Why Every Business Should Blog

What’s your favorite piece of social media real estate? A Twitter, Facebook or, perhaps, Google Plus profile?

Although those are great, the very first thing I would start with is a blog. Why? Because companies that blog typically have 97% more inbound links than those that don’t, which means more search engine traffic.

Download a quick and easy printable version of this infographic.

And the stats get even better from there…

  • 61% of consumers have made a purchase based on a blog post that they read.
  • 60% of consumers feel positive about a company after reading its blog.
  • 70% of consumers learn about a company through its blog versus ads.

If those stats don’t convince you to start a corporate blog, maybe this infographic will.

Click on the image below to see a larger view:

why every business should blog

Click here to view an enlarged version of this infographic.


Blogging is something that I highly recommend you try. It’s so effective that it’s been the key strategy to my success. Just look at KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg…they both have popular blogs that drive tons of sign-ups.

Now that you are convinced to start a corporate blog, here are the steps you can follow to get it to over 100,000 visitors a month.

So, what do you think about corporate blogs?

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  1. Exactly correct! I have also seen that the traffic is boosting up to sky high when your blog is on WordPress! 🙂 People do believe in business when they see we know what our business is about! Thanks Neil! 🙂

  2. Ken Glick (EEI) :

    Even though our business blog only posts once or twice per month, we’ve definitely seen an increase in traffic to our website from returning customers because of the blog. In fact, our blog, is so beneficial to our ongoing customer relations that we are considering e-mailing our blog posts to our customers each month, but we’re afraid that doing so might be overkill.

    • Ken, It wont be overkill. You can easily integrate Mailchimp or another email provider into your blogging platform so that they distribute the posts when they are posted 🙂

  3. Parmveer Singh :

    Great Info Neil Sir,

    What I think of blog for a company, it helps to show their expertise on their field & thus build trust.

    Would you please share, how you got some magic figures like 51 blog, 10am, Monday & Thursday.

    Its quite interesting and worth observing.

    • Parmveer, I just tallied up my own analytic statistics and have found that those days and times work best. It’s all about compiling your own data along with others’ to a/b test for the best results 🙂

  4. Beside a blog can-

    Improve your visibility of x numbers of keywords which your competitor or even u wouldn’t dream of. I recently wrote a blog about a temple near to my Project (Resort) and my site is ranking 2 on the keyword (butati dham) and as per google webmaster this keyword lands 2nd highest number of traffic for my site.

    That’s an anther reason to blog – Awesome expansion

  5. Maciej @ Brandignity :

    I can’t stress enough to clients how important it is to have a blog strategy in the mix. Time after time the clients that go for a blog strategy quickly see individual posts being the number 1 entrance pages.

  6. manujeevanprakash :

    Hi Neil,
    Mind blowing article , i do have a few questions to ask .

    1:- which of these 2 options are better for a start up whether to target a specific industry & blog (OR) to blog on a generalized topic. For eg :- facebook marketing tips for business (OR) facebook marketing tips for a beauty a saloon ?

    2:- how to generate ideas for your blog if your competitors blogs are not doing well(the comments & engagement is low on their blogs) and if your industry topics are not hot on Google news and Google trends .

    3:- Can the blogs be Geo specific ?? eg :- ” how can Indian retailers optimize for local search ” .If so will i get a guest posting opportunity with top blogging sites …

    Thanks for the awesome content Neil ..
    From Ur Fan:) 🙂

    • Great questions, my answers below:

      1. I would focus on a generalized topic to really get more eyes on your produt

      2. I think figuring our your buyer persona will go a long way towards helping you figure out topics

      3. They definitely can be. I would focus on geo-specific keywords as well 🙂

  7. Neil, I just want to say you do an awesome job on your blog posts. Thanks so much for continuously delivering informative content. Keep em coming 🙂

  8. Awesome stats, I wouldn’t have guessed Mondays and Thursdays were top periods for blog consumption. Who does your infographics? Freelancer or company? The success of these, both here and with KISS has made me an infographic junkie….



    • Aaron, it’s something I have learned over the past couple years. Mondays/Tuesdays really are great days for businesses. We do our infograhics in-house.

  9. Neil as always does on awesome job and explains exactly why you need to do this.
    If you have a blog the costumer will better understand what your business does and how it works and thus gets your conversion rate up. 🙂

    • Vlad, thanks for reading and providing your feedback 🙂 . It’s all about the community and dialogue you create through blogging 🙂

  10. Joel Mwakasege :

    Wow thank you Neil for this one.

