7 Conversion Lessons Learned From Eye Tracking


You’ve seen those eye tracking reports before, but have you ever run one? Chances are you haven’t. Although they are costly and time-consuming, you can actually learn a lot from them.

One thing I’ve learned by studying them is that there are a lot of commonalities in how people move their eyes, no matter what website they are on. If you take eye tracking data and apply it to your site, you’ll be able to improve your conversion rate.

Here are 7 things you can learn from eye tracking:

Lesson #1: Be careful how you use people

Those stock photo sites are notorious for having thousands, if not millions, images of people. And there is a good chance that you’ll use a picture of someone on your website. But did you know that using images of people incorrectly can decrease your conversion rate?


If you look at the image above, you’ll notice that the person is looking at you. Because she is looking at you, you are very likely to look back at her, and not the product.

sunsilk eyes

Now, if you look at this version of the Sunsilk ad, you’ll notice that the female in the picture is looking at the product. Nothing really changed in the image, other than her eyes. Eye tracking shows that the direction of the model’s gaze forces you to look more at the product.

The same thing goes for calls to actions. If you are going to use images of people, make sure their eyes are looking at your most important web page element such as forms and call-to-action buttons.

Lesson #2: People love media

From pictures to videos, people love media. If you put media on a page, people are more likely to focus on it compared to the text on the page. Just look at how you used to look at Google search results before they started adding images and videos.

google eye tracking

And here is what happened to your eyes when they added video:

google eye tracking video

And here is what happened to your eyes when they added images of products to their search results:

google eye product

What you should take away from this is that media can be good, but you have to be careful with how you use it. If you are using media to help sell your products or services, that’s great. But if the media is a distraction, then you’ll decrease your conversion rates.

A good example of how to use media are explainer videos. We used one on the Crazy Egg homepage, and it helped increase our monthly revenue by $21,000. This media format works well because the explainer video promotes the usage of Crazy Egg.

Lesson #3: Know your target market

Did you know that women and men look at different things? Let me explain…


Stare at the image above for just a minute. Can you guess what men looked at versus what women looked at? If you look at the image below, you’ll notice that men looked at the chest area more than women.

women men

That may seem obvious to you, but if you look at the image below, you’ll notice that women focused their eyes on the ring finger.

women ring

The purpose of this eye tracking lesson is to help you understand that women look at images and web pages differently than men. Although it would be very difficult to detect if your visitor is a man or woman, you might be able to focus your conversion optimization efforts towards one gender.

For example, Timothy Sykes knows that 98% of his customers are men. So, he focuses all of his conversion optimization and marketing tactics around men.

Now, granted, your customer profile is probably not as skewed to the male or female audience like Tim’s is, but even if 70% or more of your customers are skewed to one gender, you can potentially boost your revenue by focusing all of your conversion efforts on that one gender.

If you are unsure of the overall demographics of your visitors, you can use Survey Monkey or Qualaroo to figure out if your visitors are male or female.

Lesson #4: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Where you place your text, images, products and even call-to-action buttons matters. We went over how images of people’s eyes can affect where you look, but simplifying things can help too.


If you look at the image above, you’ll notice that your eyes focus on the person’s nose, the phone and the Prada logo. The photographer created a natural viewing flow by keeping the photo simple.

You can do the same with your design to boost your conversion rates. Removing unnecessary elements or text on your web page and reducing how many different colors you use within your design will make it easier to control what people do.

Lesson #5: People read left to right

Did you know that people stay on web pages only for 10 to 20 seconds before they leave? Based on the fact that most people can read 250 words a minute, an average person reads 40 to 80 words before they leave a page.

The average web user also spends 69% of their time looking at the left side of a web page, which means that your most important elements need to be placed on the left-hand side of a web page.

left side

Your most important message should be at the top of your web page and, ideally, on the left side. I know this sounds like common sense, but there are way too many sites out there that forget to put important elements like call-to-action buttons or even form fields higher on the web page towards the left side.

You’ll have to test what works best for you, but placing important elements on the left side and limiting the amount of text you use will give you a good start.

Lesson #6: Faces matter

You know eye placement affects what you look at, but did you know that body positioning can make even a bigger impact than eye movement?

