How to Increase Your Twitter Engagement by 324%

With over 190,000,000 visitors going to Twitter each month, you would be silly not to leverage it. But you already know that…

So, the real question is: “How do you gain traffic from it?”

When Twitter first came out, gaining traffic from it was simple. All you had to do was sign up, and people would naturally follow you because there weren’t millions of other users to choose from. And when you tweeted a link, people would click on it as the concept of tweets was new.

But now that people are used to this, gaining traffic from Twitter isn’t as easy as it used to be. Due to this, I decided to create an infographic that will teach you how to grow your Twitter traffic and engagement by 324%.

Click on the image below to see a larger view:

how load time affects google rankings

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Marketing yourself or your business on Twitter is something that you can easily master, but it will take time. Typically, you won’t see great results from Twitter in the first few months of being on it, but after six months to a year, the results should be great.

Among my three blogs – Quick Sprout, KISSmetrics, and Crazy Egg, I am easily able to generate over 50,000 visitors a month from Twitter. But, again, it took me years to get there.

If you only have time to follow one piece of advice from this infographic, make sure you tweet on Saturday and Sunday at either 9am, 12pm, 3pm or 6pm as that is when you’ll end up getting a lot of engagement.

How else can you increase your Twitter engagement?

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  1. Vincent Nguyen :

    Liking the frequency of infographics around here lately, Neil. 🙂

  2. Kosio Angelov :

    Great infographic Neil and great tips. For using twitter for business, what is a good rule of thumb for posts per day?

  3. Great piece of info Neil.I’l share the results in future. 😀

  4. I am amazed by how much quality content you crank out for your blog Neil, it’s hard to keep up with it all.

    Love the infographics, great info here!

    I’ve had the most luck with Twitter using TweetAdder and mentioning big name people with massive Twitter followings through guest blogs and getting mentions from Interviews.

    Andrew Warner sent me almost 100+ visitors from a Tweet after I interviewed him and I know you recently Tweeted my guest post over on Entrepreneur on Fire. Thanks again for that 🙂

  5. Thanks for the awesome infographic Neil. I was actually looking for something that would help me create a good social media presence for me and my website. It would be great if you would share similar thing for facebook and google+. Thanks.

  6. Thomas Oppong :

    Twitter generates over half of my blog’s traffic. In recent times i have been tweeting consistently and using hashtags where necessary.

    I am now tweeting more at a time when my audience are mostly on Twitter to take advantage of the timing.

    And I also include quotes on starting and growing a business which helps a lot.

    Thanks for the details Neil.

  7. Neil,
    Who creates the infographic for your site? Your or someone else? I must say the infographic is much much more effective than just plain blog posts.

  8. Very Informative. Waiting for the next guide about social media ?

  9. Hi Neil,

    First of all, lovely infographic mate. Secondly, I am totally blown away with the Saturday and Sunday thingy. I mean, seriously?!

    Okay this certainly sound like one huge plan but hey, I think with the above tips, I might pull something off.

    Thanks for sharing and I really appreciate it.

    Talk to you soon,

  10. Thanks Neil, I’m just beginning with twitter. So all the understandable information is most helpful,I’m Always looking for your insights to make sense, while so many leave out the details.

  11. This is very informative infographic for me, because it is teaching very much to increase traffic from twitter.

    You are doing very well.. Really appreciated.

  12. Hi Neil,

    I have only 130 followers at this time. And almost non of them engage with my tweets.

    How can I increase my subscribers and about how many times per day should I post about my blog posts.



    • I would suggest really focusing on your content and headlines. You want to create ones that people will click on. Top 5 lists typically work wonders 🙂

  13. Hi Neil,

    Can’t really check your sources cause you didn’t post clickable links, but I have to completely disagree that Saturday and Sunday are the days with the most engagement.

    I speak from experience and the fact that most tech and business profiles I follow “sign off” of Twitter at 5pm on Friday.

    Infographic is pretty, but not very helpful.

    • Hey Scott, you maybe correct on the sign off part, but by engagement I meant retweets, people responding to questions, etc. From what I have seen, out of the people who are logged in on the weekends, they tend to be more engaging during the weekends.

      But as for traffic, weekdays of course beats weekends.

      Hope that helps clarify.

  14. Love the post and infographic, Neil. As a new Twitter user, I’m still learning the tricks of the trade of just getting around; this really helps make sense of it all.

    Just one observation: in the block regarding asking for retweets, the ratio mentioned is 4:1, but the image is actually 16:1. It definitely gets the point across! We just need to keep that in mind when evaluating our results 🙂

    I look forward to all the gems you share through your blog and newsletter, and you rocked it with John on EOF! Thanks


    • Tim, glad you enjoyed the post 🙂

      Thanks for the correction on the image. Sometimes there are numerous sets of stats. Looking forward to hearing more feedback from you 🙂

  15. Hey Neal,

    I read there’s a twitter tool (3rd party) that allows you to check when your followers are more active (which period of the day/hour), can’t remember the name, do you know it?

