The Advanced Guide to Link Building

advanced guide to link building

Just a few days ago, I published my strategy on creating advanced content guides and the results I achieved with The Advanced Guide to SEO and The Advanced Guide to Content Marketing.

Well, today I have a new guide to announce. With the help of Brian Dean from Backlinko, we were able to create another great guide for you… The Advanced Guide to Link Building.

Here is what you will learn in this 30,000-plus-words guide:

  • Introduction – an overview of what you are going to learn.
  • Chapter 1: A New Era of Link Building – a breakdown of what has changed in the link building game over the years and what you should and shouldn’t do.
  • Chapter 2: Quest For The Perfect Link – a detailed overview of what makes a good link and what makes a bad link. We will also show you in this section how to analyze links.
  • Chapter 3:  Epic Content Link Building – writing good content isn’t enough anymore. There are millions of sites that produce good content, yet they don’t have any links. We’ll teach you how to fix this.
  • Chapter 4: Submission Backlinks – you don’t have to have a ton of high PageRank links to rank well. There are lots of places you can get links from by just submitting information about yourself and your business.
  • Chapter 5: .Edu and .Gov Link Building – this is my favorite section as it will teach you everything you need to know to get links from .edu and .gov websites. These links can really help increase your overall authority and boost your rankings.
  • Chapter 6: Relationship Based Link Building – now that black hat link building isn’t as effective, you should be focusing your efforts on building links through relationships. It will take a bit more work, but those links will help you in the long-run.
  • Chapter 7: Black Belt Broken Link Building – there is a lot more that goes into broken link building than using simple tools to tell you where to find broken links. We’ll walk you through the whole process… from finding broken links to getting them.
  • Chapter 8: Advanced ScrapeBox Link Building – you may think ScrapeBox is a black hat tool that is used to get spammy links, but like any tool, it just depends on how you use it. We’ll teach you the best way to gain links with this tool.
  • Chapter 9: Turning Images Into Links – you often focus on text-based links and forget about images. From icons to infographics, you can use images to build your link profile.
  • Chapter 10: Advanced Guest Posting – there is an art and science behind guest-posting, and we’ll teach you what you need to know to get dozens of guest-posting opportunities each and every month.
  • Chapter 11: Funneling PageRank – sure PageRank isn’t as important as it used to be, but it is still part of Google’s algorithm. Links from pages with low PageRank typically don’t carry as much value. We will teach you how to funnel PageRank throughout your whole site.
  • Chapter 12: Grey Hat Link Building – you can’t have an “advanced guide” without covering every aspect… especially grey hat link building. It’s up to you if you want to use these tactics or not, but we cover them here.

Click here to read The Advanced Guide to Link Building.


We hope that you like The Advanced Guide to Link Building. As Google updates their algorithm and Bing continues to evolve, we will try to keep the guide up-to-date with the latest and greatest tactics.

If you also have any recommendations or see any grammatical errors in the guide, feel free to leave a comment and point them out.

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  1. Jamie Anderson :

    Hi Neil,

    I’m intrigued as to what the plugin is you are using to capture names and emails to let people read the rest of your blog post? Or have you had this custom coded? This is the first time I’ve seen anything like this and would love to get my hands on it!

  2. Venchito Tampon :

    Another impressive guide that is worthy of being read and shared through social networks/websites.

    Link builders should really get out from the box and think of new ways to get a link that can last for a lifetime (almost!).

    Thanks Neil for this..

  3. Thank you very much Neil, you guys took a lot of effort in this, i can see that. Would like to feature this in my magazine..


  4. Another piece of anthlogy signed Neil Pattel !
    You are in fire !
    Keep writing… i’m reading all your guides !

  5. Rodolfo Oliveira :

    Hey Neil, congrats for your third guide! You’re a machine! And the design on them are mind blowing too! You truly inspire me! Will read it as soon as I get my basics covered!

  6. hi neil – another very impressive guide

    something i’m curious about that i’ve touched upon in a different conversation with you is how you align your link building/content marketing strategies for your bottom-line business goals?

    i mean, you’ve obviously become an exceptional authority in the industry and you constantly offering great advice/content/resources such as these makes you without doubt a big name – but where your case studies refer to bottom line figures/business goals being impacted with your strategies, i’d also be really interested to hear how your results for your current strategy for quicksprout/your personal – brand


    • I don’t really focus on tracking the results for my personal brand or Quick Sprout. I just do all of this because I love it… and I have extra cash. So I spend it on Quick Sprout because it makes me happy to educate others. 🙂

  7. FYI, The download PDF link on the first page doesn’t seem to work. Thanks for the great guide!

  8. Brett Burky :

    Perfect timing I was just looking at some new strategies for a boring niche I am optimizing. I’m sure to find gold in this guide, thanks for all you do.

