4 Effective Ways to Build Backlinks for a Brand New Site


Starting to build links for a new site is a lot like climbing a mountain.

You’re starting from ground zero with a lot of enthusiasm, but when you realize you have to climb for days to get anywhere, that enthusiasm often turns to the feeling of being overwhelmed.

But when it comes to your site, the weather conditions, metaphorically speaking, are terrible as well.

No one can see you from above, so they can’t help you out—you are on your own.

That already rules out certain link building (climbing) strategies.

This fact is nothing new.

But the advice for new site owners is outdated and just plain bad in some cases.

I recently saw multiple guides that advised building (and paying for) directory links and social media bookmarks.

That kind of stuff was useful over five years ago, but today, it is a waste of your time and money—resources that could be spent building links that will help you get immediate traffic and long-term search rankings.

Seeing those guides was the inspiration for this post because no one beginning a site should start off on the wrong foot.

I’m going to show you four ways to build links specifically tailored towards new sites.

These are the links that actually matter. If you get a few dozen of them, you will see an immediate impact on your traffic levels. 

1. Invest in a gift for the community

Almost every new business has the same problem: no one knows you. Even if you have a lot to offer, again, no one knows you.

One of the main objectives of the link building tactics we’ll look at in this post is to get attention.

And there are many ways to get the attention of people you don’t know.

The best way, in most cases, is to offer something of value—as big of a value as you can provide.

Here are a few options.

Option #1 – create a photo gallery: Any good blogger knows the importance of having great images in posts.

While some bloggers hire a designer for the most important pictures, it’s inconvenient and not always affordable for less important pictures.

However, most bloggers would gladly exchange a link to a site for a free picture.

That’s why I propose hiring a designer (or taking pictures yourself) and creating a free image gallery. Then, send out the link to the gallery to medium-top bloggers in your niche, explaining that they are free to use them in exchange for a link back.

For example, in the fitness niche, you could take pictures like these:


Spending a few hundred dollars upfront here will not only open doors to other bloggers but get you several dozen really good links.

A final important note is that you should create images around common points in your niche.

For example, if you were in the content marketing niche, you could create custom images for things that are often mentioned such as:

  • SEO tools
  • SEO rankings
  • Reader personas
  • Inbound marketing
  • The different marketing channels

And so on…

Option #2 – create a free tool: If you’re interested in getting a ton of traffic yourself, on top of links, you can create something for your community of users rather than just bloggers. And that something is a tool.

Tools can be a great way to grow your site and earn backlinks at the same time.

For example, the keyword research tool Keywordtool.io has been linked to by over 3,880 unique domains. Honestly, that’s a relatively simple tool to build or get built.


After a bit of time, you can get links (good ones) that work out to under $1 per link, which is amazing. Add all the traffic that you can also get on top of that, and you can see why tools can be a great thing to make.

The big drawback is that it will take some time to build the tool in the first place, especially if you can’t code it yourself.

Additionally, you’re going to have to promote the tool. Write posts about it in niche forums, subreddits, and on social media.

Option #3 – do original data analysis (or research): One option that I really love, yet almost no one does, is to do original analysis or research.

Look at any good data-driven post—for example, my post about how to win on Facebook.


What you’ll see is that most posts link to someone else’s research.

It takes a lot of time and effort to do original research, which is why it’s much easier to link to someone else’s research than to do your own.

You can take advantage of this by providing the research that bloggers in your niche link to.

In that above post, the research was done by Buzzsumo, and I simply analyzed the data that they sent me. Of course, I’m going to give them a few links for that, and it also opens the door for a great relationship.

Find an interesting question always asked in your niche, dig in, and do the research. When you’re done, email the results to the top bloggers in your niche, and give them first dibs.

2. Study competitors, and learn from them

The toughest thing you can do is reinvent the wheel.

Your competitors have likely spent years building up their reputations and earning backlinks to their sites.

