The State of SEO: What’s Working Now

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There is no doubt that SEO has changed a lot over the last twelve months. I remember the days when SEOs, including me, focused their time and energy on boosting keyword rankings. We would track all of our keywords and watch them go up as we built links.

Although some SEOs still do this, I myself haven’t tracked my rankings in over a year.

Why? Because SEO has turned into a long-tail game.

Before I get into how you can build your long-tail traffic, I’ll give you reasons why you should focus your SEO efforts on the long tail:

Why the long tail?

In the last 30 days, Quick Sprout got 88,833 visitors from search engines. Out of those 88,333 visitors, 80,383 came from long-tail searches.

And it’s not just Quick Sprout; a lot of businesses are experiencing this as well. KISSmetrics received 156,482 visitors from search engines in the last 30 days. Out of those visitors, 142,493 came from long-tail keywords. More importantly, when you look at conversions from search, long-tail keywords account for 87% of the conversions.

seo long tail

Plus, if you look at the image above, you’ll notice that one- or two-word key phrases are costly to rank for and they don’t convert well. Searchers are also getting more sophisticated and are starting to use more words in their searches, which is why head term searches are down by 8%.

Now that you know why long-tail SEO is where you should focus your efforts, let meΒ share with you how you can build your long-tail traffic:


The strategy we used to kick off our long-tail SEO efforts for KISSmetrics was usingΒ infographics. Within two years, we were able to generate 2,512,596 visitors and 41,142 backlinks from 3,741 unique domainsΒ – all from those 47 infographics.

Do you know how much we spent on that campaign? Only $28,200.

Although infographics are visual, we added a paragraph of text to each one, which boosted the amount of long-tail traffic we got. Plus, all of those internal links helped our blog posts rank well, which generated more long-tail traffic.

If you want to create infographics, there are a few things you need to know:

  1. The topic has to be unique – the topic of your infographic has to be original because infographics aren’t new and cool anymore. If you regurgitate old information in an infographic, it won’t be as successful as you want it to be.
  2. Pick a topic that benefits your readers – don’t try to create infographics for the sake of creating them. They have to benefit your readers by providing them with useful advice. For example, our infographic on how colors affect purchases got over 5,000 tweets, while our infographic on which US brands spend the most on advertising only got 259 tweets. Why? It’s because the post on colors teaches people something they can use on their own websites. The post on advertising doesn’t teach people anything that is applicable to their own websites.
  3. Always use stats– the more stats you use, the better off you are. Just make sure you don’t use so many that the infographic becomes too long. Ideally, there should only be five to seven main points in your graphic. For example, the How Colors Affect Purchases infographic has six points:
    • How color affects marketing
    • How color affects branding
    • The meaning of each color to consumers
    • How design affects purchases
    • How time affects purchases
    • How words affect conversions
  4. Make it pretty – infographics are so common now that they really need to be pretty. If you don’t have a great designer, the infographics he/she creates for you won’t get much traction.

Writing great content

The easiest way to boost your long-tail traffic is through content. But you can’t just write any form of content. Your blog posts have to be very detailed. Once you have good content, you have to promote it through the social web.

If you want to learn how to write really detailed blog posts that are good, read this post. And if you want to learn how to promote your content, read this post.

The one thing I’ve learned about content marketing is that detailed guides tend to do the best. I know SEOmoz once stated that their Beginner’s Guide to SEO has gotten over a million visits.

At KISSmetrics, we’ve published 480 blog posts. Thirty-four of them are marketing guides. Although marketing guides only make up 7% of our content, they are actually responsible for 38% of our search traffic. That’s huge! It shows that writing in-depth content on niche topics provides a better ROI than just writing short blog posts.

Guest post

I did a test with Quick Sprout last year in which I guest-posted all over the web for six months. During that time period, I wrote 59 guest posts on sites that had at least a Google PageRank of 4 and had an Alexa rating under 50,000.

