The Day After: 11 Things to Do After You Publish a Post


Clicking the “Publish” button is one of the highlights of my day.

Working hard on a post and then putting it out there to help others is extremely rewarding. It’s one of the main reasons why I continue to write so much.

But it’s not the only reason…

Content marketing remains one of the most effective strategies to grow a blog—any blog.

Eighty-six percent of marketers in North America use content marketing, and 71% of marketers (overall) are planning to increase spending on content marketing. 

Creating great content is an extremely important part of any successful content marketing strategy. But it’s just one part.

If all you do is hit “Publish” and then move on to the next article, your blog won’t grow as quickly as it should.

And if you’re just starting a blog, you might not grow at all. There’s no point creating content for an audience of zero.

Paul Graham said:

A good growth rate … is 5-7% a week. If you can hit 10% a week, you’re doing exceptionally well. If you can only manage 1%, it’s a sign you haven’t yet figured out what you’re doing.

Although he is talking about business revenue, your traffic and subscribers should be growing at a similar rate. That means you should be doubling your traffic once every 4-5 months.

If you’re not meeting those growth numbers (especially early on), you likely need to spend more time promoting your content.

There are many different promotional tactics and strategies out there that you can use to promote your content in order to grow your business. It’s a good idea to try out different ones and find what works.

What I’ve found, however, is that aside from all those strategies, there are 11 things you should be doing—most of the time—the day of or the day after publishing a post.

Let’s dig in…

1. Answer all comments

Getting people to comment on your blog posts is hard.

You might see my Quick Sprout posts getting hundreds of comments and think otherwise, but I’ve only been able to get those after years of hard work.


If your blog gets fairly low traffic, a few comments can be the difference between more people commenting or clicking off the page.

Why do you want comments? Not all blog owners care about getting comments on their posts, but I do.

Comments are great for many reasons:

  • They make your blog look more authoritative (social proof).
  • You get feedback from the people you care about the most (your audience).
  • It gives you a chance to interact with your readers on a more personal level.
  • They can give you more unique content on your page, which can increase search traffic.

And the downside? There really isn’t one.

Even though I typically get at least 100-200 comments per each post I publish, I respond to almost every one as soon as I can. Since most comments come within the first 24 hours of posting, that’s when I block off time to respond to them.

On top of all those benefits I just listed, there’s one more if you have a small blog. If you can get five comments on a post, you instantly double that to 10 if you reply to all of them. As a result, you instantly get more social proof.

If the initial commenter replies back to your comment, you’ll have another one to add to your total.

But besides numbers, the biggest reason to respond is to keep the comments coming.

I am sure you’ve stumbled across those articles with hundreds of comments with no responses from the author. That looks terrible.

It discourages you from commenting on that particular post as well as on any other posts by that author. What’s the point of commenting if the writer might not even see it (or answer your question)?

2. Dominate your topic

I am a huge fan of creating definitive guides.

It’s much better to go narrow and deep on a topic than broad and shallow.

My goal is to create a resource that can and should be mentioned every time that specific topic comes up somewhere on the Internet.

For example, I believe that “22 Gmail Plugins That All Content Marketers Need to Know About” should be mentioned in any article or conversation about Gmail plugins. Not only is this list comprehensive, but it’s current and it’s quality.

The problem is, not all these conversations happen on the day you publish. They are going to take place on an on-going basis.

So, I need a way to monitor these conversations. Once I see that someone is talking about Gmail plugins, I can link to the post, which I honestly think will help them.

Monitoring method #1: Google Alerts

There’s no company that tracks more of the web than Google, and Google Alerts has been a useful tool for marketers for many years.

Here is how to use it.

Set up alerts for the main keywords of your article. Note that if you put the keywords in quotation marks, you will only receive alerts for that exact phrase. This is useful if you’re getting a ton of irrelevant results.

Start by going to the Google Alerts homepage and entering your keyword. Click on “Show options” to set an alert frequency and any other parameters you’re interested in.


It’s best to respond to new mentions as soon as possible, and for that, you would need to choose the “as soon as it happens” frequency. Obviously, this isn’t practical for most people, so choose the shortest frequency that makes sense to you.


After that, click “create alert,” and you’ll get email summaries of any conversions about your topic.

Here’s what the results would look like for a “Gmail plugins” alert (no quotation marks).


Once I get the results, I can go to those articles and leave comments such as:

“This is a great list of Gmail plugins. In particular, I’m a big fan of [plugin #1] and [plugin #2].

I actually just compiled a really thorough guide of Gmail plugins of my own. I think you might find some of the ones not mentioned here useful. Take a look if you get a chance: [URL].”

If you leave the comment early enough, it’ll drive some good traffic, and you’ll have another relevant backlink (although not that strong) to diversify your backlink profile.

Monitoring method #2: hashtag mentions

Blogs and news sites are typically great sources of conversations that you can join. Additionally, social media sites such as Twitter are easy ways to drop your link naturally.

Google will pick up some Twitter mentions and include them in your Google Alert results, but I still prefer a Twitter tracking tool for more reliability and advanced features.

There are many Twitter tracking tools, but most are paid. For a free option, check out Warble. Essentially, Warble will monitor any hashtags or keywords that you enter in an alert and send you a daily email with a link to the results.

Create an account, and then click on “setup a new alert.” Then you can enter a keyword, a specific user (e.g., “@neilpatel”), or a hashtag (e.g., “#gmail”).


Once you set up the alert, you’ll get an email each day with a link to a page like this:


I could respond to any of these with an appropriate Tweet and a link to my article. Be careful, however: if you go overboard, you could get your account suspended for spam. While responding to these, make sure to interact normally with your feed and Tweet out like you usually do.

3. Schedule for success

I’m going to share a revolutionary tactic with you. Are you ready?

Share your post on your social media accounts.

Okay, I lied. Not so revolutionary.

While it’s basic, it’s also an important part of a successful social media strategy.

After you’ve published your article, add sharing it on your main social networks to your to-do list. I recommend using a tool such as Buffer to do it automatically, but it’s up to you.

On Twitter, you should share it more than once the first day, but you should also share it a few times throughout the next few weeks.


Scheduling your sharing activity is crucial because it’s easy to forget. However, it’s important to share your new posts in order to drive traffic to your website and gain new followers on each social platform.

4. Email the world

I’ve been continually telling you to build your email list. One of the main reasons why you need to do this is to promote your new posts.

The subscribers on your email list already like you, and you know they already like the topics you write about. They are the ideal people to see your post first.

I email my subscribers shortly after posting a new article, whether it’s on Quick Sprout or


It’s a very simple template that I use every time, and it works. I include three different links that all go to the post. First, I introduce the post, then I include a short excerpt before signing off.

You’ll also notice that I use the postscript (P.S.) to bring awareness to the Quick Sprout tool (and therefore my services). Alternatively, you could include a call to action (CTA). For example, you could ask your readers to comment on the new post or share it on social media.

Feel free to steal this simple template if you’re stuck.

Once your email list reaches a decent size, this email will drive a decent chunk of traffic and engagement to any new post. How would you like to have 10+ comments before you even start promoting an article?

5. It’s time to call in favors

You might not even realize it, but you likely do favors for at least a few people every time you publish a post.

When you mention and link to someone, it can send them small bits of traffic and also help build their personal brand and increase their search engine rankings. Most site owners know this by now.

The problem is that unless they monitor their content mentions very carefully, they might never realize that you linked to them.

The solution is obvious: tell them about it.

Most unsolicited emails suck, but what about an email from someone saying they liked your work enough to link to it? That’s awesome.

And since you did them a favor, it’s much more likely that they will do you a favor.

After you tell them that you mentioned them, ask them to check out the article and share it with their followers if they think they’d enjoy it—no hard sell needed.

Not everyone will share it, but many will. Obviously, the more recognizable your site is, the more likely others will share it.

Here’s a basic template you could use:

Subject: I featured your work

Hi [name],

I love the work you do on [site name]. In particular, I was blown away by [title of content you linked to] when I was researching my latest post.

Since it was so good, I had no choice but to mention you and link to the post. Just wanted to give you a quick heads up and say thanks for the great supplementary resource.

If you get a chance, I’d love it if you gave the article a quick read and left a comment with your thoughts. Here’s the link: [post URL].

I think you’ll love it.

I’d also really appreciate it if you shared it with your followers—if you think they’d enjoy it.

Best Regards,

[Your Name]

Try to keep it fairly short and to the point, no longer than that template.

To make this tactic really effective, start researching topics more thoroughly in order to create data-driven posts. Not only will this make your content better, but it will give you more people to reach out to.

I have one warning for you, though: Don’t just link to people so that they might share your post later; link to them because they have a genuinely useful resource that some of your readers will appreciate.

Finally, if they do share it or leave a comment, follow up with them! Send them another email thanking them, and find a way to continue building the relationship. It could be as simple as telling them they can ask for a share or a comment from you whenever they want, or you can simply link to them again in the future.

6. Join the secret society of blog owners

This tactic is mostly for newer blogs that are struggling to get readers and comments for their new posts.

When you’re staring at a big fat zero comments, or even just a few, all you want is a few more for the reasons we discussed before.

I’ll let you in on a secret: you’re not the only one.

In fact, most blog owners are in the exact same situation as you are. What if you developed relationships with five or so bloggers in your niche? All of a sudden, you all have 10 comments (five from each blogger plus five of your own) on any new post. You could even add more bloggers if you wanted variety.

It’s a very powerful, simple, and underused tactic for newer blogs.

Here is how to implement it.

Step #1: Find them

We’re really good at finding the most popular blogs in our niches, but no one really searches for unpopular blogs.

You can find them in a few ways.

I recommend starting by just Googling “top [your niche] blogs”:


In most niches, you’ll find a few monster lists of 50+ blogs. These lists always contain the most popular 10 or so blogs, but many of the rest will be lesser-known that were just included to make up the numbers and attract a few links.

