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As you probably already know, the more websites you have linking to your website, the higher you’ll rank in search engines. Now, there are a lot of shady ways to get backward links such as buying text links from brokers or website owners. Or even worse, hacking old WordPress blogs and sneaking in links to your website.

I do NOT recommend that you do anything shady as it only results in short-term gains. In the long run, you’ll have a good chance of getting caught and potentially banned from one of the major search engines.

Instead of going with the short-term route, here are some legitimate ways you can build links so that you can boost your search engine traffic.

Link building tactic #1: Infographics is known for creating good infographics. If you aren’t sure what they are, infographics represent data in a visual format. For example, I created an infographic that represented the complexity of the US tax system, which made the Digg homepage and sent around 20,000 visitors to Quick Sprout within two days.

As long as you put in a lot of time and effort into creating these graphics, you’ll have a good chance of them going viral on the social web, resulting in thousands, if not millions, of new visitors to your site. More importantly, you will get backlinks from authoritative sites.

If you are like me and can’t create these visual pieces of content, you can always hire firms like Column Five and Infographic World to help you with your task.

Link building tactic #2: Quizzes

Mingle2 was the first site that really leveraged the power of quizzes. Within a few months, it ranked number one on Google for “online dating” and “free online dating.”

The way Mingle2 did this was by creating viral quizzes such as “Would you eat your buddies in a blizzard?” At the end of the quiz, there was a little badge that you could place on your website, which then linked back to with the keyword “free online dating” or “online dating.”

Link building tactic #3: Comics

Comics may seem a bit geeky to you, but they do very well on the social web. A site called The Oatmeal builds comics like “Why I’d rather be punched in the testicles than call tech support.” These comics aren’t filled with any factual or useful data, but they are really funny.

According to Yahoo Site Explorer, that comic naturally pulled in over 3,000 links. And if that doesn’t impress you, the site was also able to get over twenty million pageviews a month according to Google Analytics.

Link building tactic #4: Reviews

Just because creating good content isn’t sexy doesn’t mean it won’t build links. For example, I wrote a review of the American Express Black Card a few years ago, and it naturally built hundreds of links.

I didn’t solicit the links, but I created the most extensive review of that card on the Internet. Since then, sites like Mahalo and Wikipedia naturally started to link to it.

This not only caused that page to get a lot of backward links and rank high in Google, but it is still to this day the most popular blog post on Quick Sprout according to Google Analytics.

The key with writing reviews is to create in-depth analysis of an issue and provide information that doesn’t exist in other places. If you aren’t covering every aspect of the product or service you are reviewing, don’t bother creating reviews.

Link building tactic #5: Trends

Who doesn’t want to know what’s going to be hot? I know, I do.

Smashing Magazine is known for writing very detailed blog posts, which is why it is one of the most popular sites on the web. One thing it has been doing year after year is breaking down up-and-coming trends.

For example, its blog post on “Web design trends for 2009” is rich in content, has tons of images, and, most importantly, is broken down into sections so that it is easy to read. This caused that blog post to receive over 200 comments and close to 5,000 backlinks. Not bad for a single piece of content.

Link building tactic #6: Lists

I know lists are old, but they still work. If you don’t believe me, just look at all of the “top 10 lists” that have made the Digg homepage. According to Digg, over 1,300 top 10 lists have received over 500 diggs, which isn’t too shabby.

If you are going to create a list-type post, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • A picture should be included with each list element.
  • Who says they have to stop at 10? Spice it up, and create odd numbered lists such as 11 or 51.
  • Just like everything else, the post needs to be detailed and contain little to no fluff.
  • Get to the point, and go into the list. The biggest mistake most websites make with list posts is that they write big introductory paragraphs instead of just going into the meat of the post.

Link building tactic #7: How-To guides

How-To guides are so successful in building backlinks that companies have been built around just that one content type. Just look at sites like eHow, which has over eleven million backward links and is considered to be the 43rd most popular site in the US according to Alexa.

If you’re creating a How-To guide, make sure you:

  • Include pictures that show each step.
  • Write detailed content that breaks down each step (not everyone is as smart as you are).
  • And if possible, create a video showing the final product.


There are a lot of ways in which you can naturally increase your backward link count. You just have to be a bit creative. Sure, you can take the easy route of just buying text links, but going with the natural route is a long-term strategy that truly provides better results.

Whatever method you use, make sure the content you are creating is related to your website. For example, if you are going to go with the quiz method, make sure the quiz is 100% relevant to your website unlike the Mingle2 example I used above.

