How to Hire a World-Class Blogger for Your Company


You know the benefits of blogging, but you don’t have the time to blog yourself. What should you do? Hire a blogger, right?

You should. But do you know how to find a great blogger?

Luckily for you, I’ve had a lot of experience in hiring bloggers for both KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg. Some of these bloggers worked out great, while others did not. Through the whole process, I’ve learned where to find great bloggers and what to look for when hiring them.

How to hire an exceptional blogger

Unlike for most jobs, you don’t find world-class bloggers through job postings. It’s not because a lot of great bloggers are already busy. In reality, a lot of them are not. Not only that, most of them don’t even get paid well.

The simplest way to find a great blogger is to scour marketing blogs. Although your business may not be about marketing, it doesn’t matter in this particular case. A great blogger can write on any topic due to the fact that anything can be researched on the web.

The first thing you want to do is make a list of all the popular marketing blogs such as Copyblogger, Problogger, KISSmetrics, and Moz. Each of those blogs accepts guest posters, which is what you want to look for.

Typically, if a blogger was able to get his or her content published on one of those blogs, this person is a good enough blogger as each of those blogs has strict editorial guidelines.

What a world-class blogger looks like

Now that you have a list of potential bloggers to hire, you need to look for the following qualities:

  1. Traffic generation abilities – if the posts they are writing receive more social shares than other posts published on that same blog, it doesn’t necessarily mean that their content is better. It usually means they know how to generate traffic. Two of my blogs are run with content published by guest bloggers, and I’ve learned that some of these bloggers are great at promoting content, while others are only good at the writing part. You want to hire the ones that are good at both writing and promotion. Typically, if their content has more social shares, they understand content promotion.
  2. Conversational writing style – no one wants to read an essay. Blog posts are supposed to be conversational and fun to read. Look for writers that use the words “you” and “I” a lot within their blog posts. This is important because I’ve found that bloggers who don’t write in a conversational tone receive 31% fewer comments per post. You want more comments because that means more engagement, and engaged readers are more likely to convert into customers.
  3. Storytelling – you only have 8 seconds to grab the attention of your readers. That’s short! So short that it’s actually a second shorter than the attention span of a gold fish. One of the best ways to hook a reader is by telling a story. If the blogger can incorporate stories within each blog post, these posts will be more likely to be read.
  4. Analytical abilities – how do you prove a point? By using facts and data, right? You don’t want to hire a blogger who can’t prove a point. Why? Because I’ve found that blog posts that contain data and stats, assuming they are accurate, generate 28% more social shares. That means more traffic to your blog.


When it comes to evaluating bloggers’ abilities, you don’t have to look further than the points above. Sure, there are other important qualities a blogger should have. The advantage of finding these bloggers on other popular blogs is that those other qualities have already been pre-vetted for you. 🙂

Once you find a few bloggers that meet the requirements above, you’ll want to shoot them an email asking if they are interested in contractual gigs. Contract means you just pay them for every blog post they write.

What you’ll find is that most of these bloggers will want $100 to $200 for a blog post between 1,000 and 2,000 words. Paying more than $200 usually isn’t worth it unless your ROI warrants it. And paying less than $100 isn’t very realistic as most good bloggers spend four to five hours writing a great post. That means you would be paying them less than $20 an hour.

It’s as simple as that. There isn’t much more to finding a world-class blogger.


  1. Sarah Harris :

    Great points above Neal! I’m the founder of Write Collective, a turnkey blog writing and management service. I find that the primary challenge my clients have is with topic ideation. I decided to offer topic ideation as part of my service and I make it a point to match my clients with writers that are most familiar with their niche.

    After hiring a blog writer, it’s always wise for the client to provide as much company and industry background as possible. This helps the writer speak in the conversational tone you mentioned above.

  2. Nikhil Waghdhare :

    Hey Neil,

    Great post to hire a great blogger to increase business. Your points are right. We have to look those mention qualities in every blogger.
    This post must be helpful for small as well as mid size businesses. 🙂

  3. Jason Keeler :

    This is borderline common sense, but so many people need to read it! Writers that have a conversational voice and can promote their own content are like gold. Rare and valuable! Definite value to be had, even for smaller biz with smaller budgets. Thanks for sharing this Neil…

  4. Great and very informative Article, it’s quit hard to find a great writer.

  5. Mike Podesta :

    Excellent article, Neil. As a journalist and blogger, there is definitely a difference in writing styles. You have to capture your audience regardless of the style but in a blog you have more leeway to create a conversation piece. Finding a quality writer/blogger isn’t an easy task but your post makes it easier.

  6. Federico Sasso :

    You might want to fix the typo in the title (Word-Class vs World-Class)

  7. Enjoying your short, straight to the point posts Neil.

  8. Annette Thomas :

    This is a great article. It reminds me of why I am a blogger writer and author. Your blog has also instructed me to become a better blogger and gain a competitive edge, which is what I need online. I have followed and will continue to do so on your blog posts. I am a subscriber.

    Annette Thomas
    Annette Thomas Enterpriseise

  9. Farcas Gelu Danut :

    This stategies is good for any country and language. Is good for my country, Romania (only addapt price).

