The Perfect Execution of Conversion Rate Optimization

Only one in seven A/B tests actually improves a website’s conversion rate. Why? Because conversion rate optimization is more than just testing colors or call-to-action buttons.

If you want to see significant gains in your conversion rate, you have to learn how to come up with the right tests, and you need a better understanding of the conversion optimization process.

In order to help you boost your conversions, I’ve created an infographic that will do just that.

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The Perfect Execution to Conversion Rate Optimization

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I myself run a new A/B test practically every week. What I have learned over the years is that having a good understanding of the testing process helps increase the number of wins you’ll have.

In addition to that, I’ve also noticed that the tests that are the most drastic and creative tend to have the best chances of winning.

So, how often do you run A/B tests?

P.S. If you need help running A/B tests, click here.

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  1. Another great article! The website we’ve built for our fun little business focuses on conversion optimization. We want to collect as many emails as we can before product launch. Thus far averaging 5 – 10 a day. Not sure if that’s a good number for a 2 month old website.

    • Deepak Kanakaraju :

      5-10 a day is definitely a good number for such a young website. All the best!

      • Sven, as Deepak mentioned it’s a good number. You’ll see as you optimize that those numbers will only go up. Let me know if you need help along the way.

    • 5-10 is not conversation rate. It’s just numbers. 10-15% is a healthy target for email collection but again, it’s not a standard. Whatever your baseline is, improve it using the methods Neil’s elaborated. That’s all that matters.

    • Laura ~ Raise Your Garden :

      Um, I just had to respond to you Sven because the only other Sven I know if the reindeer in Disney’s Frozen. I’m done now. Anyhow, collecting 5-10 emails a day for a 2 month old website is awesome. I’ve just learned the value of collecting emails, it does wonders for traffic and engaging people. Huge slap to forehead, I thought email was kind of like those neon leggings I wore in the 80’s!

      Love this post as always, how often do I run A/B tests, let’s just say not enough. But once again, I’m reminded that it’s not just about “doing something” or crossing something off my list, it’s about doing it right =)

    • As always, your article is right on the mark! Conversion optimization is a thorn in the side of every business online. Your highly insightful information provides valuable and poignant ideas. Thank you, Neil

    • Depends on how much traffic you are getting each day. Divide the total visits by the number of opt ins- that will give you your conversion rate.

  2. Deepak Kanakaraju :

    CRO deserves more attention than it should in the digital marketing space.

    In my experience, many marketers believe that they can improve conversions just by following the techniques. But they fail to understand that learning about your customers needs and wants is the No.1 thing to do if they need higher conversions.

    A great title and sales copy comes from understanding the customer’s needs than by split testing.

    A/B testing helps only in the areas where we cannot learn what the customer would like by asking the customer. For example, which color button will get more clicks.

    Great infographic! Sharing it now.

    • Deepak, thanks for the additional insights and feedback. At the end of the day it’s important to make sure your sales copy aligns with your customers need and pain points — if you do that you’re golden.

  3. These days your are writing blogs on almost daily basis 😉 thank you for all tips and tricks big bro 🙂

  4. Alex Whitfield :

    Fantastic post as usual.

    Across the back of December and throughout most of January, I read your whole blog, start to finish.

    Your work ethic, observations, continual effort and self improvement are inspirational and greatly appreciated. Thank You.

  5. Although I don’t have much knowledge in this, I found the post interesting and information stuffed..
    Keep up the good effort

  6. Manish Rauthan :

    Thanks for this nice post again. I have a query regarding email marketing conversion.

    I am facing some issue with email marketing. I am sending 500 mails to my domain viewers who are regularly viewing my site.

    But when I am sending mail to them. Stats showing 30% or below open rate and 1% or below click rate.

    How can I improve this problem. Is there any conversion tips.

    Thanks again for your valuable information.

  7. A nice post again, Neil.

    Conversion, as we all know, is important to grow business. Its interesting to hear your thoughts on this.

  8. Neil, after reading this, I felt that I got tired of tracking the winning copy.

    You’ve got me back on my feet.

    Thanks for sharing this infographic.

    • Glad I could help. Looking forward to hearing more from you and seeing how that copy works out!

      • Neil, do you think its a good idea for me to keep using Twitter/Googleplus for A/B testing my headlines?

        Or are there any significant differences that could SKEW my results away?

        Pls let me know.

  9. Randy Kauffman :

    I have been working on conversion optimization for the past 4 years. There are so many areas to concentrate on. I would say that well over 90% of sites I see are not optimized even a little.

    The most important parts for me are having a good value proposition that answers the 3 questions of: 1. What is it. 2. Who or what is it about. and 3. What do I get.

    The Value Proposition consists of:

    An attention grabbing headlline
    A 2 or 3 sentence paragraph explaining the headline
    3 bullet points
    A great graphic
    A double opt-in.

    Its also important to have the phone number that is clickable from a smartphone in the header so it’s always visible.

    The list goes on and on. But there is nothing more important than conversion optimization. This is where the money comes from.

    • Randy, great points. I like to think the two go hand in hand. Value Propositions and CRO are two things that make people stay on your site and complete favorable actions.

