Does Google PageRank Really Matter?

google pagerank

What’s the deal with PageRank? Should you panic over every little change in your PageRank scores? Or do you even need to focus on increasing your PageRank?

Although those are all good questions that you have, before I dive into the Google PageRank (PR) metrics, let’s look at exactly what PageRank is and how it’s gained or lost. By understanding how PageRank is calculated, you can see its specific limitations in the evolving world of search as well as what it can still be used to measure effectively.

What is PageRank?

As far as a working definition of PageRank goes, you don’t need to look any further than Google’s own Technology Overview page, which talks about PageRank in the following way:

When Google was founded, one key innovation was PageRank, a technology that determined the “importance” of a webpage by looking at what other pages link to it, as well as other data.

Basically PageRank, which was also named after Google’s co-founder Larry Page, assigns a score to every page in its index, based on the number of websites linking to it and the relative quality of these links. PageRank scores are reported on a 0-10 scale, with PR0 being the lowest indexed rank and PR10 being the highest.

If you have a new website, your PR will typically be N/A until a PageRank update happens.

If you are wondering how PageRank is exactly determined, according to PageRank Explained, the equation used to calculate PageRank is likely a version of the following formula:

PR(A) = (1-d) + d(PR(t1)/C(t1) + … + PR(tn)/C(tn))

The formula above is the original equation that was published when Google was first developing the PageRank metric, so although it’s probably gone through a lot of changes over the years, the base variables are probably still similar.

While you probably don’t care how it’s calculated, the important conclusion to draw is that links coming from a PR3 site with 5 outbound links would be more valuable than links coming from a PR5 site with 1,000 outbound links.

The other thing to note about PageRank is that it operates on a logarithmic scale. This means that the difference between a PR0 ranking and a PR1 ranking isn’t the same as the difference between a PR7 site and a PR8 site. This image below by Elliance should give you a good understanding of how it works.

google pagerank

How often is PageRank updated?

In 2008, there were 5 PageRank updates. There were 5 in 2009, 1 in 2010, and so far 3 in 2011. Although historically it’s updated a few times a year in the toolbar, it’s actually constantly being updated on Google’s end.

The reason Google doesn’t want to show you your new Google PR score on a daily basis is because they don’t want you to obsess about it. They want you to be focusing on creating a site that doesn’t just provide value to people, but also solves problems.

So, whether you have a new site or an old site, it’s good for you to realize that your PageRank score is being updated and that you shouldn’t focus on what the toolbar is reporting. Instead, you should focus on your marketing efforts to grow your business.

Is PageRank important?

PageRank does not correlate that strongly with the search engine results placement. Just because you have a high PageRank doesn’t automatically guarantee you a high placement on Google. Conversely, if you rank really well on Google, it doesn’t guarantee you a high PageRank.

If you look at the chart below, it explains the science behind ranking correlations:

pr sites engines

SEOmoz conducted a study in which it analyzed the search results for 4,000 keyword phrases and compared the sites that appeared in these SERPs with their individual PageRank scores. If the two variables were perfectly correlated, with the highest PageRank pages being first on SERPs, the correlation would be 1.00. But as you can see from the graph, the correlation between rankings and PR in Google’s SERPs was barely .20.

The overall result of the study was that Google’s PageRank is slightly correlated with their rankings as well as with the rankings of other major search engines.

While it’s true that PageRank played a huge role in Google’s ranking algorithm in the past, its role today clearly isn’t as important due, in large part, to the fact that plenty of other ranking factors have been introduced since the launch of PageRank. As more ranking factors are introduced, their relative weight must get smaller as each represents a smaller percentage of a site’s total score.

For example, when PageRank was first launched, it was one of maybe a few dozen factors that were considered by Google’s ranking algorithm. Today, however, the algorithm considers more than 200 different variables, decreasing the importance of each single ranking factor significantly.

My PageRank experience

I own dozens of sites, and they all have different PRs. Some of the sites I own have PR as low as 3, while others as high as 8. The one thing that I’ve noticed is that five or so years ago, the sites that had really high PageRanks did well in Google. Sadly, it isn’t the case anymore.