The good news is that these are exactly the sort of blogs we’re looking for. Avoid any obviously popular blogs, but check out any that you don’t automatically recognize:


In this case, I didn’t recognize “Experience: The Blog,” so I went to check it out.

We’re looking for a blog that:

  • is active, with at least one post a month
  • has an average of fewer than 10 comments per post
  • is run by one author (that you can connect with)
  • features good content

In this case, I think the Experience blog is a pretty good fit. It gets a few comments, but not many, and the most recent post was published a week or so ago. It’s also run by a single person.


This is simply a process of trial and error from this point. Go through as many blogs as you need to until you find as many blogs that satisfy the above criteria as you’d like (at least five).

Another option is to use Alltop. It’s a directory of websites sorted by niche and topic. Although it’s supposed to just contain “top blogs,” it contains pretty much every blog submitted to it.

Start by finding your niche using the navigation menu, or search your main keyword (e.g., “marketing”) in the search bar:


Once you’ve found a relevant section, you simply need to go through the blogs one by one to see if they match the criteria.

Just click on the names of each site to visit them:


Finally, if both of those methods failed to return enough results, you can do a simple Google search for “[your niche] blog.”

The most authoritative ones will, of course, come up first, so skip at least a few pages to find less popular blogs.

I skipped to the 9th page and immediately found a decent target:


Step #2: Post a thoughtful comment 

Now that you have your list of blogs, it’s time to add some value to them. If a blog has a very recent post (within the last day or two), comment on it. If it doesn’t have any recent posts, wait for the next one.

Think about what you’d like to see in a comment on one of your articles. Most likely, it’ll:

  • be long (at least 50 words)
  • be specific (not just “Good post”)
  • recognize the effort that went into the post
  • add value to the article if possible 

Here’s a good comment from Maham on a previous Quick Sprout article:


Honestly, I get hundreds of great comments such as this on every article. You guys put a lot of thought and effort into your comments, and it shows.

When posting on these other sites, just pretend you’re commenting on a Quick Sprout article, and you’ll be fine.

Step #3: Get in touch

At this point, you’ve added some value to your target’s site. In many cases, the blog author will reply, and some will even go to your site and comment on your most recent article.

Either way, you want this to be an on-going relationship. 

In a few days (anywhere from two days to a week), send the blogger an email like this:

Subject: A win-win situation for [blog name]?

Hi [name],

You might recognize me from my comment on your article a few days ago (this one: [article title]).

From what I’ve read of your posts, I really like them so far. It’s a shame they don’t seem to be getting the exposure they deserve.

I was wondering if you’d be open to trading a few comments with me.

In short: send me an email after you post a new article, and I’ll be happy to leave a thoughtful comment on it. In return, I’d appreciate it if you could do the same on my blog: [your blog URL]. 

More comments for our posts should entice other readers to chime in, which will go a long way to grow both our blogs.

Please let me know if you’re interested.

Thanks for your time,

[Your Name]

Again, not all will want to do this, but you can probably find at least five out of an initial list of 20 or so blogs.

7. Post to aggregator sites

One of the best types of sites to post your content on are the ones that are actively looking for content to discuss. Aggregator sites serve as a community where links can be submitted to be voted on and discussed.

The most widely known aggregator site is Reddit, which contains subreddits that act as individual aggregators. 

These types of sites don’t exist in all niches, but if you can find one or two quality ones in your niche, you can funnel a lot of good quality traffic from them.

Step one is to find aggregators in your niche.

Everyone should start with Reddit. Type some of your main keywords into the subreddit search (one at a time) until you find a relevant subreddit that has at least a few thousand members.


Treat each relevant subreddit as its own aggregator site. It’s possible to submit your posts to more than one subreddit.

Aside from Reddit, here are some other popular aggregator sites:

Most aggregator sites focus on business and technology subjects.

Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to find these types of sites in most niches. This is because most aggregator sites are controlled by editors and site owners, so you can’t actually submit your own content.

The bright side is that there’s a subreddit for just about everything, so you always have at least one you can submit to.

Here’s the key: While you could just register a new account and post a link to your post, there’s a good chance that you’ll get flagged for spam. The more effective strategy is to first join the community and contribute to it here and there for a few weeks before promoting your own content.

You should post your links to your own content 10% of the time maximum. That’s the only way to build up a good reputation and be protected from being banned on these types of sites.

If you’re new to aggregator sites, refer to my Beginner’s Guide to Marketing on Reddit. The principles in it apply to Reddit and all similar sites.

8. Post to forums

Prior to using this strategy, you need to identify niche forums and become an active member.

If you’re new to a forum and post a link to your site, you will be banned. In general, you should have at least 50 posts before even thinking about dropping a link. 

But once you’ve spent the time building up a bit of a reputation, forums can be a great source of high quality traffic. They are composed of people who care enough about your niche to make an account and regularly discuss the topic. 

Not all niches have a forum that is active enough to justify maintaining an active presence, but most do.

Once you publish your post on your blog and do the other steps in this article, head over to any forum that you are active on. 

The days of being able to post a link by itself are long passed. People are on the forum because they want to learn and discuss on the forum. If you just post a link, you’ll get reported for spam and have your account banned. 

Instead, you need to give so much value that forum readers would be impressed enough to take further action to learn from you. 

Create a thorough summary of the post and format it according to the forum’s capabilities. Put effort into this step. 

Then, post the summary in a new thread. Either before or after the post, you can include a sentence along the lines of:

“I originally published this information on my blog, but I thought I’d make a summary just for you guys. If you want to read the full version, click here [insert link].”

There’s no tricking or manipulation going on here. 

Here’s how Brian Dean did it three years ago when Backlinko wasn’t the powerhouse it is today:


One final note is that if people comment on the thread, you need to reply. Not only does this make your submission look even less like spam because you’re actually trying to help forum members, but it also keeps your post bumped to the top of the forum. This will lead to more views and eventual visits to your post.

9. Take advantage of groups

Groups are similar to forums in a lot of ways but typically have more relaxed rules. Because there are no post counts, your reputation in the group is based more on your recent contributions than some join date or post count. This means that you can be active for a week and build a solid reputation.

These are some of the groups you can join:

LinkedIn Groups

Start with LinkedIn groups. First, you’ll need to find the best ones to join.

To do so, search for your niche in the main search bar at the top of the page, but make sure to select “Groups” in the dropdown menu to the left of the search bar:


Get as specific as you can as there are a ton of groups out there.

What you’re looking for are 5 to 10 quality groups to join. While there are some excellent groups, there are also a lot of groups that predominantly consist of people spamming that content.

What you should look for is an active group. Every submission should have at least a few comments or likes on it. That’s how you know that it is moderated and that the members are actively engaged.

Here’s what a bad group looks like:


The first three posts I saw in that group had exactly zero comments and likes. If you posted your content here, you’d be lucky to get a visitor. 

But there are good groups out there if you dig a bit. I found a group where all of the first 10 posts had at least one comment or like. Some had much more:


That’s the kind of engagement you’re looking for. It’s obvious that there are real people in this group. 

Facebook Groups

The other good source of groups is Facebook. Most quality groups will be private, which means that you won’t necessarily get accepted into them. Just like on LinkedIn, there are many groups that are full of spam and are a waste of your time. 

To find groups, search your keyword using the top search bar, and then filter your results by “Groups”:


Just like with LinkedIn, you’ll have to go through each group to see if it has good levels of engagement. Look for at least a few hundred members. 

The good thing about both LinkedIn and Facebook groups is that they are both designed for sharing content. It is expected that you’ll share your own content. 

At the same time, you are expected to share your content appropriately. Making three straight posts with links to your website is not appropriate. Spend a few days commenting and liking submissions from others, and then occasionally post a link to your own posts. 

Ideally, you should stay active all the time so that you can post your article links the day after you publish.

10. Get easy links with roundups

Link roundups are great ways to attract links, traffic, and commenters to your website. They work so well that many blogs do them once a week or once a month. 

The problem with link roundups is that it takes their creators a lot of time to find great content to showcase.

What you’re going to do is create a win-win scenario for both you and bloggers who regularly create link roundups. 

Step 1: Find link roundups

Luckily, roundups are pretty easy to find with Google.

Search for “intitle:roundup” + [your keyword]:


Most likely, you’ll be able to find several ongoing roundups in the first 4 or 5 pages. 

At that point, you can keep digging into those pages or try a slightly different keyword to bring up different results. 

In most niches, you can find at least 20 regular roundups. In niches such as Internet marketing, you can find many more.

Step 2: Reach out to roundup authors

Once you’ve compiled a big list of roundups, it’s time to reach out to the creators. If you want to increase your chances of success, start by commenting on a few of their posts.

It’s extremely important that you frame the email in terms of the benefit to them, not to you.

Here’s a sample template:

Subject: Weekly roundup on [site]

Hi [name],

I stumbled across your weekly roundups a short while ago, and I love how much effort you put into including only the best posts of the week. I know that must take a ton of time.

I hope it’s not too forward, but I just published an epic post that I think would be great for a future roundup. It’s a [length] word guide on [topic] that is incredibly detailed and actionable.

Can I send you a link to the post?

Best Regards,

[Your Name]

If you get a positive response, just send over the link and say thank you again. Once they trust that you can actually create really high quality content, you can email them in the future after publishing a post and get an almost guaranteed link.

11. Start monitoring rankings

Did you forget about SEO?

Assuming you’ve read my post on incorporating long-tail keywords into your content, you should be aiming to get some traffic from the search engines. Granted, it may not happen immediately, but you still need to track your rankings to see if you’re making progress.

If you don’t already have a rank-tracking account, head over to Pro Rank Tracker to create a free account.

After you publish a post, go to “Add URL”, and put in your domain name and the main keyword(s) you targeted in that post.


