How to Analyze Your Competition in Less Than 60 Seconds

Have you ever wondered why your competitors are outranking you? Or why they are getting more social media love?

You can typically get this data by auditing each of your competitors’ sites, but that can take hours, if not days.

So, I thought I would make your life a bit easier by automating this whole process for you.

As you already know, I released a free website analyzer a few months ago that shows you what you are doing right and wrong from SEO and social media perspectives.

website analyzer

Now, I’ve updated the website analyzer to include detailed social media and competitive analysis reports. Here’s what you’ll learn by using this tool:

How to get more social media traffic

When you enter your URL, you’ll see a social media report that crawls your whole site and tells you how well you are doing on a number of social platforms.

website analyzer page shares

The Page Shares Per Network graph lists your most popular URLs and the number of shares they have on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google Plus.

Based on the graph above, the most popular post I have ever created was The Marketer’s Guide to Pinterest, which had 1,350 tweets. This also tells me that if I want more social traffic, I should consider blogging more on Pinterest, which I haven’t been doing. 🙁

The next social media chart worth looking at is the Total Social Media Shares Summary.

website analyzer page shares summary

This chart breaks down the total shares you have on your whole site per network. As you can see, Twitter and Facebook take up over 70% of the shares, and they also bring the majority of Quick Sprout’s social media traffic. Pinterest, on the other hand, doesn’t drive much traffic to Quick Sprout, but my content also doesn’t get many pins, which explains the absence of traffic.

The last section in the social media report is the Page Level Results.

website analyzer social shares by URL

The Page Level Results section lists all URLs on your site and shows the number of social shares each URL has received. You can then sort the table by total social shares or shares by each network. This way, if you want more Facebook traffic, you can see what posts did well on Facebook. Or, if you want more traffic from LinkedIn, you can sort by LinkedIn shares to see what LinkedIn users liked.

The cool part about this tool is that you can do the same with your competitors’ URLs to see what pages on their sites did well. This should give you content creation ideas and save you from wasting your time on creating content that people don’t want to share.

Why your competitors are doing better than you

Once you enter your URL here, you’ll have the option of comparing the performance of your site with 3 competitor sites.

website analyzer multiple URLs

Once you do that, you’ll be given an overview of the best- and worst-performing sites in your space.

website analyzer competitive analysis

You’ll see a ranking from 1 to 4, where 1 is the best-performing site and 4 is the worst-performing site in your space. The main elements that go into the total score are traffic, how well each site is optimized for search, the amount of social traffic the site receives and how fast the site loads.

As you scroll down, you’ll see a detailed Competitive Analysis Table.

competitive analysis chart

The table will break down the specifics like SEO errors, top keywords each site uses (and whether those keywords are used within the title tag), meta description and headings. In addition, you’ll see an overview of backlinks and indexed pages.

The beautiful part about this table is that it is color-coordinated. Green means good; yellow is okay; and red is bad. Your goal is to have as many green-colored numbers within your column as you can.

As you scroll further down, you’ll see a competitive analysis of social shares and site speed.

competitive analysis social and speed

Here, at a glance, you can get an overview of how well your site performs against your competitors’ sites from both a social media perspective and a site speed perspective.


I hope you like the modifications I made to the free Quick Sprout tool. You can run as many queries as you want and use the tool without any limitations…all for free.

The one thing to keep in mind when using this tool is that it will take time for the reports to load. The competitive analysis tab usually loads within 60 seconds, and the social media report typically takes 90 seconds.

I wish I could provide you with the social results faster, but we’ve found that if we crawl your site too fast, sometimes your server will crash. To prevent this, we crawl your site over a period of 90 seconds.

So, what do you think about the new Quick Sprout website analyzer tool?

