The Complete Guide To Building Your Blog Audience

The Complete Guide To Building Your Blog Audience

Written by Neil Patel & Aaron Agius


  • Why Did We Write This Guide?

    We wanted to provide an exhaustive, detailed guide for blog marketing. With so many individuals, businesses and organizations creating blogs today it’s become necessary to have an effective way to market your blog.

    As you know, writing and publishing a blog post won’t get you much traction. You need to market your blog posts if you want to get traffic.

    This resource is full of actionable steps you can take to become a blog marketing superstar. Those blogs you read and love? You can become just like them if you follow the steps in this guide!

  • Who Is This Guide For?

    If you’ve read about the benefits of blogging and want to start your own blog, this guide is for you.

    If you’ve read countless articles about how to create amazing content, but need more in-depth information about getting traffic for your posts, this guide is for you.

    If you’ve already mastered the basics of creating amazing blog content, but haven’t been able to get traffic, this guide is for you.

    The Advanced Guide To Blog Marketing is for anyone looking to take a blog to the next level. Writing great content is one thing, but becoming a blogging superstar that elevates your brand while bringing in more sales and profit is the ultimate goal. This guide provides you with the actionable steps you can take to achieve success with blog marketing.

  • How Much Of This Guide Should You Read?

    If you want to become a blogging superstar you’ll want to read the whole thing! Any of these tactics and strategies will work to help you with blog marketing, but as a whole the guide provides an overview of many ways you can market your blog posts. While you don’t need to apply every strategy to your blog there is an opportunity to grow with everything covered in this guide.

  1. Build A Community That Gives
    You Permission To Market To Them

    A great blog begins with the content you create, but to be successful a blog also needs a strong community or audience. The members of your community will follow your blog by giving you permission to send them updates.

    This is a powerful step in marketing. With traditional advertising, you’re interrupting people and while this can be effective it’s much easier to market to people that opt-in to receive information from you.

    If you want to jump into the other chapters in this guide, we understand. But this chapter is incredibly important. We cover ways you can build a community that subscribes to your blog updates. Building email lists, social media communities and more are all covered in this chapter. It’s the first step toward blog marketing greatness.

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  2. Types Of Blog Posts That Are Easy To Market

    You know that to have a great blog that you need amazing blog posts. Not all amazing blog posts are created equal, though. Some are easier to market than others.

    In this chapter, we give you the tools you need to create the type of blog posts that are easy to market. We’ll show you how to create interview posts, top list posts and ego-stroking posts. By creating these posts you’ll be in a much better position to grow your blog.

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  3. Organic Search

    Organic search remains a huge source of traffic for a blog. It’s critical to optimize your blog and blog posts for organic search.

    This chapter gives you step-by-step information on how to setup your blog for search engine optimization. It includes a list of essential blog plugins and information about how to use those plugins for success.

    In addition to those items you’ll also find ways to attract links to your blog posts and how to find potential link sources that will improve your blog’s overall ranking ability.

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  4. Paid Search

    Many have had success marketing their blogs with inbound strategies, which usually includes organic marketing, but paid marketing is a viable way to market your blog too.

    Paid search has been a measureable, effective way to market for years. In this chapter, we show you how to use paid search tools so you can market your blog to your target reader. We cover everything from major advertising tools like AdWords and Bing Ads to secondary paid search networks.

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  5. Social Media

    Promoting your blog content on social media is a cornerstone in your blog marketing foundation. Social media is one of the best sources of traffic for a blog because it provides consistent traffic from those subscribed to your updates and even to those not subscribed to your updates. Using hashtags, posting in groups and having others share your content are all ways to promote your blog posts with social media.

    Most people struggle to get a hold on social media. There are tons of social networks that you could potentially use to market your blog. That’s why we go over the most important social media outlets available and give you the insight into the ones that work best for marketing blog posts.

    We also cover important social media tools and show you how to use these tools and the networks to effectively market you blog to get more followers and more visits for your blog posts.

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  6. Paid Social Traffic

    Social media isn’t only about followers and shares. Most social networks now have paid options that allow you to market to targeted individuals. It’s another great way to market your blog content.

    This chapter includes information about many paid social media options available and shows you the best way to promote your blog using tools like promoted tweets, sponsored posts and more.

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  7. Outreach

    This chapter goes into detail about the ways you can reach out to bloggers, site owners, influencers and others to market your blog posts in a way that is mutually beneficial for you and for them.

    We also give you scripts and techniques for performing outreach to these people.

    We’ll give you ideas for creating blog posts that people with huge audiences will want to share.

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  8. Content Syndication Networks

    Content syndication networks offer a platform for you to promote your blog content on other publishing platforms throughout the Web. Have you noticed those post suggestions at the bottom of sites like Huffington Post and other major publications?

    Many of those are examples of content syndication network promotions. These networks are great for promoting your blog posts and we tell you exactly how to do it in this chapter.

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  9. Syndicating On Other Websites

    Syndicating content is about more than just sharing your content. We go into detail about where you can syndicate content and the type of content that does well in each of those locations.

    People subscribe to a variety of different syndications online. Getting your content in front of these people is another great way to market your blog and it’s not that difficult if you have the right tools. In this chapter, we give you those tools.

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  10. Repurposing Content

    Finally, we cover the art of repurposing content. There is no reason for one of your best blog posts to only be a blog post. In this chapter, we’ll show you the steps to take to turn your great blog posts into videos, slideshows and more.

    Repurposing content is a great way to get more content out of your ideas and it’s a way to market your blog posts to get even more traffic!

    What are you waiting for?

    This guide will take your blog to the next level by giving you the knowledge and tools you need to be an effective blog marketer.

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