All you need to do is add it for now. Come back in 2 to 4 weeks to see if your ranking is improving. 

Within a week of my publishing the post about Gmail plugins, the post was ranking on the first page for “Gmail plugins,” which gets about 320 searches per month in the US.


If your post isn’t on the 2nd or 3rd page after a month of being published, you’ve probably chosen a keyword that is too difficult to compete for given your current domain authority.

In this case, you should edit the article to target an easier keyword. It’s better to get a larger portion of a small search volume keyword than zero percent of a high volume keyword.


I’ve given you 11 things to do on the day of or the day after publishing a new post.

Even if you do nothing else but these, your blog will still grow. But I also highly recommend you try advanced promotion tactics if you’d like to speed it up by a lot.

Like I’ve told you many times, the key to your success lies in consistency. You need to make a list of tasks and complete them every single time you publish a new post. That will be the difference between success and failure 6 or 12 months down the line.

Before you go to work, leave me a comment below and let me know what kind of promotion you usually do after you publish a post. As a bonus, let me know what you’re going to do now that you’ve read this post.


  1. Eduardo Cornejo :

    Hey Neil,

    Nice info on the doubling your traffic every 4-5 months. I started in April, so I doubled mine in May and have almost tripled it so far in June!

    Long posts work very well. I even get comments already, and my longest post of 3,500 words is already on first page of google for its keyword.

    #VeryPumped! 🙂

    • Eduardo, glad to see that the tactics have worked for you. Looking forward to hearing more feedback and insights from you. Thanks for sharing.

    • Amel Mehenaoui :

      Congratulations Eduardo on your amazing success. Nice to see tangible results from your content traffic generation strategy. I wish you more success.

      From my part, I’ll be trying item #10 this year. I usually start with SEO and then implement some of the other items on Neil’s list. But we’ll see how it goes with “roundup”.

      Thanks Neil for putting together this list and giving away the email outreach templates.

    • Julie Syl Kalungi :

      That’s some super awesome sauce Eduardo. Huge Congrats.

      Another reason why I love Neil’s articles. The sheer value he offers and the actionable tips included, resources galore. Its impossible to not learn something from a Quicksprout or Neil Patel Blog post.
      Sadly a lot of bloggers think once the hit publish the work is done…Actually that’s when the real work begins. To unless its a hobby! And the effort and commitment it takes to share other people’s content and leave a great comment is key to one’s own site growth and ranking. so i never scrimp on sharing insights and appreciation when I read a great article. Or my differing opinion respectfully as the case may be.

      I need to get home fats, and get on my own PC and start implementing a couple of new resources I have learnt today, #lifestudent 🙂 thanks Neil.

      • Hey Guys,

        Firstly, thank you Neil for all the tips! I’m pretty much building a career thanks to your blog and my short experience in webdesign before learning about

        I just wanted to congratulate Eduardo on the amazing (deserved) results you have been getting after implementing the steps in the post above. I just got a new position as ‘The Content Dude’ for an internet company, must accept is both exiting and scary! Your comment is definitely encouraging

        In the past I have worked in more established/ bigger companies with strong brands which always made it easy to get traction from everything we posted… whether we used social media, forums, PR releases, even Stumble Upon, we would always get comments, likes and reactions from any promotion we did (it helped a lot our mailing lists contained thousands upon thousands of addresses).

        Working at a smaller company means getting back to basics and really getting involved with the community and the influencers in your niche…Points 6, 7 and 8. These are my objectives for the upcoming months.

        • Nice work Matias. Those are great strategies that you can achieve huge success from. I’m glad you’re taking action and build out your career from all the stuff you’re reading. Good luck!

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    I really appreciate your time and efforts and delivering this post. I keep reading your posts as you share it over your social networks.


  3. In the past, my promotion of my own posts consisted mostly of scheduling a few Tweets and a Facebook update. More recently, I’ve started doing a lot more email outreach. The results from that have been impressive.

    It depends on the site and the project, though. I still don’t promote every single piece of content I publish, even though I probably should do more of that.

    Sorry I haven’t commented in a few days. Had some health problems last week that kept me away from the keyboard. I’m back this week, though! 🙂

    • Randy, glad to see you are feeling better 🙂

      I think you hit the right note there — it’s important to be selective with when and how you promote.

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    This is an excellent step-by-step post that I will certainly be using for the MyBedFrames blog! We’ve recently started making more of an effort with our blogging and content, but we did have a really bad habit of hitting ‘publish’ and sharing on social media and then leaving it.

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    • Louise, there are so many more things post-publish as you can see here. I think you are on the right track though 😉

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    Thanks for the post with some good advice.

    I’d like to add to it from my experience:

    1. In-depth content is a great thing, especially if it’s needed by audience but not done yet (yes, it’s possible, just think of something that requires more efforts to do than much more above average)

    2. Warrior forum is a tricky thing. I’d keep in mind that your useful posts that get a lot of likes and do not break any rules may be deleted without any notice

    3. Very important advice about Reddit (I wish I read your post a couple of years ago lol)

    And finally, I guess trying, analyzing the efforts/results and adjusting the approaches would do the thing.

    • Michael, thanks for the additional insights. It’s been a while since I have heard from you glad to see you back!

      In depth content is always key and I agree with being mindful of warrior forum.

      • Michael Bely :

        Neil, I’m a very frequent reader of your blog, but not as often commenting as I potentially could 🙂

  15. Ovi Negrean :

    Neil, I was just working on my strategy and mindmap for ‘After article published’ when your blog post hit my email.

    And even though I had already some on my list (like grups, forums, commenting), I was able to add a few thanks to your post.

    Like for some reason, I thought Google Alerts was discontinued. But I am happy to see now that it’s still alive.


  16. Excellent timing on this post, Neil.

    I have 2 blogs that just aren’t growing as fast as the first one I modeled them after. I’m stumped because the first one is so successful and I copied the blueprint exactly. I’m going to try some of your ideas like forming a Secret Society Group and maybe the Roundup idea.

    Hopefully rankings start improving. It’s really frustrating because I anticipated 3 income streams similar to the first site. I’ll let you know if these techniques work for me. I already implement several of your ideas. 🙂 Thanks, dude!

    Your fan from San Diego!

    • Paullie, glad you found it helpful. Sounds like you are doing a lot of things right — just be patient and thinks will come together.

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    Awesome post total information shared for bloggers, which is very helpful to all. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Rahul Sharma :

    Hi Neil,

    I am glad to reading your blog. Another fantabulous post. As I have experienced I think each post that you have published on your blog or website. Everyone must have to respond each comments.

    Because it’s helps to increase your returned visitors or Customers if you’re running online business like Shopping, Photography etc.

    You have pointed really amazing things in your blog. I am always sharing my all posting after its published on social media and respond to my readers.

    Thank for sharing another useful content.

    Have a Wonderful Evening !

    Good Luck

    • Rahul, thanks for all the support. Glad you found the post helpful. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  19. Exceptionally great post, which is saying something considering how good all your posts are.

    I do a few of your suggestions, but I do much of the social promotion manually, which is silly. I must get a tool! Recommendations?

  20. I have just started a new blog and I feel that today is my lucky day. Thanks to you, I have saved this page as pdf and will follow all your instructions.

  21. I always appreciate how much detail you put into your posts. I’m in the process of finishing my first blog post so this article was timely. One easy action step I’m going to implement right away is to comment on the blogs I follow, starting with this one.

    I’m always impressed with authors who reply to every comment. I’ve noticed that they’ll typically respond to every comment for the first little while–perhaps the first day or first week–then drop off. I think that’s reasonable and still shows that they’re engaged. As the reader it makes me feel personally connected with the author and like my comment will make a difference. It definitely makes me want to comment.

    • Sheena, I make it a point to respond to every single comment because I feel like it’s customer service and relationship building rolled into one. I also find that helping people is vital for personal and business growth.

  22. Maham S. Chappal :

    I try to write comprehensive posts, Neil. I really do. I try to list every single thing I can to make it easier for my audience. To give them more value. But every time I read one of your posts, I shake my head in despair. Because, the sheer amount of value YOU provide is commendable.

    I was just going through my bookmarks the other day, and what do you know, I’ve bookmarked over 20 posts of yours.

    This post is no different. Very comprehensive. Answers every single question. Tons of value.

    And even though I think of myself as a veteran blogger, I still found things to-do that I have been ignoring. On it, now!

    Thank you, Neil!

    Your biggest fan ever,

    • Maham, thanks for all the support. I look forward to hearing much more from you. Please let me know if you need any help along the way.

  23. Hi Neil

    Just wanted to say thank you for all the great advice. I look forward to reading your emails and your site is a real education. I’m going to follow your advice to the letter.

    Just a quick question- I’m worried that with all this information on how to grow my site and get links that I will grow links too fast and Google will penalise me.

    Do you think this is possible and how fast is too fast in Google’s eyes?

    • Chris, I think you should be fine as long as you aren’t being spammy. You should run an audit to see what you can be doing better and how to best structure your links.

  24. Hi Neil!

    I was always interested in Digital Marketing and was doing some random stuff. Thanks to your blog I have been able to streamline my thought process.
    I just landed a job as a Digital Marketeer thanks to Quick Sprout.

    I was thinking how could I take your help more than just the blog?

    • Soumil, glad you were able to land that position — great work!

      Continue reading this blog and I am sure you’ll find much more information along the way.

  25. Peter Nicholls :

    How have I never heard of Google Alerts before now?! I’ll have to give that a try.

    Neil – slightly off-topic: I always struggle with determining the focus keyword(s) for this type of post where the list items are related but the content is varied. As it may help me better understand, can I ask what the focus of this post is and what you mainly hope to rank for?

    • Peter, I just write and then focus on the other stuff after — the focus keywords are often very long tail too — just look through at all my hyperlinked anchor text and you’ll get a general idea.

