that non-profits are open to almost anything as they don’t have a big spending budget.

Strategy #8: Take some pictures


There are always people looking for images, especially high quality stock photography images. I myself don’t mind paying for images, but it can get expensive really fast.

If you have a really good digital camera, such as an SLR, take high quality photos of anything related to your industry. Then pop them up on a page on your website and let people know that they are royalty-free images. Just make it a requirement for people to link back to you if they decide to use any of your images.

The cool part about this strategy is that you will get highly relevant links as people in your industry are most likely to use them.

Strategy #9: Scholarships


Ross Hudgens is an SEO who is known for building tons of high quality EDU links. He manages to accomplish it without spending much money… So, how does he do it?

Well, he creates scholarships related to his company. Once Ross creates the scholarship, e.g., in marketing, he notifies all colleges that have a marketing department about the scholarship. The end result is hundreds of EDU links as colleges will put it on their websites to notify students.

If you do it, it’d be a great way for you to give back and get links at the same time. For example, if you are a marketing agency, you could create a digital marketing scholarship, where you give one student $1,000 a year.

The one thing you have to do if you want to create a scholarship is to make it a “real one”. SEOs are trying to create them just to build links. Make sure it is legitimate. You have to give money away each year, and, if possible, help the winner of the scholarship. For example, if I were to create a marketing scholarship, I would give away money and even provide the winner with a paid internship.

Strategy #10: Get press


The side effect of getting press is that you’ll build more links to your website.

It’s rare that a site like Forbes would write about your company and then not link to it. That’s just not user-friendly, which is why reporters always link to you when they cover you or your company.

If you want to build links, why not get press for your business or your entrepreneurial success? Contact your local PR agency and see what they can do for you.

If you don’t have a ton of cash, learn how to get your own press or just use sites like Help a Reporter Out.

I myself just hire PR agencies like PRserve, who work on a pay-per-performance model. If they get you press, you pay. If not, you don’t pay a dime.

Strategy #11: Give away swag


Some people love free stuff. It doesn’t matter if it is expensive or cheap stuff; people love getting gifts. One person who talks about all the free stuff he gets is Shoemoney.

Every Friday he takes a picture of him wearing a new t-shirt that someone gave him. He then blogs about the shirt and links back to the company who gave him the shirt.

Get creative and start giving bloggers swag. From shirts to hats to anything else that is related to your brand, just start giving things away. Not only will bloggers love you, but they will also start blogging about your company and linking back to your website.


The possibilities of link building are endless. You can build links in many different ways; you just have to be creative. What I’ve learned over the years is the best link builders are the creative ones.

Just look at Matt Inman. Who would have thought that he would rank a site for online dating? Yet, he was able to do it in a matter of months because of how he built links.

All you have to do is to think outside the box as the list above is just scraping the surface. In what other creative ways are you building links?


  1. Chirag Dodiya :

    Definitely these are one of the Best and Creative ways to build Links for any Website..

    I am definitely gonna spend some nights finding my own creative way to build links.

    Thank you for the great post..

    • Chirag, glad you found it helpful. Thanks for reading 🙂

    • Inspiring Citizen Rafi :

      Hello Chirag,

      Yes, you are absolutely rite in saying that these are the best and creative link building ideas..I have personally used 4-5 of them,

      What Neil said about interviews is absolutely rite. When I asked him for an interview…He said a straight yes…Neil, I will keep you posted when I am gonna host your interview on my blog..I hope that you will share the link to your facebook and twitter followers. I don’t see a press menu in your website..So I think you may not be able to give a link from your site…You are a generous man and when you see a possibility please see whether you would be able to link to your interview.

      Posting in ad sites has given me some traffic. I don’t know whether it is no-follow or do follow..Creating an account in social sites that provide do follow links is also a good option. example – linked in…Endorse your close friends in linkedin and ask them whether they will be able to add your blog to their favorite sites column. This is something I have personally used and found successful.


