How to Increase Your Sales Through Long Tail SEO

long tail seo

SEO isn’t just about driving traffic to your website. It can actually be used to increase your sales. Just think about it: what’s one of the main reasons you use search engines?

To do research, right?

For example, if you are interested in purchasing Crazy Egg, you may do a Google search for “Crazy Egg review” to see what other people think of it. If the reviews are positive, you’ll be more likely to get a few more sales.

Because reviews of Crazy Egg are good, we were able to generate $19,380 in the last 12 months in income from the sites that rank on page one of Google for “Crazy Egg review”.

On the flip side, I knew an auto financing company that had to close down because of poor reviews. The search engine would display so many negative reviews when one searched for the company’s name with the word “review” that it drove their monthly revenue from $318,288 in January down to $141,509 in June. At that point, they had to shut down because they were spending more money than they were generating each month.

Now that you understand the value of long tail SEO, how can you increase your revenue through long tail search? All you have to do is to follow these 3 steps:

Step #1: Keyword research

What keywords do your potential customers search for when they are interested in buying your product? Well, the obvious ones are:

  • [Your company name] alternatives
  • [Your company name] reviews
  • [Your company name] competitors
  • [Your company name] discounts

One way you can figure out what people are searching for is to look at Google Suggest data. All you have to do is to start typing your company name into the Google search box. You should get a set of results that look similar to this:

google suggest

The only problem with Google Suggest is that it limits how many keywords it shows you. Luckily, there is a tool called Suggester, which gives you all of the other keywords Google Suggest didn’t show you.

google suggester

Once you have a full list of terms that people search for when it comes to your company name, you can then figure out which ones are relevant.

For example, when I ran the word “Crazyegg” through Suggester, it showed me that people also type in Crazyegg competitors, Crazyegg coupons, Crazy Egg Clicktale and Crazy Egg case studies.

Now that you have a full list of keywords that potential buyers search for, the next step is to create a strategy.

Step #2: Create a strategy

You have two main options to choose from… the first is to create landing pages on your site that focus around each of the long tail keywords. The second is to get other people to create landing pages on their own sites about your product that focuses on the keywords above.

So, lets start with creating landing pages on your own site. If you have a content management system, this shouldn’t be too hard to do. If you don’t, you may want to try Unbounce. They have hundreds of templates, so all you have to do is to add content.

Another solution is to use something like WordPress. We actually use this approach with Crazy Egg. We used Step #1 to figure out what queries potential customers were searching for and found that the queries were mostly product-related.

As you can see in the screenshot in Step #1, people searched phrases like Crazy Egg WordPress and Crazy Egg Code. So, we created a support section using WordPress, where we answered questions our potential customers might have, given their search pattens.

Now, if you want other people to create pages on their sites that revolve around your long tail keywords, there are a few strategies you can use:

  1. Give away a product or service to bloggers – don’t expect anything in return from them, but if you have a great product or service, there is a good chance they will write about it. If they write about it, make sure you let them know to nofollow the links so that you aren’t manipulating search engines. This strategy should help you control the results for “review”-related keywords.
  2. Run promotional offers – by adding coupons and discount codes to sites such as Retail Me Not or, you can start having other sites rank for terms revolving around coupons.
  3. Create a grants program – you don’t have to give college kids money to help them. You can give them your product or service for free. Microsoft does a lot of this with startups through their BizSpark initiative. TreeHouse did this with their training course, and they were able to get bloggers like TechCrunch to write about it. This strategy helps create goodwill and positive buzz about your company.

If you are unable to create landing pages, you can also run pay-per-click campaigns. We do this with Crazy Egg as it creates a positive ROI. For instance, if you Google “Crazy Egg review”, chances are you will see our pay-per-click ad.

Step #3: Optimize for conversions

The content on your landing pages needs to be optimized for conversions. Having call-to-action buttons that tell people to buy from you isn’t enough. Your content needs to be written in a way that helps encourage people to buy from you.

