How to Find Popular Blog Post Topics

Finding blog post topics to write about is easy enough. But finding topics that your readers will love is another story altogether. Fortunately, there’s a step-by-step process you can use to find topics that your readers (and other bloggers) will go wild over. In this video I’ll walk you through that process and reveal a few tools that some of the top bloggers online use to find topics for their blog posts.

Video Transcript

Hey, what’s up everybody. It’s Brian Dean from Quick Sprout, and in this video, I’m going to show you how to find awesome blog post topic ideas for your blog. So, your first step is to head over to, and using Topsy, you can see what’s performing best in your space at the moment, or go back in time and see some of the most popular posts ever published in your industry.

So, lets say you had a blog in the fitness niche, you’d want to put a keyword like fitness and click the magnifying glass button. And by default, Topsy will show you content that’s performed well over the last three hours. So if you want to really have the pulse of your industry and find topics that are hot right now, you’d want to keep this setting and then look around and see what Topsy shows you. But if you want to see all time, if you want a post that’s more evergreen, click on ‘all time’, and then look at some of the blog post ideas that Topsy shows you.

Like ‘A happy baby workout.’ OK? So maybe, you know, if you have a site [SP] about fitness, this is an article you could write about how to work out with your baby, or a weekend warrior adventure workout, so if you have people on your blog who only have time to work out on the weekend, this might be a great topic and it’s performed well. So you have proof that it actually does perform.

So your next step is to head over to industry forums and see what types of questions people are asking, what conversations are going on. So for example, if you had a blog about internet marketing, you’d definitely want to check out the Quick Sprout traffic and conversion forum. So head on over to, click on the forum link, and then just observe the conversations that are already happening in your space, and you get an inside look at what your target audience is interested in. So, if you had a blog that specialized in SEO, you’d want to click on the search engine optimization link and go to that specific forum, and then look at what topics people are discussing.

So someone posted about backlinks from Yahoo! Answers, someone else is posting about on-page SEO, someone’s juggling some ranking a site [SP], someone’s teaching people how to get new SEO clients. So these are all great topics and you can even look at how many responses that each thread has received to give you an idea of how well that topic will perform on your site.

Another great way to find hot blog post topic ideas is just to ask your audience on social media. So head over to Google+ or Facebook or Twitter, or wherever your audience hangs out, and then you want to ask them a question. You don’t want to say you’re creating a new blog post, but you want to ask something like ‘What about link building are you struggling with?’ And people will respond if you have a following, and you don’t do this too often.

So once in a while you ask this question, and it’s a great way to engage with your audience, and it’s almost like reading your audience’s minds, because when they respond, you’ll get awesome insider information about what these people are struggling with. In the fitness niche, you’d want to put something like, you know, ‘What healthy foods are you struggling to eat?’ OK, so if people put vegetables, you could write an article about how to make vegetables taste good for people that like to eat junk food or something like that.

Another awesome strategy is to see what content has performed well for industry influencers. So to find them, head over to Followerwonk, and click on ‘search twitter bios’. What you’re going to do is find the Twitter profiles of the most influential people in your industry. So if you had a health and fitness blog, you’d put something like ‘fitness’ and then click on ‘do it’, and Followerwonk will show you some of the most influential Twitter profiles related to that keyword.

So if you had a health and fitness blog that focused on men’s fitness, you’d want to check out the Men’s Health magazine Twitter profile. And when you’re there, scroll down and look at some of their older content. OK, so something that’s at least ten hours old. So when you see a tweet like this, which is about fitness expert Dan John sharing three simple pushup tips, click on ‘view summary’, and see how many retweets and favorites it received. So it received 36 retweets and 125 favorites, so this is a very popular topic. So this might be a topic that you’d want to write a blog post about.

Next, head over to All Talk, and what you want to do is find influential blogs in your niche, and see what some of their all-time popular or recently popular  posts are. So, under the search field, put in a keyword related to your niche, like ‘fitness’, click on ‘search’. And choose the particular category that’s most closely related to your site. So lets say you had more of a general fitness site, you’d click on ‘fitness’, and you’d want to just pick, you know, any blog that looks good and looks like it’s closely related to your niche. So lets just check out this one, ‘Fitness tips by Lisa Johnson Fitness’.

Then what you want to do is scroll down and keep an eye on the sidebar, and look to see if the person has a widget or just a list of their most popular posts. So in her case, she does have a widget for the most popular posts, so, something about Dr. Oz, do calories matter, and a book review about a book. So these could be topics you’d want to write blog post around, because she’s already shown you that these are topics people in your niche are interested in.

Finally, head over to Sprout Social, which is a social media analytics program, create an account, and when you log in, this is what you’ll see, which is your Sprout Social dashboard. So what you want to here is look to see what topics that you’ve Tweeted out have performed well with your followers. So click on ‘reports’, then click on ‘sent messages’ and choose the network that’s most popular in your industry. And what you’re doing here is looking at what messages on social media have performed best for you to give you an idea of what your audience is interested in.

So what you want to do is pay attention to clicks and responses as you scroll down. So I can see right away that this Tweet, ’50 Actionable Ways to Build Links to your Ecommerce Store’ performed well, got four responses and 44 clicks. On the other hand, this post about how to optimize and speed up a WordPress site, did not perform well, so this would not be a topic that I’d want to write about. But something about how to build links to eCommerce stores, may be a topic that I’d want to write a future blog post around.

So, that’s all there is to finding awesome blog post ideas for your blog. As you can see, the best way to approach it is just to see what topics your audience has shown interest in, and then writing a blog post around that. So, thanks for watching this video, and I’ll see you in the next one.