Want to jump straight to the answer? The best real estate CRM software for most people is Nextiva.

Good real estate CRM software helps your business manage interactions with clients and prospects. It organizes client contact information, manages your sales pipeline, automates daily tasks, and more.

Whether you’re selling residential or commercial real estate, this guide contains the best real estate CRM software for individual agents to large brokerage firms and everything in between.

The Top 11 Best Real Estate CRM Software

  • Nextiva – Best for Small and Medium Teams
  • REsimpli – Best for Managing Marketing Leads and Campaigns
  • Contactually – Best for Managing Client Relationships at Scale
  • monday CRM — Best for Tracking Real Estate Deals
  • Streak – Best Real Estate CRM for Gmail Integration
  • Propertybase – Best for Real Estate Brokerage Firms
  • Wise Agent – Best Real Estate CRM for Small Teams
  • Real Geeks – Best All-In-One Real Estate Marketing Solution
  • CINC – Best Real Estate CRM for Lead Generation
  • Rethink CRM – Best Software for Commercial Real Estate (CRE)
  • Follow Up Boss – Best Communication tools

After researching dozens of real estate CRM solutions, we’ve narrowed down the top 11 that you should consider.

This guide contains the features, benefits, use cases, pricing, and potential drawbacks for each tool on our list.

Nextiva — Best for Small and Medium Teams

Nextiva logo.

With Nextiva’s real estate sales tools, you’ll have some really great features at your fingertips! These tools help you keep a close eye on your prospects and deals—you can see your entire deal pipeline, keep track of tasks and how your deals are progressing, and quickly get help from customer support whenever you need it, all in real-time.

Nextiva CRM landing page with a blue button that reads "Pick a plan."
Nextiva streamlines your sales process with a visual workspace for easy tracking and management.

This creates a greater level of transparency across the sales process, enabling your team to work together better and provide personalized services to clients and prospects. You can also use the CRM to organize your deals into different stages and save time with handy sales automations, eliminating any repetitive tasks. This means you can give every lead special attention with personalized messages and follow-ups.

Another cool Nextiva feature is how easy it is to keep track of all your conversations with clients. This includes calls, emails, and notes, so you’ll always have the history you need right at your fingertips.

What makes effective real estate CRM software different from ineffective ones is having strong analytics that help you make smart decisions. Nextiva comes with powerful analytics that helps you identify your top-performing team members and use their strategies to help others do just as well.

To get access to these tools, you have to sign up for Nextiva’s Communication Enterprise plan. It’s designed for small and medium teams, and the price depends on how many users you have and whether you want to pay monthly or annually. For example, if you have between 20 and 99 users, it’ll cost you $32.95 per user per month if you choose the annual payment option.

REsimpli – Best for Managing Marketing Leads and Campaigns

REsimpli logo.

If you are struggling to manage your real estate leads, which is also leading to struggles in your marketing campaigns, REsimpli has the tools that can help you. 

REsimpli starts with a list stacking feature that helps with organizing your marketing leads. You can manage the leads within the REsimpli interface, rather than having to add another piece of software to sort your lists.

REsimpli landing page with a watch a demo button.
REsimpli has multiple tools aimed at helping you manage your leads.

It also has a skip tracing feature that helps you fill in missing information in your lists of leads. The skip tracer even coordinates with your databases to ensure you always are working with the most up-to-date information.

Once you have all the information collected for your leads, you then can take advantage of REsimpli’s built-in dialer to make the process of calling leads as efficient as possible. Additionally, it offers a drip campaign feature where you can manage your entire marketing outreach through email, SMS, and phone calls.

REsimpli also has a Driving for Dollars feature where real estate investors can pull property details directly into the software’s mobile app while actively scouting. You don’t have to use a second app when you are driving in your area and looking for distressed properties.

REsimpli doesn’t skimp on the other features you expect to find in a real estate CRM, either.

It delivers comprehensive accounting features, so you can see real-time accounting data at any time. You can use pre-built templates to design a seller website that fully integrates with the REsimpli CRM to keep all of your data up to date. It gives you a key performance indicator (KPI) dashboard to measure your performance in various areas.

You receive a 14-day free trial with REsimpli, so can you try it out to see if it meets your real estate team’s needs. It’s pricing plans are:

  • Basic: $99 per month for a single user who is just starting a real estate business
  • Pro: $299 per month for those doing one to three deals per month
  • Enterprise: $749 per month for those doing four or more deals per month

Contactually — Best for Managing Client Relationships at Scale

Contactually logo

For single agents and small teams to large brokerages, Contactually has everything you need to manage client relationships at scale.

