How to Receive Great Testimonials

Testimonials… It’s an age-old tactic that’s been working in marketing for decades. Why? Because it gives potential customers a reassurance that your product or service actually does what you claim it does.

Testimonials are so effective that when a visitor lands on my testimonials page, they are 218% more likely to convert into a lead. On top of that, those leads are 190% more likely to convert into a paid customer.

So, how do you go about getting testimonials and, more importantly, the right ones? To answer that question, I’ve created an infographic that covers this topic.

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How to Receive Great Testimonials

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Testimonials are huge, and no matter what business you are in, you should collect them. Even if you don’t have a use for them in the short run, eventually they will come in handy.

Have you used testimonials within your business? If so, how has it helped you increase your conversions?

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  1. Eduardo Cornejo :

    Hey all,

    How to receive a testimonial (my experience):

    1. Read A LOT of Quick Sprout (A LOT), until you truly feel like you know about online marketing and blogging.

    2. Look for one of the top blogs in your niche, and look to see if they are lacking in something (design wise, plugins, etc.) that you could help them with.

    3. Message them saying the typical Neil Patel template (“I’m a long time reader of you and love what you do, etc., I know you have everything under control, but if you ever need help, I would be more than happy to”)

    4. If they answer with a yes, then say that you do not want any money, just a testimonial, since his/her page is so “amazing”.

    I did this with the biggest blog in my niche, and managed to get a guest blogging opportunity (I now post once a week there!), testimonials like the ones one Neil’s sidebar (though I don’t use them yet, and he even offered to pay me!

    Oh, and I did this with only 1 article in my blog (now 2), since I just started!

    Try it out! 🙂

    • Eduardo, that’s a great template for success. Thanks for the support and the plug for QS — I think what’s most important is reaching out to people within your niche. Templates also matter a lot. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Steve Estimable :

    Neil, original infographic on testimonials

    My take on this infographic is “ Have customers give feedback as a part of your purchase cycle.” Great idea!

    Neil Q: Have you used testimonials within your business? If so, how has it helped you increase your conversions?

    Steve A: No, working on launching my new improved blog and services.

    Have a nice weekend!

    • Steve, thanks for the feedback. Per usual you have asked a great question with a great answer. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  3. Donnie Strompf :

    Is duplicating testimonials from other sources and putting them on my site considered duplicate content? Should I use images instead?

    • Donnie, you shouldn’t duplicate and fabricate testimonials. Make sure they are unique and mentioned your product or service.

      • Donnie Strompf :

        Hi Neil,

        I was referring to duplicating your own reviews. Yahoo Local pulls data from Yelp, sometimes they do a poor job of this.

        Would pulling your own reviews from external sites and listing them on your site be considered duplicate?

        IMO it’s better for user experience, the user can get all the quality assurance that exists for my business in one place.

    • Donnie, Ideally you should never duplicate testimonials unless they refer to you — if they do then by all means do it.

  4. Nice tips, exactly what I am looking for my new WP plugin.
    I am trying to get testimonials and feedbacks to improve my product as well.


  5. Harshit Sharma :

    Hey Neil,
    I have not tried yet to collect testimonials. But it’s the best way to get readers and customers attention, I came to know this from Groove and Kissmetrics.
    My question is that, Is it necessary to have a separate page for testimonials? Or just on the front page.


    • Harshit, test out what works best for your page and go from there. Let me know if you need any help along the way.

      • Harshit Sharma :

        As you know transparency is a new marketing trend. I want to go through it. I am just looking to start a new blog, but can you help me with the theme. I like your’s on, can you suggest me similar one. Please I tried a lot but not able to get the right one.

        • If you’re looking for the perfect theme before you can start blogging and/or before you can start your online business, you’ve lost the point of blogging. Ready-fire-aim-fire-aim-fire is the approach you need. Not ready-aim-aim-aim-aim-aim…

    • Harshit, It doesn’t really matter as long as the design and testimonials are user friendly.

  6. Will Wegert :

    Thanks Neil for your post!

    I’ve learned that the best way to get amazing, genuine testimonials from clients is to ask SPECIFIC, POINTED QUESTIONS instead of just asking for “a testimonial”. These 3 questions in particular have been VERY helpful for me.