It could have been the way I was increasing my PageRank as I was getting sites like TechCrunch and all of Gawker Media to link to my blog from every one of their pages through a business development deal I did with them (no money was exchanged). Doing this not only drove good traffic to my site, but it typically got my site to a PageRank of at least 7, if not 8. After years of doing this and realizing that I wasn’t really ranking higher on search engines by boosting my PR and that my traffic wasn’t growing by leaps and bounds, I went back to old school link building to increase my traffic.

I personally don’t focus on PageRank anymore. Instead, I focus on:

  1. Social media trafficas your social media traffic increases, you’ll typically get more links coming to your site. In the long run, you’ll rank better.
  2. Create good content – if you have good content that is unique, people will find out about your website and link to it.
  3. Clean code – if your website code isn’t search engine friendly, you won’t rank that well. From meta tags to URL structures, simple things can have a big impact on your traffic. For example, by just tweaking TechCrunch’s meta description and title tags, I was able to increase its search engine traffic by over 30%.
  4. TimeSEO is no longer a quick game in which you can rank at the top of search engines without putting in the time and effort. Don’t focus on growing too fast. Be patient. Build quality links instead of going for quantity, and just give them time to kick in.
  5. Site authority – it’s all about the long tail. If you want to get millions of visitors to your website, you can’t just focus on ranking for a few keywords. You have to rank for thousands, if not millions. Build links to your internal pages, and you’ll notice that your overall site will get a higher authority rank and will rank better across the board.


Based on this information, it would be easy to assume that PageRank doesn’t matter as much anymore. And, in some ways, it doesn’t. Having a higher PageRank isn’t going to get you ranked higher in the search engine results, which means that working towards high PR isn’t going to bring in more website traffic or, consequently, more sales. From the standpoint of improving the metrics that actually make a difference for your site, it’s true that PageRank doesn’t matter much anymore.

Susan Moskwa, a Webmaster Trends Analyst for Google, sums up this idea nicely in a post on the Google Webmaster Central blog:

I posit that none of us truly care about PageRank as an end goal. PageRank is just a stand-in for what we really want: for our websites to make more money, attract more readers, generate more leads, more newsletter sign-ups, etc.

However, this doesn’t mean that PageRank is totally worthless. There are two areas in which PageRank still plays an important role:

  1. The way PageRank contributes to your site’s indexing frequency.
  2. Its use as an indicator of penalties from bad back-linking strategies.

Let me elaborate on the first point first. PageRank plays a role in determining how often your site is re-indexed. If your site has high PageRank, Google considers it to be more important and worthy of being crawled, and it is analyzed more often than a lower PR site. Being crawled more frequently can lead to content being ranked in the search engines more quickly. So, for this reason, having a high PageRank is still important.

Now to the second point. PageRank has long been used by Google as a warning shot to penalize website owners who are using linking strategy that violates Google’s Terms of Service. Recently, both and JC Penney suffered high profile penalties for using paid inbound links to boost their PageRank unnaturally or for selling them.

So, with regards to our original question about whether or not PageRank matters anymore, the answer is yes…and no. While focusing on improving your PageRank isn’t going to correlate with better Google rankings directly, I wouldn’t recommend abandoning it entirely.

If you see a dramatic downward shift in your PageRank, take a good, hard look at the SEO strategies you’re using. If your number continues to increase gradually, it’s a smooth sailing for you. 😉

Do you think PageRank matters?

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  1. Great thumb in the air gauge – but most clients (at least mine) are looking at other metrics.

  2. Very greart article…

  3. it doesn’t matter to me anymore but like everybody else, I was obsessed with it. I’m back to old school link building and link wheels. 🙂

  4. Page Rank stopped being of any indication of ranking at least 5 years back. We use it only to check Page Rank of external sites where we may be having no-follow links.

  5. Casey Armstrong :

    Great breakdown. Glad to see how many times they updated it. In 2010, seemed like they never did and saw you wrote it was once. Like many others, I don’t stress about it. It’s an easy barometer to glance at, but I give MozRank from SEOmoz more clout and believe it’s a better high level metric.

  6. Tyler Woychyshyn :

    a high page rank does not mean your page will have a high ranking in Google. However, getting a PR 5 link is still much better than a PR 2 link, all other things equal (i.e. number of outbound links from that page).


  7. Google recently announced that it was shedding more light on PR, this gives bloggers a kind of indication that PR is still a very important factor when it comes to ranking.