Just look at the images below:


baby product

As you can see, the strategic placement of the baby face, the product description and the image on the page draws your attention to the product. If you are considering using images of people on your landing pages, don’t just have them look at your product or service, have their whole body face it. Heck, if you can get them to point their finger to your call to action, that may help boost your conversion rate even more.

Again, you’ll have to test this out, but the initial results that I’ve seen tend to work well. KimberlySnyder.net recently did an A/B test of their homepage in which they used an image of a person that faced a call to action button.

kim snyder

The results were a 13% increase in conversions.

Lesson #7: People love handwritten notes

Do you remember writing and drawing notes as a kid? You know, hand-drawn messages like these:

hand drawn

Believe it or not, when people read these doodles or messages, it causes them to look at whatever you want them to look at. You just have to make sure to include hand-drawn arrows in your message.

hand drawn

Just look at this live site for a moment. Once you do, it will make sense why people are focusing their eyes on the top left in the image above. It’s because the hand-drawn message told them to.

Whether you like hand-drawn messages from a design perspective or not, you should consider testing them out. If you don’t think they are effective, just go back to your childhood days when your friends passed you hand-written notes in class. Chances are you were intrigued and highly engaged when you read the hand-written message.


No matter what changes you make to your website, you should try to A/B test them to make sure they improve your conversion rates. Copying examples above without testing them is a bad idea… just because something worked for someone else doesn’t mean it will work for you.

If you can’t afford to do eye tracking on your site, you can try leveraging heatmaps, which produce similar results at a much lower cost. By using heatmaps or eye tracking tests on a regular basis, you should be able to come up with ideas that will help you boost your conversion rate.


  1. Good study, I learned something about Conversion.

    • Vivek, glad I could help 🙂

    • OK, but what will you do with the learned info?

      How do you plan to implement the advice herein, and more importantly, would you share your results with us?

      Neil, do you run interviews with other clients/readers of yours where they get to share how your insights helped them increase conversion/whatever?

      It’d be an interesting post to read 🙂

    • Great market research! Thank you. I’ll be sure to get the right images for my websites.

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    • Zac, glad you enjoyed the post 🙂

    • Zac, good point!

      Neil, regarding faces… did you use to enable Avatar profiles on your blog, or plan to do so in the near future?

      It’d be nice to see how your visitors and readers look like, and at the same time, it’ll help increase the click-troughs to their “web site”

      What do you say?

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  9. Heatmaps are definitely the way to go for websites. You can get way more data from YOUR audience which is way more important than data from random people taking these eye tracking tests.

    The eye tracking tests pay random people to look at something. The cost for this adds up so usually the data pool is small.

    A professor at Carnegie Mellon revealed an 88% correlation between mouse and eye movement. This means you can use heat maps and user recording of YOUR visitors. Not only will the data pool be much larger, it is from your visitors who are the exact audience you should be optimizing for.

    Even if you have the money, don’t waste it on eye tracking for your website. Let the huge companies do these tests and learn from their data like we have here.

    It is interesting to see where the model looks or how the body is positioned help direct people’s attention. I will definitely be trying some of this for my clients.

    Thanks, Neil.

    • Joe, very helpful insights. I like the information you provide about the Mellon study. I think eye tracking can be a useful indicator of people’s interest and there is much to be learned in this field.

    • hey Joe

      good points!

      I always knew that eye tracking tests paying random people to inspect your site is something not that serious/worth spending money on… it’s like cold calling compared with 2-step advertising…


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    • Rahul,
      Thanks for reading through the post. Appreciate the kind words. I would suggest signing up as you will see a lot of tips and tricks for marketing your brand.

  13. I find the information about 69% of people spending time looking at the left part of a website. I’ve heard something similar before, and because of it, I’ve considered switching things up a bit on my website. We’re all pretty accustomed to the content on the left, with a sidebar on the right.

    I’m not sure how to do A-B testing to see if my conversions for, say, a newsletter signup in a right sidebar versus left would do. But it does give me some things to think about.

    • You should try testing it out through Optimizely, which should be able to let you do that. You may need to get help from a developer, but you should be able to track that.

