Finally: An Easy-to-Understand Link Building Plan to Help You Recover from Penguin and Panda

penguin and panda update

Google has been brutalizing spammy websites for the last year with several aggressive updates. Penguin and Panda are the two most notable.

While Panda targeted poor content, Penguin was targeting, for the most part, poor links.

The question for you as a blogger or website owner is this: how do you recover and thrive in this new SEO landscape? What are some of the link-building tactics you should engage in to capitalize on these changes?

This guide will help you answer those questions…and more.

Get press release links

There are really two ways to get press release links: send your own or get included in someone else’s. You can’t really control the last one (though I will tell you what you need to do to get in someone else’s press release), so let’s focus on sending your own press release.

I’ve spoken about this before in a post about getting infographics to go viral, so I’ll just cover this quickly before I talk about the actual link anchor text.

Here are three tips on creating powerful press releases:

  • Compelling lead: This is what is going to stop people and draw them in, so write a killer headline and first sentence.
  • Unique approach: Don’t copy anybody. Get out of the box and craft an original hook that will pull people into your press release.
  • Reader problems: Know your audience and solve one of their most pressing problems. Hit their hot buttons.

Some of the best services to use for online press releases are PRWeb, PR Newswire, PR Leap and PR Free.

Now, let’s talk about the actual links.

  • Less is more – Don’t cram your press release with a ton of links. Two or three links is enough. The key is that it looks natural and doesn’t seem forced.
  • Think strategically – Where are these links pointing to? Will they take your readers into a deeper discussion on a relevant topic? Or will they send them to a landing page they don’t expect? Your goal is to engage readers, not to annoy them.
  • Diversify the URLs – Do not keep driving links in your press release to the same URL. If you have three links, then you should be sending them to three different URLs.
  • Targeted keywords – Never waste anchor text on non-descriptive links like “read more” or “view video.” And avoid sending them to your home page too. Make your anchor text work by using targeted keywords to get the best SEO value.
  • Keyword formula – The best way to use keywords is in your headline, your lead and then your links.

Press releases can be pretty pricy, so make sure you are investing heavily in getting it right. If that means hiring a writer skilled in press releases…so be it. It will be worth it.

Get image links

One often overlooked strategy for link building is using your well-designed web site or your images.

For example, if you’ve redesigned your website and it’s got some stunning features, then you might want to share it with some CSS galleries.

Or you also might want to approach these galleries if you’ve run some design tests with some pretty interesting results.

Another approach is to simply order your new site to be redesigned in CSS and then have it submitted to CSS directories like CSS Mania, Best Web Gallery or CSS Elite.

You can actually have your site submitted to over 100 galleries for $20 with CSS Gallery List.

Naturally, if you get accepted into these galleries, you’ll get a link from a pretty good PageRank site.

You can also use high-quality images on your site and posts and then give people permission to embed them on their own sites or pin to Pinterest.

If you are really ambitious, why not create a gallery and then give people access to the images? Right there on the page, they can grab the code to embed images on their site.

To make this strategy work, you’ll want to follow some of these best practices:

  • High-quality images – It’s essential that you provide images that look professional. You can’t expect anyone to take and use photos that look like stock or are blurry. The better the photos, the better your image link-building strategy will be.
  • Make delivery easy – Grabbing an image shouldn’t be something users have to jump through hoops to do. It should be as simple as grabbing the embed code.
  • Make this a regular feature – Just like with the frequency of blog posts, displaying new images should be on a predictable schedule. Of course, offer an RSS feed for this so people don’t have to check back every day.
  • Compress images – Large images can suppress your page speed, and a huge library of images can slow down your entire site, so make sure you optimize your images for speed by compressing. You can use the WordPress plugin Smush.It.

Get social media links

When Twitter first came out, people started blogging a lot less, and that meant that there were few “round up posts” that you could count on to get links for your content.

Now you might get dozens of tweets and likes for a post, where in the past you might have gotten four or five links. Bloggers hated that because they weren’t getting the link juice.

Well, now Google is starting to catch up and look at social signals as a factor in the relevancy of content. Branded3 did a study where they found out that tweets actually do impact search rankings, and recently Catalyst discovered that Google’s Authorship Markup raised click-through rates.