The easiest way to do this is to put yourself in the searcher’s shoes. If someone searched for a list of your competitors, you ideally want that person to land on your site with a matrix that breaks down why your solution is better than the competitions’.

Clicky does a great job of this on their compare page:

clicky comparison matrix

A comparison matrix can quickly show people why your product is better than others’.

Another great example is Demo Duck. When you Google “Demo Duck case study”, you will see Demo Duck’s site with pages, detailing the results their customers got from the company’s service.

crazy egg case study demo duck

As you can see, their case study page breaks down the results Crazy Egg got from using their services. It even tells you how much more money Crazy Egg made. This would have been a perfect example of what to do, except they missed two important things… can you guess what they are? There is no testimonial from the client, which makes it harder for the reader to believe the results. There is also no call-to-action button to urge people to sign up, which means after they read the case study, they won’t know what to do next.

The best way to optimize your landing page conversions when it comes to long tail SEO is to provide the users with the answers they were searching for and then add a call-to-action button that nudges them to sign up or buy.


When you are working on increasing your sales from long tail SEO, you shouldn’t focus on getting as much traffic as possible from search engines. Instead, focus on getting traffic from keywords that you know will cause conversions.

If you look at all of the examples I mentioned above, none of the sites try to rank for random long tail terms to boost their overall traffic; instead, they are focusing their long tail efforts on high converting pages. There may not be a ton of visitors searching for these types of keywords, but they convert really well. I’ve seen them convert as high as 40%.

How else can you use long tail SEO to increase your sales?


  1. Amir @ Blue Mile Media :

    I love long tail keywords. Easy to rank for and better conversions (from my own experiences).

    I think what you suggest is great especially for branding. Not just ranking for your brand name itself but long tail keywords related to your brand.


    • What about for people selling information products? Is there a process to find long tail keywords that can be used to sell an info product?

      It’d also be cool to hear a content strategy for the same…

      The usual quick response is “just make blog posts targeting the long tail keywords”. But that seems to have diminishing returns in quality of content, cost of content, and also CTR to the offer.

    • Amir, it’s a great strategy. I agree, branding requires you to be very specific with your product and the services you offer. Thanks for reading!

  2. Great article Neil. I am going to have to check out that Suggester tool, I find it interesting to know a lot of sites in general can actually bring in a substantial amount of traffic just from various long tail search terms.

    • John, it’s a great tool. Let me know how it works out for you and if you have any questions along the way!

      • Hi Neil,
        I have a quick question for you, have you heard of keyword canine?
        I want to know your opinion. I so that a lot of people are using it to find log competitive long tail keywords. And you can even see how hard is to get ranking on those keywords.

        • Alex, I would use the google keyword tool to find more information on that keyword. There are also a ton of other tools to help you analyze the strength of certain keywords.

  3. Shathyan Raja :


    Awesome article. Yes as you have said, the short and main keyword over the web are having lots f competition and also even now a days give their query fully in search engine rather than shot query.

    So concentrating on long tail keyword we can get out from the huge competition and rank our site well optimized in the search engine.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Shathyan, great point. I think concentrating on long tail keywords really can do wonders for how you rank. It is also great to break free from the competition with targeted words!

  4. Hey I didn’t know about Suggester and it’s totally cool! Thank you for sharing it!

  5. hey Neil

    very insightful article

    I love keyword research tools and finding low competitive key terms…

    I feel like this [Your company name] alternatives as well as [Product] alternatives is the most overlooked aspect when it comes to keyword research and SEO, is it…

    • John, glad you found the article helpful. I too think people often overlook this aspect of SEO. It can go a looong way towards helping out your bottom line.

  6. hi neil, i really like your long tail idea and thanks for suggestion about Suggester tool which gives me much more related keywords.

  7. Bryan Carlton :

    Thanks for the info Neil. There is a tool called Long Tail Pro which might help some people out looking for long tail keywords.