  26. Pankaj Dhawan :

    This was awesome article Neil. I was looking for this as this is something I had been missing.
    Thanks much!!

  27. Hayley N Jones :

    Very timely post for me! Thank you for all the info and ideas. I do run into a roadblock with the first one though — all of the comments on my new blog so far have been spam :-/

    • Hayley, that’s normal. I get a ton of spam on here as well – it’s all about getting real traffic and comments & that will come in time.

  28. Hi Neil.

    Thank you for this amazing post.

    Would it be ok to add my tip to this please ?

    Tip. ( When commeting on blogs/posts, try to naturally place some keywords in your text. )

    Thank you. I really appreciate it.


    • Adesh Saxena :

      Hi Marc,

      Creating account on Gravtar before commenting is good idea bcz most of the website is from wordpress CMS…. Most of the people uses keyword in place of name which is spam but adding keywords in comment section which really make some sense is good.

      • Adesh & Marc, Thanks for the tips — I am sure they will be helpful for everyone out there. They are also timely and a question I get asked often.

  29. Adesh Saxena :

    Hi Neil…. appreciated your points that you have shared here….. My one question Can we use StumbleUpon website for sharing our content world wide….. ?

    What I was thinking is….. If we create 5-8 StumbleUpon account with different location and interest and share our post to these created accounts…… This is bad or good for Viral Marketing or website promotion …..

    Please suggest.


    • Adesh, I haven’t had as much success with it — however, if you have please share your advice and insight.

  30. Great article Neil!

    I’ve been blogging for a few of my companies over the years, but I must admit I never had a strong promotion strategy for the posts I wrote. As a result, only a very small number of people would read my posts… That’s until I started blogging under my own name a bit more that a month ago.

    Using a combination of the techniques you listed, I was able to get my blog, that for a long time had 5 visits/day, to up to 50/day – it’s nothing, I know, but it’s only been a month, and it was with one article alone.

    Even better, the first time I followed some of theses tricks, the article I wrote got shared more than any other post I had previously published on my blog (208 times), got shared by the legends and biggest name of my industry (conversion rate optimization), and it got me a bunch of subscribers for my email list.

    The most effective methods were by far email outreach to influencers and to people that had shared similar posts before, as well as getting my post in link roundups.

    Thanks for this post!

    • Raphael, that’s great to hear — it goes to show that doing all the right thing can have great results. Keep up the great work!

  31. Ita Maulani :

    Great article is not enough to get a lot of traffic. This is a very interesting statement.

    Once an article is published, it’s time for us to distribute that article throughout the world.

    This is your very interesting explanation. During this time, I did not realize it wholeheartedly.

    Disseminate articles that have been published is only modest. Not sincerely or not total. Thanks for a great article.

    • Ita, you have to have a multi-channel approach and distribute your content everywhere to get the best results. Thanks for sharing.

  32. Arjun Kaushik :

    I just started my blogging career and i am really thankful to people like you who provide free stuff like this. thanks

  33. Neil, thanks for sharing such an informative post as always!

    These are some very helpful tips to keep in mind especially the one of exchange comments on new blogs and link roundups.

    Thanks again,

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    thanks so much for this informative post.just started out and your blog post has been of extreme help, infact am going to re-arrange the mini post and merge them with the related ones and continue with this principles outlined here and hope will see a success.

  35. Thompson, glad I could help. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  36. Alexander Jarvis :

    Neil – Thanks for this. Puts into perspective quite how much work pro bloggers put into generating traffic.

  37. I think one of the other commenters said it best… and I’m printing out a PDF of the article. And then taping it next to my computer!

    Thanks for the insight, with some ideas that go beyond the run-of-the-mill. I’ve been blogging for a bit now and although my last piece on LinkedIn skyrocketed, still having a hard time getting traction on my site blog.

    Now I have a to-do list of things to try.

    Thanks Neil!

  38. Roberto Socarras :

    After reading this really good article I will definitely need to redesign my marketing strategy. Even I’ve seen some increase in traffic following your previous recommendations. but still moving slow on my Weekly Newsletter Subscribers I would like you to write an article on how to grow my subscribers list.
    Thank You!

  39. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for a wealth of information all in one spot!

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    I am gonna start my digital marketing blog and can you give me a point breaker suggestion to start the new blog.

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    Great content….this will be my checklist to achieve better results with our blog posts !

  43. Henry Lazerow :

    Neil – This was a great read that will be beneficial to many of our small business clients. I am an intern with the Free Range Office and just shared your article on our social media channels!

  44. Neil, I incorporated your Facebook tips from last week, created an epic piece of content by reaching out to 40 experts, and had a post go viral, fast….over 1000 shares in 24 hours. Thanks for all you do!

    P.S – I’m going to start a weekly roundup in my niche. I added 100 blogs in a category in Feedly to monitor each week for new, relevant content.

    P.P.S – here’s a topic idea for you….my first 100 blog posts had an average of 6 H1 title tags per page. Poor Google had no clue what I was up to…no wonder my traffic wasn’t doubling every 20 weeks like you suggested! Everyone needs a good on-page SEO checklist, right?

  45. Hi Neil,

    I am a great fan, I regularly go through your posts. All of your posts are comprehensive with useful tips and tricks which makes our life easier.


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    Thanks for another great post.

    1. Do you have already written or plan to write any definite guide on creating your logo..or may be header portion of the blog or website?

    2. There is no way subscribe to your comments. They are in fact more informative than the article itself. Kindly provide a way for email notifications of comments.


    • Fahad,

      1. I don’t — thanks for suggestion though. This may help though:
      2. Good suggestion — will look into it.

  47. Jessica Nunemaker :

    After reading this post, I now feel the need to take a nap! So much to do…

    I try to update Facebook, Google+, and Twitter at least though I sort of put a lot of things on the back burner as I finished up my book this year. Now I have to get back into some sort of a routine again! I didn’t abandon my site (which is what got me to the point of a book and PBS segment in the first place) but I also didn’t promote it like I did in the past or, what I like to call “pre-book.” Ha!

    This article gives me a place to start. Overwhelming, but a place to start. 🙂 Thanks!

  48. Maurizio Fumini :

    this is a great tip that I missed, but I would like to ask a question: it is wrong to publish blogs (over blog site) on aggregators PDF or other articles sites? Same article on different platform is like a spam ?

  49. Hey Neil,

    This is an exceptional post indeed. I’ve been doing many of these things but clearly not effectively. I’m going to take each of these points and create a mini checklist and start to follow that religiously.

    Do you think these strategies could be used for post that were published previously … say last year, etc?

    – Andrew

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  51. Neil,

    Thanks for this insightful post! Many of the LinkedIn marketing groups I have come across have become filled with spam or lack of engagement.

    Do you have a few favorite LinkedIn Groups where the members are engaged and helpful?


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  54. WOW! I’m always blown away by your posts. There’s SO much information here that it would be impossible to misunderstand the information or fail at succeeding. I will give these steps a try with my next blog post. I guess I can do it with an old post too. Time isn’t necessarily the essence of this guide.

    I have a question for you, Neil. How long does it take you to write a post like this? From idea conception to publishing to promotion of your post, how long do you spend on each of your blog posts?

  55. Thanks for sharing your tips! This will help us a lot. How did you come up with this social sharing schedule timeline?

  56. Neil, what can I say? Dude I read this and it’s very motivating, lots of great tips. I created a Website for people that are moving to Florida and want to start a business, I’m not charging anything, I simply want to help people like me that move here and don’t know what to do. Lots of likes on Facebook, not so good on Twitter, no comments on the blog. I’ll try your tips and let you know how they’re working.

  57. Hi Neil,

    How many of these 11 do you practice currently? I assume doing most of these is important for the new blogs.

    But since you have a strong personal brand and drive traffic pretty easily these days it’s probably not important for you to post to forums and such. Not only that, but you don’t have a lot of free time I would imagine.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  58. Thanks for the insightful post – over the years, I’ve noticed that you’ve covered strategies such as this in order to grow traffic and it definitely looks like they work! Looking forward to hearing more.

  59. Great article Neil and very informative…. it is no wonder that a true SEO has to charge thousands of dollars a month to do proper content marketing especially if we need to follow everything that you mentioned above, there simply has to be a correlation of time = money and to do above certainly takes time. I will be using your above methods.

  60. Neil, great post. Loved the interaction between bloggers, it’s a brilliant idea! Reddit is a great easy way to drive traffic, I always recommend it myself!

  61. Hi Neil, great insights as always.

    Do you use StumbleUpon at all for promoting posts, or recommend it? I’ve been using it for a couple of years, but doesn’t appear to have made much impact – or maybe I’m doing it wrong!



  62. Hi Neil, just wanted to genuinely say that I was blown away by how useful and relevant this. I actually did bookmark this page and I’ll definitely be referring to it again later.

    Good to also see you practicing what you preach 😉

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    Wow.. great info, easy to read and well written post with step by step instructions Thanks!

  64. Love this checklist. Creating the content is only the first step – and it can be easy to “forget” to do the rest.

    We’ve basically tripled our monthly traffic by posting all of our articles to Reddit.

  65. Joe Simonds :


    One of my favorite blogs of yours so far (and I have been reading pretty much every blog for the past 12 months). My “aha” moment on this one was the simple chart you had in section 3 called “Social Sharing Schedule Timeline”.

    As the owner of a successful blog in the fishing industry, I am good about posting immediately (as soon as the post is live), and throughout the week on the appropriate platforms, but I never took the time to set up “re-posts” past a week. I am certain that just setting up Buffer to start doing this for me will be a huge game-changer for my site.

    Also, I joined War Room earlier this year (went to my first meeting in Beverly Hills), and I heard you were part of the group. Hope to meet the man, the myth, the blogging legend at a future event.

    Thanks again for the great content and tips.