  14. Great post! However, since I sell clothes and the models are wearing them I wonder if I should have them look away. Or perhaps I can try the no face approach…

    • Zeudy, I would suggest trying both and a/b testing. Whichever yields the best results should be your answer 🙂

    • I recommend you should also test faces smiling vs. faces fooling around or angry faces – and see which pulls best results 🙂

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    Can you share some online sites that can generate handwritten / doodles easily?

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    • I don’t know of any. But your designer should be able to create them in photoshop pretty easily.

    • I saw a site months ago selling a membership with doodlers, and they’re selling hundreds of them cheap

      You may want to do a Google search on this, and let us know if you find something. They were including cartoons and other eye-catching “conversion boosting” elements for any site that needs better results..

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    • Qamar, thanks for reading, glad you found it helpful. I’ve heard a lot of positive reviews about lesson 3, so you’re right on point. Let me know how it all works out for you 🙂

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    Never really thought about Hand written content placed on the websites, but it seems a very cool call to action methods which we will be trying on our new websites.

    • Fernando, glad you found the tips helpful. You really have to look at your target audience and plan accordingly. I think the example with handwritten content is the most compelling because it distinguishes between different types of text. You’ll see it used in all types of print and online advertising. Let me know how your new websites do with the updates 🙂

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  21. Awesome now increase page views by reading human psychology. i would like to share one of my experience with one of your point . i use a entertainment blog where i placed my popular posts and recent posts in the right sidebar then according to Google analytics i got loss of more than 1500 page views and as soon as i changed it to left sidebar it again started increasing . So you are exactly right. It does affect. And now i am going to do it in my current blog too. And yes with effective use of images as you explained.Thank you Neil Sir.

    • Rohan, thanks for sharing this story. I definitely like hearing success stories. People eyes naturally read from left to right so you definitely want to make sure that once they are done reading an article the last thing they see is another popular post. Let me know how it works out for your other blog, would love to hear another success story !

    • If you guys have AdSense sites, and receive at least 100 unique visitors a day, you could see overnight results by changing the ads from right to left side

      However, for some reasons, not every time this approach boosts conversion, so you have to always split test, that’s why I love Neil’s blog and his method of increasing conversion, as he doesn’t just give an all-in-one-solution and his insights often show the importance of multi-variate split testing…

  22. Nice post Neil. While it’s not the scope of the article I would add nonetheless that to be sure to make your A/B test pages different enough to produce significant results one way or the other. There is nothing worse than running a test that doesn’t give conclusive results. This is especially true for sites with low traffic numbers. Test big until you find something that works and then fine tune conversion rates.

    • Dustin, thanks for reading. You bring up some great points. Your first point is great, you want the pages to be unique enough to make some distinctions when testing. As for your point about traffic it’s spent on! You want to have a big enough data set to provide statistically significant numbers. Often times people will a/b test with very little data and fail to realize they’ve wasted their time.

  23. Awesome post. Thanks, Neil. I definitely will try to make A/B tests on my sites to increase conversion. I like the tricks with images/faces most of all. Dude, you rock!

    • Glad you enjoyed the post. I think a/b is essential if you want to start off on the right foot. Let me know how it all works out!

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    • Irfan, thanks for the feedback. I am glad you found the post helpful, let me know how it works out. I would love to see the process in action!

  26. Hi Neil,

    As usual you’ve published a very thorough blog post.I found the information deep and deserve some experimentation on my part.
    I would like to know how you do the A/B testing if you don’t mind me asking. It’s obviously the key to find out what works and what doesn’t .
    I’d appreciate your guidance in that matter.


    • My process is to find objections users may have through Qualaroo. I then take those objections and try to answer them through copy. I then use a solution like Optimizly to A/B the control versus the new version.

      • That’s interesting… would love to hear more on it…

        So you use Qualaroo before you actually split test your results on the same site?

        How many visitors do you get per day before starting to split test?

        And what tracking solution do you recommend besides Clicky/Google?

        • Yes, I use Qualaroo for data before I start testing. It helps me come up with potential objections and ideas for tests.

          Don’t look at visitor count, look at conversions. If you have more than 100 or 200 in a month then you can start testing.

          Google Analytics should be enough to start as it is for free. Try Optimizely for A/B testing.

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    • James, just through my experiences marketing my own sites 🙂

      That is a great point, when the image is looking in a certain direction it’s hard to not also look in the same direction. Thanks for reading 🙂

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    • Jeffrey, try it out and let me know what you think. Would love to hear your feedback. Thanks for reading!