P.S. Within the next 10 days, you should see a PDF and CSV export feature. 😉


  1. Analyzing your competitors is the most important thing before you plan your SEO and keywords. Now almost all the reverse engineering tools to be expensive, I found this tool to be the most awesome and visually amazing! I love free tools! Thanks Neil! 😀

  2. Jitendra Kumar Sahoo :

    Wow! its much better than previous one, only thing is it take few more time to crawl everything. But its fine, because it provide more data than previous one.

    I specially like comparison feature. Thanks Neil….

  3. Hi Neil,
    Another Awesome feature to the tool, best way analyze competitor’s sites!

  4. Hi Neil,

    Cool ! Best Competitor Analysis Tool, it helps to create new seo strategy for our site after a detailed analysis of Competitor site. Keep Rocking !


  5. Nazimul Hossain :

    Awesome tool to analyze competitor’s sites.This will help us lot.

    Thanks Neil!

  6. seriously a great tool to analyze the site completely. Thank you Neil i appreciate your efforts in building such a great tool.

  7. What can I say ? It just keeps on getting better ! This tool is becoming really impressive.
    I gained some very interesting insights from the competitive analysis.

    Thanks for the awesomeness !

    • Boris, glad you found the tool helpful. Thanks for the feedback. Please let me know if you find anything else about the tool 🙂

  8. Another winner, Neil. You’re the man. Thank you.

  9. This is an awesome resource Neil.
    I was going to ask about a pdf download but you beat me to it.

    Thanks for all the great stuff you do for marketing.

  10. Fernando Raymond :

    Amazing tool and did some heavy analysis today on my niche sites and some competitors who are in the same niche. Great tools and thanks for sharing the tool for free all the online marketers.

  11. Vaibhav Sisinty :

    Awesome post!
    I love the web analyser tool and this is the first tool that I use to make changes for the websites that I make for my clients, now the competition analyser has made a big heck of a job very easy… Thanks neil For the awesome update.
    My website is Low on backlinks, so do u suggest me to go for link building packages at or fiverr .
    Thanks 🙂

    • Vaibhav, I would definitely not suggest that. Those aren’t real links. You should focus on a great content marketing strategy to drive unique/REAL traffic to your site.

  12. David Prochaska :

    This is an awesome tool, Neil! I am in research mode right now checking out my competitors. Thanks!!

  13. Alejandra Ruani :

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    Sharing it with everybody now, like one big SEO party!

    I never thought SEO would be this much fun 🙂

    You rock,

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  15. Miguel González :


    This is AWESOME

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    Neil, this is really cool! Keep it up, thanks!

    It does seem to be a bit off on my site for G+ shares – listed 0 and I do have some though, will run through again and compare to previous try.

    Thanks again!

  17. manujeevanprakash :

    Hi Neil ,
    The tool is really a cool one . The tool shows that the load time of a website should be less than 1.5 secs is this the maximum limit ??I heard average load time for a website is 5 secs .

    Thanks ,

  18. Nikolas Nikolaou :

    Very nice addition to the features of the website analyzer but the metrics are off by alot.. My sitespeed with different tools is under 1.5 seconds Quicksprouts shows 4.82 . I have an article that has 11.000 likes shares etc on facebook and it shows 2.000 only. What Api’s are you pulling from ?

    • We are using Yahoo and their API’s to make it all work. Not sure how accurate it is, but it seems to be a pretty good product from Yahoo.

  19. I have recently checked out some of the modifications which you made out and I would say You R Awesome.

    Certain things you made clear by this post which I was unaware of, and Thanks for this Free Tool.

  20. Octavio Cervera :

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    ever since I joined your list in quick sprout you have been amazing me with knowledge.

    Now I bow to you with this great tool
    Thank you for all your sharing!
    Por cierto, deberias de tener tu pagina tambien en español el mercado latino es impresionantemente grande.
    Un saludo,

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    Then I read your P.S. 🙂

    You’ve out done yourself and I am sharing this post with my tribe. Thanks again!

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    But in terms of SEO and Social, this free tool cannot be beat. What I appreciate is how it lets you zero in on areas of competition that are weak and that you can exploit to some degree.