    I like the idea of the Clicky comparison chart!

  8. Yeah Long tail helped me too since my site is small, i get a CTR of ~50% with Long tails on some Posts.

    • Yeah and there is a Tool called HitTail for Long tail Keywords research , just wanted to tell, i wrote a Guest Review on some other Blog for it recently.

    • Anurag, great! Sounds like you found the strategy helpful. Would love to hear more about it 🙂

      • Yeah Neil, Hittail Guys contacted us once and until then i was unaware of Long tail Potential, i was getting Long tail Keywords hits and nice CTR with them but Found out about Long tail Potential with them only.
        So foolish of me not to brush up my SEO now and then, i am too lazy, i just post and do some basic seo, not much headache given for SEO.

  9. Excellent tips Neil. Once again, with a lot of useful tips and resources. Thank you!

  10. Maksym Reznichenko :

    I spent my 1 hour commute this morning thinking about how to start working with long tail keywords to boost traffic to our SEO firm’s website.

    What are the odds that your post would be on the exact same subject!

    Any suggestions on how to target long tail derivatives of “city SEO company”?

    • I would create landing pages for all of the surrounding cities that you are in. WIthin that landing page you can even give SEO tips related to that city and talk about local sites you can get links from, good examples of companies within that city, etc.

  11. Too legit, especially when u mentioned No-Following the links coming from the fellow bloggers and review pages. 🙂

    But either way, it should work, right?

    • Thoufeeq, if you use a good strategy the results will definitely come through. Let me know how it works out for you!

  12. hello Neil, first of all Thank you for giving us useful tips, really your article is awsome and given me knowledge, and also your article loke to have perfect information……
    once again thank you for sharing!

    • Alok, glad I could help. Thanks for reading and please let me know if you have any feedback or questions along the way 🙂

  13. Hello neil,
    l like Google Keyword Research tools for getting information about low and high competitive searches. Well now i have another tools (Suggest), thanks for suggestion about Suggester tool. Hope it’s help me lot for getting good results.

  14. This is the reason why i love this blog because we learn most of the tutorials with spoon feeding.

  15. Hey Neil,

    Really nice article – really liked the idea of customizing landing pages on your own site and other sites to target those long tail keywords.

    I run an ecommerce store and most of my traffic comes from long tail keywords – they can be a gold mine to get people to your store!

    • Shabbir, great point. I think you would definitely benefit from long tail keywords. If you want to get as targeted as possible you really need to focus on the long tail 🙂

  16. Suggester sounds like a good tool… but it’s acting buggy and giving me zero results when I type in “crazyegg” to test it. Anyone else here having issues?

  17. Long tail keywords are the only way to go. You are completely right that it lowers advertising costs and actually has better conversions. The key is to keep experimenting. The more keyword phrase you identify the quicker you can find the ones that convert best.

    • Keith, couldn’t have said it better myself. The point is to make sure you are targeting the right audience. Thanks for reading, love the feedback!

  18. Well thought, indeed you can compete for longer and cheaper keywords plus better conversion. Long-tail is simple and unique too.

    Many thanks for shring

    • Ahmed, glad I could help. Great point. You really cut straight to the chase and avoid having people on your site that don’t fit with your intent.

  19. Hi Niel. What exactly is Long tail, As while writing blogs for my firm(, my colleges suggest me focus on long tail. Get the relevant keywords in the post , instead on the heading or on on-page titles. But as per this post long tail has multiple meanings, like the keyword long tail, which by the way is really awesome idea.

    • Jatin, great question. Long tail keywords are those that have multiple words and describe what you are attempting to rank for in a more descriptive manner. A good long tail keyword would example would be “car dealerships in seattle washington” Basically, you want to get as precise as possible with these phrases.

