Our recommendation for the best call tracking software is WhatConverts, as it delivers a wide range of valuable data about why your customers contacted you. You can try WhatConverts for free during a 14-day trial period. 

When you are spending too much time trying to determine why your customers are calling you, call tracking software can give you that time back by automating much of that work.

It analyzes phone calls from customers to determine whether they reached out to you because of a marketing campaign, an internet search, a social media post, or another reason. This information helps you determine the success of various tactics for drawing in customers.

The Top 5 Best Call Tracking Software Options

We selected the five best software tools for performing call tracking, each with strengths in certain areas. We like WhatConverts as the best choice, as it delivers all the information you need to measure the performance of your marketing campaigns successfully. Give WhatConverts a try during a 14-day free trial period.

  • WhatConverts – Best for tracking significant amounts of data about lead generation
  • CallTrackingMetrics – Best for tracking data from multiple marketing channels
  • CallRail – Best for finding areas to improve your marketing programs
  • Ringba – Best for those with smaller numbers of calls to track
  • HubSpot – Best for syncing your call data with your CRM
Company logos for our best call tracking software reviews

After considering more than two dozen platforms, we chose these as the five best call tracking software options.  

Match Your Scenario to the Right Call Tracking Software Solution

One of the most significant benefits of call tracking software is its ability to deliver data across multiple customer-interaction scenarios. Matching the right software package to each scenario is the best way to narrow the list of software packages that you are considering.

You Want Detailed Analytics About What’s Generating Leads

WhatConverts example dashboard for tracking phone numbers
WhatConverts tracks data from a wide range of sources, helping you determine how you generate leads.

Best option: WhatConverts

With WhatConverts, you can track a wide range of items, such as webpages, keywords, calls, and online forms, to determine what’s generating leads. When you make an ecommerce sale, you can drill through the data to discover which aspect of your marketing campaigns generated the sale. 

WhatConverts allows you to create custom reports, so you can compare different options or only focus on one type of item you want to track.

Another great choice: Invoca

Invoca relies on artificial intelligence (AI) to organize and interpret the data the software generates. This can save you time when looking for a specific data point, as Invoca can anticipate your needs. The Invoca AI also can help you spot customer behavioral trends.

If you have concerns about tracking lead generation sources, look for: 

  • Separate channels: Make sure the software can sort leads by the originating marketing channel.
  • Use of AI: With artificial intelligence analyzing each channel, the software’s accuracy should be strong.
  • Custom timeframes: The best call tracking software should let you choose the timeframe to study regarding lead generation.

You Want Detailed Data About What Marketing Channels Are Working

An example list of tracking results fro CallTrackingMetrics
CallTrackingMetrics focuses on tracking results from both online and offline marketing campaigns.

Best option: CallTrackingMetrics

When your business uses a wide range of offline and online channels for marketing, CallTrackingMetrics can track all of them successfully. It measures common channels, such as phone calls, text messages, chat messages, and online forms. It also can measure data from sources like TV advertising or even trade show contacts.

CallTrackingMetrics includes dynamic number insertion (DNI) technology that you can insert into your ad sources to aid in tracking marketing results.

Another great choice: CallFire

CallFire can deliver data on a range of marketing channels you may be using, yet the software remains easy to use. It does not bog you down with a lot of complex features, and it’s a strong choice for a company that doesn’t have a lot of manpower to devote to using the software.

If tracking your marketing results by channel is important to you, look for software that can: 

  • Track offline channels: Most software tracks online channels easily for marketing, but not all packages track offline channels.
  • Calculate ROI: Some software packages can even determine which marketing channels give you the best ROI.
  • Focus on campaigns: When you have a special marketing campaign in place, your software should be able to track it separately.

You Want to Record Calls for Training Purposes

Example of Ringba's call tracking dashboard
With Ringba, you can automatically record calls to use for training with your call center team members.

Best option: Ringba

Training your call center team members becomes easier with Ringba, thanks to its various call recording features. You can use the recordings to show team members where they can make improvements with inbound calls, which should lead to greater conversions for the team.

When your call center team members must discuss sensitive personal information, Ringba can eliminate this information from the recording automatically.

Another great choice: CallTrackingMetrics

CallTrackingMetrics handles all the basic call recording features you’d expect to find with call tracking software. It also offers some advanced features, like allowing agents and administrators to toggle the recording on and off during the call. 

If your business needs call recording as part of your call tracking software, look for features such as: 

  • Recording specific calls: You may want to record only inbound calls, outbound calls, or both.
  • High-quality audio: Make sure that the software can record the calls at a high enough quality for your needs.
  • Eliminating sensitive information: When customers give credit card numbers or discuss medical information, the software must be able to stop or blank the recording.