So, with that in mind, let’s look at ten tactics with which you can increase social signals to your content.

  • Use Triberr – This is a social media network that puts you in a “tribe” with like-minded bloggers. Your tribe could be five people or twenty people. It could have someone with 300 followers or 300,000. The cool thing is when you publish new content, they all automatically share it on their Twitter streams.
  • Make social share buttons obvious – Make it easy for somebody to share you content. Use a scrolling share bar and put these buttons at the end of the post too.
  • Create a worthwhile social brand – If you have a lame Twitter account, people may be less likely to share your content. Build your social media brand so people will want to share your content.
  • Encourage sharing – Don’t be afraid to ask someone for a tweet or like. Shoot an influencer an email or DM and tell them you have content their audience might like. It doesn’t mean they’ll do it…but it never hurts to ask.
  • Create world-class content – Nobody is going to share crappy work, so make sure you are spending time building great videos, blog posts, interviews, infographics and so on. People want to share great content. So give it to them.

Get content links

The last type of a link I want to mention is simply links from other sites. This could be just from another blogger who is linking to your content in his or her latest post.

Or it could be a link from a guest blog post you published on another site that links back to you. Or it could be the link you leave in your bio.

If you really want to boost your skills in the link game, check out these resources for link building:

Diversify your anchor text

A good link building plan will drive an assortment of links to your site. You should use a similar sort of mind set: creating a variety of different kinds of anchor texts.

Let me show you the five most common:

  • Ensure you have brand links – Whether it is your blog or business or both, make sure you sprinkle in a good dose of these anchor text links into your content. For me, that could include Quick Sprout (my blog), KISSmetrics (my company) or Crazy Egg (my other company). And don’t forget your name.
  • Exact-match keyword links – These are anchor texts that match the keywords you are trying to optimize for. For instance, one of the keyword phrases that I could optimize this article for is Panda link building plan. The other one could be Penguin link building plan.
  • Partial-match keyword links – It’s important not to over-optimize with exact match keywords. Otherwise, you might look like you are trying to game the system…and Google may penalize you for that. So, use partial matches. For this blog post they could be Panda recovery plan or post-Penguin link strategy.
  • Non-descriptive links – Finally, don’t forget to use anchor text that has zero keyword value. I’m talking about links like “Read More” or “Download this free book.” But if you are creating good content, you won’t have to worry about “non-descriptive links” as you will naturally get them.
  • Page title links – A portion of your links should be the same as your page title. For this blog post it would be incoming links that would have the anchor text of “Finally: An Easy-to-Understand Link Building Plan to Help You Recover from Penguin and Panda”.

The key is simply to be natural when you are creating links. Do rigorous keyword research before you create content (at least during the content strategy stage), print out the list so you have it nearby…and then write. There is no way to get this perfect, so don’t worry about it.


Whether you actually got crushed by Penguin or Panda or not, it’s still important to know what happened with these two updates and how to respond, especially since a lot of these changes are meant to help content creators.

And it really all boils down to this: creating value for the web. If you can do that on a consistent basis, then you’ll rise in the rankings, get the exposure you deserve and succeed in your online business!

What other link-building tips can you share to help people recover from Panda and Penguin?


  1. Backlink Badger :


    Diversity in everything is key now and I think you illustrate that well in your post. We have to be clever now to beat Penguin but it can be done and it is not that hard.

    • Definitely, glad you agree.

    • You say diversity is everything but Neil, in your article you say don’t waste your time with links that say ‘read more’ or ‘click here’. Wasn’t one of the issues over-optimization of keywords? Meaning you have too many links of the same text? Did I read your post wrong?

      • I should have clarified. With some link building methods it isn’t worth wasting those links on anchor texts like “read more”. With other ones you can do so. Pretty much, don’t waste the good links with “read more” anchor texts.

    • Once you are hit by penguin update then this is too difficult to get back in track. i have not seen any case which have recovered from penguin ?
      Once some one is hit by this update then it is difficult to get back !