Here are a few examples of the posts I wrote:

The results? I received 14,750 visitors from those 59 posts, and I built 117 links that pointed to 30 internal pages on my own site. Those 30 internal pages went from receiving 9,193 visitors a month from search engines to 22,852 visitors a month.

guest posting long tail

Now I know that there were other external factors that could have caused those 30 internal pages to receive more traffic such as search engine algorithm updates. Other internal pages, however, only saw a 38% increase in search traffic during that same time period, while the internal pages that I built 117 links to saw a 148% increase in search traffic.


If you want to go after head terms, by all means, do so. But if you want to try something new, stop checking your rankings, create good content and build authority links to your internal pages. In the long run, your SEO traffic will go up.

What I track these days is my overall search traffic and whether or not it is going up month over month.


  1. Parmveer Singh :

    Its really doing the smart work rather hard work.

    Sharing statistics is really interesting and inspiring for my kind of followers.

    Really Great Post again.

    • I would say it’s a combination of smart AND hard work. Building up a social media following is no easy task, but once you have it, it snowballs as long as u provide good content, which is rather simple.

    • That’s true ! These are great and detailed insights by Neil as usual. Especially post Google Panda and Penguin algorithm updates links which anyone can easily build adds less or no value and links earned or obtained naturally because of the value added carries more weight in the eyes of search engines, rightly so. Google has certainly found a way to figure out almost any type of manipulative or spammy links which is good for the internet ecosystem.

    • Michael Chibuzor :

      I strongly believe website owners SHOULD build natural links. Those links that appear contextually within the post, especially above the fold. I’ve seen a leap on my rankings when I focused on above the fold link building.

      Working smart is better. And as you advised Neil, checking stats would only cripple our motivation, especially if your blog is pretty new. It’s better to FOCUS on writing quality content consistently. Then building a strong social influence.

      I like this post because of the facts, the photos and chats.

    • Bhuvnesh Rohilla :

      It’s smart work+hard work

    • Thanks, glad you liked it.

  2. Mark @ ThinkTraffic :

    Awesome post as usual Neil.

    I am putting a lot of time at the moment into developing my business’s blog and I am using the principals that you blog about a lot.

    It’s reassuring to read about the success of guides, since I have been working on those sorts of things a lot lately. In fact just yesterday I published my longest post ever (about 2,400 words) on internet marketing strategy.

    So thank you for all the guidance…

    Now, I guess I had better start looking into some infographics too.

    • Thanks Mark,

      I am happy to hear you have found useful information here on Quick Sprout. Good luck with your blog and let me know if you have any questions as you go. πŸ™‚

  3. Kissmetrics is just amazing. Infographics really crush it.


  4. Yes, you are right, long tail keyword plays a very big role in every aspect, whether its blog or small business!

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  6. Craig Pennings :

    Hey Neil,
    I got a 404 error when I clicked on your color psychology link. Could you please post the link again? I’m very interested in reading the article.

    • Hey Craig, it should be back up shortly… the KISSmetrics blog was having issues late last night and we had to restore things.

  7. Great quality post Neil! I’ve noticed this game changer in SEO as well. Another great strategy is creating category specific landing pages with related links from your existing content. Works really well!

    Thanks again!

  8. Hi Neil, I completely confirm that guest posts a are very effective marketing- and linkbuildingtool!

    Great and easy to understand article.


  9. You have some pretty cool infographics on Kissmetrics.. I completely agree with you that infographics have to to look amazing today as there are lot of them now. What you think about submitting infographics to various sites.? will that help.. ?
    Thanks for Sharing statistics..
    Thanks again for simple straightforward post.

  10. Great post! Are your intro (“hand drawn”) graphics a custom creation by your team or do you pick those up as stock graphics?

    Thank you!

  11. Hi Neil,

    So, according to you, only this what you’ve stated is working in SEO nowadays? Infographic, Content & Guest Post?

