The Advanced Guide to Link Building

Written by Neil Patel & Brian Dean

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  • Why This Guide?

    When I published The Advanced Guide to SEO to help people take their SEO game to another level, I was overwhelmed by the response. Soon after launching that guide, I realized that the most important and challenging aspect of SEO -- link building -- lacked an updated, in-depth guide. Not anymore. Here you'll find a link building resource overflowing with value and depth. In other words, I'm holding nothing back. From guest posting to PR funneling, you'll learn how to execute every effective link building technique on the planet.

  • Who Is This Guide For?

    If your site was hit by Panda or Penguin and you need a primer on contemporary link building, this is for you. If you're fed up with hearing about press releases and social bookmarks, then this guide is for you. If you're looking for exact sources where you can score backlinks today, then you'll love this guide. Whether you run a niche affiliate site or a Fortune 500 ecommerce giant, you'll definitely learn something new that you can use to grow your business.

  • How to Use This Guide?

    You can treat The Advanced Guide to Link Building as an all you can eat buffet. If you feel that you have a handle on what works -- and just want to learn a new strategy or two -- then feel free to browse through the guide. I'm sure you'll find some new weapons to add to your arsenal. If you have a basic grasp of today's SEO world -- but are looking to add a layer of depth to your knowledge -- then you should read the guide in order.

  1. A New Era of Link Building

    Ignore anything you've read about link building that was published before April 24th, 2012. Google’s Penguin update changed SEO in a big way. But how? I'll whisk you through a brief history of SEO and give you a framework for link building in today's tumultuous SEO environment. Most importantly, I'll show you how to proactively shield your site against Google algorithm updates, which are becoming more commonplace... and more severe.

  2. The Quest for the Perfect Link

    Now it’s time to learn how to properly evaluate a link's potential ranking power. While the SEO community has been obsessing about the updates, Google has slowly changed the way it evaluates a link’s value. Whether you’re a white hat, black hat, or grey hat, this chapter is a must-read.

  3. Epic Content Link Building

    The foundation of every great website is great content. One of the most common mistakes people in SEO make is to set their crosshairs on links instead of content. When you create stunning, Earth-shattering content, link building is a breeze. Epic content also opens doors for you so that you can build relationships with the movers and shakers in your industry. Like anything in business, creating link-generating content has a formula. Here I'll show you how you can produce content that gets people talking (and linking!).

  4. Submission Backlinks

    Not all links have to be earned through close ties or outstanding content. Here I'll show you my secret stash of authority sites that you can get links from in just a few minutes. These low-hanging-fruit links won't form the backbone of your link profile, but they can give you an edge in the SERPs.

  5. .Edu and .Gov Backlinks

    The holy grail of link building, .edu and .gov domains are some of the most trusted, authoritative sites on the internet. Get these, and you've just built an asset that your competitors can only dream of. Unfortunately, these links are insanely hard to get without spamming. In this section I'll show you proven, white-hat strategies to help you land legitimate .edu and .gov backlinks.

  6. Relationship-Based Link Building

    You’ve heard it before: "Don't build links, build relationships." Almost everyone in SEO agrees that the best way to build links from authority sites is to get to know the people that run them. One problem: no one has shown you how. In this chapter I'm going to show you how to form lasting relationships with authority site owners... without looking like a try-hard. I'll also show you how to use tools like Buzzstream to keep track of all your new friends.

  7. Broken Link Building

    Looking for white hat link building that's actually scalable? Then you're going to love broken link building, an age-old link building strategy that's making a huge comeback. I'll teach you how to quickly find hundreds of targets, quickly ID broken links and how to reach out to site owners. To make sure you get the most links from your time and effort, I'm also going to give you a few of my field-tested email scripts.

  8. Advanced ScrapeBox Link Building

    ScrapeBox is the Swiss Army Knife of link building tools. Although mostly used by blackhat SEOs, ScrapeBox can help white hat link builders do their job better. Here I'll lay out how to get the most from ScrapeBox, including ways that you can use it to streamline link building strategies like guest posting and broken link building.

  9. Turning Images Into Links

    Words aren’t the only way to build links. In this section I show you how you can quickly and cheaply produce high quality images, and submit them for authority links (including a few techniques I can almost guarantee that you've never heard of). I'm also going to show you my step-by-step system for getting the most links, traffic and social shares from infographics.

  10. Black Belt Guest Posting

    You already know that guest posting is one of the most effective approaches to building links and driving targeted traffic. Whether you're new to guest posting or want to get more from your guest posting campaigns, you'll definitely want to check out this section. I lay out my system that will teach you how to find high quality guest posting opportunities, cultivate winning guest post topics and get them published on any site you want. I'll also toss in a few tricks to make the often-painful guest posting process faster and easier.

  11. Funneling PageRank

    This little-known advanced SEO technique is a fantastic way to supercharge backlinks sitting on low PR pages. Here you'll learn how to get more link juice from Pinterest and other authority sites.

  12. Grey Hat Link Building

    Are you one of those people that likes to push the envelope? Then you may want to dabble in grey hat SEO. And why not? A bit of grey hat in an otherwise white hat campaign can accelerate your results. In this section you'll learn the dark arts of tiered link building, blog networks and paid links. However, you should keep in mind that these are significantly riskier than the other strategies outlined in this guide. Use at your own risk.

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