How to Pitch Elite Bloggers With Your Guest Post

It’s one thing to get your guest post published on But it’s quite another to get your content featured on a major authority site in your niche. This video will show you how to craft your content and (and outreach pitches) so that the movers and shakers in your industry will want to publish your guest posts. You’ll learn how to identify authority sites that are likely to be receptive to your pitch, how to write content that they’ll be dying to accept, and a tested outreach template you can use to get results.

Video Transcript

Hey what’s up everybody? It’s Brian Dean from Quicksprout and in this video I’m going to show you how to get your guest post published on elite blogs in your niche. So let’s say that you wanted to publish a guest post at Quicksprout. Well your first step would be to check out Neil’s contact page so click on the contact button. And you’re doing this for two reasons. First you want to see if the explicitly state that they don’t accept guest posts and I’ve seen that a lot on contact pages so that’s the first thing we want to do so just look down the page and see if anywhere it said, I do not accept any guest posts.

So obviously you’ll want to move along to the next elite blog in your niche if that’s the case. Second you’ll want to look for any clues about the best way to approach that person. And obviously Neil has an infographic about how much email he gets so that suggests to me that I should make my message short and sweet and actually under the message area he actually says, remember short and sweet please. SO when you actually reach out to Neil or whatever blogger make sure that your message is very brief and incorporate any clues about the best way to contact them from the contact page into your message. So once you’ve seen that don’t send them a message yet.

Their next step is to see if they’ve already accepted guest posts and I’ve found that sites that have already accepted guest posts are more much likely to be responsive to your pitch. And to do that just put site colon and then the domain name then this search string by guest author or guest post or by guest poster and things like that just to see if they’ve published guest posts in the past and in the case of Quicksprout he has published a few guest posts. So that’s a good thing to keep track of because I’ve found that if they’ve never accepted a guest post they’re very very unlikely to accept yours as the first post but you can, of course, still give it a try.

So once you’ve established that they do accept guest posts your next step is to see their best content. So you want to see the content that has performed best on their site and the easiest way to do that is to use Moz’s open site explorer. So head over to open site explorer and put in the home page domain name. So, in this case Quicksprout. Click on search and that will obviously show you just general information about the site but what we really want to do is click on the top pages tab and what that’s going to do is show you the pages that have the most authority and also it will give you social share information here and because this takes a while to run I’ve actually already run it.

So what you want to do is basically scroll down and see which ones have the most page authority which is this column here and then which ones also have a lot of social shares. Okay, so these are god topics to keep track of because that’s how you’re going to refine your pitch later on. Okay, so those are the things to keep an eye on. And you may actually want to look at the posts themselves. So in the case of, how social media affect SEO you may want to actually take a look at the post and see what it’s all about and see if maybe it’s out of date if there’s ways it can be improved upon or updated.

So your next step is to use this tool called blog social analyzer. So just Google blog social analyzer and this is the first result that comes up and then you want to put the RSS feed URL of your target into here so we put Quicksprout slash feed. So that is the typical RSS feed URL for WordPress sites. So put that in there, domain name slash feed and then click go. And when you do that it takes a while to run. You’ll see his latest posts and which ones got the most social traction. Okay, so obviously shows the homepage but it shows all the different posts that they published recently and which ones have gotten the most traction on social media and again, you can keep track of this data to use later.

So once you’ve seen which types of posts or which topics tend to do well on the site it’s time to actually reach out. So head back to that contact page and I’ve found that an email script similar to this tends to work really well. So what you do, obviously use the person’s name because these bloggers get a lot of spam and one of the easiest ways to identify spam is just when it doesn’t have the person’s name in it. Start off with a brief compliment so in this case I said the Quicksprout is the bomb.

And then what you want to do is say that you found one of their other guest posts because that gets into their head that yes they accept guest posts and this isn’t a cold pitch, you’ve actually done some research and you’ve seen that he publishes guest posts and then just say that it came into your head, you’d love to be their next guest author. And then what you want to do is give them a list of topics, but don’t give a list of topics that are necessarily based on your expertise or what you’re interested in, you want to give them topics that are based on what has performed well in the past and that’s why we looked at the content at open site explorer and in the blog social analyzer.

So in this case it came up with three topics that I would use if I was to pitch Neil based on what’s done well on his site before. So he had a post about how resources for entrepreneurs that did well, he had a lot of stuff about growing a new blog, and he has a lot of content about infographics that has done well. So you could just do something about link building with infographics or promoting infographics on social media or something like that. The fact that you’ve done this research, this separates you immensely from the competition and remember that when you’re guest posting the person is like, what’s in it for me? And you’re answering that topic because you’re basically saying I will give you a piece of content that’s almost guaranteed to do well because in the past similar content has done well.

So once you have your pitch it’s obviously time to write the post and there’s a lot more to it than that, I can’t actually show you in a video but basically you want to write an outstanding post. SO once you write your outstanding post you want to send it to them in HTML and that just makes their life a little bit easier. So when you’re in WordPress and you’re done with your post, your next step is to send it to them. So don’t send it in a word document or anything like that because it mikes their life a little harder because then they have to write the settings and they have to adjust the layout in WordPress. So I usually send it in HTML so just click on the txt tab and then copy the entire document in HTML and open up a notepad file and then paste it into here.

And that’s important because when you send it to them in HTML they can literally just copy it like this and paste it like this, and boom it’s done. So remember these people are busy so these little things do make a difference. And then one other little nice touch that has served me well is to save the file as the person’s name or the site name. So a lot of people will save the file as the title of the post. But I like to do something like Quicksprout guest post. SO doesn’t that look nice? Or, guest post for Neil. Doesn’t that look a little better than saying, entrepreneur tips?

It’s just those little things that just makes that person say hey, this person really did just write this for me, this wasn’t a guest post that they were pimping around the web before they got to me, this is something that they wrote just for my site. So that’s all there is to getting your guest posts published on elite blogs. As you can see, doing a little bit of homework ahead of time can make a huge difference on how well your pitch is received. So thanks for watching this video and I’ll see you on the next one.