    Thanks, I love your posts 😉

  16. Reid Yamamoto :

    A great post and timely for me since I’m going to start using Twitter now. I’ve resisted using Twitter for a long time because I didn’t see the value of it compared to other social media that I know works. Thanks for another useful post.

  17. Hi Neil,

    As usual great stats as one has come to expect from yourself.

    No Pin it button for the Infographic ? :o)

    Have a great day..

  18. Hi,
    Neil; The timings for Tweet which you have referred like 9AM, 12 AM,3PM and 6PM will get maximum exposure. It will be great if you can give these times wrt Greenwich mean time so that everyone will be able to apply the correction as per their time zone. Regards

  19. Jatin Chhabra :

    Eye opener for me. As noticed that whether be it twitter or any other social media, one should 1st build a small but relevant community and act as a friend, guide & then a business.

    Just tweet with a retweet request on Nelson Mandela. God bless his soul.

  20. Neil,

    Who are you using for your infographic design?

  21. Thanks Neil, Just sent out a tweet on this!

  22. Very nice. Just tweeted it — though now that I think about it I probably should have waited till tomorrow. haha!

  23. i never thought of using images on twitter instead i shared links only with post title. 200% engagement with images is quite surprising for me and i regret why I have not done this before.

  24. Andras Gabrics :

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, then infographic worth million words… 🙂
    Thanks for the infographic!

  25. You seem to succeed perfectly so far. Congrats :).

  26. So you are talking about PST with those times then?

  27. Neil, I am in awe of the amount of quality content you put out! I’d love to see a blog post of your schedule and day and how you fit everything in.

    This infographic is brilliant. I’ve never really taken to Twitter, and obviously I am missing out on big opportunities.

    Thank you again

    • Marie, glad you found the article helpful. Visual content converts really well when done right and shared accordingly.

  28. New to the Twitter scene. I noticed that if you do not have followers you have a harder time getting your links out on the newsfeed (they don’t show up).

  29. Thank you for your ongoing sharing of useful and actionable content. You are kind of a big deal my friend or as Gary Vee says JJRH

  30. Nazimul Hossain :

    I will try to peek tweeting hours, your article’s help me lot.

  31. Hi Neil,

    As for the highest engaging days, it is counter-intuitive the idea that Saturdays and Sundays are on the top of the list.
    But maybe just because, in my case, most of the followers are financial traders and markets are closed during the weekends.
    Anyway I will increase my tweets during the weekend and see if works.
    Thanks for the awesome infographic.

  32. Thanks you for these great stats.

  33. Nice Neil.

    So should we actively ask people to re-tweet our tweets?

  34. Neil, I am so glad you mentioned that it takes years too. Too many people want 100,000 followers in a week and don’t realize it takes time to build a QUALITY following and network on Twitter. It’s about the engagment. I love this infograph! I’ve been using Buffer to schedule some of mine at those times and add some personal touches to each one (most days when time allows). Thanks for sharing this informative infograph and your take and experience with us Neil. Have a great weekend.

    • Lisa, it really does take time and tremendous effort. You really want to have followers that are engaged with your postings.

  35. Neil, I’m a new user on Twitter and I wouldnt have done that if it werent for my website. It’s kind of new to me and I’m trying to get used to the hashtags and the shortening of links.

    Would it be wise for me to follow everyone who has the same interests as me? Or just wait for others to follow me?

    Thanks Neil. Your previous post has helped me tremendously!

    • Chris, I would go ahead and follow others. People are more inclined to follow those that follow them. It’s all about finding your community and contributing!

  36. The infographic is very helpful. Do you think the source of pictures matter. Instagram versus TwitPic for example?

  37. Hi Neil,

    It’s really a great Infographic, being able to utilize twitter as a source of traffic is great, you need to understand your followers, the time most of them would be online and schedule your posts accordingly for a better reach. Thanks for sharing this infographic

    • Qasim, glad you found it helpful. It’s all about building a community that shares and finds your content compelling.

  38. Barbara McKinney :

    Thanks for sharing this great infographic Neil! Right now I’m more focus on posting tweets with images. I know it takes time to see the result of this strategy but I’m willing to wait. I know I’m on the right track:)

  39. in my entire life I’ve never liked leveraging social media. I’m just not the kind of man who would chit chat about what he’s doing or what he’s planning to do. but I’ve always managed to make people talk about me i have a blog where i don’t use sharing buttons and my main traffic source is Facebook. Content and Character are the key.

  40. Andrei Constantin :

    Like everything social, most the the info will work for Neil or me, will not work for you. It depends on the niche you are in, time zone, followers base, etc.
    Nevertheless, if you go through this infographic and check as well the Kissmetrics blog, then you should be able to come up with some good numbers of your own.

    • Andrei, it really does depend on the niche and a number of other variables. Thanks for reading and for the feedback!

  41. Great post, Neil, I’ve enjoyed it very much! I followed the advice in your infographic and found a whole lot more retweets even when I didn’t ask for it. But once I did, it increased twofold! Thank you very much.

  42. Neil, I don’t know how you find time to put out all of this great content. Do you ever sleep? I would love to see a post on your work schedule.