  20. Marcin :

    I think you just crashed Suggester’s servers! 😉

  21. Adesanmi Adedotun :

    Long tail keywords really play an important role in search engine optimization for virtually easy ranking in search engine. And with this suggestion, most especially “STRATEGY” is needed to make both ends meet in order to make more sales.

    • Adesanmi, I couldn’t agree more. I think a good long tail strategy will definitely make you show up higher on the SERPs. Thanks for reading!

  22. thank you so much.your website is great

  23. Great! I’m using Suggester and I agree with you: it’s good.

  24. What’s up Neil, apparently your traffic generating skills broke Suggester, “Due to the overwhelming traffic right now, we’re temporarily down, please return later.” Might I also suggest,

  25. what great suggestions!! thank you So much!!

  26. Great post and useful ideas. Quick question — how is it that you got such a long list of words from Suggester? Seems the normal number of results is 9.


  27. Thanks Neil for plugging our Suggester Tool (, and the Quicksprout community for the feedback!

    We had a brief outage due to the spike of traffic from this post that hit our rate limit. We are back live.

    Please send any feedback our way how we can make this free tool better for the community, and please share with your friends / colleagues!


    • Ah, that makes sense. I totally forgot about things like limit rates when you are pulling data from other sources. Gotta love APIs.

  28. Neil – I have been following and have liked your blog a lot. As a struggling online retailer, actionable insights like those from your blog certainly helps.

    How do you figure which long tail keyword to pick? For example – I was working with a marketing firm for my site some of their long tail keyword suggestions had a monthly traffic of less than 1000 people. It may be easy to search for these and I also understand that these 1000 may be focused target traffic that could actually have a higher conversion rate ( i understand the logic) but it seems so less in terms of traffic 🙁

    I guess I gotta start somewhere. Is there some tool that would help me pick good long tail keywords?

    • So I take a list of long tail keywords and start a paid advertising campaign. I then figure out the conversion rate on these keywords as well as track the volume. This helps me determine what keywords to go after and which ones to avoid.

  29. Nice article as usual. I also like the way you promote your product in the article without it seeming promotional or being obnoxious. Definitely can learn from the way you subtly mention your own product.

    I wonder regarding the keywords you are talking about your own brand “Crazyegg” but is that the best keyword to focus on as these people are going to find your product anyway? Shouldn’t you be focussed more on keywords people would search for if they are interested in your product (but do not yet know your brand name)? I guess this is just an example so not to read to much into that example?

    • You should go after both. For example if someone typed in [your name competitors] you ideally would want to show up and convince them on why your product is better.

      If you have a lack of time, then go after words that focus on people who are interested in you. If you have a ton of time, go after both.

      With some good copy you can convince people to use your product or service.

  30. Sanjay @ Solwin Infotech :

    Really great post Neil. I am completely agree with you. I’ve also checked and analyzed that generic terms have hardly 1% of conversion rate while long tail keywords have nearly 4 to 5% and sometimes over 10% conversion rate though search volume is quite low. Thanks

    • Sanjay, I love hearing statistics like that because they really validate what we do as marketers. We focus on numbers and metrics that really show that there is a positive ROI. Thanks for reading!

  31. Hi,
    Hey you can give reply for the 3-4 comments within a minute, great!!

  32. Quite an awesome article!

    Unforuntately, for many businesses that havent done much of SEO/Inbound marketing so far, the first step is usually very difficult and disheartening. For example, when I type our company name “azuyo”, all the autocomplete answers are irrelevant to the business we are in(btw we build Mobile Apps for customers).

    So, I guess, our first step is really to list out all the keywords and keyword combinations that we want our potential customers to search and find us and see the results we get and start from there.

    • Great point. I think conducting a thorough keyword research will really do the trick. Often times we are hasty and don’t focus on the words that will get us the traffic and sales we need. Acronyms are sometimes not the way to go as you mentioned primarily because they are confusing and don’t state the full intent of the user’s query.