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    • Louie, glad you enjoyed the post. I believe these tips will really help with the redesign process & it’s great you have Crazyegg as an aid. Please let me know if you need any help or having any questions 🙂

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    • LOL, good point. I didn’t think about that, but I should fix that.

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    • Vamsi, videos are the best visual elements from my experience. I will definitely look into putting together some studies on them. In the meantime, check this out: https://www.quicksprout.com/2012/08/13/how-to-create-an-explainer-video-that-converts/

  32. Niel, any recommendations on services that can run the eye tracking software in front of a sample of users?

    • I don’t have any recommendations. You may have to hire a firm that specializes in it because the equipment is really expensive. Easily in the thousands of dollars.

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    • Hazma, glad you enjoyed the content. Handwritten content really personalizes the whole experience and is distinguishable from text, that is why it used to attract a user’s eyes.

  38. great post neil..very informative and helpful for us amateurs..in lesson #5, you say “your most important elements need to be placed on the left-hand side of a web page.” but on your website testimonials, lead form etc are all placed on the right side..??

    • Yes you are correct, but for me on Quick Sprout content is my most important element. Conversions are a secondary thing that I aim for, but I want readers to focus on content.

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    • I have removed it because no one was using it. It was a custom search box with relevant results, versus the default WordPress search box. But I removed it because not even a tenth of a percent of my visitors were using it.

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    • I’ve never thought about adjusting the brightness of a product. It’s kind of like changing the color of a call to action button.

      None-the-less, it’s a good idea that I should try out. Thanks for the suggestion.

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    • Helen, it definitely is an interesting finding. Removing how many different colors you use within your design really allows the eyes to focus on some core marketing elements.

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    • Michael, people often overlook some basic elements. Let me know how it works for you. Feel free to comment with links to your updates so I can check them out 🙂

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    • Deepak, great analogy. You couldn’t be more correct, this is why certain pieces of content go viral while others go nowhere.

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    • Aditya, glad I could help. I agree marketing is all about psychology and understanding the user’s core needs. I feel like marketing is many things for me. Psychology, Finance, Economics & Science all come to mind when I think of a sound strategy and the required tools.

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    • Mouad, great points. You can literally use this on any e-commerce of service platform. It allows us to see what people are interested in, in a very Visual way!

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    • My goal is to have you focus on content, which is why everything is on the right side of the content. With most blogs they focus on content which is why their sidebar is on the right side.

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    • Sebastien, it really is interesting! People often overlook the subtle things when it comes to marketing and conversions. Hotspots & conversion tracking are great indicators of overall success. Glad I could help 🙂

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    • Collin, glad I could provide some insights. I think people often overlook the aesthetic value of images and design. You bring up a great point: conversions should always be atop of every marketers mind.

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    • Naveen, glad you enjoyed the article. It’s interesting indeed that in this day and age we can track so many patterns and data points of human behavior by looking at web analytics. Thanks for sharing & reading 🙂

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    It’s been said that both genders tend to prefer seeing images of women rather than men, how true is this for banners and such? Do you have any studies on that?


    David Tong

    • I haven’t heard that or seen any data around it, but it could be true.

      As for the banner ads, people view them in a very similar way and little things like eye movement have a big impact on potential banner clicks. I’ve tested a lot of this stuff out for banners and I can confidently say you can test out some of the things in this article for your banner ads.

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    • Lyman, that’s a great suggestion. I have tried all kinds of things, including a floating widget, the current subscribe feature is working quite well right now. Thanks for reading 🙂

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        With all the tools at our disposal it’s making us become better and smarter marketers.

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        Stay classy good sir.

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    • Gilbert, glad I could help. Calls to action are a bit tricky but with some testing and insights you can really cater them to your target audience. Thanks for reading!

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    • Sultani, that is great advice. I think it’s best to really understand the demographic you are targeting before you try to engage in any campaign. It really helps save time as well.

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    • Ganapathy, great point. Ads should be highly targeted and focus on the target demographic. In relation to conversion rates, high performing ads will always have the user in mind with a short and concise call to action. Thanks for your feedback, looking forward to hearing more from you 🙂

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