  43. Great infographic Neil.
    I didn’t think that timing of the tweet also matters in creating engagement. I might as well use some tools to schedule my tweets for a particular time. 🙂

  44. Neil, thank you for sharing this with us. That’s a really informative infographic that you shared about how you can get traffic from Twitter. I’ve too seen first-hand how attracting traffic from Twitter has become more complicated compared before. But you’ve outline the steps very well, one that every marketers can easily follow. Also, I liked that you pointed out the best way to start getting traffic from Twitter. It gives people a good starting point. Again, thanks for sharing, hopefully, we all get more traffic from Twitter soon.

  45. A very informative infographic Neil.
    I was very interested to see that user engagement is 200% higher for tweets with image links.
    I really like all of the facts and figures you have included.

  46. Great work again Neil !
    Just one question ; Should we post weekdays as well but with less frequency ?

  47. Neil after doing a thorough social media analysis we learned that all of our posts that involved an image had a significantly higher engagement rate! Because of this any post that we do whether it is on Twitter or any other platform we always include an image. We also try to post at 9am or 6pm, for us those are the times where we see the most traffic.

    thank you for this post!

    • Glad you found all the tips helpful. Social timing is extremely important and always will be. Thanks for the feedback 🙂

  48. Hi Neil, you never fail to teach something new. I’ve had a side thought though for very long. Every media platform has a lifetime of efficacy. I know exactly when something is a promoted post on a social platform and therefore have learnt to naturally ignore them. I believe with twitter however, this hasn’t yet begun happening, therefore making it a lot more efficient for organic traffic building.

    • Samudra, thanks for the kind words of support. Twitter is one of the last few avenues to really build up organic traffic.

  49. Neil i am not that much rich but you are the best thing that have happen to me and made me rich.

  50. Hello +Neil, just wanted to stop by to say, you’ve inspired me to be back on twitter, active as before. Thank you for all your wonderful content and infographics. Reblogged it and shared it in our Google+ infographics community 🙂

    • Mervik, glad I could do so. I think it’s important to be on as many social networks as you can to get as much exposure as you can.

      • Neil, I just thought to stop by and let you know how it’s going with my twitter stuff. Around 100 visits by this two days.. But I did integrate it with my G+ posting. But the important thing is, it does send traffic. 🙂

  51. So that means the perfect time to tweet is at the specific hours highlighted on a weekend. The tweet should contain a link or an image for increased engagement.

  52. Is it still true that asking for retweets works? Where did that stat come from. I thought that was no longer effective…

    • Richard, it definitely helps. I have compiled it through my own experience over the years. It’s the surest way to quick and easy PR.

  53. your points are awesum neil..thanks for the updates …it helped me alot…!!

  54. Hello Mr. Neil.

    This is my second time visiting this great blog and I read more posts than my last visit.

    Before reading this post I want to thank for this post I got many useful information and take many benefits from there.

    And when I land to this page, I want to say that the picture you dropped on this article worth billion dollars for me.

    For little blogger like, it’s very expensive to get such the data.

    Thanks for this article. It’s time to be creative and use twitter as a great weapon for traffic and branding.

  55. Last few month I am not work in twitter much. Because I think twitter is not useful any more. I tweet but none of the followers are seen it. I have thousands of follower but none of them perfect twitter user. But now I create new account and start from begin with your tips. Thanks neil.

  56. Hi Neil, I wrote this question to Quicksprout forum too but maybe you did not notice it. Somewhere you taught this way: I should follow each day 100 to 200 people and start tweeting. After that we see something like 20-30% of people following us back.

    After that we can manually unfollow those who did not follow us. Now here’s the problem I encountered – if I follow today 100 people and tomorrow 100, etc. And after a week or so unfollow 60-70% of them then if continue with following 100 people a day, how I know if I already have followed that person or not. The numbers are quite big and it might easily happen that I follow and unfollow the same people over and over again. It’s not nice.

    So how do I know if I have followed-unfollowed the person already or not? I cannot memorize thousands…

    • Egon, sometimes it’s best to wait it out and not unfollow right away. The best strategy I think is to really gauge to see who you are following. You will gain followers slower but you will create real relationships with the people you are following. Reaching out is important!

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  58. Thank you for all your wonderful content and info graphics. Re-blogged it and shared it in our Google+ 🙂 I always wonder how twitter holding constant reputation in Social media world.

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  60. Belva Gambrel :

    Love these blog updates Neil – a great insight into the struggle a lot of us face starting up new blogs, especially being tasked with blogging about a topic you know nothing about (I’ve had to become an expert in construction, road safety and cottage holidays in the last year alone).

    • Belva, glad you find them helpful. With the right content marketing strategy you can market in almost any niche.

  61. This is informative! I have been using Twitter for like a year and I find this post about How to Increase Your Twitter engagement by 324% is quite helpful in making my followers grow and learn few tips on how to make my profile more likeable which could even increase trust which will lead to a better chance of increase my followings and be active in tweeting and retweeting messages which can relate your target audience.

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  62. Thanks for the wonderful sharing. Love it!


  63. Hi neil
    Thanks for your wonderful thought

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