How to Get Your First 1000 Facebook Fans

Have you ever wondered how you can get your Facebook fan page going? It used to be easy years ago, but now ad costs are rising, and you have to make sure you avoid fake fans or those that don’t engage.

So, what are the right steps you need to take to grow your Facebook fan base? Well, to guide you in accomplishing this goal, I’ve created an infographic that outlines those steps.

Download a printable version of this infographic.

Click on the image below to see a larger view:

How to Get Your First 1000 Facebook Fans

Click here to view an enlarged version of this infographic.


If you don’t have a Facebook fan page, you should consider creating one. It’s one of the main ways I am growing as well as the Quick Sprout and blog.

The longer you wait, the harder it will become to penetrate Facebook. So, start following the steps above, and you’ll quickly reach 1,000 real fans.

How else can you grow your fan base?

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  1. Eduardo Cornejo :

    Hey Neil,

    Great inforgraphic!

    I just started with FB ads, and have been getting .02-.03 cents per like. That’s good right, or could it be improved?


    • I manage ads for different clients and getting likes for $.02-$.03 is very good especially if it’s your target audience. If it’s not your target audience and you already have over 1,000 likes, then you might be better off paying more per like for an audience that will be interested in your page long-term.

    • Eduardo, that’s a great CPL — keep up the great work.

      Corey, Great point — once you hit a certain threshold it’s important to make sure your fans are quality and your content is what brings them to the site.

    • Whozers, they sounds stupendous! I would love to get Likes for 2 to 3 cents a piece. Another great post Neil, gonna dig out my T-Shirt that says Neil for President!

    • Neil,really very nice post and really appreciating u for providing usefull information

    • Thanks for sharing, I now have more than 500 facebook fans, is to buy cheap facebook fans before, seems to be in Forever Social Marketing to buy, you do not know how this kind of method, want to try

  2. Trevor Gustaveson :


    I’m trying to grow a YouTube channel where I teach guitar lessons. I know eventually organic growth will be enough to make me a lot of money, but if I want to put money into advertising the channel, what do you think the best way would be? I’ve tried both adwords and facebook and I haven’t liked the results with either. Do you think I should try YouTube advertising, or take a different route?

    • Trevor, if you are focused on growing a Youtube channel that I would exclusively focus on Youtube Advertising. See what the best option is — maybe you should create a short video just to advertise.

  3. Thanks Neil,
    I was struggling hard to do it for my clients.
    But should I go for paid ads in future?

  4. Prabhat Jani :

    Thank neil patel sir.

  5. Useless information to get likes. What does this do ? You need a followup of what to do with likes.

  6. Steve Estimable :

    Neil, great informations on growing your Facebook fans.

    I like the idea of enabling friends as an admin. You can scale it also with strategic partnerships and terms with employees.

    Neil Q: How else can you grow your fan base.

    Steve A: Shout for Shout

    Have a beautiful day!

    • Steve, I definitely like how you always answer the tough questions for yourself 😉

      Thanks for all the support!!

  7. Very informative…thanks Neil.

  8. Typo on the 25-34 bracket.

  9. Neil,

    Perfect timing. This is exactly what I needed. I am having a little trouble getting enough Facebook followers and I hope your infographic guide will help.

    Do you have a walk through of your ads you made on Facebook for Nutrition Secrets?

    I am following your nutrition site with my own and Facebook is an area I want to really grow to help drive traffic and engagement to my site.

    Thanks again for your awesomeness.

    • I noticed that you mentioned Shout for Shout in another post. Can you explain what that is and how that works?

    • Dade, I will break things down step-by-step in a future post. Let me know if you have any specific questions.

      As for shout for shout: it’s a strategy to promote the content of others in exchange for them doing the same.

  10. Hey Neil, thanks for a quick guide. That image rotation trick under Facebook advertising is really helpful. I’m definitely going to implement these tactics for my existing campaign. God bless u 🙂

  11. William Zimmerman :


    Good information but after hyper targeting fans with specific everything, I am still getting fans with over 500- 1,000 interests on their facebook profile. This is just another person who is clearly getting paid to like companies. No real person likes hundreds of companies. nobody.

    These should be the only 3 items you use facebook for:
    1. Building your e-mail list by offering something good for free.
    2. Sending traffic to your website so that people can read a blog post or get a freebie.
    3. Getting engagement from your current Facebook community.

    Like ads are a rip off and waste of time.