On a final note, here is a video with 5 more tips on building links from Google engineer Matt Cutts.

P.S. If you want help building backlinks to increase your website’s rankings click here.


  1. Mingle2 & The Oatmeal are the same guy, right? That guy appears to have backlinks down to a science…

    • Yep, it is the same guy. He doesn’t work with Mingle2 anymore.

    • Get Rid Of Cellulite :

      Yea, dudes is pretty sick with linking and building buzz. Those are some hard markets to crack online.

      • That market in particular is very difficult so they have definitely done an amazing job.

      • Online dating is a truly tough nut, and to get to #1 for those keywords really says a lot for the inherent link building potential in quizzes. A properly thought out campaign leveraging this inherent power can be extremely successful.

    • How do you make it a science? Can you point me to some resources?

      • Get Rid Of Cellulite :

        I think the science is in”making it interesting” and making it easy to pass on (viral). People like to be entertained, and if you do that with a quiz or anything that you need someone to read or take action on it will hold their interest and attention long enough to take what ever action you want them to take. That’s what we call making it sticky.

        Interesting + Reason why + Easy to pass on = Successful Campaign

        But like everything you will have to test it.

        • Yes exactly. Not everything will work for everyone. Sometimes having 1 of the techniques laid above will work better than you doing all of them.

      • Look at other blogs successful in your niche and have your quiz content related.

        • Get Rid Of Cellulite :

          This is something that so many “more” people need to do that they just overlook. Look at what the competition is ALREADY having success doing and do something similar.

  2. :

    Nice summary Neil.

    I did a Cartoon on my blog about how a website gets onto Google. Explains a pretty boring and technical concept like SEO in a comical way via SouthPark cartoons. Worked well for a boost of traffic via the viral element of it as well as a good start for some backlinks. Let me know what you think of it…it’s a quick read.

    Will also be doing more of the lists, as those are definitely popular although a bit played out these days.

    Awesome summary

    • I did not know that making cartoons help in more traffic. Sound exciting and cool!

    • That’s a very clever idea! I think doing stuff like that is very unique and will lead to a lot of backlinks for your site.

    • Nice one Jon! I went to your blog page and must say that I like your South Park’ish take on what Google is all about. Keep up the good work!

      • I agree its funny. If you spruced up the way you presented it, it would probably have a good shot on digg.

  3. Column 5 is exactly the type of design firm I’ve been looking for. Thanks!

    If somebody mentions ‘content’, the first thing I think about is words on a page, but that kind of content has been done to death. Time to get creative I feel!

  4. Neil,
    You have done it again. What a great list of tactics for link building. I really enjoyed seeing your examples and the impact that they have made. Those sure sparked some ideas for me to try. I thought the cartoons were hilarious and quite a technique for gaining viewers and popularity. Thanks for delivering as you always do.

    • I’m glad I was able to stimulate your mind! It’s ideas like these which will drastically help you grow your site.

  5. Great tips! I never really thought about the impact that infographics have as far as linkbuilding goes, but you’re right on.

    This article is now posted to Sphinn:

  6. Realtime RSS Feeds :

    Great Post Neil, just in time for my linkbuilding strategy, great list. Thanks,

  7. Best tips about link building.
    It is different and based on proof rather than theory.
    Liked on Neil, You are good as always.

    • It is different because we constantly need to grow and evolve in order to attract more and more traffic in this saturated industry.

  8. Nice summary Neil. At SearchFest in Portland, John Andrews went into detail on some of these methods, there’s really still plenty of opportunity for building links, may just require more work than before.

    • It does require more work, especially since so many people out there are doing things… creativity is a must!

  9. Jack - Online Marketing Blog :

    Man, I was looking for a firm to create infographics for my blog! Been using some of your strategies on your list like how-to guides and list posts and it seems to work really well.

    • I think infographics are going to get popular VERY fast so I’d suggest you take advantage of it quickly.

  10. Jarie Bolander :

    The infograph is a great idea. Nothing captures the complexity of something like a well done picture. I need to look into those two firms you recommended.

    Keep up the great posts

    • Yes you definitely should! Infographs are VERY powerful right now. Take a look at digg and you’ll see many of the front page posts with those in place.

      • Handicapped Shower :

        Yes, every day I see atleast 1 infographic in technology section of digg…It would be very tough to attract people with infographics in near future..!

        • Yes… exactly why you should jump on it quickly. The good news is that there are many types of infographs and it just comes down to you coming up with something unique.

  11. Justin Beegel :

    Thanks for the shout out Neil; greatly appreciated.

