Landing Page Optimization

Landing Page Optimization

Written by Neil Patel & Sherice Jacob


  • Why This Guide?

    There are few other things that create a first impression the way a strategically designed landing page can. Many companies, some of them profiled within these pages, have seen their conversion rates and profits soar thanks to a properly created landing page.

    But landing pages are about much more than just creating a simple design and slapping up an email subscription form or download button. They’re about carefully combining just enough persuasive content to get the reader’s attention, while combining it with an unbeatable offer and a “visually digestible” design.

    But is it really that simple?

  • Who Is This Guide For?

    If your site’s landing pages are suffering from poor pay-per-click performance, you’re not getting customers to click past the first page or you just want the absolute truth on what really works — today so that you can start optimizing, testing, tracking and reaping the benefits — this is the guide for you. Whether you’re a small business owner just getting started or the head of a Fortune 500 corporation’s marketing team who needs real insights that get results — you’ll love this guide.

  • How to Use This Guide

    In the following chapters, we’ll break down the entire process of creating stellar landing pages from scratch. We’ll cover everything from what a landing page is and how it fits into your marketing campaigns, to troubleshooting and what actions to take if your landing page isn’t performing well. You’ll also get valuable tips and tools, as well as in-depth profiles on companies from a wide variety of industries — and how they put their landing pages to use.

  1. Chapter One How Landing Pages Fit into Your Marketing Arsenal

    In the first chapter, we’ll cover what landing pages are and what they can and cannot do. Some marketers will use landing pages as a “crutch” for a lackluster campaign, when the blame truly lies with the lack of preparedness, expertise or even the platform being used. We’ll also cover the differences between landing pages and search engine optimization as these two methodologies typically go hand-in-hand.

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  2. Chapter Two How to Read Your Audiences’ Minds

    In the second chapter, we’ll look at the planning that goes behind the creation of some of the most successful landing pages. You’ll learn how to become effortlessly “in tune” with what your audience wants (even if they can’t tell you themselves!) and how to determine what, exactly should be tested when it comes to analyzing your landing pages for the best possible results.

    You’ll also learn about the different types of landing pages — and when to use each one. Plus, we’ll cover what a winning landing page looks like piece by piece, so that you can break off and start creating your own — confident in the knowledge that you’re putting all of the pieces together the right way — right from the start.

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  3. Chapter Three Optimizing Traffic for Higher Conversions

    In the third chapter, we’ll talk about traffic — as landing pages are utterly helpless without it. We’ll cover the five best ways to get traffic to your landing page, including both free and paid methods. Even if you’re starting out on a shoestring budget, you can still attract the right kind of people to your pages by following these easy steps.

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  4. Chapter Four What Makes a Visitor Convert?

    In chapter four, we’ll look at your visitors themselves — since all the traffic in the world won’t convert unless you’re targeting your landing pages to the right people. And “right people” will be different for every industry — and even every web page. You’ll find out exactly how to get their attention and their action — whether you want them to sign up for your newsletter, download your e-book or make a purchase.

    We’ll also cover the most common mistakes that even expert marketers make when crafting their landing page copy. You’ll discover what really drives people to click, and how to optimize every step in the path you’re leading them on.

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  5. Chapter Five Putting Your Skills to the Test

    In chapter five, we’ll cover one of the most crucial, but often overlooked areas of landing pages — testing. Most books and guides will give you the advice that you need to be testing, but they don’t tell you how, or what to test. This chapter changes all that. We’ll talk about the right way to go about testing, how to accurately measure your results, how to use those results to springboard off other tests and much more.

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  6. Chapter Six Read. Review. React.

    Chapter six is all about results — how to read them, how to act on them accordingly, and even what to do when your landing page tests fail. But don’t worry — because even the most well-intentioned, data-backed tests sometimes go over like a lead balloon with your viewers. But you can learn an astonishing amount about them just by doing these tests, and the more you know, the further ahead of your competition you’ll be.

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  7. Chapter Seven Tools of the Trade

    Finally, chapter seven will cover some of the best design, testing, tracking and tweaking tools available for landing pages. Even if you consider yourself “technology-challenged”, these tools will make setting up and monitoring your landing pages as easy as possible. This means you have no excuse not to start learning what motivates your customers to take action — and then giving it to them.

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