    Have a great weekend!
    Bill Zimmerman

    • Bill, you bring up some great points.
      I like how you broke down the points into three concise bullets. It’s all about providing value in any way you can. Looking forward to your continued support and feedback.

  12. Neil,

    Been following your blog for awhile now – first time commenting. You produce great stuff and I’m thankful for it.

    I recently did a FB ad trial that nearly doubled my page likes, targeting English speakers in Asia like you did with NS. But it’s at about 12 cents per like. The person above me says 2-3 cents? That’d be much better!

    I’ve had my blog for about a year and a half, with about 150 posts on it, and it’s definitely a side project, but I’m looking for ways to make it grow. I want people to read my content, and eventually I’d like to make the site self-sustainable (or profitable, maybe…).

    It’s better than it was a year ago, but I’m at a bit of a brick wall. Since I don’t SELL anything, I’m not really sure what else to do.

    • Ray, just keep up the good work and continue blogging. Often times it’s hard to reduce the CPL because of a number of variables — don’t focus on those just focus on providing value to your readers and the rest will follow.

  13. Thank You Sir for helpful post.

  14. Hey Niel,

    I was wondering what the ranges on cost per like on your health site have been. I have been having trouble getting a campaign going with a CPL of less than 50 cents. In the past I have been able to get it below 0.10 a like with consistency.


    • Nick, it’s definitely a tough balancing act — make sure you are providing value and your content is sticky and the rest will follow.

  15. Natural Exclusive :

    Neil, great info-graphic, will have to do one on Canva when we have time.

    We started our journey in the health and wellness space on the 100k visitors per month challenge and our first article out yesterday is on the ‘Dad Bod’.

    Check out the link and our FB page which is up to 131 subscribers in 24 hours after launch!

    We were re-tweeted and favourited by the BBC yesterday ( which is surging interest in the site.

    Once again you rock, keep us posted!

    Natural Exclusive

  16. Neil,

    Adding my friends and having them add their friends might add Likes, but is that really going to give me potential customers?

    I think a replacement solution is to add Facebook’s Website Custom Audience pixel (WCA) to your website and then target the people who visit your website with a LIKE campaign.



    • Cullen — every little piece counts. There may be friends of friends who are interested.

      The replacement solution sounds great — want to expand on your strategy?

      • The problem I see with adding non targeted people to my page (ex: friends or friends of friends) is that they are going to cost me money when I have pay to promote my posts in the future; even though they probably don’t have any interest in it or will never purchase anything.


        In answer to your question my expanded strategy using the WCA would be 2 sided:

        Side 1:
        1) Add WCA pixel to your site. Preferably on a delay so that you can avoid picking up anyone that bounces.
        2) Target your your website visitors who have visited within the last 24 hrs (maybe more) with a LIKE campaign.


        Side 2:

        1) Determine your offer
        2) Determine your target demographic
        3) Find their interests on Facebook
        4) Create content that they want to see
        5) Promote your post to this target audience
        6) Create a custom audience for people who visited the post
        7) Run your follow up content / offer at the people in this audience.

        In theory you could string together a whole series of posts. The Ad sends them to post 1. Then target the people who visited post 1 with an ad for post 2. Then target the people who visited post 1 with an ad for post 2. and so on…..

  17. Rahul Sharma :

    Hi Neil,

    I am really amazed after learning your post and keeping eyes on at your infograhics. It is really wonderful for reach fan page targets.

    I am going to use this tactic for my own fan page . Since I didn’t get enough fans for any page that I have created.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences for generating fan page secrets.

    Have a Good Day !


    • Rahul, glad you liked the post. Let me know if you need help with anything else and let me know how it all works out.

  18. Deepak Kumar :

    Great post. My compliments to the designer of this infographic. Coming from Neil, I know the info is solid and there is some gaps on my FB page that I can instantly fill – Thanks, Neil..keep em coming!!

    • Deepak, glad I could help. Keep me posted on your progress and let me know if you need any specific help with anything.

  19. Hey Neil,

    Nice Research about Facebook

    Good explanation for social media beginners. It’s very importance for Facebook like for brand or services.Facebook advertising is really helpful for your website. Once again thanks a lot for information…


  20. Deepak Rana :

    infoGraphic you made is Awesome‚ Neil Bro.I’m using Fb since 5 year & I have seen policies of Fb Fan-page is changing Repidally.
    Now Its hard to get likes but when you post something new & unique then you get a lot of like‚ comments & Share.