  2. Neil,

    I’m trying to learn more about SEO for my personal blog and i’m starting to notice that while exact-match keywords are important, over-optimizing leads to my blog posts getting knocked down. However, partial-match keywords seem to work better. Is this the wave of the future were google just gets better and better and SEO comes down to relevancy and social sharing?

  3. The Current Update was so horrible… affected more than 3 sites of mine well i found out the reason now as well the links were from poor quality sites and now i have started browsing the web as much as i can to increase my knowledge on how to defeat these panda , penguins and all the other animals by google , so now only quality links
    thanks neil 🙂

  4. Nice list to follow and stay safe.

    Happy to see that Press Release links done in moderation is still a great linking tool.

  5. I am Agree with Shubham. Mine sites are also affected by the Google Penguin and Panda update. I will try your Tatics to get a rid from the panda and penguin
    Thank you Neil Bro.

    -Akshay patel

    • Let me know how they work out for you.

      • I have tried for some time But I was not getting Proper result so I have export the blog and change the domain name and waiting for the old traffic on the new blog with old content.

        what you say bro ?

        -Akshay Patel

  6. hi Neil,

    Dino here, Founder of Triberr. Thnx for mentioning us 🙂

    Lemme tell you what I think of google. I think blogger’s reliance on google is misguided (putting in gently).

    All great empires have one thing in common. They all fail. From Persian and Ottoman, across Russian and German, all the way to Myspace and Friendster.

    Google has peaked long ago, and is now on a steady and inevitable decline. Betting on google is betting on a strong, but very old horse.

    Triberr’s ultimate goal is to convert the blogosphere into one giant social organism. Where bloggers can rely on each other instead of on an aging behemoth who ultimately doesn’t have blogger’s best interest in mind.

    As for link building -thanks to twitter and facebook- we simply no longer live in a backlinking culture any more.

    Sorry…I could go on and on about this….thnx again, I respect your work and have been admiring from afar for years, and it’s a personal milestone to have you write about Triberr 🙂

    • I’ll have to check Triberr out

    • Thank you for being here! I will surely try Tribber after your comment 🙂

      • Dino,

        I’ve just taken a look at triberr, logged in (as requested) using my Facebook profile, and am disappointed by the lack of introduction or explanation that comes next.

        I’m staring at my own profile and have no idea what any of it means, so I’ve moved on. Might wanna work on that.

        • Good point. That will probably boost engagement as well as conversions.

        • hey Andy, thnx for feedback.

          Ya, the onboarding process is definitely work in progress.

          Basically, you can build tribes by inviting people into your tribe or wait till someone invites you.

      • The power of comments. Gotta love them… especially when a website owner takes the time to leave one after you link to them.

    • Check out the new survey Bing is doing. It is basically a blind side by side with Google. You try 5 different searches and then get the results. I believe the site is or you could Bing It to find the site.

    • WOW! Awesome to have you commenting on Quick Sprout. I never expected that… hopefully the post drove you some signups.

      Thanks for participating. 🙂

  7. I recovered from Penguin by going back and editing my anchor text on sites I control to make it more diverse.

  8. Thats a great Advise…I thought I should give up of the link building with Press relese like I did with Directory submissions..

    I think Press releses are great tool for marketing and creating an hype apart from some link building

    • Press release nowadays are only good with traditional media and it will only work if you have some serious eyeball-catching stuffs that news agencies will pick up. If you are doing press releases just to get links and traffic using some of the online services out there, it will no longer work.

      • Yep, only good ones work. Too many people just pay PRweb for a release with the intention of building links. It isn’t as effective as it used to be.

    • It is a great tool, but don’t just rely on it. You have to use all of the methods out there to rank well these days.

  9. SEO is really complicated. Sometimes I see sites with no value (no links, no content) come up results and good sites buried in results.

  10. “You can actually have your site submitted to over 100 galleries for $20 with CSS Gallery List.”

    Great Tip Neil!

  11. A masterly round up, Neil, of what’s happening right now. There’s a ton of stuff there to keep me busy for the months to come. Some things you mentioned, like images, I’d begun to think about myself, while others are new to me.


  12. Agreed – the best tip to staying on top of search is to diversify. So if Google changes its algorithm to devalue one link scheme, you still have others.