    I thought for business it should be obvious that people are tired with sell pitch. Every one is trying to tell them they are the best, they actual want a human touch in all of that. Don’t get me wrong, by that I didn’t mean you hands you :p. Anyway, I real liked what Satishi said,

    “People do believe in business when they see we know what our business is about”

    It’s all back to square one, you create product for people or you don’t sell.

    Neil! My request can you please create even a tag or category for info graphics as they way you do in kissmetrics.

    It’s kind hard to find this germs under all clustered blog posts.

    Thanks Neil! This one rock!

    • Joel, glad you found the article helpful. I really do feel if you personalize your brand it can do wonders for your business.

      I will definitely look into the categories suggestion. Thanks for reading!

  11. Bonnie Andrews {Hobby to HOT!} :

    I love this post!

    Blogging also helps businesses get a real handle on who they are, what they provide and what their market wants them to provide. I’ve found the regular communication and engagement helps resolve and dissolve discrepancies and open doors of market opportunity.

    A blog can be so much more than generating leads, it really helps the future of the business when it’s done well.

    Thanks again for all the excellent content time after time!

    • Bonnie, glad you found it helpful.

      Thanks for the terrific feedback. Blogs really are a way to talk to your customers and hear them out when they respond via commenting. Thanks for reading 🙂

  12. Hey Neil,

    Wonderful info graphics! Thanks for sharing.

    So for max impact should I be scheduling my post to be published at 10:00 am on a Monday / Thursday?

    If not, what would be the best time to publish?


  13. I have to say I learned this the other way. I used to have a website that sold some service. I focused on advertising and marketing to get my clients.

    Even though i had a blog page i never really bothered posting stuff. Months later i found out that the two or three posts I had actually done just to keep the blog page on when I opened the service had gotten quite a great number of readers and comments and most were willing to check out the service we were offering.

    That was when I learned to advise myself to incorporate serious blogging into any business strategy.

    Thanks Neil for this reminder.

    • Dan, Blogs are a great way to communicate with your audience and personalize your brand. I think a lot of people realize this and have found similar results 🙂

  14. Dennis Gorelik :

    If there are 240M blogs and 329M People view a blog, then average blog is viewed by 1 to 2 people, right?

  15. Hi Neil,
    An awesome piece of content as usual! I’m blown away by both the quality and quantity of useful content you are able to produce. Really appreciate it.

  16. A blog post I have meaning to write for awhile, especially after our interview. Now I have no excuse and an infograph to use 🙂

    When a business owner asks me: Should we blog? I always ask them, “Do your customers/potential customers have questions?” They always respond with, “Of course they do”. And I respond with “Of course you should”.

    I think answering questions is a great place to start for the businesses that aren’t “all in” on blogging. I also think the word “blog” translates to “something for kids/Moms” to business owners.

    • Adam, I think it would be a great blog to write. Please let me know if you need any help along the way. Also, please share it with me once you are done 🙂

  17. Thanks Neil,

    Love the infographic. Will be using it on my website soon.

  18. Alejandra Ruani :

    For ages I’ve been trying to convince my brother to start blogging for his biz… these stats will do the trick!

    Thanks so much, Neil!

  19. Hey Neil,

    I love your content. My biggest problem is promotions. Do you have an in-depth guide on promoting content to get traffic?

  20. Hi Ken,

    Mind if I weigh in?

    Since you’re sure you’re producing superb content bringing people back, you’d be doing your efforts a whole lot of good by promoting the existing content.

    Just like the famous 80/20 principle, blog promotion to production rate should be 80:20.

    And as you just suggested email promotion, once you use attractive headlines and catchy intro in the email, people will be more willing to click on to your website the more – just like I came over here to read this infographic with Neil’s email.



  21. Blogging remains the best way to build authority and trust with potential clients. I will definitely invest more in blogging in 2014. Thanks Neil for this wonderful infographic.

  22. Hi,

    I started blogging 2 months ago and traffic went through the roof!

    Now the issue is that this blog traffic converts really poorly: my blended conversion rate from visitor to free trial went from 15% to 4% 🙁

    Do you have any tips on optimising signup conversion rate on blogs (for example where should i place the signup forms to maximise conversion, how do you “prevent” people from reading one or two posts and leaving without even looking up at what you offer )?


    • Guillaume, you may want to consider inserting some pop-ups so people are prompted with a screen that offers something when they enter or exit your site. Try WP Lead Magnet 🙂

  23. Hi Neil,
    Your posts are consistently informative and thought-provoking. Your use of email to notify readers when a new post is published is VERY effective. I recommend it to all my customers. There’s strong evidence that this helps drive more traffic to a site and to jump-start SEO with every post.