    If anyone has any questions what so ever about getting infographics created for their site, don’t hesitate to contact me; even if it’s just to get some info for yourself and go with someone else. I love finding ways to help people create the types of visualizations that will help their brand get out there.

    Looking forward to talking with you guys. Take care.


  12. whitehatninja :

    Did you mention blog commenting?

  13. How about commenting on blogs (as stated in the post above) and using a signature in forums in your niche?

    Its funny how people just jump to say great post without adding their own tidbits.

    • Signature forum links work, but they aren’t too effective these days. Creating link bait is far more effective and it scales a lot better.

    • @Kevin, this article is about natural links. Posting with signature or commenting on other blogs (even if they are dofollow) isn’t a “natural” way of getting backlinks.

      @Neil, another great article 🙂

  14. Matt Cuts is so fun to listen. He explains very well all his tutorials. Thank you for your tips. These are very important tactics if you want to build your rank.

  15. Thanks for the great stuff. I like the trend ideal and might write some articles about industry trends.

  16. Handicapped Shower :

    Great post as always! All these tactics works only when we are able to perform great with social media ! Neil, do we need to have big number of friends on Digg or some thing to hit the first page?

  17. Matt Burgess :

    Would suggest people be careful with tactic #2, especially in light of the post by Matt here:

    “This was the first communication we’d heard from Google that adding a keyword-rich link from a widget to our own site was an ultra-mega-Google-NO-NO.

    We promptly changed the links in our widget code from this:
    Created by OnePlusYou – Free Online Dating

    To this
    Created by OnePlusYou”

  18. Matt Burgess :

    Yep… I suppose my point was more “don’t only make sure it’s relevant” though, more a “be careful of using anchor text that might be considered manipulative”. Like OnePlusYou changing their anchor text from “Free Online dating” to “OnePlusYou”.

  19. Stew Langille :

    Hey Neil,

    Why are you giving away all my tricks??….


  20. great writeup Neil. I never made the front page of Digg but I have a question. Isnt it that you need to have close contacts there with the top users to have higher chances of getting into the front page? I mean, if Im just like starting today (with digg) and trying to digg my best posts, it wouldnt make sense right?

    • It takes a lot of time, effort, and energy to be able to have “digg power” I suggest you connect with other digg members to see what they do.

      • Handicapped Shower :

        Neil, can you please write a post on How to be successful on Digg ?

        • Rid Of Cellulite :

          Actually, I would be quite interested in that too. I have some things in mind, like find already popular stories and try to mimic something similar, that related to your niche, but you the man when it comes to this so I’d like to hear what you have to say 😉

        • Take a look at what shoemoney wrote:

          • Get Rid Of Cellulite :

            Thanks for the link. Just read the article… Clever. Just like running other marketing campaign that you have to adjust the landing page for users or for Google relevancy. Like it.

            • Yes because it’ll determine how long someone stays on your site.

              • Get Rid Of Cellulite :

                Exactly… if they will get interested or involved at all. It’s funny how we make such quick decisions about whether or not we are going to stay on a web site or not. In this case two pictures got them to stay and then got them to take action by digging the story. Like it.

  21. David Siteman Garland :

    Neil –

    Great stuff as usual.

    For me, interestingly, the three things that have pulled the most traffic and backlinks fall into many of the categories above (and each got well over 100 retweets):

    1. Video Interview with Seth Godin

    2. 10 Big Marketing Predictions For 2010 (Guy Kawasaki liked it passed it on)

    3. Various lists including 35 Unique Entrepreneurs Changing The Business World & The Top 20 Entrepreneur Blogs You Must Subscribe To (Quicksprout was on there)

    Great advice as usual. Looking forward to chatting Friday.

    • It’s really a combination of all of that which will result in more traffic. Keep track of what works and then focus in taking it to the next level.

  22. Jason Lankow :

    Thank you very much for mentioning Column Five. We really appreciate it. It has been really interesting to see how linkbaiting has evolved over the past few years. I remember the first time we wrote a post that hit big on Digg and it was so addicting to try to replicate that effect, but for a long time not much we wrote could quite match the success of our Top Ten Stephen Hawking Quotes with a picture of LEGO Stephen Hawking. It is really exciting to see content creators and companies pushing the envelope and utilizing old formats in new ways ie infographics. It is interesting to look back on how rarely ‘infographic’ was used in Digg submissions back in 2007 and most of 2008 yet of course they were regularly implemented in newspapers and magazines for decades and in other formats dating back centuries. The big challenge as some of the fascination with the ‘novelty’ of the medium itself fades as certain approaches become saturated will be to continuously generate new ideas and to be fast enough to be journalistic and break news in a visually pleasing way. You just need a robot to automate creativity, and you’re all set!