  8. sell textbooks :

    Nice article. I remember a time when my mood used to be dependent on my page rank and search engine position. Nowadays I couldn’t care less — it’s all about the traffic. In fact, just looking back and crunching the numbers, fluctuations in page rank had no correlation to the traffic I was getting.

    • Definitely, it all comes down to traffic.

      • sell textbooks :

        Oops, let me correct myself — instead of saying it all comes down to ‘traffic’ I meant to say it comes down to the … I can’t think of the word right now (it’s a bit late in the evening), … I think the word is “conversion.” In other words, if you’re selling something, then it comes down to the sale. If you’re writing something you want people to read, then it comes down to someone actually reading it. As opposed to just traffic “walking by.” Hopefully that makes sense 🙂

  9. Astrologer in Delhi :

    Page rank is like a status symbol for your website, As I think.

  10. I have never seen such a detailed report on Pagerank, You are right page rank is just for authority, it has no relation with serp and traffic.

    Thanks for the research full article.

  11. Web Design Resource :

    All of the above points for page rank also i heard about quality back links from other reputed sites are most important factor for Page Rank.

  12. These days I rely mostly on SEOMoz metrics! I cant remember the last time I looked at PR as an indicator for the power of a domain/ Page.

    Thanks for the info

  13. I think PR is an OK way to estimate the power of a specific page but the problem is inexperienced entrepreneurs tend to think that high PR equals sales & revenues. At the end of the day PR is just a number and there are many other elements that need to be in play in order for things to work how they should.

  14. I think one needs to focus on quality more than anything else.

  15. It is not the PR of the URL that matters. It is the PR of the HomePage that interests Google – the top factor in the google algorithm.
    The second factor is the boost given by Google to HomePages that are competing for a keyword. In this situation, HomePages with PR0-4 will count as PR 5

    High HomePage PageRank does not guarantee top postioning. the benefit of understanding HomePage PageRank is the other way round. If a website does not have sufficient HomePage PageRank it will not be able to compete for keywords with high HPR-KD – HomePage PageRank keyword difficulty.

    Hope this helps

    Kind regards


  16. I believe PR does not matter too much but it is great to have a good PR because the public believes it is a big deal.

    You can leverage deals with a high PR. I always look under the hood but take PR into consideration because I know I can sell a website quicker and more money if I have a higher PR for the website.

  17. Very recently a client asked me the same question “Is PageRank still that important” and I have forwarded this article to him.

    In India SEO companies still talk really big about PR so they can sell their link building plans.

    I too have a few websites with PR from 0 to 5 and many pages of the site with 0 PR rank well and drive good traffic

  18. College textbooks :

    I have noticed this to be true with some of my sites. I have a few low PR sites, but have no problem getting found on google for specific terms. I had never really understood the correlation between PR and visibility.

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  22. PageRank doesn’t matter, search engine results ranking doesn’t matter – if your product/service is relatively niche and your customers need recommendations or old-fashioned marketing to know about the product (and thus subscribe!) they are not going to search for it per se.

    Of course the less technical web user might type your company name into a search engine rather than in the URL bar, but that should return your product within the first page with minimum effort. Unless you went for a really generic name…

    • Interesting, I would have to say it isn’t as black and white though. Thanks for your feedback though.

    • sell textbooks :

      Chris, your comment is refreshing, in that it serves as a reminder that many people searching for a product or a service are not webmasters, or keyword savvy. It is always interesting and fun to watch how others search for your product.


  24. Thanks for this great article Neil. I think what you explained here is totally true about PageRank so I have nothing to say than ‘bravo!’

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  26. Niel, First time when i checked my sites page rank it was 5. I start monetizing it and people has shown interest and paid well, you are one of them. After 6 month my page rank down to 3 people are now not very much interested in my site. So in this regards page rank hit me very hard. Otherwise it hardly matters for me. Google is still sending a lots of visitor and day by day my site is gaining alexa rank. people are coming.

  27. Mike - Chicago SEO guy :

    I think PR is certainly something to monitor, but doesn’t require much attention. If it jumps up, have a little celebration. If it’s fallen, then you need to check your strategies..

    I think it’s become less of an influence in SERPs because people are more and more searching for not just relevant, but current content.