    However, one thing that will never be devalued is having great content that stays relevant.

  13. Best blog i’ve read for a while, thanks Neil great link building tips, including press releases which I havent had a clue how to do unless I paid someone to do it for me!

    • It’s not a bad idea to outsource it if you don’t know how to go about it. When I don’t know how to do something I outsource it to smarter people. 😉

  14. Neil,

    You forgot about the “No Follow ” links,(I know that the effect is indirect) but it feeds the website with more authenticity.

  15. I love Triberr…this the first time ever that I have more traffic coming from social media. I am almost sure that will change as my site climbs higher in the rankings, but it feels good not having to depend only on Google for traffic.

  16. accesomayores25 :

    Hope it helps! have been sofering penguin for 6 months and it’s really a pain in the @##!

  17. Hi Neil Patel

    Your post help me alot in SEO plan, Iam enjoyed your posts and your links.

    I want to say thanks and I have learned alot from you …please continue research about SEO and post to share it …

    • Thank you,

      I am happy you have found helpful information on this post and others. I will definitely keep at it!

  18. I’d like to endorse this article. I run a newswire and we’ve been pushing many of the approaches Neil describes, which have become essential, especially around links. Google improvements to search are most welcome and it’s great that those producing high-quality press releases are now being separated from poor-quality ones – great tips Neil.

  19. Penguin or Panda. What a way to nullify all the hard work we have done in the past. At least it will get rid of all the spammers who is making our business weighed down with so called experts.

    Neil thanks for the good advice.

  20. Neil, Great post. I think social Media links and Buzz works best to recovery from penguin. And guest post on top blogs also help a lot.


  21. Thanks for sharing great link building tips. Various Web sites are affected with recent updates and hence need to follow new SEO Strategies. I am learning new strategies to beat this update and your post gives me various new ideas. I want to add a point here and that’s about guest posting. Guest posting is an effective concept which can be helpful to obtain quality traffic and back links.

  22. Neil Your link “three tips on creating powerful press releases” lead to wrong URL. Please check.


  23. Anton Koekemoer :

    Hi Neil,

    Great guideline you’ve shared – As panda and penguin is still two of the hottest topics when it comes to link building and managing your website according to (new and updated) SEO tactics and methods.

  24. Charles from Code Conquest :

    Of course, the most important thing to always remember about SEO is to write for people, not search engines. That comes first, and then optimization strategies second. 🙂

  25. Some good tips, my site has actually been doing better after Panda and Penguin but it is also right about the time I started getting serious about my content strategy etc. It really just comes down to doing the basics of creating great content that your target market really wants.

    Thanks again Neil, I have only learnt about you in this last week but you are a great resource to the community.

  26. Financial Samurai :

    Love it Neil!

    Let’s get a drink one day if you are in SF. I founded the Yakezie Network of personal finance and lifestyle blogs and would love to rap about some ideas and collaboration.

    Best, Sam

  27. You ain’t seen nuttin’ yet! The next update will really rub a lot of “guru” bloggers the wrong way! I can’t wait!

  28. Finally a great and amazing step-by-step guide on how to recover from this two last google big changes! Thank you Neil!

  29. Thanks for the great tips neil , really cool …… hope it will help many that got affected by the recent updates

  30. Hey Neil,

    Very informative article. I like all the points specially related to Guest post and info graphics. Press Release is also major tactics.

    Neil can you share some thoughts those sites which already effected by penguin and panda updates. I know now days all are updating their anchor text and divert all the links on partial match keywords. Is it proper way to recover ?

    and if any effected site having back links in Lacs than its tough work to edit each link so is there any chances to recover this situation ? Share your feedback.

    Keep continue blogging 🙂

  31. Just want to know is that submit site to css gallery worked?? since most of those sites such as CSS Mania and CSS Elite only give us redirect backlink to our site. for example they use external link like this can we get some link juicy from that redirection??

    • You probably won’t get much link juice form those redirects (if any) on CSS Mania but plenty of other galleries do not use redirects and give you a standard image link.

      Browse through the list at and you can see most of them are using standard image links.