  33. yes, long tail keywords are very helpful because they rank our site in all major search engines with a fewer efforts. i saw many people ignore these kind of keywords because of very less searches but i think we must use them to increase our visibility as well as sales potentials.

    • Gaurav, it definitely will increase visibility for you if you find a target niche to go after. Long tail keywords really do a great job of getting rid of all the clutter and junk surrounding basic SEO.

  34. Jake @AgnelWellness :

    I’ve been using long form articles for a while now without knowing it.

    A while back I was working for a couple of clients who wanted me to promote an iphone app. They gave me a set of relevant keywords and a rough draft of their content strategy. Their keywords were too wide and extremely generic and I knew from the get-go that they would not rank high. I worked on my own set of keywords and began working on my campaign and saw pretty decent results.

    • Jake, that is often times the case. Your clients will not always know the best strategy. It’s up to us as SEO specialists and marketers to really push the needle for clients. I think having a specific long tail strategy goes a long way towards achieving that aim!

  35. Having something ranked high for “[product] reviews” and “[brand name] reviews” is key. I know when I’m looking for products in an industry I’m unfamiliar with I’ll search for “[product] reviews under [dollar amount].”

    • Mike, I think that’s the method I use too. It’s easiest to find what you are looking for when you search for specifics. I think if more marketers understood that they could reach their target audience a bit easier. Thanks for reading!

  36. Andrew Follett :

    Thanks for the case study mention Neil! We already made a couple updates based on your suggestions.

  37. Suggester is pretty sweet, hadn’t tried it before. Thank’s for sharing it!

  38. 1) The method which you mention in these post really worked. As you said we can expect only few traffic but single digit sales/yr. (not bad).

    For increasing sales, Call to action is best to convert those few vistor into sales, otherwise these are simply a post.

    2) I also tried the potential customer, what people are searching. The only difference which i used is Video instead of landing page.
    I got this advice from Mark TG.So, i give a try and created 15 youtube videos and link back to main site.
    But for me, out of those 15 videos, some of them still in one digit views, and all videos not yet reached the 100 views too.( this is bad). May be it’s due to the product which i choose or way i did.

    But Gud news, i got only one sales in last year for that videos.

    Thanks for suggestion tool, it’s really helps.

    • Mathan, sounds like you definitely are on the right track. I think focusing on sales/traffic that is relevant is the way to go. To your second point, I couldn’t agree more! I really think focusing on calls to action that convert is the best strategy. I am glad you found utility in using videos, they really convert! Thanks for reading and please share any additional feedback 🙂

  39. Keep testing is all I can say.

  40. I run my site with one word “sohbet” but search traffic very high from turkey google search. I’m only chance with rise up the word. What u adversite me up to word of top ?

    • I am not sure what you are asking, but if you want to increase your rankings you should follow the steps in this guide:

  41. Shane rodgers :

    We can increase our sales through long tail keywords because nowadays increasing long tail search. We can get ranking easily by using long tail keywords. Overall that was awesome post. Thanks. Neil.

    • Shane, glad you found the post helpful. I really think long tail keywords are the way to go. You really want to focus on a niche segment that can really push the needle for your product or brand.

  42. This is a really good way to get traffic I agree. Finding the right keywords is important and key to getting better results. I totally agree! Great post!


    • Richard, you’ll find that narrowing down your marketing efforts will really help your conversion rate. Thanks for reading!

  43. Kravu p?rvad?jumi :

    Nice post with useful ideas. Just one question: how can you get such a long list of words from Suggester? I can get max 9

  44. HI Neil, This is a smart blog. Very important topic and you just did an amazing job presenting it in a simple and clear manner.

    But my question is, does user search with long tail keyword? We may rank easily but at the same time we need user to visit our site? I tried some long tail keyword i ranked but there was no visitor.

    • Jayson, more often than not the user will type in very specific queries. A smart user understands the power of long tail searches. It is often times these smart users who will be your most valued customers. Thanks for reading!