  9. Shadi Halloun :

    Exactly what I needed! Thanks!

  10. Thanks you so much Neil, this guide comes at the right time. I was looking for a link-building guide for my lyrics guide and you just published this post!

    Now, just sitting back and reading your post! 😉

  11. A lot of time and a great deal of work is needed in order to develop something like this. It’s simply great! Good job!

  12. This is an awesome resource Neil! Your content is top notch and basically applies to everything I’ve been trying to do with my own sites!

    Keep up the great work!

  13. This is the best link building guide I’ve seen so far. Billion thanks to you guys! There is only one problem 🙂 I don’t like to read from screen and your download PDF button doesn’t work so I can’t print this awesome guide to read from paper. I think many people will be grateful if you’ll fix this and give us PDF version.


    • Jerry, glad you lik the new guide. The PDF link should be working within a week or two. Thanks for reading 🙂

  14. You really want me to speak my mind? “Neil I 8 you”! LOL Why? Where the heck were you when I needed these kind of valuable information. Everyone and their Uncle claimed to have the “SEO Secret” and I knew they did not have it. Heck none of them could explicitly describe, teach things the way you or you guys describe/ teach them on this blog. Damn! This is A+ content and I can’t wait to start using your analytical software. Can you do me a favor? Do not take down this blog. Leave it alone so that people who appreciate valuable content can reference it whenever they need to. Goosh! You are a big deal indeed! THANKS BRO. **PS: You know I was speaking ironically concerning the phrase 8 right? You rock man**LOL

    • Thanks for the kind words. Glad you found the guide helpful. I love feedback, so if you have anything please let me know 🙂

  15. A fantastic compilation indeed!

  16. Thomas Oppong :

    Another epic post from Neil. This is the most useful resource on link building so far. Thanks Neil. It’s already in my Pocket.

  17. I hope a case study follows this guide, showing the impact of delivering wicked content.

    Your last case study about the SEO guide was so inspiring.

  18. Fantastic resource, please fix the download pdf link

  19. raman bathina :

    Sir I’ve a doubt about .edu and .gov link building.Recently i read one message in Facebook a person says about link building and he said that Google treat every link is equal and .edu and .gov links are also same.Is it right?

  20. This is by far the best guide to for link building. Great job.

  21. Arslan | TheWorldTopTens :

    Like always, you have done a great job. Hats off to you, sir.
    You previous guides were awesome and i hope this one is too.
    I have started reading it. Let’s see.

  22. Moses Kerub :

    Neil, at the pace you are releasing monstrous guides like this one, there would be no reason to go google anymore.

  23. James George :

    Neil, oh my gosh, I don’t know what to say! Honestly, in the 1st page, I learned so much! It is going to take me a weekend to go through all of this. You are the absolute best! Honestly, I would have paid good money for this guide, but you are giving it away for free! Amazing, just amazing! I Facebooked, Twittered, G+’d and shared this on LinkedIn too! You rock Neil!

    • James, glad you found the guide helpful. Let me know what you think once you are done going through it all 🙂

  24. Once again, top notch content! Keep up the great work, Neil!

  25. I wholeheartedly appreciate this very useful resource that you have made available completely free. Just like the first two, it’s amazing the information you share with everyone. I would like to point out that your download link is not working. As soon as you fix it I can download a copy to my desktop to read again at a more convenient time. I thank you in advance for taking care of this.

    • Zoe, glad I could help. I wanted to create a guide within the same context as the last two. Thanks for letting me know about the link. I’ll get that fixed.

  26. This is a great guide Neil.

    I definitely love it! Seems like the pdf download is not linked correctly, it’s redirecting back to


  27. Thanks so much for putting all of these together. I am flying on a plane tomorrow morning and would like to read it on through but having a hard time downloading the PDF to print. The download icon and image does not seem to be working. Chrome. 🙂

  28. Nice Guide. Very very impressive. At last we can do some link building.

  29. Looking forward to reading this one Neil.

    But one thing I am finding very frustrating, as with your previous guide, it’s virtually impossible to view on iPhone, and thus far I have not seen the link to the PDF.

    I love reading your blog on the go, I guess this will have to wait until I get home.

    Nevertheless keep up the great work, I love your stuff.