    • Most of them are like that, but not all. It still drives good traffic and some drive links that pass.

  32. Google are certainly keeping us on our toes but the changes also force us to revisit linking strategies and we therefore have new ways to market to our clients.

  33. Google keeps everyone on their toes

  34. kamini Prajapati :

    I have a Local Listing Business Online so can i CSS submission which you say in this blog?

  35. We had far too many backlinks all with the same anchor text and it definitely affected us.
    Part of our problem was outsourcing our marketing efforts and of course, people not connected to your company will never have the same passion as those that are.
    Lesson learned for us.

    • It is a tough lesson to learn but it happens to most of us. The best thing to do is find ways to fix what is wrong and keep improving from there.

  36. Great advice as usual Neil! Im going to check out Triberr seems like an interesting concept and like you said diversification is the name of the game!

  37. Thank you for this Great advice, but i am wondering will google ever have real competitors. i feel they are controlling every thing and soon our lives.

  38. What about article marketing with directory submission? Do you think that Google agrees with that or with the recent updates that will just hurt your ranking?

  39. Great ideas on prnewswire and press releases. We havent added that in yet but am seriously considering it. Don’t forget building a link network around your main site with blogs, web20s and articles. An old tried and true method, but it still works.

  40. When will be the next panda attack?

  41. Bodybuilder Dave :

    Good info. I have two sites, one of them was massively affected by Penguin & that was the one I’d put the most SEO work into.

  42. RichPeopleThings :

    Great article. I wasn’t affected too badly by panda/penguin but I want to improve my rankings going forward.

  43. I didn’t even know about this Panda/Penguin ordeal. I will definitely be doing some press releases in the near future.

  44. Hey Neil

    Fantastic work man. Fortunately, I am starting on a clean slate, so that makes my work easy (or difficult, perhaps). I have delved into all your points in detail and will put them in perspective.

    Looking forward to more of your work.

  45. Mohammed Abdullah Khan :


    Recently my blog hit by penguin and changed the entire structure of my blog.

    Got PR-1 and before getting this the traffic was very low.

    However I was using some of the tips you mentioned above before penguin hit my blog.

    Thanks for the tips 😀

  46. PriceIndiaReview :

    Hi Neil,

    Thanks for Great article

    My Personal Agenda to Defend my website against penguin update is to go and edit my Anchor text for my links.

  47. This sounds very much like the same post that marketing sites have been writing for years?

    Get content links, press releases, social media, don’t use the same anchor text.

  48. Glen - Stock Trading :

    Hi Neil,

    Thanks for sharing with us. I was affected by the Google updates, including the last one, from last week 🙁 I have an website where I built some good links, with different anchor text, and I was removed from top 100 results, on the other hand on another website, where I didn’t have to many links. I am now on the first page for my main keywords 🙂

    • That is odd, on the plus side at least one of your sites benefited and with these tips you should be able to improve the other one. 🙂

  49. Paige C. Willey :

    These are solid recommendations. I’ll have to recommend Triberr to those of my clients who are active bloggers. I think more and more Google is moving towards favoring community and those who take part in theirs.

  50. I think that “think strategically” part is what most people forget. I see so many links that point to unexpected pages.

  51. Neil,

    Thanks for sharing this article. My company recently purchased a subscription to PR Web and we are prepared to ramp up our PR strategy and hopefully improve SEO, get backlinks and increase traffic and conversions.

    I received some advice in the past to post a press release on our site first, before sending it out to the wire service so Google knows where it originated. What are your thoughts on this? Should we post a press release on our site before sending it out? It seems that Google may not even crawl our press release page for a few days anyway, I’m wondering if this is an outdated strategy.

    Thanks for your help Neil, keep up the good work.

    • Yep, you can do that. I personally like writing a different release for my own site.

      People say to do that so search engines view your content as the original.

  52. More and more I wonder if I should be building links at all. I’m seeing very little SERP movement for most of my sites when I backlink now, and links run the risk of penalizing you too. I’m moving more and more towards social, email lists, and high quality content.

    • Focus on quality content, social media and email list. Don’t fully give up on building links though, just do it organically through guest posting.