  66. Hi Neil,

    I am directly from my inbox to your awesome article! (may be i am too late)

    As you said we should comment fast as possible. (But it’s my bad luck i am not at first

    Yes, i like Google Alerts most. It is easy to use. Definitely Google’s service is always awesome.

    And Joining the secret society of blog owners is an excellent idea! Really i am not aware of this.

    However, quicksprout is a great place where we are learning something new. Keep it up bro.

    Thanks for sharing this informative post with us.

    Would love to know more Marketing tip from you.

  67. Hi Neil,

    Thank you for such a great post. I’ve been reading your articles for a while now and find your content extremely helpful. As someone new to blogging, your advice and guides are a great resource for me.

    I will implement these tactics to grow my website, I’ve tried posting on reddit and have had good results so far!

    Thanks again for your great content.


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    Hi Neil,
    I just signed up for proranktracker. Checked my URL and there were all the zeros out there. No problem. 😀
    Hey, but some of my posts are on page -2 and Page-3 of google. There is one post Ultimate guide for self confidence that is on the number -1 page of google.
    I also found that if you will write about topics like how to deal with difficult mother in law or how to deal with an adamant child then you won’t get success. So, yeah I am experiencing a lot of things under your guidelines.
    Another thing which gives me hope is that my blog and domain name is new. I am still in the sandbox but I have seen myself at google page number 2 or 3. Isn’t it encouraging. With little more effort and maybe with your professional help I can be on the page – 1 dude. 🙂

  71. Neil, these tips were so helpful! I usually just publish my posts to my social media after I hit publish, but I’m going to try the things you suggested above. I’m in need of blog growth and your article has helped immensely. Thanks for sharing!

  72. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for this great post. The most attractive factor in your post is the social media timeline. Its a pretty cool thing and need to try that.

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    Will you do a podcast one day? Because we all benefit from reading your content, but I think we will benefit too from listening to a podcast

  74. Ashok Khadka :

    Commenting is a great way to get the user

    I created a Facebook page like 5 months before. Its a video fan page. At the beginning(5k-10k) the page reach was so low and the engagement of the user was also low. After reading your one of the blog where you mentioned to reply the comment of the readers, i started to do the same. Every time the user comment or share the video i say “Thank You” to them and like the page too. And guess what after doing so within the 5 months my page have 100K plus likes. Now also i do the same work daily no matter how many of them are. Keep posting the good stuff Neil.

    Best Regards

    • Ashok, sounds like a solid strategy – – keep up the great work! Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  75. Hey man,
    You are the bible for any new blogger!

  76. It is such a handy guide, Neil. I am going to apply all these steps for my new blog post. Same quality and depth what you manage on I always love to read your articles.

    I would like to ask one question here. Actually, I cannot afford a paid service to collect the emails. May you suggest me any free service that will help me to do so?

  77. Please make that a capital “B”. The Bible should always be written with a capital B — right grammar. ?

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    A thorough post and there are lots to learn from it. I liked each and every point you covered particularly this one: It’s time to call in favors. We have started new and were looking out for ways to increase the comments and shares for our blog posts. And you answered all our concerns here. Thanks a lot. Looking forward to more great articles.

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  80. Daniel Obaike :

    Hi Neil,

    Awesome article. You have a gift to know when your followers are in need. Especially me. I am happy to have come across the idea of taking advantage of roundups and reaching out to the authors. Unfortunately I didn’t know about that before now.

    I will get to work on that after this article.

    Many thanks Neil.

  81. Hello Neil, yet another good post. Your mailing list is probably the only list I’m subscribed to that I read every single one because there is always relevant and useful content.

    I have not been very serious with my blog for several reasons but this post has inspired me to give it another go. My question is this: with so much time dedicated to your blogs, how do you find, or manage, time to do other work related stuff?

  82. As always an amazing post neil.

    I am saving this page so that I can re-check the checklist of what to do after publishing a new post. And I will definitely follow these tips now

    • Rachit, great! Let me know how it all works out.

    • Victor Igbokwe :

      Exactly the same I will do. I use to think that after posting on my company blog connected an automatic social media poster was all. I will implement this immediately.

  83. Emmanuel Mongaya :

    Thanks for this great post, Neil. I will be using this as my guide for my next post. I have been reading up on your posts for some time now. However, this is my first time to comment. Thanks again.

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    Thanks for such a good posts. Few days back when I was watching “Tanu Weds Manu Returns” I noticed your name there for designing works. Really a great job done by you !!

    I received your email for this post and really speaking I did not waste my time reading this long and beneficial post. I had several questions in my mind and was searching answers here and there FOR THEM but really a BIG THANKS to you & your this post. It helped me a lot in clearing so many doubts.

    I am certainly going to implement all this knowledge in my future posts.

    I had few more questions on Internet Marketing and I am afraid if I can ask to you. For me you are really awesome in Internet Marketing and frankly speaking that’s the only reason I follow you every where 🙂

    Thanks Neil….

    • Arun, I am not sure I was involved with that project — there are a lot of Neil Patel’s 😉

      Thanks for the support.

  85. Daniel "Will Do This" Dou :

    Thanks Neil, for another great post. 🙂

    Do you have any more tips for using paid traffic to promote your post instead of doing it yourself?

    I read about the recommendations on using StumbleUpon and OutBrain on the post for Advanced strategies you linked to. 🙂

    But was wondering if you have anymore?

    Will check those out.

  86. Daniel "Forgot To Ask" Dou :

    Also, if you didn’t have enough time, and you could only focus on 1 of the 11 things listed above everyday, which 1 would you do?

  87. Carl MacDonald :

    Great post Neil,

    I’ve been having a lot of joy lately with those link roundups – a great tactic and it’s pretty easy to get links with. If your content is good enough, you’ll find that bloggers are more than happy to link to your stuff.

    Another tactic I like to use is to use a backlink checker like Open Site Explorer, and find people who have linked to articles on a similar topic to yours. You can then email those webmasters and ask them to link to your (hopefully better and more thorough) resource. The fact they’ve already shared something on that topic means they’re much more likely to share your piece, I’ve found!

    Looking forward to your next awesome post Neil.

  88. Dagny Mikkelsby :

    Hi Neil It`s so much information out on the net; do this, do that. Thank you for telling us How to! This was just what I needed. Thanks again from Norway

  89. Great Post Neil,

    I found you every post so informative, that I couldn’t wait to apply it for myself. you are such a Gem. Would surly share the info.

  90. I have a small team which works on seo for my website and I’ve forwarded this link to them. The blog post is very detailed and in my mind I think doing all of the things listed above are going to be time consuming.

    We want to attract traffic to our forums and not really to a blog, in which case I assume a lot of this would change.

    However, I think we can tweak and test a lot of things if you give some blueprint on how much time you devote to each of the activity mentioned above and what numbers you target for each activity in a day.

    This I think would give more clarity to me and my team. I’m sure they will pour in their comments and clarify their doubts here once you have replied here.

  91. Hi Neil – congrats. This is probably the most comprehensive and well-thought-out post I have seen to date on blogging and publishing a post. Being in the business of content marketing and community management for Webydo, I certainly know the value of swift follow-up and I have to say there is not one thing I can think of that is missing from this list (possibly influencer outreach if you already have a network but that’s about it). Cheers!

  92. Kristoffer F. :

    Thanks for another great post, Neil. You’re posts are always detailed and inspirational. I’m starting my own blog with my GF, and your site is a great resource for learning the smart way to blog.We’re building up our social followers before putting out our first blogpost. Do you think it’s a smart idea to do so, or should you just start blogging and then grow followers?

  93. Hi Neil
    I was really interested in this comment right at the end of your blog post.

    In this case, you should edit the article to target an easier keyword. It’s better to get a larger portion of a small search volume keyword than zero percent of a high volume keyword.

    I had often wondered about this but had never thought to ask or thought it might confuse the search engines or some such thing. 🙂 So, it is okay to change the keyword (still in context naturally). Would that mean changing the title of the article and the meta also?

  94. Excellent post..
    I have a’s easy to find resource, links and followup-backs when you have niche related to digital marketing bu how to streamline all this when you have niche related to art, meditation & yoga?
    I did some competition research and most of the competitors in the tops are either having links of website with DA of 70+. What should be the strategy in this case?

  95. Sweta Mishra :

    Great article Niel. You have explained very well.. i will keep in mind these points next time after creating a new article. Thanks.

  96. You missed a few 😀

    #12 – Make sure previous posts that are relevant have a link to the latest post.
    This increases PR flow, increases Relevancy, potentially raises traffic flow, potentially increases time on site (more opportunity to convert), may freshen older content etc. etc. etc.

    #13 – Ping. I don’t think it’s as popular as it once was … but using RPC and RSS feeds can still get you noticed.

    #14 – Respond to Social Activity. Be it Social Approval or Syndication, reward the first responders with your attention and appreciation.

    #15 – Rewrite for syndication. If you utilise 3rd party sites for syndication, you should avoid using direct copies. Instead, generate shortened versions tailored to the additional sites, and submit those. (Avoids conflicts in SERPs due to duplication)

    #16 – Generate strongly related Social posts to accompany your Publish shares.
    This not only aids in gaining attention, but avoids bombarding with the same posts. It can also expand your reach if you target them to variant audiences. If you have several posts regarding the same theme, reference all of them.

    #17 – Notify references/citations. If you mention any specific individuals, companies or sites, get in touch with them and let them know. Chances are, they’ll mention your post from their site and/or social pushes.

    #18 – Look to re-purposing/moving to another format. Depending on what you have created, you may be able to easily shift it to another format … be it a pod or video cast, an inforgraphic, a slide-share etc.
    This may help reach a slightly different audience based on their “viewing” preferences. Depending where you put it, you also gain more links, and you can interlink the different versions.