  10. Rowdy Rathroe :

    Really wonderful infographic, now I have got a complete idea about this, Neil bundle of thanks for sharing this kind of stuff, I have learned complete game of SEO from your site, thanks again thanks 🙂 very nice keep it up 🙂

  11. When should you start testing a new website? Is it by a certain amount of visitors, pages, and/or time? Another quality infographic! I look forward to these.

  12. Neil, You always do a great job with your articles/infographics. I was wondering how long it takes you to build out one of these articles. As I’ve attempted this on my own sites, I find infographics take a lot of time and man hours.

  13. Hey Neil,

    I want to know that from where you get the Designs of Infographic you create Neil?

    -Akshit Wadhwa

  14. Experimarketing :

    Great list.. Another thing to note is how long an increase lasts for. Some changes make an instant improvement simply because it is different than how it used to be. Once people get used to the change it can revert back to what the original was. Not always, but sometimes..

  15. Jasper Oldersom :

    Hi Neil,

    Great infographic, as usual. A/B tests are tricky indeed. But then again, a 49% increase in conversions is what we all dream of 😉

    Heat maps are also great way to do testing. I noticed that the SumoMe comes with one. I wonder what the difference is between that one and CrazyEgg.

    I admire your consistency of coming up with new content for quick sprout, guest blogs and more each and every week! I bumped up my own content creation to 600 words a day, good or bad.

    How much words do you typically write in a day (exclusively blogs)? Just interested 😀

    – Jasper

    • Jasper, great points. It’s all about consistently doing what works best. That’s where testing comes into place. I don’t really do word counts as much as I test for engagement and comments.

  16. Mihai Pintilie :

    Excellent infographic. Must keep it close for the future website optimizations. Thanks!

  17. Farcas Gelu Danut :

    I want to increase conversion on my website,, is very small now. Tnx, Neil! 😉

  18. Akshay Mangla :

    I Really Like & Appreciate This Question :

    ” How You Can The Spread The Success To Other Areas Of The Site ”


    Answer Of This Question Will Really Gonna Create A Best Unforgettable Conversion Rate Optimization Boost Up Strategy That Will Never Gonna Stop Implementing Once It Got Created.

  19. Hi Neil again a great post with an equally engaging Infographic. I somehow like posts that are more visual.

    Anyway coming to the topic, does every new blog/site require A/B testing or it is more related to the kind of niche you are in or your field of operations. At times for smaller ventures A/B testing could be kind of straining, or is it just a myth. I would love to hear your views on that since I am just starting off, so to speak!

    Content Head – SarkariLife

    • Aniket, that’s a great question. I would say you should start testing at any level. It’s important to have a testing baseline to see what does and doesn’t work. With that being said I would suggest focusing on some variables that are readily. testable — like color and design.

  20. Not only is this a great post, it’s a great example of how to write a great post. But that is sort of what you do Neil.

    Understanding your customer is still the fundamental prerequisite to sales and marketing success. Your infographic does a great job of explaining the science to it.

    • Russ, glad you found it helpful and it allowed you to understand the customer journey a little better.

      Let me know if you need help with anything else.

  21. Stephen Thomas :

    I read this twice and i missed something the first time. Your articles are worth it though.

  22. Edvin Löfgren :

    Very useful information right here.
    I guess it gets a bit weird if you are just starting out and don’t have that much traffic. I try to get at least 1000 clicks to my split test landing pages before I can really tell whats going on. Starting is rough..

  23. matthias kaffeevollautomat test :

    Dear Neil. Thank you very much for your great content. I just recently discovered your advanced guide to seo and link building. S8nce then i am subscribed to your list. Your content helps me a lot and especially helped me to make my first n8che site a success In only 2 months. Now you help me to improve my knowledge and to become better. Thank you very much. Best wishes from germany. Matthias from stuttgart, germany and

  24. @neil this is wicked cool. Great work.

    Now to find a printer to print out the Infographic! 🙂


  25. Patrick Kurtz :

    The State of Maryland has issued updates and reminders for individual and business taxpayers that will impact the 2014 returns prepared during tax season 2015.

  26. Great use of info graphic Neil, Its been so well designed and structured, a nice break down explanation of conversion rate optimization. Great work once again!

  27. Hello Neil,

    Can`t wait to see you in Romania at GPEC. I hope you will offer us great advices. Also, I hope I will have the chance to speak with you. I`m preparing my list with questions, so be prepared 😉

  28. Sanya Deshpande :

    Neil, what a great piece. I agree companies struggle these days with A/B testing, conversion rates and essentially formulating KPIs that can be directly applied to their business. Awesome infographic, it just spells it out a lot easier!

  29. Gabriel Mcgillivray :

    Hello! I just would like to give an enormous thumbs up for the good information you may have right here on this post. I will likely be coming back to your blog for extra

  30. hi sir this is my first comment on your website you teach me seo because of you i am earning cool with my sites love you hats off

  31. Neil, this are awesome informations shared, not just in this post but in almost all of your articles. Keep teaching us your knowledge. <3

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