How to Grow Your Blog to 100,000 Visits a Month Within 1.5 Years

I’ve done marketing for 20 of the top 100 blogs on the web, and I’ve created 3 blogs for my own businesses that achieved at least 100,000 visits a month.

With Quick Sprout, it took me 4 years and 9 months to hit 100,000 monthly visits:

quicksprout blog traffic

With KISSmetrics, it took me 1 year and 10 months to hit over 100,000 monthly visits:

kissmetrics blog traffic

And with Crazy Egg, it took me 1 year and 6 months to hit 100,000 monthly visits:

crazyegg blog traffic

As you can see from the graphs above, the amount of time it took me to hit the 100,000 mark decreased. I went from being able to achieve the goal in 4 years and 9 months to 1 year and 6 months.

Luck has nothing to do with this achievement. I actually have a formula, which works every time. And if I leveraged it again today, I bet I could achieve similar results in less than 12 months.

Download this cheat sheet of 9 proven formulas to grow your blog to 100,000 visits a month.

Here’s the formula I use to get blogs to 100,000 visits a month:

Quantity is king

With Quick Sprout, I noticed slight gains when posting 2 pieces of content a week instead of 1. KISSmetrics only started to see big traffic increases when I started to publish 5 pieces of content a week. But with KISSmetrics, we went from publishing 2 a week straight to 5 a week.

This is why KISSmetrics had a much faster growth rate than Quick Sprout. In addition to that, we recently started testing posting 6 pieces of content a week instead of 5.

When we posted 5 a week, we had 422,885 visits a month.

kissmetrics september blog traffic

When we tested posting 6 articles a week, our traffic went up to 501,573 visits.

kissmetrics october blog traffic

By posting an additional blog post each week, we were able to increase our blog traffic by 18.6%. My experience of working with 20 of the top 100 blogs showed that if we published 3 pieces of content each day (21 pieces a week), we could easily get our traffic to over a million visits a month over time.

When posting in high frequency, make sure you are still maintaining the quality of your content. Writing a lot of blog posts that are low in quality won’t help you see a big increase in traffic.


The simplest way to increase your traffic is through infographics. This has worked well for blogs like Mashable, and it’s what caused a huge spike in traffic at KISSmetrics.

Within 2 years, we were able to generate 2,512,596 visitors and 41,142 backlinks from 3,741 unique domains from 47 infographics.

Just look at this screenshot of our traffic in August 2010:

kissmetrics august blog traffic

And now look at our September 2010 traffic:

kissmetrics september blog traffic

We went from 56,380 to 146,197 visits because of infographics. This strategy was so effective that we started to create an infographic each week to boost our overall traffic. Still, today, even if we don’t publish an infographic, old ones generate at least 50,000 visits for us each month.

If you want to copy this strategy, just follow the steps in this blog post. It will teach you everything you need to know about creating a popular infographic.

Write headlines for both people and search engines

The one thing that all three of my blogs have in common is that they all get a lot of search engine traffic. “Why?” you may ask. It’s because we write blog headlines that appeal to both people and search engines.

crazyegg search blog traffic

Just look at the Crazy Egg blog. Last month, we had 127,373 visits from search engines. All because we write headlines for both Google and people.

In the short run, you won’t notice much traffic from this strategy, but within 6 months, you’ll notice a nice increase in your search engine traffic. From that point, you’ll continue to see increases quarter over quarter.

Cover trending topics

Our biggest traffic days tended to be those when we covered major events within our niche.

For example, with Quick Sprout, when I covered Google updates like Panda and Penguin, I saw a surge of traffic. The same thing happened when Hummingbird was covered on KISSmetrics.

We also saw similar traffic trends when we blogged about Apple’s marketing around its events.

The beautiful part about these surges is that when they are over, your traffic is still a bit higher than it was before the spike.

If you are interested in covering trending topics, you can use Google Trends to see what is hot. Make sure you don’t write on just any topic. The content needs to be relevant to your niche. With a quick search on Google Trends, you should be able to get a good idea on what is increasing and what’s decreasing in search volume.

Write in a conversational tone

Have you noticed that I get over 176 comments per blog post on Quick Sprout? It’s because I write in a conversational tone.

Sure, you can use tricks like “top commenters” to try to boost your numbers, but by making your blog posts sound like a conversation, instead of an essay, you’ll invite more comments from people naturally.

You can create the same effect on your blog by:

  • Using the words “you” and “I” within your content.
  • Asking questions throughout your blog post.
  • Making sure anyone can understand your content…In other words, write for a 5th grader.
  • Keeping your paragraphs short and to the point.

Comments are a great way to increase your readers’ loyalty. If people continually comment on your blog, it means they are reading your content, and they are more likely to share it via the social web.

Having multiple authors on your blog, instead of just one, decreases comments and engagement as your readers don’t have a chance to build a connection with you. Just look at the Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics blogs. We have multiple writers, and most of them don’t write in a conversational tone. As a result, those two blogs get far fewer comments than Quick Sprout’s blog does.

If you take my friend’s blog (he ripped my design…you can too if you want), you’ll see that he only gets 2,000 visits a month, and yet some of his posts have 13 comments. That’s because he writes in a conversational tone.

And if you are thinking about using Facebook comments to increase your engagement and social traffic, don’t. Every single popular blog I’ve worked with always receives more Google traffic than Facebook traffic. With Facebook comments, the comment text doesn’t get indexed by Google, which means you will get less search traffic.

Collect emails through offers and opt-ins

All the blogs I’ve created have a common trend… email is one of the biggest sources of traffic.

For the month of November, emails made up 18% of the traffic to Quick Sprout, 6% to KISSmetrics and 4% to Crazy Egg.

Those percentages may not seem high, but there are two good reasons for that:

  1. All three blogs get a lot of traffic, so small percentages still add up when it comes to visitor count.
  2. Except for Quick Sprout, the blogs do a terrible job of collecting emails. If KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg were optimized like Quick Sprout, the numbers would have drastically gone up.

If you want to collect more emails from your blog, follow step 2 in this blog post. It will teach you everything you need to know. Plus, you can just download the WP Lead Magnet plugin. Those are the tactics I use on Quick Sprout, and they work wonders.

Once you have an email list, you should blast it with your new blog post every time you publish it. Why? Because it will drive traffic, create more comments and, best of all, generate social shares. Email subscribers are 3.9 times more likely to share your content than your other blog visitors.

Content marketing doesn’t have to be a hit-or-miss game

The most important element of a blog post is its headline. No matter how good your content is, if your headline sucks, very few people will read the post.

In most cases, content marketing is a hit or a miss: your content will be widely read or just ignored. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

You can use tools like Social Crawlytics to see what sort of content has done well on competing blogs. For example, if you had a marketing blog and you wanted to see what was hot on Quick Sprout, you would just type in and see a table that looks something like this:

social crawlytics

You can then sort the data by social site or by total count. In essence, it will show you all of the popular blog posts and their headlines. If you look at the top 5 posts, the advanced guide to seo, content marketing and growth hacking are 3 of them. That shows that if you create advanced guides and use similar to mine headlines for marketing-related topics, you too can get a lot of traffic.