  10. Good estimate on the price. Thanks

  11. Agree with every word, Neil. I’ve worked for brands that have tried to skim by with less than professional writers, blogging just because they know they need content, without an understanding of what content marketing really is. It’s not pretty.

    Great bloggers are worth their weight in gold. Most execs don’t realize it takes a professional blogger 4-5 hours to write a post. They think it’s a one hour job. You get what you pay for.

  12. TalkativeGeek :

    This is crazy to pay $100-$200 per blog post to me as a new bloggers and i usually use spun content from iwriter to fill out the blog. I am not sure if we spend say $15k for 100 quality articles, will that worth for the new site and does it guarantee to give us a profit? I never have such a great expense on content and love to know your guiding and also willing to do that huge expense if you could recommended 100% will be working

    • Thanks for the feedback. It definitely is food for thought 🙂

    • Spun content is bad for at least two reasons:

      1) The quality of your content will suffer. There’s no way you’ll end up with high-quality content that people will share using spun content.

      2) You’re not just writing content when you write a blog post – you’re also building a community of people who love your content, and want more. Spun content just can’t do that.


      3) Google has caught onto the whole spun content idea a long time ago. They’re looking for original content written by reputable (even influential) writers that is incredibly useful. They use algorithms to decide, but they also use things like social sharing, Google authorship, and how much of an authority the writer is.

      So keep in mind: if you can’t afford a lot of content, you can either write it yourself (maybe you can write it yourself, and have someone translate it), or post less often. Better quality Less Often definitely beats out Poor Quality More Often.

  13. Writers and bloggers are many in number these days, but very few can can understand what clients want.

  14. Hi Neil
    It is quite motivating to find a little smaller post here that shows there is no rule of thumb in content writing and one can finish his post as soon as he communicates the main message which he wants his readers get. This is awesome really.
    Inviting the top bloggers to apply for a job in your company is not that much difficult as to pick the best one. As we know there are millions of blog. Obviously hundreds of thousands of them must be owned by expert bloggers and then thousands of them would surely want to be hired by a good company to add another income stream into their regular earning.
    So the toughest job to hire a world class blogger is the go through various phases of their shortlisting. First at the time of receipt of their profile and then cutting short the list by scrutinizing each profile by visiting all the links to have a glance of quality of his work.
    In second phase to short list again for final selection.
    And then a list shortlist to directly take their interview to know what they really want, what are their salary expectation and when they will be available for the work.
    You picked much needed topic for those who don’t have much time to manage their blog themselves but they want a top class blogger to share their burden.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

  15. Hey Neil,

    Certainly great points.


  16. Great post Mr. Neil. This is the article I’ve been searching for on how to get good bloggers who do the whole stuff instead of only one thing. Thank you for the wonderful article 🙂

  17. Jaaved Pahary :

    Neil, should your title not be world instead of word?

  18. Great points Neil. Now I know why it that we struggle at finding good writers. When we get clients, we start looking for writers with experience in writing for clients niche. This makes it very difficult to find writers at a good price. I think I will now look for writers who can do magic with words. Will give them time to research and understand clients niche and see how things go.

  19. I think I agree with talkativegeek’s point. What’s the point of spending $100-200 per post on a new website which did not even have enough visits yet. But it would be totally different if the blogger can also promote it to drive traffic to the site. Then maybe it will worth it.

  20. Thanks. I may be looking to hire one in the near future, so this was very timely.

  21. hi neil ,

    great article. you have given me great idea and it is cheap also . I mean investing 100$ to 200$ for a post is a good idea.

    thanks again neil

  22. Manuel da Costa :

    This article was perfectly timed for me. I’m looking to hire an inbound marketing specialist for my team – someone who will generate inbound traffic to my site and expand on my own blogging efforts at Digital Tonic. Thanks for the insights into the process.

  23. richard weisskopf :

    Good post. My own experiences have been somewhat contradictory. I have found that .10/word $20/per hour does not represent a quality threshold; significantly more is needed to get a quality post – like the one you just wrote – for example. On the other hand, I have used upper class journalism students with great success. It’s true they attend a top university with a highly rated Journalism dept – but I doubt it matters. I have found if they are working on the school paper they seem to do even better.

    • Richard, thanks for sharing. Looking forward to hearing more from you 🙂

    • Patrick O'Doherty :

      I agree with Richard, $20 per hour seems a bit cheap for a “world class blogger”. I’d guess Neil’s rates are a tad higher than that? Great tip about sourcing journalism students – thanks.

  24. So this is the criteria! I’m a blogger myself and I’m constantly looking for blogging jobs. Reading this actually helped!

  25. I am facing tough time hiring a content person. This article is helpful. This is one of your smaller blog posts but very crisp and to the point. Content is King!!

  26. Kristina Roy :

    Great points Neil. I am going to start a new blog and looking for bloggers. I will follow your points, even at starting I am not able to pay $100-$200 for a single post.