Many of these backlinks are from sites that you could also get a backlink from.

That’s why competitor analysis is a great place to start for any new site.

Here’s a simple 3-step process to follow.

Step #1 – Find your close competitors: The closer a competitor is to you, the more likely that their backlink sources would be appropriate for you.

If you know your niche well, you can likely do this off the top of your head. Otherwise, search for “best (specific niche) blogs.”


It’s best to make a big list somewhere for later.

Step #2 – Find their best backlinks: This is simple to do now, thanks to tools such as Ahrefs and Majestic. Simply put in your competitor’s domain into either tool, and search its database:


Next, find the “inbound links” or equivalent option to see a list of all their links:


If you want to see them all, you’ll need a premium account. Both sites offer a trial period that you can take advantage of.

The links should be sorted by default in order of strength. Obviously, you want to go only after the best links (usually the top 20-30% of links).


From there, you’ll have to visit each page and find the link:


Step #3 – Can you replicate the link? Here is where your marketing skills come into play.

Some links, like links from private blog networks, can’t be replicated.

However, links from guest posts, forums, social networks, blog comments, etc. can be replicated. You can often get very similar links to those of your competitors’.

From there, you need to go after that link.

For example, if you see that your competitor wrote a guest post on a site, I strongly suggest you read some of my posts on guest-posting effectively and then apply that information to try to secure a post of your own.

Unfortunately, I can’t walk you through this step in great detail because it differs for every type of link. However, you will get better at it as you gain experience.

As a final note, you should stay on top of your competitors. Check which links they are getting on a regular basis, say once a week or once a month. It’s usually easier to replicate links that are more recent (rather than years old).

3. Forum links can have value

Let me start off by being very clear: most forum links are garbage.

Signature links and profile links rarely have any real value.

If you have a link on a page that no one visits or links to, your link isn’t going to count for much.

But what about the most popular threads on a big forum?

These threads rank well in Google. They have a lot of high-quality, relevant content, and people even link to them on other sites.

Links, especially near the top of the page (like in the opening post), can carry a good amount of weight.

For example, Brian Dean used to post on the Warrior Forum when Backlinko was newer.

He would include a link to his content on the first line and then paste the rest of his post. Here’s an example:


That thread got over 14,000 views and almost 100 replies. A decent portion of those viewers likely visited his website.


Also, because it was so popular on the forum, it has a lot of internal links pointing to it on high authority pages on the forum.

It also has 12 external domains pointing to it to give it even more authority.

Every forum has its own rules for posting content, but as long as you’re not just dropping a link and saying “go visit my site,” you should be okay.

However, you need to genuinely put the time and effort into understanding what the users of your forum want and then give it to them. You need your thread to get popular if you want a good link.

No, these links aren’t the absolute best and most powerful (from an SEO perspective) that you can get. But for a new site, a few relatively strong links from forums can help build a strong foundation.

4. If you want to burst onto the scene, guest-posting is a must

Most link building strategies for new sites are fairly slow.

They take consistent effort and deliver consistent results.

But you rarely get thousands of readers and hundreds of links within months unless you do them exceptionally well.

I consider guest-posting an exception to the rule. Even though you have to do it really well to get results, most bloggers have the ability to succeed with it.

And guest-blogging works for you even if you’re brand new. If you have a good pitch, it doesn’t matter what your name is.

When I think of guest-blogging to build up a new site, I think of Danny Iny, who is often referred to as the “Freddy Krueger of guest-posting.”

He got this nickname because he seemed to be everywhere when Firepole Marketing (now Mirasee) first launched.

His main strategy for getting traffic and links was guest-posting. He wrote dozens of guest posts and quickly took Firepole Marketing to the top tier of marketing blogs.


I won’t go into guest-posting in detail here because I’ve done it multiple times before:

The one adaptation that you will have to make, since you’re brand new, is not to start at the top.