    I am skeptical about one stat you cite, which is that most people read 5-10 blogs per day. I think most of the clients and colleagues I work with – whether their business is B2B or B2C – are fairly representative of Internet users in general.

    They may understand the importance of having a blog for their own business, but there is no way they read 5-10 blogs every day – or even 5-10 blog posts every day. They are just too busy.

    That’s why business owners hire companies like yours and mine. They want someone who can distill all the information available and tell them what really matters to their business.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Mark, you bring up some interesting points.

      I think in general people do tend to read that amount because of the wealth of information the internet provides. Whether it be new stories, fashion blogs, or sports people are constantly checking out content online. Blog is an expansive term that relates to content that is distributed and read throughout the internet.

      Thanks for the insights 🙂

    • Mark, I think what Neil is saying is that on average people read 5 to 10 post daily. Believe me some could perhaps one. Others 20, so the cumulative average should give you that figure

  24. Sujay Maheshwari :

    Great post, Neil. What is your take on take existing blogs and content from around and “extending it” – so basically taking a content curation platform which also allows to provide your own viewpoint on it and then offering it to your existing and potential consumers?

    Do you think there is a need for content curation in coming months? I am Founder of Netcurate.com which assists you still establish your thought leadership via content curation and increase the engagement level

    • Sujay, I have always been a strong believer in content curation. I think it’s a great way to let people know you are sharing your content. You should also integrate your own content into this strategy though, so people will feel more inclined to share your stuff 🙂

  25. Tamar @ShopletPromos :

    I agree.
    Blog is the essential part of the the brand, definitely good for SEO

  26. Awesome article!

    Tks for the sharing 🙂

  27. I never run out of things to blog about. When nothing else comes to mind, I look at the search terms used to find my site and blog about one of those.

    Thanks for the great infographic, Neil. It lets me know I’m doing something good for my site by blogging daily.

    • Paul, glad I could help. Please let me know if you need anything else 🙂

    • Paul Do you think blogging daily is the best strategy?

      I will disagree, reason being that it is more or less an unsustainable strategy since creating of quality content on a consistent basis becomes an impossible task.

      Except, your niche is entertainment and news were the need for the latest news will make people consider your site important.

      That is why Neil blows twice a week on his site.

      You can see the kind of content created. If he decides to blog everyday, the quality will certainly drop

  28. Another great article/infographic Neil! Blogging is definitely the way to go. The most traffic I’ve seen to any of my website was when I was blogging on regular basis (read: almost daily). The only downfall is that it takes a good chunk of time to create great content as you cannot afford to just put out whatever comes to your mind.

  29. Thanks Neil for such an informative infographic.

    Reading your blogs is great infotainment, appreciate!

  30. I like that infographic. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Great information and infographic Neil. I would like to know, have you done any research regarding the difference in blogging behaviour outside of the US? I’m more concerned about developing countries, specifically in Latin America. It seems to me that most businessmen spend less time (or none at all) reading blogs, with a few exceptions primarily in the finance business. But I haven’t come across any actual data to support or deny my hypothesis. Would you happen to be familiar with anything that might help?

    Thanks, I love the Quicksprout blog!

    • Roberto, I don’t have a wealth of knowledge but the core principles still apply. It’s all about creating content that is striking to a visitor and will keep them engaged enough to convert in any way on your website. If you find any further information please share 🙂

  32. A good infographic

  33. Neil,

    Great analysis. Love it 🙂

    According to you which one is best for website traffic & leads,

    Text post or Infographic?

    If you are with graphic post, Could you please suggest me the syntax for Infographic?

    Expecting your thoughts…. 🙂

    • Sameer, I really have to say it depends on your audience. Some people are more inclined to read posts while other audiences prefer infographics. Look into doing some testing to see what your audience likes best.

  34. 61% of consumers have made a purchase based on a blog post that they read.

    I don’t know about the percentage, but I know that this works. Well it has worked for me since I have received direct customer letters referring my blog posts.

    Very nice infographic. Very useful. Thanks

  35. Chandra Prakash :

    Definitely, Neil Sir,

    A blog really supports to increase engagement with your company or brand. & we, all know about the human behaviour, When, a human engages with something (whatever it is), the interest level for the thing also grows. It tries to spread more influence around the company and finally, it helps to create more sales for the company rather than.

    • Chandra, great points. Blogs really do help everything surround your core product or service. It’s all about creating an avenue for people to discuss and share your ideas.

  36. Thanks Neil,

    As always, great job. I have a question.

