How to Improve Your Facebook’s Organic Reach

When your Facebook engagement and reach start to slow down, what do you do? Chances are you blame Facebook’s algorithm.

And although Facebook’s algorithm might be responsible for such a change to some extent, you can do things on your end to increase your organic reach. In order to teach you how to increase your organic reach, I’ve created an infographic.

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How to Improve Your Facebook’s Organic Reach

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Optimizing your organic reach isn’t rocket science. By using Facebook to analyze your fans, you can gain insights to grow your reach.

For example, through Facebook Insights, I found that the majority of my fans visit my nutrition page at 1 p.m. For that reason, you’ll see most of the updates taking place around 1 p.m.

How else can you increase your organic reach?

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  1. The ever declining organic reach is a major problem for cash strapped startups and SMBs who don’t have the resources to commit to large FB promotion campaigns, so this info is great to have here now and will come in useful to many I’m sure.

    I’ve been neglecting Facebook for far too long so this is exactly what I needed to get back on track there!

    • Neil Patel :

      Rob, great insights. There definitely has been a transition from organic results to paid and promoted results. That’s not to say the average person can’t succeed on Facebook — it’s all about context and relevancy to your audience. Get started, I am sure you’ll see great results!

    • Rob, indeed.

      The transition from organic results to paid results can be troubling. If you’re a small startup. And wanting to commit to a large promotional campaign.

      A good way to go about it, while still harnessing the power of paid results, is to start small.

      For example:

      Start with a small campaign. On a small budget. Even $5 will do.

      Get your ROI on that $5. Let’s say you make back $10.

      Reinvest that $10. Get back $20.

      Reinvest that $20. Get back $40.

      And so on.

      Until you can afford to do that large campaign you desire.

      Even if you’re a cash-strapped startup, you can still take advantage of the paid results trend. 🙂

      • Anil Agarwal :

        Rob, it’s easier said than done.

        I myself have tried a variety of Facebook ads and most of the time the ROI is not pleasing as you said.

        It’s way better to focus on reaching out to top engaging Facebook pages and pay them to promote you.

        Great insights as usual Neil. Just tweeted!

  2. Eduardo Cornejo :

    This is awesome. I’ve started sharing valuable content on my Facebook page, just like you mentioned in the Nutrition Secrets article. This also helps a lot!

    By the way, I’m not sure if you like this strategy and you probably already know it, but considering your Nutrition Secrets Facebook page is at 60K and your Twitter page is still in the hundreds, have you considered apps like Twigrow?

    With $5 you can get 1,000 “tokens”, and it lets you promote your page with it. I’ve gotten close to 200 followers overnight, which is a lot harder to do than with Facebook (in my opinion).

    Have a good weekend!

    • Neil Patel :

      Eduardo, I am going to tackle Twitter pretty soon. I don’t pay for twitter followers — I just promote great content & have a strategy that is proven for growth. More on that later 😉

  3. Hi Neil,

    The “Post at non-peak” time is not that intuitive, but it worth a try. Data speaks louder, I guess. Thanks for another great post!

  4. Keith Bresee :

    Hey Neil!

    This infographic is b.e.a.utiful!!

    I love the action steps you laid out! Particularly number 3!

    Be awesome!

    • Neil Patel :

      Keith, glad you found it helpful. Thanks for the valuable feedback. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  5. Ahfaz Ahmed :

    Hi Neil

    Great Infographic with a cool design and lots of information. I Learned something valuable today with this infographic.

    Also I would love to see something about “effective ways of sharing links on Facebook and other social media platforms”.

    Have a good day!

    • Neil Patel :

      Ahfaz, glad you found the post helpful. I’ll try to write something much more in-depth on the topic in a coming blog post. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

  6. Wow, the most beautiful infographic I have ever seen.

    Great neil bro !

  7. This is an amazing post… and hits the hammer on the nail about Facebook’s performance…

    It shows that the more we are human (instead of brands), the better our Facebook reach.

    Great post as always, Neil!

    • Neil Patel :

      Quality content and context will always beat any corporate interest. Thanks for the feedback.

  8. Penny Pincher :

    Haha this is brilliant! I was literally just opening a bunch of tabs about Facebook reach for my new site when your email dropped. Thanks Neil! Awesome graphic too.

  9. Am a bit concerned about the way we go about getting organic results with facebook becoming an obsolete way in getting results.

    Bloggers should start getting concerned about the way we can go in getting this results

    • Neil Patel :

      Uzoma, the game is definitely getting tougher. However, with a multi-channel approach in place we can achieve great results.

