Having launched several high-profile websites, I’ve worked with countless web design agencies throughout my career. Some were great, some not so much.

When you hire a good web design agency, you’re surrounded by experts who know responsive web design, can guide you through the entire process, and deliver an attractive and functional website that just…works. But when you pick a bad website agency, nothing will seem to go right. Visions won’t be alignment and they don’t deliver on their promises, leaving you with a dreadful website that makes you feel duped.

To help you avoid any bad experiences, I have handpicked five reliable web design agencies that will help you create a strong online brand presence.

The Top 5 Best Web Design Agencies

Keep reading to find out why these agencies win over other options on the market.

Clay — Best for SaaS and FinTech Websites

Clay logo.

If you sell a FinTech or SaaS product, I really cannot recommend Clay enough.

A San Francisco-based web design agency, Clay is well renowned for creating stellar websites that combine functionality and visual appeal. They have partnered with some of the biggest companies in the world as well as budding startups to create immersive web experiences. 

Its clientele includes Google, Slack, Snapchat, Amazon, Facebook, and Coinbase.

Screenshot of Clay landing page that says, "Clay is a UI/UX design and branding agency in San Francisco."

Clay has a very straightforward approach to every web design project. It defines, designs, and develops stunning digital products and then, based on your industry, applies proven best practices to boost customer engagement across all channels.

Aside from web design, you can also opt for branding, mobile app development, innovation consulting, and digital marketing services.

You can trust Clay to truly transform your visual brand identity through expert storytelling and UX designs to deliver next-level brand communications.


Clay hasn’t published any pricing information on its website, but Clutch puts its average hourly rate between $200-$300 per hour.

Digital Silk — Best for Ecommerce Websites

Digital Silk logo.

Your customers are the lifeline of your business. Digital Silk understands this too, which is why it takes the extra initiative to create appealing e-commerce websites that are sure to get the customer smitten right from the minute they land on them. 

Its expertise lies in developing highly effective digital assets that drive brand exposure and boost customer engagement. You can trust Digital Silk to create streamlined online shopping experiences, complete with an easy-to-use CMS that generates higher conversions and drive brand loyalty.

Screenshot of Digital Silk home page

Digital Silk has a simple web design process, starting from a kickoff and discovery session. After that, the team will create a digital strategy for your brand and build information architecture and design mockups. 

Once they get the technical stuff sorted (coding and development and quality assurance), you’ll have a brand-new website ready for launch. 

This web design agency focuses on delivering superior digital experiences and has partnered with several B2B and B2C brands like HP, Xerox, NASA, and AT&T in the past. Digital Silk’s extensive offering list includes website development, branding, logo design, e-commerce development, and social media marketing.


Digital Silk hasn’t published pricing information on its website, so you’ll have to request a custom quote. According to Clutch, the agency charges between $100-$149 per hour.

Kobe Digital — Best for Growing and Scaling Brands

Kobe Digital logo.

Everything about Kobe Digital, from its programmatic layout to its color scheme, is designed to impress its visitors. Expect the team to deliver your customers similarly delightful digital experiences and solutions that meet (and often exceed) expectations.

Using its rigorous frameworks and well-rounded perspectives on innovative web design, Kobe Digital can effectively connect your growing brand to target audiences. It also uses goal-driven video content to help brands tell stories that better resonate with a target audience.

Screenshot of Kobe Digital landing page that says, "Well-rounded perspectives to achieve effective marketing outcomes."

Kobe Digital has previously worked with brands like Weedbuzz, Wowdesk, Eezy Life, and the Royal Thai Consulate. 

You can rely on this web design agency for world-class marketing solutions to generate sales, leads, and interest, complete with the right design and technology mix, regardless of your business size or budget. 


Kobe Digital hasn’t published pricing information on its website, so you’ll have to request a custom quote. That said, expect to pay between $50-$99 per hour.

Blue Fountain Media — Best for Midmarket and Enterprise Websites

Blue Fountain Media logo.

Blue Fountain Media was established back in 2013. Since then, it has made a name in the web designing niche by merging creativity and technology to help brands build a solid online presence. 