    I always get frustrated when I see articles that are 3, 5, even 10 years old show up in my searches. (And then have to filter by date.) Those results are usually from sites with high PR that are “well-established,” older sites, even though the content is next to useless.

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  30. Ya, I rarely look at pagerank anymore myself. I am a big fan of SEOMoz and their tool bar. I find the Page Authority and Domain Authority on their toolbar to be a much better gauge of the value of a page or overall site.

    To think we used to just look at the PR of a home page of a site to make a determination of how valuable the site was.

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  36. Great article Neil. If PR was historically linked closely to not only content, but links, and google know link building can be manipulated it really makes sense for businesses to concentrate their efforts on social media interaction as more difficult to ‘manipulate’ than standard link building strategies. Our advice to small businesses – get your website technically structured correctly, concentrate on content, both insite and via social media.

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    I don’t obsess about page rank too much. Good content and consistent link building mo matter the page rank is better. You can waste a lot of time trying to focus on high page rank.

  39. It amazing how many components need to be right, but to me valuable content and relationships mean a lot in the big picture. It seems like PR is a result of those + seo…

    Good article, thanks.

  40. For those of us who do not enjoy the statistical part you did a great job of breaking it down.
    Easy to understand and that is MOST helpful.
    Love the graphics as most are visual.
    As always great “Thought Material”…thanks

  41. Good article Neil, there sooo many people claiming they can help, I often feel like I’m spreading myself too thin!

    • Just focus your SEO efforts on one or two things. Like link building or optimizing your meta tags. And then move on slowly as you conquer each item.

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    I am so glad I found this article, Neil. I was marketing on the internet back in 2004-2006 then quit, and now I’m trying to learn what’s changed in the last 5 or 6 years so I can start again. Your insights are very helpful.

  43. Astrologer in Delhi :

    Does Page rank matter with your Search Engine rankings?

  44. hi, from my experience i noticed that sometimes the same site gets more traffic as long as it has pr3 than with pr4. how would you explain this ?

  45. But Neil if page rank is not so important how come it’s so hard to compete with and topple higher page rank sites from the Ist page of Google?

    • They have a higher page rank due to popularity. Sometimes site strength has nothing to do with “popularity” but rather usefulness and quality of content.

  46. Thank you for the article as i always have been thinking that page rank is most important thing in the world of internet. i never read such articles like this. If you are true that this is now thing of past then i am happy that i am concentrating new and unique content..

  47. Another very interesting topic here Neil, hmm… so I might concentrate now on my content rather than focusing on other stuff..

  48. Actually PR is now dramatically changes at the end of every month after the Panda Update, and in my opinion now PR is depending on the sharing and quality stuff rather than inbound links.

  49. Thanks for another tip on the business I’m in. Actually, we’ve been discussing with a co-worker that quality is important than quantity. Because mostly people would post anything just to have ranks but soon, it might be deleted.


    • You definitely have a point. If you are in it for the short-term maybe it will work. But if you want sustained growth you should always strive for content.

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    I look at PR as something that you would shoot for in the long term. I think working hard to create good content that will last is way more important to focus on. If you build your website right the first time PR should follow.

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    What is the word interpretation of this PR formula in words.

  53. Rent College Textbooks :

    PR(A) = (1-d) + d (PR(T1)/C(T1) + … + PR(Tn)/C(Tn)) this is the old one I think? not to sure though

  54. most important is the position of web site with some keywoard, we have some case when a site page rank 3 is in the lower position then b site who have page rank 1. It is fancy to website have high page rank, but much beter is to have high positon with some keywoard in google.

    • That is true Milan. Often times having a high ranking keyword that drives traffic is the biggest indicator of your website’s overall success!

  55. Neil Patel..your post is very nice. i grasped many things. According to me PageRank doesn’t matter so much. Important things is TRAFFIC on website. For traffic always placed at 1 page of SERP.

    • Having a keyword that is number 1 on Google can make all the difference when you are looking to drive sales and grow your brand.

  56. Watching toolbar PageRank is a frustrating game. It’s hard to see it move downward for no apparent reason, and hard to see pages with lower PR outrank my pages. The fact that it even exists gives one the idea that if you just had the right links, with the right anchor text, from the right sites, Google would show you some PR love and loads of traffic would follow.