You Want to Automate Many Aspects of Tracking Data

HubSpot call tracking dashboard with an example call showing contact information and a box to take notes on the call
If you use HubSpot as your CRM software, its call tracking software package can share data with the CRM.

Best option: HubSpot

HubSpot is well known as a top CRM software package. When you combine its call tracking capabilities with its CRM, you can automate many aspects of data sharing. 

By having this data shared automatically throughout all aspects of the HubSpot CRM, you can access this information whenever and wherever you need it. The data becomes more valuable when it’s more widely available throughout your company.

Another great choice: WhatConverts

If you’re not a HubSpot CRM user, WhatConverts is a solid alternative for call tracking software. It allows integration with many different CRMs and online ecommerce software packages. You then can share the data WhatConverts generates with this other software, making the data more valuable.

If automatically sharing the data your call tracking software generates is important to you, pay attention to: 

  • Integrations: Make sure the software package you select can share data automatically with the CRM packages you already use.
  • IVR software: Some call tracking software offers Interactive Voice Response (IVR) features to help you route incoming calls automatically and successfully.
  • Report generation: Your software should be able to generate reports that show how your marketing efforts are working with minimal manual work required.

You Want to Find Areas Where You Can Make Improvements

CallRail call analytics dashboard
CallRail helps you make improvements in your call center performance and marketing campaigns by collecting data that measure ROI.

Best option: CallRail

If your call tracking software data shows that some marketing channels are not performing as well as you believe they should, you could abandon them. Or, as another option, you could use CallRail to find areas where improvements may help you generate better marketing results. 

CallRail ranks the performance of each call center agent. It also uses AI to assign automated scores to each call based on the lead generation potential of the call.

Another great choice: Convirza

When you want to be able to make adjustments to call center performance and marketing campaigns in real-time, Convirza supports you. It can quickly suggest adjustments to the focus of your sales calls based on the data it is constantly measuring.

If using call tracking software to make improvements in marketing is important to you, pay attention to:

  • Automated scoring: The software can use AI to provide scores that measure the effectiveness of your marketing steps.
  • Real-time results: During a new marketing campaign, adjusting on the fly based on real-time data is important.
  • Agent performance: If your call center agents generate most of your leads, having the ability to measure individual performance is essential.

Call Tracking Software Company Reviews

With a few software packages in mind that fit your company’s particular needs, you are now ready to take a deeper dive. We put together a detailed review of each of our picks for the top five call tracking software packages.

WhatConverts – Best for Tracking Significant Amounts of Data About Lead Generation

WhatConverts company logo.

With WhatConverts, you can track a wide range of data related to your company’s overall marketing work. It also can focus on individual marketing campaigns, if desired.

WhatConverts gives you easy-to-understand information regarding inbound phone calls. It also can generate data related to the performance of online chats, text messages, online forms, webpage keywords, and offline marketing channels.

Should you be running an ecommerce business, WhatConverts’ data generation capabilities are especially helpful. You can trace each ecommerce conversion to the marketing source, helping you measure ROI.

What Makes WhatConverts Great

WhatConverts Call Tracking Software webpage with information on tracking leads with first party data, white label call tracking, and call flows
WhatConverts doesn’t rely on third-party cookies to track data, reducing the chances of having its data trackers blocked.

WhatConverts uses first-party data to measure the origination of your leads. This ensures it can generate extremely accurate data for tracking the results of your marketing campaigns.

You can purchase tracking phone numbers from WhatConverts to deliver accurate monitoring results, too. You can even use local phone numbers if desired to monitor your lead generation based on the caller’s location.

WhatConverts offers pricing for individual businesses as well as for marketing agencies. You can do a 14-day free trial at any of its pricing tiers.

CallTrackingMetrics – Best for Tracking Data From Multiple Marketing Channels

CallTrackingMetrics company logo.

CallTrackingMetrics does a great job of measuring data for your online marketing campaign sources. But when your marketing campaigns go beyond online sources, it is able to provide data for offline sources, too. 

With CallTrackingMetrics, you can make use of AI to deliver more accurate results related to marketing tracking. You also can use tracking numbers that are especially important in generating accurate data related to offline marketing sources.

When tracking the results from incoming calls, the AI features within CallTrackingMetrics can measure individual keywords. This information makes it easier to determine what type of marketing leads to the call.

What Makes CallTrackingMetrics Great

Call Tracking Metrics webpage highlighting Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)
CallTrackingMetrics is one of the oldest call tracking software packages available, making it a reliable option.

Among call tracking software, CallTrackingMetrics is one of the oldest options. It has more than a decade of performance, giving clients results based on experience they can trust.