Don’t start by pitching to a site like Copyblogger or Forbes. Instead, find a few smaller sites that are more receptive to pitches.

Then, you need to wow them with your post and promote that post as well.

Once you can prove that your writing is great, then you can start pitching to bigger sites, citing your other successes as proof that you’re a serious blogger.


Here’s the reality: You’re in a tough spot.

Building links for a new site is not easy, but if you’re willing to put in consistent effort, it can be done.

I’ve shown you four of the most effective ways I know to build links for a new site. I encourage you to focus on just one or two of them until you’ve exhausted their potential.

If you’ve been in this situation before and have any creative link building ideas to share with others, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.


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    I’ve been to that situation and i implemented guest posting and within some duration of time i was able to get long term traffic to my blog.


    • Nice! Yah that strategy works really well and if you continue to scale it, you can make it work

  4. Ulyses Osuna :

    I do but this might not work for everyone…with my product it’s a lot easier to build some links because it’s a picture. So instead of a gallery like you said – I create individualized pics for bloggers and then ask them for a link back if they use it. However I’m just barely starting off… Great post!

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    • Glad I can help Alex, I’m really excited about helping out more local businesses like yourself

  10. Adam Clarke :

    You will get people banned teaching them this technique. You cannot copy a website’s backlinks without being a professional at it. If you copy the backlinks of websites who manage to find broken dofollow opportunities then you will get penalized otherwise you can easily rank first for even any keyword with a small team of people in less than a few months.

    I could have ranked first for “Bank Of Montreal” or even “BMO” or anything that might be so hard in less than 3 months doing that with a group of people. That’s how the internet changed Neil Patel. I seriously suggest you change this post to include a strong warning considering you are leader in this industry teaching those who know nothing only to almost surely get them banned.

    Not only that but for doing this to me and letting me see that I can beat you in your industry in less than a few years doing it the hard way I’m going to expect you to link to my same url here with a dofollow link, to my author page saying who let you know to make that change.

    Or you can just make fun of me. It’s my job in this industry to show people how easy not cheating is and it’s even more so my job to make sure people are at least educated enough to know what counts as cheating. Your advice is so close to cheating without letting them know that the backlinks they find that really draw them in will lead them ultimately to a “link building strategy” that gets them banned in 3 months time.

    Thank you.

    I do very much like your effort still. That is totally a huge scare to see especially seeing you covered in forbes. No offence but forbes would be eating my *$!)*# for days before they would look at you if they knew about this.

    • Gail Gardner :

      Hi Adam,

      While it isn’t totally clear by your comment, I believe you are warning people against focusing on dofollow comments because they can get them penalized.

      Most likely, Neil did not think about that because almost all comments are nofollowed by default. Even blogs who used to have dofollow comments are primarily all nofollow now although a few CommentLuv using blogs still have dofollow blog links.

      There are some SEOs who believe that having ANY link in too many comments is too risky. One I know will not put a link in any comment anywhere because of this.

      Comment links that are prominently placed in high traffic sites can bring you traffic. Just be sure not to have too many; go for quality, not quantity.

      And make sure you have a mix of link types, not ONLY comment links. Because they’re the easiest for new sites to get, they are at more risk than sites that are attracting editorial links from many sources.

      • Adam Joshua Clarke :

        Well said Gail I am glad we agree. I still think it makes a good point to put a warning and that it should be from Neil and not from Gail if that counted.

      • Yes with comment links I naturally assume they are nofollowed. It’s very rare that sites follow comments (some do, but rare)

    • Hey Adam,

      I am unclear on what specifically you are saying Neil is advising people on that goes against Google rules. My interpretation was that he was saying, “see what sites your competitors get backlinks from, then figure out how to get whitehat backlinks from them.” Perhaps via guest blogging, or making forum posts? Or no?