  27. Hey Neil,

    The World Class Blogger you hired did a great job writing this post ticking all the boxes! 😉

  28. Now thats Cool one Neil, I hope you took nearly 5 mins to write this post !!!

    Yet much helpful and informative …

  29. Hi Neil,

    I am having the same problem to find a good writer. But your suggestions are too good I will try it…… Thanks for such good information……….

  30. Thank you for the kind words. We are happy to help you with all of your creative content needs!

  31. It happens with the biggest of companies, they hire many guys until they find the one great blogger, who is valuable.

    The harsh truth told by you proves an irony. Companies are looking for great bloggers and they are busy doing small projects and getting under-paid.

    Evaluating the test post by your checkpoints will help ,make companies informed decisions.

    Yet another useful article, I found this on kingged.

  32. Lorraine Reguly :

    After reading the comments left on this post, I decided to leave one of my own.

    I’m a writer. I’m also available for hire. Wording Well is my website, and I’d like to invite your commenters to check it out.

    I’m not trying to be spammy, either, Neil. I’m only trying to help some of your readers find the writer they need.

    If I was being spammy, I’d’ve left a link to my site. 😉

  33. Jeannette Paladino :

    I’m shocked, Neil, that you would place a maximum value of $200 for a “world-class” blogger. Is that how little good writing is valued? I know you can turn to elance and iwriter and buy content for a fraction of that — the equivalent of slave labor. I get more than $200 a post, thank you. I’m worth every penny and more.

    • Jeanette, thanks for your feedback. I am sure you are worth much more. It’s just that the market dictates certain costs. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

  34. Ujjwal Kumar Sen :

    You are right about guest blogging, but most of the blog published guest post only for getting traffic that’s why they can make money from ads network or direct ads.

    But I think there is another one good place to hire a blogger is problogger jobs board or you need to run a guest blogging contest.

    But the methods you have explained here those are also good method of course you told that you have used these methods for hiring bloggers.

    Good Blog Post.

  35. Hi Neil,

    I have been reading your blogs since past 2 months. I recently realized that Google has done away with authorship images in SERPs.

    I think this is going to affect us all.

  36. Marie Williams :

    Hi Neil,

    Great advice on hiring writers. You raise an excellent point by suggesting guest bloggers on popular blogs which already have high standards.

    Another possibility if you find a great writer/blogger who isn’t as savvy with content promotion is to devote those tasks to someone who excels in that area. Sometimes having a solid blogger and a solid promoter works even better than expecting both from one person.

    While I agree that all bloggers should be proficient researchers, it’s always golden if you can find someone who has some experience with the topic they will be blogging about. Hiring these people for relevant blogs is a no brainer!

    Thanks for the helpful tips, as usual.

  37. Thank you!

  38. The ability to influence people through his write-ups – That for me is the most critical characteristic of a world class blogger.

    He should be able to craft a compelling content that’s worthy of sharing and moves people to take action on whatever he tells them to do.

    If the blogger possesses this skill, then everything else will follow.

    Jimmy R. – Freelance Writer
    Founder of the 

  39. Are you having blog writers write in their own name or having them write with you as the author? I am curious how the two different strategies might compare. What I mean is that if you have a guest blog writer they might bring additional traffic to your site because of their following, but the downside is you lose some traffic as their author box and link may drive traffic away from your site. The method of having them write with you as the author keeps your readers on your site but may not get the additional traffic the author may have driven by sharing his guest post with his audience. Kissmetrics seems to have the guest post model whereas Quicksprout has the single author model. What are the pros and cons of each?

    • We have them write in their own name. But you can also have them ghost write too…

      Pros of the KISSmetrics model is that you can generate more traffic faster. The cons is that people don’t have as much of a personal connection, so they don’t convert as well into a paid customer…

  40. Great article and it’s pretty simple to follow. All of those blogs have amazing writers.

    The next question is now that you have all of this amazing content…where can you hire someone to promote it?

    Content is useless unless you get eyes glued to it and I would much rather hire a content outreach expert than doing it all myself. In your experience, where is the best place or way to find people to do outreach for you?

    • Ian, these are great questions. I have found that my network is the best place to start. Ask your friends 🙂

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  44. Fascinating post! Your tips are excellent advice for aspiring bloggers looking to make a name for themselves, too. I wonder, though, do you have one or two actionable strategies for new bloggers who haven’t had their posts widely published yet to get quality blogging jobs? How can newer bloggers get the $100/article jobs?

    • I think the best method would be to reach out to blogs that makes you feel good to write for and attach a sample of your work. Most people will take a look at your work, so as long as it’s good, you have a shot. You can also look for job forums like or places like

  45. Angelinchristopher :

    Nice article..

  46. This is a good article. You made an excellent point about traffic generation abilities. Mostly people hire bloggers to gain more traffic, increase online visibility and more sales for their business, etc. It’s also about maintaining your company’s reputation and brand. A professional freelance blogger can do research for client’s business, provide a plan, suggest topic ideas for blog or work on clients given topics, perform keyword search and provide SEO optimized content. I was lucky to find a team of blog writers ( that provided me with content plan that matches my requirements and such blogs content that ensure maximum ROI of business.

  47. Would you also look to the writer to assist with promotion or would you consider ideation, research/writing, editing, and promotion to be different roles?

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