In addition to finding topics and headlines that work, you can use formulas in this blog post to come up with attractive headlines. That post will teach you how to use opinions, create a sense of urgency or evoke curiosity within your headlines.

Build up your social media profiles

Another commonality among all three of the blogs I created is that they all get a lot of traffic from social media sites. In the last 30 days:

  • KISSmetrics received 36,862 visits from social sites.
  • Crazy Egg received 5,976 visits form social sites.
  • Quick Sprout received 25,350 visits from social sites.

How are we able to achieve these results? It’s because we build up our social profiles. You can do it too if you follow this strategy:

When building up your social profiles, you have to be patient. It typically takes 6 months to see consistent social media traffic to your blog.

In addition to focusing on major social media sites, consider leveraging smaller ones in your niche. For example Inbound and Growth Hackers are two social sites that focus on the marketing niche. In an average month, Inbound drives around 1,700, and Growth Hackers around 400, visits to my site. It may not seem like a lot, but it all adds up.

Partner up

Within a few months of launching the Crazy Egg blog, I was able to grow it to over 30,000 visits a month. Do you know how?

No, it wasn’t through SEO or even social media. It was through partnerships. The first partnership I went after was the Smashing Magazine Network. Because we were included in their RSS feed, we were able to get from them 22,181 visits a month.

smashing magazine network

The cost for this was $0. All we had to do was place a badge on our blog that stated we were in the Smashing Magazine network.

It’s not the only network on the web… before that, I was part of the 9rules network. There are a lot of blog networks out there. You just have to find the ones your space.

But don’t stop with blog networks. You can also share your content with other blogs in exchange for them driving traffic back to your blog. Business Insider has taken posts from Quick Sprout such as this one. I asked Business Insider to link back to my blog within the post, which they gladly did.

Popular blogs like Business Insider are looking for more content. If you provide it to them, they won’t have an issue linking back to your site and driving thousands of visits to you.

To get these partnerships, you have to continually reach out to popular blogs in your space. Most won’t accept your content or let you join their network, but for every 10 blogs you hit up, at least 1 will say, “yes.”


It may have taken me years to get Quick Sprout to 100,000 visits a month, but it shouldn’t take you that long. When I started Quick Sprout, social sites like Facebook and Twitter weren’t as popular as they are now.

You have more sites and partnerships you can leverage today than you ever had, and people are craving more good blog content than they ever did before.

Why not give it a shot? Follow the steps above, and you should hit 100,000 visits a month in no time.

So, what other tactics can you use to get to 100,000 visits a month?


  1. Hi Neil. You’re awesome. Your proofs are great. I will focus on some special strategies you listed in this article. Thank you and keep posting more practical writing like that!

  2. Thomas Oppong :

    Being consistent and writing quality posts have been most useful for my blog. Social sharing cannot be overemphasized.

    If you write great content and nobody sees it, it will be of no value. Partnership definitely works. I have been experiment with a few niche blogs and so far, I can confidently say that it pays to partner.

    I am working on sharing more infographics in the future.

    Thanks Neil.

    • Thomas, you bring up a great point. Partner networks really help to spread the message. It’s all about linking up with the right people.

  3. Ajith Edassery :

    Excellent piece Neil. Very conversational post as mentioned in the tip here. I could definitely take home that aspect though the other tips on social media engagement and list blasting is still and improvement area for me.

  4. So you get your first 100,000 visits per month in 4 years and 9 months.. I think you really work hard on this.. and now what people do is just post a blog and share on social networking sites and they get lots of visitors…

    • Abdul, it’s the hardest part. After that it’s all about staying consistent.

      • Damian @ Dareandconquer :

        Hey neil. Your post was really helphful. Thanks for providing valuable info.

        During the 4 years that where needed to expand quicksprout to 100k visits per month where you generating any income from your website to make a living?
        Was quick sprout your main source of income all these 4 years?

        best regards,

  5. I’ll always thought quality over quantity, you just proved me wrong

  6. Neil, thats right writing on the current topics and using controversial tones helps generate more visitors because readers love that and would also like to share their input on that. Thanks for sharing the post with proven facts!

  7. Neil, this an awesome post, getting real insights on how reached upto 100,000+ visitors a month is great. Thanks. In your next post, I (and so many of your other blog readers) will definitely love to see how you monetize this heavy traffic. That should be a invaluable article for many people like me.

    btw… the way you played cool after someone copied your blog design is really commendable 🙂

  8. Randy Hilarski :

    I am nowhere near these numbers, more like 3,000 visits per month. I blog once maybe twice per week. I think I will try upping my content output including images/infographics/video to 4-5 times per week for a few months to see the results. I rely heavily on social which has propelled my site forward. Great article and I look forward to more great content from you Neil!

    • Randy, glad you found the article helpful. Yeah, try upping the content to see what happens. I am sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

  9. Darnell Jackson :

    Thanks for sharing your results Neil appreciate it.

    I would add launching your own product as another great way to build traffic that many may not consider.

    Especially if your product is on an affiliate network.

    Picked up a couple tips here for sure #imstealing

  10. Nice post Neil, I will try this process 🙂

  11. Content is rightly the king and one must aim to publish posts which are not time sensitive and remains evergreen. For a time sensitive blog; one may have to put in extra effort as after some time the post is going to lose the relevance like ours which caters for stock market has a time period attached to it and beyond that time the post may not be of much use. So, post articles which will remain relevant even after a few years.

    • Great point! You have to capture your audience’s attention the best way you can to get people to crave your content. I would suggest doing some market research as a starter!

  12. P.H.D. Fernando :

    Randy, you may try Blog Commenting. after reading one of Neil’s guides I started to do Blog commenting and increase my traffic to pass 20,000 per month. If you want to read more about Blog committing I have published an eBook “100 Tips for Blog Commenting” You can Google and find it or simply download it at my blog.

  13. manujeevanprakash :

    Hi neil,

    Nice Article . Can you tell me some good tools to design an Infographic ? i mean Without the help of designers how to design a good quality info-graphics??…

  14. Used to read your blog regularly.

    Unfortunately, I feel like your recent posts have become so elementary and boring. Almost like you’re spewing common sense.

    Either your blog has informed me like crazy over the past couple years, or you’ve run out of things to share/teach. Hm…

  15. Damn you Neil, I’ve never so far read something this big, this complex, and most importantly “this free” on any blog. And believe me, I think I read very big and successful blogs.

    I deeply and very truthfully thank you. This is my homepage now.

  16. Nikolas Nikolaou :

    In 1 year and 4 months I have currently hit 295,000 visits a month. The whole process though of pushing out content faster grew the traffic immensely in only 4 months from a measly 30K visits . The headline like you have said is the most important factor if your content will be read and shared even though the article is of mediocre quality. One thing to leverage though is your social networks , the more you post on them the more chances you have of getting your content seen and people following you and adding alternate sources to the mix can give you that something extra.