    • Definitely, you make some good points. PageRank can become frustrating at times and can throw you off. Just stick to providing good content and links.
      Best of luck.

  57. melbourne internet marketing :

    Thanks again for dissecting things to show what’s important and what’s superficial. I really like the way you put it when you said “SEO is no longer a quick game”. Effort and content will always guarantee success in the long run. Thank you very much.

    • Yea, it sucks that it isn’t a quick game anymore. I miss those good ol’ days.

      At least now, it creates a bigger barrier to entry as only serious companies will focus on SEO verses the people who are just looking to get rich quick.

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    And the debate goes on…. ive head both sides and still have no clue who is right

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    Google makes it a point to not disclose their updates, algorithm or PR. You can know the moment it happens though by creating a notification in google with the search terms “page rank update”.

  60. Hi Neil, I think this is a great post for SEO initiates, though I do think you could have clarified point 3 further.

    URL structures are massively important and folk can search for best practice on the subject elsewhere now that you’ve highlighted it’s importance. However, improving meta descriptions (MD) isn’t going to affect rankings directly; it’s importance is (arguably) greater than just being a mere ranking/relevance factor. The MD’s most vital role is being the opportunity to call searchers to action, to tell them before they’ve clicked on your result that yours is the site they need visit most, to fulfil their need. It’s the first place that SEOs need to think like marketers.

    The MD is very likely to directly affect click-through and bounce rates (click-through by offering a descriptive caption of what the page is about, calls to action etc and bounce by allowing users to decide before clicking-through whether the page is relevant to their search term) in the SERPs, which can – to some extent – also impact rankings.

    PS – All that keyword-rich content, without even as much as asking for a link in return. You’re welcome 🙂

    • Haha, thanks Curtis. Appreciate the insights you are providing for the readers. I agree with much of what you are saying, you have to really spot which phrases and calls to action will drive the most clicks. It’s essential!

  61. Parenting: The First 12 Months :

    It always amazes me how people say Page Rank doesn´t matter and then when you are either trying to link with them or sell your site Page Rank becomes the most important thing in the universe.

    • It is a very interesting dynamic. It’s a status symbol that has long lost its meaning. I guess it is what it is and you just have to deal with it.

    • People still think that Page Rank is very important but in fact it is not that important anymore. It helps you with other things, but PageRank itself doesn’t mean much these days.

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  64. You can leverage deals with a high PR. I always look under the hood but take PR into consideration because I know I can sell a website quicker and more money if I have a higher PR for the website.

    • That is one way of getting it done. Having a higher PR can make your website appear more credible and therefore more profitable.

  65. Well ranking algorithm of Google is really becoming complicated as time goes by. PR maybe not that important to ranking today but some are still looking at it as a form of judging the quality of the website. It is like a ‘social status’ of a website. I believe it still important.

    I think it still matters as PR are like social symbols that still wants to see by a lot of entrepreneur today.

    • Definitely, PR has decreasingly lost its value. It does however still like you said hold a website to a sort of social standard.

  66. I used to concentrate more on page rank because for advertising purpose page rank is considered more

  67. Awesome article. I have been trying to figure out the importance of page rank. After a lot of research I really couldn’t come to a conclusion. Great job, and very informative.

    • No problem. I can see how you have difficulty in making a decision. Even though PR has seem to have lost value over the years it is still important to some, in certain ways.

  68. Great article …. i think that page rank help us on link building . Looking at page rank you can see if that website is highly indexed by google and if you must use it on you link wheel … i think this is the only thing that pagerank helps with .
    So as Cris said , i stick on link wheels and backlink building because page rank is not so important to me .

  69. Could you be any much more pretentious? I hope you didnt get paid to write this drivel.

  70. Nicholas Scott@Social Media Companies :

    PageRank is a numeric value that represents how important a page is on the web. Google figures that when one page links to another page, it is effectively casting a vote for the other page. The more votes that are cast for a page, the more important the page must be.

  71. The simple answer is no.
    I have 7 sites all with varying PRs and yet the site with a PR of 5 is below the fold on page 1 of G whilst my PR1 site is at number 1 on page 1. I think (like the alexa ranking) it is only important to people trying to sell their sites.

