How Blogging Affects Your Bottom Line

What’s the biggest factor that’s stopping you from blogging? Chances are it’s your lack of faith that blogging will produce revenue.

The last thing you want to do is spend weeks, if not months, blogging and generate no income from it, right?

To prove to you that blogging is an endeavor worth undertaking, I’ve created an infographic that shows you how blogging affects your bottom line.

Click on the image below to see a larger view:

How Blogging Affects Your Bottom Line

Click here to view an enlarged version of this infographic.


I can tell you firsthand that blogging will affect your business in a positive way. Just look at all of my businesses.

KISSmetrics generates most of its leads due to the blog. Crazy Egg also generates most of its leads due to the blog. And the same goes for Quick Sprout.

The number one marketing channel I use to grow each of my businesses is a blog. If it wasn’t worth it, I wouldn’t be doing it.

So, what are you waiting for? When are you going to start your blogging journey?

P.S. If you need help getting your blog visitors to convert into customers go here.

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  1. Sheharyar Patel :

    Hey Neil

    We blog every day about 2-3 blog posts, but we are not sure how to generate enough traffic. On every blog post we get about 5 visits from social media sites but that’s about it.
    Any suggestions how to get traffic and a boost in Google for a 2-3 month old domain and blog?

    • Hey Sheharyar,

      While you wait for Neil to weigh in, here are a few things I know that can help:

      1. Write really amazing posts. Not just 500 word filler content but 2,000 word detailed guides. That’s the kind of content that really gets shared, particularly when you are trying to build your brand authority.

      2. Create an in-depth guide or resource, then send outreach emails to everyone in the niche about it. Instead of posting it on the blog, try creating a standalone web page, quite like Neil’s guides on content marketing on this site.

      • Sheharyar Patel :

        Hey Puranjay

        Thanks for your input.
        It’s actually a car blog we are working on right now, and most of our articles are about 1000+ words.
        Yes, maybe I should focus on writing 2000-3000 words guides as Neal has suggested couple of times.

        But the main part is how do we get quality backlinks from other reputable car blogs. There are a lot of car blogs out there which have great content of their own, why would they want to link to our post?

        • Olivier Lambert :

          It’s not just about content lenght. It’s also about how people search for your content. What words do they type into the search engines to find the answers provided by your content?

          Consider the following:

          People may not be searching a whole bunch about “Couple therapy ebook”, but I’m pretty sure there’s alot of query about “i keep fighting with my husband” and “my wife is crazy”.

          Yet, these are the people who would be most inclined to buy an ebook about relationship advices.

          Now that’s for a digital product, but the same goes for services and hard products.

          In other words, write most of your articles to answer a search query. Then, write some articles to attract links (with interviews, studies, etc).

          Do those 2 things and you’ll be gold!

          • Shehharyar/Puranjay/Olivier:

            You guys hit on a lot of topics that would be very helpful for everyone reading the comments section. Particularly the part about creating in-depth articles. It’s definitely important to provide value every time you go out and blog. You should also make your content rich with valuable keyword as was mentioned. Do these things and you’re gold.

            • Sheharyar Patel :

              Thanks Neal and everyone for your input.
              But my main question still remains unanswered.

              It’s a new blog so barely 50 people a day are reading it. I don’t have any subscribers, or facebook fans etc. I don’t have backlinks either.

              So my question is what can I do to start generating traffic? Without backlinks, it’s almost impossible for a car blog to start ranking since there’s so much competition. Before thinking of article topics, we always research the keywords through Adwords tool, and then write articles accordingly. These articles are definitely unique and high quality too.
              So the only thing that we would possibly need to rank is backlinks.

              Now I’m not sure how to generate quality backlinks from car related blogs. What I’m not able to understand is why will they link to me if I outreach to them, when they already have great content. Any great tips on what kind of topics we could write so we can outreach?

              Also, it’s a 3-4 months old domain, is it possible to rank it for competitive keywords yet? Or will it take some time? If so, how much generally?

              • 1) Are you tracking your rankings in Google serps for the particular keywords that you are trying to rank for? There are free tools that can do that for you (ProRankTracker)

                2) Some marketers have witnessed a Google Sandbox effect that keeps new sites from ranking for popular keywords. I think new sites are in the sandbox mode for 6 months from first appearing in Google index (domain age doesn’t matter)

                3) Start guest posting to get quality backlinks. Google “car blog guest post” to find blogs that accept guest posts

  2. Great post thanks Neil, you’ve motivated me to continue and work harder, continue and never quit. Suppose you only lose if you get out of the race.