  2. Andrew Johnson :

    These are great ideas, Neil. I especially like the one about hosting Creative Commons photos on your site. You could also upload those images to Flickr and Wikimedia Commons, and ask for a link for attribution.

  3. Make Money Online :

    Great Tips @Neil Once again you have proved it that you are a great leader.

  4. I love the idea about the scholarship. What a great way to give back and get great links for cheap!

  5. Giving stuff away! Never really thought about that since I don’t have a physical product, but good concept and will try to implement.

  6. Jason Diller :

    Ross is such a ninja.

  7. Very useful post, Neil :). I like the April Fools and the Interview Experts tips. Are you interested in doing an interview for my blog? I am in the process of creating an interview series with successful entrepreneurs.

  8. Kumar Gauraw :

    This is now another incredible post on this website. I have been working on link building from last several weeks and this is absolutely going to add tremendous value to my errorts.
    Neil- Thank you for doing such an amazing job of sharing wealth of information in each post. I am thrilled after reading this article. Wow!


  9. Hi Neil,

    Awesome X 3

    I think this is the best possible detail you have shared today, I’ve been doing few thing as per your post but I think I need to play around with few more things to see which gives the better results.

    Matthew Inman is a charm, he created something which is beyond imagination.

    I like the idea of getting edu links, I will surely try this one.

    Thanks for this awesome share, you rock. Have a great week ahead.


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    Infographics work best for us.. One of our Infographic got above 25k views. . more than 4k tweets and around 3k likes on visualy and lot of links to our website..

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  11. This is some genuine and realistic link building ideas I have read here. The first strategy is the best because April fool day is not so far. 🙂

  12. Bhavya @ Flower Aura :

    Neil, one thing I would want to know regarding I/Fgraphs.

    Kissmetrics is an authority figure so it becomes relatively easier for an infograph from you guys to fetch you decent links. How does one go about the task when this is from an unknown player? Where does he submit those infographs? Or should he just put it on his networks and hope that they get passed around?

  13. Hey Neil any good quiz makers out there you would recommend? I was thinking of using Formstack but it gets rather complicated trying to make quizzes thay gives scores on a sliding scale. I’m looking for one I can that embeds on my site and lets me mess with CSS. Thanks!

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    Hi Neil,

    Thank you for sharing with us these great ideas. As you said is all about creativity, doesn’t matter how big is your marketing budget, if you are not creative, for sure the success will not be the one you expect. Personally I think that doing great info-graphics and funny videos can be a good way to get high quality backlinks.


  15. I once had a competitor who was driving up my PPC costs (back when Yahoo was Overture). I decided to give away my product instead of charging new customers the usual $35 fee and drove my suddenly furious copycat competitor mad, and out of business in that arena. Never under-estimate the power of free.

  16. Great Ideas, Neil. Another way to build links is to establish yourself as an Authority in your niche and people will definitely link to you.

  17. The methodology is great and best I like is about interviewing as everyone likes the idea of being elevated to a level of a hero. Regards

  18. Ashok Nimmagadda :

    I like the idea of strategy #11. But do bloggers pay attention to a small company ( a startup) if so …not many I would think . but definitely worth a shot!
    Great post Neil.


  19. Sound advice here Neil and some great strategies as usual, backed up by some fantastic examples… Interviewing is always a good one, although often overlooked. It’s really easy as you can just do it by email as well.

    I like the scholarship example as well. I’m just wondering whether it would work in the UK? hmmmm, what do you reckon?

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  27. Neil,

    I’m sorry but I really don’t see anything creative & new in the strategies you’ve laid out here.

    To be quite honest they are more tactics than strategies but then I’m just getting into semantics.

    Get Press – wow that’s a novel idea, businesses haven’t been doing that for 100’s of years.

    I mean infographics? That’s just a bread & butter tactic in 2013 surely. I know 90% of IG’s are rubbish but still.

    The scholarship tactic has also been done to death & has a much higher barrier to entry now, plus this is nothing more than a link buying tactic which is very high risk.