    • You need to be constantly thinking of new and unique ideas in order to survive in this market. ABC… always be changing 😉

  23. Jet AIrways India :

    Hi Neil,

    Thanks for that Infographics tip. I always liked reading information in these infographics and I have seen many of such stories with infographics on front page of Digg and Reddit.

    • You’ll begin to see a lot more, especially after this post so I suggest you get in on the band wagon asap!

  24. Email Delivery :

    Hi Neil, thanks for sharing this new linkbuilding techniques! They’re really look effective.

    • They are… it’s proven. Just get on it as soon as possible since more and more people are going to jump on these ideas.

  25. top beauty products :

    The purpose of having backlinks as an element of page rank algorithm is that people will want to link to pages that have quality content.

    • Exactly, thanks for sharing that! People will naturally link to you thereby creating more and more pagerank power.

  26. New Car India :

    Thanks for sharing such great information. Will definitely try them one by one.

    • Try as many of these techniques as you can as they all work. Then test like crazy! Amplify the techniques that you find most effective.

      • All these techniques combined will help you a lot. It is always better to try more than only one way in order to succeed so that you can what works best for you.

  27. rattan furniture :

    Have quality content. If you can provide something legitimately useful or outclass the others in your field, it WILL get noticed and it WILL get spread across the internet like wildfire. Useful content is priceless.

    • In a world where content is abundant, unique content, like you said, will go viral almost all the time.

  28. Yesterday I was wondering when I would see a new post and VOILA a new post. Now I’m wondering when J.Lo is gonna come to my house…..Stay Tuned!!! Great Post!!!

    • lol… that would be great wouldn’t it!?

    • Rid Of Cellulite :

      lol…lmao… yes, yes, that would be great 😉 i would start to wonder about that, but then my wife would slap me upside the head 😉

      • Everyone’s wife would slap them in the head lol

        • Get Rid Of Cellulite :

          Yeah right I know. That’s ok she know that I think she’s hot, and my little college sweetheart. I am only 30, but I am having my 11th anniversary on July 22 this year. That’s crazy. Time flies.

          • Wow, good for you!! Congrats on going as long as you have.

            • Get Rid Of Cellulite :

              Thanks. It’s been a fun time. Ups… Downs… And lots of Love to make it. Can’t wait to see how the next 10 years go. Hopefully we can take a lot more vacations 😉

              …It’s the cooking Neil lol… she can cook like a champ. The best!!!

  29. This is a great piece. Very out of the box and not your usual link building tactics. Thanks for sharing.

    All the best,

    Ricky Ahuja

  30. Manish Ahuja :

    I hardly come across a list post wherein I agree with ALL the points mentioned. This is one of them. All the points mentioned here are flawless. Great post like most others on Quick Sprout.

  31. Awesome post, to be frank I was expecting such a post from you since sometime. Infographic and many others are entirely new to me and really spend lot of time in creating backlinks.

    • It was a blog in the making 😉 You’ll begin to see many more infographs after this post to so get on it!!!

      • I am surely waiting for it. I was thinking of making one but could you suggest me the software that would be the good for creating infographs I have few ideas but I want an easy to learn software to create it.

  32. Could you please suggest the cheapest way to create more backlinks? One more suggestion, is it good to go after cheaper way or one should spend money and see the result in some time.

    • Get Rid Of Cellulite :

      As Neil said, you can buy links, but that would be shady and could probably get you caught and banned. But if you do the stuff above, then you will get natural links. Links that money could never buy you anyway. If you need quick links, for non competitive niches articles still work great. Just put your anchor text in the about me.

      • I wouldn’t ever recommend you take on the shady approaches as everyone eventually gets caught

      • Thanks for the suggestions. Probably I would have to read more about the backlinks and understand its concept, because only then I would be able to give someone the task of doing so and so thing to creak more backlinks. If I do it myself, I think I would take infinite time.

        • It’s a difficult task to take on, but not complicated. Ultimately it’s where you want to spend most of your time.

    • The ways I suggest are the cheapest way to do…. you can either do it yourself or pay someone to do it. Remember, it takes time…

  33. Good article, even though the post image has stolen part of my logo!

    A lot of link building tactics sound easy, until you try putting them into practice. Time and dedication is required.

  34. Thanks for this information Neil. I’m going to make a list of the top 11 dating comics that have featured Matt Cuts right now! Or maybe I’ll just stare at Analytics for a few more hours. Great job!