    It could be, but our clients are still thinking that keyword ranking is everything & they mess with our heads & wants to know the ranking of keywords each month. If they find any of the rankings down, they start asking questions.

    I’d really like to see a post from your end on how to deal with such kind of clients.


    • Keyword ranking is still the number one question that non-technical clients or bosses will ask when it comes to SEO.

      Try to shift their focus on metrics that allow them to see how SEO has helped the business (conversions, quality and quantity of visits, etc.) and the cost (time or money) vs. benefit analysis of ranking for broad search terms as compared to long tail keywords.

    • It’s not what is “only” working, but it is working better than most of the tactics out there.

      It’s more so communication with clients and setting expectations from day 1. It’s hard to do this once someone is already a client and expecting keyword rankings.

  12. A very interesting post Neil, I am relatively new to blogging and a small fish in a big pond but found by accident that we got traffic from long tail keywords when I was writing for them.

    I know try and focus on writing good content, stuff that I believe will help people and not just regurgitate the same old stuff that people can often do.

    I use you as a guide and mentor, I try and follow your example but it is hard, I am sure you do not sleep πŸ™‚

    • The best way to learn is indeed from experience. It sounds like you are on the right track, let me know if you have any questions as you go.

  13. Danail Donchev :

    Social Media Strategy is a must these days. There are few more big channels like Youtube, Slides, Q&A portals like Quora.

  14. Hey Neil,

    Don’t want to call this a formula but it just makes sense how you lay it out. Everything all circles back to creating EPIC content. Rankings it seems will take care of itself afterwards.

  15. Do you write content with any long tail keywords in mind or is the point of your post that by writing detailed content you automatically include long tail which does the job?

    In other words, do you do any keyword research at all anymore? If so, any recommended tools?

    • I personally just write content and not worry about that. Naturally long tail keywords should appear in your posts…

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  18. Brandon Turner :

    Great Neil! I’m curious – how big of a difference do you think it makes that all your guest post locations were such major sites (PR4+, 50k- Alexa.) Do you think the results would have been dramatically different had they been smaller sites?

    • I think it makes a huge difference because I am getting authority links versus average links…

      I think the results would have been different if I didn’t get high quality links.

  19. Great Tips Neil. Thanks for another SEO article. Yeah i got this point from your last article that rather than concentrating on main domain we should work on Inner pages.
    Thanks for this tip.

  20. Salman @ Digital Academia :


    Needless to say but you’ve put a great post that will help put things into Perspective for all wannabee SEO’s.

    Infographics when used effectively can be a Major Win Win and since I’ve been doing it for a while I’ve examples where big sites are not accepting guest posts and the only way to get a PR7 or PR8 link is through Infographic.

    Lets see how things shape up this year πŸ™‚


  21. I agree, mostly it’s simply won’t worth the time and money to go after 1-2 word keywords.

  22. love to hear your thoughts on infographics for local marketing, long tail keyword work great for local marketing

    • It works well for all of those situations. Here is my infographic experience…

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    I am Learining a Lesson of writimg Detailed Content from this Article

    Thanks For Sharing your Insight Neil…

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  27. Great read, Neil! I’ve been putting a lot of my SEO efforts in guest blogging and creating relationships with other bloggers. It’s not about getting the link though, it’s about getting traffic, and I plan on continuing to focus on guest blogging for the rest of 2013.

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    Again a nice post about SEO. If I understand you the next move of SEO is good quality of content right!

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    I think there is huge opportunity in the local market for small businesses. Many have still not jumped on the content bandwagon, therefore it’s wide open for them to dominate their locale with great content, that’s unique, specific and valuable to the visitor. Focusing on long tail should be a regular practice, as so many SEO companies are charging outrageous fees for the highly competitive, and general terms that most small businesses think they need to go after. Great post Neil!


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    • I just write content and not worry about finding long tail keywords.

      Good content usually means you will naturally rank for long tail terms.