    1. “Before you started working with me, what struggles/problems were you having?”
    2. “Before you made the purchase, what concerns might have prevented you from investing in my services?
    3. Since working with me, what specific improvements, changes or results have you seen?”

    Time after time, these 3 questions give me powerful, specific testimonial that is directly from the client, and 100% genuine.

    For those of you struggling with HOW to gather testimonials, I hope that helps 🙂

    All the best,

    • Will, Thanks for these great steps. I think they will be helpful for anyone looking to get into the groove of things. I like #2: about concerns. People are very inclined to share their thoughts when they are giving constructive feedback.

  7. Great post Neil.

    I always ask my customers for testmonials.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Deepak Rana :

    Give good services to your customer.Thats all I Know @Neil Bro

  9. Hi Neil,

    Another awesome infographic and even I feel its a rare one, coz I never found a infographic for Testimonial. I totally agreed and after start using Testimonial page for my online products the sale went significantly up.

    Can you suggest some great WordPress Plugins for displaying testimonials or what are the best practices to create a testimonial page?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Ajay, I don’t know any specific WP plugins as I just use some design elements and images on my site. I would suggest just having a sidebar or portion of your homepage dedicated to testimonials.

  10. Chris Stainthorpe :

    GREAT infographic… a couple of key takeaways:

    1) Ask at the ‘right’ time – this massively increases the quantity and (more importantly) the quality of feedback
    2) Ask questions that customers care about. If the feedback-gathering comes across as purely selfish (i.e. simply an exercise in harvesting testimonials), this also massively affects the quality of the feedback received.

    On the flip side, if you make it clear to customers that you’re asking because you want to do better for them next time (and… if they don’t mind leaving you a testimonial, that’s a plus), you’ll generally get high quality feedback.


    PS – Zendesk and Helpscout are GREAT helpdesk/ticket management systems, but I’m not sure how well they do as feedback gathering tools.

    • Chris, thanks for sharing these tips. You’re right about Zendesk and Helpscout — they are a great customer service portla, however, they aren’t the best at giving you testimonials for your page. It’s best to share those on a homepage or dedicated page within your website.

  11. Alecia Stringer :

    Yes testimonials are vital for businesses today. Thanks for the neat resources for reviews as well.

  12. William Zimmerman :


    Thanks very much for this awesome post!

    Will be able to incorporate this to my new company!

    Have a Great Weekend man! Stop working so hard!

    Bill Zimmerman

  13. Owen Billcliffe :

    Totally agree with all of this, I’ve started a Testimonials page for my photography business which I keep in the menu and it’s become quite a monster page of really positive quotes! Like the tip about adding real photos to the testimonial but I think I’ll add links to the blogs I’ve already done featuring photos from that shoot, which will get clients exploring a bit more of my site.

    I also keep some of the best testimonial quotes as bits of text decorating my various speciality landing page, as I educate clients on what I offer and what others have thought about my services. Really helps people feel safe taking the plunge with me as their photographer!

    • Owen, awesome! Sounds like you are doing it right — it’s all about creating that trust and repoire with your clientele. Keep me updated on progress.

  14. Do any of these services send the reviews over to Google or Yelp? That’s where most small businesses really need them

  15. Very nice infographic bro…

    You are right on all points.

    After increasing my testimonial count, I am able to get lot more projects than before.
    I have also been successful in getting testimonials from big bloggers and that helped me get hired for projects as high as $1000.

  16. There is another lesson here, which some people never learn. The testimonial MUST BE REAL. A couple of years ago a competitor of ours was heard to brag that every week or so he drove from one Starbucks to another (to get different IP addresses off their wi-fi), opened a new email account in Yahoo or wherever, and posted a glowing testimonial of his company with a made-up name. Surprise, he had 10 times the testimonials of anyone else. This fellow was eventually caught and banished from Google. Last I heard he’d gone out of business. Lesson: Be honest. Google is not stupid – and none of us is smart enough to fool them.

    • Stephen, great point. People often fabricate the review process and it’s very transparent to visitors and Google — always make sure they are organic.

  17. Yeh Neil, thx again for a great article.
    The strongest endorsement you can get is from a person who is using
    “it”. Word of Mouth and referrals will always be a strong signal to buy for others. If you can capture these and show case they make great testimonials.