  30. Great job Neil! One of my favorite parts is where you went on about how to get industry leaders opinions on topics your writing and then refer to them in the post/page. I have found that was hugely helpful in the past and I didnt get through this all yet so you may have covered this in here, but if I could add one piece of advice it is NETWORK…networking is sooooo important in SEO today. You gotta spend time helping people, talking to people and making friends, I put about 10 hours a week into just that.

    • Ryan, great point. I think in any business venture networking is a very large and important aspect. With that being said it is even MORE vital with SEO.

  31. Wow, Neil,

    You are a content producing machine. Thanks for this valuable resource 😀

  32. The depth of valuable and actionable information oulined in this guide is very impressive. And, I am not surprised. Thanks Neil.

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    You’re setting a new standard for SEO/Online Marketing blogs by Creating irresistible content!

    What will be the Next Guide?….

    “The Advanced Guide To Social Media Marketing”
    “The Advanced Guide To Analytics”
    “The Advanced Guide To Conversion Rate Optimization”

    Thanks a Ton…Keep Rocking!

  34. Ishan Madhav :

    Awesome…..this is truly awesome guide….for me this one and the Advanced Guide to SEO are the most helpful ones….surely gonna read it…by the way, is a PDF Download available?

  35. “The Advanced Guide To Analytics”

    “The Advanced Guide To Conversion Rate Optimization”


    These have the closest relationship with revenue and sales.

    They would be the more practical guides, in my opinion.

    If a social media guide is made, then teaching how to align social metrics with sales and how to acquire solid leads would be the way to go.

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  37. Ankit Bansal :

    Great article Neil as always. Such out of the box ideas and things are required if anyone of us want to go the next level. Thanks for being transparent with whatever you do.

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    Neil, I like to download these guides and read them at leisure. That works best for me. I am afraid the PDF download links don’t seem to be working. Please help.

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    It is with link building is that you also write the wizard, one of the most difficult and complicated by SEO. But with this guide in my hand, the whole link building part, it’s just cake from now!
    Thank you so much!

    Greetings Gustav

    • Gustav, awesome! Glad you are finding utility out of the guide. Please let me know if you have any questions 🙂

  43. Alex - Office Supplies stationery :

    A great resource, thank you very much. Google’s an ever morphing thing and it’s important to have these guides. Penguin 2.0’s been pretty muted so far – it doesn’t seem to be a major overhaul, like with some of their previous efforts.

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  45. Nikhil Carvalho :

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    Thanks buddy.


  48. Great content, this guide could easily be sold.
    I wonder if you could list all your guides in one post on any of your blogs: kissmetric, crazyegg or quicksprout.
    I did a search but I get many results.

  49. Hey Neil,

    What an amazing source you guys put together. Just an FYI the PDF download link is not working.

  50. Prateek Bansal :

    Well Neil I am really happy that you are always looking forward to help your readers with the best and most important updates which they need. I was looking for a link building Guide and now I don’t have to look for it any more. I am happy and satisfied with it.

    • Prateek, glad you find it helpful. I think it should really clear up things people think about link building.

  51. Wow Neil, I’m impressed by the sheer depth of insight, still expressed with least words needed.

    How long did it took you to write this approximately?

  52. Hey Neil,

    I know you always read to comments but I hope you get around to this one – it’s buried really deep down!!

    I went through the guide, and having just signed up for Brian’s list as well, I gotta tell you man, it’s AWESOME! I’ve already put some of the tips into action, and have a really interesting(I’ve been inspired by’s contact page) infographic cooking up – so I hope that goes well, too!

    Brian is a really creative guy when it comes to links, and it’s awesome that the two of you paired up.

    Keep making the internet a better place!


  53. Jannie Taylor :


    You have again shared a worthy article with us.

    Jannie Taylor

  54. Sourabh Rana :

    hello sir

    I am not able to download PDF files on your advanced link building guides. These guides are really very helpful for me. Kindly provide the PDF files download link.


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    Fantastic post. I really liked this post. No doubt this is the era of guest posting. It is one of the greatest source of link building. You are right about advance guest posting. This is an awesome strategy.

    • Sherlock, glad you found everything helpful. I think it’s very important to employ the right strategies when link building.

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  57. Kulwant Nagi :

    Another EPIC creation.

    Going to read it from head to toe. Thanks for your awesome efforts, Neil.


    Just great to see the Guide for the weekend. Already shared before even reading as I know it would be epic with the experience I had reading the Advanced guide to SEO. The tactics which I applied to FERNANDO BIZ has started improve day by day bringing in unique traffic to the blog every day.