    • Nikolas, sounds like you are on the right track. You bring up a great point. Social is the new PR, because it helps you disseminate information to multiple sources super quick. I think a good mix of social and great content can do wonders.

  17. Neil I have been following your blogs and email tips, you have great advice. Any further tips for someone like me that runs a small adult toy site? SEO and organic searches are very hard in my demographic, and I don’t have a huge budget for adwords. Some searches frown on my category. Any help would be appreciated.

    • You should leverage content marketing. Maybe talk about how people use those toys or which ones are the right fit for them. Your space is hard in general as most people won’t want to link or share the content, but if the content is really good and detailed, people will.

      For example, teaching people the proper ways to use specific toys could potentially work well. I recommend that you survey your ideal customer to see what they want to learn and then write about that.

  18. I tried to write in a conversational note like you said and yes I agree with your point that it gets more comments. I just wrote a post on mobile and the title was “3% traffic growth for websites that optimized for mobile” and yes it got more comments than my niche posts. Again I will like to ask how you engage visitors. I mean when I read your article , I get lost in it. How can I improve my writing quality like yours.

    • Rohan, that’s a great question. I really went out of my way during the early days of blogging to find out what my readers wanted. I took surveys and just got a general idea by reading comments. This kind of research early on can really be a game changer.

  19. Hey Neil, Your search feature seems to be broken for me in safari.

    I was searching for what use for your wordpress comments. I’ve struggling with what to use. currently I have 50% of my comments from Facebook and the other 50% using standard wordpress comments.

    I notice some popular blogs use Disqus but i’m not sure if that is a good choice either.

    anyone have any suggestions on this?

    • I will work on fixing it in Safari.

      You should just use standard WordPress comments. You can make them threaded so you can encourage more conversations. But you don’t need anything special.

  20. I am trying to follow as much as i can but if I can achieve 10% of what you do I would consider it a miracle. Thanks again for the lovely post.

  21. Hi Neil

    January 2012 I had less that 1500 views for the entire month and November 2013 closed with just over 106 000 visits (WordPress Stats). I run my blog entirely on my own and update it as users email me with requests.

    Besides applying the great techniques I have learned from you, I have found the first rule is ‘content is king’, particularly really good authoritative content. I personally check each word in my database and write all entries myself. I don’t ‘cut and paste’ content from other sources, and I link to relevant sites only.

    My traffic boomed after I applied suggestions from SEO expert Yoast – good SEO is pivotal and a site which isn’t optimised isn’t going to get any traffic.

    I’ve never advertised or marketed, and my social marketing profile is due to time constraints, although people who have shared my posts have sent great traffic my way.

    My traffic is basically all organic, so it’s a good study for the benefits of good content and good SEO.

    Always a pleasure reading your posts. I’m going to look hard at certain of your suggestions and see which I can most easily implement.

    • That’s the spirit! Sounds like you have all your priorities lined up well. It’s all about having quality content that people crave. I have found that great content trumps all other factors. Please let me know if you need any specific advice on anything.

  22. Thanks Neil. I imagine that this frequency of posting content stuff is elementary for many of your readers, but I did not realize that the frequency, like the difference between say 15 posts and 20 posts monthly was a major factor in itself.

    • Scott, it sounds like a small thing but it is HUGE in the long run. Let me know how it works out for you, would love to hear feedback 🙂

  23. Hey Neil,

    Thanks for another great blog post.

    So you’re saying FB comments can hinder SEO? What is a better alternative, Disqus or other?



    • I just use standard WordPress threaded comments. You don’t need all of the features in Disqus. WordPress comments work fine and the code is minimal, which helps keep your blog loading fast.

  24. Alejandra Ruani :

    great tips, implemented some of them in the past, they do work!

    BTW, just discovered your little popup “are you doing your SEO wrong?” – it’s addictive! Tried 5 of my websites and also those of competitors, really cool 🙂

    P.S. your friend, the one who gives dating advice to men, should have a peek at – loads of female psychology that may come in handy 🙂

    xoxo from London (UK)


  25. Carlin Stanton :

    Maybe I could improve traffic by telling everyone I’m Neil Patel ! I just don’t think I can do that hair thing right…

  26. Consistently, you share information that other leaders keep secret. No wonder you lead your game. I am off to tweet this post so others can get the same value.

    Thanks for proving that one must take responsibility to build their business. Even though you did not state that explicitly, it shows when you stated the length of time it took you to build your websites.

    Thanks for sharing

    • Eyram, glad you found the post helpful. I think consistency is key with anything you do, that is what distinguishes good from great. Please let me know if you need help with anything at all 🙂

  27. Nice informative post as always Neil.

    Great thought about leveraging content networks within your niche. I hadn’t thought about this one before. After a couple searches, I noticed Smashing Magazines’ network has shut down last year. How do you go about finding partners to team up with?

    • I just do a ton of Google searches. It’s a lot of work to find partners and some close down like Smashing Magazine, but when you get them it is well worth the time and effort.

  28. Yeah, I get it.

    Any long time reader of quicksprout has read how you and other highly successful bloggers build traffic and brand.

    Like a lot of things, blogging success can be formulaic, but few can execute.

    As you say about yourself, “I’m kind of a big deal”, and, frankly, you are. You are because you work hard, are smart and apply both those things to the right niche — online business (for the lack of a better all-encompassing word).

    So, I guess what I’m trying to say is that Usain Bolt could spend a lifetime writing about how he became the world’s fastest human, and by following his techniques we may all get a bit faster… but… yeah, you got it.

    Keep on keeping on, Neil… your stuff is great!


    • Joe, thanks for the kind words of support. I am truly humbled by them. You got it right though, it’s all about creating a formula for success and executing on it. Anyone can be the best, but sharing why are you the best is what it’s all about.

  29. Awesome post man! Good and timely info.

  30. I have always wondered about posting frequency. I went through a burst of inspiration last month and post about 2x daily for 3 weeks. I actually saw a decrease in traffic after this! I scared me off, thinking I had triggered some kind of algorithm penalty, but it sounds like from your post here, that more frequent posting will lead to more traffic!

    Perhaps I was too impatient and the decrease in traffic was due to something else.

    • Nathaniell, more great content can never hurt. It’s all about posting consistently and frequently with an end game in mind. Please let me know if you need any specific help 🙂

  31. Great post. That is some awesome numbers and tips on how to grow a blog. I am working on our blog alot and just really started a couple of weeks ago. So far we are getting there little by little.
    Thanks for the post!

    • Ryan, glad I could help. Please keep me posted on your progress. I would love to hear feedback on what worked and what may not have.

  32. Hey Neil,

    You mentioned that you’re featuring 5-6 articles a week. Yet we only get 1-2 emails of your blogs a week. Are you purposely not emailing all the blogs to not annoy your customers? Or am I just not getting all the emails?

  33. Nice once Neil. I am going to give this a go. I had never seen social crawlytics before. It looks pretty cool. My I ask you a question: what tools do you generally employ when you sit down to write a blog post? Like a list. If you could just list every tool, what would they be?