  35. Hi Neil,

    That’s quite satisfactory answer for “what to do in 2013” in SEO. Targeting long trail keywords not only helps a direct exposure in front of customers but also a great way in terms of variation in Link building. Moreover we can add few more keywords like “buy online red nike shoes” or say “online store for mens shoes” which could generate direct leads in business.

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    • I don’t sorry, but you can check the comments in this post. I believe some readers provided links to what you are looking for.

  38. SEO is something I have absolutely no clue about, I have been toying with the idea of hiring someone to help take care of that part of the site but there are just so many fakers black hatters around it can be hard to find the wood for the trees. πŸ™‚

  39. Neil,
    Another excellent article loaded with information. Unlike many here, I’ve started to focus on SEO very recently and as you know I purchased your SEO course as well. Just finished your basic guide and now getting into the advance stuff.

    Everytime I come here, I take back some tips that I can implement rightaway in my marketing strategy and I’ve noticed recently that infographics are kind of important stuff that you always talk about. I am going to give them a shot and analyze.

    Thank you very much. You are awesome!

  40. Hey Neil,

    Concerning the infographics. . .recently, a few websites have sprung up that allow you to create infographics from templates. Have you, or any of your clients tried them yet? Or do you do them in-house, or by outsourcers? I would like to hear your thoughts on this. . .

    • I have not. The quality of those templates aren’t that great from what I have seen.

      We currently make them in-house.

  41. Neil,

    As always, your material is worth gold.

    THANKS for keeping sharing your wisdom with us!

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    I believe that the frustration comes from the fact that this article (like most of your articles) is helpful and speaks to what I need right now. When I subsequently click on the links, it almost feels like a broken promise when they come up empty.

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  49. Great tips! I also believe that long tail search is powerful, but also harder to analyze. It’s like nailing jello to a wall. Thanks for the tips and info shared here.

  50. Drew @ Swing Trading Boot Camp :

    It is hard to keep up with all the changes happening in the SEO world but this blog keeps us updated and informed.

    We are currently developing some infographics to provide value to our readers but to also reach more people.

    Thank you!

  51. Another awesome post, Neil. We are developing infographics as well so that we can keep up with the ever-changing SEO landscape and use timely strategies.

    We just have to find the right topics to turn into infographics. I was wondering if you have a guide for what kind of information/topics attract readers the most for infographics. Is it the same as articles Ò€” create detailed guides?

  52. The idea of adding content with info-graphic is awesome:) Thanks

  53. Is it possible to convert existing blog posts into infographics? How does one go about creating infographics?


    • Salmaan Aslam :

      Hi Ian,

      Yes, It is possible to create an Interactive Infographic by using bullet points and highlighting key statistics.

      Also You can check out these online tools for creating Infographic:

      I hope that helps πŸ™‚

  54. Neil, I always belived on long tail. I feel I am headed in the right direction after having looked at your stats which are amazing.

    Infographics is something I havent played with yet … will do that.

    Also will Guest Posting work for real estate niche – how do you find websites to post on? Do you use a membership service for guest posting?

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  56. How do you scaled that up for 10 clients who cannot spend more than $1000 a month? In small business world, spending those amounts apart from consultation is impossible. Is the playing field too titled in favor of the bigger players?

  57. Thanks for sharing this post.
    I totally agree that infographics really works well and a good infographics can fetch you lots of links and can be promoted quickly on social channels.

  58. Still 404 on Kissmetrics

    May be a next blog on analysing how 404 error affects the traffic, and how to take care of that !


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    • I believe in sticking what works best for you, but I also believe in trying new things. So if you haven’t done it yet try giving it a shot.

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    Patel for President – I said it first.

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    • Yes, that typically covers the whole costs of research as well. I think the trends are changing gradually but content is always going to be a mainstay.

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    • I think you should always focus on quality. Quantity equates to spam, and if you are creating links you should definitely avoid quantity.

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