  45. candy fredric :

    Dear Neil,

    Increasing of sales by through long tail seo is really amazing. how to make the review for our websites. Also you are correct now and long tail keyword helps you grow our business.

    Thanks for sharing …

    • Candy, you bring up some great points. It can definitely help increase sales. The thing I want people to understand is that you cut through the clutter and get straight to your product offering.

  46. Absolutely agreed. My experience, I found that long tail seo / keywords can get ranking easier and faster. Overall that was awesome post. Thank you Neil.

    • Yan, I think it’s a solid strategy. It really cuts through all the clutter and allows you to get to your target audience faster. Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any questions.

  47. I agree that long tail keywords area unit a vicinity of fine SEO. Long tail keywords area unit progressing to deliver a lot of targeted shopper to your web site. Possibly they’re at the tip of their buying for cycle and searching to form a sale. Why wouldn’t you wish to include those keywords into your content? Delivering traffic to your web site is sweet, pushing guests to action is healthier.

    • Ajay, I really think it is a balancing act. The point isn’t to not include the long tail in your content but it is to promote your content through long tail keywords in a suggestive manner. By incorporating long tail keywords into your website and content copy you can really see the SERP results pop up more readily.

  48. A very informative and simple to understand article. Will definitely give long tail seo a try. After all, I’ve got nothing to lose, only stuff to gain from thins.
    Thanks for sharing and the best of luck Neil!

    • Vinnie, I think you’ll find the results pleasantly surprising. Please let me know how it works out for you 🙂

  49. maddy perumal :

    thanks for suggestion about Suggester tool

  50. Hello Neil,
    I’m a newbie blogger. i learn something new on you blog. i always love descriptive articles. Thanks for sharing about this awesome Tool.
    Have a Wonderful Day Ahead 🙂

    • Honey, this is the best time to start blogging then! Thanks for reading and please let me know if you have any feedback or questions.

  51. Ahan! Suggester tool! It’s pretty awesome. Thanks a lot for the article.

  52. There is definitely value in long-tail keyword targeting. The difficulty comes when your product is less tangible (it’s not the type of industry that people review, you don’t have overt pricing etc.)

    • Paul, great point. When your products are more niche it is definitely more important to focus on a strategy that is long tail.

  53. Hey Neil

    This is a fantastic post. Id like to add something if you dont mind. “long tail keywords” is just another way of saying more specific search queries – what this means in simple terms so everyone can understand is by optimizing for long tail keywords you are actually creating quality answers to very specific questions that your readers are asking.

    This leads to a satisfied reader and a much higher source of quality traffic and conversions.

    Of course one of the most important parts is finding out which long keywords to target.

    Great post Neil


    • Paul, great point and breakdown of long tail keywords. I think its very essential to know what you are targeting and who you are targeting. If you want to sustain high conversion rates you must always be adapting to the climate of your demographic. Thanks for the tips!

      • Thanks Neil

        I find one of the most important things in marketing online what ever the strategy may be, is to really delve deep into not only what works but more importantly why something works.

        For me its much easier to not think in terms of “long tail keywords” but in what is my potential customer actually searching for, what is their query/problem that I can answer. The more specific the better.

        I have to say you truly provide the best advice online, there are many other great marketers sharing their knowledge but, you are literally giving away tens of thousands of dollars worth of advice for free, every month.


  54. Artem Lapitski :

    Suggestr doesn’t seem to work or work correctly. I found  – very useful.

  55. Please cancel us. Your website is little more than obnoxious.

  56. thank’s you for you article, i have study hard for SEO, but haven’t been successful .

  57. Hi Neil,

    Awesome article. As you have said that, the short and main keyword over the web are having lots of competition and now concentrating on long tail keyword we can get out from the huge competition and rank our site well optimized in the search engine.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • Siddharth, long tail keywords really are the way to go. As you mentioned they really allow you to create distance between yourself and your competitors. It’s all about finding the long tail keywords with the best search volume!