  18. I’m confused about the testimonial placement.

    Did the control or treatment work better?

  19. Eric @ PassiveIncomeOnline :

    Never thought that changing the disposition of the testimonials before and after the CTA button would increase so much more the CTR, guess I need to focus on that part of my business too.

  20. Great infographic and timely since I have been thinking about incorporating testimonials on my blog.
    Does a glowing review int the comment section of a blog post count as a testimonial and can I use it somewhere else on my blog as such? Would I need to get the person’s permission first?


    • Leah — try to get their permission for a comment — sometimes people like to remain anonymous or behind the scenes.

  21. Eddie Olivas :

    I just added a bunch of testimonials to my site and this definitely gives some great tips for getting more of them not mention better ones. I especially like the suggestion to send the request for testimonials as a part of your sales cycle. People are often really excited right at that point so great tip. Thanks Neil!

  22. Abdullah saeed :

    Indeed a million dollar worth read. I wish i could give you something in return 🙂 I am going to start a niche business in my country soon. All the digital marketing strategies that you wrote if we entrepreneurs execute it nicely it would make a huge impact on sales. Neil I desperately want you to write on ” How to receive great Product reviews ” ? A bundles of thanks for this one Neil ! love you

  23. Hey Neil – really great post.

    Another approach to getting more testimonials (with less effort) is to automate a daily feedback process (using Net Promoter Score) where positive comments get published as testimonials. Also, the value of a timestamp to show recency.

    Zappos does this really well (10,000 testimonials!!)

    We created AskNicely ( to automate the process for small/medium businesses. ie. get fresh feedback every day and click a button to publish positive comments (including a photo and timestamp).

    The customer grants permission and adds a photo and you can follow up with them to post reviews on Yelp etc.

    Here’s a nice example where a business got over 80 testimonials in 3 weeks –

    Cheers, Aaron.

    PS. I’d love to hear your take on the value of NPS sometime.

  24. The study shows , I too have too keep this testimonial tab in my blog. Thank you for the detailed study and letting us informed.

  25. I’ve always been focusing on gathering customer feedback for our products and this infographic just proved me right.

    Thanks Neil!

  26. I also see increase in conversation after i put some testimonial on my sales page.

    Thanks a lot Neil for this tips.. Looking forward for your next post

  27. Kurt Kummerer :


    Great infographic. I can appreciate the time and effort that you put into creating it. Testimonials are crucial to the growth and sustainability of your business. What’s better than a happy and satisfied customer? Nothing! Do I currently use testimonials in my business? No. Do I plan to? Yes, of course. In the process of building relationships with others before asking for a testimonial. Don’t ask for a testimonial until you’ve earned the right to do so, much like closing a sale.

    In addition to testimonials if other authority bloggers in your niche promote you and your content without you asking them to do so that can produce dramatic results just the same.


    • Kurt, glad you found it helpful. You should start using testimonials — it sounds like you have a wealth of knowledge on the subject.

  28. Tomer Harel :

    Hi Neil, really enjoyed your post and the infographic. I find it especially interesting to get real stats about the impact of testimonials on conversion rate (including where to place them on a page).

    Not to toot our own horn but we developed a free tool called Spectoos* ( that can help many of your readers.

    It allows users to create a branded testimonial request form and easily share it with their customers, streamlining the entire process of testimonial gathering.

    It is very simple to use and at the end you get a beautiful widget you can embed on any web page within your site, get performance stats (e.g. which is the most clicked testimonial) and much more.

    You can see a live example on Kristi Hines website:

    Our goal with Spectoos was not only to simplify the collection of testimonials but also to showcase genuine people’s faces which create authentic identities that can be verified with a simple click.

    If you get a chance to try Spectoos – would love to get your feedback.

    Thanks again for this post, really valuable information!

    *Disclaimer: I am a co-founder at Spectoos.

    • Tomer — thanks for the insights into your product and for the disclosure that you are the co-founder. Will definitely check it out. Keep up the great work!

  29. Thanks for this new lesson Neil. I’m always jealous of your graphics and how you combine this with really rock solid content.
    Also, Spectoos, cool. 😉

  30. once again a very nice article

  31. Testimonials look more like Advetorials

  32. Jesse Hackshaw :

    Testimonials are a great way to gain user trust. So long as they are genuine.