  53. Online Mastering :

    i say as long as you build each and every link manually by yourself, there’s no way it would ever look “unnatural” to google.

  54. Thank you for post. after reading your post i came to know why suddenly my blog disappear even though i had not posted anything it was coming on first page of google. Hope after using all the mentioned things above again it will appear in google search.

  55. Alex @ How To Start A Blog 101 :

    Great post Neil, There does seem to be a massive emphasis on diversifying links so it looks like natural link building, I’ve been trying different techniques recently and I haven’t seen any good results yet, and the other thing is how much emphasis can they put on social signals from network that don’t belong to them which they don’t have access to all the time to crawl?

    • They may not be able to crawl them all the time but it still helps in general.

      Give it some time, link building doesn’t kick in right away.

  56. These are all key, press release links, image links and context links are all great ways to help your site recover PR and position in the SERPs. Context links especially, and they’re especially effective when they’re in high quality places =-)

  57. 10x for the tips. It is always useful to know how to get high quality backlinks 🙂

  58. Hi neil… i need your serious advice…. i am a complete noob and don’t know about SEO at all…i just kept on regularly updating my site and it was giving me good results and traffic was growing as well….. but on september 17 my site got hit by panda badly and i lost 80% of traffic….and i am helpless now….no earning nothing… adsense was the only source and for adsense traffic is required….kindly guide me how i can recover panda? i am removing copied content which i added to my site when i was a newbie… please help will be waiting… :/ 🙁

    • Hey Technikant,

      If you check out this post, it may help.

      Absolutely Everything You Need to Know About the Google Panda Update

  59. Hi Neil, its really great post, links from authority sites are more valuable. So Press Release, News sites and other high PR site linking helps to get more traffic. If people will follow you then automatically search engine will pick you as the best marketer. Good content always likes by everyone & everybody attach such posts with their links, blogs, portals etc which also helps to make strong link building plan.

  60. Josh Patterson :

    Hey Neil,

    Would you say in a post-penguin world, that sitewide footer links have a negative effect on search ranking?

  61. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for the article. You have some great tips here.

    What a gem you found with – I used their $20 service and I am already seeing some nice traffic form a few galleries that published my site.

    You mention using “Non-descriptive links” for anchor text diversity. I have seen some people using their URL as the anchor text, is that part of this strategy? To me it looks odd, but maybe this helps as part of the bigger picture?

    Thanks again, keep these articles coming!


  62. Definitely less is more in terms of SEO and backlinks!

    Just write great content. Google will always be changing so its best to write for your visitors and forget Google!


  63. nowadays, google is not looking at keywords, its looking at the content and the meta title. Yahoo is still using keyword as well as bing

  64. Joe Poniatowski :

    This is great information. I have recently suffered about a 50% drop in traffic, followed by a slight resurgence, so right now my traffic is down from the 6 month average by about 35%. I will re-visit the linking strategy based on the information you have here, so thanks.

  65. I can’t say I don’t like all you write above, I use to do more or less all but not press release, now I feel like you give me a final push to do…

    And I have no idea how many times I said to everybody to insert good quality pictures, seems google will not index pour quality and of course better is to be unique and yes is so simple to make pictures or to learn a little about gimp.

    I know is of topic but I know you use thesis and wonder if you like or tried until know thesis 2.0, there are controversial opinion regards the new thesis release and I’m curious about your opinion.

    Thanks for the nice reading.


  66. It is a good share Neil. Nowadays, we need to change our link building strategies very often to prevent from Google Panda and Penguin updates. This article is definitely going to help in planning fruitful link building strategies.

  67. Guerts blogging is another great way to build high quality links- on relevant website of course! And you are establishing yourself as a leader in your field.

  68. Quality link building in the wake of Panda and Penguin has really changed, now it’s key to focus on building more relevelant, high quality links, as opposed to just “many” links.

    Quality over quantity 🙂

  69. Albert Mitchell :

    One of the most over looked link methods that I have seen is mentions without links- or getting people to link to you that have mentioned you but are not linking to you. You can do this through advanced search queries but most times that brings back sites that posted the content months if not years ago. I find a better way to get these links is through having Google alerts set up on your brand name. This allows you to capture these links in the first week or so after they are published.

