The most basic hosted IVR plans can cost as little as $20 per user per month. For more advanced cloud-based IVR systems, prices can go up to several hundred dollars per user per month. On-premise IVR systems involve a larger upfront investment, ranging from $5,000 for the most basic setup to $100,000 or more for advanced systems. There are also ongoing maintenance costs to consider.

The key factors influencing call center IVR pricing are whether the system is on-premise or hosted, the number of users (with volume discounts often available), the number of phone lines or numbers required, the payment terms (annual versus monthly), and the specific features needed. For example, adding features such as advanced voice recognition and integration with proprietary systems will increase the cost.

We’ll cover pricing for these categories:

  • Outbound IVR
  • Inbound IVR
  • Hosted IVR
  • On-premise IVR

Keep in mind that these are ballpark figures to help you understand what to expect when it comes to IVR pricing. Actual costs can vary based on your specific requirements and your chosen vendor. 

The Most Common IVR Pricing Structures

Different IVR pricing structures cater to different business needs. Read on for a breakdown of the most common types of IVR pricing structures.

VoIP IVR Pricing

Many VoIP providers include IVR features in their call center plans. These are typically structured around monthly fees and vary from basic to advanced plans, calculated per user or per line. This option is ideal if you’re looking for a modern, internet-based solution that offers a variety of features. 

Hosted IVR Pricing

This is a popular choice for many small and medium-sized businesses due to its lower upfront costs and scalability. Hosted IVR solutions are cloud-based and involve a subscription-based pricing model. Hosted IVRs are an excellent fit for businesses looking for flexibility and minimal maintenance requirements, as maintenance and software updates are handled by the provider.

On-Premise IVR Pricing

These systems involve a hefty initial investment in hardware and software and also include ongoing maintenance costs. On-premise IVRs are suitable for enterprises requiring extensive system customization and control. While the upfront costs are higher than with other types of IVRs, these systems can offer long-term savings and more robust integration with internal systems.

On-Demand IVR

This is a pay-as-you-go model where businesses are billed based on usage, such as $1 per active user per hour. On-demand IVR is an economical choice if you have fluctuating call volumes or need to minimize fixed monthly expenses. This pricing model is beneficial for startups and small businesses looking for cost-effective scalability, as well as for seasonal businesses that experience fluctuating call volumes.

Hybrid IVR Pricing

Hybrid IVR systems combine on-premise and cloud-based elements, offering a blend of control and flexibility. These systems typically require a moderate initial investment for on-site components and a monthly fee for cloud services. 

The pricing can vary based on the on-premise hardware, software, and features included in the cloud service. A hybrid IVR price structure is ideal for businesses transitioning from traditional systems to cloud-based solutions, needing both customization and scalability.

IVR Pricing: A Comprehensive Guide

In this section, we’ll delve into various IVR models, providing an average cost estimate for each category along with their features and best use cases.

Hosted IVR

Hosted IVR systems are cloud-based solutions where the IVR software is hosted on the provider’s servers and accessed via the internet. In addition to the monthly plan costs, IVR providers may charge per-minute fees, typically ranging from .02 to .10.

  • Lowest price: Starting as low as $20 per user per month??
  • IVR features: Basic call forwarding, call filtering, basic call routing, and pre-recorded greetings
  • Best for: Small businesses with standard call management needs
  • Mid-range price: $50 to $100 per user per month
  • IVR features: Advanced call routing, integration with CRM systems, analytics, and speech recognition capabilities
  • Best for: Medium-sized businesses needing more integration and data insights
  • Highest price: Upwards of $100 per user per month
  • IVR features: AI-driven call routing, multi-language support, detailed analytics, omnichannel experiences, and end-to-end self-service
  • Best for: Large businesses or those needing extensive customization and advanced features

On-Premise IVR

On-premise IVR systems require installation of hardware and software on your business premises. These adaptable systems can be fine-tuned to provide the exact features needed for your business communications. 

The cost for on-premise solutions vary significantly and are based on the amount of hardware, software licenses, and installation fees. As a good rule of thumb, you can estimate ongoing maintenance and upgrade costs to be about 20% of your initial software investment.