  3. Md. Hamim Mondal :

    Great tip and awesome info graphic.

    Blogging is the best way generate huge leads.

    Thanks again for another superb infographic.

  4. Another Great infograph Neil,speechless
    After all I learn from your three blogs,now I am ready to kick of blogging for money with a plan.
    hope it change my life also like you.
    Thank you so much for such a great piece of information.

  5. Hey Neil,

    Hope all is well! Love this. Very great insights here.

    Interesting to know that 77% of the internet reads blogs. It’s one of those stats that confirms an assumption that us digital marketers have.

    Another stat that stood out to me was the point about blogging 16-20 times in a 30 day period. Definitely confirms the “consistency is key” theory, but would you say that those currently posting 1-3 times per week should start working up to 4-5 times?


    • Ray, I think at the end of the day the metric that matters most is engagement. It doesn’t matter how often you post after you get to 3 posts a week. It’s more a matter of what works best for your followers.

  6. Very nice article, Neil!

  7. I’ve been blogging for over a year now publishing about 2- 3 posts per week. My website traffic remained low until I learned something very important.

    Promoting blog posts is a critical factor of success!

    Social media is a good way to promote your latest blog post. However, the best method is with e-mail. It is important to get visitors to “subscribe” to your blog. Once you have their email address you can notify them via email that you have a great piece of content to share.

    Keep up the good work, Neil.


    • Rob, thanks for the great insights. I think you mentioned a lot of great points — particular email — that would resonate well with everyone.

  8. Boo on the font choice.

    Small and tough to read with all the round edges. Keep up the great content though!

  9. City Home Tuition :

    thanks for the nice article, very usefull

  10. Some advice on this scenario. Work in sales for car dealership. What if I had my own blog that talked about cars and videos on how to stuff etc. separate from the dealership’s stuff.?

    Would you recommend doing something like that, or should all my posts about work be through my company’s web site.?

    Thanks for your help.


    • Joe, I think you should definitely talk about things that are interesting. Sometimes people get bored by the business side of things. Spice it up and go with that strategy!

  11. Hey Neil.

    I think that ordinary people need to understand that blogging is not a magic wand that will let get 1K+ subscribers on each and every post. It’s not a typical result as they say.

    And at the same time blogging is great because I believe that practially any ordinary person can achieve great resutls with it in a long term if developing and working on your blog, content and outreach.

    • Michael, definitely. I always impress upon people that they need to scale up slowly to get the numbers they ultimately want to achieve. We all have to start from somewhere.

  12. I started my blogging journey at and since then I created one epic post that has reached over 500 visitors, 12 backlinks, over 100 shares in one week. I am working on the next epic post but they key is marketing your marketing!

    • Xavier, that’s an interesting point. Marketing your marketing is something people often never think about. It’s all about being transparent and sharing I believe.

  13. Interesting post on blogging.
    I think blogging really helps if it done properly all one have to do is to provide authentic blog post..

    I think helping people and solving their issue really helps.

  14. With so many options and choices on platforms and plugins where do’s a man start when the decision has finally been made.

  15. Greg Strandberg :

    Great infographic this week. While it’s clear that more and more marketers believe social is key, it’s surprising to see such good numbers for those that are putting in the effort each day. You know the people that say posting daily isn’t important because they can’t/won’t do it.

    • Greg, glad you enjoyed this one. In regards to your posting observation — I think it’s always quality over quantity.

  16. Informative Infographic Neil . Glad to know that Blogs still matters for traffic . Recently Youtube is becoming more popular for all type of contents ..

    • Manivasagam, glad you liked it. Blogs are definitely still major traffic generators. I look forward to hearing a lot more from you.

  17. Rodrigo Costa :

    very good, thank you for sharing your knowledge, this article helped me a lot

  18. Daniel Lofaso :

    There is a typo in the second blue section: it reads “Blogs Highly Affects Consumer Buying Behavior” with the typo on “affects.” It should be “Blogs Highly Affect Consumer Buying Behavior.”

    Thought you might want to correct it before it gets spread all over the web!

  19. Daniel Richter :

    Have to chime in on blogging ROI. Blogging drives my whole business. It took a while to get traction, but now it’s rocking.