    I always try to being simple + unique for my Facebook Fan Page 🙂

    Now I will try few of the tips given in your Infographic so that I can boost my fan page likes 😉

  21. Deepak Rana :

    infoGraphic you made is Awesome‚ Neil Bro.I’m using Fb since 5 years & I have seen policies of Fb Fan page changing Rapidly.
    Now Its hard to get likes but when you post something new & unique then you get a lot of like‚ comments & Share.

    I always try to be simple + unique for my Blog’s Facebook Fan Page 🙂

    Now I will try few of the tips given in your Infographic so that I can boost my fan page likes

    • Great to hear, Deepak. Keep me updated on your progress. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  22. What if we are Prohibited from buying ads and “promoting website” on Facebook and other social media types for selling weapons? Suggestions?

    • Mark, then you’ll just have to rely on your content. Make sure it’s sticky and people want to share it.

  23. Thanks for Sharing Information .

  24. Hi Neil,

    I need to pay like $1,50 something per like… A ridicolous amount which isn’t worth it in my honest opinion. What in gods name can I do? I’m from the Netherlands by the way. I’ve tried CPM and CPC.

    • Kevin, have you tried modifying your ad copy and imagery. That can make a big difference. Maybe even reconsider the keywords you are going after?

  25. Neil always comes up with actionable information. Thanks for that buddy!

    I personally use Facebook to run an active community of like-minded people and engage my audience with the content I share. The second is to drive massive and quality traffic to my websites and grow email list.

    Ads are great. I’m a big fan of Facebook advertising as it costs less and can be targeted precisely. Last month, I ran a fb ad campaign for a week and had thousands of visitors to one of my websites. Yes, it works pretty well.

    Hope to see more such articles. Have a great weekend!
    MK Shaiq Uddin

    • Shaiq, glad you liked it. Growing your email list is very important and something you should always be trying to do. Keep up the great work and let me know if you need any help along the way.

      • Neil you should come up with a similar infographic on email list building with your selected, best techniques. That’d really help everyone.

        Thanks well in advance!

  26. this is great neil. i post this link on my website clik this link and see your this page. and plz send me other links and tools. thkx

  27. Neil, this is great. Thanks for such infographic. Just started Facebook advertising and have seen reputable visitors for my site – and the way I targeted my advertisements, it’s sure I truely get my real consumers. My page visit bounce rate have dropped from 75% to surprisingly 8.75% this month, and surely my top referrer is Facebook. I encourage going for Facebook for promoting and building targeted audience.

    Happy blogging

    Great Weekend hey!

    • Sandile, great to hear. That’s an amazing bounce rate — you must be doing something extraordinarily good. Let me know if you need any help along the way and I look forward to hearing much more from you.

  28. Sachin Mathur :

    Hi Neil

    Thanks for sharing this Useful Post with us.

    I will use these Tricks and Increase FB Likes

  29. Neil, Great post as usual. I recently created a paid advertising campaign on Facebook for my site and end up paying $0.47 cents per click. any advice on how to lower the cost per click?

    • Roberto, have you modified the ad copy and the imagery. Sometimes small changes can make a big difference.

  30. Hi Neil,
    Awesome informative info graphic Neil

    MS Qureshi

  31. Abbas Sarfraz :

    Nice tips Neil Though, you said in your email that FB paid ads / outreach is expensive but still putting some budget in it will help.

    Few tips I do like to add;

    – Share your page in related groups with a description that why following your page will be helpful.

    – #hashtag the content you paste on your page so your feeds populate it when someone searches something relevant.

    – Another time consuming but effective technique is to individually email /FB message each one who has mentioned / added a relevant interest. Such as in the FB search bar, type internet marketing and you will see 49,955 ( as of this post) have shown interest in it. Reach each one of them individually with a message introducing your page / business. Although it is effective but I recommend having a soft peddle on outreach or you can be flagged for spamming.

    – Start a quiz with a free give away. And ask the participants to tag at least 3-5 friends in your answer to be considered eligible. Though, there will only be one winner, but your quiz can get very viral ( if prize or giveaway is strong like a Hennessy Venom GT or a Bugatti Veyron :P)

    • Abbas, thanks for these tips they are very useful.

      I think the tip about sharing hashtags and within related groups is particularly helpful. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  32. Waqar Ahmed :

    Enjoyed your post. I also visited too. 🙂 You are doing a great job. Both the websites are running in synchronization.