  35. Jason Bartholme :

    Great post as always, Neil. I have had the most success with list posts. I’ve also tried the “how-to” route many times with no real success.

  36. Great tips. I enjoyed the video.

    I have to say #2 sounded spammy, and I almost didn’t keep reading. If I were you, I wouldn’t have waited until the conclusion to discourage the off topic links.

    Thanks @Matt Burgess – your link was very informative.

    • It’s not spammy unless you create it to be spammy. They are powerful so long as you use high quality and useful content.

  37. James | Employee Scheduling Software :

    Thanks for the post Neil; very great timing as I was browsing the internet and gathering/researching a SEO game plan for my startup. I love your SEO posts; most are better than the ones found at seobook, seomoz, etc.

    – James F.

  38. Neil, this is an excellent article. I have read tons of these types of articles that really do not provide creative ways of creating “link bait.”

    These are very creative and I can see how they would cause people to link, almost subconsciously.

    Good job. THIS is the type of stuff I subscribe for.

    • I would like to think that these are the most up to date techniques… although during these times, I would jump on these tactics asap as everyone will take them to make them outdated. Keep being creative…it’s necessary.

  39. Adult Affiliate :

    Nice read and I agree with getting a viral one-way back link bait created…

    read mine coming next, create Energy from Air
    Create back links from google, yahoo, msn and the top page rank websites…
    do your research and target keywords that have people searching for them…

  40. Hey Neil! Thanks for generating this list. Link-building is something I’ve been thinking about quite a bit lately. I have three quick questions:

    1. What about press releases to generate backlinks?
    2. Is submitting articles to article directories a bad idea?
    3. Do you consider link exchanges to be grey/black hat SEO?

    I’m curious to hear your answers. Maybe you could make a follow-up post with “7’ish Methods for Generating Backlinks that are Illegitimate”.

    • Get Rid Of Cellulite :

      @Nick: Press releases are great. You can get targeted anchor links from tons of different “authority” sources. Articles are still bread-n-butter. Especially for deep linking and non-competitive niches. Sometimes they need a boost though so that the articles that are linking to you have solid PR.

    • 1. Press releases build links, but it isn’t an effective tactic.
      2. This isn’t bad either, but it doesn’t work as well as it used to.
      3. I consider them grey.

      • Get Rid Of Cellulite :

        It’s interesting that you consider them grey Neil. I guess I never thought of it that way if you really are finding a great angle & hook (or news story) about your site or product. Hmmmm, will have to have a thinky now that you say that.

        But you are right in saying that they don’t work as great as they use to for SEO anyhow. They still work to help to provide some ok base links. I would not use this as my only traffic method or way of getting links though.

  41. These link bait methods are hard but achievable. I will try the “comics” one and post a comment once i see how good it does.
    Wish me luck please.
    Thanks for posting.

    • They are hard, but nothing is easy in this industry. A creative idea is what it takes to get a lot of traffic during these times.

  42. Hey Neil,

    Great post! I have a question for you though. What if your site isn’t necessarily a blog, but a web application? This applicaiton is great, but there aren’t regular posts, and because it is ajax based, there is really only one page, the home page. Any suggestions for getting something like that to go viral?

    • I would suggest you create a blog for the web application and start writing relevant blog posts to the app.

  43. Luke Moulton :

    It really does come back to the basic whitehat SEO principal – create good content.

    • That’s one thing that’s always necessary. Mix good content with a creative idea and you’re on your way to the top.

  44. Thanks Neil. I find this incredibly useful. Thanks 🙂

  45. I know the white hat but what is black hat? please help me

  46. Those are all great ways to get links. Getting the best links takes time and effort into the blog post… I sure it does not hurt that you have so many readers…. A normal guy off the street with 3-10 readers will get nowhere in social networking websites… So I guess to doing all those things building friendships and networking out your stuff can make it really viral.

    • It takes many many many months in order to achieve a significant amount of backlinks…remember… it takes time

  47. Really helpful tips Neil

    I like to apply for my customers.

  48. I gotta say, I never ever post comments on blogs but this one deserved a comment. Most link building articles out there focus on the information you know already and is kinda repetitive. This article offered a fresh look and different ideas. Good job, Neil.

    • In an ever changing industry, creative marketing is key. A combination of good content and creative ideas will take you to the top.