      • Adam Joshua Clarke :

        Hey Himmat C,

        Perfectly it is a fine suggestion to say to go for whitehat backlinks the fact is and I know this from experience that the types of backlink opportunities you can and are almost bound to find by using this strategy include black hat backlinks that some people just won’t know how to avoid or will become so greedy that they will “try” them. I am just afraid people won’t know the difference when this is almost a blackhat technique to begin with.

        It’s actually a greyhat technique which means that some blackhat is involved and if I were an industry influence I would take it so personally that I gave this advice to people if there was even a chance I was ruining some people’s lives when it comes to starting off let alone ruining some people’s lives who have spent a long time in the game.

        This is grey hat. Everybody knows about grey hat. Do you really want to leave it up to yourself not to copy someone who did something you don’t know if you can trust or not?

        I still respect and trust Neil but I do not like that he chose to respond to other people and not to me.

        Doesn’t that speak volumes?

        • I do respond to everyone, you just have to be patient. I usually respond to the shorter comments first and then the longer ones due to time constraints. 😉

      • That’s correct. If they are doing something shady, you should avoid it. As a seo/webmaster you have to pick and choose what to go after…

        • Adam Joshua Clarke :

          Thank you for saying that. I would hate to see people harming their own websites by choosing options that could harm them but I decided that it is a personal lesson to go through to learn about what can get you into trouble. The fact is that you should just be avoiding these things from the start and not getting yourself into trouble.

          Mostly I see the suggestion as a good idea especially when it comes to deep networks that don’t just offer you an everyday opportunity. I’d like to see myself earning some of those.

          I guess if people go getting themselves into trouble, if they could possibly go getting themselves into trouble searching for links like that, then I am left over with a better internet overall for me if that makes things easier.

          I still say you wouldn’t want someone looking back and saying that this advice got them banned even if they would have to admit that caution is necessary. You are popular enough that somebody might say something. I like you so I hope to think you at least have more than enough of an exit strategy.

          I would want it to be more than, “me saying to make sure to use your best judgement makes it not my fault”.

          I say to my audience specifically that I expect them to understand that they at least know enough about their websites to know if they should be using my strategies or not. If I suggested the same strategy though I would add an extra caution even in case they want to say it was me who lead them down a dark road.

          People should at least avoid spammy links.

          I imagine most of the best links take at least contact with another person and forming a type of relationship which can actually be very easy and very fast especially for resource pages.

          Otherwise the easier it is the more wary you should be unless you know that to be in the position of being rewarded here was well earned by you like being listed in DMoz when you see someone else’s DMoz link.

          • I’m with you, it should be much more clear. I appreciate you bringing it to my attention 🙂

            • Adam Joshua Clarke :

              I know this might not be the right place but I would like to use your services and I once found myself just staring at how you only had one spot left and thought about it for a while.

              Only thing is is that I either have no money or up to the right amount of money and as of right now I don’t know how not to be a waste of your time.

              I would like to know what our best course of action is to involve me as a future client.

              Thanks Neil,

              • Reach out here: http://neilpatel.com/consulting/

                worse case my team and I will let you know what we would do in your shoes

                • Adam Joshua Clarke :

                  Thanks Neil you are the bomb.

                  I feel you on you and your journey.

                  You offer so much when you get not enough.

                  I think it’s almost bad but I say it is all entirely good. You’ve done and you do a good job.

                  • Thanks for sharing that Adam, I’m glad to hear it 🙂

                    Let me know if you have any questions I can help you with

    • Assuming you don’t do it with bad intent you should be fine. For example if a resource page links out to your competition why can’t you hit them up and get a link from them. There is no reason why you can’t… nothing wrong with it.

      It’s up to the site if they want to link to you are not. Of course if they have spammy backlinks you should avoid those.

  11. You are right but when we start any new website SEO no one believe that it would be time consuming. Every business owner needs fast rankings and you know there is no shortcut for rankings.

    • It’s a game of patience, a lot of it is. Everyone of us (mostly millennials) want it now, so patience becomes a new skill you must work on.