  33. Ahmmed Sumon Joy :

    Hello Neil,
    Thanks for the effective infographic to get active Fans.
    It is really great tactics. Recently, I run Facebook Paid advertising campaign and it cast me $0.01+ cents for per like. Though It was targeted for Local Audience.

    However, Wish those tips will help me more. 🙂

    Thanks again 🙂

    • Ahmmed, glad you found it helpful. Sounds like you got a good rate on CPL. Keep up the great work and let me know if you need help with anything else.

      • Ahmmed Sumon Joy :

        Sure. I am will must contact you If I need. Because Students always need help of Teacher 🙂

  34. Neil, great infographic.

    People follow crowds, so for the first 1000 I would not worry too much abt “fake” fans. Make sure you get people in your niche (so run FB ads and specify interests as narrow as you can), but go global to lower cost countries and “buy” your first batch for 0.02-0.03 per like, than focus more into the interactions.
    Great post, keep them come.


    • Rene, glad you found the post helpful. It’s all about hyper-targeting people in your niche to get the best results. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  35. Hi Neil, I recently set up an online dating portal and I planned to use Facebook as my key marketing channel. However, unbeknown to me, Facebook has a no advertising policy for online dating sites. and OKCubid are not affected due to an agreement with Facebook, but all others cannot create ads. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Mark, that’s a tough one. Maybe you should focus on another channel and use Facebook exclusively for sharing great content.

  36. i believe that ‘ content is king ‘ proper posting and proper sharing on facebook can help to get good fan base . fake likes and fake fans are useless.

  37. Thanks for your tips.

  38. Great share actually Neil. Got to provide it to my audience too.

  39. how to make 100000 like in my facebook fun page ?????

  40. The real question i though, how did you get 100,000 facebook fans/likes for Nutrition Secrets?

  41. Hey Neil,

    What if I upload on my facebook page from my blog in the first place some content (photos, articles, status, links) and after a few weeks/months I will advertise on it? This can be a good practice for the people who wants to come on my facebook page and like it because they will see content?

  42. Owen Billcliffe :

    Some good tips I’d not tried in there! I currently use Social Locker plugin to give away Photoshop actions for a Like or Follow, works really well!

  43. Great post Neil. I made some of our friends admins to our page and it work great. They wrote for our blog, posted it on our page and shared it with their friends. We then used ads and made sure thwy were laser focused. CPL was averaging .004 per like.

    We are now at 1.4 million likes with a highly engaged page which converts extremely well for us. Facebook is still a great platform to use. We are now playing around with Instagram.

  44. Hey there Neil,

    I’m curious about something – here you advocate quality over quantity, but in your Nutrition Secrets post on the same topic you pretty obviously took a different approach (at least at first) by targetting demographics where you could get a bunch of quick likes quickly for social proof.

    Doesn’t that seem like a bit of a contradiction?

    I can see value in both options, I’m just curious why you appear to espouse a different approach here to what you actually did at the Nutrition site.


    • Chris, to get the ball rolling I suggest finding quick fans early on then optimizing for quality as you go along — within this post I said there should be a strategy once you hit the 1000 mark to get better likes.

  45. Currently following your process for growing fb likes. Spent $30 on FB ads which resulted in about 3,900 extra fans in a couple of days. Not great engagement but one post did receive 35 likes.

    Going to use the ‘shout out for a shout technique’ and see if I can get similar results to yours.


  46. Loads of importance being given to facebook

  47. dear neil sir,
    its very nice thks for share it ……

  48. Neil Sir, You always share helpful information, this one is also informative post.

    Thank you so much

  49. Tafser Ahmed :

    Was it really tips for getting thousand fans ? Lol infographic ever. People are saying “Wonderful, ” “Nice” “Decent”… bla bla.. Just made me laugh. :v :v

  50. rahul saldanha :

    Thanks sir great information

  51. Hi Neil, thanks for this wonderful information.. However my question is, what do you think is the best call to action method to choose from when it comes to facebook advertising? Thanks.. 🙂

    • Jazzel, find a value proposition that the reader can’t say no to — it requires a lot of testing but once you get the formula down you’re gold.

  52. Hi Neil,

    Do you have any advice for setting up the best way to set up facebook adverts. Should i target a niche or fans of websites in my niche. Once i do get to 1000 do you have scripts on how to get shout outs from other facebook pages? As a new blog is this the best way to grow visits and help build the website?


    • Nelo, great questions

      1. Create your own script based off your value propositions
      2. You should employ a multi-channel approach to get the most visits.