Even though CallTrackingMetrics tracks data in a wide range of areas, it delivers impressively accurate results. This is extremely important, as you cannot make the best decisions regarding your marketing when you have poorly sourced data.

CallTrackingMetrics’ prices are slightly higher than average, but it also delivers more features than an average call tracking software package. For enterprise-level customers, you can request a custom pricing plan from CallTrackingMetrics.

CallRail – Best for Finding Areas to Improve Your Marketing Programs

CallRail company logo.

CallRail goes a step beyond generating data about your marketing channels and campaigns by ranking the efficiency of each interaction. With these automated rankings, it’s easier to find areas where you can improve your campaigns.

You can manually sort through the data that CallRail generates if you prefer to find areas for improvement on your own. However, when you have a lot of data to look at, CallRail’s automation features are a significant time saver.

As an additional benefit, CallRail can automatically transcribe the calls your call center team members answer. This allows you to search the transcriptions for various keywords, helping you learn which ones are working well and which aren’t.

What Makes CallRail Great

CallRail webpage with headline that says "Attribute calls to the campaigns that drive them" and an example of its timeline view
CallRail uses a simple design in its dashboard that makes it easier to understand the data the software generates.

CallRail uses a powerful AI tool with its software, which helps sort the data and make it more useful for you. It’s easier to find the exact data you need to consider making changes to your marketing campaigns.

The AI gives CallRail the ability to quickly find important words your customers and prospects are using. When CallRail finds patterns in these words, it can make suggestions on items, suddenly generating more leads for you. 

CallRail has multiple pricing plans, but the company charges extra for those who need tracking of additional call minutes or local numbers. All pricing plans include a 14-day free trial option.

Ringba – Best for Those With Smaller Numbers of Calls to Track

Ringba company logo.

When you aren’t quite sure how much you’ll use your call tracking software, you may not want to lock into an annual contract. Ringba allows you to pay for only the minutes and call tracking assets you use as you go.

Smaller companies may only want to track marketing campaigns as they run them rather than continuously tracking results. Ringba fits these types of companies well, delivering a reasonable cost when you need tracking. You can still purchase local and toll-free phone numbers for tracking purposes in this pay-as-you-go pricing tier.

It also offers long-term plans with a monthly fee for those who want them. You pay a lower rate for phone numbers, tracking features, and call recording than when you pay as you go in the basic tier.

What Makes Ringba Great

Ringba Enterprise Call Tracking Software webpage with CTAs that say "Get A Demo" and "Free Trial"
Ringba’s pricing structure gives those who have fewer calls and inbound leads to track a good value.

Ringba’s pricing advantages continue when you want to measure your company’s performance on PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. It offers this type of marketing campaign tracking at a lower cost than its competitors in the call tracking software arena.

Call routing goes smoothly with Ringba. It can pull information about each customer in real-time during the call, allowing your system to route the call based on the demographics or past interests of the customer.

Perhaps Ringba’s best feature is its willingness to provide custom pricing options for both large and small companies. You have the ability to create a plan that perfectly fits your needs and budget, and Ringba offers a free trial as well.

HubSpot – Best for Syncing Your Call Data With Your CRM

HubSpot company logo.

HubSpot simplifies the process of sharing your marketing data throughout all aspects of customer relationship management. The HubSpot call tracking software interacts directly with HubSpot’s CRM, ensuring this data is available throughout your company.

As the software collects data from customer interactions, it sends that data directly to the CRM. HubSpot can then rank and sort the interactions, helping you spot trends.

For those who don’t use the HubSpot CRM, the HubSpot call tracking software does offer integrations with other CRM software packages. However, everything runs smoother if you are operating the HubSpot CRM.

What Makes HubSpot Great

HubSpot webpage for Lead Management and Tracking Software
HubSpot greatly simplifies sharing the call tracking software data with other segments in the HubSpot CRM.

HubSpot’s call tracking software is especially strong for collecting outbound call data. It helps you determine the ROI you are receiving from your outbound marketing campaigns.

HubSpot is a highly trusted software package that helps companies manage their customer relationships. It works better for larger companies that need to manage multiple marketing campaigns, though.

With HubSpot, you receive a number of different pricing tiers and products. It can be far pricier than the other call tracking software options on our list because of the extra features related to CRM. HubSpot does have a few free tools you can try before buying.

The Top Call Tracking Software Options in Summary

Call tracking software provides a number of data points you can use to improve your marketing campaigns. Our list reflects the strongest software packages, but we also considered how you can use the data that the software generates. Finding just the right call tracking software to match the scenarios where you need the most help should give you the best results.