  20. Another Awesome Infohraphic.
    Blog is a huge platform for leads and now recently YouTube do the same!

  21. Henrico Ellis :

    This is an awesome post and is definitely a good read.Only after 90 days and sticking with posting daily I’m seeing positive results all from the search engines. I also get a lot of traffic from forums but definitely as Neil blogging will be your long term real estate.

    • Henrico, that’s great to hear. Continue the great work and you’ll find that those numbers will continue to increase. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  22. I have a question, if you have budget then how will you do content marketing with the help of other niche bloggers to see instant results ?

  23. Woaw! You are fabulous man. Your thoughts always motivate me. Dont ever stop to motivate us.

  24. Neil This is Awesome Post!

    It is really very helpful to increase traffic as well as customer. I must follow you all guideline and tactics.
    Thanks 🙂

  25. Hi Neil,

    Great post once again. I don’t know where you find the time to do all these post but I’m glad you do them. Your advice has really helped me boost the traffic to my website and this one will most definitely help me as well.

    Thanks for the help, much appreciated.

    • Gordon, thanks for the feedback. I am really passionate about writing — that’s where it all comes from 😉

  26. Very nice article, Neil! bro

  27. Very nice blog, got enough knowledge by reading the article.

  28. Awesome infographic, Neil! This only confirms my beliefs that blogs are important. I might show this to prospects, and I’ll have to rethink my idea of posting every Friday and make it every Thursday.

  29. Thanks Neil, till the date, i just fill the words in my blog, but i was always unable to know the quality of content. but this post really opened my eyes. I will do my for qualitative blog. I am very thankful.

  30. Areesha Waheed :

    Hey Neil,
    Awesome infographic,
    Thanks for the help

  31. Hello, Neil. Thank you for always bringing such relevant topics. In my case the biggest factor that’s stopping me from blogging is budget. I totally agree with you about the importance to blog, but I have to convince my partner first. We’re building a service website – I’ve been trying to do my very best with the few resources we have, keeping that barrier in mind: my partner’s distrust.

    Unfortunatelly, entrepeneurs still thinks internet means next to zero investment.

    • Renata, Just focus on doing all the right things and you’ll see that you will eventually be able to scale up. Quality content always matters.

      • Thank you for the feedback, Neil. I’ll follow your advice and be persistent. I’ll come back and tell you how things are going. I hope to bring some good news.

  32. I learned a lot from Neil and still learning more! I used to work for agencies and I just launched my own agency though still modifying some aspects of the site – I had to launch the site as a ‘soft opening’ thing for prospects to see since I don’t believe in waiting ’til everything is perfect. Regarding traffic/seo, the answers to Sheharyar Patel’s question is very helpful to me. Thanks for keeping this blog as helpful as you can.

    • Glad the engagement strategy has worked. I like to keep an open forum so people can learn from one another.

      • That’s why I always come here man! Thanks for doing this. Will be trying kissmetrics in the near future for sure!

        Thanks again,

  33. Hi there!

    I love blogging for this reason: Once your blog has built up that initial authority, it ranks well researched keywords by itself!

    Definitely a “tool” I used to increase traffic to my sites.

    Hope you all have a good day,

  34. Hey Neil,

    Thanks for another useful post. I think people often get caught in the trap of thinking that social media is the end-all be-all. It’s a good reminder that a good blog is a keystone in any online marketing strategy.


    • Vi, Content is what matters most. Social media is just a tool to disseminate great content. Thanks for sharing!

  35. Hey Neil,

    Had a great read! Very useful post. I have just started blogging, thus I found it very informative and helpful. Great infographic though!

  36. Alexandra Belvis :

    Hi Neil,

    Just a minor question…I assume you mean that for 21% of marketers, blogging is a top priority in 2015, not 2014?


  37. Hi Neil,

    I have been pondering for a while whether to start a blog or not. I have a burning question that’s keeping me resist the shot.
    ” Should I dedicate the blog to one particular niche like freelance writing, career, thriving in life, professional development, etc. or shall I combines various sub-niches under one umbrella.”

    May I have your word?


    • Sabita, it all really depends. Test it out to see if multiple topics work. Maybe you just need to focus on one. It’s all about seeing what resonates with your readers.

  38. Deborah Frasso :

    Neil, you are always writing great content.

    Seth is an inspiration to a lot of marketers.

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