    • Rid Of Cellulite :

      that’s how Neil does it. this is one of only three blogs that i ever check out regularly and really the only one i comment on because he always responds and there is a cool community here. you can actually have a convo. and his info is always off the hook. and different than what i am working on. allows me to branch out in knowledge without having to go to a ton of other places. Neil is well connected so when you learn from him you are learning and picking up tips that would generally cost you a lot of money…. a lot. look at the cost of those seminars… $1,000-$25,000 plus.

      • very true, thanks for the plug. What I teach on quicksprout is exactly what I use to teach my clients…. no difference.

  49. Couldn’t agree more with you. I have already tasted success with lists and how-to posts. Looks like its time try infographics! Great post Neil! 🙂

    • Perfect… let us know how it works out for you. Be on your toes and you’ll be on the right track. Creative ideas are necessary.

  50. Get Rid Of Cellulite :

    Waaazzupp Neil, it’s Kenney. I know it’s been forever since I have been around, but I am back…lol. Hope you’re doing good. This was a heck of a great post. Honestly there are only about 3 blogs that I like to read and you’re is one. The rest are a waste of time. (at least to me). Anyway, it just so happens that I was just doing some more research on getting links and decide to pop in and you just did a post on SEO. Perfect. I like all of your suggestions and points. Some are harder than, others and unpredictable, but great tips none the less. I thought your infographic was amazing. Guess I missed that post. Really freakin cool.

    • I love it how the timing is just right 😉 Even though some of the tactics are hard, they can yield you a ton of traffic.

      • Get Rid Of Cellulite :

        Yea, but I am working on a project that I should finish by the beginning of next month, then I am going to pick one of these tactics above and test it.

        If I only had to choose one, for a fitness type site for women, which one should I test first?

  51. Get Rid Of Cellulite :

    Oh yeah, one last thing, the I like the trends blogging. It’s been a pretty cool type of blogging that I have been playing with and it works like crazy with the right title. I also try (obviously) to tie in the trend with my the topic of my site.

    • Good for you! Keep practicing these techniques and you’ll be on the right track. Implement, test, and then amplify the techniques that work.

    • Handicapped Shower :

      May I know , what is trend blogging? Never heard of it!


      • You go to sites like Google Trends, look up what’s hot, and you blog on it. If you do this, you should start getting more traffic and some of those visitors will link to your site.

      • Get Rid Of Cellulite :

        And you can even expand that to blogging about any hot trend… Yahoo News, Yahoo Buzz, Lycos top 50 or Seasonal Trends and “Future Trends” like Neil mentioned above… stuff like that.

  52. Oh I see, so in the day of dog-eat-dog what is the best way to do, black hat or white hat? or I can combine the two?

  53. Handicapped Shower :

    Making a tool also results in some great links…like Shoemoney tools for webmasters etc..So , I think making a really useful tool attracts natural links.

    • Yes most definitely. If you can provide the public with something useful like Shoemoney tools, you’ll easily be able to create back links.

  54. I love shoemoney tools, but now I try to look a new method, what about info links? in making money?

  55. Creative One :

    First visit to your site … don’t recall how I stumbled upon it.

    Are you thesis1.6 based? That could well be it, if you are.

    Reads like you really know your stuff, judging from your SEO Backlinks article and the comments below.

    I’m wanting to morph into the online world, primarily so I can roam and work from anywhere; and decide for myself when to work–whether that’s for 2 hrs a day or a week or two of 10 -12 hr days.

    Ad Agency/Publishing/Printing background, and I’m so done with it after 20+ years and little to show for it.

    Willing to spend a lot of time–need to determine niche before leaping in– art gallery.print production.minimalism. ?? Time will tell.
    Making the leap in Mid-April … expect a few scraped knees like when I first learned to ride a two wheeler, but sure I’ll get past that …especially if I take note of ‘how to’ from people like you.
    Thanks so much for your sharing attitude.
    All good things

    • Good for you in taking the leap into something new. Just know that it’ll take a lot of hard work and dedication to see something even remotely close to success. Good luck!

  56. Pete@PaydayLoner :

    Good suggestions. I’m curious how such things typically begin to go viral. Does one need a critical mass of regular readers already, to read it and start spreading it, or can a good piece of link bait go viral on its own through search engine hits and then being spread by those who found it via a search engine?

    • No…. you don’t need critical mass of readers. All it takes is one reader who sends it out to their group and so on and so forth. Having a mass of readers does help this process.

  57. My kind of post – Stumbled! Backlinks are what drive the internet, and diversifying your link building efforts as far as possible is key to ultimate online succes.

    • Since search engines rank sites on back links, naturally it only makes sense for bloggers to learn how they work.

