Want to jump straight to the answer? The best predictive dialer software for most people is Five9.

Predictive dialer software automates your outbound calls, freeing up time for other important tasks. Your team will thank you, and your business will grow.

But this software isn’t one-size-fits-all. You have to find the one that best helps you connect with your customers once they pick up the phone.

Top 5 Best Predictive Dialer Software Solutions

Each of these predictive dialer software solutions has plenty of advanced features and predictive calling options. Find out how they can make the most of your team’s time and boost your marketing campaign success below.

Five9 — Best for Sales Teams

Five9 logo

A leading cloud-based system, Five9 has lots of native CRM integrations. It comes with many dialing modes to make your team more productive, including:

  • Predictive
  • Power
  • Preview
  • Manual

With so many features, you can increase team productivity, especially with sales teams. AI and workflow optimization keep things running smoothly while using analytics to show you how your campaigns are going and where you can improve.

Five9 homepage.

The platform offers a user-friendly interface. Its simple reporting system gives you plenty of customizable options. It even has agent scripts, so your sales team can take the most effective approach to customer connection.

Five9’s platform factors in variations with time zones, as well as regulatory compliance between companies.

Unfortunately, Five9 doesn’t have a mobile app, which can make remote work more challenging.

The company doesn’t list its pricing online. However, they do list some prices for bundles that may work for some businesses which start at $149 per month. To learn more about their custom pricing, talk to Five9’s sales team.

CallTrackingMetrics — Best for Enterprise Businesses

CallTrackingMetrics logo

CallTrackingMetrics uses AI for predictive dialing that helps increase leads and connections.

You can customize this platform’s features based on your customers. It also includes text messaging and live chat to offer more support channels.

The system offers onboarding and training for your internal team, as well as dedicated support. Other internal tools include queue customization, workflow automation, and defining rules and milestones so that your team doesn’t get overwhelmed.

CallTrackingMetrics integrates with many other platforms, so you have all the capability you need in one space. It includes integrations for Google Analytics, Microsoft Advertising, Slack, HubSpot, Mailchimp, and more.

CallTrackingMetrics homepage.

You can set up alerts for different events, like missed calls. The system also has intelligent call routing based on the caller’s website actions. That ensures callers speak to the right person without going through transfers or waiting on the line.

It sends repeat callers to the appropriate queue automatically, without making them go through the menu again. Plus, it has intelligent speech detection and transcription.

The downside is that it only offers compliance monitoring with its more expensive tiers. Most of the automated features come with the Connect tier, the most expensive of them all.

Unlike many other predictive dialer software solutions, CallTrackingMetrics gives you unlimited users, and it’s not billed per user. You can also request a demo before you buy and get your first month free.

CallTrackingMetrics offers four packages:

  • Performance: $36/month
  • Growth: $99/month
  • Connect: $274/month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

The Performance tier gives you call and text tracking, plus call routing, recording, scoring, and tagging. It also comes with Google and Bing integrations.

The Growth package comes with more integrations, plus custom agency account structures like billing. It gives you access to conversation analytics, plus advanced HIPAA security.

Connect has the most integrations and automated outbound calls. It comes with a remote softphone system to make it easy for work from home employees. With its advanced reporting, you can make any necessary improvements to your campaign.

Enterprise packages come with account strategy services and a customized platform. Personalized training packages keep everyone in your company on the same page, and a dedicated account manager keeps your platform organized.

Test drive CallTrackingMetrics for a month for free.

Genesys Cloud CX — Best for Multi-Channel Calling

Genesys Cloud logo

Genesys Cloud CX works well for medium and large businesses. It includes calling, email, SMS, live chat, and social media while letting you manage it all in one platform.

It comes with auto-dialing, predictive and manual calling, and handles inbound calls for you. With call logs and records, you always have access to the information you need.

The platform has over 370 integrations and apps, including CRMs. It offers social media management and self-service to make things easier for customers and ensure they can reach you on the channel that works for them without making things harder for your team.

Genesys Cloud CX homepage.

Genesys Cloud CX analytics show which channels receive the most attention, where your customers contact you, and which campaigns have the most success. Its enhanced AI and software updates give you the latest technology to reach customers and convert leads.

You have a choice of three packages:

  • Genesys Cloud CX 1: $75/month
  • Genesys Cloud CX 2: $95/month (digital only) or $115/month (digital + voice)
  • Genesys Cloud CX 3: $135/month (digital + WEM) or $155/month (digital + WEM + voice)

Genesys Cloud CX 1 comes with speech-enabled VR and voice bots, as well as IVR and voicemail. It gives you basic outbound campaigns, unified communications, and interaction recordings. Integrations and insights give you the tools you need to connect with customers.

Genesys Cloud CX 2 adds chatbots and gives you unlimited chat and email routing. It also has callback with IVR and web platforms, as well as screen recording.

Its advanced outbound campaigns and inbound/outbound blending combined with quality management and compliance means you have advanced features at an affordable price to ensure you have the best customer connections.

Genesys Cloud CX 3 includes SMS and apps routing, as well as more internal tools like workforce management and employee performance and engagement.

Talk to the pros at Genesys to get started.