  10. Exactly. Facebook has commercialized a lot. With Facebook’s increasing audience, its time that we take care of Facebook’s algorithm as seriously as Google’s.

  11. Any opinion on Facebook race tricks?

    For example:
    -comment to win …
    -like to win …
    -the comment that stays on top for 2 minutes wins a …

    • Neil Patel :

      Ulf, Those are all great strategies that brands can definitely leverage. I also like the concept of sharing to win.

  12. Sherman Smith :

    Hey Neil,

    Thanks for this infograph. It’s helpful for me to see what to look at to I tease organic reach. I just need to engage and communicate more since I’m rarely on my page (you would think huh).

    Thanks for the share Neil!

  13. Peter Kanayo :

    Neil informative infographic as usual. Nice insight to glean. For me I cross promote on group which are closed. This gives room for more engagement and organic reach

    • Neil Patel :

      Peter, cross promotion is always a great way to get more followers and leverage your fan base. Keep up the great work.

  14. Does using a 3rd party system like sprout social or hootsuite impact reach? Ive heard it does, but I dont see much of a difference since i stopped using them for FB.

    • Kousar Batool :

      There is no evidence to suggest that posts using third party tools have better organic reach.

      • Neil Patel :

        Kelly & Kousar, I did a bit of testing myself and saw that posting manually or through FB’s scheduler has provided slightly better results.

        • Thank you both for the reply – Im going to keep testing.

        • Don Modekali :

          I second you on this. I also found out the same thing with using 3rd party tools. Moreover, my manual posts get even better reach than FB-scheduled ones

  15. Hi Neil,
    It’s pretty fun fact about Facebook nd you write it in cool way thanks fr taking time spending money to design
    Keep up the great work
    Yours hater* 🙂
    P.s I am inspired nd you are my mentor

  16. Kousar Batool :

    Great article. I’d just like to add that videos have higher organic reach according to my own personal experience & little experiment I conducted a week ago.

  17. Some of the simplest tips have the biggest impact. I’ve used the tactic of asking questions of my audience on Facebook, and the engagement levels are ALWAYS huge. Even if it’s just a generic question like whether you prefer coffee or tea.

    I’m launching a new Facebook fan page for a project I’m relaunching this week, so this was timely information.

    • Neil Patel :

      Randy, glad you found it helpful. Asking questions always gets the ball rolling. Everyone has an opinion.

  18. Adarsh Sojitra :

    A great infographic again!
    getting targeted traffic from facebook is not so hard as my opinion. In my friend list, there are bloggers and maximum of them follow my blog So it is quite easy to get targeted traffic from facebook.
    Thanks for this sir…

    • Neil Patel :

      Adarsh, glad I could help. Sounds like you are doing all the right things to get maximum traffic.

  19. Brian Syuki :

    Great tips and nice infographic. I like how you make things simple and easy to understand. Will definitely apply this.

  20. I wonder what is the average rate for the reach of a post? I’ve noticed that my posts reach less than 10% of my page followers.

  21. Hi Neil,

    Your infographic is excelent, like it so much.

  22. Hi Neil,

    I just loved reading the information from info-graphics.It is more easily understandable than normally written posts.Keep up the good work! I expect to see lot more info-graphics in your future articles


  23. Long awaited post Neil, Love to see this coming and surely making these changes will help us to increase the organic reach.



  24. Nice change to Mike Kamo at the nutrition blog 😉

    Thanks for the Facebook infographic.

  25. William Zimmermsn :

    Neil, great stuff! Bill Z

  26. Thank you so much for your clear infograph. really so much helpful to me .

  27. So you think getting traffic from fb organic is enough?

  28. Neil you are awesome. Amazing way to increase organic traffic from facebook. It’s great.. and free.

    Thanks for infographic.:)

  29. Hey Neil,
    I bookmarked your infographic.
    Another 2 reasons why organic reach Declined:
    1. You bough fake likes (fake fans)
    2. Fake fans liked your page. Fake accounts likes random pages to look more real.


  30. Estou sempre aprendendo, obrigado Neil Patel

  31. sumaiyasuchi :

    thank you for your important information.its really helpful for me and once again thank you so much Neil.

  32. Thank for this helpful information, Neil!

    How much time it takes to make an infographics like this?

  33. Aarti agrwal :

    Hi Niel , Very Interetsing Guide improve Reach facebook , Really helpful Article and Mind Blowing Infoghraphic , i like it Thanks a lot Good Job,

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    You Are The Best informative Article Writers i know i am really impress your information like Facebook Reach and improve it ideas and points, Such a great infographic ,
    Have a ROck Day

  35. Lisa Tener, Book Coach :

    Thanks for the great info, Neil. How come the non-peak results only show up for links and not photos or status updates?