  34. What’s your reasoning on using a subdomain on crazyegg and kissmetrics vs using a directory for the blog on quicksprout?

    • Security reasons as our main product sites on the root domain. If it wasn’t for that we would have it on a sub directory.

  35. As usual, awesome post!

    On the topic of headlines: The headline for this very post made me realize something about writing headlines. If you can quantify something and put that in your headline, it makes people (at least me anyway) want to read it. If the headline for this post was “Get massive traffic in 1.5 years”, I wouldn’t be interested. Everybody claims they can get “massive” traffic. But when you quantify it and say “100,000 visits per month within 1.5 years”, I am interested. And it gets better when I show up and read that you have actually done it, with proof to back it up.


    • Aaron, I couldn’t agree more. Headlines should be realistic and the content should have stats to back up the claims. There are a lot of sites that are rubbish and purport to have done amazing things when there is no evidence to back it up.

  36. Miguel Gonzalez :

    Another awesome post Neil. Thanks. You wrote before about post comments on popular niche blogs. We’re doing it and works pretty well. As you said, this is a long term race; we just need to have a plan.

    Don’t you think that guest posts are a good idea? You can “suggest” some style guidelines to your guests to fuel the effect?


    • Miguel, glad you found it helpful. It is a long term race and people who execute on the right plans will always prevail. Guests posts are a great idea if the quality of the content is great. It’s all about having good content.

  37. Andras Gabrics :

    If the previous posts was great, then this is huge!

    What do you think about affiliate marketing traffic? Do you have any experience about affiliate traffic?


    • Andras, thanks for the kind words of support.

      Affiliate traffic is very very important. I have tons of experience within that field and should have a blog post coming out soon about it.

  38. thanks a lot for sharing this neil, this is a brilliant guide.

  39. Derek Palizay :

    I love this blog! Thank you for mentioning the controversial tone — we have assisted many of our clients in building successful blogs, and we recently started a new one. The controversial tone makes a huge difference in the amount of readers, engagement and shares.

    You are a genius, my friend!

    • Derek, sounds like good minds think alike. Thanks for the kind words but I am only able to share this information because of the people that have come and helped out before me 🙂

  40. Wow … what a great article that has answered so many questions I had!

    I started my niche blog back in July and I am slowly building content. My traffic is still very, very low but it is slowly increasing. I’m only posting two or three times a week but I am trying to get good stuff up there.

    I will try and post more while keeping the quality high.

    Thanks again Neil. As a relative newbie, this is the most informative article on this topic I’ve read to date. I’ll try execute all the points you have here. Cheers.

    • Colm, slow and steady will always win the race.

      Sounds like you are doing all the right things. Keep your quality high and you will see that the sky is the limit. It’s all about doing all the right things all the time.

  41. Great advice but most small businesses have no chance of writing 5 or 6 blog posts a week.

    The majority of businesses are one or two people operations and there’s just no way they can write that many quality pieces a week however well intentioned.

    • Mark, I would suggest scaling it up slowly. I write all of my own content and am pumping out three a week. It takes time but you’ll get there soon!

  42. Thanks for sharing your insights Neil.
    I’ve been lately considering to switch from self hosted WP blog to cloud hosted mainly due to development resource issue.

    What’s your advice on this? If my aim is to grow my audience for my blog, can I achieve it using cloud hosted solution?

  43. I’m impressed Neil. I presume that despite your “You, me & I” conversational tone you must have a team of writers either outsourced or in house to generate that volume of content, at the level of quality that is apparent from this piece. Are you prepared to share your behind the scenes strategy for managing that aspect so that the rest of the blogging beginners out there don’t feel like instant failures when they can’t initially keep up with that pace?
    Also, even in this relative backwater in Carlisle, we do occasionally have conferences to try and lift this thinly populated area out of the online dark ages. To that end our local Chamber are part of a Regional Growth Hub. I’m not an official or anything, but how about coming up to Cumbria to drop a bit of that inspiration here in person?

    • Ray, I actually write and pump out all of my content on my own. It’s one of the things I am most passionate about. It’s important that people know that and see that the content comes from the source 🙂

      I would definitely love to share some tips sometime soon. Keep me posted 🙂

  44. Barbara McKinney :

    There’s no doubt that content is still and will always be the king. Creating relevant content for our valued customers is the most important part in reaching our goals. Thanks for the tips Neil!

  45. Thanks Neil, you’ve just answered the all important question about whether to post more often or not. You’ve inspired me to get back to 3-4 posts per week for 2014. It will be a real challenge, thank you!

  46. I like to drive really targetted visitors to my site using PPC, that way I find that the quality of the visitors that I get is in line with the offer that I am making to them.

  47. Hi Neil,
    Thanks for sharing that brilliant plan with us.
    But I got a small doubt. Why do you use Google Analytics when you own a software like KissMetrics?

    • Amal, you can never have enough data. There will always be some functionality that you will want to double check with other providers.

  48. Michael Miller :

    Neil, it’s obvious you went to great lengths to share all of this phenomenal information with us, and I sincerely appreciate it!

    As someone who is trying to create a lot of quality content, and attract visitors, it was good to hear that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    It’s hard to know what the right or wrong strategy is when building a business and I’ve always relied on testing. However, your insight is very helpful; and the examples you give are very convincing.

    Thanks again!

    • Michael, glad you found the information helpful. There is definitely always a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s important to be patient and keep striving for success. Thanks for the feedback 🙂

  49. Shafees Marikkar :

    Hey Niel,
    Thank you so much for this priceless post you have shared which nobody like to shares for free. this one is awesome.
    As i mentioned in my earlier comment in your “30 Tips For Creating Content that Gets Read, Shared and Talked About at Parties” post i wanted to start a blog related to website reviews in category wise such as the heading comes like “The most 5 key sites that will open your money room” in other category like “5 sites that will show you the best places to visit for holidays” ect. since i have some research knowledge in internet and i am interested too.

    So i am asking your suggestion on this idea 🙂

    Thanks a lot

    • It sounds good, but I am not 100% sure if it will work as I wouldn’t be your ideal reader. I would survey a few people who you think would be your ideal readers and then go from there.

  50. Govind Singh Negi :

    Dear Neel,

    Thanks for sharing this information. It will surely help us to increase our visitors. Appreciate

  51. great article Neil

    it’s right that quantity with quality is king. I’ve a question which i like to discuss with you.
    I’m planning to start an article directory with an old age domain with high PR like 4 or 5. what do you think it’ll get success or not. waiting for your reply.

    • Gaurav, I think your success with that directory will ultimately depend on the types of articles you are linking out to and how good the content is. I think you have a good idea of what you are doing though 🙂

  52. Great read as always Neil. I am curious though about the pop-ups. Does that mean you advise using WP Lead Magnet as well as another pop-up tool as I recall you referencing another one in a previous post. I’m using Pippity and its ok but no nearly as nice as yours. I’m glad you brought this topic up because I didn’t want to display a pop-up to someone who already completed it and didn’t know how to address. Thanks!