    Giving away freebies – erm yep against Google ToS.

    Sponsorships – erm yep that’s also a paid link

    Sorry Neal but this is a very poor post.

    • Chris, sorry you feel that way. Thanks for reading though..

    • You see, Chris here doesn’t just get it. I understand y Neil had to be diplomatic, its his blog and ethic demands that.

      Now let me analyze Chris statements.

      One his tone is rude that shows he is manner is quite poor.
      His critiquing is way out of line.
      Not one positive comment in this splendid article.

      When you critique you should be able lay out the positive alongside the negative.

      This he hasn’t done.

      When someone like Chris sits somewhere invisible and lam-bast people it shows insecurity.

      If he is quite good, the least I expect of him is to show us some us his exceptional work by introducing a link either to his blog or facebook Fan Page. At least, it then shows he is someone we know. This goes to show he is a a freaking guy or I await for him to prove otherwise.

      Place a link to your site in the website column

      • Hi Peter

        Yes I am insecure & have severe mental issues the only positive I found in this post was the picture at the start it was very pretty, I didn’t once make a comment about Neil personally, like you did about me.

        The points I am making are the tactics aren’t all that creative & just about any SEO list of top 50 tactics contain these ideas.

        The other issue is risk vs reward I’ve helped 20+ businesses in the past 12 months with link removals due to them failing to understand the risks of paid links and being cautious & attributing risk.

        If you want to read my stuff you can


        Or you can pay me $49pm & join my link building training group. Sadly I didn’t include a link in my comment as I don’t need a nofollow link from Quicksprout.

        PS Neil invites us to speak our minds at the top of the comments – so I did

    • @ Chris,

      If you assume that everyone has been in this business for a long time, then sure, you could say that some of these ideas are nothing new. But for newbies, these are some creative and solid ideas.

      Regarding the Get Press idea, he specifically mentioned HARO. Many people have not heard of it, so it would be new to many.

      Regarding giving free stuff away, since when was that against Google TOS? I’ve never heard of that. And, why does that have anything to do with Google? If someone wants to give free stuff away, why not? People do not need Google’s permission to give stuff away. And, if the receiver chooses to give you a link in return, then that is their prerogative.

      In your SEO world, everything seems to be too risky.

      • @Steve

        Yes, maybe I am coming across as a little risk averse, but I just think people need to be reminded that once tactics like these become common place and are talked about openly on large blogs like Neil’s the bubble has burst.

        If you are giving away free products and scholarships they are classed as paid links and if you rely solely on these methodologies to get links and rank in Google, you need to be prepared for the day Google may devalue your links or slap you with a penalty – I just want people to be aware of this fact as it will cost you more to get these links removed than it did to ever build them.

        Just Google search “free gifts paid links” you’ll find lots of articles dating back 6-7 years about penalties being handed out.

        Also giving away a free product for a review can be against advertising laws in the UK if the reviewer doesn’t declare it, just another thing to think about.

        I just think people who are experienced in these matters such as Neil have a duty to declare a tactic as “high”, “medium” or low risk as you mention a lot of people reading this are new to the industry and as such need some guidance to the impacts of said link building tactics.

  28. Daniel Mihai Popescu :

    There was a time when you had top comments in your sidebar. There was a time when you used some top dollar design, pitching six figure services, and now, you use Genesis. Is it the best?

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  30. One question…

    When you do the scholarship idea (which I love) do you have to provide a scholarship for each school or just one scholarship per year?


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    Once again thanks for sharing. I realize the article teaches 2 things. SEO and content creation tips.

  32. cosmetice online :

    That is a very informative post, Neil. And you are right, creativity is always rewarded and very inspiring for the others.

  33. Enstine Muki :

    Impressive new and never thought ideas neil.
    Yes! there are endless opportunities. I think it’s just being smart to discover them 😉

  34. Inbound Contenter :

    Neal, where DO you get your interns from? So many fantastic brand new ideas here, how do you get such high quality interns?