    • Lisa, this article may help:

  36. Aluko Bukola :

    I once worked with a business owner who thought all of these strategies for growing their page was a waste of time. He demanded a barrage of ‘salesy’ posts. He was desperate to make sales. Needless to say, the page’s engagement and reach declined greatly -practically comatose – for people here in Nigeria do not interact with ads. I took lessons from that experience. Thanks for this post, Neil.

    • Aluko, sounds like you benefited from his mistakes in that you learned not to make the same ones. Keep up the great work!

  37. No. 3 Step is Good. Great Infographic. Very Helpful 🙂

  38. Great infographics. Really like the way you explained it. I am using almost all method asking questions, posting on pick time. Still didn’t get the desire result. Any reason for that?

    • Vikas — you may need to work on your content. Try to ensure that it is educating your user-base.

  39. Hi Neil,

    I am always waiting for your info graphics and every time I got new ideas and tricks to engage more people towards my content. I am not aware of the peak time and non peak time. Definitely I am going to use this point on my photo and video sharing.

    I have a doubt can you explain me how in non peak time link will get more organic reach as compare to videos and photo??

    • Satish, glad you found the post helpful.

      As for the question on peak time. You ideally want to find a time when people are online — that will make a difference for all your traffic channels.

  40. Harekrishna :

    Facebook’s organic reach declining reasons are valuable. But user behavior affects are more important. I like PR journal study on strategies of fortune 500 companies about openness, access and positivity. It is obviously true that we should post during peak times to take great benefits. Your important tips are truly helpful.

    • Harekrishna, glad you found the tips helpful and thanks for the additional insights. I look forward to hearing much more from you.

  41. Les Résoteurs :

    Beautiful graphics and your important tips are truly helpful.

  42. krishna kant :

    wow, this is great all Facebook strategies in one info graphic, one of the best info graphic. please suggest a post on – How to create info graphic according to post ????
    please suggest it ???

  43. Neil Patel :

    Hey Neil,

    Thanks for the great post. We will implement some of them in promoting our page for our website I would love to hear more about facebook and other online marketing tools from you.

    PS: We share the same name 😀

  44. ommy panchal :

    Yes this is the way to enhance the engagement and the reach to the facebook page. The way facebook use its algorithm intresting.

  45. Peeyush Rajput :

    very informative article and a beautiful infographic.Thanks a lot for these tips

  46. Excellent insights! The peak time for my audience is 7pm (my time) yet when I post to the page 10-11am get about 50% more engagement than if I post 7pm. I have a theory but I will continue to test it to see if it holds. Thanks Neil!

    • Rita, let me know if you come up with any great insights — looking forward to hearing more from you.

  47. Scott Robinson :

    Wow, nice infographic Neil. Where did you go to get that made? Makes for a great post!


  48. Facebook is very smart!

  49. Michael Joseph :

    Hey Neil,

    Long term lurker here. After reading this I thought it was about time I finally leave a comment. Perhaps you should stop posting so often – my bookmarks list is starting to become unmanageable!

  50. Hi Neil,

    It’s great to see another informative & beautiful infographic on QuickSprout. I am yet to improve my Facebook page’s organic reach.


  51. Phillip Dews :

    To Be honest Neil, oh and great infographic btw. How did you make it? Curious to know. Anyway to be honest I don’t really focus on my page reach and all that. for me it’s just about giving massive value to fellow human beings. Saying that I have never really dook deep into the page analytics.

    I just share mine and others content on the page and to communicate with my audience. Currently I am building my Old New Blog with quality usefull and inspiring content, just giving back and I’m focusing on providing value to my fellow Homo Sapiens. For me thats what it’s all about.

    I just finished reading Glen Shepherd’s latest post about what we would all do if Google, Bing and Yahoo shut down tomorrow. I would just keep doing what I’m doing now! Interesting post btw Neil, looking forward to the next one.

    Till next time..
    ~~ Phillip Dews~~

    • Phil, glad you found the infographic helpful. I have a team of designers that helps put it together.

      It’s great that your purpose is to help others. I think that should be the aim of most marketing.

      • Phillip Dews :

        I do all my own Designing and Developing now. goto love Adobe Fireworks and Photoshop but boy did my design sucks a decade ago.