  12. Adam Clarke :

    Additional: Do you disagree or do you just not know?

    “Please mention that the editorial review and approval of the webmaster you are connecting with is mandatory to be in place an understood when earning yourself a backlink.”

    Something like this is appropriate enough.

    I wonder what Brian Dean would think about this.

    • I don’t think it is always mandatory, as some links are nofollowed, but in many cases I would agree with it. You want quality links, and ideally ones that have to be approved by someone versus automatic ones that anyone can get easily.

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    • This is not ALL you need to know, but a start in the right direction 🙂

      You will have momentum along the way, when you do, keep going

  15. David Throop :

    Hi Neil,
    Thanks for the insights. These are golden, especially the tip about checking out competitors sites and where they get their inbound links. For me building a tool isn’t in the cards, but using the competitors research gives me a couple ideas to pursue.
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    • I think you could write more if you wrote about the sensations and experience surrounding the recipe. That will give the a post a richness.

  30. Dustin @ HighestCashOffer.com :

    Some really good tips. I do agree that it can seem overwhelming at first to start a new site on the road to success. Every market is different, but almost every site can use a few of the suggestions above.


    • You’re welcome Dustin, I’m glad I could help! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask

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    • There you go Rich, exactly. Lots of ways like these to be creative with your marketing, plenty of platforms are available

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    • When I guest post I only link when it is relevant and many sites like Inc will nofollow the links to which is fine.

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  48. Neil,

    I’m happy to hear you spoke up about real, actionable techniques that can be used for new bloggers. A lot of guides out there are either outdated, or geared towards folks who already had an audience.

    One of the ways that helped me to build links is to do a round-up post. It may not sound like a link building related strategy, but I soon realize a dozen of experts interviewed would share a link on their site.

    Also by building connections with the experts, I ended being featured on their blog, even on The Huffington Post.

    Brian Dean also has a case study on this, where Richard Marriott uses email outreach to build backlinks to his (epic) round-up at http://backlinko.com/white-hat-seo.

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    • Things have changed dramatically Anh, and too many people are coming into this industry clueless.

      Yeah, I’ve seen that, it was a great post

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    If you are going to post any type of a link to your business on that forum, make darn sure that the WF doesn’t know that you own it. Also, make sure that you don’t let any of the members on a forum know it either. They’ll start reporting you to the owners fast and furious.

    Promoting your business in any way, shape or form is pretty much forbidden. (Unless you’re paying for advertising on there.)

    Anyway, great article and very beneficial Mr. Neil! Thanks so much for another outstanding blueprint for us to follow.

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    • Glad this was helpful Deepak! If you have any questions or get stuck with anything you’re doing, don’t hesitate to ask

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  74. The forum tip has been REALLY effective for me already. I only posted two blog posts and put one up on a niche forum and it’s already brought me 200ish users in like 2-3 weeks and my blog is literally only a month old. It REALLY works if the audience is targeted!

    It helps to bring traffic while i wait for Google Search to get with the program 🙂

    • Exactly Ryan. The more clear you are on who you want, visiting your site, the more effective you’ll be

  75. Hi Neil,

    Good way to build back links I’ve tried with guest blogging finding awesome results in my keyword ranking. I agree that forum also works well but its should be niche based forum and keyword variations must be followed else it can hurt our website.

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    Seriously, didn’t expect anything new, but still added some new seo techniques to my arsenal (free tools and free photos to get links, smart). Thanks, Neil! Would love to see more posts about SEO and running a SEO agency.

    • Yah, absolutely! And if you ever have any specific questions about what you’d like to learn about, let me know

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    Through all the experience I have in SEO, I see that guest blogging and analyzing competitors for back-links are the best ways to build a great base for your site. This takes time but fetches great results.