    Zeroing in on what content you should write saves marketers so much time!

    Thanks for the tool Neil.

    • Chris, glad I could provide some value. I think it’s all about focusing in on some core components and going from there. Thanks for the feedback 🙂

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    Keep on rockin’ neil.

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    Do you plan to create an analyzer for social accounts? For example to analyze what are the problems with facebook page, what should be necessary to develop the page? Also to compare with the competition fb page.

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  35. Neil,

    Do you have a tool to analyze a Facebook fan page? Is there a way to analyze a fan page without it recognizing the parent site ( because that would be awesome.

    Right now the only thing I have to go off of here is and that seems somewhat limited to me.


  36. Fantastic tools. Just curious, how much does it cost you to build these kinds of tools? Do you do anything outside of posting to your blog to market them?

    • Justin, it does cost a lot but I want to provide value to all of my readers. I do some promotion outside the blog but it’s mostly site visitors that see it 🙂

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    • Florentina, thanks for sharing your feedback — greatly appreciated. Please let me know if you need any further help with the tool 🙂

  44. Awesome upgrades to the tool Neil. Looking forward to giving prospects a quick top-level overview of actionable metrics with this tool. The green, yellow, and red colours and overall visual appeal of the tool will make it easily presentable for prospects to understand, so thanks!

    On a side note, I hadn’t been to the Search Engine Journal site for awhile… and with a 58.30 second load time, i sure won’t be for awhile longer!

  45. Hi Neil,

    My tests are getting stuck at 20%…is it just me or is the tool not working?

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    Thanks again for the GREAT tool – and for free?!! Excellent.

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  50. Hey Neil,
    Great way to compare with our competitors. I dropped a mail regarding an issue with your tool. Kindly check it 🙂

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  52. Andrei Constantin :

    Hi Neil, where are you pulling the data from? For some reason the testing progress hangs at 20%.
    I tried with different browsers from different IP’s with no luck.

    • Yea, we have too many people using it, which is causing the servers to crash. We are fixing this as we speak. Should be solved soon.

  53. Antonis Adamakos :

    Nice update Neil – thank you! Although I have not still checked these new features, it seems the tool is “on fire” right now, too busy and my reports are stuck at 20%. I will try it tommorow, again thank you a lot!

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  58. Tried the tool.. the interface is beautiful loved it. However, the analysis is not going beyond 20% – tried couple of times, the progress bar gets stuck at 20% and wont show any data..

    • Sorry about that. It should be working in the next hour. We just had too many people at once trying to use it, which caused server issues.

  59. WEBSITE ANALYZER seems to get stuck on 20%

  60. great tips neil.but you did not share about back links do you have any tool for analyzing total backlinks of competitor if yes then share it.

  61. Great post Neil!
    The tool looks really cool too. But I’m also having the same problem here. It gets stuck around the 20% mark, then if I reload it, it gets stuck at 86% and doesn’t budge from there.

  62. Kenneth Westgaard :

    Same problem, the analyzer gets stuck on 20%… Seems like a brilliant tool though! 🙂

  63. Very cool!

    however, I don t know why but on my side it stops at 20% and stay there after 1 hour.

    Anyone experience same problem?

    • Sorry for making you wait for an hour and it still not being done. We have resource issues where too many people are using it at once. An Heroku limits the amount of instances to 100. They are lifting the limit within the hour so we can add more servers.

  64. Neil,
    I’ve tried my own site and my competitors, and the tool gets stuck at 20%!


    P.S. We broke your tool – soz 🙁

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    Looks like a pretty nice tool for getting a quick overview…but it’s not working 🙁


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    Waiting for the next feature of the SEO Tool.

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    Great Post! I love your website analyzer. The tool is easy to understand and not overcrowded. One suggestion for further releases might be to include suggestions per sections on how to improve your score. The suggestions would depend on the current score and allow to learn SEO techniques.