  58. Joe @ Small Business Ideas :

    Another great post Neil!

    I liked that info graphic you had a while back on the complexity of the US tax sytems and saw another a bit after that on a sort of mind map for building a successful web presence with an authority site.

    It does seem to work for natural linking building.


  59. Poker Marketer :

    Thinking outside of the box is one place I struggle when building links to my sites. Great post Neil, I added 3 of those ideas to my “To Do” list for April.

    • Fortunately, you’re not alone. Thinking outside of your box is a difficult thing to do. Keep pushing and you’ll make it happen.

  60. Oh I see now I know why I’m so down in link building

  61. I love the idea of infographics … thanks!
    Link baiting confuses me. If I create a neat info-graphic on the “history of plumbing and plumbers,” that page may very well rank number one on the SERPS. But that page doesn’t make me money! I want to rank number one for “New York emergency plumber.” So how does the “great content” page help my sales page rank higher?
    My sales page is not link worthy – it’s simply information you need when you are searching for a local plumber.
    So, how does link-bait page A help sales-page B?
    Do I look to gain PR with A and transfer that PR via internal links?
    Or, does getting links to a variety of pages increase your trust & authority?
    PS. I’m not really a plumber.

    • Handicapped Shower :

      Great question Brian! It really made me to think, waiting for Neil to answer this question. If I get tons of links to one page via link bait does google share its love to the whole site or it only cares that page?


    • If you create a unique infographic on plumbing and it gets a ton of links, the overall authority of your site increases. And as it keeps on increasing, your rankings for “page B” will go up.

      One way to do this is to link “page A”, the infographic page, to “page B”.

      • Thanks Neil! So by earning lots of legit links to an informational / entertaining / engaging internal page it can boost site authority which can help increase the PR of the home / sales page – if I internal link from the bait page to the money page?

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    Basically what i understand is that i have to start taking some literature classes in English 🙂


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    • Hey… it always comes back to the …. creative, unique, and compelling content.

      Glad you found it useful.

  66. Rob Burns Brain :

    Video content is also a great way to build back links. Think Blendtec’s “will it blend” campaign or Vincent Ferrari trying to cancel his AOL account YouTube video. These folks got TONs of back links to videos embedded on their sites. Also other people can embed your videos on their site and promote your content!

    • It’s a really great way to do it. You just need to have the right type of video that would help create the effect you’re looking for.

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  70. Nice tips. Though applying all of them on a single website is very tough but can be applied to different set of website.
    Content/blog website can go for Infographics, Quizzes, How to guide
    E-commerce – reviews, Lists

    • Don’t worry about applying everything, because it can be overwhelming. Apply and test. Then use what works for you.

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    • Thanks Insta Solutions. The black hat techniques are easier to catch now than they were before. Go with what works and over time you’ll have a powerful PR’d site.

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    The list tactic, works best for my blog. i also implement the infograpics and comic tactics. You’ve also given me new solutions, like the – how to and review tactics. You are an inspiration.

    • Good! You’ll definitely see an impact of traffic on your site. Remember, it takes time so don’t expect something overnight.

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    This and many other posts I’ve read here, are excellent. You gave many references and methods that I’ve not heard about or explained so well, as on this post. Thanks for the very helpful posts! 🙂

    • Thanks, it took me several designs before I came up with something people found extremely user friendly. Good luck on applying those techniques.

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    • Here is the definition: Any content or feature within a website that somehow baits viewers to place links to it from other websites.

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    • It’s very creative and looking like what’s working with the mass crowd. Take action on it asap!

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    • Yes it definitely required a lot more work on your part, but the good news is that most people won’t do it.

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    Neil, if you only had to choose one link building method, which one would you choose? I`m just curious 🙂

    • To be honest, all of them are important. If you really are serious about building a successful website, you would just follow this plan verbatim.

  92. You’ll be amazed by the answer, provide quality unique rich content on your site. The main reason people “naturally” link to your site is because your providing valuable, useful or entertaining information that they want to share on their website or web page.

    • Exactly… if you can bring powerful value and content, people will naturally be compelled to come back and promote you.

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    • Thanks Swarup! These are methods that are currently working for many people so it just makes sense to do what works.

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    • Unique content and interesting images is always the most important thing you can do to build successful website.

  97. Building backlinks is a pain in the you know what, i just pay a company 20$ for 1000 directory submissions and over half get aproved in 1 day. Have you done this neil. I know you dont buy backlinks but i mean come on this is a steal lol.