    If consumers who use the Internet consider a brand’s blog the second most influential factor, what is the first? My guess? Reviews. But, I’d love to really know.


    • Kirk, the first would be the product or service offered. If people like your core product the blog will definitely supplement that.

  37. Nora McDougall-Collins :

    Thanks for the article! I used this page as an example in class yesterday! The overall topic was monetizing your site and how there are different strategies for different types of sites. No matter what your “monetization” strategy is, you should have a “blog” strategy! Why did they have to invent the word blog to get folks to add content to their websites? Seriously, high quality content was the key before that word existed!

  38. Great insight!!! In fact Blogs are very crucial when we want to build Trust. Once trust gets established next comes the attraction and engagement.

    And Neil, thank you for sharing this!!

  39. Hey Neil, great blog post as usual.
    I’ve considered creating a blog for my business but mine is so ultra specific (I run a designer swim shorts brand) that it’s hard to figure out how I could write and update the blog frequently. Any suggestions/opinions on this?

    Many thanks for your time.

    • I would go a bit broader and maybe write about design when it comes to fashion? If you can design swim shorts, you can design any sort of clothing items…

  40. Alvin Chadwick :

    Great article, Neil, blogging is important for business!

  41. Ujjwal Kumar Sen :

    Hi, Neil
    Very good infographic.
    I think business blogging takes time to reach that figure, which figure you got in kissmetrices blog.

    • Ujjwal, it definitely does take some time to figure out what exactly people are looking for. Once you figure out all the kinks you should be good 🙂

  42. Hello Neil,
    Well, I guess now I’ll be able to convince my dad that why he must blog for his business through this infographic. Talking about me, I didn’t understood one thing that you have mentioned one statistic saying that “Consumers prefer to read and get tempted more through blogs rather than ads” but, don’t you think that reading a big post will be lil bit irritating than just getting tempted by an impressive ad?

    • Charmie, thanks for reading. I think the core thing that should be taken from that quote is that sometimes people want to know more about a product or service before purchasing. Sometimes ads don’t do the product justice as they are short and to the point.

  43. Hi Neil Patel, I really love this post. Love the way you write your posts. The information in this article is really unique and useful for me. After reading this article, I think I have some ideas for myself. I do follow your articles recently. Thanks for sharing this post. Hope to read more interesting information from you. Have a nice day.

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  45. A blog is a cool idea for businesses large and small

  46. I love your post o much. Are you an economy analizing expert who has a lot of exerperence in the ecommerce marketplace? I’m a blogger, and I am finding strategies that help my website develop. your article is useful for me. Thanks for your sharing. Have a nice day!

  47. Hey Neil

    As usual fantastic post. I really love information presented through infographics they are easy to understand and save time too. Its so much fun to read your blogs, this is my 3rd consecutive article and I can read a couple of more. Very crisp, clear and interesting

    Anyways coming back to blogs, recently I was reading somewhere that people spent 23% of their time reading blogs so there is a huge potential to tap. If we put in more efforts we can definitely get more conversions.

    And also Cialdini’s first principle of persuasion of “Reciprocity” says that people feel obliged to return the favor if you do something for them. So if we share information through our blog then our readers will want to return the favor by converting.

    Thanks for Sharing 🙂

    • Arpita, great insights and thanks for sharing that statistic it was really eye opening.

      I think anything that can get people to your site is great. Content is usually the most persuasive piece you can provide most readers!

  48. People are really getting serious with blogging and the quality of blog content they produce to woo their customers. Even the small and medium businesses are ready to invest in their blogs by hiring quality freelance bloggers for their content requirements.

    With my personal experience of writing for so many clients I really back the idea that “every business should blog” and create quality content for enhanced customer relationship.

    • Medha, you are on the right path then 🙂

      Quality content will always convert and improve rankings better than any other strategy.

  49. Excellent Infographic Neil – it’s amazing to think that the average person will read 5-10 blogs per day – that’s quite a lot isn’t it?

    Also interesting that most are read early in the morning!

    Definitely a lot to take away from this infographic.



  50. A blog is your home. This is where you can air your opinions and complaints. It is also where you can teach and showcase your products. I think bloggers make more not just because they have a blog but because they are a great influence to their readers.

  51. Neil, how do you do this kind of infographic? I love this style!

  52. Jessie Louthan :

    Excellent post, and I figured out when the best times and days to have posts up for people to read. I’ve always gotten the best results from posting articles for peeps to read on Monday morning.

  53. Karen Schwartz - Sage to Summit :

    Hi Neil,
    Do you have an opinion on which platform for blogging is better, wordpress or blogger?

