Save Time and Double Your ROI: A Guide to Applying the 80/20 Rule to Your Marketing


Marketing is rarely your only job…

…even if you’re a marketer.

Whether your job title is “marketer” or you own your own business and need to market it, marketing is only a part of your job.

You probably also help out with sales, product development, customer service, and any other tasks that need your attention.

This is why people often say that marketers wear many hats.

Can I tell you something that most people never learn?

It doesn’t have to be like this. The reason why marketers are forced to do so many things is because there’s too much to do.

Let me put it in other terms: most businesses want to do many things that barely help them grow.

They’re wasting time on non-productive work (also called “busy work”).

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Do you want more traffic?

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How to Apply Lean Marketing to Your Content Based Business


Almost every entrepreneur has made this mistake…

They spend months or even years building a product or a feature they think is going to change the world.

And then the day comes to release their work to the world. Guess what happens?


Turns out, people didn’t really want a Tinder for cats. Who knew?

Some ideas seem great to us but turn out to be total duds.

And it doesn’t just happen with the obviously crazy ideas either. It can happen even with those that seem logical and feel like sure things.

There is a solution you can use to avoid this problem as long as you actually put it into action.

It’s called the lean business model. 

Download this actionable cheat sheet to learn how to apply lean marketing to your content based business.

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5 “Scary” Marketing Techniques That Are Worth the Risk


It’s the biggest productivity killer for any marketer…

And no, it’s not a specific activity—it’s fear.

Too many marketers know what produces results but are afraid to implement them.

Instead, they’d rather spend their time doing something “safe,” like making their spreadsheets look pretty.

These distractions don’t help you get anything done.

Alternatively, some marketers, especially the ones who learned most of their knowledge online, will go to great lengths to avoid the difficult work that comes with marketing techniques that work.

And then, they complain that no matter how many tactics they try, nothing works!

Listen, I know that some things are scary, difficult, or even just a bit off-putting. But if you want to really make a difference in the success of your business, you need to get over those fears, one at a time, and do the work.   [click to continue…]

How to Win on Facebook: 8 Lessons Learned From Analyzing 1 Billion Posts


If you want to know what works when it comes to marketing, you need to study the competition.

This includes the tough competition, but the weak competition as well.

By doing this, you can determine why the best succeed, and why the others fail in their efforts.

To do so effectively, you need to look at one particular area of interest.

The BuzzSumo team decided to compile as much data as possible on marketing on Facebook, and then complete an in-depth analysis.

Overall, they analyzed over 1 billion Facebook posts and came up with findings that will change the way you market on Facebook.   [click to continue…]

What do these elite brands know about driving visitors and traffic to your site that you don’t?

7 Ways to Make Your Brand and Content More Likable

like me

Do your readers love you? Do they at least like you?

These are serious questions even if they sound like questions you’d ask about your friends in grade school.

People have more choice than ever before.

Within 22 seconds, they can find 2-3 other blogs in your niche to read.

Within just a few searches, they can find a business that sells a similar product to yours.

It puts the reader and the customer in control.

If they fundamentally do not like you, your business, or your writing, they’re not going to stick with you.

Why would they?

And if they’re indifferent to you, that’s just as bad because it means they don’t really think much about you either way.

But even if your customers and readers do like you and your brand, wouldn’t you prefer them to like you and your brand even more?

Of course you would, it’d be silly not to.

The better you look in a visitor’s eyes, the more content they will read, the more action they will take, and the more likely they are to become a customer.

There are many factors that influence whether or not a visitor likes you and your brand.

What I’m going to show you in this post are 7 tactics that you can implement to make either your brand or your content more likable.

If you do use them, expect more traffic and subscribers, a higher email open rate, and more sales. 

Follow these 7 ways to make your brand and content more likeable.

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