    • It maybe a “good deal” but the quality of those backlinks may be so terrible that it works as a disadvantage. Think about it… $20 for 1,000… wouldn’t everyone do it?

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    • Well, start writing great and amazing articles and you’ll naturally be able to do so. Also, follow the guide I wrote above.

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    • It can be a paid which is why it’s smart of you to do it… most people won’t go through the trouble of doing it so you’ll be that much ahead of the competition.

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    • Neil Patel :

      Anything you do in excess can potentially hurt your blog. My best piece of advice is to test a few techniques out.

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    • Yes, exactly! However, it’s becoming more and more common… so if you were to do it, it would have to be pretty unique

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  126. Every time I sit down to write a post I ask myself:

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    Once I found my answer, it all seems to be easy from there. The search engine optimization seems to flow naturally as I type with my own voice – not overloading the post with keywords.

    I listen to my blog readers and give them posts they love to read and share with others. This pulls in the all important backlinks.

    You’re doing a fantastic job here on the blog, plenty of comments coming and and backlinks all around. Keep up the great work (love the design btw – very sleek).

    • Thanks Murlu, the blog was basically voted and fine tuned by my readers over 4 separate redesigns.

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    • You never want to be in a position where you come across negatively to something that can be such a great source to your business.

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  145. Hi neil, Your articles are very simple to read and understand. Where do you get this data from?Do you browse internet?Can you share the source like you talked about the comic part.How do you know that they got more than 20 million page views a month?

  146. Your articles are very simple to read and understand. Where do you get this data from?Do you browse internet?

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    What happens when back links disappear?

    2880 – July 27th
    1980 – Aug 26th

    My Google page rank is dropping as well, so I am assuming its due to the back links disappearing.

    Whats your take on this?

    • Don’t worry about boosting your pagerank. Just build good content and links and your rankings will go up.

      As for links dropping, there isn’t much you can do on that end.

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  161. Since you’ve used both Column Five Media and Infographic World, how would you compare their strengths/weaknesses and pricing?

    • Infographic World is cheaper, but Column Five produces better infographics. Column Five is also better with idea generation and coming up with the data for the graphic.

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    • He’s done an amazing job doing the viral thing. He’s one of those guys that everything he touches turns into gold.

  165. I really like the exclusive ideas you’ve mentioned.

    I believe idea for preparing appealing comic would gather a huge amount of links, apparently at later stage if we redirect that webpage to important page will be worthy move from SEO point of view. Does that make sense?

    • It does, but I wouldn’t redirect it after. You should just leave it as is. The moment you redirect that page, you are starting to get into grey area stuff.

  166. Jack | TeenBusinessForum :

    Question on #7. Say you have a really good how-to article. And you know that you could post it on sites like Sitepoint, or Mashable or you can post it on your own site. Put it on the premium sites and you’ll get a premium backlink. Put it on the site, and you may get backlinks but have to do marketing to get the word out about that specific article. How do you decide where the article should go?

  167. I really feel linkbuilding is becoming a pain in the butt. It feels the Internet has lost all the “hippie” vibe of yore, and now it is all so competitive that everyone is suspicious of everyone. So I thank you for the short interesting article… some hints on how to build links nowadays.

  168. thnkz for the tips neil… im fourteen and i want my site to be the number 1 call of duty community station

    • Good for you! I say keep working hard at it and you’ll definitely achieve your goal. Remember that success is the sum of small habits repeated day in and day out.

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    • Remember one more thing, Just building backlinks is not important. Try to Add more Unique content, because even if you get first page of google, your website. It will last for sometime, if you do not provide quality content. So, i hope you achieve your success.

    • It will take time, but just take these steps a few at a time and you’ll be on the right path.

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  172. is there any benefit in article submissions, where it takes time to cache by search engines.

  173. Hi Neil,

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    • I don’t know of a good one to use, I would just google it to be honest. There are many sites out there you can use like

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    • Great, glad you liked it. Yep, most people such as yourself enjoy visual aids. True, it may be difficult to create but like you said it will be worth it in the end.

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    • Definitely, I always prefer to work towards long term strategies. Those tend to take more time and work but are worth more in the end.

  200. A couple of things that might work for some (the first works in my niche so sorry if you’re reading my comment and finding that you can’t utilise it) are

    1. Post news. If you can be the first one to post news about something in your niche, all of the other guys are going to be forced to cite you as a source. If they don’t give you a source link they’ll look rather (and ‘scuse my language) ‘douchey’ and in any case you could just email them to include your link and hope that they oblige (if not, rant about them on say, Twitter, and use social pressure to get them to cave).

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