    #Bonus1 – Note responses (post comments/social comments) for corrections/expansions/inspiration 😀

    #Bonus2 – If you are attentive – you will have noticed that there are certain people that pay attention, respond and share consistently and constructively. You should cultivate these people and the the relationships with them. One of the ways you can do this is to Private-Post before Public Post. A nice little quiet launch, giving them access to the content a short while before can work wonders. Increased loyalty, more thoughtful responses, tighter shares … and they get the benefit of pre-released shares and the additional attention 😀

    • Rogerson, as always thanks for your insightful comments. These tips will definitely be helpful to all readers.

  97. Scott McDonough :

    Hi Neil,
    Thanks for another great post.The step by step directions sure help to get this done accurately and fast.
    I will use as many as I can after my next post and track the results for each.

    Regards Scott

  98. Hi Neil, thx for the tips. Right now I’m just posting on my social media channels and sending out a mail chimp campaign to my list for every new post. Now I’d like to create a simple system while integrating a few of your ideas like connecting w other new bloggers, telling people I’ve referenced them and asking for comments, etc. Thx again, Tim

    • Tim, sounds like you are on the right track. Just start actively doing those things and you’ll see great results.

  99. Gaurav Khurana :

    i think if we start following all the points. then our blog will be at number 1 search results.. Some points are really great like Google alerts

  100. Saulo Segurado :

    Awesome, Neil. Thanks! I’ll definitely add some of these tactics to my content roadshow.

  101. A-W-E-S-O-M-E. Thanks for taking the time to share this Neil. Also, just an FYI, the ink is pointing to Hacker News, not Inbound. Thanks again!

  102. Nate Johnson :


    I would like to congratulate you. Today you were awarded your own top level folder in my bookmarks bar. 😉

    Seriously man, you practice what you preach putting out nothing but A+ actionable content. I am just starting my own blog about marketing automation after all these years to get in the habit of shipping. Your post today will be turned into a to do list that I will be following for my future posts.

    A question for you is comment spam… I just turned off my comments due to all the crap people or bots post. Do you have any suggestions on avoiding this?

    Thanks again,

    Nate Johnson

    • Nate, I’m honored thanks for all the support.

      I would keep the comments on and just get a spam filter.

  103. Gail Oliver :

    Hi Neil

    I love your posts but I am going to add my two cents to the one about pitching to be included in people’s blog roundups.

    I do a roundup on my blog so I get pitched a lot. Here is the key. Do not write a long winded email, save the flattery and cut to the chase. I know what you are looking for so saying how great my blog is just sounds like you are stroking me.

    Now, here is the biggest mistake everyone makes – business is business, if I scratch your back, you should scratch mine. To ask a business to do your business a favor, you should offer one in return. When people have asked to be included in my blog roundup, I always ask, “will you then promote the blog roundup and one of my other posts on your social media” and they hesitate. Can you believe it? They just finished telling me how great my blog is and then they will say something like, “well our social media team is really picky about what we post…”. So you are asking me for a favor, and when I ask one back you act like I have some nerve. I hit delete.

    So, here is what you should say when you pitch to be included in someone’s blog roll:

    “I would greatly appreciate the exposure and would return the favor by actively promoting the blog roundup and other posts of yours to my social media following”

    That should seal the deal (but make sure you do carry through with what you promise).

    Thanks Neil!

    Gail Oliver
    Attention Getting Marketing

    • I think you may need to look up the definition of “favour”.
      What you expect is an exchange, or some form of payment or recompense.
      That is not doing someone a favour.
      If you ask to borrow my lawn mower – you’d think I was some sort of [something] if I turned round and said “what do I get to borrow from you in return?”.

      And as I mentioned the word – link exchange (and reciprocal links).
      Considering the general misunderstanding of Googles Guidelines, and the paranoia of Penguin … I can understand a fair % of people not wanting to participate in back-scratching.

      Those aside – if they have blatantly sung your praises, then baulked at the opportunity to reference your work … that is jsut pure cheek 😀

    • Gail, great points and thanks for providing that great template I am sure it will be helpful for everyone reading the comments.

  104. Niklas Dorn :

    Hey Neil,

    thanks for this great post! I shared it with my colleagues right away as a best practice guide.


    P.S. I think this link is wrong: (Inbound marketing) – It links to hacker news.

  105. Hi Neil,

    A great post. Even though we write quality posts, there are no point in no one reading our posts.

    I have a small question for you.

    You have linked in this posts. This post content and that blog niche is different little bit. And it is not a well recognize blog. But you have given a do-follow backlink for them. After Google updates, most bloggers are not like to give do follow links for less recognize blog. But I have seen that most of the links in your blog are do follow. What is the reason?


  106. Michael Wiewior :

    Hello Neil,

    great post, as always I learn sth new, thank you.

    I have one question, if you do not mind, related to actions after publishing a new post – each time I publish a new post on my blog, I put also links on my social media – this is of course obvious. What I do next, is to add links to my new posts on very popular in our translation business websites as Proz, Translatorscafe etc (we have profiles there, f.i.

    As anchor text I am using the exact title of the post, for example: “What To Look For When Hiring A Translation Agency”.

    Is it OK so to use such a long anchor text? or shall I use a shorter one because a long one looks strange for crawler?

    Thank you very much in advance your opinion on that!

    Kind regards,

    • Michael, it all depends on your strategy. Are you going after long tail words or short tail? Definitely questions you should ask throughout.

      • Michael Wiewior :

        Thank you, Neil, for your answer and for a great job you do.
        I am a fan of long-tail phrases 🙂

  107. With regards to point 3, is there a way of reposting your own tweets without copying the original tweet? So, basically, retweeting your own content.

    And is there a protocol involved in letting people know that’s a repost of your own earlier tweet?

  108. Heather Brebaugh :

    Neil, another jam-packed post full of actionable items. My site focuses on providing expert, specific strategies for job seekers so I am always looking for examples of how to provide fantastic content. Your blog tops the charts!

    I agree that LinkedIn groups can be a great place to promote. I run a group of 32,000 and they are an awesome audience. I’m going to use your strategies to start getting them to comment on my site.

    I need to synthesize your post into a concise, action list that I can follow with each post – I think that will help keep it from being overwhelming. While it will probably take some time to get into the routine, once it’s set up, it will definitely make a difference.

    Thanks for continuing to provide such worthwhile information.


  109. Thank you once again for an amazingly helpful, in-depth and actionable post. I definitely suffer from the blog post comment “dead zone” and will be putting those tactics into play right away!

    A question I have for you is, what is your process for systematically performing all of these tactics? I find myself overwhelmed with picking which task to do on any given day, and doing them in a routine manner. Do you have suggestions? Do you reserve certain days or times of day to do certain techniques, or is it in a haphazard manner?

    Don’t ever stop doing what you do, Neil!

    • Lea, good question. I definitely have a pretty rigorous and regimented schedule — I think that’s key.

  110. Lawrence Tam :

    love your article….

    Start monitoring rankings – that’s something I need to do better and thanks for sharing pro rank tracker….

  111. Vinai Prakash :

    Thanks for the great tips Neil. much appreciated.

    Was wondering why you recommend to re-post on Facebook only after a whole month? Is there any penalty for earlier posting, or any other reason?


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    Very helpful. I am starting an eCommerce business and blogging about it. This was very helpful. Lots of content to work with.

  113. Hey Neil

    Loving the blog – a religious read for someone just dipping their toes. I think even if I just take one point from your detailed posts, I am taking a step in the right direction. You now have a special tab in my g-mail!

    Relevant to this article – I wonder why, though, do you send the whole blog article to my email as a subscriber rather than a teaser and a link. Would you not get more visitors to your site (my first actual visit after months of reading the blog) and therefore possible comments? I am wondering about the right strategy for my own blog.


    • Ian, I have found that providing the whole article has worked better for me traditionally — it’s all about finding the right formula for yourself.

  114. Mike@AtAli Kitchen :

    Great tips as always. I will try no 6 🙂
    Thanks for sharing Neil!

  115. Shashank Gupta :

    Great post Neil. Good list of actionable items. I am working on Reddit for my traffic, but I wasn’t giving time on forums.

    I had delegated them lower on my list of traffic sources. However your example of Brian Dean got to me. It brought things in perspective for me. I admire Brian and his blog Backlinko, and to see that he too had humble beginning, and had to work hard for his traffic source made me rethink my strategies.

    I will work doubly hard on my marketing activities now. Thanks for creating this awesome post.

  116. That’s marketing like a boss.

  117. The Fat Dad :

    Wow…! This is a tremendous effort and quite a bit of insight to digest! I’m fairly new to the blogging world and, after taking 2 pages of notes on just this one post (without yet getting to the other 6 links I opened in new tas…), I can see I’ve got my work cut out!

    Thank you for the work you do and the value you provide to us, Neil!

    Greg – TFD

    • Greg — thanks for taking the time to digest it all. Let me know if you need help with anything else.

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    Thank you!!!

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    Thanks for this .. now it is about taking action and implement some great advise.

  120. Alex Sanford :

    Hey Neil,

    Fantastic post. Really great ideas here. Some that I have been doing already (social media, connecting with other bloggers), and some that I’m really excited to try.

    I think the next thing I will try is writing an article that features another blogger who I want to share my content. I have one guy in mind who has a huge audience and I’ve already made a bit of a personal connection with him. If I feature him, and he shares the article, I think I could get quite a lot of traffic, which will hopefully translate into a lot of new subscribers to my list.

    Thanks so much. I’m going to make a point of re-reading this, more than once. Really great ideas here that are definitely worth implementing.


  121. It’s clear that I don’t do any of those. It may be part of the reason why I don’t get any traffic to my site.

    Thanks for the tips, Neil!

  122. Hephzy Asaolu :

    Thank you Neil for this insightful post. I will start incorporating it into my daily schedules. Your posts has been helping me to scale up. I am learning how to write like you.