    • Yes, especially because they have already done so much of the work, so it will save you a ton of time

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    As per “1. Invest in a gift for the community” option #2 – I have made a couple of tools on my website:

    1. http://www.improvemysearchranking.com/seo-keyword-profit-calculator/
    2. http://www.improvemysearchranking.com/on-page-seo-analyser/

    How would you recommend I promote these?


    P.S I may have got some inspiration from your other websites design…

    • Do a few blog posts that educate users on the result they get by using this. That way naturally people would want to use it because you’re demonstrating what’s possible when they use it

  81. Thanks Neil for yet another informative article. Agree with most of the effective methods for brand new site. But not sure whether Photo Gallery, Creation of Tools and Research will be useful initially as some website might not have many images while in some Tool creation and Research will be a lot of time consuming process. Please share your views on the same. Also would like to know if there are any other effective methods for building backlinks.

    • Sure, you can check this guide here https://www.quicksprout.com/the-advanced-guide-to-link-building/

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    Actionable tips! To quote you: “If you want to burst onto the scene, guest-posting is a must.”

    Could you please help me out in devising a pitch? I’ve had a number of failures in convincing webmasters. Thanks.

    • Check out this post Tiara: https://www.quicksprout.com/2015/06/17/guest-posting-on-steroids-how-to-get-real-results-in-2015-and-beyond/

  84. Hello Neil, I am facing a huge problem with website redesign. After redesigning, my website is not showing in SERP’s. I already submitted sitemap but still website is loosing traffic and not showing on respected keywords. Please suggest me any solution.

    • Hmmm, you should speak with your developer and website host, they should be able to help you out. Maybe even revert back your changes

      • Okay thanks Neil. I read your blog on website redesign and according to that I took actions like new sitemap, 404 etc but website is still losing its position in SERP’s.

  85. Shailesh Sharma :

    Very informative. Building backlinks for a new site is difficult for a newbie like myself. But this post has some very useful ways for backlink building. Surely gonna follow these.

    • I know what you mean, I’ve been in that situation many times before. Let me know how these tips work out for you

  86. Shabana Gandhi :

    This is going to be very beneficial for new sites, we are sure. Inbound links/ backlinks are very important for SEO purposes. Particularly like your make a tool idea, though afraid that not practical for everyone.

    • You’re right, it’s not practical for everyone, but I think it will at the least stir up your imagination

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    I’ll use the guide you’ve shared from now.

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    Nice tips and explanation Neil. A couple of “tools” that can help in finding blogs that accept guest posting and sponsored posts are Ninja Outreach (http:/www.ninjaoutreach.com) and Blogger Dash (http://www.blogdash.com).

    I’ve spent countless hours looking manually on Google searches to come up with some possibilities. I’ve found nuggets here and there, but those 2 tools can offer some great clues to get you going in the right direction much faster.

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    Hi Neil,
    It was really a informative article, being a newbie, it helped me a lot, ahrefs is a superb tool, but only disadvantage is that it is a premium one, can you please suggest me the free tools similar to ahrefs, thank you for sharing the post.

    • There aren’t too many good ones. Ahrefs has a free plan and same with Open Site Explorer… it just isn’t as good as the paid one.

  99. Outreach is the only safe way to go about building backlinks. Simply ask for a link from other webmasters. If your content is good or your resource is a must have/valuable offering to your niche audience, other content marketers can use to inform their own audiences, they will link to your site/blog.

    Outreach also works even if your site is new to the web.

    You are also not going to get any Google penalties asking other site owners to link back to your site/blog. It’s 100% Google safe.

    As for using other backlinking methods.
    To keep within Google guidelines, think about the backlink you are going after. Did you really earn it? That’s what Google thinks about when they look at your sites/blogs backlink profile.

    Is the backlink a natural link someone placed because they want everyone to know how brilliant your site content/resource is?

    Or is it an unnatural link back to your site you did yourself because it was easy to get? If it was easy to get, best to have that link no-followed.