    Thanks for the share Niel. WIll definitely share the feedback after reading it this weekend.

  59. Ariel Geifman :

    Thanks Neil!

    As always, great guide and I will definitely use it. This was a greatly needed addition for your previous two guides.

    Keep up the good work!


  60. Thanks for sharing this precious info.
    Neil can you tell me if there is any importance or benefit no-follow backlinks in SEO.

  61. I forgot one thing:

    For PR funneling you say to upload previous blog post’s on Scribd, but as you know PDFs are being crawled. So that’s DP content, and I think that wouldn’t be so helpful, rather than uploading unique ( or spinned 🙂 ) PDF-files.


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  64. Lift my Blog :

    Simply awesome!, neil whats your opinion about indexing backlink? Should we try to index them or let Google discover them ?

  65. I can’t seem to get the pdf version to download at all – is it broken?

  66. Taking aspects such as content quality, link moderation and what site you’re proposing to post on will be a sure way to achieve success. By guaranteeing that your content is quality with the correct use of anchor text and then posting on a high quality site can only improve the likelihood of increasing traffic. Thanks for the share Neil.

    • Shilpi, glad I could help. Thanks for reading. I think you are right content and quality are the most important factors.

  67. Barbara Fowler :

    Great book. I especially liked your ideas about scholarships and student bloggers. I will try Reddit and Craig’s list. I offered to help The College of Charleston’s marketing club and this gave me some good tips to try with them. Thanks.

    • Barbara, awesome! I think a little really goes a long way. You have to capture your target audience’s attention.

  68. Hello Neil,

    I have a domain which have already 5600 Back link. Now I Redefine my Site and Change Meta Tag now I want to crawl my Site So I do some Social Bookmarking But My Question is Can I use My Site Title and Description For Social Bookmarking Which is totally Fresh

  69. Sameer Khan :

    I am a frequent reader of your posts Neil.. and am glad to read your posts such as “Advanced Guide to SEO, Content Marketing” and this one. Thanks in “Advance” for another mind blowing post…..Expecting Another one… 🙂

    • Sameer, thanks for reading. I am glad you enjoy the posts, I will definitely create more guides 🙂

  70. Imran Ahmed :

    Hello Neil,

    I am unable to download the PDF version of this document. Help out.



  71. Kevin Harter :

    Great guide Neil. I’ll be looking out for the PDF too…(Bandwidth issues here!)

    An out of the way question: when do you get time to write for QS and at the same time work on your clients’ projects? I just can’t seem to have enough time on my hands!

  72. Kirk / Market 248 :

    Hi Neil,

    I’m such a fan of your work and writing. Thank you for delivering such a monumental piece of work. Excellent job on breaking down a complex subject and making it absolutely user-friendly and easy to understand.

    I’ve sent your link building guide to my entire team and asked them all to read it. The comments I got back have been fantastic.

    Thank you for your hard work and thank you for writing with such clarity.


    • Kirk, glad I could help. Please let me know if they have any constructive feedback, I always loving hearing it 🙂

  73. Alejandra Ruani :

    Read it back to back. This is brilliant.

    I’ll prob hire a graduate/tech analyst who can implement/follow up on most aspects of this for me (other than the relationship building part) 🙂

    You rock, Neil!

  74. hi
    excellent post
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    this is very useful for every new person in seo

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    OMG, this guide should be recommended reading for every serious SEO out there!!!

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    The links are not clickable. Each link I try to click on does not work. Just wanted to give you a heads up. I have to go into the source and view link to click it.

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    Great post Neil!
    This is a very good post which will influnced to backlinks of my site I never think of yet i should be.


  79. Cheers Neil for sharing the “Advanced Guide to Link Building”, a treasure chest bursting with link opportunities.

  80. Neil:

    I came to your site because someone told me about your Advance SEO Guide. While here I found your Advance Guide to Link Building. I want to thank you for producing this guide. From reading the outline of each chapter, it definitely looks like your link building guide is going to provide an excellent link building “education.” I will certainly dedicate a post to it on my blog if it delivers (and I’m sure it will).

    One question regarding no follow links. I read in a comment you made above that no follow links are losing SEO value from Google’s perspective. Correct me if I am wrong, but don’t you want some no follow links to help diversify your the link network of your site? Wouldn’t it be a red flag for Google if your site had nothing but do follow links on it? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Thanks.


    • Yes, I think it is natural if some of your links are nofllowed. So in that aspect it is good if a portion are nofollowed.