  72. I find that PageRank’s not all that important – many pages with low pagerank appear higher in the search rankings than those with high pagerank.

    It’s nice to have, though, and it does often mean a website is ‘better’ if it has a high pagerank, but it doesn’t mean a particular page is more relevant to Google when somebody carries out a search.

    • It is a decreasingly valuable tool indeed. It certainly is a way to hold sites to a type of standard, that people still wish to be measured by.

  73. online examination system :

    It seems that the page rank is not important that much for the top page in google, but still some of them sale links based on the page rank and most of the buyers of the websites concentrate on pagerank

  74. AR @ make money online :

    SEO really takes time and effort; there is no shortcuts. Patience is really a good virtue, just like what Neil said. 🙂

  75. Yasir Khan Quantum SEO :

    In your post you gave an example that a PR3 site with 5 out bound links is better than a PR5 site with 1000 out bound links. This is confusing! content farms like Ezine Articles have millions of out bound links but still has a comparatively high PR and had great visibility (till Panda was launched). Is this the reason why they have started blocking massive content up-loaders from their site?

    • It could be, I am not sure why they blocked massive uploaders…

      In general the less links a page has, the more PR that is split between those links.

  76. Great post dude. A question about page rank.

    What if i produce a wp theme with footer links containing the same anchor text back to my site but installed on unique domains as i give it away.

    Will this increase PR?

    I noticed Yoast getting stuck into GoDaddy recently about footer looks but i really don’t think they work if they have the same anchor text. Whats you opinion Neil?

    • They used to work really well, but not as much these days. They can boost PR, but not rankings as much as they used to.

      Free WordPress themes are a great way to boost PR.

  77. People seem to forget that Google PageRank doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a great force on the Internet, nor does it mean that you are reliable, or even that you *don’t* have a great deal of traffic.
    Surely creating helpful, long-lasting, valuable content is more important than when Google updates?

  78. Neil,
    Thanks for the awesome post and useful information. As always, you break it down in practical terms that are useful and understandable for a layperson such as myself, who is constantly learning. Your advice to focus less on PR and more on other things, for instance site authority, makes sense on so many levels. Awesome!

  79. we never really pay attention to PR. It’s the last thing on our list

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    Now I am more interested in how did you increase TechCrunch’s traffic by 30%.

  82. Google pagerank most important part of your site to the other person see your site first he is see your google pagerank and decided to surf your site, so google page rank is most importent part of your website…….

  83. Mirko Ceselkoski at :

    Really nice and thorough explanation of PageRank power and influence over search results, but certainly it is not the only factor in ranking on google search!

  84. I also like to use PR as an “indicator” of how the backlinking is going.

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  86. Great article! Google PR is still one of the most important parameters used in website worth algorithms. I have developed an evaluation algorithm that uses as input parameters GPR, Alexa, Compete, W3 code validation, etc, here:
    Keep up the good work!

  87. Thanks for this article! Having built my first website I have been increasingly frustrated at not seeing results appear right away.

    It sounds like I need to re-evaluate and be smarter. Thank you for your tips – I will definitely be using them!

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  89. I was so much worried, my one year old blog is having good ranking in Google, but PageRank is zero! I put some efforts… but no improvements, NEVER! Thank you Neil, your article made me tension-free. I will no longer bother about PageRank, I have good search engine results and enough visitors. (I will only work hard to improve my website and contents… that’s what Google itself suggests and very few like Neil teaches) Love you Neil, you made my day!

  90. Hello Neil,

    Thank you for sharing so much information. I was looking for the difference between Alexa rank and Google Page rank when I came upon your article. I have a 4-month old blog and it has PR0. This bothers me. However, even if it has low page rank, I only create quality contents and I will continue to do so. After reading your article, the comments and suggestions from others, I have now a better picture of what Google page rank is all about.

  91. By the way Neil, I checked the rankings of at webstatsdomain. It currently has Alexa rank of 1037, backlinks of 92,433, but its pagerank is 0/10!? What does this mean?

  92. Great info. It explains in great detail some of the things I wanted to know. Thank you so much. Let’s do Sushi sometime. 🙂

  93. Hey,
    Page Rank stopped being of any indication of ranking at least 5 years back. We use it only to check Page Rank of external sites where we may be having no-follow links.

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