    • Yea I just use WP Lead Magnet… it does all of that and it cookie visitors so that they don’t keep seeing the same opt in or popup over and over again.

  53. Hey Neil
    Another great post, I absolutely agree with how important
    headlines are as well as always providing the highest quality posts. It is worth the extra time and effort to truly get your point across in detail, this is something that people appreciate and therefore find useful and share for you on social media.

    I think if you have to err on the side of SEO or human headlines, I do for the ones that get people reading and only use a keyword if it does not ruin the headline. Getting people to read is the most important thing and there’s no point of trying to put in keywords if it weakens your headlines potency, in my personal opinion.

    As you say consistency is also a big thing, and with basically everything in life if you want to be successful you have to be consistent and hard working. I also think the “conversationalist” tone is a must for any good blog.

    In my opinion kissmetrics has a fantastic commercial blog but it does not have the same personal touch as QS, you say so yourself that it’s due to the number of different writers which makes it harder to have that personal touch.

    I think anyone who is trying to promote themselves or their brand needs that personal touch, its gets readers hooked, to become and authority and to make them truly care about what you say.

    I am working on a info graphic idea for my blog, I am excited to see what sort of results this will get. Thanks for the great article.

    Paul back

    • Paul, great to hear from you again. Your points right on the money! It’s all about being personable and personalizing your brand. KISS has done a great job of personalizing their brand by providing great infographics and wonderful content pieces. Please let me know if you need any assistance with your infographic 🙂

  54. Simply brilliant, Neil. Thanks so much for your insightful advice. This is going to be a site for me to watch and learn a whole lot from. You offer up so much value right here that I struggle to know where to start and what to read first! I’m new to blogging, and also to social media (I have ignored it at my own peril for too long). Never again. Regards, Perry.

  55. I can only agree and add – that you always make your blog posts very readable.
    Quick Sprout is one of those blogs where I read the whole blog post. Because its easy to read.
    Just like you said: In other words, write for a 5th grader.

    This is what I try to do for all my websites.


    • Oskars, I like to keep it as simple as possible. That way people don’t have to read through the muck to get to the gold.

  56. Hi Neil,

    Was getting good traffic on one of my blog but suddenly got a drop down in traffic and it still continues. Looking for a solution to gain the traffic back.Got to learn some nice things here.Took a note of those hope that works.


    • Deepak, I think if you focus on your content strategy you can really see an increase in your rankings again. Please keep me posted.

  57. Naveen | Reclining Office Chair :

    Awesome Stats Neil,
    I like the diverse media used by you to make your blog go viral. I see a quality in every bit you do.

    I think that’s the key for everyone of us.

    Thanks for sharing such detailed post.

    • Navee, glad you found the article helpful to you. Quality is definitely important. That’s why quality content always wins.

  58. You are right. When I posted 5 to 6 posts a days my blog traffic increased from 250/pageviews daily to 5000/pageviews daily.
    This is the real secret…

  59. hi neil,

    Great post again. You writing style , selection of word and above all your proofs .. superb. I will try to follow you but here you have said about partnership and my question is how can i ask for partnership and with whom i mean can you please give us a list of sites or you have any trick for that ?

    • For a list you are going to have to do Google searches and Technorati searches. Try to search for relevant blogs in your space and hit them up to see if they are interested.

      As for reaching out, just give them a phone call. Go to their contact page and call them. Talk to them that you are interested in a partnership and go from there.

  60. Hi Neil,

    Man, you always blows me away with these mind blowing information. Okay it looks good (honestly speaking) and I really can’t agree more! I have even bookmarked this and coming back for more soon!

    Thank you and have a blessed week!

  61. Nowadays many SEO-guys totally ignore the potential of the off-site internet marketing and PR. Of course you have to focus on optimisation but making googlebots happy isn’t the ultimate key. Social media, commercials and viral actions are really important to build huge and unique group of users.

    Not only SEO, remember about ppl! 🙂

    • Valhalla, that’s a great point and I was just thinking about that not too long ago. A good PR strategy can work wonders when you are trying to gain exposure for your product or service. It shouldn’t be discounted.

  62. This is very helpful. I am going to apply this on my website for sure! Thanks for sharing.

  63. Vinny Polston :

    Hey Neil!

    You’re straight up awesome! I’ve been a long-time reader and finally starting to put some of your suggestions into my work week. Thanks for being such an inspiration and helpful!


  64. You are right, this is great blog post, i got very new things to increase traffic for my website. I’m compete agree with that headline do important role in the content/article and also helpful to boost traffic.

    • Mukesh, glad you found the article helpful. Headlines work wonders, and it’s all about getting the right headline for your posts.

  65. Hi Neil from Paris France, (sorry for my bad english)

    Very good Article . Can you tell me some good tools or service i can use in order design a beautiful subscribe form like your please ?
    I have over 3500 visitors by day but with only short content , with great headline like you tell us (100 to 500 words ) this is my technique. This week no post , i will optimise the code and the top ten post of my blog.


  66. I bless the day I signed up for your newsletters ! Thank you so much for this valuable information. You’re just good !

  67. Ryan Biddulph :

    Hi Neil.

    Chatting through your blog makes your visits jump.

    I imagine myself chatting with my readers by a fire, like, a fireside chat 😉 What an easy way to write in a conversational tone; I see myself simply talking to friends in a casual manner.

    All the tips are spot on.

    If you want to generate massive traffic partner with winners, write titles that appeal to people and the big search engines and most of all, persist. Do not give up! The tide will turn.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Ryan, great point! A simple chat and dialogue can do wonders. It’s all about engaging your audience much like you would a friend or acquaintance. Thanks for the feedback!

  68. Daniel Sanchez :

    How is it exactly that people reach out to partner up with others successfully? My site is pretty solid in that it’s geared towards an area that can be somewhat diverse, yet confined to one region. I think there’s added value from my site to those looking to spread the word about their localized businesses and what not, but I just can’t seem to connect with people. I’ve reached out via email and posting on blogs, but to no avail. Any advice, Neil?


    • I usually try to direct message them on Twitter or find their phone number and call them. I’ve found that most people ignore my emails when it comes to partnerships, but they typically read my tweets or answer my phone calls.

  69. Hi Neil,
    Thanks for another great post, my wife just started an ecommerce business, so huge learning curve at the moment. I am trying to put together a digital marketing plan at the moment and you are a great resource. Any and all advice greatly appreciated.


  70. Neil,
    All information you post on your blogs is amazing and very very useful. I recently started a website business and religiously follow all your advice to improve the site (and yes, I even purchased your traffic system). I will definately keep you posted with my progress.

    Thank you very much.


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  72. Neil,

    Your blog continually offers AWESOME content. Once again – some great points here.


  73. Leo @Newbiesup :


    Really appreciate your honest and organized instruction.