  81. Hi there Neil,

    I’ve read through some of this and it’s great info!

    Just wondering the PDF will be available soon?


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    • Shamim, glad you found it helpful. You should also check this post out:

  85. Vanessa Glavac :

    Amazing guide Neil! It’s EXACTLY what I needed. And also the best guide to ANYTHING I’ve ever read online. (Let me know if you come out with a guide for keyword research too 🙂

    I have a question about the directory links; how do you know that they won’t be considered spam by google? My understanding is that niche directories are good, general directories are not. And if some general directories are ok now, what do you think the odds are that google will penalize them in the future?

    Thanks, and keep up the great work!

    • Vanessa, glad I could provide some help with my guides. I actually have a guide that runs along a similar vein:

      To answer your questions about directories: you are on the right track. Google is cracking down on directories so its important to focus on directories that are niche and not spammy. Also, it is vital to focus on a great content strategy moving forward as Google is placing even more emphasis on quality & original content. Thanks for reading and please let me know if you have any more questions 🙂

  86. Thanks! I know that you recommended a few general directories in your guide; is there anything that lead you to trust those general directories, compared to other “spammy” ones?

    • Vanessa, you want to find blogs that are within your niche. It all depends on what directories you find. You should be mindful of where those directories to link to and their standing with google’s guidelines.

  87. Hi Neil,

    I would love to download the pdf of The Advanced Guide to Link Building, but when I try it tells me “This Flipbook was deleted by the author.”. Is it not available for download anymore?


    • Priscilla, let me look into the issue. If it is not resolved in a few days feel free to email me at I am sure we can get this issue resolved very soon.

  88. Hey Neil,
    An impressive post with all link building best practices. Learning from your guide I will be publishing a mini version of your guide 🙂

  89. Downloaded and read from cover to cover, and connected LOADS of dots about the whole linkbuilding process, particularly Scrapebox (along with Jacob King’s guide). Now tabbing up selective reading of 87 pages of your material…Thanks Neil, you’ve really accelerated my SEO skillz!

  90. Keep coming back for more of this one. Great guide.

  91. Absolutely fantastic guide Neil.

    I have a couple of questions though that I’d really appreciate if you could answer.

    Is this guide still considered safe?

    If from what of most i read nowadays is correct, it’s not.

    Are infographics and linking out to sites to try get a link back potentially going to cause penalties in the future, or even now? According to some sources, they are almost a no-no now.

    What about the audio and the icon tactics you mentioned. These wouldn’t be relevant yet are PR high, a quick check at your backlinks would surely see that your are gaming page rank, unless of course your website is icons/music,

    A number of others you mentioned may be considered trying to game the system too.

    I hope not, and I hope to employ these wonderful methods you’ve worked so hard to produce for us. But i can’t help but worry slightly that these links in particular that are probably not relevant, and can come back and bite me and the majority of readers in the backside.

    Oh, i signed up for your newsletters/subscription, but I still haven’t received my guide yet. I’ve included my email.

    Please don’t take my comments as criticism, as i feel you are one of the best and freely available sites regarding marketing/seo on the go, and with that my thanks.

    • The guide is still valid as long as you don’t use rich anchor text and you aren’t purely doing these things for link building. Like you wouldn’t want to create an infographic on computers for a dentist. If you do that, of course you will eventually get dinged.

  92. Proper link building according to Google recent guidelines is very difficult these days, but I hope your tips might help me!

  93. Neil, would you mind updating the first chapter under “SEE WHAT YOUR SITE LOOKS LIKE IN GOOGLE’S EYES”

    The Google Keyword tool ( link that the guide referring to is no longer offered by Google.


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    Link building makes me tear my hair out. I know I need to putmore effort into it but it is bloody hard to know where to start and to know if you are doing the right thing. Thanks for this comrepehensive guide – I am going to pore through it, word by word!

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  107. I read your 3 post today and get and refresh my knowledge about search engine optimization. Advance guide to build link is like return money on investment for me. Infographic Marketing and grey hat link building new to me and i will practice these two techniques. Hope you will guide me if i needed. Thanks a lot Neil Patel

  108. As Neil suggests keep things simple and the links will come out of the blue.
    Thanks for an interesting article.

  109. Is there any chance that there will be an update to this post Neil?

    Scrapebox has changed quite a bit since this post was done and quite a few of the methods are sadly now outdated.

    Either way, loved this guide and I’m sure it will be lots of help to some of the newer folks!!

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