  • Lowest price: $5,000 to $20,000
  • IVR features: Call routing, customizable greetings, call queuing, and basic security checks for caller identification
  • Best for: Small businesses that need a highly secure and customizable system
  • Mid-range price: $20,000 to $80,000 
  • IVR features: Advanced call routing, integration with in-house systems, improved call filtering and queuing, and speech recognition
  • Best for: Medium-sized organizations with specific integration and customization needs
  • Highest price: $100,000 to $500,000
  • IVR features: Comprehensive customization options, advanced analytics, robust integration capabilities, advanced speech recognition
  • Best for: Large enterprises with complex communication needs or those that need integration with proprietary software

Outbound IVR

Outbound IVR systems are used to make automated calls to clients for various purposes like surveys or reminders. In addition to the monthly plans, the IVR provider may charge per-minute fees, which typically range from .02 to .10.

  • Lowest price: $7.95 to $30 per user per month 
  • IVR features: Automated call initiation, basic survey capabilities
  • Best for: Businesses conducting routine outreach like surveys or appointment reminders
  • Mid-range price: $40 to $80 per user per month
  • IVR features: Enhanced call scripting, integration with marketing tools
  • Best for: Medium-sized businesses with diverse outreach needs
  • Highest price: More than $100 per user per month
  • IVR features: AI-enhanced call analytics, sophisticated campaign management tools
  • Best for: Large businesses with extensive outbound communication needs

Inbound IVR

Inbound IVR systems use automated menus to assist callers in reaching the correct department or information. They are pivotal for businesses aiming to improve customer service efficiency by automating the caller’s navigation through the system, reducing wait times, and ensuring callers are directed to the appropriate department or information source.

  • Lowest price: $20 to $30 per user per month
  • IVR features: Includes basic call routing and pre-recorded greetings
  • Best for: Small businesses looking to streamline their incoming call management without extensive customization needs
  • Mid-range price: $40 to $70 per user per month
  • IVR features: Advanced call routing, integration with CRM systems, and basic analytics to track caller interactions
  • Best for: Medium-sized businesses that require deeper integration with their business systems and more detailed insights into call patterns
  • Highest price: $80 or more per user per month
  • IVR features: AI-driven call routing, multi-language support, detailed analytics, and advanced integration capabilities
  • Best for: Large enterprises or businesses with complex call management needs and a demand for extensive customization and integration

IVR Pricing: Add Ons

Various add-ons are available for IVR systems. They can enhance the functionality and efficiency of your IVR system. Below are some common IVR add-ons and their cost estimates.

Advanced Voice Recognition

Advanced voice recognition in IVR systems allows for more intuitive interaction with callers, using natural language processing to understand and respond to spoken requests. This feature enhances the user experience by facilitating more accurate call routing and query resolution. 

Typically, advanced voice recognition is a part of premium IVR packages, but it can be an add-on for basic plans. The cost of adding advanced voice recognition to a basic plan varies but can range from $50 to $250, depending on the provider and the complexity of the technology.

Call Recording

Call recording is essential for quality assurance, training, and compliance purposes in customer service operations. This feature is standard in many mid-range to premium IVR plans, particularly for call centers and businesses focusing on customer support. 

However, call recording might be available as an add-on for more basic IVR packages, with prices ranging from $6.99 to $15 per month, depending on the provider and how much storage you need.

Analytics and Reporting

Basic analytics is often included in standard packages, but more comprehensive analytics are part of higher-tier plans or as add-ons. As an add-on, it typically costs between $25 and $250, based on the depth of the analytics??.

CRM Integration

Integrating your IVR system with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can streamline customer interactions and data management. This is often an add-on feature that starts at about $500. 

Multi-Language Support

Offering IVR support in multiple languages is crucial for businesses serving a diverse customer base. Some IVR systems offer basic multi-language options in standard packages, but extensive support typically comes as a premium feature or an add-on. The cost of adding multiple language support can range from $250 to $500?.

SIP Trunking

SIP trunking allows businesses to replace traditional phone lines with internet-based calling. This is generally considered an add-on, especially for businesses integrating traditional telephony with VoIP capabilities. The cost for SIP trunking is around $19.99 per trunk?.

Additional Phone Numbers

Businesses sometimes need additional phone numbers for different departments or regional offices. Plans often include a set amount of phone numbers per tier but may offer additional lines as an add-on. Additional lines usually start at about $6 per number per month.