    By the way, so you will allow to rip your designs of this blog? I will give it shot 😉


  74. Hi Neil,
    Thanks for your writing. I am a blogger and I always want to have good traffic for my blog. After reading your writing today, I realize that I will have to change some points for my blog in order not to create an attractive niche. I hope that after I created my onw niche, more readers will join it.

    • Tony, that’s a good step in the right direction. It’s all about having a community with like minded individuals. Having the same interests can spawn great dialogues.

  75. Neil,
    Great Article, hope it helps to grow my blog traffic 🙂

  76. Nikolas Nikolaou :

    I have found Disqus to be alot better in terms of people coming back ( general traffic also) as they are notified when someone comments on something they have already commented on. It seems to have bumped my comment count up aswell as they are logged in to disqus and dont need to provide any more info. The promoted content side is kind of shady so I have that disabled, the links are also redirected through Disqus then back to your site.

    Otherwise , I am happy with the whole system and have A/B tested WordPress Comments Vs Disqus on a large sample size with the second being better overall.

    • Nikolas, thanks for providing feedback on both services. I have always found that a simple a/b test can solve all the questions people have. I prefer both services as they both generate a dialogue and make it easy to communicate with your community.

  77. Truly awesome post …. Neil ! I am left out speechless after reading this. Found many linked pages pretty informative and interesting for traffic generation. (esp. the low hanging fruit of social media)

  78. Thank Neil

    My biggest issue is conversion rates – I’m getting traffic, but not converting well.

    Any advice you can give on this would be most welcome.

    I really appreciate how you take the time to answer comments personally.

    • Marie, Have you done market research yet? I think taking some surveys and finding out who your user base is will definitely be a good first step to finding out what they want/need.

  79. Dima Al Mahsiri :

    Hi Neil,
    Thank you for sharing your tips here. I wonder if I can achieve what you did if I post twice a week? I know it will take longer, but could it be possible?
    And what if I publish more guest posts submitted by other fellow bloggers? Would hosting a lot of guest posts be good or bad for my blog’s SEO ?

    • Dima, there is definitely a line you don’t want to cross. Make sure you are pumping out your own content as well (and more of your own than others).

  80. Neil,
    all being said many times and I agree with all times said! 😉 Just reading your post, I learnt more than from looking up 20 other sits before you.

    One question, do you use WB as your blog platform?

    Keep up, we all love your ideas, suggestions, advises.

  81. Shafees Marikkar :

    Thanks your suggestion Neil, anyway please let me know what kind of blog i can start with my experience and interest. i love browsing internet, reading articles related to how to make money online.

    Thank you

  82. Neil,
    Do you outsource any of the grunt work to build up the social media profiles?

    If you do it all yourself, can you share your time management techniques? My biggest problem is finding the time.


  83. Neil,

    Do you think achieving 100,000 visits per month (equals to 3500 per day) is such a big success? From the way this blog post is titled, it seems like a great number. I have a blog that easily does this and I wasn’t really happy that I was doing great numbers. I wanted more and more.

    So, my question again is this: Is 100K visits per month is a great number to be considered as a success?

    • Sam, as a benchmark it certainly is. If you are just starting off as a blogger that is a tremendous number. As you get bigger and bigger it may seem like a smaller amount. It’s all about scaling 🙂

  84. Hey Neil, this is great, I will use some of this stuff on our blog. Great tips and keep it up!

  85. Jason Headsetsdotcom :

    Neil, this post was freakin’ awesome! Loved it and shared it. What’re your thoughts on video as it pertains to driving traffic? Also, what about using sites like Reddit, StumbleUpon, or Medium to help as well?

  86. You definitely have it down to a science. Great email marketing, clever posts and headlines- keep finding myself back here time and time again.

    In due time, I hope to provide an answer for getting 100,000 visits a month!

  87. I’m sorry, but I have to disagree with the whole notion of “publish more content to get more traffic”.

    I think suggesting to anyone that they publish 5 pieces of content a week to get more traffic – especially for those that are just starting out, is completely misleading.

    • John, it is suggestive for those who are already posted 1-3 pieces of a week. It is a goal someone should aspire to reach 🙂

  88. The problem with this is that people end up sitting around creating content and do nothing else. I’ve been there (publishing content almost EVERY DAY for over a year straight) – it doesn’t work. You end up shouting into an empty room (regardless of how good your content is)

    You say above …

    “With Quick Sprout, it took me 4 years and 9 months to hit 100,000 monthly visits:

    With KISSmetrics, it took me 1 year and 10 months to hit over 100,000 monthly visits:

    And with Crazy Egg, it took me 1 year and 6 months to hit 100,000 monthly visits:”

    I would like to ask….”Did the time frame on those stats shorten simply because you were publishing more content, or were you “dragging” existing subscribers and clients over to the newly launched sites?

    An interesting experiment would be for you to launch a new blog, under a totally unknown name, with no list, no budget, and sit there publishing content every day – AND THEN tell us it works.

    I highly doubt that would be the case.

    Its easy when you have a name for yourself and an established audience.

    • We kept them all separate. We didn’t drag over any clients, resources, etc. We keep each company as it’s separate entity and don’t share anything.

  89. someone mentioned above that you say you feature 5-6 articles a week. Yet we only get 1-2 emails of your blogs a week.” Yet when you send your subscribers emails you only send 2-3 a week. Are you not purposely email all your articles?

  90. Im currently doing 5 posts a week. Nice to get that validated.

    Very interested to see what happens when you just add one more.

    Thanks 🙂

  91. In term of traffic, your blog is awseom. Your maximum traffic comes from search results.I decided to follow your blog. lets see what my blog get. Thanx for sharing neil

  92. Thanks, for all these useful information. Great tips!

  93. I have always wondered if social media does aid your blog in gaining more followers? or if its a resource to help you maintain your follower base

  94. Hi Neil, great article.
    When starting out it can be really demoralising, when nobody reads a piece you’ve written. However, as you mention, by tapping into social media, and going where the audiences are, you can very quickly build traffic. It’s crazy though, the number of sites that still don’t have visible social share icons, if you’re not asking for people to share your content, how do you expect to generate more traffic?
    If you can’t change your website (we’ve all had tech problems at one point or another), encourage your users to use bookmarklets and extensions to share your content instead.
    Have a look at, RebelMouse and

    • Tori, glad you enjoyed it.
      You bring up some great points. The best way to generate traffic is often the one that requires the most leg work via social channels.

  95. Wayne Davis II :

    I haven’t started a blog yet , but I will be a professional athlete next year and I would like to build some popularity. I will definitely need some help from Neil

  96. Hi Neil,

    I’m just curious, when you give out info that seems to be what companies would call trade secrets, what left for the paid section? I read your stuff a lot. I’m hoping to start a blog soon.

    • Matt, there is alway something you can pitch. Free stuff is an olive branch. I also think there are some things that should be intrinsically free.