DialedIn — Best for High Call Volume

ChaseData logo

DialedIn allows you to call multiple customers at once, creating more efficiency and connecting you faster. The platform also has no setup or number port fees.

You get basic features like voicemail along with call analytics and reporting, so you know how you’re doing with your campaign.

DialedIn homepage.

The more expensive packages offer more protection for your business and give you a visual script builder so your team can have optimal conversations and increase conversions.

You can get a free trial of DialedIn’s predictive dialer software to try it and see if it’s right for your business before you buy.

DialedIn gives you the choice of three packages:

  • Small Business: $89/agent/month
  • Professional: $139/agent/month
  • Enterprise: $169/agent/month

Small Business gives you call recording and playback, plus call monitoring and remote agent capability. Preview and injection dialing, plus Zapier integration, create optimal efficiency.

The Professional package comes with power, progressive, and preview dialing. With trainee mode and dedicated phone support, you have everything you need to keep your team on top of your campaign.

Enterprise gives you up to 10 voice channels per agent, plus agentless dialing. You can also take advantage of more integrations, like Salesforce and Zoho. Skills-based routing means callers talk to the right agents, and the software leaves messages on voicemail for you.

Unfortunately, the software requires a lot of training to know how to use its advanced features.

But if you need one of the most powerful solutions out there, reach out to DialedIn today.

Convoso — Best for Generating and Converting Leads

Convoso logo

Convoso is a top software for outbound lead generation.

Its cloud-based omnichannel software solution targets the problems most users and customers have with predictive dialer software. It raises contact rates, reduces dropped calls, detects answering machines, and offers more insight into campaign performance.

Convoso offers lots of productivity tools, including voice, email, SMS, voicemail, and a virtual agent. It also automatically follows up with leads.

Convoso homepage.

With lead management tools and real-time, customizable reporting and dashboards, you can keep track of your campaign at every step. The platform also has advanced speech recognition and automatically follows up with leads.

With power, predictive, progressive, and preview dialing, the platform has everything to make calling and customer connection more efficient.

Convoso integrates with other platforms like CRMs to give you more comprehensive capabilities. It uses AI and machine learning technology to direct customers to the right agents and improve workflow for your employees.

You can request a demo to see how the product works. If you want to get specific pricing information, contact Convoso.

How to Find the Best Predictive Dialer Software for You

When looking for the right predictive dialer software, look for products that have the features you need to give your company a boost and create more sales.

The number of software solutions available can get overwhelming, and there are many more than the ones we’ve reviewed here. If none of these work for you, use these criteria to find one that works for your business.

Advanced Productivity Features

It’s not just about making calls. Your predictive dialer software should also help manage team productivity and make running your campaign convenient.

Your software should include features that allow customers to connect with you in custom ways that suit them.

It helps if your software accounts for time zones, especially if you plan to call internationally. Not having this feature can lose you clients and customers.

Email and text messaging give you more ways to connect with customers and increase your reach for customers who don’t prefer voice calling.

Voice call recording helps with quality control and lets you listen to agent messages. This feature can show you how to change your approach if customers aren’t biting.

Auto callbacks work well for outbound sales campaigns and still allow calls to be directed appropriately to different agents. Scripts also give agents a flexible guideline for talking to customers.

The productivity features you need will depend on your company, how you plan to use your software, and your campaign goals.


Predictive dialer software should grow with your business while accommodating your needs in the moment.

Do you have five team members who will use it? 50? 500?

Not all software is built for all business sizes. Buying the wrong one might mean serious hiccups that could disrupt workflow instead of making things easier.

Know how many outboundcalls you need to make, whether you plan to make them nationally or internationally, and how many inbound calls you typically field.

Having software capabilities compatible with your business makes it easier to scale up without having to buy new software as your business grows.

Call Campaign Management

You’ll rarely have just a single marketing campaign going, especially if you run a larger business. Software that can manage multiple campaigns will keep your team on track.

Your software should house all the information you need in one space, so you don’t have to search for it. It increases productivity when your agents can get what they need for a successful call without confusion.

Analytics also matter, and with software that manages campaigns, you can see where yours succeeds and where it needs help to boost your sales.

Software Compatibility

You don’t want software that takes ages to set up, and you don’t want to buy extra stuff that your teams won’t use or don’t need.

Look for software that takes care of most, if not all, of the issues you have with running campaigns. For example, prioritize features that boost team productivity, increase outbound call volume, direct inbound calls, and detect answering machines.

Your software’s job is to make it easier for you to sell your product or service. If it’s not doing that, you have the wrong one.

If you can get a free trial or demo of the software, always do that before buying.

CRM Integration

A CRM updates your software so that you have the right contacts and can keep track of data. Most predictive dialer software has integrations with CRMs like HubSpot, Salesforce, and Zoho.

These CRMs allow you to keep track of other parts of your campaign that might not be included in your predictive dialer software, like social media campaigns.

Other integrations are important, too. You want your software to have enough so that whatever it lacks in native features it makes up for in integrations.

The Top Predictive Dialer Software in Summary

The best predictive dialer software automates your outbound calls. It’s perfect for sales teams and call centers that make a high volume of outbound sales.

Five9 is our top recommendation in this category. It has advanced features, tons of integrations, and a user-friendly interface