      If you have any other questions or feedback please let me know.

  53. Abdullah saeed :

    Hi neil I don’t understand 1.3 repeat image ratio thing? Please explain this idea !

  54. Neil ! Thanks for Sharing Information !!!

  55. Shashank Shekhar :

    Facebook keeps making changes to its algorithms and considering that the News Feed also keeps changing a lot. So pages even with high number of fans have very low reach. Any workaround for this, Neil?

  56. thankx neil sir for great info.

  57. Luke wright :

    Its a info graphic. Its awesome. Thanks Neil Sir sharing with us great information with info graphic. I regularly read your blog. I am a new blogger and You are my blogging idol. I have already do what you said here and my Facebook fan is increasing day by day.

  58. I hear of so many people buying “likes”, only to have FB shut them down days later (or invalidate the “likes”) … good to see how it’s done organically!

  59. Thank You so much!!!
    It will surelly help me lot 🙂

  60. Lawrence Berry :

    These are some great ways to boost your Facebook’s page likes. As much as I try to come up with creative ideas to get people engaging and liking my facebook page, I have never thought of making some of my friends and relatives admins on the page and having them invite their friends to like the page. That is really clever. I have some friends and realtives with well over 1,000 friends, so they can be helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  61. I guess this blog on How to Get Your First 1000 Facebook Fans would be really helpful and inspiring too. Great share!

  62. Hi Neil.

    I’ve read several of your posts now and they’ve all been really great information, with simple and easy to understand graphics. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing it all. You seem to be very good at keeping up with your responses, I can’t actually imagine how you find the time to do everything and still able to look away from the screen! Hahaha

    I have an idea for a blog which my husband and I will be launching next year, when we move abroad. I’ve been doing some reading/learning about blogging and marketing via social media, as well as reading other blogs within the same targeted field. I have to say, it’s a little overwhelming. The more I read all the guides, the how tos and other established blogs, the more anxious and slightly confused I’m starting to feel. Is self doubt normal at this stage? I’m not totally sure how I’d be able to cover all areas that will need to be done and do it well – writing, various marketing, engaging, technical side of WordPress and try to earn a living. Obviously it’s possible as many people are doing it successfully, I think I just can’t see it right now. Perhaps everything will become clearer once I make a start…but that’s next year! >_<

    Many thanks again for all your information and such positive tone in everything. And of course, a comment box for me to air some of my thoughts, first time!

    Thanks Neil and all other comments. 😀

    • Lyn, Just keep trudging along. Self doubt is normal at any age it’s all about how yo deal with it that matters. Have confidence that you will succeed and put in all the hard work. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  63. Neil ,
    I had run facebook likes ad campaign and got 1085 likes for Rs.2-3 each(indian Rupees). But i found very difficult to get likes from USA and UK. As you said facebook ads are best way to
    get likes to facebook page.

    • Srikanth, it’s all about finding the right formula for success. Just keep testing and keep your budgets low until you find the right mix.

  64. Aditya Nath Jha :

    Even if I do follow this and I am able to get sustained fans north of the thousand mark on new pages, how do I get them to stay engaged. That’s the main question. I got 7k+ likes on a page and the engagement is close to zero. They see but don’t like. Most of the times people don’t even see the content. What is the solution to this bro?

    • Aditya, make sure the content and headlines are so sticky that people can’t do anything but look at them.

  65. You say that Weekly World News grew from 3,000 to 40,000 in 4 days but surely that’s easy without mentioning a monetary value. I’m paying around $0.10 for highly targeted tier 1 likes at the moment so could just stick the daily budget to $925 a day and in 4 days, I’d also grow by 37,000?

    Not having a dig, just with that sort of stat would be great to get an approximation of the financial side of things too.

    Other than that… Great post as always 🙂

  66. Awesome infographic again Neil. Do you do them yourself or do you pay for them, and if so could you share a link? Thank you

  67. Sneha Kanchan :

    Hi Neil,

    Thanks for sharing, Awesome Info graphic.
    I will use these tips to increase Facebook likes of my page.

  68. hello Neil Patel, thank you for this great sharing..
    i have increased my facebook fans,,

  69. Great article Neil, As you said that completing a Profile is one of the primary step which helps to get the first attention from the Facebook fans. Sharing the Facebook page URL on the other Social Networks also gives a good result.

  70. Vicky Choksi :

    Hi Neil,

    Simply awesome tips to must apply on our facebook fan page to see positive results and more important is to keep update the page with regular sharing for social engagement.

