How to Find Untapped Guest Posting Opportunities

Everyone and their mom knows about “keyword” + “write for us”. And because of that, sites with “write for us” get bombarded with guest post pitches. Fortunately, you can find awesome guest posting opportunities without resorting to the usual suspects of search strings. In this video I’ll teach you some of my very best techniques for finding a near-unlimited amount of quality guest posting opportunities in almost every niche.

Video Transcript

Hey, what’s up everybody? It’s Brian Dean from Quick Sprout. In this video I’m going to show you some outside the box strategies so you can find untapped guest posting opportunities.

Now, if you’ve been guest posting for a while, you probably already know this search string very well. ‘keyword’ + ‘write for us’ and while that can bring some great opportunities like from the Guardian or weight loss mavens or weight loss triumph this is the same search engine everyone in your niche is using so these guest sites have been bombarded with guest post pitches which can make it very difficult to get your post published.

So what I recommend is using this alternative search and what this search engine shows you are results in WordPress. So when someone publishes a guest post in WordPress, a lot of times people say the category as guest author or they use a tag of guest author. So if you would have put weight loss + in inurl:guest author, a lot of times you’ll find totally different results than you would find for a site that has write for us. And a lot of times, these sites don’t openly accept guest posts in the sense that they don’t have guest post guidelines but they do obviously accept guest posts if they have a category for a guest author. So it’s a matter of going one by one through these, contacting the site owner to pitch your guest post.

Another strategy I’ve been using a lot lately is to go to Alltop and if you don’t know Alltop, it’s a great site that basically curates the best websites in every category in the internet. So if you were to look for sites related to weight loss, you could put something like fitness or nutrition into the search bar here, hit search and choose whichever one works for you. We’re going to choose nutrition in this case and this just gives you a list of basically the best nutrition websites on the internet. Now, obviously most of these are not going to accept guest post submissions, right? eDiets might not accept one, probably isn’t going to accept that but if you can find blogs, a lot of times you can just pitch them and ask ‘Hey, do you take guest posts? If so, I would love to write one.’ Or a little bit more of a tactical strategic strategy for guest posting is to actually visit some of the blogs, like this one, and under the search put ‘guest post by’. So when you put tis in here this is a term that a lot of people use when they publish a guest post. This is a guest post by whoever so when you see that they haveĀ  published guest posts in the past, they’re obviously much more likely to accept your guest post pitch than a site that hasn’t ever published a guest post in the history of its existence.

As you can see here, this is a guest post. ‘3 ways to live a health lifestyle on the cheap’ and this looks like a guest post that you could probably meet or beat in that whoever owns this blog would happily accept it because they have actually accepted a guest post of similar quality in the past.

The next strategy I’m going to show you is actually one of my secret weapons for finding amazing guest posting opportunities. So the first step is to put in keywords in your niche. They don’t have to be keywords that you’re necessarily targeting but they should be somewhat niche related. So let’s continue our weight loss example and you put in something like ‘best fitness tips’. Now, what you want to do is scroll down the top 10 and look for these images. These are people who have verified Google authorship and you want to find someone who is in a lot of Google circles, OK? So someone who is 65 not so good, 55 not so good. Now, here we go, Tony is in over 9,000 Google Plus circles and the reason that is important is because someone who is in a lot of Google+ circles has probably done a lot of guest posting, has probably content syndicated in a lot of other places and we’re just going to basically going to reverse engineer the places that they’ve guest posted on and posted their content on.

So what you do is click on the Google Circle link and you’ll see the person’s picture here, right click on it and choose copy image location and that will copy the location of this image within his Google+ profile. Then head over to Google images and instead of putting on a search term here, click the little camera button and paste the image URL you just copied and click search for image. And Google has actually identified this picture as Tony Schober and what you do is you go down the list here and you look for places that Tony has guest posted on. Obviously, you’ll see a lot of social profiles and things like that but for example we have Coach calories, let’s see what else we got,,, mizfitonline, hivehealthmedia. These are all places that this person has guest posted on. And these are obviously great opportunities that you probably wouldn’t find by sticking to the weight loss + write for us and they obviously shown that they accept guest posts. All you have to do is contact each of these sites individually and ask them if they would accept your guest post.

So hope that this is helpful. These are some ways to hit up those bloggers who may be as or more authoritative than the ones that have guest post guidelines on their site but don’t tend to accept as many guest post submissions, so when you send something good, you’re not 1 of 100, you’re 1of 1.

So thanks for watching. I’ll see you in the next video.