  97. Alejandra Ruani :

    ha ha, cool

    BTW thanks for observing my behaviour with your SEO app! It went from bicycle to sports car 🙂

  98. Another way I’ve noticed that you get draw more traffic to your own blog and possibly increase your comment count is to be the first commenter on a popular blog like CopyBlogger. I’m not talking about saying, “nice post” or “thanks for the tips.” I’m talking about something that continues the story or conversation because whenever I’ve done this on blogs, I usually always get a response from someone whether that be another commenter or the blog owner. I prefer to add to the conversation. I notice too many people are concerned about having the first comment on a popular blog that they write a one line response that adds no value whatsoever. To me that sends off a warning signal – did they really read the post? Or are they just rehashing their comment based off the post title? By contributing your own well thought out comments with feeling and emotion on a popular blog, you have more chances of having those comments come back to your own! (especially if you have the chance to be the first commenter- don’t waste this opportunity with a pointless response.)

    • Shital, that is a great point!

      It also looks like you practice what you preach. I think in depth comments really show the blogger that you have taken the time to read their content and have provided solid feedback.

      It’s all about taking the time to really analyze and respond accordingly.

  99. Hey Neil,

    Could you expand on partnering with blog networks and utilizing others’ RSS feeds? I think it’s a great idea and would love to explore that, just not sure what exactly to look for and how to go about the approach…

    • Gary, definitely. Partnering with blog networks and reaching out to other people via RSS is an avenue for you to share your content more readily and easily. It’s all about sharing and distributing your content to as many channels as possible.

  100. Naveen Kulkarni :

    Hi Neil,

    What an awesome post !!

    I am picking up your “quantity is king” tip for tweaking my own efforts in SEO.

    What it means, it Google constantly loves to bring on “fresh” articles to the cream layer of SERP. And your tip compliments this observation.

    • Naveen, awesome! That is the one thing I really want readers to focus on as it will help the most in all marketing efforts 🙂

  101. Neil, KISSmetrics got 100k visits a month in a year because you’re Neil Patel. Yes, some of the things you’ve posted here make sense, and they are hardly new. Actually, Rand Fishkin wrote essentially this exact same blog post several years ago. But don’t pretend like a huge chunk of your traffic and the short time frame didn’t have anything to do with the fact that by the time the KISSmetrics blog came along, you were already an internet celebrity. You’re better than that.

    • To be honest, it has little to do with it. Just look at how often I myself blog on the KISSmetrics blog. Even with the Crazy Egg blog, I haven’t blogged on it once and I rarely ever promote either of those blogs through my personal Twitter account.

  102. Niel, this is a terrible post. Hard work and good content? Come-on, give me the easy, lazy way please. Like a link to download spam blaster 9000.

  103. Aurélien Debord :

    Very interesting feedback. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  104. Neil- that’s great you have huge traffic on quicksprout but my question is that what is the benefit of getting such huge traffic when you don’t have any ROI model here….or even the Ads? 😉

    • Youram, that’s a question I get asked often. It’s important to really have all those things in place if you want to monetize.

  105. Toronto IT Service :

    You write so many tips for theme. I never find this kind of informative blog before . i get so many things in here and also apply that things into my blogs. I get lost of traffic with your techniques.

  106. This was a really comprehensive post. Just what I was looking for. You answered a couple of my questions. But I have more.

    I’m writing 1 good article everyday, but I’m doing just that. It has been 3 months. What kind of traffic would tell me that I’m on the right track. I need an estimate of monthly visitors that would indicate that I land at 100,000 a month within the next 2 years.

    I’m a bit scared. What if I’m doing this for nothing. What if it stays like that with just 100 visitors a day?


  107. You emphasized that content quality is the KING, many may have missed the point that even though you post between 3 to 5 articles per week, they are still of the highest quality readers can’t easily get anywhere. Some people are aiming for 5 posts per day, why don’t you aim for that despite knowing how quantity can increase one’s blog readers. The answer is QUALITY CONTENT IS THE KING!!!

  108. I will say “Cover trending topics” does help to grow your blog traffic. What the audiences want is to stay with the trend, get the first hand information about what is going on. So the best way is to keep your blog in the trend.

  109. Akshay Chaudhary :

    With these tips I was able to get my blog to a 45,000 monthly visits in 4 months. You can check my alexa rank if you don’t believe me. Thanks Neil you Rock 😀

  110. Hi Neil,

    Love your blog. You mentioned WP Lead Magnet in this post, and it appears they are no longer selling to new customers. Do you recommend alternative?

  111. Parampreet Chanana :

    Bro, As you mentioned that Quantity is king, i am posting 3 articles per day , when i start posting them , traffic increased but now a days, daily same traffic is coming. How to fix that?

    And yes, this really works..

    Doing 3 contents + infographic mainly, What you suggest more..

    Thanks for sharing great tips! Love you!

  112. Question — you say that by posting an additional blog post each week, you were able to increase our blog traffic by 18.6%, for 20 of the top 100 blogs — so does this strategy work for high page authority, established blogs or can it work for long tail, small blogs too?

    • It works for both. More high quality content means more traffic for blogs of all types. It also means a lot more longtail traffic.

  113. Thanks Neil for such a great post. I have bookmarked this post.. 🙂 Its really amazing the ideas that you give us..Hats off… 🙂

  114. maneesh kumar :

    These all ideas are need hard word and more time.
    But many people use short cut trick and his/her site are on top search.
    i think the link his site to some particular site and use other trick.
    any one have some idea ………please share
    thank a lot

  115. Hello, Neil! This was really a nice and detailed post. But here you say “Quantity is king” and in the other place you say “Quality over quantity” ( . You also say that it should be a “Tasha, it’s a mix of both” (from your comment above).

    So how should the content organized in the end? More words and less posts or more posts and less words?

    Thanks 😉

    • Totty, I like to say the magic formula is to focus on the content and to make it as in-depth as possible. If that means you are using 1000 words great. If it means you only need 500 that’s good too. It’s all about finding that balance.

  116. Nilesh Patel :

    Thanks Neil. This is wonderful and very informative post for me. I want to increase visitors on my blog. Can you say that how can i get it?

    • Nilesh, there are a lot of things you can do. You should check out my forum and go to the thread “traffic growth goals” so I can help analyze your site .

  117. Thanx sir,
    Your Information helps me alot.

  118. Hi Sir,

    Great information. 🙂

    Sir, I’m new on adsense, So it is possible if i can put adsense code to my other websites.

    Please give me some tips.

  119. Thanks Neil Patel sharing this post. It’s really impressive for newbie blogger. I’m very impressed, I have a blog but I get monthly very low visitors. I searching on Google that how to increase visitors my blog.

  120. I think there are many other factors have come in importance when we talk about SEO to increase traffic. i think getting natural backlinks is tough so it is better not to be dependent on this. I am using some of your techniques that you mentioned above and i am getting good results too. Like i did exactly as you said and after 10 days of reading this post , i am writing here that yes!! my traffic increased. Thanks for your post.Social media is still a key and better than blog commenting.

    • Rohan, great points. I think people need to focus on a multi-channel approach that can get results. Thanks for your feedback 🙂

  121. Thanks for sharing i was worried about that before reading this article right now, keep sharing dear 🙂

  122. Tahir Taous :

    Hi Neil,

    I was trying different keywords to observe how top 10 results change and if i see any new results in in top 10.