The software makes it easy to segment contacts based on categories like current clients, new leads, network, housing criteria, and more. Contactually understands that not all of your clients are the same. So customizing communication between hot prospects, old friends, and current clients is crucial for success.

It’s easy to create automated and personalized messages using the custom templates provided by Contactually.

Contactually automated and personalized messages.

You can also use Contactually to evaluate your sales pipeline, manage your team’s productivity, and automate tedious tasks.

Other top features and benefits of Contactually include:

  • Daily bulk messaging
  • Mobile app for iPhone and Android
  • Integrations with MailChimp and Zapier
  • Contact relationship insights

There are two Contactually plans—Professional and Accelerator. The plans start at $59 and $99 per month when paid annually, respectively.

For brokerages, Contactually will help you build an agent-first tech stack to manage and improve engagement and productivity for your team.

You can try Contactually for free with a two-week trial.

monday CRM — Best for Tracking Real Estate Deals

monday CRM

When you’re just getting started in real estate, it’s easy for agents and brokers to know the progress of their deals. You might even have everything memorized if you’re only dealing with a handful of properties. 

At scale, however, you need something a bit more sophisticated to track the status of each deal in your pipeline. 

That’s exactly where the Monday Sales CRM excels for real estate use cases.

One major highlight is the platform’s interactive deal stages widget, where you’ll get instant access to every new and pending deal in your pipeline. This makes it easier for agents to understand exactly what needs to be done in order to push a deal forward, and it gives agencies a more holistic view of their team’s progress and top-performing agents.

Monday Sales CRM landing page with examples of deal stages
Managing deals in your real estate sales pipeline has never been easier.

Monday Sales CRM gives you full access to everything you need to know about where your deals stand, including:

  • Contact information
  • Deal stage
  • Days on market
  • Deal value
  • Close probability
  • Contract sent date
  • Expected close date

It’s a centralized source of truth for all client and contact communication, letting you quickly see the entire history between everyone involved on a deal. You can even customize your pipeline to accommodate negotiation stages and integrate the CRM with DocuSign to manage contract flow without leaving the software.

Beyond pipeline management, Monday Sales CRM also helps real estate teams track progress made on monthly, quarterly, and annual goals. 

For such a powerful tool, the plans are surprisingly affordable:

  • Basic CRM — $12 per seat per month
  • Standard CRM — $17 per seat per month
  • Pro CRM — $28 per seat per month
  • Enterprise CRM — contact monday for custom pricing

It’s worth noting that there is a three-seat minimum, so monday sales CRM isn’t ideal for solo brokers. 

But real estate teams large and small can unlock better deal tracking and client management by using monday sales CRM. Try it out yourself for free for 14 days to see how it can do the same for your agency.

Streak — Best Real Estate CRM For Gmail Integration

Streak logo

Streak is a basic CRM solution that’s perfect for individual users.

It’s a great way to manage leads directly from your Gmail account.

Unlike the other tools on our list, Streak is actually a general-purpose CRM. However, one of its most common use cases is for real estate agents.

Streak managing leads through Gmail account.

The software allows you to do more with your Gmail inbox. It’s a more efficient way to group your contacts and manage everything in one place.

Plus, there’s no learning curve. You’ll be using a program that you’re already familiar with.

Manage and share documents, set permissions, track performance, and aggregate your data. Using Streak’s intelligent outreach tools, you’ll know exactly who to contact and when to contact them.

There are some features it doesn’t have like drip campaigns and automated messages. However, you can still save time using message snippets for commonly used communication, such as contract instructions, view requests, or tour confirmations.

Streak CRM for real estate is free for basic use. It comes with email tracking, mail merging, and all core CRM features.

If you want advanced features like shared pipelines, unlimited data, priority support, or advanced CRM tools, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid subscription:

  • Solo — $15 per user per month
  • Pro — $49 per user per month
  • Pro+ — $69 per user per month
  • Enterprise $129 per user per month

While Streak does have plans and solutions for larger teams, we’d only recommend it to individual users. For team collaboration and brokerages, you can do better elsewhere.

Propertybase — Best For Real Estate Brokerage Firms

Propertybase logo

Propertybase provides a wide range solutions for real estate companies.

Not only do they have a great CRM solution, they also offer  marketing, website building, and lead generation tools.

More than 2,000 brokerages and 200,000+ agents across 60+ countries use Propertybase. Their software fits the needs of any size business.

With the Propertybase real estate CRM, you’ll have a centralized location to manage all of your contacts. The software connects with all of your lead sources as well, like Zillow, Trulia, your website, and more.