  70. Thanks for sharing this. As a newbie to SEO I’ve tried to gather information from around the web, but an easy trap is that some information is pre-Panda/Penguin and it’s only as you try strategies out you realizee they don’t work because they’re past their expiration date. This was helpful – thanks

  71. Jukka Jumisko :

    Hi Neil,

    You post are as usual very unique, excellent and has insightful information for all of us. I always overlooked link building strategy with images, I never gave that weight age to it. But after reading your post I realized how I can use it in a better way. So thanks a lot for sharing all these strategies..

  72. “Never waste anchor text on non-descriptive links like “read more” or “view video.””

    I’ve read somewhere, that since these white-black animals went online, you should use anchor texts like “click here” or “read more” on at least a part of your inbound links.

  73. Neil, I’ve been in marketing for too many years, and trawled the web for advice in SEO and link building, and I’ve never learnt so much as I have from your articles – genuinely! Fantastic work, thank you

  74. how to make sushi :

    very helpful, having big problem with traffic after panda

  75. Hi Neil. First of all, I want to thank you for the free traffic course. I just start my own blog about helping internet beginners to set up their own blog. But, I found it hard to rank my website. So, hopefully with the course of your, I can rank my blog easier..

    Looking forward to learn from the best.



  76. Hi Niel, in your post you said we should not use click here, check here type keywords but all over the net I found people suggest using long tail keywords, can you please suggest which is better.

    • You should rotate up what you are trying to use. From long tail to short tail to random keywords. Just don’t use random keywords for the good links.

  77. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for sharing another great article but i am still confuse on certain thing, how we can figure out that this link is from quality site or this a bad links.. For one of my website i had created links from pr sites but my website is affected by Google EMD Update. Can you guide me on EMD update..

    Thanks in advance……

    • If a link is relevant and from a site that has good content, you should be fine. If it is from a site that sells links, you probably have a problem then.

  78. Annual Credit Report :

    Getting to page 1 on Google is one thing, staying there is another beast altogether. As soon as one of your sites start creeping up on the rankings, Google changes the algorithms once again. Bottom line, have a quality site with plenty of diverse backlinks.

  79. Quality content, building up relationship with social network and sharing other bloggers content increases presence, Informative tips shared with us. Thanks

  80. get social media links and get content links are most interesting tips. i am impressed by this informative information.


  81. How do rate Slideshare? Scrid and similar? Ebook directories? As Penguin safe content links? Personally I am distributing simple OneTrueMedia and Animoto videos to top sites and seeing solid results.

  82. Good tips about image links – that’s definitely something to think about.

    Thanks for the article.

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    Hi!,,Thanks for the great tips neil , really cool …… hope it will help many that got affected by the recent updates..


  84. Chetan Patel :

    Hello Neil Thanks for Sharing this tips. I follow you link building guidense and after 3 months i get its effect. Thanks one’s again. Keep sharing….

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    good articles … I start make some backlink with your introduction. Thanks for sharing keep sharing tips i like it …

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    I have recently discovered press releases and boy are they good when done right! The trick is though to have really newsworthy PR that will get people talking. Thanks Neil.

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    Thanks Neil for these tips.My blog was banned after this update and now i have moved to another .com domain.But the the ugly part is that,i have to start all the link building process again

    • Sorry to hear. I think you should just keep your focus on content, unique content to be exact, and getting as much exposure as possible.

  88. Good approach in general, but IMHO submitting themes to CSS directories is very near to paid links, i.e. the most of them require payment for this action. Not so good and too risky now, I think. And there is a case of penalization – I lost the link – given to a site which put a link to their site for a ThemeForest’s theme…

    • Salvatore, great point. I think if you do it with caution and submit to the right directories you can achieve great results. With that being said one must be very careful to submit to the right directories. Thanks for reading!

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    One of my friend told me that don’t use Anchor text in press release. Is he write or we can use it ???

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    I am a bit confused about the anchor text thing. As in blog commenting should one just type in their own name or the name of the brand and if someone types their name then how does it helps in improving the seo?


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