    I tried many keywords with with
    Increase blog traffic you have 2nd position and with increase traffic blog keyword you have first position.

    It shows that keyword with in post title, domain name and url plays very important role, no doubt content, social shares, and comments and when Article was published really plays an important role.

    My Observations may be wrong but These are few points i observed.

    In your Post you didn’t mentioned guest posting, Jon Morrow highly recommend guest posting to boost blog traffic and guest blogging also plays an important role to build your e-mail list.

  123. Khawer Khan :

    I have a created a gaming blog its more than 14 month. Even i have submitted my blog manually to many sites. But still no visitors now i am tired to submit again and again i don’t understand what to do now.

  124. hi, i want create a Tech & programming and web design blog.

    how long take to get up 30,000 ip visitor if i post 2 new content pre day ?

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  126. It looks impossible in 18 months. but I will also try to implement these strategies in a better way. thanks for sharing.

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  128. hey hie.. loved this post.. pls go through my new blog and give recommendations if u can 🙂

  129. Napoleon Nalcot :

    The title of this blog post has really caught my intention. Plus the fact that you were able to provide facts to support your story is why I’m loving to read the whole article.

    Growing your blog to 100,000 visits per month in a span of 1.5 years is simply amazing. Thank you for sharing this article.

  130. What do your numbers look like for return compared to new visits? I see how much traffic you are driving by using these method’s but are they just one time traffic or are you seeing a growth of actual readership where people return on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to see what is new?

  131. Shubham Mod :

    i agree with your points above and i think that now a days infolinks are playin vital role in creating natural backlinks. Because of people like them than they use it in their blog and link back to original source. Apart from this social media submission and most specially plus one votes from google plus are the best way to get included into search engine results. Thanks for sharing this valuable tips with us.

  132. Awesome ! Thank you so much. Just started a blog of my own. Hope you would pay a visit.

  133. I really like the blog networking and will check the two networking site you mentioned. Thanks

  134. wow this is great Neil, thnak you! I just created a blog less than a week old and often times, most of the useful things that I need when I Google, leads straight back to your site. SO i come here alot 😛

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    Wow have been getting lots of traffic of late people already starting 2 make money through my business thanks

  136. check for wallpapes and tricks

  137. Great information, especially for someone so new to the world of blogging!

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    Really helpful tips. I try to comment and share posts as much as possible. Building that relationship and networking with fellow bloggers helps.

  139. Rahul Sharma :

    This really helps!! Thanks for sharing this one! Ive been looking for tips to make me more successful in blogging!

  140. These are great tips. I do some but there are some I probably need to work on and keep in mind. What is the best way to start guest posting?

  141. Hi Neil,

    Very nice and elaborate article. Thanks for the same. I have a query to you. I have started posting articles regularly on my blog post and have 33 original posts. I am writing on the topics which are trending, though I don’t get much traffic on my site. What else I need to do to increase the traffic to a great extent. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    Best Regards

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    An outstanding share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a colleague who had been doing
    a little homework on this. And he in fact bought
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  145. I am very glad to have opportunity to read your post and improve my skills. My market is quite hard (Italy) but I hope things will change. Alessandro

  146. Firstly, thank you very much for the really motivating post. You make it sound so easy but at the same time make it clear that it is hard work.

    I wonder if a simple strategy of keeping a consistent posting routine coupled with good SEO basics will work as fast as what you have managed to achieve, today.

    Question, it seems that Google is clamping down on blog networks… Is this true?

    Thanks again!

  147. Vaibhav Singh :

    Hi Neil,
    I love to read and write articles which contain Infographics but I am not sure if it is good for SEO. I mean, if I add a Infographics which contains everything I want to write, would Google consider it as Image or words. I am afraid only adding Infographics will lead to low words count penalty.
    I hope, I am wrong, Please help me out here.

  148. Pradip Debnath :

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    • It sounds like you are doing all the right things — it could be related. All efforts eventually work off each other when done the right way.

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    • Shubham, I would suggest making your posts a bit more engaging and focusing on the type of content you are promoting. Images make a big difference — so consider that as well.

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    • Linda, there are many ways to get posts out — social being one way. When it’s social (unless you are running ads) it’s purely organic. Thanks for sharing!

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    • Khawer, just wait it out — patience will provide the best results. Let me know if you need any specific help along the way. I am always here to help 🙂

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    • Angelene, your aim should be to inform and educate. Once you have done that you’ll see the results trickle in. Glad you found the post helpful. Let me know if you need anything else.

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    • Khawer, have you performed an audit and have you been testing to see what may have been changed?

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    • Contact them directly and provide a value proposition that they cannot refuse — that’s the best strategy. Let me know how it goes!

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    • Christina, it really is. I think people often overlook the low hanging fruit that is spattered throughout their site. Optimizing for links shoul be the first thing you do.

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    Very very insightful article. I have started reading your posts few days back and I am really loving your content. Totally agree with you, the most effective ways of driving traffic back to your website is to partner with existing networks and writing posts for other bloggers who have more traffic than you. I have a website to help people start and run their successful online business
    I would be so glad if you please suggest me best actionable steps to be taken at this stage of my business to bring in targeted traffic.

    • Prashant, the most actionable tip I can provide is to continue writing effective content that educates your readers. When you provide value it is given back. What stage are you at in your business right now?

      • Thanks for reply Neil, I am at initial stage of my startup, started my website 2 months ago and have written few effective posts. One of my posts is about recognizing the fears which holds them back to make a start, here it is

        I completely agree with you Neil that effective content is the most important part but what’s the most productive step to bring in new and unique visitors?

        Your suggestions are highly appreciated.

        • Prashant, I think the most productive step will be to figure out your buyer personas. When you start marketing to the right demographic your conversion data will reflect that — Have you run any surveys or done any testing?

          • Neil, I have not done survey yet but I am developing a mini course for testing. I think its a whole trial and error process, we need to create remarkable posts and share it with right people. Then we look for what works and do it more, what do you think ??

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    • Unfortunately there isn’t an instant fix, you need to produce high quality content and be consistent. Social media will help bring in traffic and the social signals will help with the search engine rankings too, but I would stay away from any “instant solution”

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    • Jamarliraja, I think you should considering getting a wordpress blog on a better and easier to remember domain.

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    My blog is 19 months old, and I have just put 152 blog posts on it, and I can’t break the 100 views a day from Google.

    Albeit, most of those blog posts are less than 4 months old. . .

    • It sounds like you have a ton of content, but what are you doing to promote it? I would also suggest you take a look at some of my guides located on the side bar

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    In the meantime, I keep posting about my travels, something I love doing anyway.

    • It takes time Lucian, stay with it. I suggest you also put more effort into promoting the content you have by doing things like manual email reach.

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    • Sounds like there might have been a glitch/bots? I’m not 100% sure I haven’t played with blogspot’s analytics enough.

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