Use this tool to automatically route new leads to the right team member based on unique rules and pre-defined processes.

Propertybase auto route new leads to team members

Here’s a quick look at some of the other top features and benefits of Propertybase:

  • Smart lists for databases
  • Automated and highly-targeted follow ups
  • Real-time dashboard reporting
  • Track agent commissions and KPIs
  • Manage listings
  • MLS integration
  • Automated workflows
  • Calendar integration

Overall, Propertybase goes above and beyond what you’d get in a traditional CRM solution.

Pricing for Propertybase is not available online. You need to contact their sales team to request a demo and custom pricing. Propertybase does have upcharges and add-ons for things like lead generation and transaction management, which can add to your overall cost.

For individual real estate agents and smaller firms, the software might be a bit too complex for your needs. But larger brokerages will definitely benefit from using Propertybase.

Request a demo and receive 14-days free.

Wise Agent — Best Real Estate CRM For Small Teams

Wise Agent logo

Wise Agent is a simple and affordable solution for real estate CRM.

It’s incredibly easy-to-use too but includes all the features any team might need to get work done.

We highly recommend it for small teams. The software provides you with a centralized database for client information. It comes with smart marketing automations and transaction management functionality as well.

All plans come with drip marketing campaigns, reporting tools, monthly newsletters, unlimited document storage, social media integrations, lead automation, and customizable landing pages. Wise Agent also offers exceptional customer service, with unlimited training, one-on-one onboarding, and free 24/7 support.

Wise Agent homepage.

Top Wise Agent features include:

  • Commission reports
  • Lead automation
  • Transaction management
  • Landing page tools
  • Text messaging
  • Team features
  • Contact management
  • Time management tools

The software integrates with anything. So you can easily incorporate Wise Agent with tools and software that you’re currently using.

Pricing starts at $32 for month-to-month pricing. You can get two months free with an annual contract. Your plan comes with five total users, which is perfect for small teams. Additional users cost extra. Try Wise Agent free for 14 days.

Real Geeks — Best All-in-One Real Estate Marketing Solution

Real Geeks logo

For those of you who want a single solution for CRM and real estate marketing, Real Geeks will be a top option for you to consider.

The software has everything you could possibly need to manage every aspect of your real estate business like social media marketing tools, and even home valuations.

Real Geeks on multiple devices.

They also help you create customized landing pages for your site. Add a home valuation tool to your landing pages as a way to attract new clients. After a visitor enters their home address, they’ll be prompted to provide contact information before seeing the value of their property. The new lead will automatically be sent to your CRM and contact list.

Top features and benefits of Real Geeks include:

  • Lead routing
  • Automated drip campaigns
  • Email blasts
  • Custom workflows
  • Lead source tracking
  • Lead capture notifications
  • Agent activity reports
  • Social media marketing tools

The software integrates with third-party solutions like Zillow, MailChimp, Zapier, Trulia, Realtor.com, and more.

Real Geeks has solutions for single agents, teams, and brokerage firms. To get started, request a demo and contact the Real Geeks sales team for custom pricing information.

CINC — Best Real Estate CRM For Lead Generation

CINC logo

CINC is a real estate CRM designed to help agents capture and manage leads at scale. Agents using this software typically increase lead generation by up to 30% while decreasing the cost per lead by 20% year over year.

The entire software is designed to attract both buyers and sellers who are actively in-market.

CINC example.

Once you capture the contact information from that new lead, the CRM software has everything you need to engage with those people, based on unique criteria.

Use CINC to nurture new leads throughout the entire sales funnel. With CINC’s comprehensive pipeline dashboards, you’ll be able to track the process and ultimately drive more conversions.

Organize your leads into special categories, and benefit from team management tools for firms with multiple agents. CINC also has tools to help you retain clients for life.

There are four different CINC software versions:

  • CINC Pro — designed for real estate teams
  • CINC Pro Agent — for individual agents
  • CINC Pro Enterprise — for growing brokerages
  • CINC Pro Lender — allows lenders to flip the lead funnel, instead of waiting for realtors

Overall, CINC is a great tool for generating leads and managing those relationships. But the software does lack some of the other features and automations commonly associated with CRM software. It’s mostly a use-case specific software, as opposed to a general-purpose real estate CRM.

Rethink CRM — Best Software For Commercial Real Estate (CRE)

Rethink CRM logo

Rethink CRM is the best option for commercial real estate managers.

Whether you’re a broker or CRE agent, this software has everything you need to manage leads, prospects, and clients for your commercial properties. That’s because their software is streamlined and optimized to meet your exact needs.

Rethink CRM manage leads example.