        Yep on my old new blog I was all about chasing the money, being selfish and putting number one first 6 years ago when I started it. Now though and since my mind shifted and changed I make it all about them. As you probably know it’s all about Karma.

        ~~ Phillip Dews ~~

  52. Connor Rickett :


    If organic reach is getting smaller, then what’s the tipping point where it’s more cost-effective to just focus efforts elsewhere? Do you have a cutoff point where you’d say, “Hey people, it’s time to move to Instagram, maybe give G+ another look,” to your readers?


    • Connor, I think we are far from that tipping point. Also, the functionality of FB is much easier than Insta or G+ … FB actually allows you to link to other sites — whereas Instagram does not.

  53. Another great article. Thanks for sharing such great stuff.

  54. AB Associates :

    I like the way you explain your content through info-graphics. Beautifully designed and healthy content. Thanks for sharing this, keep on writing.

  55. That’s the first time I hear edge rank is still alive, although facebook’s already got other 100,000 algo parameters.

    Can one say that edge rank is roughly an abstract of those 100K parameters?

  56. NaturalLiving :

    Cheers for the advice Neil, we’ve been seeing a massive decline and will implement these tips!

  57. kota Venkatesham :

    Thanks for sharing such nice information.
    I have question is i am started blog about celebrity news ,
    information and pictures can suggest me marketing strategy to my blog .
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  58. Another great share, thanks for tips. Time to implement them

  59. Neil, great way to explain through infographics, I like it very much. Thanks for sharing this.

  60. Thanks Neil for a great insight!

    one simple query I had … would love to have your opinion on the same.

    Why facebook is not showing simply everything and letting us decide what we want to see? as we definitely have a “Hide” option?

    Thanks again 🙂

    • Pinaki, it’s their transition to advertising that is causing that. They are a free platform so they call the shots — much like Google.

  61. Sanket Gupta :

    Thanks for this Awesome Infographic.I really learned much from this though i think Real Page Likes are could help achieve success.

    Thanks once more for all the details.

  62. Akshay Sapkal :

    Thanks for this awesome infographic, taking back some things to experiment 😉

  63. Neil,
    I hate to sound stupid but I’ve been all over my FB pages insight section looking for the timing of my pages activity. The insights are only showing activity per day – not per hour so I can’t figure out when my peak and non peak times are. Am I missing something or has FB changed their dashboard since the infographic was made?

    Ryan Vars

    • Ryan — if you dig deeper and increase the date range it should give you more actionable insights.

  64. Great idea and good infographic to make all the things simple.

  65. Looks like organic reach will dip even further with the latest algorithm updates (on April 21, 2015). I like the idea of posting content during the off peak hours and trying to see if that will help you reach more people. Plus, I’ve also been reading in many websites/blogs that videos are doing rather well in terms of organic reach. Only if you upload them directly into Facebook, of course.

    • Priyanka, great points. The hunch about FB is correct — they want people to upload to their platform.

  66. I’m sure it’s a lovely info graphic, but worthless from a mobile device, which is where most traffic cones from now.

  67. I’ve been doing everything you listed here in the last 6 weeks to increase engagements on some pages I manage. The results are excellent – organic reach of 8000 topped up with paid reach of 7000 for €5-€10 for one competition we ran. Always love to read your posts – always wothwhile!

  68. I’m very, very skeptical about this article. For one, posting less regularly in the past has meant that my pages have dropped in organic reach because Facebook values pages that regularly post content. Spamming (5+ times a day) is one thing, but posting less regularly isn’t something that I’d recommend to anyone. Most of the other suggestions are ones that we’ve heard before, that a lot of people are doing – but it’s not doing them any good and isn’t really resulting in an increase in organic reach.

    At this point – chasing after marginal increments in organic reach of a couple of percentage points is a far too time consuming a task. Instead of spending the manpower and hours on creating that content and getting into that detail – it’s far easier to simply get a good Facebook ad strategy together.

  69. Great tips , I would definitely follow these guidelines .


  70. Andrew Booth :

    A great work again!

    Getting targeted traffic from Facebook is really huge thing in my opinion. I will try to apply these tips and try to get results.


  71. I guess i never thought about peak hours and how they will affect posts. Thanks for that!

  72. Neil tell me one thing , Can we count upon The google keyword planner tool ?

  73. wow its really great honour to me to be part in this and whatever the tips you had given was soo helpfull and usefull to me grow in this feild and what ever the mistakes i had did i’ll correct them.

  74. Neil tell me one thing , Can we count upon The google keyword planner tool ?

  75. Really nice post. Thanks for sharing this very informative post about facebook organic reach.

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