  58. Somesh ( :


    Neil, when are you going to write a book. I will preorder right now.

    Great information, I read thru this from beginning to end, could not stop.


    • Somesh, it’s in the works. I’ll be sure to let you know when it comes out. Thanks for reading and please let me know if you have any questions.

  59. Jack Michael Napier :

    Great article Neil, lots of useful info here that anyone doing internet marketing can use to advertise more effectively.

    I guess the long tail breaks us all down on the same playing field, whereas head terms are blotted with the big boys.

    • Jack, great point. If you want to be competitive you really have to start with the long tail. The major competitors all have a stake in the short tail keywords. Thanks for reading 🙂

  60. hey neil

    great idea of long tail SEO I also get many new things from this post like suggester so, thanks.

    • Suryabhan, I think long tail SEO is necessary if you want to rank for terms. Let me know how suggester works out for you 🙂

  61. Quantity didnt matter , its the quality matters ! Content Should be unique !

  62. Yassin Madwin :

    I lost 200 visitors a day nothing happened. i lost one spot on a long tail keyword i was first and become third. i lost 40%+ of my sales.
    Long tail is not going to be easy to rank in the future as SEOer get to know their true value.

    Thanks, Neil it’s been a while i didn’t comment.

    • Yassin, it really is important to focus on the long tail. I am sure with a little effort you can get back up there. Let me know if you need any tips or help 🙂

  63. David-Africa Business Opportunities :

    This is a fantastic post Neil, particularly on having a look at the suggest options..I will have a look at Suggestor for sure.
    Thanks for this.

    • David, glad you enjoyed it. Let me know how Suggester works out for you. Also, let me know if you have any questions 🙂

  64. Md. Aminur Rahman :

    Keywords is a foundation of an online business. When a customer search there specifies product they used long tail keywords. If you want to sell your categories based product, then no alternative to use long tail keywords.

    Thanks Neil to talk about this valuable topic & share your experience.

    • Aminur, you bring up some great points. A good long tail strategy will definitely provide a solid basis for any site. The more specific you are with your keywords the more likely you will get the qualified traffic you want. Thanks for reading!

  65. Nice article Neil. I spent a fair amount of time today on the Suggester site coming up with 10 long tail KW phrases to match with against editorial calendar. It was interesting to see what the top SERPs were for the top 5 KW phrases and how your site popped up a few times using social shares seo as my core KW phrase.

    • Feree, glad you found the post helpful. Suggester is a great tool I use it very often, which is likely why you saw my site pop up so often 🙂 . Thanks for reading and let me know if you need any help with anything 🙂

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    good tips i have a education website and i deferentially apply your long tail keywords tips. i hope it will helpful with me. thanks for sharing.

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    Hello Neil, You have revealed the secrets of the Gold mine ! Thanks.
    Now, i’m focusing on product sales, seriously great article ever read.

    • Sanu, thanks for the kind words of support. Please let me know if you need help with anything and keep me posted on your progress 🙂

  68. Thanks for sharing such a nice info, though im new to SEO but your post is really helpfull for beginners also. Like to share this to others.

  69. I came late into this!!!
    well this post shows long tale keywords is not just those location specific keywords but they can be much more than that. Effective usage of google suggest has done well for me. Do you have any ideas to add our top keywords to keyword suggest? will google listen to us?

  70. Robert, thanks for the feedback. Glad you enjoyed it

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    Now, i’m focusing on product sales, seriously great article ever read.

  72. Hello Neil, You have revealed the secrets of the Gold mine ! Thanks.

  73. Arun@DigitalVani :

    Hi Neil,

    As usual a great analysis.

    But what I think the conversion rate from long tail keywords is very less.

    What do you think?

    • Arun, I don’t think that is necessarily true. The traffic is much more qualified when the keywords are long tail in most cases.

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