The software has solutions for managing commercial tenants, commercial landlords, buyers, sellers, investors, commercial developers, and capital markets.

Here’s a quick overview of Rethink CRM’s top features and benefits:

  • Pipeline management
  • Lease management
  • Client requirements
  • Prospect management
  • GEO search
  • Comps database
  • Real-time stacking plans
  • Detailed reports
  • Custom dashboards

These tools can help you forecast revenue, measure KPIs, reduce vacancies, track lease expirations, and more.

Overall, Rethink CRM is the most robust CRE tool on the market today.

With that said, it’s designed specifically for commercial real estate. So if you’re selling residential properties, this software will not be able to accommodate your needs.

Follow Up Boss — Best Communication Tools

Follow Up Boss logo

Follow Up Boss is a real estate CRM software with a wide range of additional tools and features for things like marketing and reporting.

The software integrates with 200+ lead providers like Realtor.com, Zillow, Homes.com, Facebook, and more. Take your leads from these various sources and automatically distribute them to your team.

Follow Up Boss integrates with multiple providers.

Once a new lead enters the CRM, they will automatically be put into a predefined action plan. You can follow up with emails and texts to immediately connect with prospects. It’s a central location to manage all outbound calls, texts, emails, and voicemails.

Create smart lists for hot prospects and buyers. Easily pinpoint people who need to be contacted. Set up custom templates for lunch meetings, home tours, new property recommendations, and more.

Additional features of Follow Up Boss CRM include:

  • 2-way email sync with Office 365 and Gmail
  • Google calendar sync
  • Customer support 7 days per week
  • iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Drip campaigns
  • Dedicated onboarding

Follow Up Boss has plans to accommodate teams of all sizes.

The entry-level plan starts at $69 per user per month, which is perfect for smaller teams. The next tier costs $499 per month, which includes up to ten users. For larger teams, the top-tier plan costs $1,000 per month for up to 30 users.

While the pricing may initially seem high, it’s actually quite affordable if you break it down on a per-user basis. All of the rates above are based on month-to-month pricing. You’ll get two months free with an annual contract. Try any Follow Up Boss plan free for 14 days.

How to Find the Best Real Estate CRM Software For You

There is no “best for everyone” real estate CRM. Certain factors must be taken into consideration to find the best software for your specific needs.

The goal is to find a solution that fits with your way of doing business. You don’t want to have to change the way you do things to accommodate your CRM–it should be the other way around. The better job you do assessing your needs, the fewer issues you’ll have rolling out your new real estate CRM. And the more likely you are to use it.

This is the methodology we used to pick the eight options in this guide. We’ll break down these elements below, to help you determine what will work best for your situation.

Team Size

Are you an individual realtor working on your own? Do you have an agency with multiple team members? Are you a large brokerage firm?

Each of these scenarios will require different features and tools for real estate CRM.

For example, automatic lead routing to specific agents is definitely a top feature for agencies and brokerages. How else will you determine which agent will be communicating with new prospects?

But an individual agent wouldn’t need that type of tool. Instead, they would just need new contacts to be organized by category, such as referral source.

Residential vs. Commercial

The majority of real estate CRM is designed to manage residential buyers and sellers. So if you’re in commercial real estate, you need to find a CRM that’s specifically made for CRE.

Commercial real estate CRM has tools for managing commercial leases, commercial buyer representation, commercial seller representation, vacancy management, and more. The best CRE CRM software even has tools to manage communications with commercial developers.

So as you’re shopping around, just make sure you find software that falls within the category of the properties you’re listing.


One of the best features of using CRM to manage real estate communication is automation. Follow up with leads automatically as they provide contact information. Send custom messages based on actions or stages in the pipeline.

At scale, you want to automate as much as possible, while still maintaining that level of personalization between you and your clients.

So look for a real estate CRM that has automated features for communication and other workflows, without making you sound like a robot.


As a real estate agent, you’re likely using lots of other tools to manage your listings and clients.

It’s important that you find a CRM that seamlessly integrates with those other third-party tools. Otherwise, you’ll be forced to bounce back and forth between different screens and software. Ideally, you want everything to be managed in a single dashboard. Avoid manual data entry at all costs. That defeats the purpose of using CRM.

The Top Real Estate CRM Software in Summary

Nextiva, REsimpli, Contactually, and Streak are the best real estate CRM solutions on the market today. However, there are plenty of other real estate CRMs for you to consider based on specific use cases and unique needs.

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is a phenomenal tool for any business, but it takes some time to set up. By going with a real estate CRM, a lot of the configuration is ready for realtors right out of the box.