  33. Alicia Rades :

    Fantastic infographic, Neil. I love all the case studies and stats. Would you say there’s a “sweet spot” for how many testimonials to include on a single website?

  34. Ankur Pathania :

    Testimonials are an incredible approach to pick up client trust. Insofar as they are veritable.

  35. Soji Fagade :

    Hi Neil,

    My first comment on your posts. I must say I admire your work so much. Your posts are always so so well researched and extremely valuable. They contain actionable tips and you reply every comment (awesome). Even the comments on your page contain useful additional follow up tips.

    I found this post superb. great infographic (as always) I must stop praising you now before people think you’ve paid me! ha!

    But seriously. Keep up the great job you’re doing.

  36. Hello Neil,
    It is Really Superb Work and Great Informative Ideas , For Receive Great Testimonials and Info graphic So Nice and Thanks For Generate Code Info graphic , Embed I like it , Keep on
    Have a Great Sunday

  37. Kim Matheson :

    Hey Neil great post and the use of the infographic exceptional. It is a critical element of business no matter whether you are online or offline to collect client testimonials. We did this with an offline business, and had our client’s authority to post on our website. Another missed opportunity for small business is to get clients to leave testimonials on their google business page. This I believe would help many rank well in the search engines for free. Do you think that it is a missed opportunity by small business to get testimonials on their google business page? Cheers Kim

    • Kim, I definitely think it’s a missed opportunity for anyone — businesses should capitalize on positive reviews from their customers at all times!

  38. Testimonials are always one of the main parameters potential clients wants to check before taking any service or products. Testimonials help in increasing conversion optimization rate to increase. The more testimonials you have, the more trust you gain of your readers. In fact when I first read your blog, various testimonials from your clients were the most important and influencing factor for me.

  39. Chris Hodgeman :

    Neil – thanks for the article – its very topical at the moment for us given we have been discussing adding testimonials to our website.

    We have been debating whether its better to have testimonials or just display the company logo’s of our users? or should we have both? We are a B2B software co

    • Chris, test it out — see what converts best. You can also survey and ask a small segment of your users.

  40. Hi Neil,

    I think feedback is very important for any type of business. I wrote on my blog about this but I also find your article really helpful. I think the email idea its the best in obtaining testimonials. I’ll apply it and maybe I’ll come back with the result!

    Keep up the good work!


  41. I think it’s a cultural problem. Here in Spain a very few people write reviews after purchasing a product. I encourage my clients to write a review but nobody does it although they buy another time the same product.

  42. All those are really good tips, one way I gained customer testimonials is by offering rewards or prizes. I feel like a lot customers need an incentive before taking the time to write a review.

  43. It Was very great opportunity for the webmasters to analyze to the website . who gave all detail stuff of site it was responsive or not… the great thing is that we can also compare with this which make me more attractive ..

  44. Lawrence Berry :

    This was a really detailed and valuable info graphic. You are absolutely correct that getting testimonials will give you a lot more creditably because people are naturally skeptical now-a-days, and when they know that the product and service has helped someone else, for feel as though it can help you as well. Its just like me, before I go to the movies, I always look at reviews to see if the movie is worth going to see. Many others do the same with business products. Great post, I will be looking more into this!

  45. Thanks for this detailed analysis for getting great testimonials, Neil. You are doing an awesome job out here.

    Keep writing.

  46. thanks for this nice post. through this post its very easy to learn impotent things.
    ts nice information for us and its very useful for me and and my Carrier.

  47. Rahul Sharma :

    Hi Neil ,

    Good Evening, Today i have found really interesting point about testimonials because since i have left this post. it is really eye catching point which is detailed by you.

    i have tried some website like yelp, google business listings and other review websites for generating reviews but your infographics is superb.
    i have bookmarked this page for future.

    Thank You
    Have a Nice Day !


  48. Ashwin Reddy :

    Yes Testimonials are the best and the oldest method of marketing but it still works like King. Nice tips & tricks, exactly what I was looking for my new Word Press plugin.
    I am trying to get testimonials and feedback’s to improve my site as well.
    Thanks for the article

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