  71. Hi Neil,

    This is a great infographic. This will be one
    of my main authority guides for Facebook ad campaign.

    Thanks again!


  72. Robert Giacomell :

    Hi Neil,

    Thanks for the very useful post. I will surely follow all the above mentioned steps when i create a new Facebook fan page. Now a days social media sites play a major role for any site so more followers means more traffic. Cheers!

  73. Again, another great infographic from a great person.

    But Neil, Do you really recommend the last tip of “popup like box”. Because I think, it is the most annoying approach to collect likes out of them all.

  74. Thanks sir, i can try this for upgrade my likes fanspage.

  75. AB Associates :

    Again a better post with superb infographics, thanks for sharing this post with us.

  76. Ashwin Reddy :

    Nice info-graphics on how to increase First 1000 Facebook fan base. Thanks Once Again

  77. Very Good Looking Infographic !
    It is very easy to read and understand.
    One of the best I have seen.
    Thank You !

  78. As always… somthing new.. or may be representing newly 😛

    Hatts off.

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  80. Great Infographic Neil, Will try it on my upcoming blog 🙂

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    Great post Neil, thanks for sharing this infographic.

  82. Kaloyan Dimitrov :


    Great infographic. Referenced it to my readers as well. I know how scary it is initially when you have a brand new page with 1-2 likes. You sum up very well from where to start and how to grow it. After the first few hundred fans then it is much easier, but initially even the ads are not performing so well (who wants to like a page with 5 likes?) and a lot people does not know that. So your guide is really helpful not only to explain how it should be done but also to give them some courage and make it looks easy!

  83. William Miracle :

    Thanks for your wonderful tips. I really love it.

  84. Hi Neil,

    We are relaunching our FB site soon, and this was all so helpful. Thank you!

  85. Hello, i found your blog on first page of google, I see you built a strong blog, PR, I will follow your updates on facebook for sure.
    I just have one question. I want to start “quotes” website, and promote it via fb, twitter, instagram, and many other social media website, but I want to know, since i plan to create quotes on pictures so it can be easily shared, is it good to add watermark to the bottom of each image, like small text example or just keep images clean, would it share better? Or at this point just to share clean images, and after I start getting decent amount of traffic, to start watermarking them?
    Thanks in advance

  86. Really interesting infographic. Thank you, Neil, for your job!

  87. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for writing such informative articles. I was just looking to increase Facebook Likes for our company website. As you can see it is having very few likes. I hope this will help us to get more genuine likes and engage more audience for our business.

    Thanks once again!

  88. Hi Neil,
    We all know that Facebook is one of the best way to getting more traffic of any websites to compare of other social media websites. A great explanation via Infographics and bunches of information from this post.

  89. Just yesterday I made a Facebook Ads campaign for one of my niche site. This is my first campaign for page like. Now I will fulfill all of the step to collecting best targeting page like for more audience for my business.. This infographic is awesome, filling happy to see this post.

    Thanks Neil.

  90. I like the idea of using facebook as a free publicity tool. I have an event that I am trying to get invitation information for and this could really help acquire the mailing list information that I need. Thank you so much for helping me to know how to improve my research process. Best wishes.

  91. Getting facebook fans is not so hard. The harder part is keeping your page viral and by that I mean likes, shares. You can have 10k fans, it doesn’t do you and good if the page is dead. Facebook has new algorithm that changed the rules. Back in the days, all who liked your page, saw your post, now that’s gone. But getting fans, that’s easy. I can get anyone easily 500 fans in 24-48 days, heck, even more, it depends of the nature of your page. My record was 2835 fans in one day, 500 the next and I’m talking niche oriented fans, that are more than willing to engage on your page.

    • Yep, getting fans isn’t the thing, attracting fans and getting them engaged is how you can really win!

  92. Alok Jasmatiya :

    Great advice Mr. Patel ! I would definitely use this features you told in future.

  93. Hey Neil Patel are you Indian Boy… You are really amazing. You are my inspiration. Thanks for giving here good advice.

  94. Hey Neil,

    Great infographic, got some nice points out of it.

    I remember reading one or two years ago on your blog that you advised people to do some lik4like campaigns. Do you think this may hurt FB, Twitter or other social media reaches? May there be bans?

    Kind regards,

  95. Just found this, and will try.

    Thanks for great infographics.
    I will update the results soon 🙂

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  102. great infographic to how to get 1000 fans in easy way great post… thank you

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