Blue Fountain Media specializes in creating high-performing and aesthetically-pleasing websites for midmarket and enterprise businesses. If you look at the web designing agency’s own website, you’ll see what a stellar job they have done at communicating their unique selling proposition: “Demand more from your website.“

Screenshot of Blue Fountain Media home page

When designing and building websites, the web design agency focuses on strategic planning and delivering a flawless user experience. Add a compelling visual design to the mix, and it becomes the perfect recipe to drive superior results.

With a user-focused approach, Blue Fountain Media creates website designs that are built with a clear view of your most important goals and conversion points while connecting your users to these goals. It also optimizes the website with relevant and engaging landing pages to ensure better visibility in the SERPs.

Easy to see why big brands like Microsoft, FedEx, Sony, and Cathay Bank chose Blue Fountain Media over its competitors.


As no pricing information is available on Blue Fountain Media‘s website, you’ll have to contact the team for a customized quote. But expect to pay anywhere between $150-$199 per hour based on reports.

SPINX Digital — Best for B2C Websites

SPINX Digital logo.

Combining imagination with creativity and technology, SPINX Digital understands what it takes to create an optimized and engaging business website.

It has a full-fledged team of certified developers, innovators, and digital marketers who use their in-depth domain expertise, design skills, and tech to deliver professional and customized user experiences. And despite this high level of expertise, SPINX Digital is more affordable, offering services at a fraction of its competition.

The team prides itself on having a deep understanding of user habits and behaviors and uses this fact-based knowledge to create high-functioning websites for both B2C and B2B markets. They use a mix of agile methodology, attributes, and processes to go a step further than simply designing your website—they deliver a holistic web solution customized to your exact needs.

I also like how streamlined SPINX Digital’s delivery process is. It first defines your needs and goals in connection with your audience and, based on it, takes a customized approach to create engaging and intuitive website experiences. 

SPINX Digital’s client portfolio includes several prominent B2C companies like Amazon, Beats Audio, General Electric, and Wet n Wild.


To learn more about SPINX Digital‘s pricing, you’ll have to contact the sales team. But expect to pay between $150-$199 per hour.

How to Find the Best Web Design Agency for You

Here’s my honest take: choosing a reliable web design agency isn’t an easy task. It takes hard work, patience, and a lot of research. And considering who you pick will become a partner that’ll take over your business website, you don’t want to settle for anything but the best.

Here’s a complete rundown of factors I take into account when choosing a web design agency:

Their Own Website

The first step in your evaluation process should be to thoroughly examine your prospective web design agency’s website.

Try to get a feel of their ideology, company culture, style, and their approach when it comes to web design. I recommend checking out the About Us, Testimonials, and Work/Process sections. This should help you identify and cross out agencies that don’t share your vision or approach, narrowing down your options.

Their Work Portfolio

Visit the web design agency’s portfolio. Do you like their style of work? Have they previously designed for a brand similar to yours? Does their work meet your expectations or the standards you have in place?

Ideally, you should pick a firm that has worked in a variety of industries as they are likely to have a diverse understanding of the market and, therefore, a more creative perspective. 

Carefully analyze its client designs, looking for elements of versatility and adaptation. This indicates whether the web design agency can tailor its user experience and strategy to accommodate your business needs.

Additionally, some web design agencies only work with a certain sized business. For example, they may only offer services for small businesses and not enterprise-sized businesses. Always research before setting up a meeting to avoid wasting your time. 

Their Success Record

Avoid working with a web design agency that doesn’t have a proven record of successful work—that’s of course if you aren’t consciously working with a brand-new agency. 

Ask for proof showing they have continuously satisfied customers. you can also have them provide you with real-life testimonials and case studies, as well as references from long-standing accounts. If the agency has long-term partnerships with companies, it likely has a high client retention rate that proves they are reliable.

Their Design and Approach

Partner with web design agencies that stay up-to-date with the latest technology. They should have cutting-edge ideas that are fresh and unique and should be used to constant updates and innovation in the web design industry. 

At the same time, you don’t want to settle for agencies whose approach to web design is simply updating certain visual elements. Instead, they should embrace change in all forms and come up with responsive designs that are entirely different from the competition and make a lasting impact on your users.


When narrowing down web design agencies for your website, prioritize your needs. Look for companies with a strong background and a dedicated approach to help you build the website of your dreams.