  54. Blogging kinda give the people a feel that there are humans bahind a business’ website. Gone were the days when business websites are just plain online brochures.

  55. awesome…great..A blog is a cool idea for businesses large and small

  56. Neil, under the main categories of online marketing, do you consider blogging to be under SEO or content marketing?

  57. Way cool! Some extremely valid points! I appreciate you writing
    this post and the rest of the site is also really good.

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  58. Hey Neil

    Blogging should be a businesses best friend. Its one of the best ways to build links and get tons of organic traffic ( if done correctly).

    But there lies the hard part of blogging – and that is producing not only “fresh” content but also something that is engaging to readers, helps them in some way or is at least interesting. This is where many people go wrong and fail to get the results they deserve.

    The other thing to consider is consistency, this is something you cover in your ultimate guides. It is an important part of the formula and one that should be given a lot of weight to anyone starting a new blog.

    For me though, the most important aspect of blogging is promotion. People put in all this time and effort into creating new content, and they fail to promote it. I spend at least as much time promoting my content as I do creating it, if not more. Truly this is the number one factor which will determine a blogs success. You can have amazing content but be met with little or no engagement, or you could have lacklustre content and with good connections and promotional strategies and drive tons of relevant traffic to your site.

    Obviously you want to do both but I have seen plenty of example of great blogs that never took off and some pretty average blogs completely dominating their niches.

    I would urge anyone who Is currently blogging for their business or otherwise to put in at least an equal amount of effort in the promotion of their content and the expansion of their networks offline and online if they truly want to succeed.

    Just as a friendly tip to your readers ? I would recommend guest blogging as a fantastic tool for promotion and network building, if you haven’t tried this yet or think your material is not good enough then I would recommend just trying it and seeing what happens. You will always improve on things and there is never the “perfect time”

    Paul Back

  59. Hi Neil,

    Great post. I want your opinion about whether the names of the authors/ writers ought to be used in the blogs, or whether the name of the organization should be used as the ”author”. For instance, I write blogs for my organization, but I have been instructed to use the organization’s name.

    From the perspective of reader/ audience, it seems obvious that using the name of the writer would make the blog seem more real.

    What do you think?

  60. Blog is a way to express your view on a particular thing. And you can get your viewers inspection on that thing. So, if you create a blog for your business, you can get help from audience also.

  61. Neil these are very good insights, as usual.

    Wishing you continued success and health and happiness in 2014!

  62. Nice post, it is true that the way people buy in our contemporary society has changed. Most people are conscious buyers, they research and read reviews before taking that decision to purchase.

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  64. Neil, Thank you for sharing this information. Definitely writing business blogs will help the customers to know about your products and as the customers prefer searching through internet before buying the products.

  65. Neil, is there are multiple contributing writers to a company blog, do you recommend that each keeps their own personality in their posts (assuming no obvious issues such as grammar)?

    Or is there value in having an editor that makes sure each post complies with a particular company voice and tone for consistency?

    • Tom, it really depends on your industry. I would suggest going with a strategy that best personifies your brand.

  66. Sohail Qaisar :

    Great stats and infographic!

  67. Those stats certainly suggests that every business should blog 🙂

    That is why I started blogging lol 😉

  68. Neil, superb article and very nice infographic.

  69. Terry Hopper :

    Thanks for sharing this post. I have seen this article it is very nice.

  70. Its really a helpful infographic. Thanks Neil.. (y)

  71. Well explained infographic that gives a clear cut idea about business of blogging .

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  73. Nicolas Colombres :

    This article is still updated in 2015! Content and blogging as become crucial in any digital marketing strategy!

    The question now is – Does SEO as space this days? For what?

    Content is beating on SEO? Good questions hey?

    Thanks for all your content Neil!

  74. Superb blog post Neil. I think blogging allows you to not only show your expertise in a field but it also allows you to engage and inform possible new readers. I think the point about blogs getting read in the morning is very interesting indeed.

  75. I inspired by your post and started a blog. Hereby, I also make an infographic representing the reasons “why should you start your own Blog”. And I hope you’ll find it helpful and appraise my work.

  76. Akash Gurnani :

    Very Interesting Info-graphic, Stunned to see such a nice info graphic that too made in 2013. Great Going. 🙂

  77. Neil. great article and very nice infographic.

    Agree Can you please share some generic strategies on how to write effective blogs.

    covering SEO points like keyword density, length, number of keywords.


  78. Rahul Choudhary :

    Neil. great article and very nice infographic.

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