    Google knows what links are easy and what links are hard to earn. Too many easy links and you run the risk of getting unnatural links penalty.

    • Yes, it’s not the easiest in the sense of time, but easiest as far no cost and the rejection doesn’t feel bad.

      You hit the nail on the head with that Steve. At the end of the day, you need to earn your links to get the best results

  100. I see some of my competitors still investing on blog comment to gain links at this moment. And in fact, they can lead for many competitive keywords. What do you think about that? Will it be so risky in the long terms?

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    First question: recently i decided to rank one of my page for some keywords but i have been able to get quality link from high DA but the page doesn’t exist on Google for the keywords or other related keywords and i can see website with less quality link as mine ranking in the 1st 20 pages. What should i do in this case?

    Second question is regarding guest posting.. I am trying to rank my website locally for my country, is it better if i do more guest posting to blogs within my country or any quality blog around the world?

    • 1. What kind of posts are you trying to rank? How are you trying to build links to it?
      2. I would start with your country and then expand from there. In reality there are tons of sites to choose from

      • Career.com.ng :

        Thanks for your response, i really appreciate.. The page i am trying to rank is my job page and i have been using forum, blog comment and guest posting to build links. Although the keywords are very competitive but i expect at least the page should be index/rank for those keywords, even if it’s on 1000 page on google.

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    Thanks for the tips.

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    I am doing a experiment towards SEO and want to know your opinion regarding my experiment as follows
    => I am using a trick where people are indirectly searching (on Google ) my targeted keyword, where i have made that keyword by joining 2 keywords, where 1 keywords is my targeted keyword and second is my domain name
    example : best indian recipe foodiedesires

    Here foodiedesires is my domain name and indian recipe is my targeted keywords.
    In a day 150-200 search are made using same keywords from different-different country.

    I want to know that will this mathod help me out anyhow in search rank??
    please give me your reply

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    Great post! I’m new to your blog and this post really hit home. I’m getting BACK into SEO and although I wouldn’t say it’s difficult, it can be tedious and de-motivating at times. I was never big on the guest posting, but now that I am more educated and have more to say that I should give it a shot (especially since every SEO pro recommends it). Thanks.

    • That’s a great example of the fact that this is a process. It may not work right away, or it may just really suck, but as you keep going, you’ll only get better and better

  111. You’re welcome!

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    • At the end of the day, anything you see on the internet is transparent. So if you’re trying to bullshit by doing spammy things, you’ll probably get caught

  115. Thanks for sharing these wonderful insights, Neil. Totally agree with the impact of guest posting. It is a must for new bloggers. This is where tools such as contentmarketer.io and Ninja Outreach come in handy!

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    • Check this out https://www.quicksprout.com/the-complete-guide-to-understand-customer-psychology-chapter-6/

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    I’m super thankful for this post. I think having the kind of focus we need, long term is key here. You hit the nail on the head, “However, you need to genuinely put the time and effort into understanding what the users of your forum want and then give it to them.”

    Thank again

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    However that comment you shared from backlinko on the warrior forum was very interesting for me, any way you could provide a link to the thread?

    Also a quick question, that first point of his that you can read, he mentions you could record some audio and upload it on various sites to create links, will that really help? Or would google punish you for that?

    • I don’t have it handy Jones, but as soon as I find it I will post.

      No they wont’ penalize your packaging your content and distributing it through a different medium like audio

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    I normally focus on finding my competitor’s backlinks and from there I build my own links.

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    Undoubtedly, Guest posting is one of the best ways of building links. I’ve never tried the forums part due to less activeness. Will try it soon. thanks

  133. Thanks Neil. You can see why your career has gone through the roof. Your content is always on point, smart and useful. Your approach is one of total generosity and that, I believe, is the winning ticket for SEO’s (and possibly all small business people) in 2016.
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    • I would aim for topical content as your see on Ahrefs, certain pages can have 100’s of keywords plus the tool is fantastic by the way 🙂

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