  123. “On Twitter, you should share it more than once the first day, but you should also share it a few times throughout the next few weeks.”

    No. Please do not do this. I’m not on Twitter to be bombarded by announcements about what you did somewhere else. If I’m interested enough in your work to follow you on Twitter, then I’ll stay abreast of your writings. Drop three tweets about your new post in less than a day? Unfollow.

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    But when same thing comes to us for small brand its rare chance that other site give link back to us. So, how you start get backlink while quicksprout was samll brand…

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    Looking forward to get help on building email list, how to increase subscribers and how to collect emails for email marketing.

  128. Arun Dominic :

    Hi Neil

    I really like these article. recently I started a blog and written 20 article in 20 days time and I commented on websites, 10 each day that is 200 comments total and do pinging, seo works and I have tried all way to rank higher but I get only 1000 – 1500 visitors a day I wondered why. But now I have understand why I get low traffic. all my posts are not lengthy enough, my articles were only 500 – 700 words long now I know how to get more visitors and I started doing each step you told above.

  129. Andrew Mooers :

    Thanks for the tips!

  130. Great post once again Neil!

    “You need to make a list of tasks and complete them every single time you publish a new post.”

    If you manage to automate these tasks, or let your audiance perform them, you’ll really be in business!

    • Raul, thanks for the feedback and great points. It’s all about providing value and doing things efficiently.

  131. Gareth Hancock :

    Great post Neil!

    I implement a lot of these tactics already, but the tip of discovering lesser known blogs is a brilliant one. Comments is something I struggle with on my blog and linking with other bloggers in a similar position could help no end.



  132. Nina Hunter :

    Thank you so much Neil!! Your blog is literally the only one I read on a regular basis. Your content is fantastic. I’m developing my own website and blog right now and I can’t wait to put some of your tips to work!

  133. Thanks Neil for all these wonderful suggestions, I just did a nice article on photography tips on Instagram which I would love to get a lot of eyes on so quite a few of these tips are new things to focus on like the #hastags, aggregators and google alerts.

    A question on commenting on popular blogs is the main emphasis about building relationships or commenting for any type of do follow overflow to your blog as a technique?

  134. Great stuff Neil!

    Sharing your content more than once after publishing is so key. I think we’re all familiar these days with the fact that not everything you post on social media will be seen by everyone, but I think we often forget (I know I do) to re-post content at various times on your various channels.

    Love your idea of creating a schedule for this.

  135. Warren Tabachnick :

    Hello, Neil –

    Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much I enjoy reading your posts. They are always comprehensive, and I learn quite a bit from them. Keep up the great work!

  136. Hi Neil,

    Thank you for yet another insightful article. I have truly been inspired by you and to write more quality content for my readers. If you would be so kind to lend an ear to my question, I would greatly appreciate it.

    I heard you on one of my favorite podcasts, Weird Entrepreneurs, and you mentioned using Facebook comment plugin does not help google find you. I am currently using the Facebook plugin. Yikes! What blog commenting plugin would you suggest one should use on a WordPress site? I know your super busy so I thank you in advance for just taking the time to read my reply. 🙂

  137. Hello Neil,

    Been following you for many years now. Favorite content marketer on the web with by far the best marketing content. I have learned a lot from you. This ranks as one of my all time favorite post. Thank you for providing this! 🙂 Keep up the great work!

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    Thank you a lot for such a Great article.These techniques are really helpful to create engagement in post.please suggest of there is any tool for social platform.

  139. Very useful info.

    Your have attempted well to explore all the way to promote a post, will use them for sure. I think we can share our post on Google plus page and communities in it. What say ?

    Thanks buddy 🙂

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    My recent post about promoting blog posts-


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    Hi Neil,

    Once again very informative post from your side. Yes of course Content marketing is the most important factor in Search marketing. We all know how to publish the

    content but what to do after that and how to send it to our targeted audience is the most important thing. So its not just publishing an article or a blog, the real

    job starts when its officially published and how you can make more from it.

    One more important thing you mentioned is Google Alerts. We can get a lot of useful information via Google Alerts and that can be very helpful to beat our competitors or grow our site or blog.

    Thanks Neil for the great post and sharing such important points with us. Keep Sharing

    • Peter, glad you found it helpful. Thanks for the feedback and look forward to hearing much more from you.

      • Peter Consolino :

        Thanks Neil, for replying back, glad that you read every comment and reply back. I am a follower of your blog and will surely give my feedback. Thanks once again

  143. Kurt Kummerer :


    Phenomenal, detailed information. I appreciate you taking the time to compile such a helpful post and share as much as you do.

    What do I do now after publishing a blog post? I share my post on Twitter and comment on authority blogs. I will try your suggestion of commenting on blogs that are a little less popular.

    After reading this information I will implement numbers 5, 6, & 7. In my opinion I think one of the most important things you can do is build relationships with other bloggers as they are the lifeblood of any business. This will take time and effort, but if you are patient and persistent the long-term benefits will be substantial! I do this every day in my sales career and strive to do that in my blogging.

    I will tweet this out to my followers right now.

    Thanks again Neil!


    • Kurt, thanks for the great insights and for taking the time to comment. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  144. Another Amazing detailed article, Thanks for sharing man, You rock.

  145. Luke O'Kelley :

    Hi Niel,

    As others have already pointed out, great post. I post my blogs through HubSpot, and have my account set up to post them automatically to all my social pages.

    I use Linkedin groups occasionally, but struggle to find the time to put in to earn the right to promote my blog. I also send out my blog in emails.

    I had known about some of the other methods you discussed on a very basic level, but never knew exactly how to dive into them.

    I think from here on out I am going to try and get to know other bloggers. While I have been blogging for awhile, I’m afraid I’ve neglected the community aspect of it all.

    I also really like the idea of using google alerts to get alerts for a keyword and adding to the discussion.

    Thanks again for all your wisdom!

    • Luke, glad I could help. Please let me know how it all works out. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  146. Rajkaran Singh :

    Hi Niel

    This is an awesome stuff. I was looking for such information packaged in one article. As I am a new blogger, still learning, I will try my best to implement these strategies step by step. I did this mistake of disabling comments. I have one question. It would be kind of you if you clarify.
    As I do not have much traffic and enable comments, will it have negative impact on readers if there are less than 5 or no comments at all?

  147. You always help and give me instant ideas to grow my blog. I’m really impressed by the amount of knowledge you have. I’ve read your life story as well…one question, that I’m curious to ask is that from where did you learn all these marketing skills, SEO and blog developing tricks?
    Anyways, keep writing and keep spreading your word. It helps many.

    • Harshita, I am self taught and learned a lot of things from researching — the web is a great resource.

  148. Nathaniel Bozarth :


    Thanks so much for this helpful article.

    I’m brand new to, well…branding, for one, and marketing, for two. I work as the second head in a public media startup, Your Fellow Americans (YFA). I found your blog through “10 Startup Founder Blogs Every Entrepreneur Should Read” :

    YFA’s “blog” consists of videos posted on our website. So far, the extent of my promotion has been solely through pushes on Twitter and FB. As we carried on with our project, I started posting pictures and thoughts separately on both Twitter and FB, really trying to get people on my page so that they’d watch our videos.

    As YFA enters a new season with a new project, I’m excited to look into leveraging relationships with similar “bloggers”, utilizing Reddit, monitoring hashtags, etc.

    I’m adding this post (and your blog) to my resources for online marketing.

    Thanks so much.

    Nathaniel Bozarth
    Your Fellow Americans, Ethnographer

  149. Hi Neil,

    Useful article as usual and useful resources as well, thank you. In my case, I have a blog of news that I need to update very frequently with 4-5-6 articles every day, so I don’t have just one post a week where then I can spend a lot of time going around and building relationships. So, I suppose it’s impossible to do everything and the strategies would be different in this case. Not all of them but most of them.

    I’m curious to know one thing more. Do you avoid using a “subscribe to comment” plugin so people have to come back to check more times to see if you have answered or not? Do you think this is a better strategy?

    • Davide, because of your frequency you are right — things are a bit different. It’s up to you if you want to provide notifications for comments — I don’t do it because I feel people should check back 😉

  150. Can’t agree more on this. I have seen many people blogging but they do not add a ‘Call to Action’ to psychologically instigate the reader to leave comment. That is the worst part a blogger can do. If you want it, ask it. That strategy has led me to get many comments in my blog posts. I do normally get 15 to 20 comments. Well not much but still am happy to say that my users are loving it.

  151. Amel Mehenaoui :

    Thanks Neil for sharing this detailed post. I did like the number 10 on your list: Get easy links with roundups. It’s something that I never tried and would add to my Traffic generation checklist.

    I usually start with SEO first than go through some of the other item of your list.

    BTW, thanks for sharing the email template and you should expect some of us to use them when reaching out to you! 😉

    Wishing you the best.

  152. I really appreciate all the information in this post! My blog traffic has hit a plateau and hasn’t grown much in the last month so I’m eager to add some new methods of promotion. I immediately went and started a new Reddit account with my blog name, so I’m already starting! Thanks for all the fantastic info.

  153. Tim Kitchin :

    We are in the digital content business and really should have this nailed. But don’t! Great post and a kick in the butt for us to get our act together for ourselves and clients. Nice share. Cleanly explained. Gives real value. Tim

  154. I liked how you talk about how a blog should have comments to appear authoritative (social proof). This is also the case when it comes to social media accounts for companies.

  155. Neil- what is your opinion about using facebook ads to boost the posts? It seems like the most crucial time for a blog is during the startup period where there isn’t any reader base established.
    If there was a way to target/find people on any particular subject who would tend to be repeat readers and even better, those with substantial friends to share (influencers), this could surely help a new blog gain traction, and is this something that could/should be done when a blog is new and unproven or later when there is a decent about of content?