    Please share with all your fans. You’re the best Neal.

    • There are a lot of sites that can help you find great interns. Or you can just head out to any coffee shop and network 🙂

  35. Neil: I cannot believe how prolific you are in this space in production and sharing. I would add one idea to your mix. Podcasts. They still bring in traffic. I also use Odiogo as an automated way of posting each of my posts.
    Thanks for your contributions and occasional superb linkbait 🙂

  36. Great tips Neil, Thanks.
    I like tip no #1 and #8 and must try no #1 🙂

  37. Big points Neil, you rock!
    Hugs from Brazil!

  38. Or do what Neil has done in this post to build page authority by linking to his own pages. If my math is correct there’s 7 links to quickspout (and kissmetrics) pages in this post and 12 to other sites. Can we call this #12?

  39. Ashish Bhatnagar :

    One more creative way I say yesterday from Mashable…They somehow convinced Bill Gates to write an article on their site. Now when Bill Gates has written an article on mashable, then most probably several people are going to link back to them..because as far I know Bill Gates hasn’t written for any other blog so far..!

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  46. Neal (the 2nd best looking man in the world) :

    I’ve got another tip for you..

    search the internet for link building strategies, pick out the ones that everyone has heard about before, put it into a blog post, maybe 10 or 11 of them, and boom!!!! You have some quality content that will no doubt pick up links and loads of social mentions!

    You can use this one Neil if you want.

  47. But WHY do people link our Quizzes didn’t get that? :S

  48. I just Love the photography idea and what you had described it and personally experienced that one also. Photography is my passion and at my spare time i love that job specially. I have a page about my photography, and when i uploaded the new photos grabbed by me only at my facebook fan page the visitors were arrived very frequently and i just get wonder that most of the photos have less bounce rate!
    I agree with you Neil that creativity can lead us to get tons of back links…its working a lot for me Neil..:)

  49. Felipe Kurpiel :

    When we start using some creativity looks more interesting and fun. I really like the way you put all these ideas together.
    Some of them are more advanced and the majority is a little bit time consuming… but it is worth trying.
    Thanks for the article Neil.

  50. rakesh kumar :

    These are great ideas neil but you know indians love to receive free stuff not to give, this is the main reason. if we follow this strategy, i am sure i am going to be a big hit in my country ;). Other ideas are equally creative and engaging. Thanks for posting this article, will try to follow some other ideas also.

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    • I would suggest building out links slow, then as you scale and know where you are accomplishing positive link value move faster..

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    And thank you for being one of the few exemplary examples of allowing the user to minify the top bar. Not allowing that is a huge pet peeve of mine! I’ll certainly be coming back, thanks for being awesome!

  72. Some great ideas there. The best thing I ever did was sponsor a non-league football (soccer) club. I paid them £200 (about $300) and for that I got my URL on their home and away kit for two seasons (playing over 80 games), promotion in their match-day programme, pictures in local newspapers of players wearing the kits and links on their site.

    I got a ton of traffic from it and thought it was a very wise investment and am looking to do it again.

    • Dean, awesome. Looks like a little investment really paid off!

    • Sheheryar Khan :

      Awesome Dean,

      I’m learning a lot from this post & before started reading comments of everyone I knew someone will definitely share some more ideas too in the comments.. 😉

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  81. This was an awesome post! So I tried #1 tonight and here are the stats so far:

    Posted the first announcement on Facebook Fan Page 1 hour ago: http://on.fb.me/YpEMMj

    Got 30 Likes, 15 Shares, and 3 comments so far.

    Then just posted it here (for the links): http://bit.ly/12625dD

    Gave them 4 ways to share it:

    Facebook Fan Page
    and a textarea link for copying and pasting on other sites.

    This is a great test and a perfect time to try it for link building purposes.

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    • Troy, these used to hold a lot of value, however, they are not as relevant. The best strategy is to create quality guest posts with anchor rich text.

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