7 Lessons and 3 New Strategies I Learned From Launching My 5th Blog

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I’ve been blogging for around 10 years, so you would think that it’s easy for me to start a blog and gain traction. Although it’s true to some extent, it’s still difficult for me to start a blog from scratch.

A few months ago, I started my 5th blog on NeilPatel.com as an experiment to see how quickly I could get to 100,000 visitors a month.

Although I’m only at 28,109 visitors and 51,746 pageviews a month, I’ve been learning a lot. Here’s what I learned:  [click to continue…]

How I Grew TechCrunch's Traffic by 30% in 60 Days

How I Grew TechCrunch’s Traffic By 30% in 60 Days

TechCrunch is one of the largest and most popular media sites out there. It covers the latest news about the tech industry. Like most media properties the more traffic TechCrunch gets, the more money they make off of advertising, so they wanted to find a way to increase the amount of new visitors coming to their website.

2x search engine traffic

30% 30% more traffic

The Scientifically Proven Best Time to Think and Write Creatively

Do you know when the best time to write is? Is it morning, afternoon, or evening?

Just like you, I was curious, so I decided to do a bit of research. The answer I found shocked me.

Here’s what I learned…  [click to continue…]

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How to Increase Your Website’s Traffic Without Any Marketing

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What if I told you that you can increase your traffic without any marketing? That’s right… even if you don’t have a marketing bone in your body, you can generate more traffic and sales.

“How?” you may ask. All you have to do is follow this long tail strategy:  [click to continue…]

The Ultimate SEO Checklist: 25 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Your Next Post

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Do you know what the largest traffic source for your blog is? It’s not social media or direct visitors…

It’s actually Google. And if it isn’t, that means you haven’t thought about your SEO the right way.

Just look at the image above. It shows that Google drives 40.51% of the traffic to Quick Sprout.

So, how do you ensure that your blog is optimized for search engines… other than just installing the Yoast SEO plugin? All you have to do is ask yourself the following questions before you publish your next blog post:  [click to continue…]

What do these elite brands know about driving visitors and traffic to your site that you don’t?

How Blogging Affects Your Bottom Line

What’s the biggest factor that’s stopping you from blogging? Chances are it’s your lack of faith that blogging will produce revenue.

The last thing you want to do is spend weeks, if not months, blogging and generate no income from it, right?

To prove to you that blogging is an endeavor worth undertaking, I’ve created an infographic that shows you how blogging affects your bottom line.  [click to continue…]

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