  156. Denise Wakeman :

    Excellent tips, Neil. I find a lot of people don’t realize they can share their own posts (#3). They’re surprised when I suggest they use the social sharing buttons on the blog post! What do you think of syndicating posts to sites like Triberr and Social Buzz Club to increase traffic?

  157. All the above mentioned are very essential and I didn’t all those tricks. Thank you for sharing such a big list of tips…

  158. It’s truly amazing how many questions you answer in a single day. How many hours per day does that take?

  159. Karsten Fink :

    Thank you Neil. I’m learning a lot from you. You’re MY resource on marketing on the web. I also read your article on reddit and I think today I am going to register there and follow your good advice. I know how to write, but I have not yet learned how to market my stuff. So I’ve got a long way to go. And I am so glad quicksprout is there…

  160. Rupali Embry :

    Amazing article, Neil! How are you able to put out such great information so consistently?! Thank you for teaching me so much!

  161. Rob Carpenter :

    Hey Neil, really great post as usual. Thank you!

    My favorite takeaway of the whole post:
    “If you get 5 comments on a post, you instantly double that to 10 if you reply to all of them.”

    Also, love the section on reaching out to producers of content roundups. I can certainly attest to difficulty of sourcing really great content when your aim is to share only the best.

    Though, I think “roundups” and other forms of content curation are a really great strategy to include in your content promotion in general as well. I’ve started investing more time in content curation recently for a few reasons:
    1) As a relationship builder with people/brands I want to connect with.
    2) as a way to re-promote old, but still relevant, content to keep the traffic coming and
    3) because curated content can so easily be reformatted into so many different content types: round up blog posts, curated email newsletters, social shares, resource pages, even sales/support assets.

    I’ve seen so many companies/writers produce great content, and then they may even do a good job of initial content promotion, but then they forget about it after a few days. So, the one piece of advice I’d add is to always look for ways to leverage your content more over time. Add content into our email drip campaigns, make outreach a constant and promote evergreen content to relevant outlets/influencers, leverage content already produced in customer support and sales efforts, etc. One tool we discovered recently that has been a huge help in managing, curating, and sharing content over time is called Publicate. For example, here is a curated publication created in Publicate filled with other really great resources for content promotion: . I made it in like 1 minute, and I can just as easily embed it into an email newsletter or blog post, add branding/images, etc.

    There seems to be a big influx lately of tools that can help with content creation and promotion (Canva, Pitchbox,, BuzzSumo). Do you have any thoughts on any of these? (would especially like to hear your thoughts on the outreach tools).

    • Rob — thanks for these great insights. It’s all about creating compelling content that people will want to share. Sounds like you are on the right track 😉

  162. HI Neil,

    Great information, started my site about six months ago site traffic is inreasing every week thanks for sharing the information.Thanks


  163. This is enormously useful Neil. Thanks for taking the time to be so detailed. I was aware of some of it, but I certainly found some new tools to put in my arsenal. I’m making a checklist from this article as we speak! Thanks again 🙂

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    Love all the tips you’ve listed. Very helpful. Thank you!

  165. Neil this by far is the most important piece of content that I’ve read today. I have been blogging for some time and just have not been able to get much organic traffic to my blog. Needless to say that is very frustrating.

    I will definitely be implementing these strategies starting today.

    Thanks for all of your hard work and great value that you offer to this industry.

    • Janet, glad I could help. Thanks for the support and let me know if you need help with anything else.

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  172. Thanks for a very helpful post… I’ve been blogging for a while… niche is women’s golf… have built up a small following, but your list of things to do is very helpful. I realize I have not been doing most of them which has to change if I am ever to succeed at growing my blog and my pocketbook.
    I have made a list of things to now do each time I publish a post and must set aside at least an hour after each post to start making this happen. Consistency is key as you say. Thanks again.

    • Pat — sounds like a good plan. Consistency definitely is key. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

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  176. Hi Neil
    Great ideas. I had already incorporated some of them into my website. I LOVE your encouragement to answer every comment. I’ve been doing this, but not necessarily for the reasons you mentioned. I know I get quite discouraged when I post comments and they seem to be completely ignored! So I answer comments because that is what I would like to have for myself! For some reason, I’m still not generating the comment rate I would hope for, but my website views are growing.
    Your information will help me to be even more effective! Thanks

  177. Thanks for sharing these, Neil! You’re amazing. 🙂

    I am an avid reader of your posts and have been learning a lot since them. I’m going to share these strategies to my team… We’ve actually been doing some from your list but there are new things to try. Thanks, again!


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  179. Hi Neil,

    Thank you for giving such great email templates! very helpful. Hope to see more of those.

    The comment idea is very creative. Will give it a go. I find getting quality comments very important for the long run.

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    Great action based post. Super insightful. Thanks

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    Though this question is different from this article but can you please clear my doubt ?
    I have an online magazine, it has multiple categories, and most of my traffic is coming from India because most of the writers are from India and they promote their article but i need more of USA and UK traffic, and I am afraid that people from other countries won’t like Indian audience targeted articles.
    So I am planning to divert the traffic coming from India to the domain “” and everyone else to “.life” . And there will some common articles in both the website. What I need to know is how will this impact my website rank and traffic, will google see this as a duplicate content as some articles will be common in both of them. And is it overall a good idea or a bad one.
    And I couldn’t possibly ever Thank You enough for your great articles.

    • Use the hreflang when doing all of this and you should be fine. Google has some videos that will walk you through how it works… it should solve your problem.

      • Ankur Srivastava :

        Hearing from you that “doing all of this and you should be fine” really means I am not planning to do any thing wrong.

        Thanks a lot for your reply Neil.

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    Thanks for the great post! Quick question: in #3 you write that you could automate the posting with Buffer. How would you automate the whole social sharing schedule with re-posts etc. (on the picture) automatically in Buffer after posting once in WordPress?


    • Mark, there are integrated tools within Buffer to do that all. They also have tutorials and a blog that provide some tips and tricks.

  188. Hi neil,

    1)which is the 3 best Content Marketing Strategy interms of promoting to Influencers…???
    2)can you please tell me the strong reasons why the Influencers need to amplify the Content,if we didnt mention those influencers name or link in our content..why they need to share or retweet them…Can u tell me the practical scenario

    • Ramkumar,

      2. It’s a way to gain exposure for the people you are promoting and for them to share your content — reciprocal sharing.

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    My new site is only a few weeks old and I really want to give it every chance of success. Once I publish, I always go on to share on social media and try to be engaging with the few followers I have. Getting people to engage with me is another matter, but perhaps that’s down to the time that I’m sharing and not enough people get to see? One thing I’ll definitely be doing from now on is sharing more than once (trying not to come across too spammy).

    There really is, what seems like, a lot to take in here but I’ll try and implement as much of it as I can.

    Thanks for the information.


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    • Ritu, glad to help. If you need help with anything specific please let em know. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

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    Thanks again for all the value you bring to the marketing community!


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    • Matthew, glad to help. If you need help with anything else please let me know. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

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    I put sooo much time and effort into each post I’ve created in terms of the visuals, textual conversation, value offered, post organization, and social sharing opportunities (yoast SEO, tweet this, CTA’s), that I’ll admit I want to throw a fit about having to do all this extra work to get people to see what I worked so hard on. 🙂 Still it’s super helpful to have found you article just when I needed the guidance.

    • Bunny, glad you found it helpful — and glad to see that the images caught your eye.

      Trust me the hard work will pay off — keep it up 🙂

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    Super helpful post! Love how you break everything down into digestible steps to follow. I had one question about the Google Alerts monitoring – is it cool to leave comments and links to PAST posts you did that are relevant or should they be only your most recent content?


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    Some of these tactics are hard to pull of in smaller countries like Denmark, (like reddit) since the online user base is just so small. Of course this also means much smaller competition.

    • Karsten, I was reading your comment and was formulating a reply along the way but your last sentence beat me to it 😉

      You have very little competition!

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    • Suresh, it would surely help. I would also advise you look at a specific strategy that works best for your niche and go from there.

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    Regarding my content promotion approach: currently it’s haphazard really. I typically do the following:
    . send to my email list
    . post across social channels (FB, Instagram, pInterest)
    . try and run a few paid campaigns
    . I have tried Outbrain – but half heartedly

    I think I have a better structure to follow now, from reading your posts on content promotion (including this one). My organic search has stalled (part of it is that I need to get my site to run faster and become responsive/mobile friendly) but also because we have been focussed too much of content creation and hardly at all on active promotion and outreach.

    Anyway, many thanks – I had to write this to let you know that I am grateful that you are sharing such great material.

    cheers, sandip

    • I’m glad you decided to join my email list, welcome aboard 🙂

      yes, content can stall if you’re spending to much time creating, and not enough time getting it out there. Have you seen my guide on content marketing? This may help inspire some new promotion ideas

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    • I’m glad you know what to do now with promotion, it’s going to make a big, positive impact for you. Keep me posted on your progress and let me know if there’s anything else I can help you understand.

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    • Marketers get lazy and don’t realize that without action, there won’t be a reaction. It’s the law of causality.

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    “You need to make a list of tasks and complete them every single time you publish a new post.”

    If you manage to automate these tasks, or let your audience perform them, you’ll really be in business!
    I am Manish, have own institutes in jodhpur  😀

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    • Wow, good for you on getting started at your age. I bet you will crush it within a few years.

      Yes, these are definitely the best immediate steps to go by to promote your content

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    Other than that, I also attended your webinar today and literally loved it because even in that webinar you shared a lot of valuable tips to increase traffic and sales. You actually share hidden treasures which others don’t. Awesome, please keep it going, it helps a lot.

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    2. leaving my grandchildren a sustainable, livable earth.

    I believe the internet provides the best way for us to share our message with the world. I have several websites devoted to sustainability, resilient living, and helping people share their passions. Thank you for helping me make my websites more effective. Bill


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