The Anatomy of an Optimal Marketing Email

Did you know 66% of all consumers over the age of 15 made a purchase because of an email?

If that doesn’t convince you to use email marketing, just look at Quick Sprout. Over the last 30 days, I received 103,592 visitors through email marketing.

So, how can you use email marketing to your advantage? Well, first you need to learn how to create an email that is optimal for marketing.

In order to teach you how to do it, I’ve created an infographic that breaks down the steps you need to take to optimize your emails for conversion.

Click on the image below to see a larger view:

The Anatomy of an Optimal Marketing Email

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If you aren’t using email marketing, you are missing out on a lot of potential traffic and revenue. It’s not just me who is seeing great results from emails. Bloggers like Ramit Sethi, Derek Halpern, and even Copyblogger use email marketing with great success too.

So, what are you waiting for? You should start collecting emails and using them for marketing today.

How else can you improve your marketing emails?

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  1. Hi Neil, I like your point about repetitive titles which need to be taken care of. Also, you mention an important aspect of optimizing your website for mobile device as it is true that email is being read the most on mobile phones.

    I wanted to add something from my experience, that using a GIF image in your email newsletter is a proven way for better conversions

    The animation in the GIF provides that additional glamour to your outreach e-mail and at the same time helps you connect better with your prospect by allowing you to explain multiple facets of your product just on the same viewport – without having the user to scroll up or down.

    This technique is successfully used by many e-commerce stores and I have had success myself too with the GIF-in-email newsletters!

    • Debjit, that’s an interesting additional tip. The reason I didn’t incorporate that into this post is because I didn’t have sufficient data to support whether it works or not. If you have any data, would love to hear it.

      From my experience though, gifs do work very well. It’s all about finding the right image that contextually fits into the theme of your email.

      Thanks for the feedback.

      • Thanks for your reply, Neil. The only publicly available data is from Dell’s GIF-in-email marketing campaigns – the numbers look somewhat like this:

        6% increase in open rate
        42% increase in click rate
        103% increase in conversion rate
        109% increase in revenue

        However, like I said earlier I have seen many other e-commerce stores using this technique and are not being pushy about it – like they might send out gifs once in a month or two may be.


        (Source for the Dell numbers above –

        • Ugh, that case study makes me a bit mad.

          First warning signs was them boasting about an increase in Open Rates. They should see very little difference in Open Rates when only the content of the mail has changed.

          Secondly, they only compared results to previous Quarterly emails and don’t appear to have prepared a control email which should have followed the same formula as previous mails and be sent alongside the new version to a control group.

          The results of this Dell campaign are essentially worthless because of this.

      • Neil,
        I have seen you motivate your readers so much for email marketing, not only this everytime you have posted your new article about email marketing its all different.

        Where from your get this ideas from different and new. I thinks it’s your more than couple of post about email marketing.

        What about you? Where from you earn the most? Email marketing or direct client? or referrals marketing.

        Also, write some fresh post as like on ‘Referral Marketing’.

  2. Ujjwal Kumar sen :

    Great Info-graphic.

    but, I would like to tell you a point which really touch my feeling, see I know e-mail marketing works.

    But, for this we need to have great product, otherwise its just wastage of money, nothing else.

    Thanks @Neil

    • Ujjwal, great point!
      You really need to have a great product and messaging if you want to effectively marketing your product via email. With that being said, however, you should always be testing within small segments of your users to see what resonates with them most. Try surveys.

  3. You rock man awesome post 🙂

  4. I am looking into launching an email marketing campaign and this article is helping me get the ball rolling. Thank you so much!

    • Cutty, glad I could help. Let me know if you need any help along the way. Remember to focus on subject lines and to keep everything contextual.

  5. Oloyede Jamiu :

    Hey neil,

    I love this infographic.

    I will share it on twitter and link to it from my latest blog update.

    Hope to see of these kind of infographics from you in the future.

    Have a nice day.

    • Oloyede, glad you liked it. You’ll definitely be seeing an infographic from my every week per usual. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  6. Randy Kauffman :

    Great Timing! We are working on an email campaign right now. Love Your Stuff.

    • Randy, Glad I could help. Give me some more details about your email marketing campaign. I’ll definitely be able to help.

  7. Tina Gleisner :

    Thanks for bringing up response newsletter templates as I’ve only stumbled on this requirement recently.

    • Tina, glad I could help. The template is becoming ever more important. Once you get that down you can focus on open-rates and other metrics that matter.

  8. Thanks for Sharing Information your article is relay helpful .

  9. Neil, thanks for a good-looking infographic.

    I was surprised to see 8% first email open rate from MailChimp case studies presented on the infographic.
    Other their benchmarks give avg. 23% open rate or so (

    • Michael, I found the data through my own data from the emails I have sent out. As I mentioned above, the data can be skewed depending on the segments and who conducted the test. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Neil,

    Thank you for this. I finally started my newsletter back in July and I’m going to use the items here that I’m not already doing.