    I’m currently having problems using the tool. I keep getting stuck at 20%.


    • This will be fixed in the next hour as there are server issues. We don’t have enough resources and we are currently adding more.

  68. Thanks for the tool. Going to use it to improve our website till we rank as the top bespoke technology solutions company in East Africa. Cheers Neil!

  69. Alan | Networking Secrets :

    Wow Neil,

    that’s pretty amazing for a free tool. I’m only a baby in tecchie terms but I love it when we create our own things whether sites, apps or scripts and can then refine and improve them to be just what we want them to be.

    You must (rightly) be very proud of this tool – it’s awesome!

    thanks for sharing,

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  71. Olivier Lambert :

    Neil, I sincerely love you.

    This is amazing.

  72. Hi Neil,

    Great tool. How is the Est. Traffic Score calculated? I noticed I have a lower Traffic Score than some of my competitors who I outrank, so just wondering what the significance of it is.

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  75. Brodey Sheppard :

    Great features, Unfortunatly though it must not be released for me yet 🙁 I still have the same old tool, I cleared cache did the lot still the same one.

    BUT I will be tuning in and waiting for it to update for me and I will be using it! I love how you keep improving your tools it’s great I think over time the tool will continue getting better and better!

    • Brodey, Let me look into the issue. I have made some updates and that may be the issue. Email me directly if you are still having that problem.

  76. A great addition to the tool, thanks Neil. I think having a tool embedded in your site is a brilliant idea for getting repeat traffic.

  77. Barbara McKinney :

    Thanks Neil! This tool is very helpful to us. It’s very easy to understand and I can easily spot the things that I have to improve for the betterment of our campaign. Thanks for sharing this:)

  78. Neil! Christmas came early….!

    Thanks for this – I can’t imagine the amount of time, money and effort that you put into this – and to give it for free….that’s just awesome! Can’t wait for the export function, but it’s already a killer tool.

    I’m curious what link analysis tool you are using though – the site I put through the tool came back with 198 links, while Ahrefs says the site has more than 8k links…..

  79. Wow Neil, you are on fire, now a post talking about how to get things done quickly.

  80. Neil,

    Nice effort to show a valuable tool. I like the added features…

    I wanna ask you two questions,

    1. Are you planning to implement backlinks feature in this tool?

    2. Do you have any plan to make this tool as a paid one in future?

    • 1. There is basic backlink data in the website analyzer and the competitive analysis. But yes, I want to make that data much more advanced.

      2. Not sure on the paid part yet.

  81. Hello Neil.
    I must say that this tool is very valuable for my site. I have compared my site to my competitors. The data displayed by your tool is very useful. I think every business should know about this tool.

  82. Neil,
    I did a comparison against my two competitors and I came out top overall!
    I can’t quite believe the result as I thought they would tread me into the dirt, as they have been around much longer. It was my SEO score that trumped them YAHOO!
    The things that I need to work on were already known to me, so I feel like I’ve had an early Christmas gift. Thank you Neil.


    • Elle, awesome!

      Realizing what you need to do is the first step. Please let me know if you need any help along the way 🙂

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    Want to ask you something about the tool and the result it shows.
    I have been using this tool for competitve analysis for quite a long time and really thanks for sharing such a tool with us.
    When I tried the tool for my competitors it showed me poor report for many, but still they somehow manage to appear on the first page of google and also getting the required traffic.
    Hws that possible and what do you have to share on somthing like this??

    What measures should I take in order to understand their strength because I totally believe in ur concepts???



    • Hi Neil,

      Awaiting your response for the above query.



      • The tool should be working fine…

        The competitive analysis just gives you an overview. It can’t predict algorithms or tell you the exact reason someone ranks higher as there are hundreds of factors.

        But what you should be looking at is what each site is doing better than you and why. From there you can fix those efforts and try to increase your rankings.

  87. One can take the inspiration from Tsun Tzu who was a great Chinese warrior who always advocated to know your enemy to win a war and in same contest one need to know the competitor to rise and shine in the blogosphere.

