The Complete Guide to Understand Customer Psychology

The Complete Guide to Understand Customer Psychology

Written by Neil Patel & Ritika Puri


The most useful and extensive introduction to online marketing that you’ll find anywhere.

  • Why We Wrote This Guide

    The thing about online marketing is that the field really isn’t that new. Marketing and consumer psychology are concepts that are centuries old. The Internet is simply a new communication medium that has reinvented the wheel.

    Online marketers are obsessed with traffic acquisition numbers and conversion rates. It’s easy to forget that your consumers are real people on the other side of the computer screen. In addition to chasing numbers, marketers need to understand and speak to people.

    That’s why we created this guide — to show you why psychology is mission-critical for traffic acquisition and conversion optimization.

    There’s plenty of stuff out there that talks about consumer psychology, but there are few resources that provide actionable insight and ‘next steps’. This guide closes that gap. In addition to sharing our own perspectives and experiences, we’ve assembled case studies, writings, and insights from other smart marketers who are leaders in this field.

  • Who This Guide Is For

    This guide was written for all levels of marketers who are looking to build stronger relationships with customers and prospects. You might also be a small business owner or someone who is managing a marketing team. This guide is a resource that you can share with your organization to help develop a conversion-centered culture.

  • How Much Should You Read?

    As much or as little as you would like! If you’re a pro with content but want to learn more about color theory and conversion tactics that you can implement today, feel free to jump around. Every chapter is designed to be a standalone module and self-contained lesson. Read whichever sections will maximize your opportunity to learn.

  1. Chapter One The Mind Of Today’s Consumer

    Today’s consumers are driven by research. By the time they’re ready to reach out to your company, they’re already far along in their shopping journeys. To succeed, businesses need to empower their audiences with information. Stop trying to sell, and focus on helping your customers learn.

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  2. Chapter Two The Power Of Emotions

    Emotions are crucial for building long-term relationships with your customers, stakeholders, and audiences. Focus on building bonds instead of driving sales. Appeal to what your audiences are feeling in addition to what they’re thinking. These bonds will help your company thrive in the long term, beyond short term gains.

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  3. Chapter Three The Psychology Of Online Consumption

    Brands are pouring six-to-seven figure marketing budgets into content. There has been a significant growth spurt among companies launching blogs, producing extensive guides (like this one), creating videos, and promoting infographics. It’s expensive, time-consuming, and hard work. But it’s worth it. Content marketing is the most high-yield marketing there is. Here’s why.

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  4. Chapter Four The Psychology Of Color

    Color has value beyond aesthetics. Yes, we all have preferences, but why? The answer to that question will directly affect your online marketing and conversion optimization strategy. Color is something that’s always around us, but we rarely think about how it impacts us. In this chapter, we’re going to overthink it. Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about color will be captured in these 20+ pages.

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  5. Chapter Five Small Tactics With Big Results

    Marketers are well aware that little changes can make a world of difference. Take social media or blogging, for instance. A small change in your headlines can amplify your share counts. Similarly with PPC, if you’re able to boost your click-through rates by just one or two percent, you can dramatically increase your web traffic volumes. This chapter will walk you through subtle tactics that can dramatically impact your traffic acquisition and conversion rates.

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  6. Chapter Six The Psychology Of Pricing

    For many business leaders, pricing is something practical. You choose numbers that will pay employee salaries and keep the lights on. You pick numbers that will be extremely competitive with the market — after all, it’s your buyers that will keep your company afloat. There’s a key dimension to pricing, however, that your business may be missing. You guessed it — it’s buyer psychology.

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  7. Chapter Seven Avoiding Points Of Friction

    Friction is any variable, website quality, or user behavior trend that is slowing down (or entirely halting) the progression of your company’s sales cycle. This chapter will teach you how to (1) stop it and (2) overcome it.

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