    • Ron, awesome! Keep me posted. I am curious to see what strategies work best for you. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  11. Great article, Neil! We were including CTA buttons in your emails but didn’t thought about how the buttons would look on a mobile device.
    What you said makes a lot of sense. Increasing the size of buttons will make them look promiment and hence increase the revenue.

    • Anand, glad you found it helpful.
      You are correct. The more you focus on things that matter — like CTA buttons — the easier it is for people to get signed up for your newsletters and open links within your emails.

      Sizing always matters. Also, consider the colors you utilize.

  12. Hello Neil sir,

    Your infographics always attract me.Great work.


  13. Thank you Neil,
    This is brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

  14. Great tips – the stats on mobile are particularly important and I admit to having somewhat neglected that aspect of my emails.

    Now if only I’d seen this 10 minutes ago before I hit the send button on my latest mailing.. 😉

    • Rob, glad you found them helpful.
      Don’t worry about your past emails, just focus on the ones moving forward. I am sure you’ll see great results. Let me know if you need any help along the way. Mobile optimization for emails is vital.

  15. Hey,Awesome post man.You just made my day.Thanks for this.

  16. Mustafa Gaziani :

    Hey Neil,

    Love your infographics. Email marketing has lot of benefits. It is one of the best blogging technique to boost traffic and leads and no one can deny that. This infographic describes all about anatomy of an optimal marketing email.

    • Mustafa, glad I could help. It’s definitely the easiest way to share your posts with thousands upon thousands of people. What do you like most about the infographics?

  17. Great post dude..i learned a lot from it..and thanx…

  18. Nice post….plzzz share more related to this topic….thans..

  19. Great post dude…carry on and thank u very much..

  20. Jane, glad the article was helpful.
    I think first impressions really matter. The best way to captures someone’s attention via email is to work on the subject line. Everything else will follow once you get that strategy down.

    The worst thing someone can do is place you in spam. At least a deletion is a chance to try again.

  21. Jhone, glad you found it helpful.

  22. I read mobile subscribers rarely convert. Is that true Neil? Thanks!

  23. The biggest question here is how to build a list of email first.

  24. LSB Web Design :

    Really useful infographic Neil. Avoid spammy subject lines would be my top tip. If your email subject line looks spammy then I won’t even open it.

  25. Hi Neil,

    I like your infographics, but I enjoy your regular blog posts much more because they are usually contain much more informative, detailed, step-by-step information that is very valuable.

    Just wanted to let you know and I hope you keep doing blog posts too!


  26. Neil, is it a good idea to use descriptive words like “amazing”, “beautiful” and “terrific” in the email subject line or would the use of such words turn more people off than attract them to click on the email?

  27. I appreciate this post. Thank you. Quick note, though. I am not so sure about FREE. It may be dying from OVERUSE. People may have developed some form of email ad ‘blindness’ to that word’s usage in email titles.

  28. Hey Neil,This has been something that has always eluded me. Email Marketing. I hope I learn to crack it one day.Thanks for this.

  29. Neil, thanks for this. It’s a big challenge growing email lists, but hopefully this tips work out for me.

  30. Nishant Bazzad :

    Thanks Neil for sharing this valuable stuff with an awesome infographics.

  31. Great post Neil. Just a quick question.

    1) When you send out email broadcasts, you do so with a link to the post rather than including the entire copy of the blog post in the email itself. Is this purely down to conversion?

    • James, you essentially want people to click to read further. Also, a lot of people don’t want to read the whole post on an email.

  32. Which infographic tool do you use or suggest for professional presentation.

  33. Setsuko Eichenberg :

    Great article! Just starting a blog about travel and will definitely try to apply some of theses golden nuggets. Thanks.

  34. Helpful as always! Like Setsuko Eichenberg I just starting a brand new blog about marketing and tapas, I will apply this steps for sure. Regards!

  35. I can’t believe it that 66% of all consumers over the age of 15 made a purchase because of an email!!

    I think it is the strongest tool to sale your own or affiliate products.

    Nowadays, most of the users are using ad blockers on their browser. So email marketing is the only way to reach out your audience.

  36. Ini sangat bebas masalah untuk mengetahui setiap peduli pada
    web dibandingkan dengan buku, karena saya
    menemukan ini Artikel di ini situs .

  37. Wow, ini Artikel adalah menyenangkan , saya adik adalah
    menganalisis jenis ini hal, sehingga saya akan biarkan tahu nya.

  38. Manuel Jeffrey :

    Hi there Neil! I love your blog and there is still a quesion I don’t really understand: Why do you send your Emails without html and images and just plain text instead? Doesn’t it give your Users a better feeling to have some optimized and graphics included content? Thank you for your reply!

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