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    Great tool, well done for getting the hang issue sorted. One question though, to other users as well as yourself, are the Pinterest statistics working for anyone? I have hundreds of pins across two sites I am working on, and your tool is showing 0 date for Pinterest (the rest is working fine though, and thanks again)

    I wonder if because many of my pins are new, your tool is yet to update?

    Kind Regards,

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  97. This tool is becoming really impressive.
    I gained some very interesting insights from the competitive analysis. Thanks neil.. thanks a lot 🙂

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  99. Neil, if I am getting stuck at 20%, is there a queuing system I should wait on?

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  103. Joanna Hughes :

    Hi Neil,

    I really like the quick sprout tool. I’m using it for a quick social media analysis for my client. Can you tell me what is the time frame in which the quick sprout tool is pulling the data? Does it analyze your social data back 1 year, 6 months, 3 months, 1 month?


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    What software did you use to put together charts such as the one that you have on the comparison between, and, or even the competitive analysis table here –>


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    I know I’m late to the game, but I can’t figure out where the page/post level analysis happens? I’m only seeing the basic competitor stats for their homepage and not which posts do best for them? Is that a section we can/have to pay for?


  113. Mitch Rolling :

    Neil – First of all, thank you for this awesome tool!

    I am concerned about the est. traffic score for my website and see in the above thread that the est. traffic score on Quicksprout calculated with data from alexa + other variables. Is this still the case and if so, it appears that Alexa requires a paid subscription in order to rank my website. Does this mean that I will always have a low or zero “est. traffic score” on quicksprout unless I obtain a paid alexa subscription or should I be looking at other areas and actions?

    Thank you again for your assistance and your wonderful tool!

  114. Nischhal Pradhan :

    A very useful tool and I have used it quite often lately but I would like to know how everything works, like how the social shares and traffic estimation is calculated? Is there any way that we can know that the results are completely efficient? I would love to know about it Neil. 🙂

  115. Quick Sprout has helped me increase my business exponentially. The Quick Sprout web analyzer tool is as effective and useful as other tools, most with high monthly fees. Thank you!

    Q. I have clients who do not know their online competitors. I search my clients keywords to find their competition, but it is time consuming when working with larger keyword lists. Do you know of a tool that can help identify competitors based on the keywords found on a (clients) website?

    • Tim, there are a lot of tools that promise to find your competitors. However, I think the best way to find out about your competitors is to go to their website and do some blog research & keyword research.

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  117. Stein Peeters :

    Hi Neil,

    I was just wondering how I can refresh the report that is generated by quicksprout? For instance, I generate a report for my website, I fix all the warnings, combine some scripts to limit the number of requests, how can I generate a brand new report? If I do it now, I keep getting the same results. Even after two weeks and numerous changes I still get the same result.

    Thanks mate!

  118. your seo tools is awesome, i had use it for 2 weeks, and improve my score, but i have a question,

    my website score is A- 92 Speed score, which in 3 place on google, but my competitor is C 83 speed scroe and lot of error but in page one of google, what exactly this tools is accurate? and why im still in 3 page,

  119. A very useful tool,really you are helping me to increase my business day by day.
    Great tool! Thanks so much Neil,keep adding new updates

  120. I am restarting my career as an SEO Specialist/Social Media Analyst and this is one of the great finds that I encountered so far. The tools is really helpful and can draw lots of insights when improving a brand’s social media performance.

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  124. Serina Marsh :

    Nice tool…We really get helpful information from there… thank you

  125. Hi Neil,

    Very Nice article, just have one doubt in mind in competitor analysis you are giving score.

    Eg. MOZ you gave overall score 83, base on what you tool has been determined this no.


    • Sushanta — I use a number of tools to find the score. One metric I use is the one I have on my site.

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    Really appreciable ! Many many thanks It’ll help me lots 🙂

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    Please help


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